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guide to falling out of love

i. go back to the places where you felt safe. examine your feelings, do you still feel safe on your own? become self reliant.

ii. go grocery shopping. select your memories like frozen peas and wonder bread. most you won’t like to remember, some you will be grateful for.

iii. invent new emotions for yourself, like how a tree feels when the wind blows through it. you are an open window.

iv. find words to describe yourself in ways they never would. observe how your eyelashes make tender shadows on your cheek, how the soft fabric of your favorite teeshirt touches your skin. it is enough.

v. fall in love with everything else. become addicted to morning sunlight and the weeds on your lawn. the moths hovering around your porch light are meant to be there. invite them in.

  • tmr books: minho tells thomas that he loves him, thomas constantly comments on how muscular minho's arms are in unnecessary detail eg. 'he could almost see the blood pumping through them' and 'minho's powerful arms folded and tensed, veins bulging all over the place', thomas's heart 'aches for minho', a sentence like 'thomas met minho's gaze' almost every other line, minho hates teresa and brenda for no reason other than that they spend time with thomas eg 'and for some reason minho gave brenda dirty looks the entire time' (jealous.mp3), minho grabs thomas by the shirt and pushes him against a wall; he also climbs on top of him and holds him down when thomas is hijacked and refuses to get up even though thomas has a knife ('minho had pinned thomas’s arms to the ground. he hovered over him, heaving to catch his breath. 'im not getting up until they let your mind go') which makes thomas want to smile, it also says that thomas's midsection arches upwards and his body bucked and minho presses down - that's called grinding folks, they risk their lives for each other countless times, minho tackles to the ground and 'punches the living crap' out of the guy who shot thomas, dashner said in an interview that minho and thomas have the closest bond,thomas's heart skipped a beat when he saw minho, minho runs backwards in the lightning storm to help thomas up when he falls, risking his own life in the process, also thomas screams when minho is hit in the lightning storm to help minho even though he ignored every other glader who fell; minho then 'wrapped one of his arms around thomas's neck' and they moved together, 'thomas rammed into minho [...] thomas quickly spun to grab his friend, wrapped his arms around his chest and squeezed against his struggles to escape, minho pulls thomas into a bear hug when they're reunited, when thomas thought he might die he typed goodbye messages to brenda and minho and nobody else, when jorge offered a deal in which he'd help the gladers but would have to kill minho in exchange thomas refuses even though this might endanger everyone else, looking at minho and thinking how he is his 'true best friend' makes thomas have to 'hold back the tears', minho never once questions thomas's judgement even when every single other character questions him and he follows him into anything, 'no way, me and you', 'i'm with thomas. i'm with thomas one hundred percent', just going to repeat this one - minho told thomas that he loves him. like that's an actual thing that happened. they constantly joke around with each other it's srsly flirting, 'if there was a person other than teresa on the planet he (thomas) could truly call a friend, it was minho', minho calls thomas 'baby' and on one occasion it gives thomas butterflies, when minho reunited with thomas he said 'i've been shucked and gone to heaven' aw, minho says he bet thomas cried every night missing him and thomas says 'yeah', minho curls up and goes to sleep at thomas's feet, minho puts all of his faith in thomas from the very beginning eg by making him keeper of the runners while every other glader doubts him which also means minho is going against the people he's known for years in favour of thomas, he also gives up his own leadership role to make thomas keeper of the runners and also tells thomas 'okay greenie, you da boss', when group b take thomas away (after minho trying to fight back) minho yells after him that they'll find him, 'thomas heard a distant voice, screaming the same words over and over, something about him. about protecting him as he ran. it was minho' hashtag protective boyfriend minho, 'thomas made his decision; he liked minho', thomas says he felt disgusted when brenda tries to kiss him and thinks 'maybe it was the drug. maybe it was teresa. maybe it was -' at which point minho starts talking, thomas says to minho 'i won't keep anything from you. and she knows it, too.', minho says 'if you die i will NOT be happy' to thomas, thomas 'hadn't realized how important it was that minho still believed in him - it went halfway to giving him the courage he needed', minho has surgery to remove the wicked device from his brain while thomas is asleep and when thomas wakes up, minho is sitting in the chair beside his bed. this means minho woke up after his surgery and got up and moved to the chair beside thomas's bed, 'thomas could only worry abut minho', 'your eyes dont lie' minho can literally tell whether thomas is lying by looking into his eyes; thomas also does this bc he says he can tell by the 'hard glint' in minho's eyes that he'd been through an awful time, minho gives thomas nicknames and they always have playful banter, 'the two of them then looked at each other for a long moment, catching their breath, somehow reliving those few seconds all the things they’d gone through', 'even though he couldn’t see minho, he knew his friend lay only a few feet above him. and it wasn’t just the snoring. when someone is close by, you just know it', when jorge was kicking minho, thomas's hands clenched into fists and he hated jorge and wanted to 'beat him like he'd beaten gally'; he'd beaten gally for killing chuck, so the fact he wanted to beat jorge as badly as he'd beaten gally for just kicking minho shows how much it angered and hurt him, possibly hurting him as much as it hurt him when chuck was killed, 'minho smiled, a very welcome sight' aka thomas likes his smile; he also 'couldn't believe how good it felt to see minhos smirky grin again', they playfully punch each other on the arm, 'minho studied thomas' is said at least three times in the first book alone aka checking thomas out, thomas says minho has beautiful hands, thomas often refers to all of the gladers just as 'minho and the others', newt says to thomas 'then you're minho's' and thomas replies 'sounds beautiful', thomas and minho share a bunk bed, when thomas says he'll go somewhere with brenda minho shakes his head and says 'no way, me and you', thomas says he couldn't handle losing minho, 'remember that i love you'
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°Suga Falling In Love With His Bestfriend°

• Suga is gonna be so conflicted, TBH.

• Because while he is a straightforward guy he also values his friendship with you.

• And, he really doesn’t want to lose you simply because he stupidly blabbed out that he loves you.

• Because while it may be painful for him to see you, and not say how he feels he also doesn’t want to ruin having you as his bestfriend.

• Suga would rather have you as something to him rather than nothing, even if it’s just as a friend, and less than who he truly wants you to be to him.

• Being an Idol is really hard, and besides the other members of BTS, it’s difficult to find people he can trust.

• So, the fact that he trusts you, you make him smile, and you understand him wholeheartedly is really important to him.

• Like, seriously, Suga appreciates you so much.

• But, he also hates playing the role of that pining dude who just silently longs for someone, and secretly loves them, but never admits it.

• Though, his feelings are good song material. Which he’s definitely considered. Trust me. ( Suga is trying to find the silver lining in this dumbass lovestruck puppy thing he’s got for you. And, if it gets him inspiration, well… then that’s cool with him.)

• Honesly, Suga doesn’t even remember how his feelings for you shifted from friendship to love.

• Like, you were probably doing something really mundane, or ordinary like handing him a coffee while he was working late in his studio, or like he’d notice you grinning from ear to ear at a pretty sunset.

• One small action of yours just became so beautiful to him, and he just remembers not being able to look away.

• He remembers getting that gummy smile of his, and just suddenly being in awe of you.

• And, after that Suga just knew. He knew he loved you.

• He still treats you the same, obviously, and there’s no visible sign in him being distant towards you after his realization.

• In fact it’s only when you look away where Suga gets that look. That “God, she’s so beautiful”, and “Damn, I wish she were mine” kind of look.

• Despite you being unaware the other members are so aware it’s not even funny.

• They know their grumpy Daegu rapper like the back of their hands, and they have on numerous occasions brought it up. ( Whenever you’re not around, of course. They may tease him relentlessly, but they won’t out his secret.)

• Speaking of teasing relentlessly, the main ringleaders in the pestering are obviously Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin.

• To the point where Suga has pondered their deaths, or has at least written a hardcore mixtape about their demise. ( Seriously, not kidding.)

• Suga will probably end up talking to Namjoon about it, and after he’s tired of hearing his Leaders philosophical ramblings he’ll just try to figure it out on his own.

• His conclusion being to just stay quiet about his feelings, and wait it out to see if he can pick up anything on your side.

• His decision will probably kill him a little bit on the inside just because he really hates this unrequited thing, and how every time he sees you he just wants to blurt it out, but he knows better.

• He doesn’t want to lose you.

• But, speaking of blurting things out… That’s probably what will happen.

• Like, one day you’ll just be hanging out in his studio with him, and you’ll be playfully annoying him about something. Like his health, or the fact that he needs to rest, or something silly.

• And, you’ll be like, “Why do you put up with me?”

• And, Suga’s response will be, “Because I love you.”

• And, when he realizes what he just said he’ll be dying inside. Utter panic will set in, and he’ll not say a single word until you talk first.

• But, obviously ( Depsite your shock.) you tell him you love him back.

• Your words making his face light up immediately, though he’ll try to act indifferent, but you’ll see straight through him.

• Because Suga really does love you, and the big, soft grin he gets when he’s happy is unmistakable.

• And, when you run up to hug him he’ll just hug back before pulling you in for a long awaited kiss.

• The look in his eyes is so sincere, and despite him usually coming off as cold, Suga will be so glad to have his other half in his arms, you.

