the d men

So that's what you can do with them

So our party was a tinker-ish bard(me), a wizard(Wiz), a half-Orc barbarian (Bar), a rogue(Rog), and a cleric(Cle).

*starting out in town*

Me: hey the book says we can by some vials of oil while in town?

DM: yes

Cle: but we’ve got plenty of oil for the Lanterns, don’t waste your gold.

Me: okay, well im gonna get some caltrops then.

Bar: who the hell uses caltrops? They’re useless

Me: actually, I’m gonna get the oil too.

*i spend most of my gold on caltrops and oil, just to piss off my teammates for the most part, cause I joined late and they’d been using me as “the intern” for awhile. Later on we find the village of Lizard men we’d been looking for, and found the Leader, his healer/second-in-command. They’re in a crumbled old watch tower with one largish opening on one side*

Me: oh shit I’ve got an idea

Rest of the party:??????

Me: okay, so I quietly lay the caltrops in the opening of the tower *rolls successfully* and then use ventriloquism (or some sound creation spell-thing, I don’t remember exactly) to yell in the middle of the group to scare the shit out of them. (Rolls successfully)

Bar: oh wait, imma stand on the edge of the caltrops

Cle: me too

Rog: I ready my bow to pick off any that don’t hit a caltrop

Wiz: I’m with the rogue (he had a bow too, but did use a spell here and there)

DM: alright, this’ll be interesting

*we manage to take most of them in the caltrops, but the leader, his healer, and 2 or 3 lizard men made it out and ran for it*

Me: I’m gonna chase after the leader

Wiz: I’ll come with (by now [wiz] has only got a single flaming hands left)

Bar: alright, the rest of us will take these stragglers

DM: [me] and [wiz] catch up with the Leader and his group, the Leader is laying down while the healer try’s to keep him alive, the guards stand nearly unscathed from the previous fighting, they raise their weapons as you two approach (the rest of the groups still fighting by the caltrops)

Me: Oh shit oh shit oh shit, [wiz], do you have any flaming hands left?

Wiz: yah?

Me: prep it. (To the DM) I open my vials of oil and throw them at the group of lizard men. *rolls a Nat 20*

DM: alright, uh, they’re all coated almost evenly, barely a drop hits the ground

Wiz: ooooooooh, I cast flaming hands on the leader. *rolls succesfully*

DM: *apparently rolled only 1’s or something for the lizard men* they all just kind of flail on the ground while being burnt to a crisp, despite the nearby creek. *at this point the DM’s just kinda flabbergasted*

Bar: well shit, so that’s what you can do with them

mtkthedreamer  asked:

I ask you ☮✄♛☠➹ ~ ^w^

Thank you my firend, @mtkthedreamer Ya mah amigo ;)

☮- Which brother would you have the closest (non-sexual) friendship with?

Reijiiiiiiiiiii mha men :D Either Reiji or Laito. They have something that attracts me in non-sexual way

✄- if you could have the hair of any of the brothers, who would it be?

I think I could pull off Laito’s hair because of the lenght and color. It is closest to my natural hair color and the lenght is enough for me to tie a ponytail.

♛- your thoughts on Karl Heins?

He is very very very very very peculiar person. Sometimes I just ask him mentally ‘Why dude, why?’. Dude, have some control.

He looks like one of those peolple who starts messing up with others just because for a second he got bored….only he is level 99. (I’m like level 4)

But in some routes it seems that he tries to act towards his sons more fatherly. I’m still not sure about that.

☠- how long do you think you’d survive with the Dialovers?

hehehehe hahahaha HAHAHAHAHH!!!! HaHaHAHAhahah…..hehehe *long sighhhhhhhh*

It would be very short but EPIC life with Sakamakis/Mukamis/Tsukinamis

➹- thoughts on Kino?


One, big, evil, vogue magazine style manipulator.

Holy jezuzzz he and this good spice to the story. I wasn’t able to read all translation I was able to find only a few. But still, at one point I thought if him something similar to Hannibal Lecter’s personallity. He can turn your words to other direction and make you drive off the clif while thinking about all of the bad decisions made in your life.

I’m just glad that these all new character like Kino let’s us see more of this Demon World and those like second plan characters.

Strength and Responsibility

Jericho Swain rose to power quickly.  Some, mostly the Nobles of Noxus, questioned his ability as a result.  Others saw his rise as a threat to their power.  As a result, Swain had had to prove himself time and again, forcing his naysayers to quiet, either by deed or influence.  Slowly, Swain became a welcome sight on the battlefield, slowly advancing with his men.  He’d seen his fair share of bloodshed and hell by the end.  Battle after battle, the General proved himself further.  And yet, Darkwill decided he’d best be suited guarding the homefront, rather than serve in the Ionian Campaign.  As a result, Ionia became a quagmire of bodies and blood.  Meanwhile, Demacia saw an opening, and attempted to strike at Noxus’ backlines to force Noxus into a war on two sides.  Unfortunately for Demacia, Swain manned the wall they’d attempt to force themselves across.  Within weeks, Demacia withdrew, their tails between their legs.  Darkwill would go on to make horrid decision after horrid decision, until his death.  And then the seat of command went empty.

