how many shows with solid fanbases and amazing reviews getting cancelled is it going to take before the higher ups finally realise that we no longer live in a society where live views and Nielsen ratings are the be-all of television and that people have changed their way of consuming media?

cause I, for one, am quite tired of living in 2018 while tv networks are still stuck in 1998 tbh

If you like science fiction

Please consider watching The Expanse. Just… trust me on this.

  • complex and relatable characters 
  • A+ worldbuilding
  • no cliché good vs. evil setup, just humans with different agendas and varying shades of morality
  • VERY diverse cast
  • relevant commentary to many social/environmental/etc. issues of our time (but not in a preachy way)
  • scientifically accurate as fuck (mostly)
  • no silly looking aliens (of course this is a drawback if you like those)
  • visually gorgeous
  • awesomest spaceships ever (I may be a little biased tho)
  • based on a book series so the show writers know where the fuck they’re going with the plot (and believe me there’s some mindblowing stuff coming up)
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo as the Deputy Undersecretary of the United Nations Chrisjen Avasarala is a fucking delight

You can watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime (US), CraveTV (Canada), and Netflix (rest of the world).

Season 3 is currently airing on Syfy (US) and Space (Canada).

I know some of you may have second thoughts because Syfy has a reputation of making garbage but honestly this is a really fucking excellent show and 100% worth your time.


Dominique Tipper photographed by Shalan and Paul

I feel so blessed to be part of a show that constantly makes an effort to present a world, that in my eyes, is normal in terms of gender roles and diversity.  I remember being a kid and there being maybe a handful of women that looked like me across all the forms of entertainment and media. There was hardly any representation and my own experience of being mixed race always seemed to be a rather contentious issue for everyone. So the fact that my work on this show may play a part in creating a world where it’s just normal for a little mixed race or black girl to see themselves in a complex, powerful, forthright, smart woman like Naomi is just incredible. I feel kinda weepy about it actually.


“On every side of this are people who have no reason to hate each other. Everyone here thinks they’re doing the right thing. Everyone there thinks they’re doing the right thing. If we get out of this, we have to find a way to understand each other, to explain why we made the choices that we did. It is the only way we can let go of the hate.”