the dad who knew too little

True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

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-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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Besties pt. 3: Imperfections

Part one / part two / part four
Sweet pea x reader
Word count: 5635

Summary: Y/n moves back to Riverdale with her father, there’s nothing but tension between her and sweet pea after everything that happened. But does he still feel the same way about her?

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No less than a month later, y/n had all her things packed up and crammed into her family’s car. Who would have thought that in the middle of winter, people were actually buying houses before the holidays. Y/n’s father was able to buy back the trailer right next to the Jones family so things would be just like all times. She would get to go to riverdale high and see sweet pea and have a happy life.

But there’s no way things could go back to the way they were. After y/n had pulled her little stunt, Sweet pea and their friends were going to catch onto what she did sooner or later.

There was so much that y/n had to worry about, but she didn’t say a word of it to her father. For instance, there was Fp. Before y/n had gone on her little trip, her dad had been in contact with jughead’s dad, just like old times. But while y/n was in riverdale, Fp was clearly busy with other drama as she hadn’t even seen him. He as well had no idea what had went on. Fp and jughead were close so he’d probably tell his dad who would tell y/n’s dad. She just wanted to forget about it but she had already made too big of a stamp on riverdale. The whole town practically knew she was there for those few days.

Then there was fangs and Toni. While the two of them seemed like amazing, funny, beautiful people, they would clearly side with jughead and sweet pea. They were probably so pissed with y/n right now, she couldn’t imagine. Not to mention all of jughead’s northside friends. Did they know what had happened? And on top of all that, y/n never unblocked jughead’s number from her phone. He might have tried calling her or texting her and she wouldn’t even know.

The cherry on top, Sweet pea. Where did y/n even begin with sweet pea? She had known him for less than forty eight hours and had already convinced herself that they were soulmates. One simple outing to pop’s had y/n over the moon. She probably lost sweet pea as well, the only boy she ever loved, the only boy she ever wanted. Everyone probably thought that y/n had ten or twenty boyfriends and hookups in the past, but sweet pea was the first boy she ever cared about. It wasn’t fair that she finally found someone for her and then she had to leave again.

Y/n’s father turned the keys in the ignition. Down the road they went as they said goodbye to New York. Y/n had less than a few hours to find out what she was going to say, how she was going to go back to her riverdale self and how she was supposed to fit in with her friends. If they still were her friends.

Three weeks ago.

The next day after sweet pea had drove home and bawled his eyes out over y/n, he was back at riverdale high. Sweet pea found it hard to talk to anyone since y/n had left him. He didn’t want to give up, but he had no way of finding her after everything.

Sweet pea, fangs and Toni lounged around in the rec room before class started. Sweet pea didn’t even want to go in and sit down because the last time he had been there was with y/n, his perfect angel of a girl. Neither one of them really said anything as fangs and Toni knew how hung up sweet pea was.

Jughead walked in getting the attention of Reggie mantle, the asshole on the basketball team that sweet pea was going to try out for. Reggie was the poster boy for cocky northside kids, sweet pea thought. He started asking jughead questions about “the cute girl that was here yesterday,”. Sweet pea was ready to lose it once again as he already couldn’t stand reggie, and now he was bringing y/n up.

“Sweet pea,” Toni whispers, putting her hand on his arm. “He doesn’t know what went on between the two of you. Don’t overreact that he’s only asking about her.”

Even though sweet pea knew that Toni was right, he couldn’t help himself. Sweet Pea was such a hot head and he still held on to everything he couldn’t have anymore. Before anyone could react or jughead and Reggie could settle things between themselves, sweet pea started throwing punches. He threw reggie into the back on the vending machine, running on pure adrenaline. He had so much anger from everything and this was the only way to get it out.

All the bulldogs started going at it with the serpents as Toni just watched. She was far too small to take on anyone so she ran out to get help. Sweet pea just kept punching Reggie’s pretty boy face, blood gushing out from his busted lip. Everything sweet pea had felt was coming to the surface, everything he tried to repress. Like the fact that he kept telling himself constantly that y/n never love him. But he knew she did. And that’s what hurt so much, that she couldn’t directly face him so she left. Not to mention when sweet pea’s parents walked out on him. Sweet pea seemed to lose everyone he loved and there was nothing he could do about it.

Just as quickly as the fight started, it was over as sweet pea, fangs and jughead got called into the principal’s office by weatherbee for starting a fight. It was only their second day and already they were in trouble for doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Principal weatherbee gave them all a weeks detention for fighting where they’d have to stay in separate classrooms for an hour after school like they were being held in jail cells. Sweet pea knew that if y/n was here, she’d keep him company. But if she was here, this mess wouldn’t be happening right now. The least sweet pea could do was apologize to reggie even though he didn’t want to. He had to start doing things how y/n would. Even though she claimed not to care half of the time, sweet pea could tell how nice and kind she really was. If she was in his position, the first thing she would do is say sorry to reggie and make things up with him.

Present day.

After finally adjusting to riverdale high over the span of a few weeks, things were finally in full swing. Sweet pea felt like a normal high school student for once. He joined the basketball team with fangs and even spoke to reggie sometimes, putting the past behind them.

Sweet pea walked into his third period advanced math class wearing his clean school uniform while he slid off his messenger bag as he took a seat up front, getting out his pencil and calculator.

When the southside had first joined riverdale high, the school system had most of them put in basic courses until they themselves could prove that they were smarter than that. While Toni and fangs were managing to get out of basic and go into academic, sweet pea was taking all advanced classes because he was so much smarter than anyone ever thought he was.

Today he had a math test, but he didn’t even review for it. It didn’t matter because sweet pea was such a smart kid, he could easily pull out something close to a 100%. He was even tutoring northside kids on the days he didn’t have basketball practice. He went to pop’s with his friends while still remaining loyal to the serpents, did his homework and maintained a good social life.

Sweet pea was kind to those around him. He’d stand up to those who couldn’t defend for themselves like that day he seen chuck Clayton taunting a bunch of girls. Sweet pea even ate lunch with Ethel Mugs a few times after he seen that she was constantly eating alone.

He had never completely forgotten about y/n, but now she was just a thing of the past. Sweet pea got good grades and didn’t think twice about the rough start he had gotten off on at the beginning of the school merge.

Sweet pea was done his test within a half hour and got to leave early. He went to the library where he studied alone until class was over. As he walked there, he checked his phone for the time. As he glanced up though, he couldn’t help but notice one of the girls sitting back on the Rec room. She looked down at her lap, probably reading or on her phone too. She looked so much like y/n that sweet pea had to stop in the middle of the hall and see if he could notice her reflection in the window. But there was no way it could be her. Sweet pea kept walking, putting the girl behind him.


Y/n and her father had arrived late last night, already settling into their old house. It hadn’t changed at all. Whoever was there before even left the floral wallpaper up in y/n’s room. When y/n’s father had gone to go see Fp, he pointed out that jughead wasn’t home, That he was having a sleepover with his friends which was good enough for y/n. She still had to go to school the next day, but at least she could avoid the gang for the time being.

The next day, y/n drove herself to school. She walked around with a target on her back, the whole school wondering why she was back. Y/n noticed a few southside kids wearing school uniforms so clearly a lot had changed. She tried flying under the radar until she got her class schedule and locker number from the office, but there was only so much she could take without talking to anyone.

“Excuse me,” y/n asked the woman behind the desk in the office. “Do I have to wear a school uniform?”

“No dear.” She shook her head. “Those are only for our troubled youth you could say. Those poor southside kids.”

Y/n nodded her head, thanking the woman for helping her out. If only she knew. Y/n was the troubled youth. She was the one who made jughead the way he is now. She was the one who fucked everything up.

And now she had to What? Go on with classes like a normal person? No one that she cared about knew she was back and surely she’d run into one of the serpents or one of jughead’s dozen northside friends. So y/n went to the only place she knew she could. The Rec room.

Y/n plopped her bag down next to her and took out her phone. She knew she couldn’t hide away forever so maybe next period she’d try to get up and go. She stared at her phone, her finger hovering over the unblock option next to jughead’s number. But what would be the point?

As she fooled around on her phone trying to waste time finding a distraction, she felt someone watching her. There was no one else in the rec room but she could feel that there was someone looking at her. With her back turned to the door, she couldn’t just whip around without being noticed. But she was suddenly uncomfortable. As she looked, there was no one there. But she could have sworn that someone was there.

Y/n knew she was just being paranoid. This whole day was already a disaster. Her father even bought her new clothes she picked out last minute because he claimed that she had to fit in with the other northside kids. It wasn’t her at all. She had her hair in a high ponytail, looking like a cookie cutter copy of Betty cooper. Y/n wondered if Betty and jughead were still dating.

She stared at her schedule, trying to figure out where to go in a few minutes. She decided to get a head start and find the classroom while class was still in session so she wouldn’t be late. Y/n Could do this. She was still the rebel bitch that she always was. She wasn’t going to take any shit from anyone even if she was dressing like a complete pansy.

The bell rang with a loud drill and students came pouring out of the classes. Y/n spotted several of them wearing uniforms. They clearly noticed y/n so sooner or later word would get out that serpent royalty was back in riverdale.

“You new?” The teacher asks y/n as she takes a seat before anyone else could get there. Y/n nodded her head yes and took out her notebook.

“Well my lessons are anything but fun but I hope you enjoy ap bio.”

Shit. Already she was in the Wrong place. Y/n got up and left before the teacher could say anything to her. At least he hadn’t started his class or anyone could notice that y/n had no sweet clue where she was going. Riverdale high was such a big school and it was so easy to get lost. Another reason why she never should have ditched with sweet pea to pop’s that day- she could have figured her way around.

Y/n ended up back downstairs by the Rec room. She was so tempted to go in and sit down again as now she was already late. She didn’t feel like getting any more unwanted attention than she had already received. But looking in the quaint room, she froze in her tracks.

There they were. There he was.

Sweet pea, fangs, Toni and jughead sat around wearing their school uniforms, laughing and talking to one another. All of jughead’s northside friends were there too, grinning at one another. Sweet pea even had a messenger bag and a gray turtleneck. For the love of god, how much had things changed?

Veronica lodge was draped over his lap, her finger playing around with the little curl over sweet pea’s forehead. She looked at him like y/n used to. Y/n felt so sick to her stomach. Here she was worried about what they would think, but it was obvious that they had all moved on from jughead’s snake friend from New York.

Betty and jughead were sitting next to each other on the couch while Josie, Kevin, Archie and Cheryl all chatted amongst each other. Everyone was getting along with one another perfectly, something y/n never expected. Reggie mantle came in from the other door on the opposite side of the room and plopped down next to sweet pea. The two of them did one of those only bros fist punches and grinned as reggie flowed along with the rest of the conversation.

Y/n couldn’t watch anymore. She walked on, her head low. She couldn’t take any more of this. It was too much pain. All she wanted was to crawl back into sweet pea’s arms and have him hug her. There’s no way he’d ever do that now seeing as what moved onto Veronica. Besides, he’d probably think that y/n would leave him again.

But she wouldn’t. She wanted nothing more to go back and change what she did.

“Damn, pea.” Reggie laughs. “You and Ronnie?”

“No, reggie.” Veronica sighs, getting off his lap and taking a seat next to Betty. “Cheryl, that was officially the worst dare ever.”

Everyone laughed. The gang had been playing truth or dare now all the time since the merge, because everyone loved having a good laugh with each other. While Cheryl and jughead continued to tease Veronica, sweet pea forced a smile. If only y/n could be here with him he thought. Maybe he wasn’t a hundred percent over her yet even though it had been a full month.

“Wait so what was the dare?” Reggie asks. “Sit on this big boys lap?” Reggie nudges sweet pea playfully. It was funny how easily the pair got along. In fact reggie was probably sweet pea’s best northside friend even though he was friends with everyone. And to think that before, sweet pea and Reggie were literally beating up each other.

“I dared her to pretend she was y/n.” Cheryl says. It was quite rude for her to say such a thing. In no way was Veronica or Cheryl trying to make fun of y/n, but they had all heard the rumours.

“I’ve got to go.” Sweet Pea excuses himself. He grabs his bag and leaves. No one followed him for which he was thankful for. He stopped by his locker to exchange his notebooks and binders even though he still had a whole free period to do so.

As he looked up from his locker, he noticed a girl walking down the hallway like she was trying to run but didn’t want to get caught. She was going so quickly that within a second she was out of sweet peas sight. Her h/c ponytail bounced around wildly on the top of her head.

