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Robin x Reader: The Bird Tattoo~Part Thirteen {END} (Soulmate AU)

 A/n: Pardon my language but fUcKiNg FiNaLLy; the end of this series is long past due. I loved writing it, but I really need to move on to different characters and different story lines! Thank you guys so much for all the notes, reblogs, cute tags, and praise throughout the series! So, without further delay, enjoy the final chapter of The Bird Tattoo! I hope you guys like it because I kind of botched the end of it!

Robin felt so defeated when he found out about your breakdown. He found out the next morning when Black Canary sat beside you, just after she replaced the bandages on you throat. The scratches weren’t very deep, but they still needed to be cleaned and bandaged.

“Why did this happen? I don’t understand,she was doing so well…” Robin was already on the verge of tears. He thought you were getting better, and you still were, but some of the progress was lost.

“She lost her powers, Robin.”

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Ka pilikia i loko o Paradaiso - Trouble in Paradise

Contains language, and hardcore angst. This is not a drill. Angst and pregnancy do not mix well. 

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You were well into the third trimester - 36 weeks, to be exact - when everything went to hell.

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27kra analysis frame by frame, turns out fake + turns out a footage taken from a horror movie - ???

Hello TJLC conspirators and all people still digging to find some explanation for all that season 4 mess. Although I checked out your blogs and read metas from a long time, I didn’t have my own account, and the reason I decided to start one is something I recently noticed, which may or may not give some clues about something, i don’t know. I may be right, I may be terribly wrong, whatever, but the whole conspiracy itself is already one big madness, so I might as well drop something which may seem crazy or irrelevant to me…

People probably already analyzed it a hundred times, but I’d like to come back to the subject of and the whole 27kra thing. It’s unknow whether it’s a real official site established to mess with our minds, or an incredibly well done and entertaining fan made, but I think there’s something weird going on and the site’s content is definitely worth checking out. When you type you get a rather spooky, The Lost Highway-ish kind of gif which consists mainly of VHS-type glitches. Since I’m a huge fan of VHS, super 8, analog formats and all those glitches and deformations related them, I decided to split the gif into frames and look at them closer. Here I’m going to analyze what is visible on those frames (or maybe, what I can see). I won’t go on with guessing 27kra name, I’ll concern strictly on the gif’s content. There’s something that I noticed that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere on Tumblr (though I may be wrong and it could have been written already, and then I’m sorry for making sensations over old news). Okay, here it goes.

I’m going to post the frames in order. I’m going to write what I see on those pictures, which of course doesnt mean it’s right or anything cause other ones might see it completely different, and of course we cannot be sure of anything at all.

First off, we see something that looks like an entrance, or an exit, and a chunk of the corridor behind the “door”. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. It somehow made me think of Sherrinford, all that simple architecture, corridors and portals, etc., probably because of those numbers visible on the top and the bottom of the footage, it all reminds me of some sort of CCTV footage.

Next frame is just glitches… or maybe something more? If you look closer it seems like some very blurry footage of some room. You can see the black doors in the right corner of the photo, and just next to doors (or maybe a window?) on the left you can see a dark rectangle which might be a tv screen. Then there’s something dark on the left side, and on the bottom there’s something like a… white bottle??? Or just a bottle-looking glitch, which seems more probable. I swear at first I considered it just a composion of glitches, but now I see it as a room.

Then there’s THIS WEIRD SHIT. It appears at least four times in different variations, so I’m going to discuss it later. To see description scroll this writing. Now I’ll pass onto the next frame.

Glitches… anyone can see something in there?

“TV room” comes back again.

What the hell is that. A table with some books/CDs/packages (with some metal holders?)? And with something round? And on the left side there’s something like a floor and the wall? It seems as if someone took a photo of table (or whatever it is) standing just by this table. Table. Why am I even calling it a table? What the fuck is that? SOmEBODY HELP

Beautiful colorful smear of I don’t know what. Althought some people claim to see something in there.

A more blurry version of the “table”. I know it’s not a table - I hope someone enlighten me wtf it is.


And then there’s something that probably everyone already noticed. An eye. Or THE eye. I’ve seen people writing it’s Moriarty, well, that’s also the the first thing that came to my mind. I tried to find some photo of Moriarty looking down (sort of) so I could compare those pictures - I admit you guys are better at finding needed photos/screencaps, here’s the best I could find:

I cut it just to have an eye in the center. Not exactly the same position, but it doesn’t matter. I think they didn’t show him with eyebrows cause it wouldn’t be easier to see the similarity (IF there are some THEY, IF it is who we think it is.) Containing Moriarty in the footage would be a real sign that something wicked this way comes.
But, I don’t know. Someone told me it might be John Watson’s eye, which would fit the shot-in-the-eye theory. What do you think about it?

Another (or the very same room). A kind of cluttered room…

This one seems like a look at the room from above, maybe another CCTV angle. I think it’s the more visible version of the previous.What the fuck is that? A sofa? A coffeetable? Why am I seeing tables everywhere? And what’s that purple thing?


