the boy who could see demons

f is for friends who do stuff together

u is for you and me

n is for not giving kuwei the love and respect he deserves because he “gets in the way of my cute gay boys wesper uwu” not only is this honestly kind of homophobic by reducing all three of them to nothing more than their sexuality but it also overlooks kuwei’s character entirely. his father was killed AND kuwei himself thought the dregs were there to kill him too when they first met. he wasn’t more than fifteen when he had been kidnapped, kept as a prisoner and forced to share a single cot with his father as he was made to recreate a formula to a drug that he didn’t create in the first place. he stalled as long as possible and pretty much accepted that someone was eventually just going to kill him. like he didn’t even flinch when it looked like nina was about to. he just sat there and stared up at nina and just waited for her to kill him. he was caught up in a war he hadn’t chosen for himself. he was a  c h i l d  who faced a very traumatic event and decided to help people he didn’t have to trust. he was brave and intelligent and funny and yall demonize him for jumping at the chance to kiss a cute boy. because he knew everything could go wrong any minute and he could get captured and forced to make parem and/or wait for death again. 

Tempting || 6

Y/N is an angel and a good one at that. She steers clear of the seven deadly sins, especially lust. She is out performing her duties when she runs into a demon. Luckily for her, that demon, Taehyung, doesn’t seem to buy into that whole “Angels and Demons are sworn enemies” idea. But unluckily for her, Taehyung just so happens to be the very embodiment of sin. Especially lust.

Or, “For someone who is meant to be so pure, you sure are dirty, angel.”

  • pairing: demon!taehyung x angel!reader
  • genre: fantasy, smut, angst
  • warnings: alcohol use, mentions of suicide/death, lots of dirty talk and smut lol
  • A/N: this is less biblical and more supernatural?? Like less focus on religion itself and more focus on angels and demons as immortal creatures even though I might reference some “biblical” terms lol sorry this is too unholy anyways it’s fine. oh and this is a dream I had!

CHAPTERS: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 (final).


CHAPTER SIX (smut smut smut & dirty talk. will edit.)

I stared at my reflection, wrapped in nothing but a towel that Taehyung had lent me. I was in his bathroom, having had just taken a shower to rid of the mess that he had made in between my thighs.

I stood in front of my reflection and for the first time in a long time, I smiled at the girl who stared back at me.

I felt light and giddy and drunk. Taehyung liked me. I liked him.

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belatedly posting photos of the…. wild….. flat that we stayed in for our last few days in london. lots of mirrors. too many, really. many a joke was made in (about?) this space. (a direct quote from one such conversation, spoken by a friend: “so difficult to summon demons, these days! no virgins left!” - much to the horror of the lovely lady walking past us on the street who i could literally see mentally debating if she should attempt to save our souls or avoid us at all costs.) but! when the sun was shining! oh boy. real good

SPN Preference #1: Being an Angel and dating a ‘bad boy’

So the Idea is that you’re a super kind and gentle Angel and for some reason you’re dating one of these bad boys even though you’re polar opposites

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“hey you.” you grinned, walking into the throne room and he rose to greet you, “got you that scroll you wanted.” you handed it to him.

he looked at it then at you, smiling, “well arent you just the sweetest thing god ever created.”

“too sweet.” one of the Demons groaned. they were getting tired of the whole thing. you, a beautiful, kind angel, dating Asmodues of all people. but boy was he sweet on you. he loved you more than anything and everyone could see it, especially the demons who had to see it every day.

Asmodeus turned to the demon who spoke, “how about you say that again.” he challenged.

you grabbed his arm, “stop, its fine.” you said. his eyes met yours and you smiled, “really.”

he looked at the demon again, “you’re lucky she’s nicer than i am.” he warned, “say something like that again when she’s not around and next time you wont be so lucky.”

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the Winchesters and Castiel watched you kiss Cain on the cheek, exchange one last loving look, then grab your coat and leave. 

“so what do you want?” Cain said, finally getting to business.

“how?” Castiel stated.

“how what?”

“i’ve heard of Y/N before. the nicest angel god ever created. how is she with you?” Castiel clarified.

Cain smiled slightly, “I ask myself that question every day.” 

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“what should we do with him?” Crowley said, more to himself than you, as he looked at the demon who had messed up.

“let him go with a slap on the wrist?” you suggested from the throne you were lounging in.

Crowley narrowed his eyes at you then shrugged, “well yes pet, i suppose we could, but what sort of example would that set?”

you stood, wrapping your arms around Crowley’s neck as his hands settled on you waist, “would it help if i left the room during decisions like this?”

Crowley laughed, “what am i going to do with you? darling, you’re too nice.”

“but you love me anyways.”

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he had always had a thing for you and when he got ‘demonized’ he finally had the guts to do something about it. as a demon he was even more attracted to your light. the contrast. 

he liked taking your out of your comfort zone. teasing and making you blush. he liked to have his hands all over you, smirking at the way you’d hide your face and get shy. 

he just adored all the things that made you good and nice.

you were at the bar playing pool and his hands settled on your waist, “let me show you how to do this baby.” he grinned, breath fanning over your neck.

you got shy immediately, turning in his arms and hiding your face in his chest as he laughed. 

“stop it.” you laughed.

“nah, you get so cute when i get you flustered.” 

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“watcha doin?” you asked, leaning behind Gabriel and wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you looked at the screen he was looking at.

“the usual, wreaking some havoc.” he grinned, “how about you sugar?” he turned his head to look at you.

you sighed when you realized who was on the screen, “are you messing around with the Winchesters again?”

“yes but dont get mad, they’re just so damn fun to play with.” 

“come play with me instead.” you suggested.

“woah, slow down you naughty girl, since when were you allowed to say things like that?” Gabriel laughed, turning his chair around fully to look at you. 

“just because god made me to be super nice and sweet doesn’t mean he controls all of my vocabulary as well.” you rolled your eyes.

“tell me more.” Gabriel grinned, standing, hands going to your waist.

“first you have to stop playing around with the Winchesters.”

