the cancer project

what love live character(s) are you? zodiac sign based

aries: maki, you

taurus: srry broski

gemini: nozomi, mari

cancer: nico, yoshiko

leo: honoka, chika

virgo: kotori, riko, ruby

libra: eli

scorpio: rin

sagittarius: :^) u and the tauruses can form a club

capricorn: hanayo, dia

aquarius: kanan

pisces: umi, hanamaru

Ideas (we'd love feedback on them!)
  • Selling wristies/bracelets with either Cancer lyrics on them or “The Cancer Project/MCR(my)” on them and donating the money to our cancer-related charity of choice.
  • Giving out cancer ribbons with the words “The Cancer Project” on them.
  • Maybe doing a giveaway to attract attention to the project? (On the fence about this one because it might cheapen the whole idea)
  • Holding a contest for someone to design the cover art for the song (if/when it’s released on iTunes).



This is a beautiful cover. 

This is my submission.

Initially, it was just a pencil drawing but I nearly ruined it so I used photoshop to clear it up and add text.

Its based vaguely on a dream I had where I looked into a mirror to see that I had lost all my hair, it was the beginning of a series of reoccurring dreams showing me suffering from cancer. I think that I dream these dreams because a) I have lost 4 friends and relatives due to cancer. and b) Its my worst fear.

I would do anything to help a find a cure or support those who are suffering.

This project is going to be amazing I can tell, thanks so much for starting it.

Edit: Thank you so much for submitting, your work is beautiful <3

Submitted by:

This is my submission. It features Mother War and the Patient, with some of the songs lyrics on a standard. It took maybe two hours and was done entirely in pen. 

I’m really happy someone chose to do this project. I’ve known four people in my life who have had cancer. Two of them are now cancer free and one is still going through chemotherapy.

The last one was my Aunt Gloria. She passed away in March of last year after a 13 year long battle with breast and spinal cancer. Apparently, you shouldn’t live that long if you have continuing cancer, and she’s the first person to have done so. As a result her case has contributed to medical research that has benefited doctors all over the country. I’m hoping that the money raised from this project will not only go towards Make A Wish, but also towards cancer research, and hopefully we can get one step closer to finding a cure. 

(I have no idea if the picture uploaded, but I’m crossing my fingers. I’ll also put this on my blog in case it didn’t.)

Edit: This is so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it with us! ~S

"The hardest part of this is leaving you."

first off I guess I’ll say hi, my name’s Morgan, and here’s my cancer story. It probably won’t be typed too pretty, since I don’t really talk about this much

in 2006, after The Black Parade had came out and WTTBP was already being overplayed on the radio, I asked my mom to take me out so I could buy their CD. she did, making sure it was the edited version, since her being an avid christian and me being 12 years old, I wasn’t supposed to hear any of those words Gerard currently yells every night on stage. I popped the CD into the player in the car to listen to on the way home, and at first my mom didn’t like it. We only got through a couple songs before we got home, and I immediately ran up to my room to listen to the CD on repeat.

A couple days later, I showed her track 8. I showed her this song because at this point in my mother’s life, she had battled 2 years so far of stage IV breast cancer, been through chemotherapy, radiation, and of course the cancer had spread to other parts of her body. in 2004, they had told my mother “not to worry” about the lump in her breast, and by the time they figured out it was cancerous it was too late, and already started spreading to her stomach, eyes, and eventually her brain.

in 2007 she took me to my very first concert, which was the Projekt Revolution tour stop in Cuyahoga, Ohio. It was the most amazing night of my life. I was still young, but My Chemical Romance already meant so much to me. My mother and I had decided that “Cancer” was “our song,” and My Chem played it as their closer. The way Gerard belted out those words I knew all too well and having my mother at my side singing along with me is something I will always remember. We got to see My Chem again together, in 2008, and they closed with “Cancer” again.

I kept on loving MCR and kept on watching my mother be strong until 2009. In May of 2009, my mother lost her battle against the cancer in her body. My Chemical Romance was my outlet. I listened to that album so many times, I know it like the back of my hand. I was so depressed all the time, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I started cutting, and contemplating suicide, but MCR and the strength my mother had kept me here.

every time I hear “Cancer,” I think of my mother, and how her struggle must have been so hard. I honestly can’t even imagine what it was like. My Chemical Romance really did “save my life” and get me through the hardest thing I have ever faced.

Every single album and every single lyric they have ever written means so much to me, and it’s so wonderful to know that there are others who feel the exact same way. Thank you. xo

“And though you’re dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on.”