Surely it was none of Sweet pea’s business but he wanted to know what was wrong with this girl. He knew everyone anyways but he didn’t recognize this girl back on. It was the same girl from before that he had seen in the rec room. He wanted nothing more than to talk to her so he closed his locker and booted it down the hall.

“Hey!” He calls out, making the girl walk faster. As she goes around the corner, fangs comes out of nowhere and stops sweet pea dead in his tracks.

“What are you doing, man?” Fangs asks. “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I,” Sweet Pea looks past fangs but the girl was already gone around the next corner. He had his chance but he was too late. “Actually I’m not. Fever, you know. I’ll see you at the Wyrm tonight?”

Sweet pea didn’t let fangs reply as he headed for the doors. Fangs knew that something was up because it wasn’t like sweet pea to ditch school, not after that day with y/n. He obviously wasn’t sick because he was completely fine just a few minutes ago.

Fangs headed back to the Rec room where everyone had left to get an early spot in the cafeteria. The only ones waiting for fangs to catch up were toni and jughead, questioning to where sweet pea had ran off to. Once fangs informed them, they all agreed to go after him. The four were a family so if one of them was having problems with anything or anyone, the others were always there to help. Especially since most of them were one or two parent-less, they needed all the help they could get.

Toni, fangs and jughead hopped on their bikes as soon as jughead finished texting Betty. They all took off down the snowy road, though most of it was cleared off now. Toni, fangs and jughead all kept up with each other until jughead pulled into sunnyside trailer park. Toni and fangs had no idea why jughead was going home, but then they noticed sweet pea standing up out front of the trailer right next to jughead’s, the one that used to belong to y/n and her father.

They all hopped off their bikes and crowded around sweet pea as snowflakes fell in his hair.

“Sweet pea, you can’t go stalking an empty house.” Jughead jokes.

“It’s not empty.” Sweet pea says. “Look.” Sweet pea points to the front window where there was clearly a man inside. He was sitting at the table. He got up to get something in the living room and went back down to the table. There’s no way it was a break in during the middle of the day where everyone could see him. And he wouldn’t be sitting down to have a little snack either.

“What the hell?” Fangs asks.

“I didn’t even know this property was for sale.” Jughead says. “There was a husband and wife who lived there for like two weeks out of the year but clearly someone bought it off of them.”

Sweet pea marched right up to the door and pounded on it. Sweet pea’s friends were screeching at him, asking him what the hell he was thinking. But the man inside opened the door and greeted sweet pea.

“Can I help you?” He asks.

“Did you just move in?” Sweet pea asks, not missing a beat.

“Why, yes. So can I help you?”

“You got a daughter?” Sweet pea asks moving onto his next question as he crosses his arms over his chest. The man seemed suspicious as he looked past the tall kid at his doorstep and noticed the other three all with motorcycles and serpent jackets over their school uniforms.

“Jughead Jones. You haven’t changed in years.” He laughs. “How’s your father?” The man calls.

“You know him?” Toni whispers.

“He’s y/n’s dad.”


“So you mean to fucking tell me that you got a new set of neighbors who just so happen to be y/n and her dad and you never goddamn noticed?!” Sweet pea snaps. “What the hell man? Can’t you call her? Text her?”

The gang was back at the whyte Wyrm after they decided it was no good to go back to school. Sweet pea was absolutely flipping.

“For the hundredth time sweet pea, She blocked my number!” Jughead snaps back. “Sorry If i don’t want to wait outside of her house all night like a lost puppy.”

“Cut it out!” Toni shouts. “This isn’t getting anywhere if the two of you keep fighting.”

“She was at school.” Sweet pea says to himself so quietly that he wasn’t even sure if the others had heard him. The whole reason they were at the bar was because Fangs told them to get somewhere where they could battle it out without the whole town of riverdale hearing them. Sweet pea was ready to square up as soon as he met y/n’s dad but here they were.

“What?” Fangs asks. “Y/n was at-”

“Yes she was at school, Fogarty!” Sweet Pea says as he raised his voice, slamming his hands down on the bar. “I seen her in the rec room. Then afterwards in the hallway. She was dressed like a fucking northsider, man.”

It was the same cycle all over again. Sweet pea was some sweet creature at school acting like the perfect role model. When he’d get out of school and change into his regular clothes that he’d literally keep in his bag, his whole mood would go sour. He cared so much about y/n that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get over her. Sweet Pea would get so angry over the smallest things. He didn’t even know how fangs, Jughead and Toni could keep up with him anymore.

“Whatever.” Sweet Pea scoffs. “I’m going over there. I’m getting her back.”


Sweet pea woke up bright and early for school the next morning. He gelled his hair back and took out his school uniform straight from the dryer. He looked himself in the mirror and told him that he could do this.

All he had to do was go by the office and ask for a copy of her schedule and find y/n so he could talk to her. Sweet pea’s heart raced at the thought, unable to contain himself. He couldn’t ask for anything more. All he wanted was for y/n to come back and now she was here to stay for good.

Sweet pea hopped in his dad’s pickup and threw his messenger bag over to the passengers side. He picked up Toni first who got in the back along with jughead and finally fangs who scooted up front.

“You can just throw my bag down on the floor.” Sweet Pea said as he backed out onto the street again. Fangs being fangs threw sweet pea’s bag down, causing all his stuff to go flying. Toni and Jughead laughed as fangs scrambled to get everything back in. Normally sweet pea would be mad, but he was too excited to see y/n again.

“You’re in a good mood today.” Jughead points out.

“Well I couldn’t go by her house last night like I wanted and she’s clearly already left. So here I am, living my best life, Jones. I’m going to get my girl back.” Sweet Pea said in a sing song voice making Toni laugh under her breath. It was still so weird to see Sweet pea in such a good mood.

“Remember that’s my best friend you’re talking about.” Jughead teased. “One wrong move and you’re toast.”

“This is a lovely song, isn’t it?” Sweet pea says, ignoring jughead. He cranked up the radio despite Fangs and Toni’s protests. The happy, cheery beat that played on the radio was a familiar one to sweet pea. It was one of the many songs that was playing at pop’s that day with y/n. All of a sudden Sweet pea had forgotten why he was ever mad and hurt at her for leaving. He didn’t care anymore because he got to have a second chance. Y/n was like a gift from god.

Ten minutes later, sweet pea pulls into riverdale high. Everyone gets out of the truck and goes their separate ways once inside.

“If anyone sees y/n, text me so I can get to her asap.” Sweet pea calls out to the others. They all wave him off as he heads to his locker, looking all over. Today was different. He never noticed all the extra kids only now that he was trying to find the one girl that stood out from all the rest.

Sweet pea gathered his books from his locker, still glancing side to side every few seconds. Y/n could walk right by him any second. As he closed his locker, he adjusted the collar on his navy blue polo shirt and turtleneck, making sure that his hair was slicked back the way he liked it, forehead curl and all.

The bell rang and sweet pea knew that his time was up until lunch. He was in the same classroom for the first two periods so unless y/n just so happened to have the same classes as him, he was out of luck. He wouldn’t be lucky enough for her to have pulled another sticky note mishap like their first day together, could he?

Sweet pea took his seat in advanced math and got out his things. Before the rest of the class could get there, sweet pea kindly asked with his best golden boy smile if he could go to the washroom.

“Just don’t be long.” His teacher says.

Sweet pea wasn’t really sure why he had asked to go. He just got a feeling that he should leave, just five more minutes of looking for her, waiting for y/n. Sweet pea made his rounds of the top floor and decided to go to the washroom anyways, just to make sure that he looked good enough. As soon as he walked in, the only other boy there was jughead.

“Why aren’t you in class?” Jughead asks.

“Me?” Sweet pea asks. “Why aren’t you in class?”

Jughead shrugs while sweet pea looks himself over in the mirror.

“You see y/n yet?”

“Nope.” Sweet pea replies.

“Well you should probably go.” Jughead tells him. “She could be outside right now.”

Sweet pea sighed, knowing that jughead could be right. Maybe he wouldn’t see her at all. It was like a day of extreme hide and seek. Sweet pea slowly walked back to class like a snail, taking the longest route back as possible.


“Him and Veronica are in love or some shit.” Y/n sighed. “I seen her sitting on his lap and they were all lovey dovey. Sweet pea doesn’t want me back.”

“Yes he does.” Jughead says. “You’re all he’s talked about.” Jughead lowered his voice in case someone else came in the washroom like fangs. When he had seen y/n’s number pop up on his phone, he had to answer it.

Even though Jughead and y/n had a falling out last month, jughead reconnected with her instantly like nothing had happened. All she was talking about was how much she missed sweet pea. Jughead couldn’t help but smile because he was so glad for her. Sweet pea felt the same way about her and it was just plain cute how much they loved each other.

“But I seen them, jug. If he really wanted me back, why the fuck couldn’t he just come over? He knows where I live.” Y/n sighed again.

“If you really wanted him back, why couldn’t you just fucking come outside?” Jughead shot back. “I know you were still home this morning when sweet pea picked me up.”

Jughead was right. Y/n had left seconds after, just waiting to see if he would really come by to get jughead. Sure enough he had, his dad’s rusty pick up motor blasting through sunny side. She hadn’t gotten a good look at him, but wanted to boot it as soon as jughead got in the car with him.

“I’ve got to go.” Jughead says. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Jughead Hung up before y/n got a chance to back out. Jughead Jones knew that she was still that confident wicked girl that he always knew. He threw his phone in his back pocket and went back to class, the only thing on his mind getting his two friends back together.


Sweet pea decided afterwards that he didn’t want to take the slowest route back to class, but the longest one he could fucking take. He went downstairs and got a snack from the vending machine, stopped by the library to see who was around. He walked the halls with his hands in his pockets, whistling softly as he glanced in the classrooms with opened doors.

“But I seen them, jug. If he really wanted me back, why the fuck couldn’t he just come over? He knows where I live.”

No. Fucking. Way.

Sweet pea stopped in the middle of the hallway, pressing his ear up against the girls washroom. No sound came after what he had just heard but he swore on his own life that it was y/n. He’d know her voice anywhere. He couldn’t just wait outside all day because sooner or rather his teacher would realize how long he was gone and page weatherbee to bring him back. So sweet pea did the only thing he could.

Sweet pea bursted through the girls washroom, immediately thankful that there was no one else in there. There was y/n wearing the most northside chic outfit he had ever seen. She looked in the mirror, unaware of sweet pea behind her. He ran up and exclaimed her name, hugging her so tightly and spun her around.

But she didn’t say anything.

“Oh my god.” Sweet pea exclaimed. “Holy shit I missed you so much.” Sweet Pea was honestly ready to cry. Not because he was sad in any way, but because he had never been happier. He was so happy that if he died tomorrow, he knew he could die in peace knowing that y/n was back.

“Y/n?” Sweet pea asks, concerned. Was she not excited to see him?

“You’re in the girls washroom.” She said blankly.

Sweet pea scoffed playfully as she walked away. “That’s a joke right?”

But y/n kept walking towards the door. He only noticed then and there that she put her phone back in the hymn of her skirt. She had been talking to someone before he had come in. Jones.

“What about jughead? And Toni and fangs? You still care about them right?” He asks. “But you don’t care about me anymore?” Sweet pea’s voice came out a lot harsher than he expected but he didn’t apologize for it.

Y/n kept her hand on the handle, ready to push the door open and leave. But she had to tell him, even if he was so goddamn blind.

“I still care about you.” Y/n admitted. “But you don’t love me.”

“Yes I do!” Sweet pea exclaimed.

“You love Veronica. I seen you that day in the Rec room with her on your lap. We can still be friends I guess, but Jughead is the only one I really care about. He’s still my best friend.” Y/n said, and with that she was gone.

Ten seconds later, there was a hole in the wall and blood splattered on the black and white bathroom tiles. Bruised, bloody knuckles and an imperfect boy realizing that he had messed up. Patchy red blotches stained on his khaki pants. A monster staring back at him in the mirror. The urge to punch the mirror too, because what he seen wasn’t himself.

He never loved Veronica. Not now, not ever. But y/n was stubborn. That’s why sweet pea loved her. It would take a lot more than arguing with her to prove that it wasn’t what she thought. It was just a dumb game of truth or dare, and sweet pea was just a dumb kid in love.

What did you think? Let me know if you want to be tagged in part four! 


