the funny story behind this is when i took off my wig

On The Rise

Chapter Six

Nova watched Erik walk into the hospital, phone still pressed to his ear with her on the other line. She waved him over and he rushed over to her without even hanging up his phone. He pulled her from her seat and into a tight embrace, rocking her slowly side to side 

“She gon be iight baby.” 

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Let me corrupt you

Halloween special

“Neeeeeeeeerd!” Keith said making a dying noise while he was laying his forehead against his chemistry book “Keith you can’t absorb the information by slamming your head against the book” Lance said “C'mon is Halloween night and you have me studying I don’t even have classes next week” Keith said “do you ever stop whining?” Lance said “you’re being unfair is fucking Halloween” Keith whine “and what do you want to do huh?! Go out an party like a fucking animal?” Lance ask “YEAH!” Keith answer instantly “Yeah No! Shiro told me to stay over while he and Allura had a break and he told me to make you study” Lance said “oh c'mon he only wants to get you busy while he fucks your sister” Keith said “I DID NOT NEED THAT MENTAL IMAGE THANK YOU!” Lance yelled and cover his eyes.

Keith laugh at that “But even if that’s true you’re still not going to party tonight you hear me?” Lance said “pffff yes mom” Keith said “now keep studying you have a test next month” Lance said *IS FUCKING NEXT MONTH?!“ Keith ask “FUCKING SHIRO HE TOLD ME IT WAS THE WEEK AFTERT NEXT WEEK!” Keith yelled “Ugh!!!! C'mon nerd at least let’s take a break I think my brain is burning” Keith said Lance sigh “I’ll give you 30 minutes” Lance said “Thanks not even enough to watch a movie!…” Keith said but pause “Buuuuuut….” Keith looked at Lance with a evil smile “It’s enough time to hear a creepypasta” Keith said and rushed to his TV “so what do you wanna see? I Have Sally Eyeless Jack Lulu Homicidal Liu oh I know let’s watch Jeff the killer” Keith start rambling and then he spot it the perfect history to watch on a halloween night “I know….we’re gonna watch Ticci Toby” Keith said and Lance snap stand “oh no no no no no and NO!” Lance said.

“What….you scare?” Keith ask “I heard his voice once in a video and I couldn’t sleep alone for the next five days” Lance said “But Toby is the most Amazing of all of the Creepypastas Lance” Keith said “Im not watching that” Lance said “hey if you do it I’ll promise I’ll cook garlic knots for you” Keith said “good try” Lance said and start to walk away “how about I get a 90 in my test” Keith said Lance stop walking “And I’ll take you to the aquarium” he continue “And I’ll buy those canelones you like from the store” he finished Lance sighed and turned around to sit beside Keith on the couch “I still want those garlic knots” Lance said “you got it nerd” Keith said and select the video Ticci Toby STORY-Drawing + Creepypasta the video was 34:41 minutes long Lance took a deep breath and nod then Keith play the story.

A creepy music box start playing with the video “ohh fuck mullet you better get a fucking 90 or I’m gonna kill you” Lance said the music stop and a man drawing someone was in the video with his deep voice with a creepy sound effect in the back ground as he tale the story “The long road home seem to go on and on the road continue to stretch in front of the vehicle” the man tale as Lance gulp Keith stand up from the couch without pausing the video “w-where are you going?” Lance ask “relax I’m gonna get popcorn” Keith said “aren’t you gonna pause it?” Lance ask “I’ve watch it like a thousand times you watch it I’ll be right back” Keith said Lance gulp again and turned at the screen while the man kept drawing what Lance already knew it was name as Ticci Toby “the surroundings was full of dead green trees forming a forest around the road” the man said.