Please let me paste the frame which I passed
Here’s what follows just after the CCTV-looking frame

I may be going mad but ISN’T IT A FUCKING FACE IN HERE?! I mean-

That’s how i see it. The face seems to be tilted back. If you look at the higher resolution screen you can see it seems nose-like and eye-like. The “hair” seem to be long and straight, so it’s a woman? Not a woman? Eurus? Not Eurus? Whoever? Or is it just glitches? But if you look at other frames by the end of the gif you can see “the face” sort of MOVES:

It’s tilted back a little bit more and turned in its left a little. Here’s the same thing in negative:

The things that follow:

BUT! I just now got this one idea… a crazy, fucked up idea, it definitely is insane and probably wrong, but…

Of course, of course I know it might me fake, something put together by some Sherlock fan, or whatever the fuck else. But something tells me it’s not. This COULD be the real thing, right? So, what does it tell us, fans/The Great Game players? At best: something’s coming, something’s happening, you’re on the right path. At worst: someone’s mocking us and though to me it’s highly enjoyable, it’s not Mofftis and we’re seeing things (IT’S JUST THAT THERE’S TOO MUCH OF THOSE SUPPOSEDLY NONEXISTENT THINGS TO SEE, COUGH COUGH). Either way, we’re being experimented on. I don’t know about you, but either way it’s awesome. For the first time from a long time i’m having real fun, and trust me, that’s a lot.
But, for real. If it’s just a fake and we’re all wrong, I would be highly disappointed. THIS ALL IS TOO GREAT, TO GENIUS, TOO ENJOYABLE TO RESULT IN NOTHING. And it means I’ve spent four hours on putting together a writing about something that doesn’t exist. To be honest, I’ve spent too much time on analyzing unreal things and searching for subliminal satanic messages in something very fucked up just to aknowledge it was all in vain. And now I’m just too mindfucked over this and other things that all of you post every day…
Maybe I got excited over something not relevant or already discussed, i don’t know, you decide. But i needed to throw it out somewhere. Please tell me what you think about it, and if you have something new to add about it or ask me about anything don’t be afraid to do it. I’m more than eager to discuss with you guys. Maybe I sound like a crazy person but it’s their fault, not ours, right?

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I’m new here but I decided to tag people that I followed before I even made and account and that I consider awesome meta writers - I’m not asking for attention, I just want to get in touch with people interested in investigating this difficult and mysterious™ case. So here it goes:

the-7-percent-solution   tjlc    jenna221b   inevitably-johnlocked     waitedforgarridebs       marcespot   marcelock

Congratulations and thanks to those who got through it and are still with me. Don’t judge me too hard, I’m shy and confused but yeah, here’s all of that, maybe someone finds it interesting.
- Bloody


UPDATE: Guys it’s solved. There’s nothing in there. It turned out that most of those glitches
can be easily found on Youtube as free samples of vhs glitches, except for the supposed
“Moriarty’s eye”. I apologize for raising hopes and making some of you excited about the concept, but it all turned out absolutely fake. I’m sorry. So sorry.

To somehow not to leave you irritated/disappointed entirely, here’s one last thing that still could be relevant…  There still could be some spark of hope because of the “Moriarty’s eye”. I couldn’t find it anywhere in premade popular glitches so it still could be a thing, maybe they just decided to do it easier way and paste one important frame between some easily-found shit from Youtube. Though i would except more from them. But… isn’t it all about spreading confusion? Maybe it’s MEANT to be that way… It does make me wonder why is it just like that, and well, the aim of all this investigating is to make us wonder, so… you never know. Sometimes it’s all about finding ONE IMPORTANT THING between irrelevant pieces and chaos, so if you want to believe this theory, we have this one important thing, we have Moriarty. I don’t know what to think of it all, right now I’m a little upset, so i can’t tell anything else.

That was my more positive take on all of this, at least i tried to find some proof it wasn’t entirely fake/irrelevant, maybe you have something wiser to add here. But personally i’m disappointed. I feel like an idiot now. Seems I’m as bad wannabe-detective as Anderson. Or even worse. I apologize again. :(




  Unfortunately yes, I’ve seen it there. Even more frames. People on YT were guessing

it might be one of those cheap old idiotically-colored porn videos. Hmm.


  asked if it isn’t actually Mary’s eye. Here’s my answer:

Damn you might be right. The main recently reoccuring “secret” not secret villain is Mary, not

Moriarty, or Eurus, or Culverton. They seem to be almost minor compared to this hell that’s

currently going on with Mary. You know, the Murderous Mary, cofusion about “happy-housewife-Sherlock’s-best-friend-who-cares-i-shot-him” image presented in S4. She’s actually a most hated

character in fandom (aside from Irene Adler, lol) and her so called “development” in S4 is one of these things that make no sense.