The Perfect Night

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Request: Can you do a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she has really low self-esteem and whenever Peter has to leave one of their dates, she doesn’t really say anything but then at hoco when he tells her he has to leave she’s like “I did not spend almost $1,000 on a dress I knew you’d like to be stood up.” And then yeah she goes home crying and breaks up with him later on.

Warnings: Language, angst, self put down (please know that these aren’t true, you lovelies are absolutely beautiful and worth the world)

Hope this is what you wanted!

Part 2

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House Party
  • Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
  • Genre: Smut
  • Warnings: Sexual intercourse, foul language
  • Word Count: 3,572
  • Summary: Your brother Namjoon decides to throw a party while your parents are out of town and is letting you go to it on one condition, stay away from his best friend Jungkook
  • A/N: Lmao this is loosely based off of a real life experience of mine. This party actually happened not the smut but I low key wish it would have.

In all honesty, you were minding your own business. It was a pure coincidence that you overheard your brother telling some of his friend that he was throwing a party because your parents were gone for the weekend. You walked out into the living room with your arms crossed and a smug smile on your face, “Oh, so you’re having a party tonight, Namjoon? When were you going to tell me?” Namjoon rolled his eyes and scuffed, “it doesn’t matter if I’m having a party or not because you’re not coming to it.” You expected your brother to say this, he never wanted you around when he was around his friends and he honestly pretended like he didn’t know you, and it was a very convincing act. You knew your crush, Jungkook, who also happened to be your brothers best friend was going to be there. So you did what you do best, blackmail. “Really? I can’t come to the party that’s being thrown in my own house,” you said matter of factly. “I think mom and dad would love to hear about your little plans. In fact, if they knew, I bet you they’d turn the car around and make us stay at Grandma’s. It’s really too bad that I’m not allowed to go to the party,” you said wickedly smirking reaching for the cellphone in your back pocket. “Wow, (Y/N), you ruin everything. You can come, but just pretend like you don’t know me.” You smiled satisfied with the answer that you got and started walking towards the stairs, “and (Y/N), stay away from Jungkook. Seriously you’re so annoying,” you could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

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“Where did the coffee table go ?”- Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just something short and stupid written in 5 minutes during my lunch break.  Didn’t proof read (I never do, I never can re-read anything I wrote so like meh) so sorry about any awful mistakes. Sometimes, I have really shitty ideas haha, hope you’ll still kinda like it though ^^’ :

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“The mysterious case of the disappearing furnitures by detective/Batman’s partner Richard John Grayson, 8 and a half years old : 

Recently noticed that furnitures around Wayne Manor have gone missing.

_Suspects : Bruce Wayne, (Y/N) Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth or a stranger. 
_Motive for Bruce Wayne : reminds him of his parents so he’s changing them ? But that wouldn’t explain why they’re changed on a regular basis.
_Motive for (Y/N) Wayne : …I don’t know yet, but will find one, she’s too nice to me and maybe it’s a trick so we DON’T suspect her ? Maybe she has a huge furniture dealing web out there in Gotham ! 
_Motive for Alfred Pennyworth : Less to clean.
_Motive for “stranger” : Those furnitures must be expensive, selling them might be good, but then why does Bruce not react ? Maybe it’s a mind trick that stranger is playing on Bruce, getting rid of every pieces of furniture his parents bought ? 

All of the suspect have a motive, and a good one if I might say, and I will find what is happening to all those poor furnitures ! 

09/08/01, chest of drawers disappeared.
10/08/01, new chest of drawers arrived, Alfred rolled his eyes at it.
14/08/01, lawn table gone.
14/08/01, a bit later, saw Alfred took down a few pieces of Bruce and (Y/N)’s bed, the headboard I think.
18/08/01, started my interrogation : when I asked Bruce he became very pale and looked “horrified” (according to (Y/N) who entered, she said : “what’s that horrified face my heart ?”). I’m not sure what horrified means, but it doesn’t sound nice…maybe he feels guilty ? When I asked my questions about the broken and missing pieces of furniture to (Y/N), she just burst out laughing.
26/08/01, today, almost the entire living room was empty, I asked Alfred and he said he was remodeling…I think he doesn’t want to worries me about our furnitures being stolen.
01/09/01, Saw da Bruc Dad Bruce sneaking out with the a plank that I believe is from the coffee table in the living room…very suspicious”.

Smiling, Dick stops reading the clumsy handwriting he had when he was eight and puts down his old “very important cases” notebook back on his deck, sighing, nostalgic. 

Oh the good old days when he was the only “Batboy” (who was he kidding ? Dick knew that without little brothers his life would be boring. He makes a mental note though, to hide this forever from his brother’s sight, they would mock him too much for almost everything written in that thing).

“Where do all the furniture go ?” was his actual first case, and…oh ew, just thinking about what he discovered, a few years after he “opened the case”, where those furnitures went, was grossing him out. 

But he still couldn’t help but smile at his younger self. 

He was a rather cute kid wasn’t it ? His mom would agree.

His mom. 

“(Y/N) Wayne”, the woman who was “too nice, must be a trick”…Oh he was so wrong about that. You were nice because you were the best woman in the World. You were more than nice. You were…Oh man you were the best in everything ! Your hugs and soothing wordsgot him through so many difficult moments…

One of the only thing “bothering” him about you, was still kind of awesome.

It was so damn disgusting sometimes. But also overly adorable.

Your only “flaw” was to be too in love with Bruce, and vice versa. 

You two could be so gross when together, forgetting the world around you, kissing and embracing and EWWW ! 

Sometimes, your sons had to make sure you both knew they were here by making loud noises, and even then, more often than not, they’d be the one leaving the room rather than you two stopping being so goddamn in love. 

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newsies  as things my casts have said

Race: *walks into the green room and sees Katherine sadly trying to eat Panera*

Kath: listen I was eating mac n’ chese but I’m not allowed to eat in costume so I had to eat really fast, and my spoon broke

Race: ok, well I’m just gonna let you work that out


Race: damn I’m like a five course meal

Albert: well I’m a luxury meal prepared by Gordon Ramsey

Jack: *walks in* I look like a hot pocket 


Katherine: *walks into the girls dressing room* Jack! I though you were a woman!

Jack: well jokes on you I’m actually a man

Kath: why are you in here?

Jack: they’re making my wig look nicer it looks like a mop right now

Kath: that’s fair it does look quite bad


Race: *eating food before a show*

Crutchie: *puts his glasses and phone down next to Race*

Race: Crutchie I really hope you know you have the phone of an actual eighty year old man

Crutchie: *looks down shamefully* yeah I know…


Finch, Race, and Albert: *on the ground in full costume doing a push up contest*

Jack and Crutchie: *look directly at each other, in unison* what the hell?????

Kath: I declare Finch the winner of the traditional push up contest, but I also demand you all leave and go drink some OJ we have a show


Jack: *in the empty green room yelling to himself, but everyone can hear him* Where is the throat coat, because imma need that if I can actually be Marius tonight

Davey: *yelling from the leads dressing room* Jesus it’s in the cabinet where it always is you bumbling idiot, you’ve been here for years you should know where it is. I have no idea how you survive without any of us 


Race: *come out of the bathroom, and pushes through the costume rack while making a strange noise*

Albert: I didn’t even look and I knew exactly who that is


JoJo: *backstage during teach week* guys your chakras are a little too loud, you’re going to have to quiet down


Race: *finds a chicken nugget in the fridge* you want the nugg? *does not wait for a response just immediately throws it at a random person*


Albert: *lifting les* IT’S THEATRE WEIGHTS

Les: *just smiling and going along with it*

Race: *runs backstage to record I bc he is a proud dad*

Davey: really can you not to this to my brother, thanks so much

anonymous asked:

Can you pretty pretty please do serpent jughead falling hopelessly in love with good girl Betty from the north side?? I need some cheesy fluff in my life now😭.

She’s perfect. Everyone knows it, everyone sees it. She wears cardigans with frilly pink sleeves and her hair always smells like some kind of strawberry scented shampoo, her voice sounds like melting honey and their are always navy blue bandaids tucked into her palms. She smiles at everyone, the kind of smile that makes you slow down just a little bit to make sure she’s smiling at you, and she always is, she always knows how to make it seem like you’re the only person in the world. Betty Cooper is perfect and good and kind and every single thing Jughead Jones is not.

Jughead was raised on the Southside, an empty beer bottle as his pacifier and hand me down clothes from the mixed up family next door. He wears leather and grease, his body Is bruised and he doesn’t go anywhere without a cigarette tucked firmly behind his left ear. With a full head of thick black hair and eyes an almost sea water blue he’s for sure a good looking kid, handsome in his own right, but it doesn’t help him much, he’s not interested in any of the girls who come his way, purple streaked hair and fishnet stocking really don’t get him going. There’s only ever been one girl who’s made his heart ache, made his stomach flutter uncomfortably and his palms sweat, and that’s Betty Cooper, perfect girl next door.

He’d never really spoken to her, just watched, observed from his space three booths down from her usual spot at Pops Diner. There was no denying she was absolutely beautiful, the kind of face you expect to see on of those pin up magazines his dad kept taped up in the shed. But she was smart too, not just smart, she was brilliant, her taste ranged from Jane eyre to Capote and jughead often found himself jotting down the titles of the books she would heave into the little booth, tucking her feet under her butt and only looking up to wave as nearly everyone who came in greeted her.

He wanted to know her, wanted to show her his book collection, wanted her to edit his novel. Jughead knew she worked for her school paper he had seen the fancy printed blue and gold Newspaper with Betty’s signature hot pink gel pen corrections scribbled on top. She was an anomaly, something he wanted to study from closer. But he never did.

He didn’t even have the rights to be looking at her, not when she was….who she was.. and he was..who he was. The north and south side were in a clear cut civil war and any kind of peace was not to be extended between two young kids both of their own rank on their own side. Jughead jones , the young Serpent Prince and Betty Cooper, the north sides very own pretty blonde princess.

So he just watched, just observed.

Well.. that was until today of course.

His truck had broken down, the tire completely wrecked by some loose nails in the road, and while yes he was a Serpent, he had absolutely no idea how to change a tire, never learned and never wanted too, well atleast not until now.

“Piece of shit!” Jughead growled, kicking the flat piece of rubber and chucking his now dead and completely useless phone onto his front seat. He slowly slid down to the barren road, his head slamming against the cool metal of his truck.

He was stranded, completely and utterly stranded, and it was hot as hells balls in the beaming sun that pierced through his blazing leather.

“Maybe don’t do that, you might go and give yourself a concussion. I’m no nurse… not yet atleast.”

Jugheads eyes snapped open, his mouth hanging slack as he stared at a giggling betty cooper , the dark haired boy scrambled to his feet, apparently incapable of forming a sentence

“I… I .. uhh.. you…” He floundered.

Betty quirked a perfectly manicured eyebrow, she slowly peeled off her pastel yellow sweater revealing a tight white camisol that had Jughead practically drooling

“I see you’re having tire trouble? Mind if I take a look?” She folded her sweater into a perfect square and placed it in the open front seat of his truck. Once again Jughead just nodded dumbly.

Betty bent down, her tight jeans giving Jughead the perfect view of her tight and toned butt.
“Oh i could fix this in a second flat, you’ve even got a tire and a tool kit right in your trunk!” She turned to him, pieces of her perfectly curled ponytail falling into her eyes as it loosened.

“You don’t have have to do that.” Jughead finally found his voice, she could fix a tire? Was there anything she couldn’t do?

“Well I can’t tie a cherry stem with my tongue.” The beautiful blonde smirked.

Had he said that out loud?! his cheeks burned scarlet red.

“And anyway, it’s no trouble at all! I was changing tires before I could ride a bike.” Betty brushed past him reaching for the tire in his trunk.

“Yeah.. I… thanks.” Jughead , finishing lamely.

She heaved the heavy object to the floor, rolling it to the side and getting to work, Jughead was torn between keeping his mouth shut and just watching the most sexy thing he’d ever seen, or
Asking her questions, all the questions he had always wanted to know.

“I’m Jughead Jones by the way” he shouted over the ticking of the wrench.

The ticking continued but Betty rose her voice
“Well I know that. Jughead Jones, coffee black and at least three burgers a day.” She giggled.

Jughead fell back slightly, she’d been watching him? Just like he’d been watching her? She knew his damn coffee order?

“I don’t mean to sound creepy but we’re always at the Diner at the same time is all, I see you more than I see my best friend.” Betty added a bit nervously, her eyes looking back into his.