The drawing was simple by now just a sketch being trace with a very very fine marker Lance imagine the road himself getting so concentrate into the story he imagine the night road with the dark street the full moon and the green trees “although the road seem like a nice one it lack every form of Nice…for both of the passengers” the man said “why?” Lance ask “why what?” Keith said sitting beside Lance who flinch “fuck you scare me” Lance said never getting his eyes off the screen “you seem very—” “Shhhh!!!” Lance interrupt Keith he wanted to know why that road wasn’t Nice he was curious Keith notice that as he chuckle and shook his head getting the popcorn bowl between his and Lance leg the man on the video describe the woman who was driving the car Lance imagine her brown hair green eyes dark eye bags sad gloomy look “nerd eat popcorn” Keith whisper Lance clumsily move his hand trying to find the popcorn bowl Keith grab and guide his hand to said bowl.

Lance continue hearing the story until he gasp when he heard why that nice road wasn’t nice at all the oldest daughter of the woman and the sister of the boy in the back died in a car crash “Keith this is not scary this is sad” Lance said looking at Keith “give it time it gets better” Keith said and Lance return his look at the screen Toby and his mother finally get to their home and Toby was mad because his dad was there “why…is he…here” the man said changing his voice to Toby’s “he’s your father Toby he’s here because he wants to see you his mother responded in a monotone voice” The man said said “Yet he couldn’t have driven up to the hospital to see Laura before she died” Toby said.

Lance frown when the story continue Toby’s father was a fucking alcoholic who wasn’t there when his daughter died because he was drunk “He’s 16 he can walk on his own” the dad said “younger than me” Lance mumble “he’s 17” the mom correct “never mind he’s my age” he mumble again as the story continue the drawing got bloody the man who was drawing Ticci Toby drew some pretty realistic bloody details on his face goggles and hoodie then some special effects make Lance jump and cling to Keith closing his eyes “hey now don’t do that you’re missing the drawing” Keith said and pause the video “it enough with the damn story” Lance said “hey c'mon or I won’t do anything of what I said” Keith said “Lance squish his hands and then let go but stay close to Keith "there you go” Keith said and play the video.

Once the history ended Lance let out a long deep sigh “see it wasn’t that bad was it?” Keith ask “I’m never sleeping again” Lance said “pfff and you haven’t even seen Jeff yet” Keith laugh “that was so creepy Keith how can you like this just imagine that guy gives me agh!” Lance said and shake a little “ohhh you look like you’re twitching” Keith said “are you gonna turn into Ticci Toby now?” Keith said and start to twitch intentionally “Keith stop” Lance said “why you scare I’ll get him mad? TICCI TOBY TICCI TOBY TICCI TOBY” Keith said while twitching “Keith stop you’re scaring me” Lance said and Keith laugh…then Keith smile drop and he till his head to the kitchen “Keith?” Lance ask “did you hear that?” Keith ask “hear what?” Lance ask “that” Keith said “Keith stop it” Lance said “shhhh” Keith said “I think someone’s here” Keith said “what? Keith no…stop this isn’t fun” Lance said “how can this be fun nerd I think someone’s here” Keith whisper “stay here” Keith said and start to walk to the kitchen.

Once Keith was in the kitchen Lance stared at the kitchen door “Keith?” Lance whisper “Ahhh!!!” Keith yelled “Keith?!” Lance yelled back “don’t come in!!” Keith yelled “GET OFF ME!” He yelled “LANCE CALL THE COPS!!!” Keith yelled he kept hearing things falling to the ground on the kitchen he went to grab his phone that was on his backpack but before he went he heard how everything in the kitchen got silence Lance stare at the kitchen door waiting for Keith to come out “ Keith?” Lance ask and walked to the kitchen slowly “Keith are you alright?” Lance ask then he saw blood coming out of the kitchen floor “oh my god KEITH?!” Lance ask and then someone came out it was him it was Ticci Toby cover on blood…Keith’s blood he was holding an axe Lance stepped back the floor creak and Toby turned at him his head twitch he till his head to his right side and then he suddenly rushed at Lance “AHHH!!” Lance scream and tried to run but Toby was already on top of him he held his axe with one hand ready to chop Lance and then he start laughing.