This is all the logical and thinking part behind it. Now let’s have a look at photos for some comparision and, well…

I added the same sample of noise from the eye frame. The still is from Miss Me video message.

Glitches are confirmed fake but eye case is still open. What do you think?


Guys there’s something completely fucked up about this gif. It started from @memrysapendragon pointing out she found a short clip including vhs glitch stuff on twitter, this particular clip:  Then i found most of those trames on Youtube by searching “vhs glitches” tag. The video can be found here:

It doesn’t contain Moriarty/Mary eye and I think it doesn’t contain a frame with a “sofa and tables” from the CCTV angle above the room, which i compared earlier to Baker Street. Now i read the comment section again and i noticed some people claimed the footage was stolen from a movie called V/H/S/2. I googled it and it appears to be some shitty horror/gore movie made from a few separate stories, and one of them included someone finding old vhs tapes with “scary shit”.

A really shitty movie, i can tell from screens i’ve seen in graphics, and what i read about it in general, so i don’t recommend it, don’t waste your time if you’re not actually a fan of things like that. Couldn’t bring myself to watch this shit, so i can’t confim it’s true but some people wrote it’s from V/H/S/2. I don’t know. Others however didn’t even know the source of the footage and this youtube short is widely considered to be just a collection of samples which people download for their purposes. Hell, it’s been used in some promo video on this Twitter account, while this whole “Secret Cinema” account has nothing to do with horror movies.

Does it mean is fake? Or there is some purpose behind this confusion? It’s getting weirder and weirder tbh


some highlights

  • alex’s general inability to speak to his fans and engage them
  • the midori cosplayer being obviously uncomforable when alex was going to “stab” her
  • alex legitamatley speaking so quiet that u can’t hear him the majority of the video
  • really bad trivia game?
  • when did i make a blog post and what color were yandere chans socks
  • still refers to ayano as yandere chan
  • giving out 1 creepy body pillow yansim shirt
  • the entire general feeling of awkwardness
  • yandere dev smiling with no teeth showing like a kid in first grade
  • the weird music that starts playing at 6 minutes
  • alex kneeling for a photo with a short girl bc for some reason in every photo he must have his arm around their shoulders
  • people being more comfortable around budo’s va than alex

I love Harry Potter, just like practically everyone else, but I don’t think it is the best series in the world like everyone says. There were many things I didn’t like, such as:

1. The lack of diversity: There are almost 200 named characters in the Harry Potter series, yet only Dean, Cho Chang, and the Patil twins are stated to be POC and no characters are canonically LGBT. JK Rowling may have stated Dumbledore was gay, but it was never stated or dealt with in the entire seven books. The only people of color were in the background, and Cho Chang personified many Asian stereotypes (watch this awesome video for more info on that:

2. Harry’s abuse came off comedic: Okay, maybe this one was just me, but most of Harry’s scenes at the Dursley’s felt more like comedy than development. Plus, the effects of Harry’s abuse were not dealt with throughout the series.

3. The treatment of the houses: The house system is full of so much prejudice. Gryffindors are all good except for Peter, Slytherins are all bad and Death Eaters with few exceptions, and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are just there in the background. The treatment of different people and inter-house relationships could have been so much better.

4. Many of the relationships: Harry and Ginny and Remus and Tonks felt entirely too forced. They were both sudden, and although each had potential separately, I did not like them together.

5. Ginny’s development: Ginny quickly went from a shy girl who couldn’t even speak to Harry to a badass girl with two boyfriends. Her development was not shown, so it felt like two entirely different characters when I read the book. Plus, Ginny toward the end felt too cardboard, with little depth besides from “strong” and “can beat you up”. I wanted to see more of her vulnerablities. 

6. Snape and Draco: I know, this is a huge debate, but I had to put this in. Snape is supposed to be morally gray and overall good, but he bullied Neville to the point that he was his greatest fear and threatened to kill his pet. I hate that he was supposed to be overall good, when he was really just a glamorized abuser, and Draco and many other Slytherins such as Pansy were supposed to be all bad. I did not love Draco throughout the series, but he was just a kid in a tough position. If Draco grew at all, it could have demonstrated growth and forgiviness. 

Honestly, I think the concept for Harry Potter is so original and magically, but I don’t think the execution was as good as it could have been with more development of characters and relationships and diversity. 

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Thoughts on the Logan Paul ordeal?

I have always hated the guy for being a fake ass bitch (and really i always thought he was annoying) and i’m glad i’ve never supported him in any way (like legit never once clicked on his videos cause i found out of him through H3H3 with the video of his “color blindness” and boy was he cringy in every way possible) He’s the most immature adult i’ve ever seen and I can’t believe it has taken it to this extent for some people to realize it…What he did was by far the most disgusting and inconsiderable thing someone could do…To believe he was laughing and smiling the whole time. His friends that were with him are just as bad as him for taking the subject so lightly. I don’t give a single fuck about his “apology”, he just needs to get away and reflect and then admit his mistake.


