the daroga

honestly my favorite part of the leroux novel is when erik just shows up to nadirs place and is sobbing his eyes out, saying he’s going to die, and nadir totally blows that off and is like “WHAT DID YOU DO TO CHRISTINE AND RAOUL YOU NASTY LITTLE MAN?” i also like how nadir grabs eriks arm and starts shaking him and eriks like “bro what the fuck stop shaking me i’m literally dying”

I'm surprised Phantom of the Opera really hasn't gone mainstream, especially the book, and here's why
  • The fact that Erik shortens “Opera Ghost” to OG 
  • People would relate to Erik as he is both extremely self loathing and narcissistic at the same time  
  • Erik is definitely part of the skeleton war 
  • Basically anything about Erik for that matter because of his extreme awkwardness when faced with social situations and normal society 
  • The cinnamon roll who is Raoul (Cinnamon Raoul) 
  • Thirst for the Daroga 
  • Actual meme queen Madame Giry 
  • Meg. Screaming. Constantly. 
  • The entirety of Christine’s character and her intolerance for Erik’s shit

In short, people would have a field day with this book

  • Erik: shouting in persian
  • Nadir: shouting back in persian
  • Nadir: switches to french
  • Erik: shouts in french
  • Erik: switches to russian
  • Nadir: shouts in russian
  • Erik: keeps shouting in russian
  • Nadir: pauses and asks him what he just said in french
  • Erik: tries to explain in persian
  • Nadir: says he doesn't understand in russian
  • Erik: slaps forehead, accidentally switches to italian, calls him a booby
  • Nadir: huh?
  • Erik: swears loudly in another 50 languages
  • Erik: calls him a booby again
  • Erik: leaves conversation
The Phantom of the Opera, directed by Tommy Wiseau
  • Erik, crossing the lake: I did naht kidnap her! It's naht true, it's bullshit! I did naht kidnap her! I did naht-
  • Erik: *sees the Daroga spying on him*
  • Erik: oh hai Daroga

Daroga: Erik, would you please stop being a curmudgeon and come up from your blasted pit for some fresh air?

Erik: Frankly, I’d rather Daaé



Erik: Get it?


Erik: It’s quite clever, really


Erik: Because, you see-

Daroga: Yes, Erik. Yes. I see. Your pun was quite clear.

Erik: …Because, you know, Christine

Daroga: This is why I’m your only friend.


You have ONE job, monsieur.

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