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Tikker Watch Review

Tikker Watch: The Happiness Watch

Cost: £69.99 or $79.99 from Tikker

Rating:  ☆ ½

A few weeks ago I received a Tikker Watch in the post and after using it for a week or so I can safely say it is one of the coolest watches I’ve ever worn!

The simple countdown watch, also known as “The Happiness Watch” counts down to the day you die. Now I can hear you saying already, “How does that make it a happiness watch?!”- Well the watch was created to help you to make every second count.

What is time?

Time is the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them. It is the gap in which things happen, and the reason you can never step into the same river twice.

The watch works out how much time you have left by answering a few questions in the information booklet and this estimates how many years you have left. The idea itself is simple but could be worked on and adapted to fit the watch better. Tikker could offer an online quiz to work this out which would gain traffic to their website and would be able to give a more accurate result.

Won’t I get stressed by seeing the seconds of my life tick away?

As soon as you realize that time – and your life – is forever moving forward with or without you, a new world will appear. A world where time is your best friend. A world where time is not about endings, but about beginnings. About life.  Remember, life is not about length, it’s about quality. It’s about making the right choices, and making every second count.

I’ve set mine up for the death time to be midnight, this way I am able to see how many hours, minutes and seconds are left in the day. It’s an amazing thing to see and has helped me to value everyday as you don’t realise how quickly the day actually goes.

I’ve found myself using the Tikker watch as an ‘excuse’ to do more. Before I start a hard task or a competition I tell people I have “this many years, months, days etc.” left and that I’m here to make memories and have a laugh!

The watch itself comes with two interchangeable straps in white and black, but I do wish they offered others colours (something they will probably do in the future). After viewing the website it shows that they sell an accessory pack for $24.99 that has a desk stand, pin and necklace. 

I don’t own this accessory pack myself but would love to, so Tikker if you are reading this, hit me up on Twitter and I can do a review on it for you and change this to 5/5 stars! ;) 


Overall, I love my Tikker watch and look forward to any updates or accessories that the company have to offer. Although you currently can not buy directly from the Tikker website in the UK they are available on Amazon for a similar price. The link is here.

In the mean time check out the Tikker website they have a great page all about time and using it to your advantage, which is where the quotes in this article are from.

“Time is always right now, yet time never stands still. All of what we perceive as the present is already past. The present is a fleeting moment – now, and now, and now – confined to an infinitesimally narrow point. In other words, time is the occurrence of irreversible events.”- Tikker