the earrings though

How Many People Get Injured by Fireworks on the 4th of July?

Ah, the fourth of July. A wonderful day filled with backyard bar-b-ques, celebration, and for 230 families, a trip to the emergency room. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an average 230 fireworks-related injuries near and on the 4th of July. 

Some fireworks incidents turn deadly. In 2014, nine people died from eight different fireworks related accidents, including two who were not the lighters. 

The vast majority of injuries are burns, primarily to the hands, fingers, head, face, eyes and ears. 

Courtesy of CPSC

Though sparklers and firecrackers seem innocent enough, they account for almost 40 percent of all fireworks related accidents. 

Courtesy of CPSC

You’d think youngsters would be most endangered by fireworks, but its actually adults from age 25 to 44 who are most commonly injured. 

Courtesy of CPSC

And its men, not women, who are most commonly injured. 

Courtesy of CPSC

If you’re handling fireworks this weekend, the CPSC recommends never relighting fireworks that didn’t fully ignite, keeping a bucket of water on hand, lighting fireworks one at a time and moving back as soon as the firework is lit. Children should never play with fireworks and of course, don’t buy them illegally. You could end up busted.

marxten asked:

Black, Grey, Orange, Green.

Black: 1 fact about a person i like.

1. She’s good at giving advice.

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

1. It’s a super complicated show

2. It was calming

Orange: 6 facts about my hometown

1. I live in it

2. I don’t like it

3. The weather changes a lot

4. It’s the main city of the country

5. It has ugly architecture in my opinion

6. Both of my parents were born in it

Green: 8 facts about my appearance:

1. I’m ugly lol

2. I’m 5′7

3. I have green eyes

4. I have very short nails (i bite them)

5. I have brown hair

6. I have pierced ears (i don’t wear earrings though)

7. I have a slight scar over my eye

8. Did i mention im ugly 

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Hair, ears, lungs

Hair: What hair color looks best on you and what’s your natural color?

My natural hair colour is a lovely light brown. I’ve added coloured streaks to it on 4 occasions now (thrice green, once blue, which subsequently faded to green), and I intend to try out pink this weekend. I’ve also dyed my hair fully green once, although that didn’t turn out nearly as well as I would have hoped.

So really it looks best as it is naturally because I don’t have much of a frame of reference to the contrary.

Ears: How many piercings do you have (if any)?

None. I have a mole on my left ear though, which has on occasion been confused with a piercing by others.

Lungs: Do you smoke cigarettes?

No. Never have done, and I never intend to. Wouldn’t be opposed to trying smoking cannabis if it were easier to get a hold of and, of course, legal, but not tobacco.


okay fun fact i have a gemsona

her name is moonstone and she’s already cried over turtles and died once

her best friend is labradorite

he’s a big weenie and he belongs to geese-lightning


Moonstone’s powder blue eyes slowly opened, red and filled with sleep.
“Mmm…?” She mumbled softly and furrowed her eyebrows as her vision cleared.
Burying her face in the warm crook of Labradorite’s neck, Moonstone sighed in bliss and wrapped her arms around him.
“…it’s already 7 pm, Moon,” Lab’s voice rang in her ears, though she didn’t listen to what he had to say.
She looked to his hands and the way they moved when he talked, making her even less focused on anything Lab said.
The gem rolled her eyes as Labradorite continued to ramble about nothing in particular; she only caught a few words, those being “sleep,” “wasting time,” and “hungry.”
Moonstone sighed and scooted up so that her face was level to his own, then gently placing a kiss on Lab’s lips.
She watched with curious eyes as his cheeks flushed dark blue, his eyes wide and directed on her.
“Hush already, Labby,” she whined, moving back to her place and nuzzling her face into his neck once more.
With a quick movement, her hand slipped into his and she interlaced their fingers.
“it’s nap time.”


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"im gaylyn and im gay and like birds and korra//sami and i hate puper chapstick [insert that one pic of pupers face when her mom is grabbing her ear]"


My Love

I drag my love up to the hill
Lay her down
As she lays still
The shimmering, stars skip across her eyes
And i swear to god!
She’s never looked more alive!
Laying quiet,
Laying still
Red and limp atop this hill
My lover blind
My love asleep
My love slouched still,
In a twisted heap
The rowdy traffic
Intrudes my ears
Grateful though, my love cant hear
Though I wish she could perceive
My love for her,
One she deceived
I roll my love down the hill
Watch her fly
Then lay still

fuck fuck ufck i was gonna stretch my ears and then i decided not to so i was gonna put my 8g tunnel back in but it fell down the drain so i stretched just one ear but now the 6g tunnel won’t go in my ear even though the taper is in so wtf do i do lol

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Aw your pets are adorable! Talon is a funny cat, she will pretend she likes you and let you pet her for exactly 5 strokes before scratching your face off. xD Bikes for lizards just let them move around a little faster, plus his little legs barely move so he actually gets to be a little bit lazier haha! He is so cute though, especially on his leash because he can run around and bask in the sun. My dogs are 15 and 11 years old, my cats are 15 and 2, and my beardie is 2! Do your pets cuddle?! :3

Oh that sounds delightful haha. Marina will do this thing where she insists that you pet her and then she will casually move out of your reach so you have to follow her all over the house to continue petting her. She’ll get all offended if you stop too. Neither of them really like to cuddle. Boone will fall asleep if you scratch behind his ears though. Gah Georgie sounds like such a cutie!! Does he like to sit on your shoulder or anything?

perplexistan replied to your post “Just did your survey - love that you’ve put it together! Brilliant…”

You should post this to Haven.