Always happy to write more yandere headcanons for you all \ (•◡•) / both nsfw and sfw

Katsuki Bakugo

  • Expect a lot of rough, angry sex from him. He hates the fact that he’s so obsessed with you, he hates that you seem to be his only weakness. He wants to punish you for it, and will absolutely take it out on you during sex
  • Likes to leave burn marks on you to remind everyone who you belong to- not that anyone else but him will see them, mind you. Because no one else is allowed to see you period.
  • “No one else will ever love you as much as me, you understand?” He often says this to you, trying to make you realize that he’s the only one you’ll ever have, so you might as well start loving him back
  • Keeps a collar on you with a tag that says “kitten” on it. Not super into pet play, but he loves how it degrades you into a weak little thing that he needs to take care of.
  • Every once in a while he’ll be incredibly gentle and loving with you, asking why you won’t just give in and love him yet. He’ll caress you and kiss you like someone who really cares, and he’ll hold you in his arms and promise to never forsake you.

Izuku Midoriya

  • Izuku is very… Obsessive. He loves you, more than anything, more than life itself, always and forever. God he loves you, he loves you so much that no one else is ever allowed to see you… Ever
  • Would never even fathom hurting you, but other people aren’t that lucky. Before you “moved in” with him, anyone who even looked at you the wrong way ended up fearing for their lives- if they were lucky to keep it
  • Likes to bind you with silk during sex; he’ll never use anything harsher. He never wants to leave any marks on you, and if he ever accidentally does it throws him into a fit of depression where he can’t bear to look at you
  • “I love you, do you love me? It’s okay if you don’t, so long as I can look at you always.” He says this to you almost everyday, and he means it. You’re perfect the way you are, and if he can’t have your love, at least he can have you.
  • If it wasn’t obvious already, Izuku is heavily into body worship. He loves to kiss every inch of your body, from head to toe. This often leads him to overstimulating you, so that you will climax over and over, until you are so exhausted you can barely move. He just loves the look of your face as you go over the edge, saying this is when you are most beautiful.

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I wish you would write a fix where the batfam gets Jason the dog we all know he needs.

“I hope for both of your sakes that you have a goddamn good explanation for this”, Jason says slowly and with his best murderer voice, the same one that once upon a time made Gotham’s underground shake with fear.

But Nightwing only smiles at him, and Robin doesn’t even deign him with an answer.

“Hiya, Little Wing.”

“No. No hiya and no Little Wing. What the hell are you doing in my house? And what the hell is that thing?”

Damian’s eyes land on him like knives while he clutches the thing closer to his chest. Which is kinda hilarious to see, since the thing’s as big as the kid is.

“This is Grayson”, Damian announces.

Jason glares from him to Dick - who’s currently very busy trying to hide a grin - and then to the thing again. It’s ugly, and wrinkly, and covered with old scars.

“I can see the resemblance”, he deadpans. “Now get both of them and yourself out of here, brat.”

“He’s a Neapolitan Mastiff”, Damian continues.

“I don’t care.”

“We just boosted a drug ring”, Dick offers as an explanation. “He belonged to one of the dealers.”

“Dick”, Jason warns, because he’s got an idea of where this little charade is going and fuck no. “I. don’t. care.”

“Father said that we can’t have another dog”, Damian goes on like Jason had never spoken. “I’ve prepared a list of things you’ll need for his care and a temporary diet you can follow until the veterinary suggests something more adequate to his needs.”

“Damian. No”, Jason straight out refuses, looking right into the kid’s eyes in hope to make himself very clear.

“He needs a place to stay”, Damian insists anyway, because stubborn doesn’t even begin to cover that particular trait of his personality.


He expects the kid to start screaming and throwing threats any seconds now, and he doesn’t care. He’s not going to be bullied in taking care of one of Damian’s pet. How they even dared to think to pull a stunt like this on him is beyond Jason’s comprehension, and he’s oh so ready to give them a piece of his mind about it.

But Damian doesn’t yell at him. Doesn’t swear to maim him and everyone he’s ever cared about. Instead he looks up at him and… pouts. Because yes, that’s a pout, through and through. Jason is speechless for a good thirty seconds, just staring wide-eyed at this kid pouting at him like he’d kicked him or something, and then he comes back to his senses.

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Irondad oneshot #1

I’m bored so imma start myself a collection of short irondad oneshots (that have nothing to do with one another) sooo enjoy!!

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

Tony Stark has always made sure that the media saw him as a cold hearted man, to put it simply. He had an image to maintain, and he couldn’t risk the media knowing that he had any weaknesses, because that information could always fall into the wrong hands. But because of the fact that he had to act so cold every time he was out in public, he often forgot to let down his guard around the people he trusted, such as the team and Pepper. And because they weren’t used to his soft side, they were surprised when they were reminded just how caring Tony truly is.

It all started one Wednesday when Tony got a text. The team had been lazing around the living room all afternoon, watching old westerns and sci-fi movies that Clint had found in his attic. Tony had been trying not to fall asleep due to the movie’s utter boringness when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He was planning to ignore it, but he caught a glimpse of the contact name and immediately excused himself from the room.

“What’s up with him? Tony never answers his phone during his chill time.”

“Well, Clint, maybe it’s because your choice in movies is terrible and he was happy to have an excuse to get away.”

“Oh, come on, Strange, these movies are wonderful. Wizards just don’t know how to appreciate movies that don’t include Hogwarts, I guess.”

Strange rolled his eyes, moving so that he could watch Tony, in case anything was wrong. Tony’s expression was tight and worry written all over his face. Strange squinted in confusion before shrugging it off, turning back to argue with Clint.

Meanwhile, Tony had opened the message as soon as he exited the room.

Can I come to the tower after school? I know it’s not Friday and I was just there yesterday but something happened and I just don’t really wanna be alone and Aunt May is at work

Sorry to bother you

Tony frowned. He knew Peter went through a lot of shit with bullies at school, and he hoped that that wasn’t the case today. It had been getting so much better this week, and he didn’t know if Peter could handle everything crashing down again. He sent a quick ‘yes’ in response to Peter’s messages before returning to the living room and sitting on the couch as if nothing had happened. Everyone knew better, but no one said anything.

After a few minutes, Tony’s little incident had been forgotten by the team, who were invested in a new movie that Clint had put in. That was, until Friday alerted them that Tony had a guest on his way up. Tony shot up and quickly went down the hall only to return with a small stuffed panda bear in hand. The whole team looked at him in confusion, except for Stephen, who had seen the toy many times before. He lips quirks up a bit before turning, along with everyone else, to face the elevator door that had just opened, revealing a small teenager. He had tears running down his cheeks and he was fumbling with his hands.

“Oh, Pete. Come here, buddy.” Tony said, opening his arms for the poor boy.

Peter raced to Tony, not caring about the other Avengers whose eyes were following him. He collapsed against his mentor, letting out a sob that he wasn’t expecting. Tony just tightened his grip around the young boy, kissing his forehead and talking to him in a hushed voice that the others couldn’t hear.

“Peter, baby, look at me. Don’t look at them, they’re just confused, look at me. I don’t know who hurt you or what they said or did, but I promise you that whatever it was, it’s not true.”

“T-they told me, well, h-he told me that i-if he ever sees me h-happy around him again, h-he’ll make sure to take it away from me bit by bit. Mr, Stark, I didn’t even know the kid! I don’t know w-why he hates me!”

“Baby, I need you to calm down and breathe, can you do that for me?” Peter nodded quickly, trying to stop the tears.

“Pete, can you tell me why he was even talking to you in the first place?”

“Um, y-yeah. B-but I don’t wanna say. Please don’t make me say, Mr. Stark.” Fresh sobs made their way past Peter’s lips, and Tony felt worry build up in him. Why wouldn’t Peter tell him what happened? Was it something that could put Peter in more danger? Was it something Peter didn’t trust him with?

“Peter, I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but if you don’t tell Tony, I will have Wanda look into your thoughts and make sure that you’re okay.” A new voice sounded from across the room.

“Mr. Strange? I didn’t k-know you were h-here.”

“Don’t dodge the subject, Spiderling. Make this easier for yourself.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, sweetheart, but the Wizard is right. If you don’t tell me what’s going on, I’ll have to have Wanda find out, but only for your safety, buddy. Please don’t look at me like that. Look, Strange and I care about you, Petey, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you, especially not if we can prevent it.”

“I just w-wanna lay down, Mr. Stark. C-can we please just lay down?”

“Yes, baby, we can lay down. Look, I even brought Mr. Panda for you,” Peter blushed at that, “but not until you tell us, sweetie.”

“F-fine. Fine. He was w-walking past me when he heard me tell MJ that I’m bisexual, and he t-told me that no one l-like me deserves to be happy, s-so he yelled mean things at me. I-I’m sorry, Mr. Stark.”

“No. Nope, you don’t get to do that to yourself. You don’t have to be sorry for any of that, that’s not your fault. He hurt you, not the other way around, baby.”

“So y-you don’t mind?”

“Mind what? That you’re bi? Why would I mind that, kiddo? You know for a fact that I’m seeing Strange, which now I guess confirms the teams’, and soon Pepper’s speculations, did you really think that would make any difference to what I thought about you?”

Peter nodded shyly.

“Okay, no, never in a thousand years, right Strange?”

The other man grunted in agreement, smiling at the small boy who was hiding his face due to embarrassment in Tony’s shirt.

“I’ll take care of that jackass who thought it’d be okay to hurt you, alright baby? I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt by him again, got it?”

Peter smiled, nodding slightly against Tony. He felt very sleepy all of the sudden, his eyes were drifting shut, but his grip of Tony didn’t loosen at all. He always felt better if Tony was there when he was asleep. He was barely awake when he felt himself being lifted up easily and carried to the couch, where he layed against Tony with Mr. Panda clasped tightly in his hand. He was extremely embarrassed that the Avengers knew about Mr. Panda now, but he was too tired to protest. He fell asleep to the sound of bad acting in Clint’s favourite western.