“ah here we go, the true motive comes out and of course its a nice one.” Gabriel laughed, “fine, i’ll let them go, but only because they were boring me anyways.”

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“okay but Ketch is the literal worst.” Dean stated.

“i agree with Dean, it does seem highly suspicious that you of all people would be interested in a man like Ketch.” Castiel said.

“i see the good in him-”

“don’t start with the whole ‘he’s an ass but not to me’ cliche.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“she doesn’t have to. its true.” 

“Ketch!” you grinned, standing and running to him.

he hugged you, glaring at the Winchesters over your shoulder. as soon as you pulled away a smile was back on his face, “now where would you like to go for dinner darling?”

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“you’re not supposed to be here.” you said, looking around to make sure Sam, Dean and Cas weren’t around. 

“i missed you.” Michael stated, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“if they see you-”

“you’re so pretty when you’re afraid.” 

this made you laugh as you looked up at the Archangel, “stop teasing me.”

“but its so easy.” his fingers brushed your cheek, “and you like it. you like being bad, even in small doses.”

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“wow kitten, look at you.” he sized you up in you new dress, the way it clung to your every curve, “are you sure daddy is cool with you wearing that?”

“i dont know. are you?” *insert gif*             fam i am so sorry, i had a weird spot

“we dont like it.” Dean stated.

“i really dont like it.” Jack said with a grimace.

“well get used to it champ.” Lucifer grinned, “say hi to your new step mom.” everyone looked at you and you shook you head at Lucifer, he grinned, “too much?”

“way too much.” you answered.

“i’m going to be sick.” Jack groaned.

you wrapped your arms around Jack, “come on, lets leave this bad man alone to think about how his words impact others.” you glared at Lucifer.

“oh come on honey, im not that bad.”

Dean rolled his eyes, “you’re literally Satan.”

“oh yeah, well, we can’t all be princes can we?”

young girl with red eyes and nose, 
broken gaze and weight of the world
resting on her hunched shoulder. 
the mirror reflected back to me:
sadness, loneliness, and above all fear
coming from the other side of the door.
fear that comes from the very core
of my thoughts,
imagining i will become a mother.
to think one day my demons might
reign on my children by night,
like the demons that are children
before me, raised by my parents,
and stripped me away piece by piece
as we grew up side by side.
i stared at my reflection,
“you will never have to go through that.”
i said not to myself,
but to the future boy or girl
who i will carry on my arms
and love more than anything else
in this world.
hoping they’ll never have to
inherit their parents’ demons except the ones 
they’ll have to fight on their own.
hoping i’ll learn how to create love,
love that came within me and around me
so they’ll never have to wonder what it is.
to let them see what’s in front of a mirror
the way i wish i could see it now;
love that can be seen, love that can be touched,
love that can be cherished for generations to come.
—  i hope my broken pieces won’t have to touch you, love. 
Something Keeps bugging me about the whole Blue Sect arc.

As of Chapter 127 we’ve lost Agni, something that I think caused a lot of heartache in the community and has given rise to a lot of theories, all of which have a lot of valid points. The only thing is, I feel like I’m missing something here. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m looking far too deeply into this, but it seems a bit odd, and kind of coincidental, that both times that something big has happened in regards to Ciel’s backstory (in earlier cases it’s from the readers learning about what happened to him that night) and in this case Agni may have discovered something about him that he didn’t want known.

The thing is, and again I can only stress that this is instinct and guts telling me this, that I feel like something is not right with what we’re seeing here. Much like what happened with Count Cain where there was a huge misdirection until the very end of the story where in a big reveal happened and made everyone double take. Now I don’t know if Yana is pulling that off here, but given the similarities to Count Cain, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to pull something similar off here.

My reasoning for questioning all that we’ve seen and all that we know comes from some images that keep bugging the heck out of me in relation to Blavat and what he wears.

I guess I have to start back at the beginning with the whole issue of How Blavat knew who Ciel was, and work from there because all the pieces are not quiet fitting yet.

It’s been theorized that Blavat knew about Ciel through the word of various people (Undertaker, John Brown and even an unknown Shinigami have come up) but two sets of people have not been spoken of, and I do think they deserve mention. The S4, formerly P4 and Viscount Druitt. Now this might seem odd of me to point them out but we do need to look at them as a possible unintentional (in the form of the S4) and intentional (Druitt) leaker of that information to Blavat and in the case of Druitt, someone that seems to have the moxie to help work on this. But I’ll get to him in a second, let’s start with the P4/S4.

We know that the group somehow came into contact with Blavat, although no one outright explained how. Given the fact that the last time when they were in trouble Redmond contacted Druitt who had them get in contact with Stoker, this could be an easy way to believe that Blavat let them become who they were for the groups. Keep in mind that if Druitt did tell Redmond about Blavat, then it could be easy to see him finding easy pickings with the boys who were feeling low and guilty about their crime.

Now if Blavat showed the kindness to them that they needed at the time, then it’s not beyond the realm of reason to believe that any one of the boys, probably even Redmond himself, could have easily spilled the beans on Ciel and Sebastian. After all they were there when Undertaker and Sebastian fought and had a full view of that. Consequently we know for a fact that Greenhill does know about Ciel and Lizzy’s engagement due to Edward, as we’ve see in the Weston arc.

So taking that into account Blavat could have easily surmised upon Sebastian and Ceil coming in: 1. who they were based on the knowledge he had from the S4; 2. could have easily figured out that Ciel was Lizzy’s fiancé and ran with that, and 3. figured out that Sebastian wasn’t exactly human. He never outright called Sebastian a demon, only that he was a black hole, and this he probably got from hearing tales from the boys regarding events at Weston. Remember what was said, Blavat is very good at reading people, and for all Sebastian’s skills, he showed a “tell” in his reactions to what Blavat said was right. This was all he needed to get people excited and throw Sebastian out.

Now let’s say it wasn’t the boys (although I have a high guess that it was) that informed Blavat, then who else knows enough about the Watchdog to at least give us info about him to Blavat. Well, I point to Viscount Druitt. You might say, “But he’s a comic character and we haven’t seen him in a long time.” This is true, we haven’t but we have felt him in various ways.

