the human saga

There were plenty of great scenes that were unfortunately left out of the Twilight movies. Edward removing Bella’s garter with his teeth, winking at her, and proceeding to throw it straight at Mike Newton’s face shouldn’t have been one of them. 


Human Cullen Family Aesthetics 


Carlisle Cullen, 1640 - 1663

Jasper Whitlock, 1884 -1863

Esme Anne Platt Evenson, 1895 - 1921

Edward Anthony Masen, 1901 - 1918

Mary Alice Brandon, 1901 - 1920

Emmet McCarty, 1915 - 1935

Rosalie Lillian Hale, 1915 - 1933

I was in the mood for some pre-vampire aesthetics, enjoy~

Uley Pack Aesthetics

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Coffee Saga Goal - 250 Coffees  
Goat!Rose and Goat!Lycoris

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(* At 1st I was gonna draw them as full goat monsters, but I absolutely love the idea of tiny goat children that i’ve seen here and there for outertale, so I included some humanized dorks as well~)

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“Nothing happened to me, Officer Starling. I happened.”

Emmett: Family time! Let’s go camping like right now

Edward: my Bella is fragile and has human needs. We need at least a week’s notice to prepare. She needs warm clothes, food and water, and a dry place to sleep-

Emmett: *already packing a tent, a camping chair, and Bella into a nappy bag* can’t humans like eat bark or some shit

After a long and infuriating day, shrimp babies give me a relaxing manicure.

Twilight a.k.a Edward’s quest to make sure Bella is eating enough

Bella: I’ll just get a soda today

Edward: *smile twists in worry* Is she ill?

Bella: *buys just lemonade for lunch*

Edward:  Is that right? Doesn’t she need more nutrition than that? I’d never paid much attention to a human’s diet before. (a couple minutes later) AREN”T YOU HUNGRY?

Bella: *after being saved and Edward insists on taking her to dinner* Honestly, I’m not hungry.

Edward: Humor me. *pushing breadsticks, three cokes and a plate of ravioli at her.* You eat, I’ll talk.

Edward: what does she even like to eat? *buys one of everything*

Bella: You’re not getting all that for me?

Edward: Half is for me, of course. *pushes entire tray at her*

*both of them forget to bring a lunch for Bella when they go to the meadow*

Edward: *the next morning pretending he didn’t forget yesterday* BREakfast TIme! (for the human)

Alice: I ordered some food for you. Edward reminded me that you have to eat a lot more frequently than we do.

Bella: *absentmindedly picks at the tray*

Edward: *watching the Food Network, helping Bella prepare meals when she cooks for her and Charlie, becoming practically a gourmet chef* 

Bella: *Eats more than normal*

Edward: I’m not feeding you enough.

Bella: I was asLEEP. 

Edward: *makes a buffet worth of giant-sized food*