the cancer project

Zodiac Signs during a group project.

Aquarius: Works with everyone. Try and fucking stop them.

Pisces: Works alone, but wants to work with others.

Aries: Has no idea what the project is about, but ends up the leader anyway.

Taurus: Keeps everyone in check, but draws on everything in sight.

Gemini: Is the scribe. 

Cancer: Trying to avoid group drama, but is the cause of drama.

Leo: Does absolutely nothing, but is the one to present the project.

Virgo: Check everything over five times just to keep it neat and orderly.

Libra: Done with everybody’s shit, so they listen to music and ignore the world.

Scorpio: The actual leader who know what to do and how to do it.

Sagittarius: The one who’s being a complete child, and they fucking know it.

Capricorn: Wants shit to go smoothly and in a certain way. Fucking loses it when all hell breaks loose.

Zodiac Signs (upcoming project)

Upcoming project! But not THAT upcoming, actually. I want to draw each zodiacal sign in its month. From begining to end. But you see… Zodiac starts at Aries and we are already at Libra. Oh, well, we’ll have to wait till next year xD (in the meantime let’s see if I can finish my “to draw” list). I may (and probably will) change some details when I do the anime version (mostly fix things). Long ago I tried to do this (and gave up halfway…) This time I will finish the project, I promise!! (that’s why I planned it ahead of time).

I’ve put the traits for each sign. Cardinal/stable/unstable (the sign is at the begining/middle/end of the season). + or - (positive, yang, etc./negative, yin, etc.) And the element (fire, earth, air, or water). 

I drew it traditionally and then put the colour thingy (?) with GIMP so it wouldn’t look so plain. Man, I love that brush :D

Sooo, I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say… 

Hope you like it!! ^^

“Decoupage Desk Caddy”

Sometimes all I want to make is a very simple craft.  Most of the time that is because I don’t have the energy to do much else.  That has been the case lately since I’ve been undergoing both radiation and chemotherapy for my cancer treatment.  It hasn’t been that easy but fortunately I’m almost done.  Anyways, this past week I just wanted to paint and decoupage.

Fortunately I found a wooden desk caddy recently at a thrift store for $2.  It was the perfect craft for me.  I started by painting the inside, which proved to be a little tricky.  It wasn’t easy getting my paintbrush in some of the deep corners.  Not that it matters since you won’t see it.  After I had it all painted, I used some of my Gelli printed papers to decorate it.  I used glossy fluid medium to glue the pieces down.  So that was easy.  Nevertheless I like how it turned out.  Besides I find it very beneficial to stay creative while I battle cancer.

anonymous asked:

Is there any way at all to get a hard copy of your non-fanfictiony stories? Besides just printing it out, I mean. I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory.

Hiya anon!

There’s not, I’m afraid. For a few reasons, but the two biggest reasons are:

1. It’s not edited to a standard where I’d be happy releasing it to hard copy. And editing something that’s 4.5 standard books long is…a full-time job that I kind of don’t have time for at the moment. Boo. If only I had more hands. And brainspace!

2. It’s too long for most POD (Print on Demand) services anyway, and would need to be broken down into about three or four books (which would each still be longer than the standard sized novel, and therefore more expensive - it may end up costing $35-50 US just for Game Theory, for example - tbh, it may end up costing more, because it’s the need for extra pages etc. that ends up blowing out the costs for POD).

That being said, I am working on non-fanfictiony stories (this should be the official name :D) that are in book form. But they’ll be - at least initially - eBooks. I’m hoping to release the first in the next 3-6 months (it mostly depends on how fast a turnaround I can get from my primary beta, who is extremely heavily pregnant, lol). If there’s enough of a call for it, especially through Patreon and similar spaces, I’ll consider a POD outlet too like Lulu. (I’m already a member there, just in case).

(And I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory too anon oh my god. Like trust me, if it happened, there’d probably be like, little internal illustrations and the cover would get the whole works and so on but it’d be such a vanity project. With my health and stuff, it’s hard to justify years of work when there’s so many other things to be working on.