the crown spoilers


I know exactly what my job is. Your father made it perfectly clear. You are my job. You are the essence of my duty. So here I am. Liegeman of life and limb. In, not out. Philip. We’re both adults. And I think we’re both realists. We both know that marriage is a challenge, under any circumstances. So I can understand if sometimes, in order to let off steam, in order to stay in you need to do what you need to do. I can look the other way. Yes, I know you can look the other way. You’ve raised looking the other way into an art form. I’m saying I don’t want you to. You can look this way.


Bullied children are scarred for life. And scarred children make destroyed adults.
(The Crown season 2, episode 9 “Paterfamilias”)

When you check your tumblr and accidentally read a spoiler:


We all closed our eyes, our ears, to what was being said about you. We dismissed it as fabrications, as cruel chatter, in light of your decision to give up the throne. But when the truth finally came out… The truth! It makes a mockery of even the central tenets of Christianity. There is no possibility of my forgiving you. The question is: how on earth can you forvige yourself?


Y'all this beautiful man. Is CHAOL SEXY MOTHER FUCKING WESTFALL.
• HES 22 about to be 23
• he’s British, plus he has a deep voice which is hot.
• he’s 6'2" I know an inch taller than CHAOL but still.
• he has brown hair brown eyes. Plus he looks good with scruff. Look at the jaw line.
• he works out like A LOT!
His name is Harry Rowley and he’s CHAOL Westfall in my mind.

When Chaol Returns From the Southern Continent

Chaol: Hey, so I kind of am not with Nesryn anymore. Actually, I got married in secret to a healer named Yrene who may or may not be the future Head Healer at the Torre Cesme.  

Aedion and Lysandra: Ummm

Chaol: Also after we broke up Nesryn got together with the future Khang of the Southern Continent. So that makes her the future Empress. 

Aedion and Lysandra:

Chaol: And Maeve is a Valg Queen, Yrene can get the Valg out of people, and my life is now tethered to her. 

Aedion and Lysandra:

Chaol: So whats new with you? 

Honestly Sartaq saying he would take all day to bang Nesryn is my new aesthetic