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All I can think of about Thorki is Orpheus and Eurydice. Imagine Loki squealing in happiness when he learns that Thor is picking him up from Hel, but in the outside, he'll be like, "I'm honored?"

Lol I loooove your headcanon. Loki in Thor’s arms acting all annoyed when on the inside he’s mad with joy.

Ok let me tell you this one thing, anon…. OF COURSE my current Thorki headcanon is Orpheus and Eurydice. Of course. My most favourite myth from my country’s vault of endless myths. Because it’s beautiful and tragic and whenever I hear Orpheus’ story I literally cry. 

Don’t forget that he was the son of Apollo, god of sun, and Calliope the muse. Almost a god himself. As a matter of fact he was worshipped as a god back then.

So here’s my own super dramatic headcanon about Loki in Hel although I know it won’t happen because the Avengers films were never about him.

It’s something like this.

If the Avengers films were all about Loki I would love to see Thor going to Valhalla to have a moment with his parents, falling in Frigga’s arms who’s bathed in a golden light, almost crying from having missed her so much. His heart breaks but he’s also happy that his parents are reunited, he’s happy to see Odin again, looking not so old. And then he turns back to Frigga and asks “Where’s Loki?” And Frigga’s face is suddenly covered by a shadow. 

“He’s not here.” 

“Where is he then?…”

And then he realizes Loki’s in Hel.

Of course that doesn’t make sense because Loki did die a heroic death and he did deserve a place in Valhalla. Then again… “ In Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda, Baldr goes to Hel on his death and subsequently Hermóðr uses Sleipnir to attempt to retrieve him.” Wouldn’t it be awesome if Thor did that for Loki?

Imagine Thor finding Loki’s shadow amongst other shadows of people long dead.

Or even better, imagine Thor finding his way through Hel, walking through caves and tunnels to finally find his brother naked, strapped on a rock, with a giant snake dripping poison in his eyes, blinding him. Thor’s heart breaks once again.

I want to see Loki naked, pale as the moonlight, and Thor setting him free of his bondage, carrying him in his arms like a baby because he’s blind and weak, and because he’s his brother.

Lance’s birthday week!Day 5: Birthday!

Ok so I totally forgot to post this on the correct day… But better late than never right? There’s Langst because… Well it’s me. Anywaaaaay Enjooy!


Lately, Lance has been feeling, off.

Maybe it was due to the fact that no matter what he did, he kept feeling like the 7th wheel, the outsider. Keith and Shiro were practically brothers, Team Punk could destroy mankind, and the Alteans had this connection that no one could get between. Not to mention it felt like everyone had been avoiding him lately. 

It’s not like he hasn’t felt like this before, because he has, a lot. But lately it’s been worse. The thoughts come more often, sending him into a horrible spiral that squeezes the air out of his lungs, leaves him numb, all of his energy drained. Then he hates that he’s being so obsessed with himself, when there’s more important things to worry about.

He’s not that important.

Not when they’re protecting the universe.

That’s what Lance tells himself.

And for some reason, that sends him further down. He’ll make excuses to seperate himself from the team in his free time, saying he needs his beauty sleep, when he really lies awake, thoughts swirling angrily in his brain. 

Or he’ll throw himself into training late at night, after everyone’s asleep. He finds it comforting.  All of his focus on the droid, the repetitive motions and the ache in his arms and lungs. He doesn’t have time to think about  anything else.

And he loves it.

No spiral.

No thoughts.

Just the sweet crunch of the droid as it falls to the floor, then vanishes, his emotions with it.

He probably hasn’t actually slept in at least a week. He covers the bags with the alien version of concealer every morning so they don’t notice. He doesn’t want everyone’s focus on him. Not like that.

Between all that and saving the universe, it makes sense Lance forgot about his birthday. Or at least that’s what he’d told himself. He didn’t find it important, no one would remember anyway, he thought. And who had time for childish birthday parties when they were busy being Voltron, Defender of the Universe, Protector of the Weak. 

The only reason he even knew his birthday was next week, was because Pidge had showed him her Earth calender a while back so that Lance could plan the other’s birthdays, Pidge never asked him for his and he never saw it marked, so he didn’t think much of it.

But apparently the others did.


7th wheel





The weak link



Shut up 

Shut up

Shut up

Lance was dragging his feet through the halls, into the kitchen after a very sleepless night, lying awake in a suffocating spiral. He wasn’t able to go to the training room at all last night because Keith was hogging it. And he didn’t feel like being social or seeing people in general. The only reason he was up so early in the morning anyway, was because Shiro had called an emergency meeting that was apparently “mandatory”.

Lance sighed, better sit though a meeting of getting ideas shot down then-

As the doors swished open Lance stopped in his tracks.

Everyone was already here, standing behind the kitchen counter surrounding a group of brightly wrapped parcels and a giant cake, It was giant and blue.

So, so, blue.

It reminded him of the ocean. The salty spray on his face, warm sand between his toes. The crash of the waves. Being surrounded in blue, cool and calming.


Lance could see each careful design of the icing, he could tell Hunk had made it, made it with love. Everyone was staring at him happily, even Keith, who never smiled, was staring at Lance with a wide grin, eyes bright. All their eyes were filled with such love and happiness it made Lances heart swell, tears pricking at the corner of his vision.

Why? Why would they do this for him? 

Because they love you Lance, because your important whether you think so or not, a small voice in the back of his brain whispered. It was getting louder and louder by the second, booming as they all began to scream happy birthday, laughing and shouting and smiling.

Tears were bubbling over the surface as the laughter grew quiet, their grins replaced by worried and nervous expressions.

It just felt so, nice, having The Thoughts pushed away by their grins, after the week he had, after the stupid spiral keeping him up all night, the awful feeling of homesickness suffocating him in walls of silent sobs. 

But now, as he was crying, he was happy. His shoulders shook with waves of sobs and laughter. He tried wiping away his constant flow of tears, though not making any impact.

“Y-you re-remembered?”

Relieved sighs and laughter flooded the room.

“Oh Lance, of course! How could we forget!?” Lance felt Hunks warm arms wrap around him, the boy sniffled, melting into the other boys comforting embrace.

“I-I forgot” Lance laughed, tears still clogging his voice.

“Idiot.” Keith grumbled, without any real bite. “Your not allowed to forget your own birthday… Your the anchor…and whatever. You help us stay sane in the middle of space with your stupid jokes.” He could feel Keith’s smile behind him. “And I mean that’s not fair after you planned all of our partys so well and stuff.” He said quickly, a blush rising to the boys face, before clearing his throat. “You deserve a nice birthday.” Keith turned his face away, but placed a comforting hand on The Blue Palidans back.

“Your too important to us ya goofball.” Pidge said softly, wrapping her small arms around Lances waist and burrowing her face into his side.

It was funny, the word that akways made Lance feel like a helpless little child, made him feel so warm inside, loved.

Still, Lance couldn’t help himself, “There’s more important things for us to be-”

“Lance. Don’t finish that sentence.” Shiro placed a firm hand on the boys shoulder “This is important. It’s your 18th birthday. We have to celebrate our Sharpshooter." 

"Yes Lance. Your Earth celebrations are still a vital part of your culture even when deep in space." 

"Indeed! We had a celebration kinda like this in Altea called DromFunkle day! Though instead of it being on everyone’s day of birth it was on the day that each Altean ate their first Dromfunkle! Quite spectacular. And delicious! Dromfunkles everywhere! ” Coran piped in cheerly, resulting in another laugh to bubble out of the palidans chest.

Lance sniffled, wiping any stray tears from his face before smiling brightly at his friends and pulling them all into a tight hug

“T-thank you guys." 

After a long, tight hug they all broke away to eat cake and watch Lance unwrap presents, chatting and talking aimlessly.

It felt happy, light.

New words spiraled in Lances head as the 7 huddled in a clump of blankets and pillows, a movie playing on Lances computer. Eating space popcorn with blue icing caked in all of their hair. Laughing and joking without the weight of the universe on their shoulders. Feeling warm and happy like a Family should.







And that night, Lance slept better than he had in weeks.

“Relax…” Markus x android!reader

Requested by @todorokiwolf, I deliver!

The reader is gender neutral but long hair is implied!

No need for warnings in this one

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After the success of the revolution, the androids have gained a lot of rights. Most importantly, no longer were they sold in stores like merchandise and for the first time ever, they were allowed to own property, earn money and make families of their own. There was still however a lot to be done and all that came in due time. The first weeks weren’t as easy.

It took months of dialogue to re-establish the androids roles in society. A lot of them ended up on the streets or squatting in whatever shelter was available. The more fortunate ones were given temporary housing and some even stayed with their previous owners, now with much more freedom.

Seeing this drastic diversity in wealth almost made Markus feel like nothing changed at all. Of course, technically the androids won and were in fact freed but what was freedom when many had no means of survival and exchanged serving people for crippling poverty?

The situation worsened when he was assigned an apartment of his own from the government. The idea was that in order to keep the leader on the humans good side they provided him with the best in hopes that he’ll be more keen on agreeing to their terms rather than demanding things from them. But alas, no matter how perfect the apartment was, it felt terrible. It felt like he betrayed his own people, leaving them on the streets when he himself was bathing in all of the riches.