The last time we officially saw him was in the Atlantic Arc where he was on the boat and we learned that he was part of the Phoenix organization. A group, mind you, that was created probably under the guidance of the Osiris group we’ve heard of. Both names are about beings that are rising from the dead, and what is the Blue Sect doing, keeping people from dying. This is, I think, something important that we keep forgetting about.

We know from facts that Druitt is not a man of scruples. Hell he was having a human trafficking party and was willing to cut up Ciel to sell his parts to bidders. Not only has he shown himself to be an idiot, which I think is more a ruse to keep people from figuring things out, but he’s also been shown to be mixed up with the Aurora Society and through them, Osiris. Now that might be a slight hint of something but there’s a lot more.

Going back over the chapters I noticed a pattern with Aleistor Chambers, or Viscount Druitt. Every time something weird comes up in regard to Ciel, save for the Witch arc (and I’m not 100% sure he didn’t have some influence there), the circus arc (which I have to wonder if one of the groups that Druitt was selling to may have been the same group that tried to kill Ciel), and the murder arc, he’s been involved in some form or another. Be it in a funny way (Curry Arc as a judge) or a more direct and serious way (his actions caused trouble for Ciel and Sebastian in the Atlantic arc) he has been there and influencing things in his own –odd –way.

This brings me to some facts that I noticed. Firstly we know that the Blue Sect is being supplied a good form of money. We’re assuming that it’s coming from the Lords, but what if it’s not. Given the setup of the rooms, we can see that not all of them are well off. We also know that Polaris –who has the most common room –is a butler and someone in the serving class rather than the upper class. If these four lords were really well off, wouldn’t they have better rooms?

So, assuming for the moment that the money is not coming from the Lords to fund this operation, then who would have the time or the money to set this up? Well while the Aurora society is gone, technically, the Osiris group is not, and we know very well that Druitt is alive as we’ve seen his image showing up on the Shores of the States. This, I think, actually should be looked at given that Osiris said that it wanted to see what happened and the ship was heading for the states (making me think that there are some members there and not only in England). If Druitt is still in the states –or even if he’s come back –he would still be well off enough to help with this set up since its well within his means to.

We’ve seen that he has the cash to throw lavish parties, as seen in Chapter 7 when he got hold of Ciel. Given the size of the event that’s happening, he’s probably not the only one supplying the event, but…basing on what the Queen indicated, that there are various classes attending, then it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the owners of shops donate the food. So if he’s not having to pay for the food for all those people, then it actually saves him money if he is behind the bulk of this.

We also have to consider that the music hall had to be purchased by someone, and that large amount probably wasn’t picked up by Blavat, so again someone like Druitt could easily do that. Not only that but the room that Ciel has to go in is certainly lavish in the ways that the count likes, and we have seen that he’s certainly one that likes the lavishness of life.

He’s also the only one that seems to want to be linked with Rome, and given the costumes that the boys wear it’s hardly a surprise.

 Also, if you think about it, who else would be willing to pay for such outlandish outfits? It fits right into all his weird looks.

Furthermore there’s other clues that indicate that Druitt may have a hand in this. 

Going back to the earlier chapter we see Ciel was taken into the back room in a secret wooden door that lead to a room where Ciel points out that there’s a “sweet” (“strange?”) smell, and then passes out into sleep. He wakes up later in a cage trapped by Druitt. 

Now, in Chapter 113 Ciel notes that there’s a strange smell in the air, and the last time that that happened he fell to sleep. The last person to pull that trick off on him…Druitt.

We also know that Druitt is not dead, nor gone, as we saw he was placed Christ like, on a cross. Foreshadowing into the religious iconography in the Blue Sect, perhaps? I think that he’s probably assisting in some way. We also shouldn’t forget that he’s a doctor among other things and would have a working understanding of the medical items that we’re seeing being used on the various people. If he is working with Blavat, then why? Well it could be his own ego, but I think there’s more to it. Back in Chapter 59 we saw him get serious, and he seemed very dangerous in that moment.

So why would he tell Blavat about Ciel or Sebastian. Again, he saw it all. Back when they were on the ship he was “passed out” during the fighting, but given the situation I don’t think that he didn’t miss a thing. 

Considering that he did indicate with a wink that he recognized Ciel later on “cock Robin” it’s not hard to believe that Druitt could have done his own digging and gotten info on Ciel and given it willingly to Blavat. After all Ciel did help wreck what he felt was his plans and so forth, so there is that.

Now do I think that Druitt is the mastermind behind everything? Not really, at least not yet, but he does seem to have enough skills to at least be a part of it.

The other thing that’s bugging me in a large way is the religious aspect and the way Agni died. Why target Soma of all people?

See the thing is that the Queen is right now in charge of India, the death of one of her Allies sons would not go over well with the people there. People, who, at that time, were very much starting to become less willing to have peace. So how would his death in the end benefit her? I don’t think it or Ciel’s would.

We know that she did punish him for his actions during the circus arc, but she never set up for the murder of anyone that was innocent. The guy that she had killed was directly working with her Grandson whom she’s going to be going to war with in the near future. The Blue Sect is working in direct opposition to what she wants. They’re, as Sebastian pointed out, winning over people’s hearts and thus their minds. This is something that she doesn’t want. The Queen needs her people to be on her side.

She noted that the people would be dealing with business deals, religious activity and war. If anyone can come in this means that there could be a German spy there. If there is one or someone who has sympathy to the Kaiser then that would not help her at all because, like the German diplomat that she had Gray kill, there’s a chance that it could benefit him and thus allow Germany to take control of things. This she cannot have for not only her kingdom, but her own personal life as well.

So then the question is, who’s benefiting from the Blue Sect? My mind goes to Osiris as a whole, but I don’t know enough about them. But again Druitt comes up as a possible suspect here. He would not only gain power, but given his need to have an empire for himself, it wouldn’t be surprising, given his morals that he would offer up the UK whole sale if he could be Cesare himself.