My response to this video is gonna be ridiculously long, so hit J if you want to skip it

“Fictinkin is Terrible”
Bad grammar. Should either be ‘fictionkin are terrible’ or ‘fictionkinity is terrible’. But I digress.

“I actually used to be fictionkin”
It’s generally agreed that if you’re 'kin, that’s what you are. It’s an inherent trait, like a hair color, and you can’t just quit it (though you can realize you never were 'kin in the first place or you can stop associating with the community or you can refuse to use any of the labels). A better wording would probably be “I used to think I was fictionkin.” This is just nitpicking, honestly, as it doesn’t change the experiences you’ve had with the community.

“[The otherkin community consists] of people who believe they are the spirit of a species besides human, born into the wrong body.”
Not exactly wrong, not exactly right. This describes a lot of otherkin but by far not all. I believe my soul is partially that of a bison but I don’t believe I should’ve been born in the body of a bison. I also feel like I’m a gnoll (you know,, those fuckers from D&D) on a psychological level, which I chalk up to a lot of weird things in my late childhood/early teens, such as roleplaying werewolves and imprinting on the art of DarkNatasha. It’s not play-pretend, it’s just a… character trait, I guess you could say. Like being Pagan or being really into knitting. A large portion of otherkin believe it’s a purely psychological phenomenon or that the cause is a mix of spiritual and psychological stuff. Likewise, a lot of otherkin don’t feel like they’re born into the wrong body. It’s very subjective how each individual describes their otherkinity.

“It’s origins are mainly from tumblr”
Not really… The current otherkin community has its roots in the elven communities from the 1970s (namely the Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves). The EQD have letters dating back to 1973 detailing their nonhuman identities and can trace the origins of their organization back to the late 1960s. The word 'otherkin’ was coined by Torin in a mailing list (hosted by R’ykandar Korra’ti) in 1990. This is around the same time that the therian community appeared (seperately from the elvenkind/otherkin community) in the newsgroup Alt.Horror.WereWolves. For more information, check out “Otherkin Timeline - The Recent History of Elfin, Fae,and Animal People” By O. Scribner.

“Nowadays, the otherkin community has actually been pretty dead recently…”
Again, not really… If anything, there are more otherkin actively discussing their identities and connecting with each other now than ever before. The community is just isolated to private chats and servers (mainly on Discord) and heavily moderated forums like WereList, Therian-Guide, and Fictionkin Dot Com.

“…and in its place has arisen something far worse: This is the fictionkin community.”
Though some of the elves of the EQD and the Silver Elves would technically be classified as fictionkin today (as they identified as canon characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth), the fictionkin community as we know it dates back to circa 2001. In other words, it’s not a replacement for the otherkin community specific to tumblr, and it is probably older than a lot of the people watching this video. For more info, check out “A History Of The Fictionkin Community” by House of Chimeras.

“Otherkin actually has [sic] some basis in spiritual beliefs like reincarnation and spirit animals”
Otherkinity has nothing to do with having a spirit animal and an otherkin have nothing to do with spirit animals. If someone isn’t first nations they shouldn’t even touch that term. I understand where the confusion comes from, though. When you’re just getting to know your animal guide/spirit guide you think about them a lot, and when you think about something a lot you’re bound to experience things that are reminiscent of otherkin experiences, such as dreaming that you are the animal or taking on the mindset of the animal. The author Lupa used to think she was a wolf therian but a couple of years down the line recognized that she’d mistaken her spirit guide for a theriotype. You can read about it in her article “Letting Go of Therianthropy For Good.”

“Fictionkin, however, these people lack any actual reasoning behind why they think they’re a fictional character. They’ll often run around in circles, trying to come up with explanations for it, usually quoting the multiverse theory.”
Archetypal connection, dissociation, energetic resonance, imprinting, mental fabrication, psychic connection, differently shaped soul parts, soul shattering, spiritual links, trauma, a coping mechanism turned into an involuntary identity, astral shapeshifting, neurodivergence, developmental issues in one of the critical periods of identity formation… Need I go on? There are plenty of things (both spiritual and psychological) that could explain why some people are fictionkin.

“At least the otherkin community tries to explain their logic with actual spiritual and religious beliefs.”
What’s the difference between an “actual spiritual belief” and what fictionkin believe in? Hopefully you’re aware that all religious and spiritual beliefs were created by people. Superheroes are the modern day Greek gods, and fictionkinity isn’t really different from Alexander the Great believing he was a demigod. At least I don’t see the difference, except in the number of people that believe it (and I think we can all agree that the number of subscribers a belief has does not determine how real it is, otherwise we’d all have to accept the Abrahamic god as real and atheists would be seen as delusional).

“But the fictionkin community preaches a theory with no actual evidence behind it like it’s fucking fact.”
And what exactly is the evidence behind non-fictionkin beliefs about the cause of 'kinity…?