You sat in the post-Jericho android hideout. With each passing day more and more androids were leaving, now knowing that they were safe to roam the city. Some would come back to their families, some could only hope for the best but decided to leave on their own and some stayed around, waiting for the next step orchestrated by Markus.

You, North, Simon and Josh were sitting in the front, talking cheerfully about the future and what it would bring when you noticed Markus came back. He had just been out, talking with the humans, attempting to negotiate for the first of many times.

“Welcome back Mr leader!” Simon said happily, clapping his hands together once for emphasis but you all quickly noticed that happiness was not welcome now and something was clearly wrong. Markus didn’t seem to be in a good mood at all.

“Did something happen? Why are you frowning?” North asked, her eyes lighting up in alert.

“I got the keys to some apartment in town. They said it’s mine now and that it’s a gift ‘for the great leader’.” Markus scoffed sitting down next to you. Everyone’s worried expressions faded away.

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” You asked, rubbing his shoulder and smiling lightly. You could feel him lean into your touch slightly but he didn’t relax even a bit.

“It’s not good. They’re trying to bribe me. To numb me with meaningless gifts hoping that I’ll just drop all the demands and go along with whatever they say.” He explained, gritting his teeth. What followed was a good minute of silence. Nobody really knew what to say. Truth be told, you expected something like this to happen. It was obvious the humans wouldn’t just give up so easily. They had to at least try and prevent you from actually getting your rights and then quietly make everything go back to normal again as if the revolution never happened in the first place. You didn’t expect however that they’d try to go for Markus first.

“I’d take it if I were you.” North finally broke the silence. Momentarily, all of you looked up at her. “I mean, it’s not like you have to promise them anything right? They gave you the keys already, why not use it?” She made a fair point.

“North… I don't… It just wouldn’t be right to leave you here in this… mess while I sit in some fancy apartment like a god.” Markus replied. You all silently disagreed, sighing.

“Markus, without you none of us would be here. You deserve something in return for all of this.” Josh said, leaning back in his seat.

“He’s right.” Simon chimed in. “You freed us Markus. You should go. Even if it’s just for one night. Enjoy yourself for a second, take Y/N with you and forget all of this.” Your eyes widened at the mention of your name.

“Me? Why me all of the sudden?” North chuckled.

“Oh come on, you lovebirds… You’re so crazy in love you should just go and enjoy your alone time. RA9 knows…” She glanced over at Markus and winked “…That you didn’t have any of that the past week.” You showed her your tongue playfully and put your head on Markus’s shoulder shyly.

“And what about the people? What about you, I can’t just leave you? I can’t leave them.”

“We’ll stay here and look after the rest. It’s time you take a break.” North said with a smile. Markus looked around at his friends in disbelief before sighing loudly and shaking his head.

“Well I see that arguing will get me nowhere so…I suppose that for one night I could technically leave…Just one night though. That’s it.” He stood up and helped you up as well. “Tomorrow we’re coming back and I’m giving these away.” The group seemed fine with that verdict and so after a short goodbye, you were on your way out to Markus’s new, though temporary place.


“Whoa. This place must cost a fortune!” You exclaimed, walking inside the flat. Markus followed right behind you, looking around with a much less happy expression. “If my owner saw me here he’d be fuming.” You giggled at the thought. You noticed Markus wasn’t as gleeful as you were though. “Hey.” You said to gain his attention. “Cheer up baby.” Your arms wrapped around his neck, your lips pressing a short sweet kiss to his.That didn’t seem to cheer him up too much. “Markus… Relax.” You repeated, now much more seriously.

“We can’t be like this.” He said, shaking his head. “We can’t be like humans and treat some better than the other. I won’t stand for this.” You smiled, comforting him.

“It’s just one night. Think of this as a short vacation from all the ruckus and all the fighting.” He clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“It seems wrong Y/N…” He muttered, looking away at the floor.

“You’re a great leader Markus. The people love you.” You told him, gently placing your finger on his cheek, making him turn his eyes to you again. “Everybody wants you to have this. Even if it’s just for a couple hours. Treat this as a thank you gift from us. Forget the humans, forget it all. This is a gift from your people to you okay?” You reassured. He stayed silent for some time, overthinking every word you just said to him. Finally though, he sighed in defeat and leaned into your hand ever so slightly.

“…Maybe… Maybe you’re right.” You chuckled, caressing his cheek.

“Of course I am. Now c’mon, relax a bit and I’m gonna take a shower. I need to wash all this filth out of my hair. Eugh.” You took his hand and lead him down further into the apartment, searching for the bedroom and the bathroom.


You were sitting between Markus’s legs on the bed with your back pressing against his chest as he played mindlessly with your hair.

“Your hair is really soft after you wash it.” He said, letting the silky artificial strands slip through his fingers. You smiled.

“I didn’t have the chance to do that a lot lately did I?” Markus smiled back and shook his head. He began to tug on your hair lightly, making you squirm.

“Shh stop fussing, I’m trying to braid your hair.” He nudged you in the side. You chuckled and relaxed, letting his hands do the magic. He was done quite quickly and you were left with a perfect herringbone braid. Markus admired his work with a smile on his face and moved the braid to the side, exposing your neck to him.

“You know, maybe this isn’t that bad.” Markus said, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. His lips travelled up and down your synthetic skin, nipping at it slightly from time to time. You smiled, leaning back into his body even more.

“We all told you that you needed this.” You replied and leaned over to the side so you could peck his lips lightly. “But you didn’t believe did you?” Markus chuffed and laid back on the bed. You flipped around so you were facing him, now straddling his lap. He looked up at you, marveling at your frame. You were just so perfect to him. The fact that he could be with you was the best thing to come out of the revolution. If he couldn’t be with you, there would just be no point.

“RA9, you are just a vision…” He breathed out as he stared at you, his eyes glowing with love. You giggled.

“Did you just call out to yourself?” He smirked.

“I never said I was him. I don’t think I am.” You rolled your eyes.

“Nonsense.” You put your head down on his chest, sprawling on the bed. Your finger began to trace circles on his shoulder, as you stared into nothingness, enjoying his silent company. “You’ll always be RA9 to me. You’re my savior Markus.” You said and looked up at him. “I love you.” You kissed his jaw softly, admiring his face.

His strong arms wrapped around your body in a tight, secure embrace.

A disembodied voice resonated in your head ‘I love you too.’

The good thing about being an android was that moments like these could last all night and you were never limited by the need to sleep. It was just you and him, together, laying mindlessly for hours, enjoying the peace and quiet for the first time after so so long. It was nice to think that maybe after all of this was over you could have this every single day. To live and spend every single moment you could together was something you oh so desperately needed. In time, maybe it could even become reality?

He'll Lead You Astray... [Rick Grimes x Reader] SMUT

~ Imagine when Rick gets jealous of Spencer, and decides to mark his territory ~




I hate him. He’s always following her around like some kind of dog. I never had a problem with Spencer when we first came here to Alexandria, but as soon as he started giving Y/N those looks it started to bother me. I’ve never told her this, she has no idea how I feel about her. I’ve tried to drop hints but she never realises. She’s probably still convinced that I’m hung up on Lori and her death, but how will I ever get over it if I can’t get anyone else?


I’ve tried to show Y/N that I have feelings for her by helping her do simple things and bringing her special items back from runs. I once spent a whole day searching for her favourite candy and finally found some, and when I brought it back she was the happiest I had ever seen her. But she still didn’t see it as a romantic gesture! I felt extremely warm inside when she pulled me close with gratitude, hugging me and thanking me repeatedly for the ‘friendly gesture’ as she described it. Little did she know, I was trying to imply that I put more effort in for her because she’s special to me. I know I should just tell her straight, I’m treating the situation like a teenager but I can’t bear to tell her in case she’s completely put off by it and doesn’t know what to say back to me if the feelings aren’t reciprocated…


I woke that morning and got ready to go on my rounds and check everyone was okay. Carl was sat on the porch, cradling Judith with Michonne and Carol sat beside him. I said good morning to them all, giving Carl a loving pat on the shoulder as I leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Judith’s cheek.


I went around most of the houses making sure everyone was still here and safe. I spotted Sasha and Abraham on watch and waved over to them. Maggie and Glenn were stood beside the crops as Maggie dug holes and Glenn moved some crates around. I shouted a quick hello to them also.


My final stop was near Daryl, where he sat and polished his motorcycle. I strolled over and sat beside him, nudging him to get his attention. “Morning,” I smiled. He nodded, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and offering me one. I shook my head as he lit his own and continued to assess the condition of the motorcycle, “Have you seen Y/N this morning?” I asked. He dropped his cloth after wiping around the tyre, removing the cigarette from his mouth and tapping ash from it onto the ground.


“She was with Spencer again…” He said, and I felt my muscles immediately tense up from my head to my toes. Daryl noticed this as he frowned and tilted his head, looking me up and down, “Rick, what’s up?”


“Nothing… I’ll see you later.” I rushed, standing up and running to Spencer’s house. I swear if they’ve gone out on a run or something without consulting me first I won’t be happy. Of course I won’t blame Y/N, it’d probably be his idea anyway seeing as he thinks he has authority here when he’s one of the weakest. (I’m not being mean, I’m just stating fact!)


I knocked on the door and waited for a while, tapping my foot irritably as I looked through the window. The curtains were drawn so I couldn’t see anything. I knocked again, yelling Spencer’s name, kicking the bottom of the door. I gave up, turned around, and stormed towards the gates. “Sasha, where’s Spencer?” I asked, stopping with my hands on my hips. She looked down at me from the watch tower and shrugged. Abraham looked at me too, and pointed towards the armoury. I nodded a thank you and practically sprinted towards it.