“I know what you mean, I think we’ve shared more meals than me and my dad ever have.” He chuckled, Betty’s laugh sounded like Christmas bells on the 25th.”You always get a strawberry milkshake and you never finish your fries”

Betty laughed deep and real, standing up from the ground and wiping her dirty hands on her knees.

“Moderation.” She beamed. “All done.”

Jughead stared in awe at the brand new tire sitting in its spot.

“Is that why you wear the band aids on your palms, change a lot of tires?.” He blurted out, quickly squeezing his eyes shut, who was he to ask such personal questions?

Betty glanced down at her palms before looking back at Jughead
“That’s another story, a long one. Well anyway, I oughta let you get home. I saw that you were in a hurry and all that.” Betty pulled her cardigan from the front seat and gave a little wave, her hips swishing on her way back to the SUV.

“How about I buy you a shake and some of those fries you like so much.” He shouted, his heart thudding in his chest. “I can ya know kinda repay you for fixing my tire and you could.. ya know.. tell me that story.”

Betty turned around slowly, her sparkling green eyes curious

“You asking me on a date Jughead jones?” She smirked, so devilish it looked strange on her pretty face.

He swallowed thickly
“I guess I am.. Betty Cooper.”

Betty turned around again and for a second Jughead felt the burning sting of rejection but a moment later Betty was by his side, her purse clutched in her hand.

“Well? Aren’t you gonna open the door for me?” She grinned.

The smile slipped on his lips
“You got it betts”

Thanks anon and @mothermaple
For the idea!



  • I’ll take you as you are by Behindthecities
    Summary: Even can’t sleep so Isak draw’s him a bath.

  • One More Second by kosekardemomme
    Summary: Isak invites the boys over to hang out with Even, for the first time with just them, just after Christmas. “Evak” can’t keep their hands off each other, though.

  • isak x even | dance so good by BloonStuff
    Summary: When Isak happens upon Even out of bed in the first time in a few days, he decides to make the most of the moment. 


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Daddy’s Little Girl (Peter ParkerxStark!Reader)

Author’s Note: Second series I will be starting. I hope you like this one–I’m already having a bunch of fun writing this!

Warnings: Physical fighting at the beginning, and then an argument.

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

  You were screwed–no, more than screwed. Sweat dripped from your forehead. It stung your eyes. Your muscles cramped up, bruised from all of the hits you took, and you held your fists up.

  “I could do this all day,” you panted. Your knees yearned to buckle, but you used your last bit of strength in order to keep standing.

  Another fist landed in your side, causing you to grunt loudly. But then you kicked a gut, then slapped your hands against two ears, causing a scream of pain.

  And a roundhouse kick finished it off. The teenage boy stumbled back into crates, collapsing into them and breaking them. That was the third and final of them.

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Peter Parker Crushing on You While Being Tony’s Daughter Would Include (Preference):

- You went to the same school as Peter starting your Junior Year (You’re a year older than him) and you two already knew each other because of the civil war. When he saw you at school at first he was shocked, but he was very happy to see you.

- You didn’t have superpowers, but you were trained in self-defense and you wanted to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Even though Peter knew you were strong, he always worried about you and looked out for you. If you came over and left at night, he’d either walk you or follow you home, just to make sure nothing went wrong.

- Flash instantly tries to flirt with you since you’re “just his type” and pretty obviously Peter’s crush. This makes Peter angry to no end, but you always shut Flash down. He was definitely not your type.

- Peter always trying to do nice things for you, like help you with your homework if you needed it or bringing you food to school if you texted him you left your lunch at home.

- People knew who you were and they were always trying to get close to you, asking you for money, or were just straight-up harassing you. Peter always pulled you out of these situations if he could, he knew they made you really uncomfortable.

- Your dad questioning you when you said you wanted to go to normal school for your junior and senior years, but letting you do it anyway. When he realized it was the same school that Peter went to, it made him a little weary.

- When it came to homecoming, Peter didn’t ask you, and it broke your heart. He was too afraid to ask you and ended up going with Liz, his previous crush. You ended up going on the plane with your father’s stuff that was boarded by Vulture, when Peter saved your life that night he confessed how he really felt about you.

"Rough Work" a Carl Grimes X Reader Smut

You sat on your couch in your shared house in Alexandria. Talking to your friend Ron while your boyfriend was out working with his dad, Rick. You weren’t too fond of being in the house alone, but you didn’t have much of a choice considering everyone volunteered you to watch Judith. Who was certainly sleeping. So, like most days, Ron came over. Someone who Carl wasn’t too fond of. You figured that a little jealousy wouldn’t hurt anyone. Then again with Carl who knows..

You sat near each other on the couch laughing about something Judith had done earlier today. Though Ron’s voice seemed to be in more of a flirty tone. You didn’t pay any mind to it though. All you knew is you loved these little moments filled with laughter, something Carl hasn’t been able to give you since the walls needed to be rebuilt. But you still loved him no matter how busy he were to get. Though you did miss him a lot. His kisses, his warm touch, the way he looked at you with that stunning smile of his. Maybe that’s why you were hanging with Ron more then usual. To get Carl’s attention. You knew he was busy but he needed to know that you still needed love too. Not just a glance before bed.

As Ron scooted closer, acting as if he was about to make a move the door opened. Revealing a hot sweaty Carl who looked completely drained from the heat and hard work. Your eyes shot to him as a sad smile formed from your lips. You hated seeing him like this, he didn’t deserve it but it was just something that had to be done. He took off his hat and went to walk for the stairs when he saw you and Ron. His eyes narrowed and filled with anger. His hands turned into fists. Showering and sleeping was no longer on his mind. Beating Ron to death was.

“What’s going on here?” Carl asked. His eyes forming a glare at Ron. “We were just talking.” You spoke up as you crossed your arms. The way Carl nearly walked right past you after not seeing each other all day but only stopped because Ron was near, kind of pissed you off. Ron on the other hand looked slightly horrified. “Yeah. Don’t mind us. Go about ignoring (Y/N).” Ron spat. You had told Ron about how you felt. Which now you began to realize might of been a mistake. “Excuse you?” Carl stepped forward. “You heard me” Ron stood up as if ready to face Carl. “Oh please both of you calm down. You’re worse then Judith.” You huffed. “You need to go, Ron. before I make you leave.” Carl spoke with rage trembling within his voice. “Well you’re gonna have to make me.” Ron crossed his arms. “Guys c'mon” you stood up. Knowing Carl would actually most likely end up beating Ron. “First…You invade my home…Then you wheeze your way into a ‘friendship’ with my girlfriend.. Now you’re flirting with her while I’m out working my ass off?!” Carl grabbed Ron by his shirt and shoved him against the wall “H-Hey not my fault she needs a real man in her life” Ron grinned. Carl raised his fist ready to kill Ron with a thunder punch. You ran over “Carl Grimes!” You yelled for him to stop while grabbing his shirt. He grinds his teeth while backing up then shoving Ron towards the door “Get out.” He told Ron with a warning tone. Ron didn’t think twice before turning around and quickly leaving. You sighed and rubbed your face with your hands “Carl…We weren’t doing anything. You know I would never cheat on you.” You turned around to face the stairs. Feeling offended that he would think such things you went to walk up the stairs. Only to be stopped by his arms gently wrapping around you. “I’m sorry…I know you wouldn’t but it’s just…I’m not your only choice anymore…” he said while nuzzling your neck sadly. Your heart broke hearing his saddened voice. You turned around and wrapped your arms around him, lovingly and comfortingly. “Carl..I never dated you because you were my 'Only Choice’. I dated you and continue to because I love you. And only you. You’ve given me a life worth surviving for. You’re my everything” You said as you gently brushed the little stray hairs out of his face. Your expression soft and loving and his turning relived and happy. “I…I love you (Y/N). So fucking much” He said as he pulled you into his chest. His embrace tight and packed with love and protection as he nuzzled your hair “And..I know I can have a temper sometimes…But I never mean to hurt you…But with Ron I just-” He stopped and sighed. “I just don’t trust him…The thought of you having someone else like we are together…I just can’t stand it. I hate him. I hate when he’s around you. I hate his stupid fucking face and the way he looks at you - a-and the moves he tries to pull on you!” He slammed his fist against the wall in pure anger. Your eyes widened at his sudden outburst but at the same time, you understood him. You hated when any other girl was around him. Because even though he didn’t see it, you saw the way they looked at him. And you hated them to death for it. “Love…” You whispered softly as you moved to be in front of him. He hung his head low in shame of what he’s done. “Honey I’ll never love anybody but you. To be honest i don’t really like Ron. He was just someone to hang with while you were away…And plus…He made you jealous…So how could I resist the teasing it would bring on” You smirked as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He slowly looked up at you through his sweaty but still amazing hair with that devilish grin of his. “All this for a tease?” He asked. You replied with a simple nod and a lip bite. “You know how I handle teasing, (Y/N).” He spoke in that deep dark voice you knew all too well. His lips brushed against your neck as he pressed you against the wall. You couldn’t help but grin knowing this was going to get you exactly what you wanted. What you’ve been waiting for. “Actually I don’t really. Maybe you could..I don’t know…Refresh my memory?” Before you could even finish your sentence you were being carried into the kitchen with your legs around his waist and his hands on your ass to hold you up. He sat you on the counter and you squeaked in surprise while looking down at him only to see him aggressively whipping off his belt and tugging down his pants, leaving his tightening boxers. You bit your lip in excitement at the sight of his growing boner. “Then let me-” He gripped your thighs tightly and pulled you against him “Refresh that memory”

With a wink before you knew it your clothes were off and tossed around the kitchen along with his. His lips attached to your neck, sucking and leaving 'You’re Mine’ marks all over. You moaned as you reached down to his boxers, palming him through them causing him to let a moan slip through his lips. You grinned to yourself. You kept one hand down there playing with 'him’ as the other felt around his body. You slowly lowered your lips to his neck. Deciding to leave your own marks on him. He bit his lip as his grip on your one thigh tightened, the other in your hair. His brought his hands to play with your breasts, kneading and squeezing them causing you to moan into his ear. His lips lowered to them. He took one sensitive nipple of yours into his mouth, sucking and licking on it within his lips. You arched your back in pleasure. That was enough teasing. “C-Carl please…” You started. “J-Just…Fu-” Before you could finish he ripped off his boxers and pulled you closer. “Baby girl you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. Begging will only make it rougher for you” His lips brushed across your neck as he spoke. His breath rolling down your neck. Your eyes fluttered shut hearing his voice in such husky tone. One you’ve missed. His one hand gripped your thigh again, tugging you even closer as the other positioned his rock-hard on to your entrance. He thrusted through your soft folds, getting himself ready with your juice. Feeling his huge swollen tip push against your sensitive clit was nearly enough to put you over the edge. Especially the fact that he did it twice and slow. Your hands found their way to his shoulders, one gripping his shoulder the other in his hair. Your forehead rested against his as he slowly thrusted into you. You always loved the feeling he gave especially in these moments. The way he filled you, the way he stretched you out, it was all so rememberable. You took in a slow deep breath as you adjusted. As soon as he saw you were ready, he pulled out, tip just barely staying inside. But then he thrusted back in. The sound your skin made when it came in contact with his echoed throughout the house. You moaned loudly and in shock at his sudden movement. Thinking he was only going to do it once, it definitely caught you off guard when he continued to go just as rough. Causing you to scream his name in pleasure. “They need get it-Through their thick skulls - that you’re mine!” He said with a loud grunt. You moaned to his words. Your grip tightened on him, your face nuzzled deeply into his chest. When the knot began to tighten in your stomach you knew just how close you were. But Carl had a different idea. He pulled out and put you on your feet. His hands gripped your hips as he turned you around and slid into you from behind. You both moaned deeply, loving the position. You gripped onto the counter as you let your head fall down and the pleasure take over. His rhythm continued. He would pull out to the tip and slam right back in. Going so fast you barely felt him pull out at times. His grunts and moans got lower and deeper as he got grabby. His one hand slid down in front of you. Rubbing that very special spot as his other hand went up and gripped your neck, pulling you back against him. He began kissing your neck and down your back. Leaving more bites behind as well. You weren’t used to him being so rough. Usually he was gentle and afraid to get too rough. But tonight he wasn’t. His middle finger rubbed vigorously on your clitoris. You continued to scream in pleasure as did he when you both heard the sudden click of the front doorknob. Your heart wasn’t just racing with excitement it was now racing with fear. If Rick-Hell anyone was to find you two like this you were both dead. You started to freak out and tried to climb away from him. But he spun you around and wrapped your legs around his waist, reentering you instantly. You moaned but also knew you both had to make a run for it.“C-Carl if they find us like this we’re dead!!” You warned him in a rushed yet quiet tone. “Nahuh. We aren’t done yet” He replied in that husky tone that you loved so much. Just as the door started to creek and foot steps were heard he gripped you tighter and ran into the pantry, never letting his member leave you he quickly shut the door quietly behind him before he slammed you against the wall with love. His hands slid down to your ass where he gripped you tightly and began to make you bounce on him. You squeaked while rewrapping your arms around his neck. The thrill of nearly being caught excited you yet almost made you fear for your life. But Carl was not done yet. “Carl? (Y/N)? You in here?” Your eyes widened hearing Rick call for you both while entering the kitchen. You nuzzles Carl’s neck, knowing he wasn’t going to stop. But you didn’t want him to either. “What the hell…” You heard Ricks voice from the kitchen. You knew both of yours and Carl’s clothes were scattered around there. “Fu-Fuck you’re so tight- (Y/N) I-I’m cumming where do I-” You cut him off, slowly leaned closer so your lips brushed against his ear. “In me” You whispered. He slammed his hands against the wall, pushing even deeper inside you and hitting your inter sweet spot head on. You tried to hold back but failed and screamed out his name. He dug his fingers into the wall paper as his seed of love split within you. His moans were just as loud. Which told Rick and everybody where you both were. But in this moment, neither of you cared. “CARL! (Y/N) GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! BOTH OF YOU ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!” Rick shouted. Carl started grinning as he panted against your neck. “I’m deep but not that kind of deep” He whispered to you. You giggled and rested your forehead against his. “I love you. And every way that we are deep.” You grinned. “I love you too. And this is my favorite kind of deep.” He grinned back as he captured your lips in a loving kiss.