“How do you actually determine that you are these characters?”
I’m not fictionkin, so I can’t speak for them, but I identify as a bison and a gnoll because I experience a lot of things that fit into either narrative more comfortably than it does a human narrative. Body dysphoria, homesickness after places I’ve never been, impulses/urges, supernumerary phantom limbs, periods where my mindset feels less human and more animal, and flashing images of being my kintypes. Am I literally a nonhuman creature in a human body? Who the fuck knows. But it feels good to me to put those experiences in that narrative.

“It’s really concerning that these people would base their entire identities around something so vague.”
Assuming someone’s kintype is their entire identity because you only know them from their 'kin blog is like assuming Drea Renee’s entire identity is 'knitter’ because she runs a big knitting blog. It doesn’t really fly. I’m otherkin, sure, but I’m also an animal science student, an aspiring amateur entomologist, a collector of old books, a fantasy fan, a cat lover, a scourer of thrift stores, and I could go on. Old books isn’t my entire identity. Insects aren’t my entire identity. Otherkinity isn’t my entire identity. I understand the assumption as you only see most 'kin on their blog devoted to otherkinity, but trust me, they will 9 times out of 10 have a private main blog where they post about all the other stuff that interests them.

“Let’s assume these memories are real. Don’t you think it would be possible to have memories of a character you aren’t even familiar with?”
Plenty of people do, actually! They usually only find out when their source comes out, though. A somewhat famous example is Ebony who identified as a thestral a few years before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released. You can read about this in their essay “Fangs, Flesh and Flight” on House of Chimeras’ Livejournal. I myself have had several 'memories’ (I’m reluctant to call them that for personal reasons) of being an elderly woman in various situations. I’ve looked everywhere for something that matches those images, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it just being a 'normal’ past life.

“They pretty much make their self-indulgent canon”
As a canon-divergent gnoll, I am Offended™. Nah, but honestly, canons and people’s relationships with them are weird (and I have a gut feeling that non-'kin would call our experiences fake whether we adhere to canon or not). Some people swear up and down that Shiro from Voltron still loves his ex, others claim the opposite. And neither of them are wrong since it’s all about the media consumer’s own perception of what they’re shown. Then there are people like me who just go off whatever gut feeling they have, so whatever kind of gnoll I identify as doesn’t show up in any tabletop canon that I’m aware of. I technically identified as a gnoll before I knew what a gnoll was and on my blog there are plenty of posts where I list my traits, asking if someone knows a creature matching them. In the end a kind Anon pointed me towards gnolls.

“According to these people you don’t even have to have memories to be kin. Actually, there’s no real determining factors for how to be kin and nothing is stopping you from being kin with every single fictional character that you like. As a matter of fact, people who are only kin with one or two characters are the minority.”
You don’t need memories to be 'kin as there are many other factors that could cause you to feel nonhuman/like a fictional character. I’ve already gone over this in “How do you actually determine that you are these characters?”. What stops you from having a billion characters as your kintype at once is the simple fact that only a smaller number can really be significant enough parts of your personality to constitute kintypes. There’s no set upper limit, but somwhere around 5 is usually where you should start to get really skeptical. The people who have a list of 100 supposed kintypes have just really misunderstood what other-/fictionkinity is and need to be gently corrected. I hate to sound like I’m yelling ‘no true scotsman’ but among genuine otherkin, you’ll rarely find someone with more than 10 kintypes. Past lives, sure, but not kintypes.

“…delusions of being fictional characters.”
'Kinity is not a delusion. Please don’t downplay mental health issues by comparing them to a subculture. The DSM-IV classifies a delusion as “A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. The belief is not one ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture (e.g., it is not an article of religious faith). When a false belief involves a value judgment, it is regarded as a delusion only when the judgment is so extreme as to defy credibility.”
Otherkinity is an identity, not a belief, and it is in identity that makes no claims about the external world (with the exception of a select few elves and fae in the 80s/90s who claimed to be genetically otherkin). The beliefs surrounding otherkinity, however, can be delusional in rare cases like physical shifting. But in almost all cases the beliefs would fall into the culture/subculture category like religions do.

“And as they always say, anyone can become kin! You don’t even need to take it seriously.”
The people who say that are going against the +40 years of established knowledge about the community and the otherkin experience. They’re wrong. You can not 'become 'kin’, only realize you were 'kin your whole life. You can, however, choose to become a copinglinker, which I believe a lot of the kids on tumblr actually are. If you chose your kintype, if you can drop a kintype all willy-nilly, or if you’re “kin to cope,” you’re a copinglinker, not otherkin. It’s a matter of misinformation and a lack of resources (and of kids refusing to listen when more knowledgeable people correct them).

“Eventually you’re gonna have to grow out of this.”
Why? I’m happy the way I am (and functional, if that’s what you’re worried about). I’ve got friends, hobbies, and goals. I recently quit my job to focus on my studies, but up until then, I had no problems keeping it. I go to college. I go to parties. I’m going to Pride in a few hours. I’m not exactly secret about being otherkin, and all the people who’ve found out or who’ve been told that I am, have just shrugged and accepted it. If it doesn’t interfere with my day-to-day, there’s no reason to 'outgrow it’. For the record, I know plenty of people in their 30s and 40s (even a few upwards of 70) who lead completely normal lives and happen to be other-/fictionkin.

