the cancer project

what the signs need to sort out in their lives

aries: having an attitude. start respecting people that deserve it.
taurus: being stubborn. learn to back down when it’s necessary.
gemini: being a smartass. stop being rude to your friends.
cancer: being moody. stop projecting your mood swings on others.
leo: being annoying. you talk way too much and need to tone it down.
virgo: complaining about life. yours isn’t the only one that matters.
libra: being self-centered. not everything runs on your schedule.
scorpio: being paranoid. everyone isn’t out to get you - calm down.
sagittarius: being a hothead. try taking the calm route next time.
capricorn: showing off. stop making jokes when it’s time to be serious.
aquarius: talking shit. if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it.
pisces: playing the victim. sometimes, you ARE the one to blame.

The Signs as Classic Horror Films

Aries - Halloween

Taurus - Blair Witch Project

Gemini - The Exorcist

Cancer - Poltergeist 

Leo - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Virgo - Silence of the Lambs

Libra - Psycho

Scorpio - The Omen

Sagittarius - Scream

Capricorn - The Shining

Aquarius - Friday the 13th

Pisces - Nightmare on Elm Street

How the Signs Spend Their Summer

Aries: Traveling
Taurus: Binge watching Netflix w/ foods
Gemini: Partying
Cancer: DIY projects
Leo: BTS clothes shopping
Virgo: School Supplies Shopping
Libra: W/ Leo picking up cute guys
Scorpio: Road Trip
Sagittarius: Cliff diving or Hiking
Capricorn: Curled up w/ a book
Aquarius: Tanning by the pool
Pisces: Asleep or w/ cancer

The signs as μ
  • Actual sign//By personality
  • Honoka:Leo//Taurus
  • Umi:Pisces//Virgo
  • Kotori:Virgo//Cancer
  • Eli:Libra//Capricorn
  • Nozomi:Gemini//Aquarius
  • Nico:Cancer//Leo
  • Maki:Aries//Scorpio
  • Hanayo:Capricorn//Pisces
  • Rin:Scorpio//Sagittarius
Click here to support University tuition and dad's cancer by Mélanie Wallez
Hi My name is Melanie, I'm 19, and I study communication in university. I just finished my first year, and it was great. The problem is, my family and I can't afford to pay for it anymore. We're too poor for college, but too rich for financial help. The main reason we can't pay for it is because...

I had to make a campaign, because this is not possible anymore.

Please, share, donate, do what you can do. I’m not asking for much, just enough to keep going to college and pay my dad’s bills

Ideas (we'd love feedback on them!)
  • Selling wristies/bracelets with either Cancer lyrics on them or “The Cancer Project/MCR(my)” on them and donating the money to our cancer-related charity of choice.
  • Giving out cancer ribbons with the words “The Cancer Project” on them.
  • Maybe doing a giveaway to attract attention to the project? (On the fence about this one because it might cheapen the whole idea)
  • Holding a contest for someone to design the cover art for the song (if/when it’s released on iTunes).


Happy Birthday Mindy Kaling

Happy Birthday @mindykaling :) Cheers from the #UndefinableVision family! #MindyKaling #Actress #Cancer #Birthday

Happy Birthday Mindy Kaling

It’s June 24th and we wish Mindy Kaling a very Happy Birthday.

Mindy is an actress, writer and comedian born on June 24th who is well known as the creator and star of The Mindy Project as well as the executive producer and writer. She is also known for portraying Kelly Kapoor on The Office and Shira in No Strings Attached.

What is you favorite career moment of Mindy’s ?

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when my dad tells me that he doesnt want to hear me speak and that I should just shut the fuck up but I cant get mad bc he has stage four cancer and projects all of his anger onto me :)))))

pixequent asked:

squad description? cancer, aries, aries, and leo

3 fire signs and 1 water sign! This is an interesting group. The two aries and leo are very compatible with each other because they have similar personalities as they are all very open and confident. Whereas cancer can be shy at times, but hopefully the fire signs will help cancer come out of their shell as aries and leo are extroverts because they’re loud and sociable. Cancer is an introvert, also very emotional (maybe too sensitive for aries and leo). Perhaps cancer can project their emotions/light heartedness onto aries and leo, to soften them up a bit. The fire signs can introduce cancer to new experiences and risks. Also, Cancer can learn a lot from them ~ for instance leo can help cancer with  confidence, and the aries can help cancer deal with their emotions and make them less sensitive. Aries can also teach cancer to not care as much, and stop taking things to heart. In return, cancer can provide empathy for the aries and help them channel their inner emotions. - A


This is a beautiful cover. 

