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rose lalonde got gay married to her gay girlfriend and now it’s /canon/, so if everyone could stop shipping them with men that’d be fantastic, thanks.
Man's letter to the Editor sparks yoga pants protest by women
Women in Rhode Island held a peaceful protest after the "Barrington Times" printed a letter to the editor against yoga pants. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

Yoga pants are form-fitting, fun, warm in the winter, stylish pants that show off a women’s natural curves! You’d think more men would want to see these pants? Just think about how many men go to fitness classes just to see hot ladies…

And YET…there are SOME men who think they have the right to tell WOMEN what they CAN or CANNOT wear???

Awwwwww hellll no!!

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Sending via anon since im a side blog (daddys-smutpen); My latest fantasy would be to find a stupid little cunt who is in over her head & asks for more than she can handle, only to realize after going too far that she doesn't want it.. only after I violated & ruined her.. making it so she could never enjoy vanilla sex again, she'd realize too late what she turned into; a dumb whore who is only happy when pleasing men. She'd never be able to enjoy a normal relationship again & need me to use her

Sounds like what I am, already


Đi hát một mình, uống một mình say một mình rồi một mình nằm mơ, vẫn thấy Em.. sao giờ nhỉ? >.< mà hôm qua về cái nằm ngủ như chết, sáng dậy miệng như cái hố rác mặt như cái đầm lầy, vẫn nồng mùi men d m. Hình như hôm qua L khóc lụt Hà Nội hay sao ấy :3 nhưng lấy cái cớ gì để hỏi thăm quan tâm? >.<

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send me a character and i’ll talk about their plot

OKAYYYYYY i’ve got two ish plots going for logan right now, and one of them is in her main verse while the other is in v: welcome to portland!!

V: Welcome to Portland – Logan is a former sugar baby/exotic dancer turned housewife to a wealthy prominent man in Portland, who she actually loved deeply and had three children with, and spent many happy years with until his untimely death from a heart attack a year ago. He was at least 15 years older than her when they married, but she really did enjoy his company and she enjoyed being a trophy wife tbh. Up until his death, Logan had no idea that her husband was involved with any sort of organized crime, but during the funeral all these men she’d never seen before came to pay their respects, and his accountants were asking her about transactions she’d never heard of, and the pieces sort of fell into place. So now she’s having to sort of come to terms with the fact that her husband was in charge of a mob presence in their city, and she has to decide if she wants to continue that, while her kids are hitting their tweenage years and she has to deal with fucking Linda down at the PTA who has never liked her after her husband got caught checking out Logan’s ass and she has to help her oldest with pre-algebra??? Who the fuck even knows what that is???? So life is messy but it’s a very entertaining mess with the potential for lots of action and payback on those bitches in the PTA who keep telling her they don’t want her help.

Main Verse – After years of terrible dates and relationships and unfulfilled dreams of finding the right person and settling down, Logan decided she wasn’t going to wait for her perfect man any longer and she was going to make her own happy ending. So she got inseminated, despite the opinions of her family, and she was so, so thrilled to be having a baby and being a mom!!! Getting everything she always wanted!! Only it’s been way different than she thought it would be – she can’t bond with her child, and every time Lizzie cries it’s like a piercing pain in Logan’s skull and it’s harder to do everyday tasks and she can’t sleep anymore. So I’ve actually had this plot in motion for a really long time? And have been waiting literally months to start this story arc of Logan finally getting the baby she always longed for, and then having post-partum depression, and dealing with these feelings of inadequacy and guilt for not better appreciating what she had wanted for so so long, and feeling like she has to HIDE it from everyone because what mom can’t stand their own child??? What kind of horrible monster IS she that she can’t take care of her own baby??? So she keeps piling the guilt on and living with this secret and is sort of headed toward a breakdown of some sort, and honestly I need people to get in on this and interact with Logan because I feel like it could be such a good interaction and it’s one that isn’t necessarily romantic, like she obviously needs good friends right now so people pls do this with me thanks!!

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"You will be remembered first as a hero. Later as a legend."

Assassin’s Creed {Sentence Starters}.

      being called a hero never set well with steve, that wasn’t a title he deserved. there where thousands of men who’d paid the ultimate price. what had he given up? what set him apart and made him deserve labels like hero or legend?       there’s a scoff as he brushes aside the words, a hand raising to pull off the helmet, tucking it in his other hand which still held the shield – it again raised to ruffle through the tawny blonde length.

     ❝ come on buck – we both know i’m neither of those.
 you’ve been spending too much time at the museum again.   ❞

@its-negan-bitch took the other dixon.

Anger is still radiating, causing him to actually shake. Daniel’s face is stained by tears and there was no doubt that some of his knuckles were broken after his violent swing, after they had connected with a jaw. The lineup had been gruesome. It had been too much, it had been going too far and yet he’d snapped – lunched, hit, and bitten as hard as he could. Flesh broken into, blood in his mouth. It was all he could taste and yet it hadn’t been enough. Worse, there had been consequences. A life in exchange for his rage, and now they were taking him.

If only he’d managed to puncture the jugular, If only the stain to Negan’s little scarf kept going and going and going. Negan had taken some of their own away because of the men they’d killed… but the circumstances were different. They had a chance to fight, or were sound asleep. Unaware. What Negan did was … not unlike a monster.

And Daniel hated him for it.

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i'm kinda disappointed with the ballon d'or 30 men list there are some who deserve to be there but they are only few because most of those others should not be there

I’m not even disappointed because every year it’s the same bullshit.


It was times like these that made Blu question why she hadn’t tried to quit her “job” yet.

