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isn't a woman covering up for islam based on sexist ideas of that time, long ago? like they shouldn't be seen cuz then they'd tempt men. idk whenever i see a muslim woman covered head to toe i feel sorry for her, having to follow a sexist belief that she can't change, even if it is for religion :/

Lol. Go away plz.

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CHEATING here but GIMME biccabe with gabe and nicco kissing ben's pregnant belly. how far along she is is UP 2 U!

“Get on your knees,” she ordered in a dark voice, having had enough of both of her boy’s turning a serious scene into a comical one.

They must have realized how deadly serious she was, or at least took into consideration how important the moment at hand was to her, because they each in turn sunk down on either side of her, gazing up at her with reverent eyes.

“Was that so hard?” She asked, brandishing her camera at them. This baby book was going to be the death of her because the men she’d married were two rowdy children disguised as fully grown men when it came to serious business.

Gabriel’s lips brushed against her side, tickling her and making her flinch away just a little. She looked down and saw  a glint of mischief in his eyes being shared with Nicco on her other side. That look always drew a shiver down her spine, but right now she dismissed it.

“Okay,” she said, angling the camera in front of them, prepared to click a dozen times to get the perfect photo. “Ready…set…”

Two sets of lips pressed to the sides of her belly, the bottom of her button down shirt open and pulled back to reveal it. Two hands cupped the underside of the globe she’d become in the last eight months, and though the moment was staged she could feel how genuinely both men cradled her charge and kissed the little life form through her skin. She waited just a moment before clicking her camera, though when she was done the kissing at her belly didn’t stop.

She raised the camera back up and examined the results. “Oh,” she exclaimed, feeling her heart thrum at the image. “It’s perfect!”

Since she could never see things with her belly in the way, it was overly sweet to capture something like this so she could. She could already see this picture in the baby book, with the title “Our Little World” or “We Love You” or something incredibly generic like that that would embarrass their kid years down the line when they grew up. Ben couldn’t wait.

“Happy now?” Gabriel asked, without any malice, that glint back in his eyes - if it’d ever left. She set the camera down on their bed, still rumpled from that morning.

“Very. Too bad this time the baby didn’t start kicking.” She answered, running her fingers back through his hair and expecting him to get up. 

Instead, after her two husband’s shared a look that had her realizing too late, two pairs of lips descended back on her belly and blew, their hands holding her in place as she squawked and tried to get away, screeching and laughing until there were tears in her eyes.

Legion : Bryan Singer explique comment la série complètera l’univers X-Men

Après avoir révélé au public enthousiaste un beau X-Men tatoué sur sa jambe, le réalisateur Bryan Singer, auteur de quatre volets de la fameuse saga, en a dit davantage sur les connexions qui lieront la série Legion à l’univers cinématographique déjà installé par la franchise.

Le site Variety rapporte ces quelques propos du cinéaste : “Ce que nous faisons avec Legion, ainsi qu’avec les autres projets télévisés autour d’X-Men, se rattachera aux prochains films X-Men – que ce soit Deadpool ou les autres suites de la saga”. Egalement présent lors de cet exposé, le PDG de Fox Networks Group Peter Rice a évoqué une conversation avec Bryan Singer dans laquelle il était question de ne pas tenter avec ces séries de recréer les films en 45 minutes.

==> Legion : pourquoi la série n’inclura aucun X-Men ?

Voilà pourquoi les deux hommes, producteurs de Legion, ont décidé de s’en remettre au talent d’écriture de Noah Hawley, le créateur de la série Fargo, pour chapeauter ce projet. Bryan Singer assure d’ailleurs que le jeune prodige a su inclure des idées qui seront visuellement époustouflantes.

La série Legion, en huit épisodes, sera diffusée sur la chaîne FX aux Etats-Unis. Elle racontera les mésaventures de David Haller, le fils schizophrène du Professeur Xavier. Dans les premiers rôles, on retrouvera Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) et Aubrey Plaza (Dirty Papy, Hors Contrôle).

La bande annonce de la série Legion, dévoilée au Comic Con 2016

men hate feminists because we aren’t as complicit as they’d like. men hate feminists because we attempt to ruin The Illusion. don’t forget that, when they make you second guess yourself and the beliefs you know are right.