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Please take some time and watch the cutest Polish ad of the year.


THIS IS THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS AD EVER!!!!!! And to make things better it has Foxes in it!!!

so im crying??? was in quick play and our team was meh, had a couple ppl under level 40 but one of the people was a freaking two star which was like what. anyways they went zarya and I was Lucio and like we manage to win and the zarya was like “gg guys, also great clutch ults Lucio” and I was like oh my god a two star just complimented me. Anyways next game starts and we were now facing said Zarya and in the group chat they just go “no my clutch Luc, what will I do without you” and I’m just like “I miss you already” and everyone else is like “what”. and like half way through the match they had died a couple times and in the chat just goes “Quint (my player tag) help me”. It was the cutest thing, they added me as a friend afterwards too which was awesome 

me: i have enough clothes (: no more retail therapy for me! saving up for travel!

me: realises that SheIn has free shipping for orders over $50 so now i’m frantically adding the cutest things to my cart and will probably blow my extra cash on a new wardrobe