the etherington brothers

It’s been so amazing to get messages of thanks for the tutorials from so many of you, from kids, students and hobbyists just starting out, to professionals at companies such as Pixar, Sony Animation and Blizzard to name a few, all letting me know that these tutorials are useful and appreciated.

But we’ve only just begun! in 2018 I’m going to be giving you EVEN MORE new tutorials than I did this year, as I continue work towards my goal of building a COMPLETELY FREE online ENCYCLOPEDIA of drawing EVERYTHING!

Learning to draw is something which SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE, not just those who can afford art school or online courses and subscription services which charge a premium. I’m on a one-man mission to make a learning resource for drawing which is so comprehensive that you never need to pay to learn again, because online art education should be FREE for EVERYONE, FOREVER.

Paywalls DOWN, skills UP!


The STRANSKI kiskstarter is 100% COMPLETE! The sketches have all been drawn, the books signed, and the packages sent! As promised, all books will be with you by the end of August, if you don’t have them already!

There are a few of you who have still not filled in your surveys, which may be because the original Kickstarter message asking you to do so went into your spam folder. I’ll be contacting those of you that this applies to via email over the next week, just to remind you to log in to kickstarter, go to your Art of Stranski section, and fill in your delivery details.

A HUGE thank you to you all for making this Kickstarter into such a massive success, I have LOVED this entire process!

I can now reveal that launching in SEPTEMBER I’ll be once again opening up the Stranski Online Print shop for just 30 days - announcement coming soon with all the designs which will be available!

And for those of you who want to start collecting our comic books, but can’t get them in your country, we’ll be offering many of our titles in the MONKEY NUTS KICKSTARTER, launching in OCTOBER! See below :)