The other thing that caught my attention was the number of knives in Agni’s back and the stars on Blavat’s outfit. The whole arc has been hinting at religion as part of the theme. Religion and liberties are two very big things that hit people in the heart and the mind. Given how the Sect operates, almost like a cult, it was odd to me that while there was a feel of Catholic like hymns and such there wasn’t any Christian iconography (crosses, doves, angels, lambs) things that normally would connect to the normal catholic aspects.

However there are hints of Hinduism that revolves around this story. The set up very much runs counter to the idea of the class system, important to both Indian and British societies at that time (and still is in some cases). Yana made it clear that all walks of life are welcome at the event, something that surprises Edward as dance halls are mostly for common folk. Later via Sebastian we learn through two of the evening ladies that songs are a great way to get an idea across to the common folk. It’s also important to note that the set up for the food is laid out in a way that all can partake of it, another hint at both catholic and Hindu views of things depending on the sect.

Now one thing I have to note and this is very important here, the color blue. Blue in Hinduism is connected to bravery, manliness, determination, and the ability to deal with difficult situations, a stable mind and a depth of character. 

Lord Rama and Krishna are two very well know religious figures in Hinduism who were colored blue as an honor for their actions.

Using the color blue would then denote in regard to the blue star that this was a person of the highest cause and position in the ranks.

There’s more there too. These ranks are divided up into four groups: Brahmin (priestly), Kshatriya (defense), Vaisya (agriculture and business), and Shudra (menial labor). We’ve seen that the four lords seem to embody this. Sirius doesn’t speak up when talked to by Blavat but we know that he or she is seen as the highest member of the group. Second one to speak is Canopus, who probably represents the defense, this followed by the twin voices of Vega (and the Vaisya –or wealthy commoner –covers merchants in Agriculture and business, showing a set of twins to represent those two aspects) and then Polaris (a butler as the lower class or the labor).

If Blavat is a priest or a Brahmin to the sect then that would explain the clothing that he wears all the time. His outfit is pulling from various religious organizations, but the thing is he’s wearing an outfit that’s a lot like Agni and Soma in visual similarities.  This has me wondering why there is so much connection to the Hindu aspect of this story. Well given what just happened I would hypothesized that this whole arc is a set up for Soma going forward and using hindu symbolism could be a part of it.

One thing to note about the four casts is that they each represent some part of the body. Preists are the head bring wisdom and knowledge (something the songs that Blavat wrote seem to indicate that Sirius does), Canopus is the arms (allowing for fighting much like Lizzy), Vega (given that there’s two) could be the legs (and agriculture and business were two of the driving forces in England at the time the story takes place) and last Polaris the most common, this is technically the intestine but in this case I’m going to assume it indicates the internal organs (if you view Polaris as the butler then his actions is to make sure all the other parts run and are well fed but does so behind the scenes).

Then there’s the thing that I finally figured out why it was bugging me. The stars. Each one is eight sided and I started to wonder what that could indicate. In Hinduism there’s a star known as the Star of Lakshmi, which represents Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms, or kinds of wealth, of the goddess Lakshimi. This also represent eight elements. 

“In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, Spirit, Intelligence, and Ego are my 8 separate energies.”

Every single star in the Blue Sect has eight, including the ones of the doors to the four lords.

The only issue that falls with the eight sided star is that there’s a ton of esoteric meanings, too many to mention here (including ones about aliens). There’s also the story related to Chinese tradition about the eight pointed star.

In Chinese tradition, the eight pointed star was a way to concisely depict the entirety of the Universe. It was believed that the Sky Emperor T'ai-Yi resided in a palace at the center of Heaven, at the top of the eight pointed star’s axis, from which he ruled the eight divisions of Heaven.

These stars are known to denote life, from birth to death.

I know this might seem rambling, but I tried. I’m just having trouble seeing all the pieces fitting. There’s also the fact that Agni and Soma are both hindi names for Sun and Moon and the seven knives in Agni’s back have a number of meanings in Hinduism including: Seven stars that are a group known as Sapta rishid, and then there’s the Seven Promises, and Seven Reincarnations, as well as the seven worlds of the universe and the 7 Chakras.

In essence by killing Agni (Sun) that means Soma (moon) has nothing to light it way right now, and Soma has to become his own light.

Apologies for the wall of text. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Jason sleeps over for the first time

You are the best thing I ever dreamed about [Jason Todd]

I am not sure if this what you wanted but here it goes. 

Jason Todd x Reader
Red hood is having the first sleepover at readers house.
[loosely follows the events of ‘Red Hood and Arsenal’]