I burst inside and found Spencer looking at the guns, his hand gracing over one. “What are you doing?” I asked abruptly, causing him to turn around in shock.


“Rick! W… Where did you come from?” He stuttered, folding his arms. I wanted to lunge forward and punch him right there and then, pin him to the ground and show him that I saw Y/N first and she belongs to me!


“Spencer where’s Y/N?”


“I… I haven’t seen her today. Why?”


“That’s funny, because you’ve been seen with her this morning so don’t try to lie to me. Where is she?”


“Is she in trouble or something?”


Trouble… The only one who’s gonna be in trouble is you.”


The door suddenly swung open and I spun around in my place. Y/N walked in with wet hair and clean clothes on, and a beautiful fresh scent was welcomed into the room. She looked at Spencer with a blank expression, then back at me. “What’s going on here?” She asked, approaching me and placing a hand on my shoulder, “Rick, you look…”


“Come with me.” I said quietly, grabbing her arm and dragging her outside with me. I paced it towards her house, pulling her behind me. She didn’t once fight. She just tagged along, allowing me to lead the way. Once we got inside and she closed the door, I barricaded her in with my arms. She leant against the door and I stood in front of her, my arms at either sides of her head pressed on the wall. I looked down at her, and she gave me a look that showed fear, but dare I say also a hint of lust? Is she enjoying this?


“Rick, wh -”


“I don’t like you hanging out with Spencer.” I blurted out, wanting to mentally kick myself as soon as I spoke. She looked at me strangely, furrowing her brows in total confusion. What isn’t she understanding here?!


“Why not?”


“Don’t you see it… He follows you around like a lovesick puppy. How do you deal with that?” I chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood a little. Her face didn’t alter, she kept giving me the same look throughout, “Come on Y/N…”


“What is your problem with Spencer?!” She snapped, ducking underneath my arms and walking past me. I grunted in defeat, as I followed her to the kitchen. I stood with my hands on the edge of the counter, gripping onto it to refrain myself from lashing out over Spencer, and why she doesn’t realise he’s like her shadow and never leaves her alone. I’m surprised he hasn’t shown up at the door yet to ask why we left in a hurry.


“I don’t have a problem!”


“Then what is it Rick? I always see you scowling at him from afar, and don’t deny it. You’re always having little digs at him, whether it’s a harmless joke or whether you’re completely insulting him… What’s the issue?”


I walked over to her, taking her hands in mine and looking her dead in the eyes. As soon as my skin touched hers, her breath hitched and she gulped, her gaze meeting mine, “Rick… What’s wrong?” She asked softly, her fingers stroking the backs of my knuckles, making a shiver run down my spine.


“I just… I don’t want him to lead you astray.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh for God’s sake… I like you okay? Isn’t it obvious?” I sighed, letting go of her and walking away. I ran my hands through my hair as I heard her footsteps behind me. She placed her hand on my back, and I turned around once again to look at her.


“Rick… I…”


“Please, be quiet…” I said gently, as I pulled her towards me and pressed my lips to hers. At first she didn’t kiss back, and I felt like an absolute idiot for trying to make her like me, but she soon wrapped her arms around my neck and began to move her lips with mine, making my whole body warm up as if a fire had been lit inside of me. I backed her up against the wall, my hands finding her hips and pushing her against it, causing her to gasp. I took that as an opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth to find her own. As we kissed, our tongues danced together, our hot breath mixing, making a pleasurable pain arise in my abdomen. As I pressed my body against hers, I felt her tense up and pull away from the kiss.


She looked down to her leg, where I’d pressed my pelvis into her thigh, my growing erection applying pressure to her skin. She looked back up to me, opening her mouth to say something, but instead shook her head and brought my face back to hers, her lips immediately connecting with mine once again.


Her hands roamed my torso as we kissed, before she tugged at the hem of my shirt. I pulled away for a moment to take my shirt off, throwing it somewhere behind me. She did the same, leaving her bare chest on show for me as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Now I know that she’s really into this…


Feeling her naked chest against my own made my skin feel like it was on fire, sensations running through my body that I haven’t felt in months. She guided me over to the couch, and I switched places with her so I was on top. I began to plant gentle kisses down her neck, leaving a path as I stopped at her collarbone, sucking on the skin to leave a mark. This’ll definitely show Spencer that she’s not his, and never will be…


She groaned as my right hand came up to massage her breasts, squeezing and palming them as my lips still fluttered kisses over any bare skin I could reach. Her back arched, as I took her nipple between my finger and thumb, pinching and twisting it slightly. I used my spare hand to unzip her shorts, pushing them as far down as I could reach before she shimmied slightly to push them off of her legs. I moved down her body, my hands resting on her sides by her rib cage, my fingers digging in a little as I kissed her stomach, her hip bones, then the top of her thigh.


I stopped with my face between her legs, and looked up at her. Her damp hair fell over her eyes a little, but didn’t restrict her vision. She bit her lip and watched as I pursed my lips over her clit, exhaling a hot breath over her through her underwear. She squirmed, her legs almost kicking the air as she inhaled a short breath, only to release it with a throaty groan. I took her underwear in my grasp and slowly pulled the garment from her, pressing kisses to the insides of her thighs as I moved down her legs. She writhed around beneath me, her legs hitting my chest as I moved my way back up all the way to her face so I could kiss her once more.


She took my face in her hands gently, kissing me tenderly, making it feel like all of her emotions were coming out in that one kiss. It’s as if she was finally letting go of how she feels, specifically how she feels about me. It’s so loving, so careful, yet so addictive and makes me want to beg for more.


I rested my hand on her stomach, slowly working my down between her thighs. I drew small shapes on her skin with my fingertips, making her giggle slightly through kiss, making my lips tingle. I then cupped my whole hand around her pussy, the heat radiating from her as I felt her becoming wet at my touch. “Rick… Please…” She said between gasps, pushing me away from her one hand tugged at my hair. I hovered over her, my fingers dangerously close to her clit, as I pushed them in between her slick folds. I didn’t want to make her beg, the last thing I want is to string this out, especially when I’ve waited so damn long already.


With my middle finger, I began to rub her clit slowly, making her face contort and scrunch up with pleasure, her mouth hanging open as she tried her best to steady her breathing. I smiled at this, whilst knowing she wouldn’t see me as her eyes were closed tightly. I began to rub in circular motions, adding my forefinger and picking up speed. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around my thighs as her arms flung over my shoulders. She moaned my name continuously as I pressed down on the swollen bud that ached for attention and pleasure. I slid my hand downwards, inserting a finger inside her gradually, allowing her to get used to the feeling. She’s never been with anyone else since she joined our group, and that was months ago, so she hasn’t done this in a while either.


She opened her eyes, capturing my gaze. I asked if I could move my hand and she nodded, her tongue darting out of her mouth to lick her top lip, as I began to pump my hand in and out of her. She instantly threw her head back, a loud staggered moan echoing around the room as my long finger slid inside and back out again smoothly. She started to quieten down, worrying me. I looked up to check if she was okay and she just looked straight back, telling me not to stop. I added a second finger, and began to thrust my hand faster. Her whole body rocked as my fingers pounded in and out of her, making her yell my name at the top of her lungs. Part of me wants Spencer to show up, he’d be able to hear her from outside, then he’d know where he stands with her.


I felt her walls tighten around my fingers, and her thighs began to shake. “I’m close…” She whispered. Those words alone were enough to almost send me over the edge as I quickened up the pace once more, startling her as she choked out a moan, climaxing under my touch.


I sat back, impressed with my work as she sat up, her hair twice as messy as it was before, her cheeks red. “I’m not done with you,” I teased, as she looked at my erection through my jeans. I stood up briefly to rid myself of my pants and underwear. Her eyes widened as her gaze landed on my cock. I couldn’t fight the smirk that grew on my face as I climbed back on top of her, kissing her gently to ease her back into the mood. She may have already had one orgasm, but I aim to make it two. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment, I’m not going to waste it.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?” I ask, my hand resting on her stomach, softly drawing patterns on her skin, leaving goosebumps in my path.


“Rick… If I wasn’t sure, I would’ve said so already.” She raised a brow sarcastically, causing me to just shake my head in reply as I kissed her passionately. I positioned myself over her so I could ease into her comfortably. After asking her for reassurance again, I slowly pushed myself inside her, careful not to go too deep and let her adjust to the feeling first.


She groaned, her hands digging into my shoulder blades as I pulled out,l almost all the way before thrusting back into her. The moan that escaped her mouth told me it was okay to move more, so I wrapped my arms around her, thrusting at a quicker pace. She buried her face in the crook of my neck, choking back several moans of my name as I moved in and out of her with the same constant rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, pushing me with her feet to drive me deeper inside her. I groaned as she took my full length, her hands roaming my back as she moaned directly in my ear, her short breaths tickling the side of my face.


I felt my cock twitch inside her as she tensed up. In that moment, I sped up, pounding in and out of her at a quick pace, earning multiple yells of my name that seemed to bounce off the walls of the room. I could hear the sounds of people outside and couldn’t help but wonder if they could hear us. Fuck it. Let them listen.


With one final call of my name, she came undone again, and I followed suit, collapsing on top of her with our sweaty bodies pressed against one another. I breathed heavily, panting as she stroked my hair out of my face, planting a kiss on my forehead. For a moment we laid there in a comfortable silence together, just enjoying the post-coital bliss, with our naked bodies touching. I looked up at her, leaning to kiss her lips softly, “So…” I started.