Hobrien Moment Part 2

Ok, Sorry, things got crazy today, and the con is finally over and some time son I’m getting food, which is good ‘cause I’m out of it. ANYWAY, as promised on Twitter, some Hobrien-ness happened during the Meet & Greet with Hoechlin today. Again, colored by my bad memory, so sorry for inaccuracies.

Basically, someone asked if he could show the video of him and Posey scaring Dylan, and he whipped out his phone and pulled the video out pretty fast (just sayin’). It was kind of hard to see as there were like 20-something of us trying to see it on a little phone screen. But basically it was Hoechlin filming and laughing after they scared Dylan, so the camera is pretty shaky, and it’s Dylan yelling and cussing and flailing his arms around and running out of the trailer, and then it happening again when Posey scared Dylan the 2nd time.

Someone asked how he still had it on his phone (I think, or maybe he said it on his own, not sure), and he said that he would never delete it or get rid of it.

THEN later on, someone gave him a tangentially related Mets hat (like it wasn’t a Mets hat, but it had to do with the Mets??). And once they explained how it had to do with the Mets, he got excited and was like, “I can’t wait to show Dylan.” Then someone else asked him what Dylan texted back about being in trouble (referring to the text he sent yesterday in which Dylan went to a Mets game without him). And he said that yes Dylan texted back and told him that he originally didn’t invite Hoechlin because it was going to be over Halloween weekend, and he figured Hoechlin wouldn’t want to/couldn’t come. And Hoechlin admitted that it was probably true, and Dylan was probably right in thinking that, but then someone said Dylan should have invited Hoechlin anyway. And Tyler goes, “Yeah! He should have!’ And then I /believe/ he added something about they could do it someday in the future.


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Can I ask what is your opinion on Chad future and exp edition like I don't like Chad future because he is just using money to get into the kpop industry but he also isn't learning korean but the thing is his songs are cringy as hell but he has people like a member of vixx featuring in one of his songs and EXP they just wanna get into kpop using their white privilege and I'm not for it so I just wanna hear your thoughts on it

Chad Future is an ignorant, piece of shit. He’s appropriating culture for the sake of money (no surprise). He likes the sound of kpop but his songs are in English, his videos are wack. His style is wack. He makes and is not making any effort to learn Korean, learn about the culture, or people. He’s treating this like a game, using his white privilege to push himself as far as he can. Personally, the fool can trip down the grand canyon. As for the idols who have appeared in his shit (yes it’s shit) The companies push them because yo be in American things gives you worldwide appeal which we all know is good.

EXP. First things first they are a thesis experiment by a Korean woman on cultural appropriation. She acknowledges that Kpop stems from American music (Black R&B, hip hop, and rap to be exact) and Kpop happened to cater to Koreans. They include other Asian people’s in their music (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, Asian-American) but these people are Asian. She wants to see how people will react and feel about white men trying to include themselves in something they were not invited nor wanted in.

So far it’s going bad. However, she did a kickstarter for this and raised $30,000; now I don’t know who gave the money. Maybe it was a joke. However, it’s not funny. They are trash. Horrible, their Korean sounds like someone choking on their tongue, while vomiting. They are not cute. That video? Wack. Their hair? The fuck? All them damn colors? Why?! Their voices? Sounds like that time Hoseok thought screaming loud meant he sounded good while singing.

Those are my thoughts. Good luck on her thesis, but when it’s done, cancel them white boys.

The Legion of Superheroes on SG and tempered expectations

A few thoughts on what we have seen in the new promo. 

1.) I’ve had pretty tempered expectations on the Legion at the very least since Imra was introduced. It just feels like whoever is writing Supergirl doesn’t really understand what makes the Legion interesting and appealing to people. Mon-El and Imra might create angst for Kara, but so far nothing they have done has been interesting from a comics/superhero action point of view. No tease of interesting powers, no tease of interesting inter-character relationships, no in show tease of who the other people are in the pods, no tease of having knowledge of Reign.  

2.) I’m kind of surprised that people are so shocked that the suits are black. That seemed pretty likely just based on the show with the hands we got before Christmas. I don’t think the costumes will look too bad, but yeah, they look pretty boring? I’m kinda reminded of Astra and Non and her soilders in season 1. You can still fanwank that they are from a dytopian future that’s why everybody is so glum and drab. 

I mean, okay if they were worried that the dudes would look too cheesy, but how about a bit more color on Imra? I would have settled for some white if they think pink is too corny. 

3.) Good eyes on whoever spotted blue skinned white haired Brainiac in that David Harewoord behind the scenes video. 