Mentions Joker’s daughter

Nightmares were the main reason that you started having sleepless nights. Sleepless nights lead to sleepless months and sleepless month in no time turned into insomnia. You lived on coffee, at times you wondered if you had more coffee in our veins than blood if someone came and told you that you have more coffee than blood you would not be surprised.
You lay in your bed because there is nothing else you can think of doing. Your mom used to say count sheep that night. You try to do at everyone in a while but it doesn’t work, you try to count but all you can think of are reasons not to sleep. Your eyes feel heavy and your head hurts, it has been a few day and you have been feeling under the weather. It was at this moment that you heard a knock on your window, you groaned before getting up. In your balcony stood Jason Todd with his red hood helmet in his hand. His jacket stained with blood and there seemed to be a bullet in his left shoulder. You knew why he came here, to get treatment, this wasn’t the first time. You just didn’t know that why he came to you and reveal his secret identity.
“Come on in.” You say as you open the window. He drags himself into your room, you make him sit on your bed.
“Did you drink a lot of coffee again?” He asks you, his voice dry and coarse. You pick up water from your nightstand and pour it into a glass.
“I am insomniac. I don’t think that coffee had a lot of roles in it.” You say as you help him drink water. After he drank water, you help him take off his jacket then vest and shirt. It doesn’t matter how many times you see him shirtless, it always takes your breath away. He winces when you pull his shirt from his wound.
“Rough night?” You like talking to Jason and you never really met beyond the little medical visits that he made when he was heavily wounded. One time, you saw him in the cafe near your old medical school- you went there to give a guest lecture, you were filling out for a professor there. You realized that Jason was there with one of your students, i.e. Tim Drake and a little boy who could not be older than 13 years. Jason called him demon spawn in the coffee shop. You never asked him because you were sure that he didn’t see you.
“It was nothing you should have seen the other guy.” Jason starts taking about his night, “There was a hostage situation, it was difficult this time, not because of the kidnapper, they were easy peasy once we got Joker’s daughter get to follow the orders.” You almost jabbed the needle in his shoulder when you heard ‘joker’s daughter’. It wasn’t like you were jealous of her or anything, it was just she pissed you and you have never even met her. Jason talked about her a lot and you didn’t know how it made you feel. He talked about Joker’s daughter as much as Arsenal and if Jason had made himself clear that he was straight you would have believed that he was in love with Arsenal. He once brought Arsenal too but you had no idea what his real name was. Jason said that reviling his identity was his decision and he is not going to make that decision for Arsenal, you wanted to ask why did he reveal his identity in the first place but Arsenal needed tending and you thought that your curiosity could wait.
“Ugh, you still are with Joker’s daughter? I thought that she might have betrayed you by now.” You try to comment cooly, although you did she see the slight smile playing on his lips and you made a point to make next stitch harshly. He did wince slightly the next stitch and now, it was your turn to smile.
“Well, Arsenal thought that too but she has been a great help so far.”
“That makes it a trio. I hope that you are not thinking about making it into a team because I am moving away and I am not going to stitch you guys up anymore.” You inform him as you finish stitching up. When you look at him he looks truly shocked.
“You are moving away.” He asks.
“Yeah,” You say as you sit next to him on your bed, “My sister is shifting to Bludhaven and I am going to be living with her for a year and I am also offered a job as a professor there.” You inform him.
“You know Nightwing doesn’t do a job a good job. I do a better job.” You laugh.
“You know what, Jason it almost sounded like you wanted me for a second there.” You smile, slightly before picking up his bloody clothes. You had some of [Your Guy Best friends name] clothes that you offered him and he raised his eyebrow.
“I don’t want your boyfriend’s clothes,” Jason said. He looks the other way.
“These are not my boyfriend’s clothes. These are my guy best friends clothes and he is happily in a relationship.” You say to Jason as you shake the head at him and laugh.
“What made you think that I had a relationship?” You ask. He for some reason blushes and you know for sure that he blushes.
“Oh my god, you are blushing Jason. If I didn’t know you ant better, I would think that you had a crush on me.” You say as you try and straighten up your bed.
“What if I did?” He says and it shocks. You just sat down.
“I would be, well, speechless.” You say and Jason next you.
“And then?”
“well, then you go and wash my face just to make sure that I am awake.”
“Do you dream about me?” He asks. You do dream about him but there is not much talking involved in your dreams.
“Well, I may or may not have dreams in which you may or may not have made an appearance.” You say. You hardly ever dream but when you dream it is usually nightmares or about Jason. Dreams about Jason are surprisingly soothing.
“Well, I can tell you now, I usually dream about you,” There is a brief pause and Jason licks his lip, “But there isn’t much talking there usually.” This time you don’t hold back and you just kiss him. Kissing him is like a battle scene. He tastes like blood and mint. There is a something new and it burns every part of you. His lips are sweet and cold, he bites your bottom lip and you moan. You continue kissing for a while when winces because of his injury. You laugh.
“I forgot that I just stitched you up. You need to rest.” You say. He pouts. “I am serious, Jason.” This time laughs. He starts to wear [Your guy best friend’s name]’s clothes.
“Should I come back tomorrow?” Jason asks as he picks up his helmet.
“Yeah, sure but I think that you should stay here tonight.” You say as you nervously bite your lip.
“I was hoping you would say that my apartment is way too far,” Jason says as he kisses you again. This time he tastes like roses and you cup his face too. When you both lay in bed and you trace his lips.
“You know that I am still moving to Bludhaven right?” You say and smile drops from his face.
“I know. Can’t you sister move here?” He asks.
“I wish she could. She says that she isn’t me.” Jason raised his eyebrows.
“What does this mean?”
“Well, My parents died here in a car accident. I and My sister were in the car. She says that she walk on these roads and not think about it. Batman was fighting some huge supervillain, I still don’t know what his name was.” You stop for a second before continuing. He threw an electric pole at the car. It crushed the front of the car, my dad died instantly and my mother died two days later after we put her through the ventilator. My sister was in a coma for two months after that. I was 18 and all alone. None of the relatives were ready to take care of me. So, it was just me and my parent’s left a really good amount with money. I never really had time to mourn about my parents was always busy figuring out the adult stuff.” You turn away as you realize that you started crying. You don’t really like crying in front of people. You just wipe your tears and Jason rubs circles in your back. Give you time calm down.
“I think that you really brave and I am glad that I came to know you.” You, finally turn towards him and give him a small smile.
“You so fucking beautiful.” He says as he removes your hair out of your face.
“You know, this first time in a long time that I am sharing my bed with somebody.” Jason actually looks surprised when you tell him this.
“Well, what? Why?” You giggle at him.
“Yeah, I always make excuses not to share the bed. I really don’t like people invading my personal space.” You start tracing his face. You start from his cheekbone and then to his lips, you are distracted due to the beautiful boy in front of you.
“Then why am I allowed to share the bed?” He asks, smiling at you.
“You make me feel, well, a lot of things and I read somewhere you should sleep next to people who make you feel peaceful, it helps you sleep.” You said, slightly dozing off.
“You know that I am vigilante and freelancer, right?” You lick your lips before saying in a sleepy state.
“No, you are Jason Todd. You are the most beautiful guy whom I ever laid eyes on and you like to call your little brother Devil’s spawn. You are Jason Todd, the guy who will keep me safe because he likes to dream about me…” You trail off.
“If I am honest, You are the best thing I ever dreamed about,” Jason tells your sleeping figure.