“So…” She laughed, reaching up and brushing her hair back, “This was, nice…” She giggled awkwardly. I couldn’t help but laugh along, as we held each other close, and right there I knew, she’d never be with Spencer the way she now is with me…




This is my first smut I have posted on tumblr, and the first smut I’ve written from a male point of view! I hope you all like it. Remember, you can request an imagine at any time, just send me a message or go to my ask section!

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mochu13  asked:

I don't know why, but I'm kinda obsessed over A/B/O dynamics right now lol. So, a hc in which JK is that quiet, solitary and mysterious alpha that no one wants to approach at college because he looks way too unapproachable. There are negative rumours about him like, he's a problematic son or he's part of a gang or he does drugs or he'll kill you if you talk to him etc. But then enter JM, the bubbly and adorable omega freshman. People kept warning him to not go anywhere near JK.

But he ignores it anyway and just jumps on JK’s back when he saw JK studying at his designated spot at the courtyard. People were shook and held their breaths as they wait for the upcoming wrath of JK towards JM. Buuuut, nothing happened. Instead of roaring like a beast at JM, JK surprisingly just dragged JM to sit on his lap while kissing JM’s scent gland and saying “Hey, aegiya. How’s your first day of college?”. (2/3)

JM just giggles softly and then pouted, saying “Everything’s fine except for the fact that people are slandering you.” Then JM proceeds to straddle JK before napping adorably and JK continues to study while caressing his mate’s back. Let’s just say that the college didn’t say anything bad about JK after that. (3/3)


I absolutely love this trope and I will take all of you down with me (I may have tweaked a few things, but I hope you still like it!)


Like, Jungkook’s never been the most extroverted and he just prefers to keep to himself most of the time but apparently, that’s a crime or something because everyone thinks he’s an asshole. Maybe it’s because he’s too quiet, maybe it’s because he always walks around smelling like two different omegas and another alpha. Everyone assumes he’s a player or he’s cheating on whoever he’s with because some days it’s one scent, others it’s three or four. 

Everyone takes it out of context and makes assumptions when in all reality, it’s a pack thing; Yoongi’s still protective over him because he’s the youngest in their group, Taehyung scents all six of them whenever they see each other, and Jimin lives with him so he always smells like him. 

He usually sticks to the far corner of the courtyard under a couple trees to read or smoke or whatever it is that he did, no one else really knew what he used it for. No one ever goes over there, mainly because they’re convinced that he’s a gang member or something, which is ridiculous because his dad is the chief of police. 

Jimin was the sweetest omega in the world and everyone refused to believe the rumors that he as dating big, bad Alpha Jungkook. He smelled like peaches and vanilla and rivaled the sun when he smiled, there was absolutely no way that he was with Jeon Jungkook.


He’d heard the things people had said about Jungkook around campus and he was not happy. His baby was being slandered for no reason and he refused to let it stand. 

No one really believed the rumors until Jimin bolted past a group of students smelling so strongly of woodsmoke and leather, it was like Jungkook had scented him for hours before he left the house which may or may not have been 100% true. He sprinted past them and headed straight for the trees where Jungkook was sitting. Everyone watched in utter horror as he barreled into the alpha at full speed, knocking his phone out of his hand and falling to the ground with him. 

The campus held a collective breath as they waited for Jungkook to rip into Jimin. It came as a surprise when all they heard was a loud laugh that was not at all Jimin’s and found that Jungkook was grinning from ear to ear as he pulled Jimin onto his chest.

“Hey, baby. How was class?” Jungkook asked barely loud enough for passing students to pick up, sitting up to pull Jimin’s back against his chest. 

“Good, but,” He paused, lips pursing as he tilted his head to the side, thinking about what he’d heard around campus.


“People are slandering you.” Jimin smiled cheekily, turning around to straddle his lap and loop his arms around Jungkook’s shoulders. 

He’d lean in to kiss him softly, fingers carding through the alpha’s hair gently, knowing it’d pull a growl from him, before leaning back with a smirk.

“I don’t know what they’re talking about,” Jungkook would have a lazy grin stretched across his lips and his eyes would be much too fond for him to even be considered slightly dangerous as he listened to Jimin speak.

“You’re just a big softy.” Jimin would finish with a smirk and let himself tuck underneath Jungkook’s chin to nap as he played on his phone.

And Jungkook would be damned if he would argue.

After that, no one spoke a bad word about Jungkook. Whether that was because of that day or the fact that Jimin was actually terrifying when he was angry and may have threated to bust heads should he hear anything about his baby, would remain a mystery.


Thank you so much for sending this in! I really loved writing this!! I hope you like it!! 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the fact that Stormfur stayed in the mountains with Brook, and because of that he will probably never see Bramblestar or the warriors world again?

hHHHHhhh thIS QUESTION Makes me sAD

But as much as I wish Brambleclaw and him could be together and happy, I think it was a brave/good choice that he made. If you think about it he basically was leaving everything and everyone he knew before to live in the mountains. His main reasons were because his sister’s spirit was technically there and he loved Brook. So he was willing to leave everything behind to be with the ones he loved, which is brave. He’s also happier in the tribe since he always thought he didn’t quite belong in the clans since he was half-blood. Idk his choice makes me sad but I’m happy that he’s happy with his mate and kiddos. If Stormfur is happy I’m happy.

be with the one that you love

idk, I had a plot bunny so this one’s for @yoursummerfrost for constantly giving me BittyParse feels

Warnings: alcohol abuse, implied self-harm, 

Also on AO3 

Kent chugs the rest of his Long Island. He wipes he mouth against his knuckles, pressing hard enough to feel where it’ll bruise in the morning. The music blasting from the outdoor surround system is strong enough that it could probably stop his heart. Or restart it.

It makes no difference considering how dead he feels inside.

He knows that he invited Jack here. He is painfully aware of the fact that he was under no obligation to invite his ex and his ex’s new boyfriend to his birthday party. It’s not like this fucking shit show is for him anyway. It’s mostly an excuse for Ozzy to pull out the best songs from last summer and Carter to play bartender for a night.

The pool is as packed as the deck…and the living room, upstairs balcony, half the bedrooms, the game room in the basement, the fire pit, and the volleyball court that’s probably being used for something illegal. Basically, everyone at this party but him is having a good time. Well him, and—  

“Bits!” Lardo shouts from the volleyball court. “Get your ass over here and help me with these goons!”

Eric Fucking Bittle pulls away from making out with Jack and runs around the pool as if he’s never heard of cracking a skull open in the pool. If anyone could survive that, it’d probably be him. The guy is like a cockroach. If cockroaches were two inches smaller than Kent, blonde, and had perfectly kissable lips.

Once upon a time, Kent would’ve done anything to put Bitty on a one way flight to Abu Dhabi and never here from him again. That was of course before Jack got traded to the Aces. Before he and Bitty begrudgingly moved halfway across the country to Kent’s personal purgatory. Before Kent got to know Bitty—passive aggressive sarcasm and all.   

But it was more than just meeting someone who can bite as hard as he barks. It’s the way Bitty licks his lips like he could devour anyone in his wake. It’s the way his smile can say a hundred different things based on how much teeth he’s showing. It’s the timber of his voice that sounds like someone who knows what happiness looks like (hint: nothing Kent’s ever seen). It’s the banter that makes Kent feel alive like he hasn’t in years. 

And really, because he’s still learning not to hate himself—it’s the fact that he knows he can never have Bitty that makes him completely irresistible.

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Baby Bro: *watching s7e7 with me* Ahhh that’s Pidge’s dad!! He made it!

Me: yes he did!

Baby Bro: …oh oh that’s her mom! I FORGOT PIDGE HAD A MOM!!!!

Me: haha yeah same here.

Baby Bro: poor lady! I’d kick my kid’s butt if they left like Pidge did!

Me: yes I’d do that too if any of my siblings or kids did that to me.

Baby Bro: …I promise never to leave you without saying goodbye! I don’t wanna make you sad!!

Me: awwww good! Anyhoo, look! The earth team!

Baby Bro: hey hey I know that guy! The pretty hair one!

Me: James?

Baby Bro: yeah! He’s Keef’s sworn arch neme…nemeee?

Me: *laughing* nemesis?


Me: *dying* Ne-me-sis and why do you think that?

Baby Bro: because! He was jealous of Keef because he was better!

Me: true true.

Baby Bro: and over Shiro too! I bet pretty hair liked Shiro too! GASPS WAIT IS THAT WHY THEY FOUGHT!? OVER SHIRO!?

Me: *choking* I…idk? Wait no WAIT DON’T MAKE ME HOPE!

Baby Bro: yeah yeah it was totally for Shiro! I remember! It’s my…my…headthingy??

Me: head…canon??

Baby Bro: THAT THAT THINGY!! The headthingy you and our brother does over waifus.

Me: *shook* omg you understand that?!

Baby Bro: well duh!! Wait…does that mean Shiro is your waifu?

Me: …………



Baby Bro: …can Allura be my waifu?

Me: of course she can!

Baby Bro: okay! Yay! Oh hey pretty hair boy has a cool jet!!! Ahhh so cool!

Me: oh snap! We didn’t even pay attention! Let me rewind.


Me: ah but we didn’t even watch! Don’t worry you’ll hear Matt again.

Baby Bro: aw okayyy.

Me: okay we were with James let’s start here.

