the days passed


A door just opened on a street-
I, lost, was passing by–
An instant’s width of warmth disclosed
And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
I, lost, was passing by,-
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
Enlightening misery. 

Doormen of London - so much more than men in beautifully crafted uniforms… Class and dignity personified… I can’t help but wonder how many people pass them day-in day-out without even noticing their mere presence. 

Sad parent headcanon

After the omnium exploded the outback fell into chaos. Junkrat father died in the blast (the omnium was far away but it was a huge explosion)

Junkrat and his mom were hidden in a closet for safety. She kept telling him “it will be alright. Overwatch will be here soon” (sort of like how governments will send disaster relief)

She was a big fan of Overwatch, they gave her hope while the omnics were at war with humans. She was particularly fond of Mercy, because her people were poor and Mercy was all about helping people and did less of the fighting.

A few days to a week pass and thugs find them hidden away, she tries to fight them but cannot, they tie her to a post in the middle of nowhere, leaving her to die by the elements. She screams for Jamie until they are to far to hear.

They take junkrat, who is 5 at the time and put him into child slavery as a scavenger (he can get into smaller areas) at night he is thrown into a small dirty, dark cell infested with rats where he curls up and begs for overwatch to rescue his mom and himself. Over time his mind his warped by radiation (and age) and he forgets the things before his kidnapping.

He forgets his mom’s face and name but still sees her presents in his nightmares. Sometimes he will wonder the wasteland aimlessly looking for the spot they left her to die, thinking he might still be able to save the woman without realizing why he cares about her or why she knows his real name

When he and hog first left the outback he teared up a bit, guilty for giving up the hunt and leaving her to suffer out there somewhere.

Here’s how to make your airport trip more smooth

Try these hacks to minimize the struggle of air travel.

  1. Download the airline/airport app
  2. Check in online to avoid ticket lines
  3. Apply for TSA PreCheck to avoid security lines
  4. Bring solid, wrapped foods with you to avoid airport prices
  5. Dress strategically for security
  6. Check a carry-on at the gate
  7. Be patient and polite to TSA and airline employees
  8. Buy a day pass to the airport lounge if you have a long layover
  9. Be wary of what you’re sending over the public airport WiFi
  10. Mark your luggage

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Holy cow y’all, according to critrolestats 100 days have passed in game since the stream started.  Other horrifying numbers?

62 days since they first threw down with the Briarwoods

47 days since they killed the Briarwoods

28 days since the Chroma Conclave attacked

20 days since Vex died and was brought back to life

15 days since Grog died and was brought back to life

12 days since the death of Umbrasyl

No wonder everyone’s so damn tense, they’ve spent most of the last month in an adrenaline/panic fueled sprint to save the world.

my mom passing away so close to my birthday really messed me up because even though i don’t like celebrating my birthday, i was making plans to visit her in the hospital. and i kept blaming myself for not visiting her again before her death, but a few days after she passed away i dreamed that someone told me my mom would appear in my dreams on my birthday and since then that’s all i’ve been looking forward to. even though my birthday is on july 30th, i dreamed about her today. it doesn’t even feel like a closure, but i woke up so at peace that i got to see her again honestly dont ever take your family for granted

miwakarai  asked:

Top 5 anime recommendations!!! ^_^

ohoho i got you

1. Haikyuu

2. 91 Days

3. Psycho Pass

4. Cheer Danshi

5. Erased

(also your lie in april rip my fucking heart it’s so good i couldn’t not mention it. I have so many recs for anime i just have to remember what i’ve watched)

preemptive birthday starter call tbh!! i’ll prob reblog this one or two more times before then considering it’s eIGHT IN THE MORNING when i’m posting this but u know… these won’t be posted until august 3rd.

like this to spend the day with a birthday fairy i cry !!
as usual, i’ll be on all day for my muse’s birthday. i’m also fine w/ carrying over birthday threads once the day has passed so w/e don’t worry about if ur busy that day if u wanna spend kyu’s birthday being a meme’er with her dON’T LET UR DREAMS BE DREAMS





Long ago, the 4 parts of the fandom lived together in peace and harmony. Then, everything changed when the cosplayers attacked.

Only the Biggest Fan, master of all 4 parts of the fandom, could stop them. But when Tumblr needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred days have passed and my brother and I have discovered the new Biggest Fan, a shipbender named Caroline. And though her shipbending skills are great, she’s got a lot to learn before she’s ready to save anyone.

But I believe Caroline can save Tumblr!
Trump confuses Clinton's running mate with former New Jersey governor
"Her running mate Tim Kaine, who by the way did a terrible job in New Jersey -- first act he did in New Jersey was ask for a $4 billion tax increase and he was not very popular in New Jersey and he still isn't," Trump said.