Tell me if you want me to do a second part, guys.

Requests are open. Keep the requests coming. 

Hybrid Baby


Requested by: @xxthefireokamixx

Originally posted by beyond-the-nights-world

“What the hell do you mean, this bitch is pregnant?” Dean yells while standing up a angry expression on his face.

“It means exactly what I said Dean. Meg is pregnant with my child.” Castiel explains.

“He’s an angel. I’m a demon. Which means, our child will most likely be a hybrid.” Meg adds with a grin.

“Can me and Dean go talk about this for a second?” Sam askes while standing up.

“Take all the time you need Sam. You as well, Dean.” Castiel says turning over to Meg starting a conversion with her.

Both brothers walked off to the hallways to take in the information they had just been given.

“She’s a demon Sammy. Not just any demon but the daughter of Alistair, and she’s a bitch.” Dean growled out.

“Dean I get where your coming from. Demons can’t be trusted, trust me I know this already.” sighing Sam ran a hand through his hair.

“But her and Cas are together. Man, Cas is our friend. He’s apart of our family. And she’s pregnant with his child, liking her or not she’s having Cas child and you heard what she said the child might be a hybrid.” Sam explains.

“We’ve only met one hybrid and that was Jack, who is half angel and human. Jack turnt out alright and now he’s living safely with his mother in another dimension where Lucifer won’t find them.” Sam adds.

“But Sammy, she’s a demon.” Dean says.

“And so were you at one point. I was soulless, and Cas was human!” Sam yells out before taking a deep breath, “Look what im trying to say is that we don’t exactly have a normal life, why not at least keep her around.”

“Just until the baby is born.” Dean says finally giving in.

“Just until the baby is born.” Sam repeats with a smile.

A week had went by and that’s when Meg had given birth to a baby boy, who in fact was a hybrid of both demon and angel.

(M/n). Their son wasn’t really active, he would stare and both Meg and Cas could see how he bonded with Dean easily. Dean would sit anywhere in the bunker or in the impala with (M/n) and place AC/DC on low for him.

They bonded nicely, that was what everone thought but one night the truth came out. Dean had made a comment about how (M/n) had similar looking wings to Cas expect his was a two toned light and dark grey color.

Sitting dean down both parents explained what it meant to see an angels wings, Cas explained that it was because he and his son were mates and Meg just threatened Dean about hurting (M/n).

All was good that night, Meg cooked thanksgiving dinner, Sam helped. Cas watched his son and Dean bond, and dean.

Well Dean could only think about how he was gonna love and protect (M/n) for as long as he lived.

Stalker/Peter Pan Smut

Originally posted by pan-imagines

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Leave me alone!” I screamed slamming the door to my Treehouse.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine/one shot where the reader is an angel and Roman is in love with her? But it's forbidden, because she is betrothed to an angel prince. But she loves Roman.

I Hope You Enjoy It, Sorry If It’s not exactly What You Were Hoping For <3

AN: Hint’s Of Wing Porn, Hints of Smut, Cute Roman Fluff, Feel Free To Use The Gif

You ran your fingers through the fountain in front of you. smiling when the water glistened and rippled, showing you the face you wanted to see so much.

“(Y/N) You can’t keep sneaking in here.” Your mother smoothed the delicate white wedding dress that fanned around you as you had knelt down.

“I don’t want to marry him.” Your mother sighed and tidied up your hair becoming tired of this conversation.

“And you think you’re more likely to have permission to run off with a half demon boy whom you’ve only watched from afar.” Your mother huffed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

You’d watched over Roman for so long, it didn’t seem right to marry someone who wasn’t him, he was dark and troublesome. But you got to see the little things he did, making Shelly feel perfect, small gestures that no one thought Roman capable of. But you saw them.

As you left the room to join the people gathered to force you to marry the most beloved angel of your people you glanced at the portal door that could finally take you to Roman. He was cold and heartless, Roman would spend hours cheering up Shelly, your Betrothed however destroyed anything he could unless it was something that he wanted.

Your hand was on the door before you realised it. When you pulled it open you thought of where you wanted to be and you could see him, Roman, within touching distance. It wasn’t until you felt large hands harshly grip your waist and your wings being pressed painfully flat as someone pressed themselves against you.

“I can’t have you if you’re going to be forever wanting after an inferior creature.”  The cold voice of your betrothed made your skin crawl as he gripped you tight enough to make your eyes water before shoving you as hard as he could into the swirling mass of power in front of you.

You woke up in a cold brightly lit place, panicking and afraid, your fear causing your wings to jerk. You tried to sit up when a searing pain tore through your back.

“Don’t move you’ll undo the stitches.” A short man said quickly as he pressed you back down onto the table.

“Who are you?” you asked quietly.

“Dr Pryce, Mr Godfrey found you and brought you hear.” He muttered, checking on the beeping screens around you.

“Hey Pryce is she…” He trailed off and smiled slightly as he looked down at you.

“Roman.” You whispered. He ran his teeth over his lip as he looked you over, he wasn’t used to girls that looked like you giving him that look. It was a look of adoration and longing; he didn’t think anyone had looked at him like that before.

“Hi…” He went to touch your cheek but pulled back hesitantly.

“Well while this moment is very touching I have to x-ray her.” Pryce said as he pulled a large machine across the room and raised it so he could see if the connections between your large wings and shoulder blades weren’t to damaged.

A tingling sensation had you rubbing your thighs together as Roman’s fingers found a spot in the thick white and gold plumage that was overly sensitive despite the pain pulsing up your shoulder blades.

“Roman.” Pryce snapped when he realized the Upir was the source of your inability to stay still. You glanced at him and blushed, realising the boy who had consumed your thoughts and dreams for so long was watching the affect his touch had on you.

“(Y/N)?” Roman called out. He smiled when he found you outside, wings spread wide in the sunlight. He chuckled when your wings twitched in acknowledgement of him, his new habit of trailing his fingers through your feathers until he reaches the lightly scared shoulder blades. He would kiss each line of scared skin until he could practically feel your body hum under his lips.