Toby stand up and drop the axe behind the goggles the hoodie and the mask it was actually Keith he took off the brown hair wig while laughing “oh my god” Keith said “you should’ve seen your face that was priceless” Keith said between laughs Lance stand up “w-what?” Lance said between pants “happy Halloween nerd you got tricked by me” Keith said still laughing “oh god my stomach hurts that was so good” Keith said then he looked at Lance fuck he was crying “you ASSHOLE!” Lance yelled “hey calm down it was a prank” Keith said “YOU FUCKING SCARE ME THAT WASNT FUNNY!” Lance yelled Keith walked to Lance and hugged him “awww im sorry” Keith said ‘I’m so not sorry he’s so fucking adorable right now…wait did I really just thought that?’ Keith thought “YOU’RE GONNA GET A 100 ON THAT TEST BECAUSE OF THIS!"Lance yelled against his chest "pfff alright alright I will” Keith said but Lance continue crying

“Hey here” Keith said pull alway from Lance and kiss him it was a tender kiss Keith continue until Lance calmed down “how did you do that?” Lance ask “do what?” Keith reply “all those sound and the blood on the floor that you’re gonna clean” Lance said “well I intentionally tripped against everything on the kitchen while I got into the costume and that’s fake blood Shiro had a full galón for halloween surprises like this and it was kinda Pidge and Hunk’s idea” Keith said “you scare the living shit out of me” Lance said “you have to admit it was a good prank” Keith said Lance hold back a smile “admit it you think it was cool” Keith said “well…it was kinda…”

“Oh c'mon it was a good one”

“Maybe if you…”

“Lance don’t be like that”

Lance laugh and nod “yes it was a good one” he said “you still have to get a 100 on that test you know” Lance said and Keith laugh “fuck” Keith said “and I’m sleeping with you there’s no fucking way I’ll sleep alone after that” Lance said “pfff what are you 8?” Keith ask “HEY! Who scare the living shit out of me?!” Lance ask looking at Keith “ok ok you can sleep with me” Keith said and kiss Lance again “sorry for giving you a heart attack” Keith said Lance chuckle “no you’re not” he said but smile Best.Halloween.Prank

(HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 🖤💜🖤💜 so here’s the Let me corrupt you Halloween special chapter this episode came Thanks to the best sister in the universe Montse my Internet sisters that’s how we call each other and the marathon will start probably this Monday because tomorrow I’m going out with my family to a Festival if you haven’t heard Ticc Toby’s Story SHAME ON YOU!! Nah just kidding but if you wish to see the video Lance and Keith where watching here it is so I hope you all enjoy this Halloween episode and keep reading after this to see an ending a little more spooky BYE BYE 💜💜💜)

Alternative ending

Keith walked to Lance still wearing his costume and pulled him into a hug “YOU SCARE ME!!” Lance yelled and Keith continue laughing “here let’s sit down” Keith said and kept hugging Lance not letting him go even after Lance was calm he hit Keith chest “that was not funny” Lance said “and how did you do that?” Lance ask “do what?” Keith ask “those sounds and the blood and where did you get the axe?” Lance ask “just Halloween special effects” Keith said Lance sigh and close his eyes for a second then he open them a little horror in them “Keith?…” Lance ask “yeah?” Keith answer “d-did you just…Twitch?” Lance ask “l…an…ce” a fainted voice sound from the kitchen “r…un” that was Keith voice…Lance pull away from the hug and saw Keith smiling really creepy at him “guess he’s still alive” Keith said and grab Lance again this time choking him “I guess I haven’t introduce myself correctly” Keith said and looked at Lance taking off his goggles “My name…Is Toby” Toby said.