Did this boy drive you crazy? Yes. Were you probably going to get murdered by Rick? Mmm yeah. Was the love of your life’s kid just planted inside you? 100%. But all that mattered was that he is yours. And you are his.

💫~“Rough Work”~

{This was requested by: Anonymous. Written by: Me!}

{I just want to say a quick thank you to the requester and every follower I have for sticking around and that I deeply apologize for the long wait. Each and every one of you are special to me, I never imagined my stories would get the love that they have. I never abandoned this blog, posting has just been slow. Too slow. And that I apologize again for. Stories will very much still be continued though!}

{Lots more on the way! Dixon is next y'all so be prepared! Requests are temporarily closed. I apologize for the lack of posts once again.} 💫


Niall saw Harry standing with his back towards the playground, he was looking down at the baby he had strapped to his chest with a big goofy grin. Niall looked to his left and smiled as he saw his little girls looking around the busy park for a certain curly haired little boy they hadn’t seen in weeks. He followed their gaze and when he saw the little boy standing off to the side with his arms crossed over his chest and a worried look on his little face he couldn’t help but wonder how hard it was to get him to agree to come to the park in the first place.

“There you lot are! Was about to send a search party.” Niall rolled his eyes as his girls took off towards Harry who was smiling as they soon attacked his legs with hugs. “How is my favorite set of twins? You two been giving your old man a hard time like i told you?” The girls giggled as they looked up at Harry.

“Can we see tha baby?” Harry nodded his head and bent down so the little girls could peek over the baby carrier and see the sweet little girl that was currently asleep.

“She’s bald.” Niall quickly tapped his curly haired daughter on the shoulder and gave her a look. “Sorry.” She quickly whispered to the baby making Harry just laugh as he stood up straight.

“I know who you’re looking for love,” Harry turned around and pointed over towards a tree where his son was still standing looking extremely nervous. “He’s right there, been waiting for you.” With that the two girls took off towards the little boy who’s eyes got wide as he saw the duo heading right for him.

“Da girls have been lookin forward ta this all week.” Niall stated as he took a seat on the bench Harry had his diaper bag on. Harry took the seat next to him and smiled as he saw the three kids running around the tree, he knew that his son was more than likely trying to run away from the twins while they assumed it was just a game of tag.

“Took me twenty minutes to get him here, refused to hold my hand unless he saw me wash em fo a solid three minutes and nothing less.” Niall just nodded his head as Harry let out a sigh before turning and looking right at him. “He hates the park, doesn’t like how sticky everything is and how he gets all sweaty. Makes us rush home so he can shower.”

“Jus tell em it’s a special kinda sticky stuff, gonna give em super sonic speed or somethin.” Harry rolled his eyes at a Niall’s advice just as Harry’s son ran up to Harry holding out his hands with a frantic look on his face.

“Sanitizer!” Harry was already reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out his bottle of hand sanitizer. “I touched the swing dad, full on palm to metal contact.” Harry’s eyes went wide with fake concern as his son rubbed his hands together after Harry placed a decent amount of hand sanitizer on the little boys palm.

“The swing isn’t too bad, remember you love the one at home.” Niall watched the little boy dramatically roll his eyes at his father’s words. Harry tossed the hand sanitizer back into the bag as he peeked down to see that his daughter was still peacefully asleep.

“That’s because it’s mine dad, I’m the only one who touches it.” Harry just nodded his head as he son turned around and ran off towards the twins that were currently sitting in the grass. Niall knew they were probably about to start throwing dirt at each other but he’d deal with that when it happened.

“Right, don’t think the supper sonic speed is gonna work on him mate. He just doesn’t like to be dirty,” Niall went from watching his girls make faces at each other to Harry who was looking at his son with a concerned look. “Or touch people that he hasn’t known longer than three weeks.” Harry’s voice was strained and Niall could see the crinkle between his brows forming.

“Oh relax Harry, he’s a kid fo Christ sake. Dey do weird stuff, go through phases like da girls their thing right now is wet Willy’s. Give em ta everyone they can reach, but next week it’ll be somethin else.” Harry just ran a hand over his face and shrugged his shoulders.

“You better not!” Both men turned their heads in the direction of the little girls arguing under the tree. “No! Don’t tell daddy!” Niall’s eyes went wide as his curly haired daughter grabbed her sisters wrist and yanked her onto the ground.

Niall instantly got up off the bench while Harry watched his son take a step back as the girls began wrestling in the grass. Harry couldn’t help but look down at the sleeping baby in the carrier and smile.

“You’re not gonna be rowdy like that are you my little love?” His voice was barley above a whisper as the baby moved a bit in her sleep.

“What da bloody hell you two doin? What’s dis about?” Harry rolled his eyes as he heard Niall shouting from across the park. When Harry turned his head and saw Niall pulling one of his twins off the other he couldn’t help but laugh.

“She bit me!” Niall rolled his eyes as he placed his little girl on the ground and turned to look at his daughter who was standing up and straightening out her shirt.

“You pulled my hair!” He quickly had an arm out keeping the two girls separated all while Harry’s son watched from a distance with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open. “She started it Daddy, she’s always messing with me!” Harry just watched in amusement as Niall attempted to handle the situation.

“Dats enough. You two are gonna have ta deal wit yer mum when we get home. So ya better make da best of dis time while ya got it.” Niall watched as both his little girls faces went from anger to sheer panic as he mentioned their mother.

“Sorry sissy, wanna play on the swings?” And with that the two grabbed hands and took off towards the swings. Niall turned and gave the little boy who was standing by the tree a smile.

“Ya wanna join em? They might need a referee.” Niall joked and Harry watched as his son took a moment and looked at the two on the swing set before shrugging and taking off to join them.

“Always threatening them with their mom, not quite fare now is it?” Harry asked once Niall was back sitting on the bench next to him. Niall just laughed and shrugged as he took a sip out of his water bottle.

“It works,” Harry just laughed. “She jus gives em dis look and they jus stop whatever dey were doin, it’s like magic.” Niall added as he looked at his girls taking turns on the swing while Harry’s son watched to make sure they were being fare.

“The missus has a knack fo making him just relax and it’s quite amazing to watch actually.” Niall turned and saw Harry looking at his son with a smile on his face. “She can get him to try new things, makes him step out of his comfort zone.” Niall noticed the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch a sign that he was getting worked up. Niall just reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

“It’s a mum thing mate, no point in tryin ta understand it. But dat little girl ya got, you’re gonna be da one who will fix all er problems. You’re gonna be da one who she runs to fo everything mate, from lookin fo spooky tings under da bed to makin her tears stop when she scrapes er knee. You’re in fo a real treat, a daughter’s love is somethin special.” Harry looked at Niall who was now glancing over at his twin girls who were waving at him with big grins on their faces.

“Thanks Niall, those two are lucky to have you.” Niall glanced over at Harry and gave him a smile and a nod. Harry went back to looking at his son who was laughing as the twins made silly faces at him.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with Niall breaking up little fights between his girls while Harry had to apply hand sanitizer to his son’s hands only a few more times. The two men talked about their wives for a while discussing how they needed to all get together for a dinner night soon.

Before the two little families went their separate ways Harry was surprised to see his son hug each of Niall’s daughters, something he normally wouldn’t do since he wasn’t big on touching. Niall smiled as he leaned over and placed a little kiss on the forehead of the little girl who was now fully awake strapped to Harry’s chest.

“See you soon mate,” Harry said as he gave Niall a side hug due to the baby carrier on his chest. Niall laughed as he patted Harry’s back before pulling away.

“Tell the missus i said hello and she needs ta give my wife dat chicken soup recipe.” Harry just shook his head as he grabbed his son’s hand.

“She’s taking it to the grave Niall, she’s told you that but i will see what i can do. Bye ladies, always a pleasure.” Harry shot the little girls a little wink causing them to giggle.

“Bye uncle Harry!” And with that the two men turned and headed off in the direction of their homes, Harry holding his son’s hand while Niall found himself with one little girl on each side of him as they went on and on about the events of the day.

An Old Flame-A Grayson Dolan Imagine

A/N: This is going to be a series. I have the next two parts already written! This one does not include smut but the next two will! I am not sure how long this series will be. Right now I am looking at about five to six updates in total but we will see! I hope you guys enjoy. I would usually do a summary but we are going to skip that. All you need to know is, this involves your feels and dad! Grayson. Feel free to send in requests!

Word Count: 3,030 

Prologue: You dated Grayson at ages 18-20 but broke up for 6 months when you were 19 and you both had an insignificant relationship to mask the pain. His significant other got pregnant but didn’t tell Gray until she was 7 months along with none other than twins. He told you he couldn’t abandon blood, so he was going to become a dad and he only had a couple months to prepare for it. You left even though he wanted you to stay so he felt less alone, but he had Ethan, so you left without another word. Breaking his heart which tore you up more than anything. After you left Grayson, you dated a guy named Ryan. You eventually became engaged and you were ecstatic. Shortly after your engagement, you found out that you were pregnant. Everyone was so excited. When you were 7 months pregnant Ryan was in a car accident where he eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away. You were 7 months pregnant with a little boy who would never meet his dad.


You were back home in New Jersey for a couple weeks to celebrate your 

parents 25th wedding anniversary. It was a crisp November day. Your son, Bentley Ryan (after his dad) wanted to go to the park so you complied. While at the park Bentley ran up to a little girl who was crying, you knew immediately that it was one of the little Dolan twins. You knew she was Grayson’s right away. She looked just like him and also she had the freckle on her chin just like he did. “Is Grayson your dad?’’ You asked, and she nodded. “You know my daddy?” She asked with teary eyes. “We were friends a long-time a-” “Addison!” You hear an all too familiar voice. “Addison Rose” you hear it again. “Addy” he sounds even more worried. “Over here Gray” you yell at him. He runs with his other little girl tight in his grasp. Bentley was trying to help the little girl feel better who you now know as Addison. “Y/N?” He asked. “Hi Grayson” you mumbled. “You ok sweetheart?” He looked down to his daughter. “Yes, this lady made me feel better” she whimpered. He picked her up and squeezed her tightly. “I was so worried someone took you” he whispered running his hand through her hair and kissing her head. “Are these your girls with Elizabeth?” I asked. “Umm yea but she left when they were born. The first night she was home with the girls she left in the middle of the night. Amelia (the other twin) was crying and she said she was going to take care of it, but the crying never stopped so I went to check, and she was gone. She had signed away her rights and never told me. The papers were sitting on the changing table. I held them both and just cried. I love them so much, I couldn’t imagine not having them” he said as his voice diminished to a whisper. “I’m so sorry Gray” I said with empathy in my eyes. “Do you have children?” He asked. “Yes, that’s Bentley” I said pointing to my beautiful son. “He looks just like you” he admitted. “I could say the same about your girls” I smiled. “They are my world and I’m sure Bentley is yours. Where’s his dad?” He asked. I took a deep breath. “He’s not here. He was in a car accident when I was pregnant and didn’t survive” I told him. I don’t why I was just telling him everything or why he was telling me. “I’m so sorry that’s awful” he said looking at me with sad eyes. “You want to go for coffee and catch up?” He asked. “Umm sure. With or without kids?” I asked. “With” he smiled.