“Yes… did you need something.” You sigh as he trails a finger across your jawline.

“Just checking you were still real.” He mumbled gently. Your head fell onto his shoulder and you tugged gently at his tie. It had been a month since you’d fallen or rather, been pushed, and it had become clear that your determination to stay with Roman was not the acceptable response to the arch-angel’s threats.

Unlike your betrothed, who had demanded Roman be killed to seal your loyalty to him. However, they seemed to be won over by your long rambling speech on how you’d watched over Roman for a long time and when they realized how much you really cared for him they let you stay. 

Unfortunately, you were to never return to your home, see any of your friends or family and had to stay with Roman, any other human who knew of your presence who wasn’t connected to Roman would be destroyed.

The limited conditions seemed nothing when you got to bask in the affection Roman awarded you. he smiled as your wings slid up and wrapped around you both as you became satisfied with the kisses he was pressing to your skin.

More Hemlock Grove

Anon asked: Can you write a Sebastian x Vincent’s chubby female best friend who knows about demons and stuff?

I really like this request anon! A very interesting concept here! I really hope you enjoy it! 

Originally posted by dejasboo

The ball was grand, it always was.

Of course it was, Vincent liked it this way and was always excited to plan the next big event with you by his side of course. As Vincent’s best friend, you were eager to help him in any way you could. 

Many around his circle thought you fancied him, but no, you’d never do that to Vincent nor his family, they were always so accommodating to you - letting you stay with them, helping with the boys who called you Auntie and the best thing of all; accepting you as part of their family. 

Having been kicked out of your home due to your size and all. Your parents saying that you were unfit to wed or help the family with income - being essentially useless to them. 

If only they knew your true potential. 

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Title: For Want of a Butterfly Effect
: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas (very minor Dean/Anna)
Wordcount: 115155
Warnings/Tags: Graphic depictions of violence, temporary MCD, smut, slow build, torture, angst and fluff, time travel, spoilers up to S13, emotional Dean Winchester, annoying father-in-law Chuck
Posting: 10/15/2018


Naturally, with the death of Cas at Lucifer’s hands, things have gone to hell in a handbasket yet again. Chuck’s solution? To cram Dean’s 2017 soul back into his 2008 body and give Dean a shot at Apocalypse take two. Catch is, Dean can’t tell anyone about this as he meddles with fate and tries to avoid annoying the wrong people…too much. And trying to get through to the douchey love of his life a second time isn’t helping matters, especially when he’s trying to avoid boning said douchey love of his life. But hey, he never was any good at keeping secrets anyway…

“Yes.” Cas regarded Sam with that familiar head-tilt. Dean had the sudden, near-uncontrollable urge to burst into loud (and definitely manly) tears as the realisation that his friend was back sank in…and yet, this wasn’t really Cas. Not the Cas he knew, anyway. “Sam Winchester. The boy with the demon blood.”

It was almost surreal to see the evolution of Sam’s face from cautious to stricken to pissed. Dean might have been angry if not for the knowledge that Cas could and did grow out of this. No thanks to Dean’s shit, though.

“Who the hell are you?” Sam snarled.

“You just said my name.” Cas looked straight at Dean and said those fateful words that had defined their tumultuous relationship over nearly a decade. “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition, Dean.”

Dean’s mouth was suddenly drier than the Mojave Desert. Letting his tongue dart out to moisten his lips, he managed to croak out the same words he’d said in response to that the first time around. “Thanks for that.”

Cas stared at Dean for another moment, then reached out for Sam and said, “We need to talk. Alone.”

“Hey, whoa, whoa!” Dean jumped forward and grabbed Cas’ arm. The look on Cas’ face was rather akin to the look a rich elite might give a homeless person, and Dean had to fight down the sudden strong urge to punch Cas in the face. Yeah, okay, Cas was alive again, but this wasn’t his Cas. The sooner he realised that, the less heartache he’d face later on. What was the guarantee that Cas would fall again with Dean messing up the timeline? Hell, did Dean even want to fuck up his life like that? Cas deserved better than slumming it with a couple of fucked-up mud monkeys, especially considering all the shit that had happened to him as a result of choosing them over Heaven.

“Dean.” Cas’ voice sliced through Dean’s brain fog. “Let go of my arm.”

Dean mentally shook himself and looked Cas right in the eye. His stomach churned at the bright blue, both hauntingly familiar and yet painfully unfamiliar. “You’re not doing shit to Sam and Bobby,” he said hoarsely. “Whatever you got to say, you can say it in front of them.”

Cas regarded him for a long moment. Was he going to smite Dean for being insolent? Unbidden, Cas’ face swam into clear view in Dean’s mind – but it wasn’t this Cas’ face. It was Dean’s Cas, a small, rare smile crossing his lips as he regarded Dean with a fondness that Dean had no business receiving from anyone, let alone an angel of the Lord. Before his mind’s eye, Cas’ smiling face then melted into the dead one that had been plaguing Dean ever since arriving back in 2008, and Dean gasped and staggered away from Cas.

