the joker suicide squad

This basically confirms that: Warner Bros gave Gotham City Sirens to David Ayer and pitched a harley/joker movie, but Margot said no to both of them and started developing her own Birds of Prey movie instead.

✔️Who’s gonna be Batman, nobody knows, fuck even DC doesn’t know, it could even be me

✔️Henry Cavill drops Superman

✔️Cyborg solo movie cancelled? I don’t even know at this point

✔️Two Joker movies cuz why the fuck not even tho fans hated Jared’s Joker

DC headquarters:

At this point Flashpoint is a MUST


his fingers skimmed your face so lightly you questioned whether he made contact at all, “my little bird.” he whispered, “so fragile.” his hand went to the wall next to your head, fist clenching, “you know i would ruin anything that dared to touch my little bird.”


it appears i have a thing for the petname ‘little bird’ when being spoken by hella powerful men

  • Why I like Harley Quinn: She's a fun, bouncy character with a unique morality. She's a bisexual recovering from abuse who still balances a lot of comedy and poignancy, and has her own fun dynamic with established DC leads.
  • Why DC thinks I like Harley Quinn: Hey guys, the fans like sexy clowns in bikinis so put her in everything fuck it

“J, come here.” you said.

“what is it sugar?” J asked, too encapsulated in his ‘project’ to look up.

you went to stand behind him, chest against his back you ran your fingers through his messy hair. he only ever let loose when you two were alone, but you enjoyed when his hair was messy. the silkiness of it through your fingers.

a growl rumbled in his chest but a smile spread across his face, “thanks sweets.”


Imagine the Joker being obsessed with you. First he scares all the people around you away, then he lures you in with his words. No one will ever tear the two of you apart. Not the police. Not even fate. The Joker will always find his way back to you~


-where do i even start. this is going to be a long one

-him falling completely in love with you, and never wanting to see you hurt in any way, especially by himself

-he’d spoil the shit out of you

-and he’d protect you to death

-people would know not to touch you, those who have tried disappear

-he’d take you shopping with full security

-he’d be the guy waiting outside the change room to tell you how gorgeous you are when you come out

-his hands go anywhere they want to, thats just him

-he’s the guy with his arm over your shoulders when you walk

-very possessive 

-rough sex lets be honest

-but he spoils the shit out of you. wait i legitimately already wrote that but its so true.

-he’d love when you sit on his lap

-especially at meetings

-it throws other gangsters off because they know to respect you and not look at you too long or J will flip

-he’s the guy that can growl that sexy growl when he’s angry

-but purr that sexy purr when he’s happy

-you like both sounds. so sexy

-he’d take you to the most expensive places and buy you the most expensive outfits and jewelry

-date night is the best

-ride or die. 

-him driving you places and speeding to make you laugh and scream.

-rough ‘you’re mine’ kind of kisses

-but the way he grips your waist when he kisses you is 100%

-i mean, i wouldn’t say he would be the best boyfriend, but it would be an experience