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Okay. The tag is #selfie :)

She was sitting in a local coffee shop, typing away on her laptop, a whipped-cream topped coffee confection on the table beside her. Occasionally she’d glance at the men seated at the table next to her- they were in suits and dark overcoats, and both were drinking gigantic black coffees. Not at all on par for the shops usual patrons. 

Carefully she twisted in her chair and raised her phone, snapping a selfie that captured both her and the very attractive mens’ profiles. Her dark brown eyes sparkled and a blush rose to her creamy cheeks when the shorter haired one caught her eye and winked. She’d been caught, but it was worth it. 

W I L D men are not F R I G H T E N E D of old GODS

                Alabaster fingers trace marred flesh as the other is sat down brusquely ( how comical it is, the smaller male pushing the other down to seat himself; silent courage rings strong within the clearing ). He speaks not a word, a tongue sliding over scarred lips as onyx hues focus upon him carefully. Silent tests traverse within his mind as his digits cup the Fighter’s chin. He tilts his head every which way so that he may determine the severity of the abrasions that paint the other’s flesh violet. A breath of vexation claws its way from his lungs and is more than audible. Does he reserve not the right to revel within such exasperation? The insistence of combat upon the other party’s side grew all the more tiring to have to endure. But still he does not voice his protests immediately.

                              ❝ What if someone caught you? ❞

                The question is soft, careful. It is the manner one would speak to fire, to something that may burn them. It is the way one would speak to blades poised at their being, quiet, gentle, lest they receive deep lacerations. He dabs at the Fighter’s visage with the alcohol rub, gently cleansing the wounds.

                              ❝ One day: You won’t be so lucky.
                               It can get worse than someone catching you.
                               And I don’t think this a big secret.
                               Encke is just waiting to see you do it.
                               These bruises aren’t fooling anyone, Cain. ❞

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Would you rather date a boy or a girl?

Both have their own benefits, but I’m more attracted to men so I’d say men.

Bare fake

Mange har sikkert både hørt, sett og prøvd Charlie Charlie challenge, men d r bare fake. D r d samme som spiritissme…. Sånne ting som har noe med spøkelser og demoner som gjør noe. Slutt og prøv d r bare tull.

Dette er grunnene til at jeg ikke tror på sånne ting.

Greia er at med charlie charlie er d så opplagt at blyanten kan flytte på seg pga luftstrømmene i rommet. Jeg leste at d også går ann og sette en bitter liten bit med tyggis for og fake d. Folk sier d at charlie var en 10 år gammel gutt fra mexico. Han ble liksom drept når han hadde prøvd denne challengen som han liksom hadde funnet på. Også d at han fant den på får meg til og sette spørsmål tegnt til challengen. Hvorfor skulle en 10 år gammel gutt finne på noe for og finne ut om d finnes demoner. Og hvem vet egentlig når dette skjedde. 

Hvis d skjedde for mange mange år siden. Hvordan kan man da hvite at historien er sann. Guttungen kunne jo ikke ha skrivi d samtidig som han prøvde. 

Spiritissme er ogs bare tull fordi hvær gang d r noen som dytter forsiktig på glasset. Og jeg mener HALO !!!!! Våkn opp verden. Hvor stor sjanse er d for at demoner og spøkelser faktisk finnes.  Og tenk deg f.eks charlie charlie. Charlie skal jo være EN gutt. Hvordan kan demonen/spøkelset være akkurat hos den som prøver, siden d r jo sikkert ti-talls av folk som prøver samtidig rundt i verden. Så jeg syns d bare er no tull og prøve fordi jeg er ikke overtroisk og tror ikke på sånne teite ting. 

Men dette er jo bare min mening men hper noen er enige med meg.

Lmao someone just told me that if I kept walking so dominantly I’d scare off men.

Someone actually said that to me.

Like it was a bad thing and I should stop.

Right-wingers claim it’s appalling that Bernie Sanders wrote an essay about male and female sex fantasies for an alternative paper in Vermont in 1972, and say it’s hypocritical that he’s not being raked over the coals in the press for it:

In a 1972 essay, presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) opined that men fantasized about women being abused. He also claimed that women fantasized about being gang raped.

In an article entitled “Men-And-Women,” published in an alternative newspaper called the “Vermont Freeman” Sanders shared his thoughts on male and female sexuality in ways that would cause a media firestorm if it had been penned by any current GOP candidate. Even one with as little chance at grabbing his party’s nomination as Sanders currently has.

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.”

Sanders didn’t specify as to how he had gained such a deep understanding of the male psyche.