The RED base was full of terribly troubled men; she’d known that from the moment she’d seen them in passing on the battlefield.  Backstabbers and pyromaniacs, patriotic lunatics and giant men with giant guns… it was madness.  Horrifying madness that should have warded her off and made her leave this place before she got all but stuck here.  But it didn’t.  Her family needed money, and miss Pauling had helped her become “legal.”  She was going to have to stay, for their sakes if not for the madmen she was hired to help.

Even so, one would think Pauling could have eased up on the pressure to seem like real therapists.  She and Red had hardly been in the base for a week before she had them start their sessions.  They were so busy reading up on therapy that they hadn’t even had time to study up on anyone properly; leaving them entirely at a loss as to who they were even dealing with.  The most they had now were names and job descriptions.  And the next one on her list?  “Demoman.”

Now, Blu had seen the men in action before.  She knew that Demoman was the one with the eyepatch that seemed to have bombs of all sorts at his disposal.  She also had seen just how easily he’d turned people to shreds of bloody debris, and that he hardly even seemed to care that he’d done it at all.  Granted one had to have some degree of tolerance for gore if you worked as a professional killer; but even so, Demoman was definitely on her list of people she was afraid of.

And now she had to try and give him therapy.  Lovely.

“You can come in now.”  She called out from her little therapy room, which frankly was just a corner of a storage room that was boarded off with boxes until they made somewhere more suitable.  At least it was out of the way, and provided room for a large red sofa to sit opposite her flimsy little desk and chair.  Taking a deep breath and forcing herself to remain calm, the girl could only hope that things would go smoothly.  This was only her first day on the job, after all.

Volvo Loyalists Have Something to Celebrate Besides Earth Day and a New Enya Album: Drag Racing!

Victor Ellinger of Cleveland, Ohio, likes Volvos. Always has. Saw no good reason why, when he decided to go drag racing, that he shouldn’t do it in a Volvo. 

Others, however, saw plenty of good reasons why a 1980 Volvo Bertone Coupe might not be you first choice: First, it’s a Volvo, not the optimum aerodynamic package. As mostly insane advertising executive Emory Leeson, played by the late Dudley Moore, said about his client in the film “Crazy People,” from 1990: “Jaguar – for men who’d like hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know.”

Wait, that was about Jaguar. I’m thinking of: “Volvo – they’re boxy but they’re good.”

Indeed they are, especially when you stuff a Chrysler 440-cubic-inch V-8 under the hood, replacing the 130-horsepower V-6. Ellinger added a roll cage, a big wing on the back, massive Mickey Thompson slicks and lots of stickers and decals.

Ellinger brought his Bertone Coupe, with its modifications that would have mortified both Sweden and in Turin, Italy, where the Bertone’s final assembly took place, to the International Hot Rod Association World Finals at Memphis International Raceway. Which is just north of a Tops Bar-B-Q, which I mention because I navigate the Memphis area based on the location of the 15 Tops Bar-B-Qs, where they use only charcoal and don’t wince when you ask for coleslaw right on top of the pork sammich, not on the side.

Anyway, here’s Victor Ellinger and his Volvo Bertone Coupe, just one line on the 71-car entry list for the Mod category at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries, which otherwise looked pretty typical: Camaro, Camaro, Camaro, Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Camaro, one Volvo, more Camaros, some Chevelles, a propane-powered Plymouth Duster and a hot 1968 Camaro from Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada, where there is no telling what they Bar-B-Q. Moose? Reindeer?

Next thing you know, eliminations start, and Ellinger’s cute little Swedish-Italian Coupe, and he’d appreciate if you would call it a coo-PAY, starts picking off Camaros and Mustangs. And he didn’t stop – right to the final round where he faced Bobby Paul Arnett’s beautiful 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. While Arnett, of Winchester, Kentucky, clipped Ellinger by a few thousandths off the line – .015 to .018 – Ellinger pulled it out in the end, with a run of 6.383 seconds at 108.50 mph in the eighth-mile.

And the next thing you know, there’s a Volvo in the winner’s circle, and Ellinger is holding up the big trophy.

And wait, there’s more. Ellinger gets $10,000 from Summit; a 28-foot enclosed Performax trailer; a $2,500 TrickFlow gift certificate; a two-post Gemini Auto Lift; a Jones Transmission Cooling System; an IHRA Gold Card; a World Champion Ironman trophy, and a World Champion diamond ring. And a seven-night, eight-day, expenses-paid trip to Aruba.

Somewhere, Dudley Moore is smiling.


Satan and the D Men

She’ll Lie

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(your muse walks in on mine with bruises/etc.) No one had heard from Dylan since the night before and though it was normal, they had needed him at the farm. "Yo, dip-shit! Wake up!" Faith banged on the door and waited a few minutes before she opened the door and walked in. She'd enough of men that possibly seeing one nude didn't phase her. Nor seeing them beaten. "I see you got your ass handed to you again..."

Your muse walks in on mine laying in bed shirtless and has bruises, open wounds and gashes all over them and hasn’t been heard from all day. How does yours react?

“Yeah, yeah.”  He didn’t know when, exactly, Faith had ever seen him in bad shape before, but god knew he wasn’t exactly up for some serious thinking right now. He was trying to get polysporin on a particularly nasty bit of shredded skin on his side, his shirt discarded on the mattress beside him, stained and torn. 


161019 Evan & Ian at Men With Sword’s GRN Halo Run event live stream


Ororo Munroe - X-Men

You’d known Ororo for years. Every time you were in the neighbourhood you would stop by and spend some time with her. You knew Ororo was special. She had the power to control the weather. She had told you this, yet you had never told her about your powers. Until she found out about them…

Ororo stared at you speechless as you had effortlessly stopped a car from driving over a young boy. You could hear her thoughts as you walked back to her. /Y/N has special powers…. Why did they never tell me?/

“Ororo, I’m so sorry.”