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i want someone peter doesn’t know well to answer the phone for peter when he’s in college or smthn & the caller id says tony stark but they don’t believe it then it’s tony fucking stark on the phone & he has to explain why he has tony stark’s number saved on his phone

i might… remake my vent eventually… cause i have actually stuff i wanna talk abt but my current method is posting ‘hmm depression’ on peach, deleting it an hour later, and then Internalize

on tonight’s voyagers: EMH MARK 2!!!! …i wish every romantic subplot the emh ever had was replaced by Bumbling Antics with a less experienced sidekick, GOD

aaand the hirogen are a thing now, but more importantly, mark “suitably generic middle name here” johnson is out of the picture!!! 

janeway and chakotay’s subsequent conversation practically had chakotay saying “well, we can fuck now” and it still never happens. i’m so bewildered by this show

yonafuyu  asked:

Hey, could you please do analysis of friendship between Park Jimin and Kang Seulgi. I heard they were friends. If you hate the idea then you can ignore this ask. Haha Anyways love your blog. Take care

Heey thank you loads and sure! I don’t mind it at all, thanks for sending this ‘cause it was interesting to read her chart so I could answer you. 

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soooo yeah turns out this little attraction thing to my philosophy professor has gone into full blown crush mode. like i swear he got even more attractive even though it’s only been a week. somehow he did.