Help us shape a new physical activity and cancer programme for Brighton & Hove

Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Albion in the Community, who’d like to here your views about their new programme, Cancer Active:

If you live in Brighton & Hove, are a cancer survivor or have a carer’s perspective we would love to hear your views.

Albion in the Community is proud to be piloting a new physical activity programme in Brighton and Hove, which will be extended across Sussex in the coming months.Supported by Brighton and Hove CCG and Macmillan Cancer Support, this project will offer one-to-one coaching and advice to people who are living with and beyond cancer across the area.Staying active through treatment and beyond has now been proven to have many health and wellbeing benefits. But we understand there can be lots of barriers to achieving this. With this survey, we hope to find out more about how to make things as easy as possible.

This closes on Sunday 5 July when we will pick out the prize draw winner of the £40.00 High Street Voucher.

Whether you have never been to a gym in your life, or you are always on the go, your views will be vital to help us shape the programme for people where you live.

It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. If you prefer, you can do the survey over the phone. Either email or call Louisa Hernandez to set up a time to suit you. (Her details at the end of this blog.)

If you would rather meet face to face, we are running two focus groups at Brighton & Hove Albion’s home, the American Express Community Stadium on Thursday 2nd July 2015, 10am-12pm and Friday 3rd July 2015 (time to be confirmed).

If you would like to attend or have any queries about the survey please email or call 07921 183933

If you would like to find out more about the programme when it launches later this summer, please contact Siobhan Meaker, Macmillan Physical Activity Project Manager on 01273 668591 or email

Forgiveness Therapy Is Now Being Used to Help Treat Diseases

Forgiveness Therapy Is Now Being Used to Help Treat Diseases

Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease. According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way. (more…)

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Tamuz (Cancer)

While the brilliant women of the new moon project will be taking a well-deserved summer hiatus, we will be sharing a few reflections throughout the month on this very theme of pausing + self care. Please visit our site to view our archive and learn more,


Tamuz is the fourth month of the Jewish calendar year. According to the Kabbalistic Book of Formation this moon is dedicated to enhancing one’s vision, the ability to see beyond physical perception toward what is true. Tamuz also begins the summer season which is often referred to as the ‘holiday for the eyes’ because of the abundance that seduces our sight.

Counterintuitively, the fifteenth of Tamuz marks the beginning of a three-week period of mourning and contemplation in the jewish tradition. It is often hard to reconcile a life of paradoxes – abundance and celebration on the one hand and loss and mourning on the other. Tamuz asks us to put our hands together – to behold the beauty and colors of summer while remaining present to the suffering that continues – to trust in this multifaceted paradigm that we may be led to a more integrated understanding of self and the world.

For further inquiry: An article which shares Kabbalistic insight for the month, including the sense, body part, and astrological sign associated with Tamuz.

This is my submission.

Initially, it was just a pencil drawing but I nearly ruined it so I used photoshop to clear it up and add text.

Its based vaguely on a dream I had where I looked into a mirror to see that I had lost all my hair, it was the beginning of a series of reoccurring dreams showing me suffering from cancer. I think that I dream these dreams because a) I have lost 4 friends and relatives due to cancer. and b) Its my worst fear.

I would do anything to help a find a cure or support those who are suffering.

This project is going to be amazing I can tell, thanks so much for starting it.

Edit: Thank you so much for submitting, your work is beautiful <3

Submitted by:
Why the Reproducibility Project is Misguided

This, in a nutshell sums up why I oppose the Reproducibility Project (emphasis mine):

The email that arrived in Richard Young’s inbox in October 2013 was polite but firm. The writer was part of a group of researchers who “are conducting a study to investigate the reproducibility of recent research findings in cancer biology.” A paper that Young, a biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, had published in Cell in 2012 on how a protein called c-Myc spurs tumor growth was among 50 high-impact papers chosen for scrutiny by the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology. The group might need help with materials and advice on experimental design, the message said. It also promised that the project would “share our procedure” to ensure “a fair replication.”