It still seems kind of weird to introduce Brainaic like this, since so far it doesn’t really feel like it’s played for either romance or comedy? It could work better if he was either a villain or a powerhouse (as in: he comes up with all of the plans and decides what the next steps are), but even in that context it feels weird how little in-show foreshadowing there was for him, if he’s gonna play a fairly major role like that.

Maybe he will kind of spooky because Kara might not trust him initially because of his similarity to Indigo? And then he is more lighthearted in the real world? 


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1. Are you named after someone?

Not that I know of

2. When was the last time you cried?

Today… bad family problems…

3. Do you have kids?


4. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Like you wouldn’t believe.

5. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Whether they’re smiling or not

6. What’s your eye color?


7. Scary movies or happy endings?

I get scared super easily so I’m gonna go with happy endings

8. Any special talents?

Guitar, video editing, writing… eh not much

9. Where were you born?


10. What are your hobbies?

Writing FanFiction and my own books, playing guitar, singing, whumping, etc.

11. Do you have any pets?

Five little doggies who I’d take a bullet for

12. How tall are you?

5”2 or 5”3

13. What sports do you/have you played?

I played basketball for 5 years, was on the swim team for 2-3ish years, and dabbled in a few other things. But right now, I just do a daily workout at home.

14. Favorite subject in school?

English or Math.

15. Dream job?

Doctor or writer or musician

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Being Best Friends With Michael Would Include:

mikeyssexslave said: Julieeeee, I really like “Best friends with Luke would include…”. Could you write Michael’s version, please please please?? ☺️😃 

  • Messing up your whole kitchen while making pizza 
  • Calling the pizza guy at 2am because your own ended up tasting like feet
  • Long walks at night when none of you feel like sleeping
  • Opening up to each other about the depressing times in life
  • Resting between his legs with your back pressed against his chest while he plays video games 
  • Teaching you video games but regretting instantly when you start to become better than him
  • Cancelling plans with the boys in last minute because you don’t feel like drinking and a movie night would sound more appealing to you guys
  • Helping him color his hair and give him color ideas 
  • Him putting your bras on his head and taking selfies with it 
  • Accidently walking in on you changing
  • “MICHAEL!?”
  • “I’M SORRY I DIDN’T KNEW YOU WERE CHANGING! Not that I regret anything though, you’ve got a nice pair of tits, Y/N”
  • Foolhardy ideas 
  • Fucking up food so bad you have to throw it out because none of you know how to cook
  • Swearing competitions
  • Him holding your hand while getting your first tattoo
  • Ridiculous dance moves made by yourself on the dancefloor at clubs
  • Going to the movies at Fridays and switching between each other who’s going to decide the movie without having the other complaining
  • Allowing him to color one strike of your hair but regretting it when it doesn’t turn out to be the color you wanted
  • “Michael this is swamp green! I thought we agreed neon blue!”
  • Staying up late to the early mornings while watching the morning sunrise, talking about everything and anything 
  • Pissing off Luke together
  • But also pairing up with Luke and giving him a bottle of spray tan to piss the shit out of him
  • Helping each other with shaving, his beard in exchange of your legs
  • “You know Y/N, if there’s one person i can always stay true to myself with, it’s you.”

Luke’s version || Masterlist

Hyde's Diary Vol.4 (1995 July 2nd ~ 1995 Oct 9th)

1995/ 07.02
We went to the DIE IN CRIES last live. I felt the strong bonding with the fans.

1995/ 07.03
Photoshooting for Rocking F and B-Pass cover. Recording for PS Pop Shake, and Tokyo FM Emotional Beat at Spain Saka Studio.

1995/ 07.06
Vivid Colors single on sale today. Rockin F interview. And then I don’t remember any of the contents of the work that I’ve done…

1995/ 07.08
Nack 5 “Vicious the Night” and “ Soundfilia” recording. We were chatting in a CD store so there were lots of people that gathered  to see us. The behaviour of the audience is getting rougher and more hostile these days though…

1995/ 07.11 – 13
Arena 37C interview, Vicious cover photoshoot. Rehearsal for “ Natsu        no Yuutsu” single.

1995/ 07.15
Bay FM “Bay Factory” recording. Then I looked at horses at        the Jockey Club.

1995/ 07.16
Filming of Vivid Colors PV.

1995/ 07.19
Bay FM “Bay Factory” chatting session.

1995/ 07.21
Recording for “ Video Jam”. I had fun recording a chat with Tetchan but they didn’t use much of the footage.

1995/ 07.22
”Shock Age Shibuya “, I remember this quite well. We were performing with Gray & Eins:Vier. And we thought that the encore part will be more intense so we performed only 2 songs in the show and then 4 songs during encore and it was a big success, but I don’t even want to remember how the singing was because it was really bad.

1995/ 07.23 – 29
Continue to rehearse for “Natsu no Yuutsu” single. Oricon cover, LF interview, TVK Music Click, TV Saitama “Hot Wave”, FM Fuji “Saturday Break Up”, Tower Records Satellite studio…. Lots of appearances here and there.