While everyone is off screaming about Donald J. Trump’s gross negligence in calling for the Russian government to hack US servers a much more telling thing happened yesterday that shows Trump has NO INTEREST in learning anything.

Tim Kaine was named as the Democratic VP pick on Friday the 22nd. Yesterday was Wednesday the 27th. Four days had passed since her announcement. In those four days Trump had NO FUCKING IDEA who Tim Kaine was. Think about that. For four days he thought he was the ex-governor of NJ Tom Kean. How the fuck does a presidential candidate remain so ignorant? How the fuck does his campaign allow him to remain so ignorant? This wasn’t a confusion of the name in a moment. Here is what he said.

“Her running mate Tim Kaine, who by the way did a terrible job in New Jersey – first act he did in New Jersey was ask for a $4 billion tax increase and he was not very popular in New Jersey and he still isn’t,”

This isn’t a faux paux. This isn’t Trump on the fly confusing two names. Ooops. No Trump believed this was Tom Kean. Why? Because Trump isn’t interested in the details of anything other than how he is viewed, his ego won’t allow it. And even if it is how can we trust a man, who for four full days, got this is so incredibly wrong? Trump insists “I have the best brain.” Every time I remember that line I think of the scene in Young Frankenstein where Igor accidentally thinks the word Abnormal is the name Abby Normal.

In short. Trump has NO INTEREST in learning anything outside of his own sphere. He completely mashed two separate people into one, confused their records and the states they governed. Is this the mind of a detailed orientated leader? Doesn’t this give you pause and make you ask “As president what else would he confuse?” Bush invaded Iraq out of a clear plan to deceive the American people. Trump could well invade a country on a whim because he confused Uzbekistan with Kazakhstan. - Rancid Butter

dragonanne  asked:

2, 3, 7, 20, 27, 34, and 39 for the dreamy asks ๐Ÿ˜

2. Do you believe in aliens?

Hmm… Probably not. If God made aliens I sure don’t know about them. But I wouldn’t mind if He did.

3. Name three artists (musical or art) that have inspired you or impacted you.

Ahh, recently, Christina Grimmie… I loved her so much, I cried. She had a beautiful voice. Anyways, @sully-s inspires me to draw all the shenanigans I want :P and @tofuvi has my ideal art style.

7. Write a short story or poem about what your favorite season feels like to you.

Story??? Poem? What?

Autumn feels like… a welcoming winter sway

It’s the cold whispering “I’m on my way”

as the summer says “goodbye” for being betrayed

by time from all the passing days

of the heat that once stayed

idk what i wrote but it asked for a poem so

20. What is your hidden talent?

I don’t have one…? But I will say this: Idk, but when I look into people’s eyes… I know something about them. Like a hunch, y’know? It’s like as if I learned something about how they are on the inside, even though I don’t know them. Most of the time that gut feeling is terrifyingly true. Cliche I know

If that doesn’t count then I’ll also say: I can tell what the temperature of the water is by listening to the shower run.

27: If you can have any superpower, what would it be?

To have anything I draw come to life. Then I could draw a time machine thingy and have two superpowers.

34: Who are your favorite tumblrs?

Oh man, so many… I follow over 300 blogs (Why? Idk, I like too many people) Well, yours of course (including your art blog!) and then there are my friends @renza15, @queenoftheskittleholics​, the ultimate introvert @letsbewanderers​, @aceofstars16​, the amazing singer @poeticstory​. @artsy-ly​ has a nice aesthetic blog and I love reading posts from @jspark3000​ and @peterdwebb​. @lizzywhimsy​, @wittyhistorian​, and @ladyhistory​ are my history heroines (along with inkyparthia, who is no longer around, sadly). @hamil-tots​ is so adorable, and I love all tumblrs with dogs. There are so many others that I would list, but these are off the top of my head.

39: What is the nicest thing someone has ever said about you?

A classmate of mine called me beautiful at the best moment. I understand my friends give each other compliments like this all the time… But how this girl said it, I just knew that she meant it with every good intention she had. She overheard me complaining about how the yearbook team placed a photo of me in the track and field section. Even though it was a small issue, it really mattered to me, and I knew I shouldn’t have been there. I knew I didn’t want to be there. And she just waltzed up to me and reassured me with that one line, at the time that I needed to hear it. Idk if she’ll ever remember that, but I know I will for the rest of my life.

a chance

pairing: jongho
genre: soulmate au
rating: pg-13 (implied sex)
word count: 832

Minho sleeps too much.  And he’s still not seen color.  He watched his best friend meet their soul mate when they were children, 8-year-old Jinki & 5-year-old Taemin lighting up in unison & giggling at the sudden burst of color their eyes could perceive.  They were so young; it was nearly ten years before they truly understood what it meant. They sleep well, they sleep together.  But Minho sleeps too much & he lives in shades of gray & it’s been nearly twenty years since Jinki found Taemin, & ten since Gwiboon found Eunsook. He’s happy for his friends & sad for himself & he wonders when fate will give him a chance.