Bad ending

Love Is An Open Door ♡

AN: [CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #1] Yuri On Ice!!! (Victor/Yuuri) - 19: ”Now isn’t the time for this!” - Wow anon you sure gave me enough to choose from! And huehue one Facebook ad is all it took for me to get inspired for this particular sentence. Hope you guys like it hehehe~!

This story was made possible thanks to my muse @ticklygiggles who again got to provide me with the bestest ideas!

Summary: Victor has accepted an offer to appear as guest dancers on the Disney On Ice Christmas Edition together with Yuuri, and as if Yuuri isn’t stressed out enough already, they need to practice. Ticklish Yuuri and teasy Victor incomingg~

Word Count: 1666

“You signed us up for what?!” Yuuri had gone to the ice rink with in mind to have a good and serious training. 

Holidays were getting in the way of everything… Buying presents, doing groceries, Christmas events, family obligations and even though he enjoyed all of these to the max, he had to practice! He thought Victor would think the same, which was why he was baffled to see him standing next to the ice, holding up two costumes.

“Like I just said: The Disney On Ice Performance, this year’s Christmas edition! Come on Yuuri, let’s do it together!” Victor chirped, waving the costumes around.

“L-look Victor, am I missing something? Now isn’t the time for this! When did - ?” Yuuri was at loss of words. He sat on a bench and was putting on his ice skates, but his hands were shaking a little after hearing Victor’s sudden announcement.

“Don’t stress it darling, it’s nothing too big. They called to invite us, a few weeks ago after they saw one of your performances. We’ll only be guests at Frozen’s Love is an Open Door performance. We won’t need to sing or put on the wigs, we will just be ourselves and dance a duet with Hans and Anna. Isn’t that wonderful?” Victor threw one of the classy costumes at his boyfriend who still sat in a stiff position on the bench.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Yuuri asked. Just thinking about performing with Victor for the first time… On such a crazy occasion… And that with such little time to practice!?

“Because you’d be making this face for all those precious weeks!” Victor walked over towards him and pinched his cheek.

“Now come on, let’s practice!” Yuuri was barely finished checking out the costume or Victor dragged him towards the ice. Poor Yuuri was struggling with regaining his balance, half-bending down to finish fastening his ice skates and stumbling after Victor when his feet left the steady ground.

“Vihiictor wait!” Yuuri yelped, his arms flailing, but Victor wrapped his arms around him and pulled him along in a romantic dance.

“It’s fine Yuuri, all they want is us two on stage. We can just freestyle to the music,” Victor said, and he started to hum the melody of Love Is An Open Door while he took one of Yuuri’s hands in his and twirled him around.

“H-haha but you know we haven’t yet - ahah Victor!” Yuuri started to loosen up with one more twirl after the other, and together they danced around in a playful yet elegant way. Slowly getting the hang of Victor’s rhythm and the style, a smile broke through Yuuri’s stressed out facial expression.

“Ready Yuuri?” Victor asked, and he took a few long dancey skating steps to appear behind Yuuri again after separating a bit to make a jump move.

“Y-yes?” Yuuri had no idea what Victor was planning, but suddenly Victor’s hands were on his waist.

“Love is an open doooorr!” Victor sang, and he lifted Yuuri into the air. Reacting immediately to the dance move, Yuuri spread his arms elegantly - or well, did an attempt to. Instead he burst out in a sudden laughing fit and pulled his arms back, elbows squeezing against his sides and feet kicking wildly.

“Vihihictor let gooo!” he giggled, and the flailing and kicking of Yuuri’s legs caused Victor to lose his balance, and they both slid down onto the cold ice.

“Was my singing that funny?” Victor asked with a goofy laugh. Yuuri swallowed the next couple of giggles he was about to let out and he nodded quickly, blushing.

“Y-yeah. Let’s try that again.” His body shuddered a little. Oooh damn. This wasn’t looking good. And yep, the next attempt they again ended up in a heap on the ice. Victor looking in surprise at Yuuri who was scrunching up his nose and giggling when both of them lay together, Victor’s hands still on Yuuri’s waist.