Young wrote back that a European lab had already published a replication of his study. No matter, the project’s representative replied, they still wanted to repeat it. But they needed more information about the protocol. After weeks of emails back and forth and scrambling by graduate students and postdocs to spell out procedures in intricate detail, the group clarified that they did not want to replicate the 30 or so experiments in the Cell paper, but just four described in a single key figure. And those experiments would be performed not by another academic lab working in the same area, but by an unnamed contract research organization.

This past January, the cancer reproducibility project published its protocol for replicating the experiments, and the waiting began for Young to see whether his work will hold up in their hands. He says that if the project does match his results, it will be unsurprising —the paper’s findings have already been reproduced. If it doesn’t, a lack of expertise in the replicating lab may be responsible. Either way, the project seems a waste of time, Young says. “I am a huge fan of reproducibility. But this mechanism is not the way to test it.”

That is a typical reaction from investigators whose work is being scrutinized by the cancer reproducibility project, an ambitious, open-science effort to test whether key findings in Science, Nature, Cell, and other top journals can be reproduced by independent labs. Almost every scientist targeted by the project who spoke with Science agrees that studies in cancer biology, as in many other fields, too often turn out to be irreproducible, for reasons such as problematic reagents and the fickleness of biological systems. But few feel comfortable with this particular effort, which plans to announce its findings in coming months. Their reactions range from annoyance to anxiety to outrage. “It’s an admirable, ambitious effort. I like the concept,” says cancer geneticist Todd Golub of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, who has a paper on the group’s list. But he is “concerned about a single group using scientists without deep expertise to reproduce decades of complicated, nuanced experiments.”

NuFit July News


NuFit July News

Zumba dancers,
For the month of July Jennifer Stern is off to Finland working on her Indieband
bracelets for cancer project. For details reach out to Jennifer or visit the website
: [].
Jennifer will be back on Thursday 7/30 at 8.
While Jennifer is away we will have the honor of having Tsu Jit and the dynamic
duo of Ingrid and Blanca for your Zumba pleasure.

* Tsu Jit will lead the Tuesday 8pm Zumba classes
* Blanca Gutierrez and Ingrid Oushana will be leading the Thursday 8PM Zumba class.
* Saturday 9:30am Zumba class will be once again led by Tsu Jit.

Jennifer will be back on Thursday 7/30 ringing your Zumba bells!

Upcoming Events

Awesome 80’s Run 5K/10K
All finishers receive a Totally Awesome ‘80s Finishers Medal, Circa 1980s Style
T-shirt, and Free Race Photo Downloads at this Rad 5K / 10K Run - Walk. Join
the Team Challenge and Costume Contest for Gnarly Prizes and Way Cool Entertainment
at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. This is the perfect opportunity for you to dress up in
your favorite '80s gear! - Wacky costumes, neon shorts and leggings, wild colorful
hairstyles, big glasses, headbands and scrunchies, stylish leotards, and many other
ridiculous costumes will be worn on race day. You won’t be the only one dressed
like a weirdo.
Note: The NuFit crew will be participating in this worthwhile and fun fund raising
event, we will be open for Zumba and Spin on the day of this event 7/18, feel free
to join us if you can.
Pasadena-Click here to register []

Carbs, Something For Every Body

Carbohydrates are the main source of quickly released energy for the body. They
are not only essential for maintaining your metabolism and overall energy level,
but also for your brain functions. This is why I never recommend no-carb diets.

Carbohydrate rich foods are often divided into two groups based on how quickly the
carbs are converted into energy:

* Slow digesting (fibrous) carbs should be the majority of your carb intake, as
they will supply a steady level of energy over the day and prevent hunger.
* Fast digesting (starchy or sugary) carbs are primarily for when you need a quick
boost of energy to rebuild muscles right after your workout.

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A New Google Search: The Hunt for Cancer

First, Google (GOOGL) offered us the ability to look for anything on the internet.

Now the business is taking things to the following level, by providing us the ability to look for cancer in the body.

Yep… you read that right.