We headed to the coffee shop around the corner. “How old is Bentley?” He asked. “He will be three in March. Your girls are what, three or four?” I asked. “They’ll be four in December,” he told me. “What day?” I asked. “The 16th” he smiled. He knew I was good at dates. “They were born on your and Ethan’s birthday?” I asked. “Best birthday present I’ve ever had,” he said looking at his girls as the kids watched a show on their tablet. “How is Ethan?” I asked. “Good, he is engaged. They’re getting married in August” he said. “That’s so good for him. Do you like the bride?” I asked. “She’s pretty cool. She loves my brother and that’s all I’ve wanted for him” he admitted. “You’ve always been a good brother, Grayson” I smiled sheepishly. We continued talking about our life and kids. We were getting ready to head back to my parents when he asked me something. “What about a play date?” He blurted. “For the kids?” I asked. “For everyone,” he said nervously. “Grayson, I am only visiting for a couple weeks,” I told him. “Well still the kids are having a lot of fun” he gestured to them. “They’ll get attached,” I said. “They’re young,” he said. I agreed hesitantly. I must admit it was nice being able to talk to a single parent who understood. “How about tomorrow?” He asked. “My parents 25th wedding anniversary dinner is tomorrow night,” I said. “Tell them I said congrats and happy anniversary,” he said. “I will what about Sunday?” I asked. “Sounds good, I’ll text you my address,” he said. “Grayson you don’t have my number,” I said. “Then I suppose you’ll have to give it to me” he smirked. This boy is so damn charming. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

(Later that night)


Grayson: how’s the dinner?

Me: good until you texted me

Just kidding

G:so funny Y/N

M: It’s good I’ve missed my family.

G: how long has it been since you’ve visited?

M: I’ve only visited twice since I left 4 years ago. I flew home when Bentley was a little over one and now. It’s not easy flying with a toddler

G: oh, I’m sure. We always take night flights so the twins sleep. You only make that mistake once

M: not a bad idea Dolan but I will talk to you later I have to help set the table

G: talk to you later gorgeous

This fucking asshole. He’s still so charming and attractive four years later. I’m scared. I can’t love him again. I live in Texas and he’s in New Jersey. It would never work. The dinner went so well no crippling family drama was expelled and no kids cried. It was pretty successful. It was so nice seeing my family. I looked at my phone for the first time in a couple hours.


G: is 11 a good time tomorrow? I can make everyone lunch

M: that’s not necessary, Grayson

G: I insist. You know I’m a good cook

M: fine but B is picky

G: chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese with some grapes ?

M: that’s one of his favorites actually

G: I’m just genius when it comes to kids

M: I’ll see you at 11 then

G: ok, well I’m beat. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N

M: goodnight g

G: sleep well beautiful

M: good night Grayson

I almost played along but I’m scared. I loved him once and it took me a year before I moved on. I was lucky to meet Ryan and I fell in love with him too, but that love was so different than my love with Grayson Dolan.

I hear my alarm clock blaring at 9:30. Bentley wasn’t up so I went downstairs, and my mom was standing in the kitchen pouring coffee into her #1 mom mug. “Pour me one?” I asked, and she jumped. “You startled me, dear,” she said exasperatedly. “Sorry mom,” I said as I chuckled. “What’s wrong Y/N,” she asked. “I saw Grayson the other day,” I told her. “Like Grayson, Grayson?” She inquired. “That’s the one” I confirmed. “Oh honey, how does it make you feel?” She asked curiously. “I don’t know mom, leaving him was so hard and some days I regret it but other days I don’t. I would’ve never had B or met Ryan. He’s still so kind and gentle. I’m going back to Texas mom. I can’t hurt him again” I explained tears welling in my eyes. “He’s a grown man sweetie, I’ve always liked Grayson and his family. If you think it’s a good idea, then do it but don’t do it to spare his feelings” she told me her wise advice. “I never stopped loving him, momma. When Ryan died, all I wanted was for Ryan to be alive, but I knew that wasn’t possible, so I just wanted Grayson to be there” I admitted truthfully. “Why don’t you guys go on a date this week and I’ll watch B” she suggested. “Thank you, mom, but I forgot to mention something” I paused “He has twin girls”. She gasped and then said “Well he can drop them off and the kids can have a play date” she added. I hugged her and said, “Thank you, mom.’’ “Of course, sweetie. Even when you were young, the happiest I’ve ever seen you was with Grayson. He’s a good man and I’m sure he’s a good daddy” she smiled and then I did too.

Bentley woke up soon after and I got him some cereal while I got ready. I put on some jeans, a navy-blue blouse, and my white converse. Bentley finished eating soon after I was done so then I got him ready. “Mommy are we going back home soon?” he asked quietly. “In about week, buddy. Why?” I answered. “I don’t want to leave Addy and Amelia,” he told me. “Well we’ve got a while, why don’t we go see them today?” I asked, and he jumped up then ran off. We headed out the door and over to Grayson’s. We got there a couple minutes before 11. I knocked on the door and he answered quickly. He looked gorgeous in his tight jeans, his tight white shirt, and his high-top converse. (This picture is basically the exact outfit I had in mind, thanks Grayson!)

 He hugged me, and I felt almost like I was home. I hated myself for it. “Go play guys” Grayson shooed. “How’d you sleep?” He said. “Well and you?” I asked. “Not bad. Lia had a nightmare, so she spent half the night snuggled up to me” he said. “I’m sorry, what was her nightmare?” I asked. “She has night terrors that her mom takes her from me in the middle of the night,” he told me. “Poor girl,” I said. “I hate seeing her so upset. I feel so helpless” he admitted. “You’re an awesome dad, G” I complimented. “You think?” He smiled. “I don’t think, I know” I smiled back at him. He started leaning towards me and before I knew it his lips crashed onto mine. I couldn’t help to kiss him back. The sparks had never left. We pulled away slowly. “I’m sorry” he whispered. “It’s ok” I assured him. “So, my mom said that if you wanted to go to dinner some time she would watch Bentley and the twins” I offered. “Oh, did she?” He asked with a smirk and I nodded. “That was so nice of her and it’d be so rude if I didn’t oblige,” he said. “How about Tuesday?” He asked. “Perfect,” I said, and my heart began to race. I was already nervous. We continued talking and the kids continued playing. “It’s awfully quiet,” I noticed, and he gave me a look like he agreed. We went off to find Addy and Bentley passed out in the girls’ room while Lia covered them with blankets. “They fell asleep, daddy,” she said when she noticed Grayson. “It’s ok, sweetie. Are you going to nap too?” He asked. “Yea I am but I wanted to make sure they didn’t get cold,” she said. “Ok sleep well sweetheart,” he said as he shut the door leaving it open just a crack. “She’s so maternal” I observed. “Always has been. When they were younger if Addy got hurt she’d be the first one there asking questions and finding answers or ways to help” he explained. “Is she the older one?” I asked. “Nope 7 minutes younger,” he told me. “She’s got your demeanor, Gray. You are the same way with E” I told him, and he blushed. “You want to sit down and watch a movie?” He said changing the subject.


“Yea sure” she shrugged. “What do you want to watch?” I asked. “Would you be mad if I said The Notebook?” She asked me shyly. “I could never be mad at you” I smiled down to her. I can’t believe somehow, she came back to me. It destroyed me when she left, then when Elizabeth disappeared I just wanted Y/N back. Don’t get me wrong I love my girls with every fiber of my being, but I just wish they were Y/N’s. She wouldn’t have left me alone with two newborn daughters. She would have been there, and I know it. As I’m thinking about all of this she is putting The Notebook in the DVD player. “You still have it from when I made you buy it don’t you?” she asked. “Yea I never went through the movies, so I never thought about it” I told her. She sat down next to me on my couch. “Are you cold?” I asked her. “A little bit” she admitted. I grabbed the blanket that was on the back of the couch and handed it to her. “Thanks” she whispered. About 20 minutes into the movie, she looked at me and I smiled at her. “Gray, can I lay on you?” She asked shyly. “You can do whatever you want to,” I told her which she could. She could do literally anything to me and I’d be grateful. She laid her head on my chest with her stomach on mine and then wrapping the blanket around both of us. She looked so peaceful. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of her. I was being a creep, but she was so damn beautiful I wasn’t wasting the opportunity. Once I knew she was asleep, I began to play with her hair. “I hope you stay. Don’t go back to Texas. I want you here with me” I said, and she jumped into my chest. I almost shit my pants because I thought she’d woken up but then she said, “B don’t throw your cup” and I knew she was dreaming. You could tell Bentley was everything to her just like Addy and Lia were everything to me. She was an exceptional mom.

She soon started to rustle around, and she looked up at me with sleepy eyes. “We should get going” she mumbled. I didn’t want her to leave but I knew she needed to go. “Ok we can go wake the kids up” and as soon as I said that I heard giggling. “Daddy and Y/N sitting in a tree” the girls hummed, and I groaned. “Girls,” I said, “it’s almost time for dinner”. “Yea B we got to get home, Mimi is making your favorite,” she said. “Spaghetti?” He said with a little bit of a speech impediment. “And meatballs” she smiled while ruffling his hair then kissing his head. “I’ll be there at 7 on Tuesday,” I said to her as she started putting him in his car seat and the girls rode their tricycles on the sidewalk. She shut the door and looked at me. “What?” I asked her concerned. “Nothing” she shook her head. “I still know you better than that” I urged. “I’m excited for Tuesday” she admitted. “Me too and I know how to make you even more excited,” I said. “Oh yeah?” She teased, and I smashed my lips on hers once again. I wanted her to know that I wanted her to be mine, this time forever. “Grayson, the kids” she mumbled. “The girls didn’t see, and Bentley is playing games on your phone” I explained my reasoning. “You’re sneaky, Dolan” she smirked. “Only for you beautiful,” I said connecting my forehead to hers. “Until Tuesday, Gray,” she said sliding into her driver seat. “Until Tuesday” I repeated closing her door. “Girls lets go make dinner” I gestured towards the door as they rode their bikes back into the garage. As we were making dinner, Addy asked: “Is Y/N going to be our new mommy?” “I don’t know sweetie. We’re just friends” I told her but “Maybe one day,” I thought.


My heart was spinning at the thought of Grayson’s lips on mine. It was so familiar and comforting as I had been kissing him every day. Maybe this isn’t lust. I got back to my parents’ house and I could smell mom’s cooking. “How was the date?” She asked. “It was for the kid’s mom,” I said. “Sure, it was honey, sure it was” she teased. I heard my phone ding.


G: do you not like my kissing?

M: I just don’t want to have to answer a bunch of questions from the kids

G: is that it?

M: yea you’re better than I remember ;)

G: there’s more than where that came from

M: sounds good

I couldn’t believe I was flirting with him. The more I thought about it, I didn’t want to go back. What did I have in Texas? A job? An apartment? Nothing that made me feel like I was home. Nothing other than Grayson Bailey Dolan. The more I thought about it. I have a month left of my lease. We could go back for a month. I could pack up and put my two weeks in for my job. Come home for Grayson’s birthday then be here with him. I could talk to my parents about staying with them until I can find us a place to live. Maybe everything could work. I’ll talk to Gray about it on Tuesday.

You’re So Sane

Joker x Harley x Reader (As The Jokers daughter)

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Do a story about joker s and Harley’s daughter going out with batman’s son What will His reaction be??? 💗💗💗

{A/N} I hope you don’t mind I made Joker and Harley’s daughter the reader! I just thought it would be fun for everyone to be in that kind of position! Also, I know Damian Wayne has a whole other story out there, but Damian is the name I am using.

Warnings: Cursing. Slight violence.

“I’ll be back later!” You yell as you run down one set of stairs of your double staircase’d foyer. 

