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ive been binge-watching itsfunneh’s “yandere high school” roleplay for hours now and golden glare has the cutest clothes honestly. i added some earrings for fun!

i would do full body drawings but like all she wears is short shorts, honestly the only one where its different is the bottom left, and even that was high waisted short shorts

ravencriesblood18  asked:

“You know this voucher only works for couples, right?” Please let it be a wedding cake testing thing haha

“You know that voucher only works for couples, right?”
‘Guys, I have hit the jackpot with desserts today’
The band who had been in various different spots around the sitting room glanced in your direction, mildly interested in what you were yelling about.
Noodle had been on the couch with Russel strumming on her guitar while Russel dazed off, absentmindedly air drumming with his sticks. Murdoc was sat on the windowsill in his underwear, flicking through NME with a look of distaste across his features, and 2D had been sat at the chair beside the couch, lying back with his legs dangling off the side while he stared blankly at the ceiling, by far the one most interested in your sudden entrance.
‘What is it?’ Noodle asked, sparing you a glance before focusing her gaze back on her fingers.
'A voucher for a half price cake tasting in that fancy bakery down the street’ you beamed.
You knew they knew which one you were talking about, it was the one that had won so many awards for their cakes and you honestly couldn’t walk past their shop without your mouth watering slightly.
However, all you were met with were blank looks as they all stared at your for a few seconds before going back to what they were originally doing.
'What? Guys, why aren’t you excited? Half price cake going here!’ You exclaimed, waving the voucher around to empathise.
'Uh, (Y/N), “You know that voucher only works for couples, right?”’ Russel spoke this time, turning his blank gaze to you.
'Oh’ you spoke, turning your gaze to the voucher in your hand to see the terms and conditions which turned out did state about it only being for couples planning their wedding, 'well I guess one of you is going to have to pretend to be my fiancé then’ you added, shrugging as you turning back to them.
'No thanks’ Russel spoke, followed by Noodle and Murdocs echoes of agreement.
'What? You guys honestly can’t bear to be my pretend fiancé for an hour to get half price cake? I am offended’ you glared as you folded your arms over your chest before you turned to the last one in the room who had yet to say anything, '2D?’
At the mention of his name he lifted his head, cigarette hanging out of his mouth as he stared in question.
'C'mon ’D! We all know you have a sweet tooth, and we would totally make the cutest couple’ you added, moving over to bat your eyes at him while you placed your hands on his knees.
He stared at you with his brows raised in thought for a few moments before he finally shrugged.
'Sure, I wouldn’t mind being engaged to you for a while’
'Yas! C'mon, they’ve got this amazing vanilla and buttercream one I’ve been eyeing for ages!’ You grinned, taking off one of your rings and slipping it onto your ring finger before grabbing 2D’s hand and dragging him out the house with you.

Moana: Island Life

A compilation of the little nuggets I’ve found so far in the game Moana: Island Life. More sure to come as I keep playing my way through the game!


“Until Maui realizes he needs help.” Hint: it takes several in-game days. 

There’s no end to Moana’s sass in this game. 

Literally, no end. 

I could go on and on. 


Our Voyager Chief has a reputation!!

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The new five nights at freddy’s looks great


Please take some time and watch the cutest Polish ad of the year.


THIS IS THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS AD EVER!!!!!! And to make things better it has Foxes in it!!!

Fic: Geronimo

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary/Prompt: @always-a-marvel-addict requested a fluffy one-shot of Natalia trying to wake Chris up. Thanks for requesting this, doll. Hope you like it :)

Note: What does one do to avoid writing an angsty work-in-progress? Writes something entirely the opposite. Don’t worry, Fix You part 2 will be next. In the meantime, here’s some fluff. Thanks for reading. :) xx

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, please let me know.

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The beginning rays of the early morning sun illuminated the bedroom in a soft, warm glow, allowing Natalia to see without straining her eyes like she had done when she first got up. He was still there, sleeping on his stomach, arms securely curled around his pillow – the same position she had left him in.

Chris looked so peaceful, so comfortable and untroubled, with his long lashes resting on the tops of his flushed cheeks, mouth slightly agape, breaths coming out even and deep. Completely dead to the world.

Natalia cringed. It was going to be a bitch to get his ass up. But he was the one that had been so adamant about getting up at the crack of dawn to join her on her morning run.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Pumpkins. ||

Anonymous said:

could you write a cute imagine wth y/n and Joe carving pumpkins? just a really cute/fluffy one? 🎃💕

- - -

“It’s so gross! Ugh, my hands.” Joe said scooping pumpkin guts from the pumpkin into a bowl, his hands covered in the stringy orange goo. “I told you – gloves.” You smirked feeling very proud of yourself, you had picked up a pair of medical gloves from the shop to keep your hands from getting disgusting.

You were both carving pumpkins for Halloween only a couple days away, just for fun – surprisingly neither of you were filming a video.