——–watching ep8——–


Me: hm? Oh Adam? Haha yes yes it is.



Baby Bro: he was mean to Shiro! I don’t like him.

Me: aw but he was scared for Shiro think about it if any of my baby siblings worried me I’d tell ya.

Baby Bro: …but you wouldn’t stop us from living our dreams? I wanna be a fireman! I can’t do that if I’m sick?

Me: of course you can be a fireman! Being ill or having an illness shouldn’t stop you kiddo! I’d never do that!

Baby Bro: …then glasses-kun shouldn’t do that either.

Me: …okay touché you got me there.


Me: hey hey that’s not nice! That admiral really messed up and got good people killed.

Baby Bro: hahahahahahaaahaha

Me: O M G you are so evil


Me: omg really?

Baby Bro: will the new team die too? I don’t wanna see!

Me: are we really going to gloss over the fact you are happy Adam is dead?

Baby Bro: listen. If it helps Shiro get with Keef I’d want him dead again and again I don’t care! Goodbye glasses-kun!

Me: O.M.G. see this is why I put stuff like this on tumblr.

Baby Bro: well tell them glasses-kun is dead! Oh and hi tumblers!

Me: tumb-lr. omg they know he’s dead we just wanted Shiro to meet him again.

Baby Bro: wahhh why? At least he died before Shiro saw him! What happens if he died when Shiro gets back!? Then he’ll never be with Keef! That’s bad!

Me: *choking* omfg stop stop don’t make me change my mind about Adam.

Baby Bro: pssshhhhh I am glad he dead he outta the way! Like Loki! Loki was in Lance’s way and now he’s dead!

Me: ……..I think you need to stop watching anime with our brother.

Baby Bro: what? Don’t do that!!

Me: and it’s Lotor. And who says he’s dead?

Baby Bro: psshhhh their names aren’t important…wait…LOKI IS ALIVE?! NO I DON’T LIKE THIS!

Me: I didn’t say that.

Baby Bro: …then what did you mean?

Me: …..I hope he’s…alive?

Baby Bro: ….if he is I want Lance to kill him!

Me: *laughing* me too!

Baby Bro: oh…we forgot to watch the episode! What’s going on??

Me: Oh! Let me rewind!


Me: Omfg okay okay fine here you go.


Me: we are so related I did the same thing when I first saw this too haha

Heavenly Commentary: Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Lily: You're back. How's Padfoot?
  • James: ...He escaped.
  • Lily: I'm sorry, what?!
  • James: He escaped. Turned and slipped through the bars. Swam right off the island. Watched him do it.
  • Lily: Why?
  • James: Because he's innocent?
  • Lily: He's always been innocent. Why now?
  • James: How am I to know?
  • Lily: I thought you guys knew everything about each other?
  • James: We used to. But these days the conversation is a little one sided.
  • ***
  • James: Happy birthday son.
  • Lily: Happy birthday Harry. We love you so much. And we're so proud of you...
  • James: Shh it's ok...
  • ***
  • James: Oh crap. Marge is coming. I hate this woman.
  • Lily: We all do. But at least he'll go to Hogsmeade.
  • James: One way or another.
  • ***
  • Lily: ...What did this bitch just say about me?
  • ***
  • Lily: Bad blood?!? I'll fucking kill this bitch.
  • James: Evans calm d-
  • Lily: No one talks about my boy like that!
  • ***
  • Lily: Ha! Serves you right, you pathetic creature!
  • James: True but him walking around Surrey with his stuff isn't the best of outcomes.
  • Lily: He'll be fine. He's survived worse.
  • James: I forgot you get like this.
  • ***
  • James: Was that...Padfoot?
  • Lily: I think it was. Why did he come to Harry?
  • ***
  • James: Three hours on the run and he walks right into the minister. He's not a good criminal is he?
  • Lily: That's a good thing. Why does Fudge seem fidgety? And why not press charges?
  • ***
  • Lily: He fell asleep with his glasses on. So adorable. My baby.
  • James: He'll be ok for a few days. I'm going to see if I can find Sirius. Maybe find out where he's going.
  • Lily: Ok be safe. Don't die.
  • ***
  • Lily: He looks so happy. Under the sun, surrounded by people.
  • ***
  • Lily: Any luck?
  • James: None. What's he been up to?
  • Lily: Enjoying freedom. Spent the last few days ogling a new broom. Best in the- James come back here!
  • ***
  • James: So they think Sirius wants to kill Harry? Are they stupid?
  • Lily: Given that they don't know a rather key piece of information, it's actually the logical conclusion.
  • James: No, they knew how close we were. They should have known he'd never betray us. And what's with "he's at hogwarts"?
  • Lily: That caught my attention too. It's possible he is actually after Harry. But to tell him the truth.
  • James: But like you said. Why now?
  • ***
  • James: Moony? He's teaching?
  • Lily: He looks so old...what happened to him?
  • James: He thinks one of his best friends killed the other three.
  • Lily: He's been so alone all these years.
  • ***
  • Lily: Why is the train stopping? And why is it getting colder?
  • James: How?
  • Lily: Frost on the glass. Oh my. Dementors. Why are they-
  • James: HARRY!
  • ***
  • James: Scream? Who screamed?
  • Lily: No one.
  • ***
  • Lily: I imagine Sirius is the Grim she is referring to.
  • James: I think so. You know, she looks like a crazy old lady but she's pretty talented.
  • Lily: She saw a big black dog and thought 'death omen'.
  • James: Yes, but she still saw the dog.
  • ***
  • Lily: How stupid do you have to be to insult a hippogriff?
  • James: About that stupid.
  • ***
  • James: If Harry is told that Sirius got us killed then he'll go after him.
  • Lily: I know. But Padfoot isn't the bad guy. So Harry isn't in any danger.
  • ***
  • James: Look at that greasy haired bastard. Look at his eyes. He's terrified of what Moony will tell Harry.
  • ***
  • Lily: Padfoot did that? Why?
  • James: This makes no sense. He came to Hogwarts to get into Gryffindor tower? What the hell?
  • Lily: How did he get in the castle?
  • James: He's a marauder Evans.
  • ***
  • James: Recognise and kill werewolves; you...aargh!
  • Lily: When did he become so awful?
  • James: He was always like this Lily. Just never to you. Natural born death eater.
  • ***
  • Lily: I'm fairly certain that was Sirius in the stands.
  • James: Probably. It's a good ga- Dementors!
  • Lily: HARRY!
  • ***
  • James: The broom...
  • Lily: You're more worried about the broom than the boy!
  • James: He's fine. But the broom...
  • ***
  • Lily: Please no...
  • James: It's you screaming. He hears you.
  • Lily: He hears me James I can't take it! It's not right! IT'S NOT FAIR!!
  • James: Sshh...
  • ***
  • James: That's my map! Those little ginger geniuses! They've given Harry the map!
  • ***
  • Lily: He's listening to everything. Look at his face. It's killing him.
  • James: He may never know the truth. Only Sirius and Peter know what truly happened.
  • ***
  • James: He's so...angry. He hates Sirius so much.
  • ***
  • Lily: Isn't that the new broom? James?
  • James: ...That's...the sexiest thing I've ever seen...
  • Lily: You're forgetting that night when I wore that little red thing.
  • James: ...No I'm not.
  • ***
  • James: Strip it down?!? What the fuck?!?
  • Lily: Calm do-
  • Lily: Why don't you ask him. Then ask him if he'll wear that red thing for you because I won't.
  • James: That's so- wait what?
  • ***
  • James: He...he heard me?
  • Lily: Oh god, he's crying.
  • James: We all are. I used to hate that our son didn't know what we sound like. Now I can't think of anything else I want more.
  • ***
  • Lily: Are you serious? Harrys patronus is YOU?!?
  • James: Our boy has style. Don't be jealous.
  • ***
  • Lily: Why the hell is Padfoot attacking Ron?
  • James: He didn't actually attack Ron.
  • Lily: You know, you're right. Let's throw him a parade! Why is your friend being so STUPID?!?
  • James: Why is it that whenever he does something stupid he becomes "my friend"?
  • ***
  • James: I should've let Snape die. We'd all be much happier. And alive.
  • ***
  • Lily: WOOOOOO!!! GO HARRY!!!
  • ***
  • Lily: What did she say?
  • James: That Voldemort is coming back...but that's not possible.
  • Lily: He never actually died did he? Albus himself said he's in Albania.
  • James: ...did you ever find out who made the prophecy about Harry?
  • Lily: No...
  • ***
  • James: Padfoot what in Gods name are you doing?!?
  • Lily: Ouch, he just broke Rons leg.
  • ***
  • James: Sirius mate, you look awful.
  • ***
  • James: He's choking Harry!
  • Lily: What the fuck Sirius!
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh Harry. Please don't...
  • ***
  • James: Moony! Thank god!
  • Lily: Where is who?
  • ***
  • Lily: What the hell is happening?
  • James: The rat? Why the
  • Lily: James?
  • James: It's Peter...
  • ***
  • Lily: How is that possible?
  • James: I don't know but it's him...
  • Lily: How did you not recognise him!
  • James: Oh I'm sorry! Forgive me for not assuming every rat I see is the man who betrayed us.
  • ***
  • Lily: What the hell Severus?!
  • James: Your boyfriend is actually insane. He's actually lost his shit.
  • ***
  • James: Hello Peter.
  • ***
  • James: Don't kill him!
  • Lily: Harry is way ahead of you.
  • James: He really is remarkable.
  • ***
  • Lily: Harry live with Sirius?
  • James: That's amazing! They'll be so happy!
  • Lily: He'll never get any homework done!
  • James: True but balance that with the lack of starvation.
  • Lily: Oh shut up.
  • ***
  • Lily: Moony! Padfoot!!
  • Lily: Padfoot won't be able to find him. It's over.
  • James: No! It can't be- that's Sirius. Harry wait!
  • Lily: So many Dementors...they're going to kiss him.
  • James: That's a patronus. That's me. That's Harry!
  • ***
  • James: They gave her a time turner? For classes?
  • Lily: Of course they did. Who wouldn't give a thirteen year old girl the ability to travel through time? Why did we come along for the ride?
  • James: I guess because Harry did.
  • ***
  • Lily: Dumbledore sent our son back in time to save a hippogriff and a man.
  • James: Our son AND Hermione. Which makes it much less impossible. Caution is in order.
  • Lily: Caution will have been in order.
  • James: What?
  • ***
  • James: So they saved one beast. Let's see if they can save the other.
  • Lily: Dumbledore planned this all along. You realise that right?
  • James: I do.
  • Lily: He takes too many risks with our boy.
  • ***
  • Lily: He thinks it was you? Why?
  • James: Because I look like my son. Harry conjured that Patronus.
  • Lily: ...I hate time travel.
  • ***
  • James: He's going to try to see his father save his past self without realising that it was in fact his former present self that saved his then future self.
  • Lily: It's like you want me to hit you.
  • ***
  • Lily: They did it. They actually did it.
  • ***
  • James: Your damn right I would've been disappointed Moony.
  • Lily: Yes yes and unfortunately he's TOO much like you. And now Remus is leaving again. I hope he'll land on his feet.
  • James: Cats land on their feet. He's a dog.
  • Lily: You're awful.
  • James: And he's incorrigible.
  • ***
  • Lily: He carries you within him. That's something.
  • James: That's...that's everything.
  • ***
  • Lily: Padfoot you're brilliant!
  • James: Hogsmeade and a firebolt. Clearly he's trying to be the favourite.
  • Lily: The favourite? He's the only one there.
  • ***
  • James: I was thinking...
  • Lily: About the prediction and Pettigrew? Me too.
  • James: He's coming back. And when he does he's going to go after Harry.
  • Lily: I know.
  • James: What can we do?
  • Lily: Nothing.

