the heir


Jill - I’m really happy about this baby, even though I don’t know yet how they came into your belly. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon! - *she was a confident little girl and Ophelia hoped she wouldn’t figure all the baby thing out so soon*
Ophelia - Aww Jill, I’m happy too, I thought you’d be upset with me or with Johnny, or with both of us. - *she confessed* - Hey the baby is moving, do you wanna feel them? - 
Jill - Upset?? Why?? A baby is a good thing, isn’t it? - *Jill was always so enthusiastic* - Can I really feel them? How?? - *she asked in surprise*
Ophelia *smiling* - Put your hands on my belly - *she said offering her rounded belly to the little girl*
Jill *putting her hands on the baby bump* - OOHHHH!!! Gosh!! They’re moving inside of you!!! Oh my! It’s so weird!! - *she exclaimed with wide eyes open* - Does it hurt? -
Ophelia *laughing* - No, it doesn’t but it’s a weird feeling. - *she had to admit*
Jill - Thank you, Ophelia! I couldn’t imagine a better mom for my nephew or niece. - *she said with a smile*
Ophelia - Aww Jill, you’re so sweet! - *Ophelia had never felt so loved in her life, she couldn’t help but hug Jill tight.*


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“What are these?“ Maxon asked, brushing across the tips of my fingers as we walked.
"Calluses. They’re from pressing down on violin strings four hours a day.”
“I’ve never noticed them before.”
“Do they bother you?” I was the lowest caste of the six girls left, and I doubted any of them had hands like mine.
Maxon stopped moving and lifted my fingers to his lips, kissing the tiny, worn tips.
“On the contrary. I find them rather beautiful.” I felt myself blush. “I’ve seen the world – admittedly mostly through bulletproof glass or from the tower of some ancient castle – but I’ve seen it. And I have access to the answers of a thousand questions at my disposal. But this small hand here?” He looked deeply into my eyes. “This hand makes sounds incomparable to anything I’ve ever heard. Sometimes I think I only dreamed that I heard you play the violin, it was so beautiful. These calluses are proof that it was real.” 

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I’ve been staring at America, my dear,
Long as I can remember, never really knowing why,
I wish, I could be the perfect leader,
But I come back to my dear, no matter how hard I try.

Every turn I take, every girl I track
Every plan I make, every hall leads back
To the girl who can’t, seem to stand,
To be with me.

See the line where her smile meets her eyes? It calls me
And no one knows, how much she glows
If she were to be my queen and stay behind me
One day I’ll know, and when she glows there’s just no way I’m telling her no

I know everybody in this palace, seems so happy, in this palace
Everything is by design
I know, everybody in this palace has a role, in this palace
So maybe I can roll with mine

I can lead with pride, I can make us strong
I’ll just choose a girl who can play along,
But the voice inside sings a different song,
What is wrong with me?

See her smile as it looked lights up the room?
It’s blinding
And no one knows, how much she’ll glow
And it seems like we were just meant to be, so come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond her smile, can I make her smile?

See the line where her smile meets her eyes? It calls me
And no one knows, how much she glows
If she were to be my queen and stay behind me
One day I’ll know
And I won’t say no