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tcddyrcmus  asked:

2. Where do they prefer to read? On the sofa, in bed, at a table, on the porch, in a cafe? (any character u want!)

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I’m gonna answer this for all my muses bc I feel like writing.

Remus prefers to read anywhere QUIET– crowded and noisy locations often distract him too much from the piece of literature he’s reading. He can frequently be found with a book at a table or on a bench. It’s impossible for him to find a comfortable reading position on a sofa and he tends to doze off when reading in bed.

Charlie tends to read mostly in bed at night , as he doesn’t have much time to read during the day. In Romania, though, he is often too exhausted to read and falls straight asleep, usually still wearing his normal clothes.

Fleur can, especially after the Second Wizarding War, be found reading at the beach or somewhere in the dunes surrounding Shell Cottage. She greatly treasures the peaceful way the wind plays with the tall grasses.

Haymitch rarely reads, but when he does, it’ll be at 1 am and he’ll grab a book either because the liquor is out of reach or because he is unable to fall asleep. 

Molly usually has a paperback copy of a romance novel in her bag and often reads during lunch time, claiming a corner of the cafeteria of St. Bart’s for herself. 

Carlisle is a huge literature nerd who literally reads 24/7, most often on the couch at home or at the local library.


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faithbound  asked:

"Nnoitra?" Camille cooed, her arm locking with his as she came to lean on him softly. "Do you know how to read maps? I want to learn how to do it, but father won't let me. Apparently dancing is much more important~" Tossing this into Royalty verse!

     The open sky was very welcoming, and Nnoitra felt some of the weight he was carrying lift off his shoulders. It was a beautiful day, with just a light breeze, and a cloudless sky. The garden, which him and his sister were currently walking through, was blooming. The gardeners seemed to have done a very good job this year. He couldn’t remember ever seeing the rose bushes look that grand. Or, maybe this was just a good year, for growth anyway. He wondered if the forests that lay just outside the royal grounds were also full of life. Oh, if ONLY he could’ve gone for a hunt, like he’d used to back in the days. Childhood memories brushed past Nnoitra’s thoughts, before his attention once again turned to his sister, who had locked her arm with his now, and was slightly leaning on him. They would reach the fountain soon. It was common for them to go for walks together, and Nnoitra enjoyed every minute of them.

     A few days had passed since their last walk, because it had been raining. Nnoitra had still gone outside, as he didn’t really mind getting wet ( though he hated being cold ). Summer was approaching rapidly, and soon, they would be invited to outdoor parties. Nnoitra was not one to enjoy gatherings of ANY sort, but, when it was outdoors, it was tolerable. It was definitely better than being stuck in some hall where he had to dance with lots of women. He praised himself fortunate to at least be a somewhat skilled dancer, so that he didn’t have to make a fool of himself in that department too. It was true, he would never possess his older sister’s gracefulness. Not in any aspects of his person. She was everything a princess should be — Well, she was a little rebellious, but that just gave her character. In Nnoitra’s opinion anyway. He only hoped that these future garden parties they would be invited to, wouldn’t happen to have some fancy prince, who their father would see fit to marry Camille off to. Nnoitra would never let that happen. Not unless it was what she wanted. Yes, he might be the younger sibling, but that didn’t stop him from being protective of her. 

     ❝ I do, yeah. He replied, turning his head to look at her, with a wide smile on his face. He really DID know how to read maps. It was one of the only things he actually KNEW how to do. He’d always been interested in travelling, and, before it was decided that he would become king, he had often fantasized about seeing the world. That was no longer an option ( or maybe, when he became king, and could do whatever he wanted? ), but the knowledge of how to read maps still stuck. It pleased him, to be asked about something, and then be able to give a positive answer. For a moment, he wondered if his sister had only asked because she knew he would say yes.  Want me ‘ta teach ya? Ah, he forgot to put away the accent. Oh well. She probably wouldn’t mind. How, when, and IF he would have TIME to teach her, he didn’t know, but she should know that he was totally willing. Not that he would be a good teacher. Either way, this had made him somewhat happy, since he got to feel something other than useless.

“Un largo camino hacia la libertad”, de Nelson Mandela