the day of the ood

this is a story abt a girl named lucky………EARLY MORNING……. SHE WAKES UP. KNOCK KNOCK KONCK ON THE DOOR

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hi hello i'm shy and awkward but i wanted to thank you for this au!! sometimes when the Various Falsettos Discourse™ starts to bug me i read through your blog a lil bit because it's so good and pure thank you so much i'm sorry this is such an awkward ask i hope i'm not bothering you! i just wanted to tell you i appreciate you!!! 💓💓💓

Hey hey I’m s o glad you sent me an ask! I know its hard even on anon and such but it’s n e v e r a bother, I love your guys feedback! I’m s o glad you enjoy my blog and that it helps you with yknow, all the discourse ah!!! Ilysm thanlk you anon!!! Have a g ood day!!!!

Let's imagine...

One day Three, after a round wih the Master, rescues an Ood from his TARDIS. Like he can’t move his own TARDIS and take him back the Ood-Sphere, he just get him to UNIT and tries to keep it hidden for the rest of people.

But one night, it escapes, and, how it’s conditioned for serving, it begins to clean up, and that’s how the Brigadier founds him cleaning his office at the next morning. Lucky for the Ood, The Doctor appears before the Brigadier shoots it (it’s the Brig, of course draw his gun is the first thing he thinks when he founds an alien classifying the files on his desk in alphabetical order).

And that’s how the Ood becomes the unofficial caretaker of UNIT.

Jo loves the Ood, and the Ood loves the nice “Miss Josephine” (Miss Jo, after Jo asks it ten times don’t call her Miss Josephine), and even she knits for it a cozy beanie and a scarf, because it’s a very cold winter.

The soldiers don’t know how to treat it at the beginning, but soon it becomes one of them, and you can see them trying to teach it how to play football on the break time or sharing coffee making skills with Benton.

Years pass, The Doctor comes and goes from UNIT, and one day, meanwhile he’s making a visit to Kate, Twelve finds out that the Ood is still there, and that he’s completely forgotten about it. He offers take it back to its planet, now he can, but the Ood refuses, it’s happy there, UNIT is its home.

An ode to the Ood

Something I wrote a couple years ago. Enjoy.

An Ode to The Ood

When the Doctor, Donna, and the tardis three

Stepped out for their next adventure spree

How little did they see, and how little did they know

As they excitedly stepped into the alien snow.

But, “This isn’t right, this isn’t fair”

Said the one with the locks of ginger hair

“I expected tropical, I expected nice”

“Not a world that is frigid, and covered in ice.”

Lo, this is how it is and how it will be

For the Doctor, Donna, and the Tardis three.

For the Tardis takes you where you need to go

And today it’s adventures in alien snow!

Hijinks will ensue as they get on their way

And find the morally reprehensible evil of the day.

“Oh look, there’s an ood,” The doctor exclaimed

“We should comfort it’s soul as it passes away.”

“Oh snap! It’s gone red, with its eyes full of hate”

“I think now it wants to exx-terminate!”

Vexed at the state of the prenasal tentacles

Donna attempts to make sense of the spectacle

“What is it?” she asks, “what can this thing be?”

The Doctor then states, “It’s not an it, it’s a HE.”

“It’s an Ood, for the record, not unlike you and me.”

“A race used as slaves, by humans, you see”

“But now he’s passed on, named delta fifty”

“And the evil that killed him is this way, Allons-y!”

And so begins a new quest, of things impossible that can’t be

With the Doctor, Donna, and the Tardis three.

As they run through the hills, all covered in snow

They head towards a building that sits there below.

Inside is an evil, that’s a big, ugly git

But not like the evil from the satan pit

This one’s more pernicious, like a sickly disease

An illness of the soul, all driven by greed

The Ood speak of the circle, and wish it were broken

For then they can sing, and be more outspoken

The big ugly git thinks he’ll shut it all down

By killing the brain, and removing their crown

But Ood Sigma is tricky, and is one step ahead

A hair tonic to change him, he’s been fed instead.

Now the greedy, bald man, becomes what he hated

And to the collective of Ood, has been subjugated.

The Doctor and Donna, played a pivotal role

In resurrecting Ood song, in psychic musical scroll.

“We’ll sing of you forever, for setting us free”

Said Ood Sigma of now “The Doctor-Donna”, and the Tardis three.


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But, enough of the preamble. Now, to the amble.

Today is the day. There is only one thing for today, and that is the destruction of the hated StrexCorp, and freeing our town of Night Vale. We will work no longer. We will worship a Smiling God no longer. We have failed before, we have failed so many times at so many tasks, but at this, we will not fail.

I hope.

I mean, I really, really, hope that we will not fail.

In any case, we will be devoting all of today’s broadcast to the revolution with no interruptions.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 49 - Old Oak Doors Part A