The company’s most current medical job intends to boost exactly what’s perhaps the most important component of stopping cancer cells in its tracks.

And it’s utilizing two fantastic, fast-growing innovations to do so …

The Key to Eliminating Cancer

Last month, I told you about just how a Brazilian bioengineer has actually created a distinct microfluidics- and smartphone-based hvac system to detect cancer cells long prior to signs show up. As well as before the condition has had a chance to ravage the body and obtain past the point of effective treatment.

Google’s cancer-detection project shares the belief that the earlier the disease is located, the far better the possibility of survival.

Indeed, the molecular biologist leading Google’s new study, Dr. Andrew Conrad, informs the BBC, “What we’re attempting to do is change medicine from responsive as well as transactional to proactive and also preventative.”

It’s this kind of change in thinking that makes the project an ideal suitable for the Google X division, which is particularly made to investigate new as well as ingenious products as well as technologies.

And Google is making use of two of the fastest-growing, a lot of interesting technologies …

Innovation #1: Nanotech. The initial component involves unique nanoparticles, which “give you the capability to explore the body at a molecular and cellular degree,” baseding on Dr. Conrad.

Among their brilliant attributes, nanoparticles could be built in a number of ways, and to search for a variety of different disorders. As an example, making use of magnetism, Google analysts are taking a look at the best ways to concentrate nanoparticles in a particular location, so they could connect to cells and unique places of the body. On the other hand, a different magnetic make-up would permit them to “float” around the body unattached, like wandering troubleshooters.

So they can look for (and also affix to) malignant cells, malignant DNA, or display chemicals in the blood stream, or a buildup of plaque that could create cancer cells as well as heart attacks.

As the name recommends, nanoparticles are small, also. As a matter of fact, 2,000 of them can press into merely one red blood cell.

The individual just swallows a tablet that’s filled with whatever personalized nanoparticles the scientists and also physicians consider essential for the person– and also they go to work.

Innovation #2: Wearable Tech. Once the nanoparticles are in the body, you clearly have to view what they locate. That’s where the second component of the task can be found in– a wearable wristband that uses light and electromagnetic radiation to take readings from the nanoparticles at normal intervals. Google additionally wants the wristband to take non-invasive blood tests.

No issue exactly how the nanoparticles are created, or where and also exactly how they move, the goal coincides: to determine possible problems at the earliest possible phase. This would certainly enable doctors to deal with the concern– and also ideally eliminate it– before it gets worse or spreads.

So exactly what are Google’s chances of success here?

Google X: Transforming Youthful Liveliness Into Revolutionary Tech

Well, it is essential to bear in mind that Google X is still a young offshoot of the moms and dad business. By nature, the study is novel, speculative, ingenious, and also frequently bold.

The cancer diagnosis research study is still at an extremely early stage, so it’s ahead of time for any verdicts at the moment.

But Dr. Conrad does have success in the diagnostics area, having recently developed a low-cost set that examines for HIV.

The project has support, too.

Professor Paul Workman, President of Britain’s Institute of Cancer cells Research, informs the BBC, “In concept, this is terrific. Any kind of originalities rate in the field. There is an urgent need for this. If we can sense cancer cells or other illness previously, we could step in with either lifestyle adjustments or treatment. Exactly how much of this proposition is dream against reality is impossible to tell considering that it’s an interesting idea that now should be converted to exercise.”

That’s exactly what Google X prepares to do. As well as with $60 billion in money on guides, the parent company is definitely able to fund such eager research study. Conrad says the company will actively look for accrediting companions in the biotech area, too.

Workman does warn, however, that Google must make certain outright, obvious reliability from the system.

I mean, envision getting a reading that reveals you have cancer cells … only to find out that you actually don’t. Or obtaining therapy for a problem that doesn’t need it.

The profits is that this job could be a resounding, rewarding hit– simply like Google’s diabetes mellitus clever lens technology, which Novartis (NVS) licensed back in July.

Or maybe a resounding disaster– like Google Influenza Trends, which tried to identify the location of flu break outs based on Google searches. Or Google’s partnership with 23AndMe on a hereditary testing kit, which regulators closed down.

But that Google is introducing in such a vital field is to be applauded. Time will tell about whether it works.


Martin Denholm