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One thing I’m hoping for LG5 is that Gaga goes back to the writing styles of The Fame Monster and Born This Way - where everything isn’t so literal. I love vague writing and Gaga does it so well.

How the Red Sox brought new tech to baseball's oldest park

From its famed Green Monster to the quirky red Ted Williams seat in the right field bleachers, Fenway Park is a living museum in the heart of Boston. But going to a Red Sox game at Fenway isn’t just about baseball. It’s about experiencing America’s pastime at Major League Baseball’s (MLB) oldest ballpark. The Red Sox organization can’t live in the past, however, and it has to incorporate the technologies today’s fans expect at Fenway.

Rolling out ballpark-wide Wi-Fi was a necessary first step for the Red Sox. The team previously had limited Wi-Fi for fans in some areas but it wasn’t widely available or heavily publicized. This time, they wanted to provide more fans with connectivity, collect additional fan data and deliver a more targeted and technology-driven customer experience. Today, the organization encourages fans to share experiences on social media and to use MLB’s mobile apps, At Bat and Ballpark, while at Fenway, but it needed faster Wi-Fi to enable better download and upload performance throughout the park.

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From FAME MONSTER, one of the short stories in THE FLYING OSTRICH.

He thought of London. She was carrying a new species in her stomach, one of several women across the globe whose eggs had been compatible with a demon’s sperm. The fusion of opposites. These babies, these hybrid humans, these modern day Nephilim, would rule the earth when the great deception happened.

Guilt wrenched loud sobs from deep inside the soul that no longer belonged to him, and he cried out like a knife was being plunged into his vital organs over and over again. He was in torment, baptized in eternal fire. This would never pass. He would never get over it. The excruciating pain and heavy guilt would be his constant companions, unwanted reminders of what he had done

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From FAME MONSTER, one of the short stories in THE FLYING OSTRICH.

He had done something that had never been done before. His name would forever be etched in history. The only pop star to commit suicide during a live performance. He was now head of an esteemed class of creative geniuses that had died at age 27, whether by their own hands or were fatally bitten by the jaws of destiny.  The 27 Club. Kurt Cobain. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Jacob Miller. Jim Morrison. Jacob Miller. Amy Winehouse.

Range closed his eyes with satisfaction, not realizing that where he was going, he’d be better off alive.


my CR Fashion Book came in the mail today and i am absolutely speechless at how gorgeous it is. both covers are stunning and the photographs are beyond. i’m so glad to have it. 😭💗💘

(PS all photos (of the magazine) are my own don’t steal them and be weird about it please thanks)