I have never been to Haven (or is it ON Haven?) and it’s the one remaining thing that I have to remain willfully naive about. Like is it a social networking thing where people log in? Do people have their own pages? Or is it a giant free-for all like reddit? Don’t answer this. :::covering ears LALALALAL:::

For real though, if someone else wants to, please do!

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tbh u probably could - 10ga isn't big enough to have a significant blowout risk. I assume ur using a taper and ur ears have been pierced for awhile? that's honestly not too huge a leap, it might hurt a bit, and if ur gonna do it I suggest using metal jewelry if possible. Once u start going bigger they have lil micro tears inside that get infected real easily and smell weird! Ears are tough though. What kinda taper r u planning on using?

Metal, i think. I’ll ask the person who is gonna give me them.

Honestly I want to hear your voice in the morning when you’re still half asleep and can only mumble your words.
I want to hear you lightly gasp and jump because you are startled.
Stare at the deep wrinkles to the side of your curved lips and at the top of your forehead when you’re genuinely smiling.
Hold you when you’re on the verge of crying because you have lost something you love.
No words.
I want you to touch my skin so carefully like you’re learning to play with fire.
I want to stay up all night just to make sure I tell you the things I’m thinking about even though you can’t hear me.
I want to admire you concentrating on something because I know you don’t realise I’m looking directly at you.
Whisper suggestively in your ear even though we’re in public, just to tease you.
See that pondering yet blank expression on your face when you’re looking into space thinking about things I like to imagine.
And each time we say goodbye, hold you so close it will seem like it’s the last time.

Every time I look at you. I want to see your eyes through my own. Everything else a blur of colour. It isn’t possible but I want to feel everything that you are feeling in that exact moment. Feel everything behind your eyes and wonder if I’ll ever see through them.

I know all of this sounds as though it has been written before but this is me, telling you. I need you. Knowing that you are alive, I just can’t live without these momentary things.

I love you.

—  a.b
Achievement Unlocked!

Mark and I did many firsts today!! Yay! Another couple achievement unlocked!!

1. We played the charades. And we did have a lot of laugh and grunts every time we hit or miss the answers.

Seriously, like, I think we are best combination for such olympic game.. I am kidding. But he did act good, and I was just blabbering random words. There was even this category of “Songs of Today” and he was acting out this song where he bit an imaginary item in his hand, threw it away and covered his ears as though the object he just threw willl explode any second. Idiot that I am, couldn’t figure out the song. I said dynamite, bomb, sexbomb, fireworks and… kwitis.

The right answer was Grenade by Bruno Mars.

2. We did a dubsmash video.

It was Carly Rae Jepsen’s I Really Like You, except that the song was inserted a voice over between ‘I need to tell you something’ and “yeaaaaaaaah!!”

Here’s the link:

Feel free to watch and feel the love. Mehehe

3. I forced him to read my favorite book, Tangled, which he happens to amuse him!

Earlier, I only showed him some of the scenes from the book that I think would interest a guy like him. (Thankfully, Drew is very entertaining and hilarious.) Since he is not much of a bookworm, I find it really nakakakilig that after a while, he was laughing and smiling throughout the chapter. It was so adorable to watch. When we got home, he asked if I had another copy for him to read at home. I sent a pdf file and by now, he’s probably on the sixth chapter already! It was just so nice. He’s reading na my favorite book!! :))

4. Heard him play the guitar!

And boy, he sure does know how to play the guitar. We even sang to Parokya ni Edgar’s Harana. And it amazes me to see him hold an instrument. I gotta say, it did turn me on and helped me fall for him even more.

Well, this is basically our day. Mark and Yssa.


replied to your post:

“๑ - Make that five cats and three Jack Frost dolls. He has that…”


“Well, one of my favorite phrases is: ‘You don’t need to have a lot to share’. …Even if in this case I have a lot. No, seriously. I have so many earnings from this crane game that I should start gifting like this.”

“That’s fair enough, you’re lucky to get stuff out of the thing so often though dude, I mean you know they’re literally programmed to drop the item 4 out of 5 times? …On the note of ear rings though..”

“How Ear rings look on human ears is my one point of jealousy when it comes to you guys, to be honest.”