It’s on a blistery winter day that he passes a stranger on the street, his hands in his pockets, not watching where he’s going, bumping shoulders followed by a murmured apology from beneath similarly bunched up scarves. It takes him a moment to realize that anything has changed, the naturally gray skies & fields of white not any different than before.  But there is a Christmas tree in a store display that is a hue that is neither black nor white nor gray & he doesn’t have a word for it.  He stops & stares; it’s absolutely dazzling with lights in colors he has no name for & sparkly ropes of tinsel that he’s disappointed to identify as silver.  Still, the sight is mesmerizing & he’s still staring when there’s a pat on his arm.

“Hey?”  It’s a shorter man, much shorter, nearly half a foot & Minho feels awkward looking down at him.  He glances between Minho & the Christmas tree & back, an uncertain smile on his face.

“Do you see it too?”  Minho knows exactly what he means & also what he means.  Because yes he sees the colors, but yes he sees it too.  They both see them, together, just now.

“Yeah,” he breathes, taking in the other man’s features.  He’s odd-looking in a handsome way.  If Minho were pressed to describe him he’s not sure he’d know how.  Large dark eyes with mismatched lids that were charming, a strong nose, & a smile that took up his whole mouth.  He looked so happy, Minho thought, & he’s sure his expression is a mirror image.

“Maybe this means I’ll finally be able to sleep.”  Minho nods without really listening, watching the lights twinkle in the window in awe.  The words finally register & he turns to the other with a puzzled expression.


“Yeah, you know.  Meet your soulmate, see color & sleep well.  I’ve had insomnia for as long as I can remember.  You?”

“Hypersomnia…”, Minho says slowly, “I’ve always slept too much. No matter what, always at least twelve hours.”

“Twelve hours?!”  The stranger has a look that is mix between incredulity & envy.  “That sounds wonderful.”

“Not really,” Minho replies, turning back to the tree.  “There’s not much you can do in such a short span of time.”

The other nods at that & they stand side by side staring at a Christmas tree.

“I’m Jonghyun, by the way.”  



They wander through the city as much as the weather will allow them, pointing out familiar locals that are now bathed in hues they’d never even dreamed existed.  Minho wears out quickly, his need for sleep overriding his joy at finally seeing color, at finally meeting his soulmate.  They know nothing of each other save their names & Jonghyun hastily takes Minho’s number before pulling him into a cab & getting him safely home.  Minho wakes to the gentle nudge of Jonghyun’s hand to his shoulder & the soft murmur of his name.  He’s taken inside & led to his bed & from then until now he remembers nothing.

Except his dreams, which are now imbued with color.


They have nothing in common except the delight of new senses & there’s an underlying tension between them that Minho wasn’t able to put his finger on at first.  Now, as Jonghyun presses him up against a wall & steps up on his toes to kiss his neck he suspects it was sexual.

They move fast.  Barely a week goes by from their meeting on a wintry sidewalk to Minho bent in half in his own bed while Jonghyun moves inside him.  It’s been awhile for both & it’s not as satisfying as it could have been, but it’s unique in its own way & they hold each other through the night.

It’s strange, he thinks, as he wakes up in Jonghyun’s arms.  Their sleep is slowly falling into place, Jonghyun’s increasing while Minho’s decreases.  And there’s more, a sense of calm that neither of them can explain & a wordless communication that they develop almost overnight.

They’re not in love exactly, & maybe they never will be in an idealistic romantic love. But they love each other, that much is sure, & they are quickly becoming friends.  And when he rolls over & looks at Jonghyun’s sleeping face he’s glad that fate finally gave him a chance.

I have lost count of the days that have passed since you first came to my life. How every single moment with you feels like a contradiction swelling in my heart. How time slows down when you look me in the eyes and hold me in your arms and how it flies by so fast when our day is about to end yet I still need a few more hours with you, with you - I need you.

I have lost count of the days that you were here. Day 1, day 5, day 84 - days that we were together. Days that i wouldn’t trade for the world. Days that I would relive if i could. And i would.

Because I have lost count of the days that have passed since you came. And now that you’re gone, I wish that I knew every single day we had. I wish i knew I only had all the days that were, that used to be.

I have lost count of the days that you were here. I have lost the days that we could have spent together. I have lost you.