1995/ 07.30
Rendez-vous pre-show. There will be Laruku news on the big screen outside Shibuya station at 12 today, so I woke up really early to head to Shibuya        first so that the fans won’t spot me. I thought I’d go down and check out the fans for a bit but the manager stopped me. (According to Music Station, a few hundred people gathered …wow) So the Shibuya film concert and Tshirt present & GO! Was announced on the screen. Under the hot sun I made a dash downstairs to check out the fans that gathered. After the film concert we also announced the Budokan show, and we had a secret live. I like this kind of event.

1995/ 08.01 – 06
Recording of “Natsu no Yuutsu time to say goodbye”

1995/ 08.07 – 18
Recording of M Stage, cover photoshoot for Shoxx, Single mastering, photoshoot for tour pamphlet, and rehearsal for concert etc.

1995/ 08.19
Nack 5 Go Rock Live. We head our rehearsal a day ahead and it has been a while since we’ve been outdoor and it felt very good. Tetsu, Ken and Taka enjoyed the Summer well before the show.

1995/ 08.24 – 26
Start of Rendez Vous. This time we split in two groups so Tetchan and I were responsible for the north side. Its been a long time since we’ve been to Niigata. I feel nostalgic seeing Minami-chan of Eventor. Then we went to Sapporo Penny Lane. Nabe-chan’s MC was so calm that it was kind of odd..

1995/ 08.27
Nagoya Dimond Hall

1995/ 08.29
Finish Live at Sendai Beeb Basement Theatre. Then we returned to Tokyo and its been a while since the 4 of us gathered and practiced the acoustic version of “ All dead “ for tomorrow’s Rendez Vous until the morning.

1995/ 08.30
Roppongi Art Forum. Ogata-san from B-Pass suddenly threw a B-Pass towards the audience I was so shocked! He said “ I’ve wanted to do this a long time ago” and smiled.

1995/ 08.31
Osaka imp Hall. Although we have already performed in Tokyo, the MC kept saying “everybody you can only see it here!” and we performed again “All Dead” …..-_-“

1995/ 09.03
Niigata Ejison autograph session. For a few days I spent signing over 3000 sheets and I think my signature has evolved…There is a secret surprise in the back side of around 5 sheets.

1995/ 09.08
After rehearsing for 4 days, “ Tour heavenly 95” kick started and until we reached Nagoya on the 21st at last. At Fukuoka we bought a Mohawk wig and ken wore it on stage at Hiroshima. At the 2nd day of the Osaka show, Ken said to the audience “ If you don’t show me your boobs I’m not going to play Dune!” …and there was dead air in the audience… and he went on and said “ I want bigger boobs!” and the audience went silent again…

1995/ 09.22
During TV Asahi “ Music Station” Hyde suddenly disappeared in the middle. He was supposed to record a comment…but the part was cut out at the end.

1995/ 09.24 –10.01
Starting of Laruku’s “ Mid-night Rock City”, B-Pass photoshoot, NHK Rehearsal.

1995/ 10.02
NHK PopJam performance. I thought we should remove our bad name from the previous appearance. The other famous people we saw this time.. maybe only Amuro Namie. She was more quiet than she appears on TV and she was very cute.

1995/ 10.04
NHK Hall Live. It feels weird because we just came here 2 days ago for Pop Jam. But it was the first time I was alone.

1995/ 10.05
TBS “M Navi” recording. I heard Nokko is next room but we didn’t get to see her.

1995/ 10.09
After 3 days of holidays, we recorded for NTV “Music Park”. The next door backstage was Hitomi and I got to see a little bit of her. Right now it is 1:00 AM, seems like it won’t end until 3:00 AM…. I want to go home sooner… The next time would be after the new years ne.

Credits: L'arc en ciel Forth avenue cafe

I can’t find the scans for this chapter. If anyone has it please post it. :)

Today in class my professor had us watch a video about race and the first thing it said was the color of your skin is a result of your ancestors latitude as longitude. Idk why but I felt SO GUILTY and almost relieved. How could I have been so apologetic for the color of my skin when all it means is that my ancestors were in a particular part of the world? I wish people understood that sometimes instead of making Black mean something that is inherently bad.


No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the video under 100mb for tumblr. so i’m just gonna leave it on dailymotion. 

(There’s a section with some flashing colorful lights, and even though it’s not really that bad, I thought I’d wanna give a heads up anyway)

Answers without questions (AWQ)

  1. Yes, it all came out of the pieces.
  2. Yes, those jolly ranchers were still eaten.
  3. I couldn’t really come up with a proper transition so I just made it cut to black.
  4. I agree november sucks, but it might even go into december a bit for the upload date. Like, I’ll probably get 99% of it done in november but it’ll be 100% finished in december. that’s usually how this stuff goes.
  5. I’ll tell you later if this is canon in the RB story or not.
  6. What? You say the skeleton meme is dead? don’t care

so yeah. Happy halloween.