“S-sohoorry! I can’t pfffhht - t-tickles! It tickles!” Yuuri cried out, and he tried to pry Victor’s hands off his waist. Victor’s surprised expression went to a shocked one before suddenly making place for a wicked grin.

“No waaay Yuuri,” he sang teasingly, and he lifted himself and bent over Yuuri who still lay curled up, cute embarrassed giggles escaping his lips.

“You’re that ticklish? We can’t even dance together? Now that’s gonna be a problem,” Victor said, and he returned his hand to Yuuri’s waist and squeezed softly.

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The Exiles Ever After: Chapter One

This is the story of a giant baker down on his luck and kicked out of his home, a would-be Prince Charming with a pet bear, a curious scientist princess and a good-hearted liar in a world that’s a bit like our fairy tales, but also very much not. It also features toads, wolves, cakes, violent plants, commerce, trauma, and an uplifted moth. 

New chapters crossposted Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you like it, please RT.

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How do you take your coffee?

This is the fourth part to the Bottoms Up series! Here are the links to the previous parts:

Bottoms Up! 

Hangover (Part 2)

Say, What’s in This Drink? (Part 3)

UPDATE! I did a part 5! Drinking Games

Original Requests: (Combined a few for this one)

-Can I request a dean x reader insert oneshot where the reader is on a hunt and is undercover as a barista, and the boys walk in and think she’s the monster they’re hunting for so when she tricks the real monster into going outside with her the boys follow and try to attack her, but the monster reveals itself to the boys and in the end the reader kills it and is pissed at the boys for ruining her hunt. Maybe some dean and sassy!reader fluff?? Sorry that it’s super long *covers face and blushes*

-Hey could you do a oneshot of y/n hunting with Sam and Dean but getting seriously injured (like shot or stabbed or something) but they’re a really long way from a hospital and and so Sam and Dean have to comfort her and treat her as best they can?

-Hello! Can i request something where the reader is a bad ass hunter and kind of the female version of Dean especially when it comes to hooking up. There in a bar having some drinks and one of her previous one night stands notices her and she doesn’t remember his name and keeps getting it wrong and stuff. Just something funny, i just need a good laugh and you’re previous storys have always made me smile!

Word Count: 2684

Summary: Dean and Sam run into their favorite drunk hunter again.This time at a coffee shop,


“Triple, Grande, Soy, No Foam Latte.” A business woman barked at you while she had a phone pressed to her ear. “No, Stewart. I said I needed them today. You are replaceable you nit-wit! Get your act together or you’re fired!”

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The Princess and Her Handler

I got a request for a “Bellarke works at Disneyland” AU and this is what happened.

Clarke was sweating buckets and her face hurt like a mother but a brief look down at the little girl, no older than seven, clutching at her skirt and beaming as her parents took their picture reminded her why she was there.

She got hundreds of these reminders every day.  Kids and teenagers and adults who walked up to her with sometimes awkward smiles on their faces and timid requests to take pictures with her, even if they’d been standing in line for hours specifically for that purpose.

She’d gone to a Disney princess casting call as a joke with one of her best friends a year and a half before and miraculously had been hired as one of Disney World’s Auroras on the spot.  Clarke was a native Floridian and by now was definitely used to the absurd heat and horrendous humidity but wearing a full princess dress and wig in 80 degree weather was a significantly different story than shorts and a tank top.

Still, despite the costume and the heat and the oppressive rules that Disney held over all their employees, she loved her job.  The one thing she did not love about today’s shift, however, was the cocky-faced bastard managing her line.  Bellamy Blake, was his name, and he and Clarke had been at odds since practically forever.  In a bizarre twist of fate they not only worked together but also went to school together.  During freshman year they had been neighbors and had often gotten into notorious screaming matches at all hours of the morning.

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