In terms of his understanding of female sexual fantasies, Sanders provided similar insight.

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man–as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

Here’s the whole essay, via Mother Jones, which unearthed it:

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I'd love to see your pussy spread open on day, like you were just begging to be filled with cum, so easy to shoot right down your used cunt. Considering you aim to please men, you'd let many have their turns filling it till cum overflows out down your thighs, wouldn't you?

oh you boys truly have such a big imagination and fantasies  

Terminius was not exactly a bad place. I mean think about it, the guys let other men (and maybe women?) into their compound. These new men basically overthrew them and emasculated them by taunting the gang raping of their women, leaving the Terminus guys feeling weak. Their natural ways as the men in the groups were to protect the women but was unable to do so. Feeling weak,helpless and even ashamed, the Terminus men decided to take back their right as protectors of the females by killing off the new guys. As time goes on, they no longer trust male outsiders. They’d take in women but never trusting of the men for fear that they might over power them and rape the women,starting the cycle of helplessness . To keep themselves and the women alive, as the hunters ,gatherers, and protectors they’d kill off the men to support their people. Survival isn’t a pretty picture, but I cannot truly condone the men of Terminus for killing off other men. It’s not a matter of sexism, no, being that the Terminus plot is set roughly 2 years after the virus broke out, the survivors of the world are no longer obeying the old laws. Men and women know they can freely kill, rob and even rape someone without so much so as jail time or facing the consequences. In todays time, if 2 guys wanted to come to your house, you’d have the system,cops,phones and weapons as a deterent but when all thats gone-you only have yourself. Terminus wasn’t all evil: they never harmed the women or Carl (was judith there? I forgot) they only harmed the able bodied men. You don’t always trust people you don’t know do you?

“The Queen & The Men Of Royalty” B.T.B.D. “The Men Of Royalty” B.T.B.D. To God Be The Glory for an another amazing opportunity to model at La Trade Tech’s graduation for fashion designers, and our line came in first place!!!! It was truly an honor, and doing something out of my comfort zone!!!! The reason why i did it because it represents Art, and Royalty at its best!!!! Reminding us that we are all Kings and Queens!!!! We are Royalty!!!! So never settle for less, or let anyone treat you nothing less of you being the King and Queen that God has called you to be!!!! What a Blessing and a great night!!!! One Love!!!! Bwuahhhh!!!! #blessed #thankful #TuffCrowd #ericlloyd #model #royalty #art #fashion #gold-thymbalceremony #fashiondesigners #latradetech #graduation #runway #kings #queens (at LA Trade Tech College)

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amiga eu ia começar mad men mas comecei greys so pra sofrer bastante. me diga as series que tu assiste (eu to bem sem assunto)


greys eu vi até a oitava temporada depois desisti por causa de c e r t o s acontecimentos ujadiklf. eu não vejo série quase :( mas as últimas que eu vi foram twin peaks e freaks and geeks. 

Huelga!! Para que todos los personajes de Marvel esten juntos y los derechos de autor se vallan a la mierda!!!

Si bien la pelicula “Los Vengadores: La era de Ultron” estuvo buenisima, reprocho una cosa mal. El hecho de las confuciones al presentar a Quicksilver y a la Bruja escarlata, ellos dos son mutantes, MU-TAN-TES!!! Pertenecientes al mundo de los X-Men!! 

Por lo tanto, ¡¿porque no los presentaron como mutantes?! ¡¿porque no juntan a ambos mundos?! ¡¿Saben la plata que ambas empresas (Disney y Fox) ganarían al juntarlos a ambos?! 

Muchos fans confundidos por la aparición de estos dos personajes, sabiendo quienes son y su historia. Eso es lo que veo malo, el que no junten dos mundos para disfrute de los fans :( y terminen haciendo un remezclado de supér héroes y nos confundan D:

En “X-Men: Dias del futuro pasado” aparece Quicksilver y juro que lo disfrute mas que el de “Los vengadores”, aunque le hicieron powerup a su velocidad, la escena en donde él derriba a todos los policías con el soundtrack Time In A Bottle, fue sublime sinceramente! 

Pero bueno a final de cuentas ellos pueden hacer lo que quieran pero la verdad yo hubiese juntado a ambos mundos o por lo menos no los hubiera puesto a ellos en “Los Vengadores” si no eran mutantes en verdad :P 

Es solo una humilde opinión, solo espero que no vallan a poner al Hombre Araña y digan “pero él no es el hombre araña de sony, sino que es una araña que se transforma en humano” porque sino se irían al carajo…