That is, until Jericho Swain took control, and changed Noxus forever.

Swain stood quietly overlooking the dawn sky from his office in High Command.  The lights were darkened, allowing for a natural start to the day.  Swain began every morning this way, so that he could look over his people, and remember why he continued.  Breathing in the morning air, Swain turned to his desk.  Already, reports stacked high, each requiring the eyes of the Grand General.  A small sigh escaped from his lips.  Some days, he missed leading his men into the breach.  Hours passed, and Swain found his interest peaked upon an after-action report of a skirmish on the Shuriman front.  He’d read through the first report, having noted somberly the men they’d lost.

Each foot they’d moved had been paid for by blood.  Always too much blood.

Shaking his head lightly, Swain continued.  Apparently, the Shurimans had managed to anticipate the Noxian charge, and had circled the formation, splitting them in twain.  The major who’d issued the charge had died in the first crash of men.  Swain tutted quietly, silently judging the tactical acumen of the deceased.  Moving forward, Swain noted with interest that Darius himself spoke highly of the next event.  A captain had apparently seen the coming charge, and had taken it upon herself to hold her men back, and surged after the initial crash.  It’d been a bloody affair, but she herself had managed to retrieve the major’s body, fighting a retreating battle, and somehow make her way back to Darius, whose men would quickly turn the tide.  Apparently, she’d shown good awareness, an aptitude for tactics, and a strong speararm.  Darius made certain to note the various cuts and wounds she’d sustained, and the fact that a good portion of her men had still survived the conflict.  As a result, she’d taken the Major’s place.  And Darius was forwarding her name for further officer training.

Swain decided he’d like to meet this Major.  After all, a glowing report from Darius of all people was rare.  Within moments, a summons was prepared, as well as a missive for a blacksmith and a tailor.  In his gut, Swain felt he’d found another possible Champion of Noxus.  And Jericho Swain, Master Tactician, had learned long ago that you should always trust your gut.

Major Iris R. Ortega would meet with the Grand General himself.


why does Wolverine even bother fighting Magneto tbh you’d think the X-Men would have the fucking brain cells between all of them to figure out hey maybe we shouldn’t bring the guy whose entire skeleton is made of fucking metal along to fight the guy who can control metal with his mind maybe that’s not the brightest fucking idea ever

  • Me: *goes to store*
  • Sales person: Can I help you find anything?
  • Me: Yes. I'm looking for a bowtie.
  • Sales person: For your father?
  • Me: No, it's for me.
  • Sales person: Really? *looks at me disaprovingly*
  • Me: Yes? *starts to turn red with embarrassment*
  • Why are bowties only marketed towards men? I'd like to look like the 11th doctor just as much.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the stars coaching situation? like what do you want to have happen and stuff? idk what i want to have happen but i feel like it's ruff's time to go

Okay, well…. his contract’s up at the end of the season, and honestly, I’d like him to be gone. (And really, I can’t think of a situation in which the Stars extend his contract.)

I just don’t think Ruff is/was a good fit for the team, necessarily. I’ve never been a super big fan of the way he manages the roster with scratches and stuff, especially as far as the d-men are concerned. 

Sometimes people have gone “okay,,, what the hell is he doing with his lines?” (and I’ve been one of them, I’ll admit that) but he’s used fewer line combinations than a lot of the other coaches in the league. And yet, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s definitely not working super well for the team.

I don’t know, really, what went wrong. I just don’t think that he’s a super great fit for the team, and I think that’s caused some issues with how we’ve been playing.

I don’t know even who I want to replace him. I don’t know what an ideal coach looks like for the Stars, or an ‘ideal’ close (or somebody close to ideal) is even feasible. 

But I do think the Stars need a coaching change, and I do think that’s going to happen at the end of the season. 

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you think bts would mind having a slightly big age gap with their s/o 🤔🤔🤔 like 8/7+ years younger for yoongi or jin ??

i think hoseok, yoongi, tae, n namjoon wouldn’t mind but i think that person is gonna have be really mature mentally imo like , for example if ure 19 n they are 26, you’d really have to have a really good maturity level. so i guess I’m saying that they probably r di ones who’re gonna b like “age doesn’t matter” but i feel as men they’d still want di maturity but i don’t think they’d go out of their way to date someone that much younger than them, like, if you’re just younger than them, then u r. they wouldn’t make age a main point imo. thats just my take on it sjdbf

Since I was on duty last night, I’d like to address a few things. Oscar is a pretty boy, apparently his type are extremely buff men who’d have thought. Shigure is terrible wife material and even a cat knows that. Chest bumping with Oscar is a disaster, already figured that. Phi does need better male role models so Oscar you better step up your game.

And I would make good wife material Shigure. Just be thankful I allow you to be in my presence or you’d be catching these hands.

me in 5th grade: what is even a beatle why are they so ugly

me presently: i want to sex up each member of the Beatles I’d let these men break my pelvis you understand