You’re wearing your shortest {F/C} skirt and your favorite top to match, which was also very revealing. This meaning, if your father caught a glimpse of you before your bounded out the door, you’d be forced to change immediately. You quicken the pace as you jump over the last step. You’ve become quite skilled in any sort of action in heels, given who your mother is.

As your hand reaches for the doorknob, you’re almost relieved. I’m gonna make it out of here and they won’t even know! When you pull the door open, you’re met with a familiar face, but not the one you expected.

He clears his throat, his eyes automatically noticing your skirt. 

“Now sweetheart, what idea of where you think you’re going wearing that do you have in that head of yours?”


“Dad, I-”

“Change. Now.”

Your father’s overprotective, as always. You’re not sure why, considering you’ve known since a very young age just what he did for work, and how he had your mother in the same line. No one would dare mess with you, and they knew it. Most of the time, you just felt like they wanted to mess with your head.

“But look at mom!” You argue, throwing your hands in the air. She was never dressed appropriately, but at the same time, it was like age hadn’t touched either of them. You considered dumping yourself into a vat of chemicals at ACE just to preserve your face.

“What about your mom?” He snarls, and you noticed the anger in his eyes already. Of course, saying anything about his Harley Quinn set him off, and suddenly you recoil. Shoulder slumped, you sigh and turn around.

“Yes sir..” Rolling your eyes after you’ve turned around, you head back up the stairs. It wasn’t long after you passed the fourth step when he spoke again.

“You’re not going anywhere, tonight. Not after that little comment.”

You curtly turn around, mouth open and ready to argue. All he has to do is lift a finger before you scream and stomp up the rest of the stairs.

“Love you, sweetie!” He calls out after you as you storm down the hall back to your room. His tone was obviously sarcastic, and you could hear the sly grin all over his words. It only furthered your own anger as you slammed the door behind you.

“The king and queen of crime and here I am getting grilled for fucking skirt!” You say, plopping back onto your bed as you drag your hands down either side of your face.

Now what..

Glancing outside of your window, you notice it’s a perfectly good night. You sigh, trying not to let your being upset get the better of you. You were supposed to be meeting your boyfriend at the park a few blocks away, but now, you had no idea what to do. It’s not like you could really explain it to your parents. They had no idea you even had friends, let alone a boyfriend, and you honestly liked it that way. You sit up straight on your plush bed, your black comforter seeming a bit more beckoning than usual. Your {E/C} eyes glance around the room as you think of an idea. Sneaking out won’t work, because they’d definitely find out..


Ring. Ring. Ring. Ri-

“{Y/N}? Where are you?”

“Damian! Hey, um, so, I got in trouble.. But can you come over?”

“You’re in trouble.. But you want me to come.. No.”

“Ugh, come on, baby. Why do you always gotta be the good guy?”

You sigh, falling face first back onto the bed with your phone in your hand.

Please,” you mumble through the blankets.

There was a slight hesitation on the phone before he spoke again.

“How would I even get in?”


You pop back upright, your smile widening just the same way as your moms. 

“My window. It’s open, you’d just have to climb in.”

“Oh god. You know this is just because I love you,” he says, completely unenthusiastic.

You can’t help but squeal in excitement, bouncing on the bed slightly.

“I love you, too! See you soon!”

You hang up, not giving him any time to change his mind. This plan was going to be perfect. Your parents never barged into your room, and as long as you answered when they called out for you, they wouldn’t suspect a thing. You’ve never done this before, but you’re sure it’ll go off without a hitch. 

There’s excitement in the air as you rush around your room, tidying it up and lighting the candles you had. Unlike your parents, you still had your wits about you. It got a little hard to handle from time to time, but you knew they meant well. Well.. At least towards you. You grew up watching your dad come home soaked in blood and your mom right behind him, helping him slide out of his clothing so she could clean it in a hurry. Other times, they just went straight to their room. You assumed to do things… you wouldn’t want to know of.

The last candle is lit and you turn on your large flat screen, a gracious gift your father brought home one night. You assumed it was stolen, but who were you to ask questions? He thought about you on a heist and it made your heart swell with joy. 

You change it to Netflix, hoping to binge on {F/S} with him all night once he made his way through your window. You’d never really been to his house before, and he’d never been to yours. Both of your parents were a little on the weird side according to the other, so you vowed never to bring each other home unless you got married. You were breaking this rule now, but as long as he didn’t know who they were, you’d be just fine. 

It wasn’t that you were ashamed at all, you just knew your dear mom and dad were hard to take in, especially to such a normal kid like Damian. You liked him too much to scare him away, or give him a heart attack at the sight of them. You were nothing like them, most of the time, anyway. You didn’t want to taint your own image of normalcy that you’d worked so hard on your whole life.

A few minutes passed and you heard commotion at your window. You scurried over to it, helping him in. Unable to carry his weight, he hit the floor with a thud.

“Sorry,” you said before poking your head out of the window, scanning the backyard for any indication that anyone had seen him. Thankfully, your father let his goons loose early, so no one was monitoring the property.

Brushing himself off as he stood up, you jumped for joy, clapping your hands and closing the window a bit more. 

“I’m so happy to see you!” You throw your arms around him, planting a sweet kiss on his lips and pushing his shaggy hair back.

“I’m happy to see you, {Y/N},” he said. “So why is my girl in trouble?”

You roll your eyes, replaying the whole thing in your head.

“I was so close to freedom!” you say painfully, “And then my dad caught sight of my skirt.”

His eyes immediately become fixed on your skirt, and he gulps softly.

“I can see why.”

You smirk, lightly slapping his shoulder. 

“But since I won’t be going anywhere…” You slide out of your skirt, kicking it aside and moving to your dresser to grab a t-shirt. He watches as you walk around in nothing but your top and {F/C} panties, quickly slapping your ass as you walk by.

You giggle, removing your shirt and slipping on the oversized t-shirt. You were a tease by nature, something that you’re positive you got from your mother.

“That’s better,” you say, turning around and moving towards the bed, grabbing his hands on the way and pulling him with you. You both fall back onto it and you roll over, locking your arm and leg around him in a hug.

“I got Netflix. We can watch {F/S} and do whatever you want.”

He smirks at you, his large hand gently brushing some {H/C} hair from your face. “Your room is huge. So much room for.. activities.”

You laugh at his movie reference and roll back over, looking up at the ceiling.

“Yeah, my parents have had this place forever. This used to be a game room.”

You think about what it must’ve been like before they changed it into your nursery, and eventually into your own space.

“You never told me you were rich,” he jokes, nudging your shoulder.

“You have no ide-”


The shrill call of your mother seems to stop your heart the moment you hear it, and you can see in his face that he’s nervous too. You hold each others gaze for just a second before you leap off the bed, smoothing out your hair and shirt. You crack open the door of your room just enough so you can be seen, stepping out of it and closing the door behind you.


“You need ta’.. Are you goin’ ta bed so soon?”

“It’s almost midnight, mother. Of course I am.”

Harley rolls her eyes and scoffs. “An’ ya want me ta’ believe that on what planet?”

“Krypton,” you say. “What do you want, mom?”

“Your father told me ya wanted ta’ go out in that skirt I got ya, an’ I convinced him ta’ let ya’ go, as long as ya don’t wear it.”

You stay quiet. If you had only waited a little while longer you’d be able to go out. But you notice Frost walking behind her now, and know there’s no way you’ll be able to leave and get Damian out of here too.

“Give me skirt, or give me death,” you say, dragging your thumb across your neck dramatically.

“That can be arranged, ya know,” she jokes. “Ya can stay home then! Sheesh, I tried.”

“I just don’t feel like going anywhere anymore. He killed it.”

“As he does with most things,” she swoons, and you gag. 

“I’ll be in my room.”

“Sleep tight, honey,” she says, knowing full well you’re going to be up all night, anyway.

It’s like you got away with murder in your own right when you walk back in and close the door behind you. Damian is already propped up on your bed with {F/S} previewing on the queue.

“Where were we?” You ask, slinking towards the bed and sliding onto it again.

His arms instinctively wrap around you and he plays the show. For just a moment, you feel normal. The rest of the world melts away, and it’s just the two of you. You have no weird enormous house, there is no crazy parents, just you, and… Wait.

“Hey.. Question.”

“Ask away, babe,” he says, calm and collected, and completely unaware of what you were about to ask.

“Do your parents know about us?”

Damian shifts in his spot on the bed, unsure of whether or not his answer would make you upset. He hesitates before responding, and you’re already assuming they don’t. It’s okay, you think, I mean, I would never tell my parents. But.. my parents are crime lords. His..?

You begin to feel hurt. Maybe your facade of normalcy hasn’t been holding up as well as you thought. Did he know? He couldn’t have known.. Maybe he’s not serious about me? Well, we’re still so young, why should he be.. The questions ran in your mind over and over.

“It’s just that..” he starts. “My parents are a little… strange.”

You can’t help but laugh. “Your parents?”

He looks at you, confusion on his features now.

Okay, maybe he doesn’t know.

“I mean, everyone’s parents are a little weird,” you say, trying to cover up your little mistake.

“I guess so.. I mean, my dads never home and my mom always gone, too. There’s not much to meet.”

You empathize with him immediately. You knew what it was like to have your parents gone all the time, and to feel like you couldn’t let anyone see or know who they were. In everyone else’s eyes, you were essentially an orphan, and have been your whole life.

“I get that,” you say. “But you shouldn’t feel so bad about it. I know what thats like too, sort of.. I’m sure they’re just fine.”

Maybe you should take your own advice, you think.

“You don’t get it, babe. It’s not something I can explain away.”

Your eyes narrow now, and you can’t hide the slight pang of anger surfacing. 

“Oh, I wouldn’t get it?” You say, sitting up straight and suddenly sounding far too defensive for your own good.

He immediately reaches over and pulls your {B/T} frame close to his, a smile on his face. He always thought you were cute you were mad, and his soft touch brings you back to earth. Sighing, you collapse back into his arms.

“I didn’t mean it like that, and you know it.”

He kisses the top of your head and you faintly hear his stomach rumble. Being the wonderful girlfriend you are, you look up at him and ask the inevitable.


“I’m starving!” He laughs, “I was going to take you to that little pizza joint once you got to the park, but somebody had to get themselves in trouble..”

You crack a grin, shrugging. “I wanted to give you a little something to look at, maybe be a little grateful!” 

You grab a throw pillow and smack him in the face with it, giggling as he takes it from you and smacks you back.

“Okay, okay!” You laugh, I surrender! How about a treaty written in popcorn?”

He stops, holding the pillow above you as he pretends to ponder over your offer.

“Hmm.. I accept your offer, Lady {Y/N}.”

You grin and grab his hand, pulling him back off of the bed and to the door. Cracking it slightly, you peek out into what’s now darkness and silence.

“The coast is clear, I think. We just have to be very, very quiet,” you say, turning to him for a response. 

Damian nods his head and gestures zipping his lips. 

Opening your door a little further, you tighten your grip around his hand and run for it on your tip toes to insure silence. You stop behind a large plant in the open foyers hallway, peeking towards your parents shut door. You can see the television light from under their double doors and hear your father laughing at what you assumed would be the news of whatever dastardly deed he committed tonight. 

Another dash down the stairs and you’re both scurrying across the floor and towards the kitchen. 

“Your house is huge,” he whispers loudly, almost as though he were relieved about it. You weren’t sure how to take that as you made your way into the kitchen with him in tow.

“Shh! But thanks..” You whisper back, heading swiftly for the popcorn and then to the microwave. 

As quiet as humanly possible, you open the microwave door and place the popcorn on the turntable. After a few seconds, it begins to pop.

“Popcorn isn’t quite helping us stay quiet, {Y/N},” he teases.

The giggle is uncontrollable as you realize he was right. Sure, it wasn’t that loud, but every pop felt like you may as well be knocking on your parents door.

Damian grabs your hands and playfully ballroom dances with you in the light of the microwave, the smell of butter filling the air. You both laugh softly as he twirls you to the imaginary music in your makeshift spotlight.


You pull away from each other faster than lightning, your eyes immediately on the one person you wished you didn’t even know right now.

“What the hell is going on?” His eyes move to your legs before rolling towards the ceiling. “And I was worried about a skirt.” 

Damian tenses at the sight of him, his whole demeanor changing into something you’ve only seen on the faces of people who despised your father.

The Joker pulls a revolver from the holster he always seemed to wear, pulling the hammer and cracking his neck. 

