the first line challenge

rules: list the first lines of the last ten stories you published. look to see if there are any patterns that you notice yourself, and see if anyone else notices any! then tag some friends.

I guess I was tagged by anon, so whoever that was, thanks. Thanks, too, to the second (or was it the same?) anon who suggested that I use unpublished WIPs to supplement my few published stories. In return, I guess I tag literally whoever wants to do this (but specific authors who come to mind include @romanimp @hailqiqi @sp4c3-0ddity @amillionsmiles @rueitae so lol have at it friends).


Alternity (VLD sort-of-canon-compliant-sort-of-not fic; Lance/Pidge; active WIP).

What nobody tells you about nearing the end of an intergalactic war is this: It can get pretty boring.

Camp Pining Hearts (Steven Universe human/summer camp AU fic; Lapis/Peridot; complete) (A.K.A. MY PRIDE AND JOY).

The second the van rolled off the highway, the passenger-side window—upon which Peridot’s cheek was leaning—cracked open and began to slide down her face.

Tell Laura I Love Her (Carmilla 1960s AU fic; Carmilla/Laura; inactive WIP, probably abandoned).

“You ready, Laur?”


Pining Hearts University: Thanksgiving Break (working title) (the Camp Pining Hearts sequel; Lapis/Peridot; active WIP).


Untitled Fic #1 (an Alternity companion/prequel/sequel fic from the alt!reality side of things; Lance/Pidge; inactive WIP).

The transition was subtle.

Untitled Fic #2 (a VLD 1960s AU fic, in which Voltron is actually a band; Lance/Pidge; inactive WIP, probably abandoned).

The club itself pulsed with energy.

The Delmarva County Attorney’s Office (Steven Universe human/law school AU fic; Lapis/Peridot; inactive WIP, probably abandoned).

When Peridot first secured her internship at the Delmarva County Attorney’s Office, she had expected a summer full of enriching experience, because wasn’t that the point?


I’m a slut for AUs (especially 1960s AUs).

The End

Alexander had Elias in his arms. The boy cooing happily at seeing his father once more. The man looked banged and bruised. Slightly emaciated and he’d done nothing about his hair. He was clean but he seemed tired and worn out. Alex just smiled as he’d lean in to kiss Elias’ forehead, “My little Duke. You’re going to make the people of Rosenfield so proud one day. So so proud.” The boy just yelled happily as his eyes were wide. His hands reaching out for his father as Alex softly bounced him in his arms. He’d missed his son terribly. All of this seemingly showing his priorities. Alex and Elias were currently in the den. Guards seemingly sparse, but alert. Maybe even moreso with Thaylynn and Rian not in Ravenshollow.

Something in the shadows cast over the room shifted and then, rapidly tugging into a center mass, there appeared the familiar form of a woman that gathered until finally it was clear it was Lorraine. She stood absolutely still for a moment, as though expecting to be shot.t

Alex looked towards the spot harshly before he’d turn back to the fire, “Please leave.” His voice sounded defeated and tired. The raven-haired man very slowly walked towards the playpen that was set up away from the fireplace as he’d carefully set his son down into it. The boy on his hands and knees just watching them both.

Alex looked towards Lorraine momentarily before he’d shout past her, “Guards. Please remove this woman from my sight!” This of course caused two guards from the hallway to move into the room. Both of them looking Lorraine over and then back to Alex before nodding their heads.

“If you lay a hand on me, I will curse you,” she said to the guards, her eyes fixing on him, “I’ve come to talk to you and explain myself with out a bloody audience.”

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SUPERKIDDOS, Part 5! THE END! Dami gets in trouble for trying to hide his activities from the Bats (and telling his friends to do it too!) Colin’s the only one who got off easy, the nuns don’t know what he does lol

Finished a bit late this week since I had to draw two pages from scratch. Thanks so so much for all the kind comments and support as I worked on this <333. I’m definitely going to do a print run once I get my files in order– will post about it once it’s ready! In the meantime, look out for Superkiddos extras/doodles!

For those who are reading this on a small screen, Damian’s cell phone on page 24 says:

Grayson: Stay I’ll deal with B <3

Valentines Prologue << Part One << Part Two << Part Three << Part Four << Part Five (end!)