the entrance


if i could never see you
i might as well be completely blind
something between your gaze and mine
willl keep us forever entwined [x]

i know her hair wasn’t down here but let me live

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#the art of the dramatic entrance: a biography as witnessed by the lightwoods #look at the difference between then and now #magnus as a stranger vs a family member #also still laughing because #bold of isabelle and jace to think magnus bane needs an invitation


level 20 rogue garb

I wrote these recently (Jak and Nadia plus Jak’s Scramble) so I just really needed to see Jak in his servant uniform with Nadia.

Yiling Laozu: I’m sorry, the old Wei Ying can’t come to the phone right now.

Yiling Laozu: Why?

Yiling Laozu: Because he’s dead.