“You’ve got ten seconds to run, or I tell that stupid Bat just who, you’re dealing with,” your fathers voice is a low growl, a threatening kind of tone you’ve never heard before.

“Dad..” You say, stepping in front of Damian, “Don’t do this, he’s a great guy, I swear!” 

Your dad holds the gun out now, and you’re hoping his aim is just behind you and not on you. Occasionally, you forget that he’s insane. You never would’ve thought he’d hurt you, but now you aren’t so sure.

“Please..” You plead, and sighs, clearly exhausted of you.

“Please, please, please. Get upstairs! You’re not whoring around with the Batman’s kid! I refuse to let my daughter sink to the level of.. Of scum!” he spits, and you wince. 


“{Y/N}, he finally says, “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner- I just had no idea you were the Jokers daughter.. You’re so.. Sane.”

Feeling slightly accomplished, you smile a little before remembering what was playing out in front of you. Noticing Damian was still standing there, facing the barrel of The Joker’s gun for you, you can’t push the feelings rushing in all at once.

“Please don’t hurt him,” you say, running up to your dad, “I love him,” you choke out. 

You’ve been saying this to each other for a while now, but to overwhelm your dad all at once with it, this wasn’t the idea you had in mind. One hell of a first meeting, but it seems they’d already met before, somehow. 

Your father’s eyes shut, and his free hand’s thumb and index finger grip the bridge of his nose.

“God, damn it.”

You brace yourself for whatever may come next as your mom enters the kitchen.

“J! What are ya doin’ ta’ {Y/N}?!” She says, stepping in front of you now, and then noticing Damian. 

“Oh, Bats’ kid? What tha’ hell were ya thinking’?!”

“Mom,” you whine, on the cusp of a breakdown of your own. 

Damian stays silent, not wanting to make things worse for you and still trying to grasp that he’s been dating his father’s worst enemies daughter. His own head was spinning as he stood firm in his position, now staring at Harley, too.

“I had no idea,” you say, quietly, your eyes closing painfully for a second before you step back over to Damian. “But I don’t care.”

You latch an arm around his, and you can feel him tense even further. 

“Put tha’ gun down, J!” Harley yells, and he drops his arm. You can tell even your father was at a loss for moment.

“How long?” She asks, turning to face you now.

“Since middle school..” 

You can hear your father curse under his breath, and your mothers eyes widen before her face twists into an expression of hurt and acceptance. 

“Do ya love my daughter, Damian?” She asks, almost sarcastically now. 

“I do,” he says. In this moment, he seems to be the bravest man on planet earth, maybe even the universe.

Your fathers hands clench into fists and bears his metal teeth. Not even having to look at him, Harley holds her arm out and across his chest to contain him.

“Well.. I suppose ya aren’t bad lookin’..”

“Harley! He’s.. He’s.. Bat’s blood!” Your father snaps, gripping into her arm now and pushing it aside, almost knocking her off of her feet. 

“You tear them apart an’ you’ll have ta deal with me,” you mom says, always the one who was on your side, and on loves side. She had dealt with the whole world against her relationship with your father, and you knew that played a big role in all of this with your relationship now.

Your eyes widen in concern as The Joker begins to storm closer to the both of you. Leaning down just slightly, he peers into Damian’s eyes, the gun resting against his chest and over his slightly racing heart.

“You even think of hurting my little girl, and you’ll get a nice silver bullet, right where you hurt her..”


Can you do one where the reader is Negan’s 18 year old daughter and is in a relationship with Simon but Negan doesn’t know (smut if you can) :) then you come out and tell Negan and he’s cool w it somehow

Somehow, it went from coming out and telling Negan to a little extra but I hope you still enjoy! x x

**I cannot write smut to save my life so apologies in advance!

“Simon! You’re going to get us caught!” you exclaimed, as Simon wrapped his arms around your waist, placing soft kisses onto your neck.  Simon had a tendency to always sneak up on you, while doing your job of running the kitchens in the Sanctuary. You had been in a relationship with Simon for a while, actually since you turned 18 a few months ago. You had roughly worked out the time, and you had a small ‘party’ to celebrate even though there wasn’t much to celebrate.  You saw it as just another year of living in the perishing world. You had been friends with Simon before that, whenever he went with runs he would bring back anything you asked for, like books, DVD’s or clothes. You had once asked him to get more bra and panty sets, which was awkward but you couldn’t ask your dad to get them for you, it was uncomfortable enough asking Simon.  Ever since then, the atmosphere when you were around each other had changed dramatically. You occasionally flirted with each other, nothing more than a couple of flirtatious jokes and complements.  Finally, at the party Simon had come up to you and you both had told each other you liked them. You were only worried about your dad finding out, sure he was basically Negan’s right hand man but that could quickly change if he knew what you and Simon got up to.

You couldn’t deny it turned you on, the chance of being caught with Simon. The consequence would probably be tragic, but it was still really hot.  Hiding a relationship around a camp was tough, as everyone was ‘Negan’ and anyone would jump at the chance of telling Negan about his daughter’s relationship to gain trust or extra points for their loyalty. You couldn’t help it though; you weren’t going to wait around in the apocalypse for some prince charming to waltz into your life, saving you from the destruction of the world.

“Come on baby, I haven’t seen you in ages.” He moaned, tightening his grip around your waist. You rolled your eyes, turning to look at him over your shoulder.  “You saw me a few nights ago!  We have to be careful; I think Dwight’s catching on to us.” He knew it was true; Dwight had caught you and Simon pretty close a few times.  He had found you laughing together, which wasn’t too bad but when he had caught you flirting very heavily, it became a problem. You didn’t know if he had mentioned it to your dad, you were hoping he hadn’t.

“Who cares babe, Negan ain’t going to believe him over me. I’m the top guy.” He laughed, returning to kiss your neck. 

‘Oh, what the hell. Have a little fun and let loose, jesus.’

“Fine, let me just leave a note for the other workers, I’ll meet you up there.” You told him, writing a note for whoever was in the kitchens next. You had put your absence down to sickness, saying you were going to rest up before the night shift. You rushed from the kitchens, up to Simon’s room.  Being the highest in Negan’s ranks, he had a good room with a kitchen, en-suite bathroom and large bedroom. Some nights, if you were too tired, you would sleep in his room leaving in the early hours of the morning.

You ran in the room to find Simon shirtless, going to undo his belt. “Let me get that for you baby.” You got on your knees, unbuckling his belt and sliding it out of the holder. You yanked the zip of his jeans down, pulling them down along with his boxer shorts. Licking a stripe on the underside of his erect cock, a hand going into your long hair, gripping and guiding you. Your mouth closed around his tip, a hand going to work the base.  “Fuck baby.” Simon moaned out, you stood up pushing him on to the bed.  You pulled the covers over you, leaning down to meet your lips with Simon’s.  “Do you want me to ride you baby?” you whispered into his ear, as he grabbed your hips.  His fingertips dug into your hipbones pulling your body against his, biting at your neck as you sat on his dick. You moaned out starting to roll your hips against his, his hands trailing under your shirt to your breasts.

 Negan came into the main building, looking towards the kitchens looking for his daughter Y/N. His eyebrows raised as he spoke to one of the workers. “Where is my daughter?” he asked the younger man, who was trembling. “We don’t know sir, she left this note saying she was ill but we went to check on her and she wasn’t in her room.” Negan turned, walking towards the doors to the bedrooms.  He figured he could get Simon and they could go and look for her, he knew they were close. He had been worried about it before, but he figured that they were both smart enough to know what would happen if anything became sexual.  He went to knock on the door, before deciding against it when he heard a moan coming from the other side. He chuckled to himself, finally Simon was getting laid. It had been months since Negan had seen him with any woman; thank god he got out of his little funk and had found someone to bone.

He opened the door with a large slam, walking to the next door to the bedroom. He opened the door a little, seeing the back of a young Y/H/C girl riding Simon with the silk sheet wrapped around her back. “Oh my god Simon, harder!” his vision turned red, immediately recognizing the voice.

“What the fuck!?” you heard someone yell from behind you. You screamed, jumping off Simon turning around to see your dad. Your eyes widened, ‘shit’ you thought, you were both in the shit now. Your dad stood there, Lucille hanging at the side of him. You could see his gloved hand tightening around the base of the bat, Simon gathering the sheets to hide himself and cover you. “Dad, I can explain?” you sort of asked, seeing he was getting angry. “What the fuck is there to explain Y/N? I can see it clear as fucking day; it’s a damn shame really. I really did like you Simon.” You groaned, wrapping the sheets around your lower half, standing up off the bed. “Look dad. I was going to tell you before, but I’ve been with Simon for a few months, this isn’t just a one-time thing.” You explained, realizing your mistake as soon as it came out. “It isn’t a one-time thing, well goddamn Simon! How many times have you got your dick wet in my daughter?” he shouted, walking closer to Simon.  You grabbed your dads arm, pulling him back from Simon.

“Dad! Stop it, I love him!” your dad turned around to look at you. “You don’t know shit about love Y/N, your goddamn fucking eighteen!” You began to cry a little, sick of him still treating you as a child. “I do dad! I’m not a fucking kid anymore! Yes, I will always be your little girl but you have to treat me as an adult! I love Simon, he treats me like a queen and we’ve been together for a while now! And if you want to forbid me from seeing him, go ahead but it will just prove my point!” Negan sighed, placing a hand under your chin, making you look at him.  He pulled you into a hug, kissing your head. “I love you Y/N. But you are right; you’re old enough to make your own decisions.” He turned back around to Simon, raising Lucille in front of his face. “You dare even wrong my daughter in any way and your fucking brains will be hanging off Lucille, do I make myself clear?” Simon raised his hands in surrender. “Crystal, Negan.” He nodded, walking out of the room.

You let out a deep breath, “Well, it could have been worse.”

anonymous asked:

Which one of the river parents cried when they saw their child for the first time?

I mean, I could tell you how 17-year-old Alice cried silently in an empty hospital room when they only let her hold Chic for five minutes. Or I could tell you how Fred and Mary were blubbering messes when they held Archie for the first time after trying so long for a baby. But everyone knows those stories.

Instead I’ll tell you the time mister tough guy FP Jones got his girlfriend pregnant. She was in the earlier part of her 20s and he in the later part of his. She was all wide eyed and horrified when she told him, scared of what his reaction would be. He fell down to his knees and asked her to marry him on the spot.

He was just as scare as she was, maybe more so. But he knew he had to be strong for the both of them. This was half his problem too and there was no way he was giving up on his kid like his dad gave up on him.

So he and Gladys got married, settled into their little apartment. FP was working with Fred and Gladys doing her shifts at Pops. Every day Gladys’s stomach rounded off, FP felt this horrible tightness in him. What the hell was he going to do? How were the two of them ever going to raise a kid? Who in their right mind would trust him with a baby? Fred and Mary had just had their kid a few weeks earlier and Gladys had been inconsolable when he started crying the first time she held him. (Mary assured her it was just because he needed a diaper change but she’d cried for an hour about how he hated her anyway.)

Fred told him time and time again that he was over thinking it. Being scared was normal, expected even. Easy for Fred to say. He’d been ready to be a dad since he was 15.

The closer October came, the more Gladys calmed down. She started watching Archie when Mary went back to work, read through every baby book she could nab from the library. FP on the other hand just felt worse. He skimmed through the books too, spent time with Archie… but nothing ever clicked. Why couldn’t he be like Fred? So confident and knowing he’d be a good dad.

He couldn’t lie to himself. Sometimes he felt like running. The pressure was too much. Why was he doing this? Plenty of guys were straight forward and honest about not wanting kids. Why’d he drag poor Gladys into this? Why didn’t he tell her this was all a bad idea from the get go?

And then he came. Gladys’s water broke just as she was brushing her teeth first thing in the morning and their son was born just after midnight that night.

He watched the whole messy ordeal, even got to cut the cord. When they handed him his son for the first time, Gladys let out a tired little laugh. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from this tiny little person in his arms, so he just said “huh?” in her direction.

Her hand came to his face, but he still couldn’t look away from his son. “Babe, you’re crying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry before.”

“I’m not -” and Gladys wiped the tears from his eyes. All of a sudden, it was a waterfall streaming down his face. He sat on the edge of her hospital bed and they looked down at their son together. He was still red eyed and sniffling when Fred and Mary showed up a few hours later to see him. The passed little Forsythe around the room (god how’d he let Gladys talk him in to that?) and all FP could think was please don’t let me fuck this up.