“Yeah, yeah – shut up.” He whispered, putting the spoon down he was using, using his arm to rub his nose. “Itchy – babe help.” He said as he kept rubbing his nose on his arm.

You giggled as Joe turned to you, “stop laughing at me, help!” He said pleadingly, as you continued laughing, “fine, fine.” You put your own spoon down on the table, pulling off a glove carefully you brought your finger up. “Here?” You asked poking the tip of his nose. “yes – itch!” He said quickly, you itched the tip of his nose.

“Oh god, yes, thank you.” He whispered, pulling out the dramatics – his eyes rolling back into his head in ‘pleasure’ from your itch. “Oh stop.” You rolled your eyes with amusement.

“Hey, it’s a horrible feeling.” He grabbed the towel on the table trying to clear off his hands.

“Yes babe, the end of the world it feels like.” You nodded glancing at him, sticking his tongue out at you, he picked up his spoon again and dug back into his pumpkin.

“Oh god, it stinks.” He whispered, with his face close to the pumpkin, scooping the bottom pieces out, “shit.” He whispered, “it’s in my hair! IT’S IN MY HAIR!” Joe exclaimed, standing up straight, looking up – his hair had fallen over into his eyes and pieces of pumpkin were stuck to it.

You couldn’t help yourself as you started laughing. “Ewww.” Joe whispered, pulling a stingy piece off himself and throwing it onto the table.

“(Y/N), it’s in my hair.” He whined looking at you, “oh. My. God.” You said, giving up on finishing your pumpkin for the moment, taking your gloves off you used your clean hands to pick the pieces from Joe’s hair.

“Ew.” You laughed finding a seed you flicked it onto the table.

“Hold still.” You said seriously, holding his hands up in surrender, Joe didn’t move as you went downstairs quickly and returned a short minute later. “See, I didn’t move, do I get a kiss?” He asked angelically puckering his lips at you, rolling your eyes, you blew a small breath at him sending his hair from his eyes, “hey.” He whispered with one eye closed.

“I’m not kissing you when your hair looks like it belongs ten years ago back in school.” You laughed, before you stood on your tip toes, giving him a soft kiss.

Joe grinned after your kiss, “hey – the emo fringe was an in thing.” He nodded and you sighed, “I know…” You shook your head, “still is – I just can’t pull it off.” You laughed.

“Now to avoid anymore pumpkin in your hair, sit.” You gestured to the chair. “Why?” He glanced behind himself before he sat down. “Oh no, (Y/N) – no.” Joe said seeing the pink hair band in your hand. “Oh yes, Joe – yes.” You nodded.

Pulling his hair from his face and pushing it up, you held it, wrapping the hair band around it, you laughed. “Awh – too cute.” You smiled, seeing the small pony tail that stuck straight up and waves off at the top on the top of Joe’s head.

“Glad you find this amusing.” He muttered catching a glance of himself on the blackened screen of your MacBook. “I’d make a cute girl, right?” He asked, flicking his hair, before looking at you.

“Sure…” You said nodding, “the cutest.” You added. “Can I tickle you with my hair?” He wondered tilting his head to the side bobbing it up and down a little against your arm.

“You’re like a child.” You laughed, “I know – but you love me!” He jumped up from the chair heading to the kitchen counter to grab the knifes you had set out for craving.

“I do – sometimes I wonder why, but I do.” You teased and he gasped. “You wonder why?” He asked with a serious tone, but a smile across his lips, he put the knives down on the table, standing behind you, his arms slipped around your waist.

“You wonder why?” He asked again in a whisper, his face nuzzled against your neck, kissing it lightly. “Occasionally.” You tormented him. “Hey!” He said, before he bit your neck lightly. “Joe!” You gasped before laughing. “Stop it.” You tried pushing his face away from your neck.

“Well, tell me you love me ALL the time.” He pressed, you could tell he was smiling even though you couldn’t see his face. “Fine – I love you ALL the time.” You assured him, “you and your pretty little ponytail.” You laughed, “good.” He laughed, leaning around he kissed your cheek, letting you go slowly.

You both went back to craving your pumpkins, which took a lot longer because you two kept tormenting and teasing one another.

But before the night was over, you had both finished your pumpkins, you had gone for the classic, triangle eyes and nose with a goofy smile. 

Joe had tried to go for a scary face, but it ended up looking like a silly one, which resulted in you teasing him again and him putting pumpkin insides on your head, where you freaked out and started throwing pumpkin seeds at him.

g-dragon x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: This one took me forever; sorry about that. I restarted it five or six times, but I was never satisfied with it, so I kept deleting it. I think I found one that I find decent enough, so that’s what I’m going with! Have it before I change my mind~! I still don’t know if I for sure like it, but I think the requester waited long enough. Here’s to admitting to get some of my older requests done so I can reopen them again. 8)

Summary: “Could you please do a scenario were your friends with 2NE1 and they are teasing you because you like G Dragon and he overhears? Fluff ending xD” - Anon

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