the handmaid's tale

Re: The Handmaid's Tale S2 finale. I maintain Offred's bravest moment was turning down Fred's offer to be a permanent handmaid.

Serena, as he suggests, would be, eh, gotten rid of? (Colonies, hanging, etc) Fred fell out of love with her years ago.

And Offred could be around the new baby. And see Hannah once in a while. While they try for a boy. 

He dangled both her children in front of her. It must have been an incredibly tempting offer, for any mother.  

But she realized he was just a monster.

“Go fuck yourself. Fred.”

After re-watching The Handmaid's Tale S2 episode 'Smart Power': Yeah, it is disturbing how deranged Fred has gotten. After coming off as somewhat reasonable in S1.

Gay Canadian guy, taking a dig: ‘I once visited America…with my husband.’

Fred, with no understanding of his irony: 'Great! Gilead is trying to get its tourism industry back up and running again!’

Yes. Fred. Gilead will become a hot vacation destination for everyone now. Much like Iran or North Korea.

No, I’m not kidding: Someone once compared Fred in S2 to Kim Jong Un…I don’t disagree.   

When a female villain is three-dimensional, conflicted and endlessly fascinating, but you also accept: “Bitch, you deserve to be every bit as miserable as you are.”

That’s why I’ve loved the Serena Joy arc in season 2.

Because I think the point is: Serena *is* complicated. Does nice things one in a while (she helped Janine’s baby) and her husband is an abusive prick.  Her desperation for a child is also sad. The woman has a miserable life. 

But you never stop getting reminders that she is still, you know, a monster and, by any standards, a literal war criminal who should be in jail for life.