the guardian spirit of water. you go with the flow

moonsbadasschild  asked:

*LE GASP* I saw you answer an ask that you like Voltron! Think about a Voltron x Miraculous Crossover! Which MLB Character do you think would be piloting which Lion?

O H MY FUCKIG GOD okay i honestly love you for giving me an excuse to rant abt both voltron and miraculous ladybug, anyways though

i think marinette would definitely pilot the black lion, she is obviously the leader and is rlly good at rallying speeches and ppl tend to look up to her so she’s kinda an obvious candidate for black paladin!

personally i think maybe adrien would be the yellow paladin? because as a leg you have to support the whole team (like literally but also figuratively) and that’s exactly what his job as chat noir is, he’s there for support

NINO WOULD BE BLUE PALADIN bcs of his relaxed go with the flow sorta vibe he gives off and i feel like that’s an important trait for the guardian spirit of water. also i feel like the legs would have to work well together and because nino and adrien are best friends they’d make a great team and it’s a great lance/hunk parallel

Alya would probably pilot red bcs she’s kinda fiery and also cause the arms are like the right hand man to the black paladin so as marinette’s best friend i think she’d need to be an arm

i don’t? really know who would pilot green, like max is my first thought but he doesn’t really fit into the main group of characters. and i don’t think chloe would pilot green, if anything she’d pilot red but i don’t think alya would fit as the pilot of the green lion? although maybe i mean you don’t have to be exceptionally smart just inquisitive. idk tho.

thanks for the ask!!