So I like how the cucks of Lady Gaga thinks that Joanne is her best album and shit like that.

Did you all forget The Fame Monster or Born this Way?…okay.

stop embarressing yourselves, Joanne is not good at all, one song was good, the rest was flop, the message is cool, but so is many other songs out there that sounds way better than Joanne.

sorry not sorry.

can we talk about the ‘perceived failure’ of ARTPOP - an album which was criticised for not reaching 1.2Million monumental first week sales of Born This Way or 5 year Diamond+ 15x platinum sales of The Fame/Monster vs. it actually outselling every Britney album since 2011, Prism, Bangerz, nearly every individual Rihanna album apart from ‘Good Girl Gone Band" and ‘Talk that Talk’… tbh #ARTFlop is my shit

Like why can’t you bitches realize that Gaga has ALWAYS been social commentary The Fame Monster and The Fame just IN THE TITLE are referencing the social commentary to ensue, she’s literally a self-proclaimed chameleon and right now she’s wearing a hat that you, of your own affliction, have learned to hate. She’s not talking about us, the way she has with any other album, she’s talking about herself exclusively in this one- But how surprising that her community doesn’t want to look at her after she built us up to love what’s in the mirror with Born This Way.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are loving each other in art and expression and truth. Everything she has fought to emulate. Join us. 

midnightdirectives  asked:

I want to get more into Gaga but right now I really only know like three songs, bad romance alejandro and judas... Do you have recommendations for where to go from there?

tbh I love The Fame Monster the most – it’s all poppy, she was still working kinda with RedOne (producer that really boosted her first album) but pretty dark lyrically. from her first album, “Poker Face” (can ya blame me, friends) and “Beautiful Dirty Rich” are the best. Born This Way is pretty silly aside from singles. I decided to listen to Artpop recently and despite realizing why it was a tooooootal flop it has some cool jams and it’s def significant in terms of her tryna do her own thing. “GUY” has an amazing beat and synths and “Swine” is her dealing with sexual assault and also a banger at the same time

idk I think she’s an amazing natural performer with an amazing voice and no matter how many flop singles or albums she puts out I’ll be there. I still watch old videos from ‘08 and am like “ye I love this woman”

as long as I accept that lady gaga can truly never top either the fame monster or born this way either conceptually or musically, I can enjoy anything she sends my way because I’m in THAT deep with this b*tch…I just love her

i went through a phase like six years ago when the fame monster came out where i would just listen to “alejandro” like fifteen times in a row almost daily and it just came up on my shuffle and i got aggressive flashbacks of me being seventeen too spooky