anonymous asked:

O.K, Any ideas for an AU in which Gabriel is Hawkmoth and after Simonsayz, he realizes that Adrien is in fact Chat Noir?Then Gabriel tries to convert Adrien to the 'bad side' (like with the "It's for your mother" or "make your father proud" kind of excuses). And Adrien actually considers it? Because deep down he knows he won't always be chat noir, but as far as he can tell he'll always be an Agreste? pls fire your headcannons.

I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life. Please feel free to add on!:

- Gabriel starts spending more time with Adrien, he eats dinner with him, takes him to movies, even rides to school with him. He starts trying to get a feel for Adrien, see where he stands, if he could be easily “converted”

- Adrien is super happy about, but he can tell something feels a little bit off. His father spending time with him out of blue? He pushes those feelings aside though, after all he’s finally getting what he’s wanted for so long.

- His father starts asking him to do things, just little things. Take Ninos favorite pencil. Leave a nasty comment on the Ladyblog. Frown at Marinette. Seeing how far he’ll go to make his father proud.

- Adrien does it but starts to feel awful after he makes Mari cry when he calls her sketches “Lame” and “Out of style”.

- He goes to apologize and finds her on the roof

- “I know you’re doing this for him. But doesn’t it strike you as odd that he’s just now spending time with you. But I get it, he’s your father. Just please don’t forget who’s had your back through and through.”

- Adrien’s left on the roof in shock. Mari’s words hurt him, but he can’t deny them being true.

- He goes home and his father welcomes him, and for a little while he forgets what Mari said.

- That day was his split shift with Ladybug, but his father asked him if he wanted to go out for ice cream and he missed it.

- Again

- And Again

- Then he finally makes it. He finds Ladybug crying, not hard just a few tears. But Chat Noir has a feeling it’s his fault.

- He goes up to her and for a split moment she looks surprised, then punches him square in the face.

- “You ASSHOLE! I thought you were dead! I thought you had grown tired of me and left! I thought you hated me, and were never coming back! You left me all ALONE! Chat, I trusted you to always have my back. But you left me to deal with 3 akumas on my own, and I never heard a word from you! You could have died, I could have died.”

- “Wait my lady…”

- “No. Chat you were my best friend. I loved you! But you left me, and that hurts like hell. Please go…not forever, just until you can start acting like the kitten I love again.”

- Adrien makes it home and tell his father everything. He tells him how badly he’s messed up, and even how Mari warned him against this. He tells him he’s Chat Noir.

- Gabriel comforts him and waits. Everything’s coming together.

- The next day at school Adrien’s a mess, but Mari’s even worse. She’s sniffling and breaks into sobs whenever she has to speak. He overhears her speaking with Alya.

- “Oh Alya! I had this friend, I would see him nearly every night. We would go on little adventures, running all over Paris. I trusted him, he was my best friend. But he just vanished for a few months, then comes back as if everything’s the same as when he left! He hurt me Alya.

- Mari runs out and Adrien follows. He finds her out front standing in the rain.

- “I’m sorry Mari. I never meant to hurt you”

- All she does is glare.

- “You can’t offer me an umbrella this time chaton”

- Adrien goes home and is surprised to see his father standing in the entry way.

- Gabriel changes into Hawkmoth and tells Adrien everything. How if he joined him he would be able to bring his mother back. How they could be a family, no pesky bugs included.

- Adrien wishes he didn’t consider it, but after all he will always be an Agreste and it seemed his time as Chat Noir was coming to a close.

- “Welcome Chat Blanc”

anonymous asked:

So I am not sure if you are happy to take prompts as I know you are really busy, but well on the TV in the UK, the Sun newspaper mentioned that they would deliver their papers for free for two weeks. and then suddenly all I can see if Harry Subscribing to that and Eggsy being the Delivery boy and Harry getting up early just so that they can take the paper from Eggsy hand, and bemoaning the fact that the 12 weeks is ending and he'll never see Eggsy again

I tweaked the prompt but I hope you like it.


While Harry had been collecting Sun covers for years, he had never had any reason to subscribe to the newspaper, that is, until he met the paperboy. 

Eggsy was his name, and he worked as a paperboy to make some money on the side, or so he had told Harry. He had met him because of his neighbor, really, as the lovely woman who lived in the house next to Harry’s had a subscription. Harry had been readying himself to go on a run, and he had bumped into Eggsy. 

He had signed up the very next day. 

The problem he was having now, however, was that he was running out of excuses to meet Eggsy at the front door. He had started by just casually going out with the excuse he needed to go buy bread or milk or some other food item. The problem with that tactic is that after the third time he went to buy “milk” in the same week, Eggsy started questioning what the bloody hell it was that he did with so much milk. 

Harry had lied and had said he made cakes, but now Eggsy wanted to try a cake, and Harry couldn’t cook to safe his life. 

So, grocery shopping discarded, he had started leaving at that time to go for runs, but that wasn’t working either. His conversations were always shorter when Harry went for a run, because Eggsy didn’t want to keep him from doing “his thing”. Harry wanted to scream in frustration. While he appreciated Eggsy’s concern, he didn’t need him to be a gentleman about this. He needed Eggsy to do the rude thing and stay there to talk to Harry. 

He had considered just telling Eggsy he was leaving for a meeting and that’s why he was out but, if the boy wouldn’t stay and talk to him when he went for a run, he didn’t even want to think how fast Eggsy would leave if he thought Harry had a meeting to get to. 

It was most frustrating. 

Harry sighed, looking out the window to see Eggsy walk down the ally to the front of his house. It hurt his heart not to go down and meet the young man, but he really had no more excuses, none that would make sense anyway. 

He stayed by the window, his heart almost leaping out of his chest as he watched Eggsy’s face contort with confusion and a bit of sadness.

A part of Harry wanted to believe that that look was there for his absence, that Eggsy wanted to see him. He allowed his imagination to divagate, picturing Eggsy ringing the doorbell just to see if Harry was in. It was a dangerous thought that had Harry’s heart racing.

Eggsy left soon enough, however, and Harry’s heart dropped to his feet. He hadn’t stayed. He hadn’t tried to see if Harry was home. He was probably not even sad that he hadn’t seen Harry. It was Harry, after all, the one that always initiated a conversation, the one that sought Eggsy. 

He had probably just been surprised is all. 

With a shake of his head, Harry walked down stairs, crouching to pick up the paper left by his front door. 

“Good Morning, Harry,” exclaimed his neighbor from her balcony, looking down at the man with a good natured smile.

“Morning, Mrs. Harris,” Harry murmured with a small nod, waving his hand before fixing his kingsman glasses. 

“Ran out of excuses to say hi to that lad, did ya?” She said, chuckling at Harry’s shocked expression. 

“Pardon me?” Harry murmured, feigning innocence. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He had never, in a million years, imagined to be having a conversation about his romantic prospectives with the woman that had taken care of him whenever his mother and his father were away on business. 

She gave him a knowing look and shook her head. “You could just come talk to him without an excuse, my boy. I am sure he would love that.” 

Harry laughed awkwardly, not sure what to make of Mrs. Harris’ words, and even less sure of whether or not he wanted to take her advice.