He was tracing an arc on the table with his fingers and speaking with such deliberation and care. “I was left alone a lot after Dad and the boys died…. And it was just me and Mom for a long time,” he said. “And by her example am I not bitter. By her example. She was not. Broken, yes. Bitter, no.” Maybe, he said, she had to be that for him. He has said this before—that even in those days of unremitting grief, she drew on her faith that the only way to not be swallowed by sorrow, to in fact recognize that our sorrow is inseparable from our joy, is to always understand our suffering, ourselves, in the light of eternity. What is this in the light of eternity? Imagine being a parent so filled with your own pain, and yet still being able to pass that on to your son.
“It was a very healthy reciprocal acceptance of suffering,” he said. “Which does not mean being defeated by suffering. Acceptance is not defeat. Acceptance is just awareness.” He smiled in anticipation of the callback: “ ‘You gotta learn to love the bomb,’ ” he said. “Boy, did I have a bomb when I was 10. That was quite an explosion. And I learned to love it. So that’s why. Maybe, I don’t know. That might be why you don’t see me as someone angry and working out my demons onstage. It’s that I love the thing that I most wish had not happened.” I love the thing that I most wish had not happened. I asked him if he could help me understand that better, and he described a letter from Tolkien in response to a priest who had questioned whether Tolkien’s mythos was sufficiently doctrinaire, since it treated death not as a punishment for the sin of the fall but as a gift. “Tolkien says, in a letter back: ‘What punishments of God are not gifts?’ ” Colbert knocked his knuckles on the table. “ ‘What punishments of God are not gifts?’ ” he said again. His eyes were filled with tears. “So it would be ungrateful not to take everything with gratitude. It doesn’t mean you want it. I can hold both of those ideas in my head.”He was 35, he said, before he could really feel the truth of that. He was walking down the street, and it “stopped me dead. I went, ‘Oh, I’m grateful. Oh, I feel terrible.’ I felt so guilty to be grateful. But I knew it was true. “It’s not the same thing as wanting it to have happened,” he said. “But you can’t change everything about the world. You certainly can’t change things that have already happened.

From GQ’s 2015 profile of Stephen Colbert.

Every once in a while I come back to this. It’s really so breathtaking.

Magic in the air

AN: The reader is a warlock training under Magnus Bane and, one day Magnus’ boyfriend brings in a broken Shadowhunter and begs you to heal him.
Characters: Alec Lightwood, Jace Wayland
Pairings: Jace x reader, Magnus x Alec
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “Can you do a Jace x reader where y/n is a warlock who saves his life and they fall in love?”


You hummed a senseless tune to yourself as you scanned Magnus Bane’s bookshelf, running your fingers over the rough spines. You were looking for something, a book that you’d spied earlier in the day during one of your many lessons.

“Got ya.” You called triumphantly, pulling the navy blue book into your hands with a flick of your wrist, “Demon marks: A history and amalgamation.”

You blew gently on the cover, levitating the book at eye level and watching the pages flick by, searching for anything that might explain your own, unique marking; a black tattoo, just to the side of your left eye.

Magnus had always maintained that it was normal, every warlock had some abnormality, but you’d never seen any others sporting anything even vaguely similar to yours and you couldn’t help but worry.
Usually you would talk to Magnus about your concerns, but your mentor had left for a few days, stating only that he had ‘something important to take care of’ and warning you to be on your guard, Valentine was still out there. Just the thought made your blood run cold. You’d been growing still, when Valentine’s circle had first gained power, so your powers hadn’t developed even nearly enough to be of any use, you were a sitting duck. It was Magnus who had taken you in, training you in how to control your powers, how to use them to protect yourself and the world around you, as well as destroy your enemies.

The rain echoed on the lair’s roof and lightning crackled through the night air, making you shiver and hoping your mentor was safe, wherever he was.

“Magnus!” Someone called, slamming against the front door, “Magnus open up!”

You jumped, a scream slipping from your lips as your heart leapt into your throat. The voice was deep and desperate and not exactly what you’d call ‘friendly’. What if it was Valentine? What if he’d found you?

“Magnus,” the voice called again, breaking with what sounded to you like pain, “please.”

Suddenly, something clicked, you knew that voice!

“Alec?” you asked, opening the door with a figure of eight wave.

The dark haired Shadowhunter ran in, a blonde body cradled in his rune covered arms.

“Y/N, where’s-where’s Magnus?” he asked, breathless from running, “Where is he!?”

“He’s not here!” you replied frantically, “He went out on business!”

Alec cursed and you took a moment to inspect the boy in Alec’s arms. You gasped, his abdomen had been torn open and, although you could see several hastily drawn iratzes, they weren’t even nearly enough to contend with the amount of damage that had been done.

“What happened?” You asked Alec.

“We were called to take out a pack of ravener demons, but when we arrived, it was Marax who was waiting for us.” Alec explained, “Y/N, please heal him.”

Your eyes widened, “I-I’m not sure if I-“

“Please!” Alec insisted, “Please, just try.”

You looked at the ravaged boy and then into Alec’s pleading eyes, took a deep breath and nodded once.

“Lay him on the ground.” You commanded, rolling your sleeves up past your elbows and kneeling before the boy, “Do you know where Magnus keeps his tools?” Alec nodded, “Fetch me five Cardelia leaves, two navy candles, a hydra scale, a mortar and pestle, his ceremonial knife and three sticks of incense.” Alec looked at you, confused, “They have labels on them!” you snapped, “Go Alec, your friend is dying!”

The boy nodded and ran, while he fetched what you needed, you inspected the blonde before you. Your heart pounded in your chest like a jack hammer. You didn’t even know where to start! He’d lost so much blood, the skin on his stomach was torn and ragged, red muscle visible to the naked eye. It was too much, you couldn’t do it! You couldn’t, you couldn’t, you-

The boy gasped, his eyes fluttering open as his body contorted with pain. You squealed, fumbling back.

“Who’re-“ he started, stopping to cry out.

“Shh,” you said, trying to regain your composure, “don’t waste your strength.” You awkwardly patted his forehead in what was supposed to be a gesture of comfort, “I’m Y/N, I’m going to help you.”

The blonde nodded, tears slipping from his multi coloured eyes as he trusted his life to the oddly dressed girl with the confusing tattoo.

“I’m-“ he forced out, agony erupting from every part of his body, “Jace.”

“Shh.” You insisted, “You’re going to be okay Jace. I can do this.”


Alec lit the incense and the candles as you crushed the Cardelia leaves and scale together.

“Magnus doesn’t use this stuff.” Alec observed, far calmer at the prospect of having something to do.

You snorted, “Magnus wasn’t healing a wound from a greater demon, was he?”

Alec looked down sheepishly, “I guess not.”

“Almost done,” you muttered to yourself, lining up the knife’s blade with your palm, “just one more ingredient.”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Alec called, seeing the knife, “What’re you doing?”

Ignoring him, you gripped the blade with your left hand, letting the metal slice through your skin and biting down on your tongue to avoid crying out. Slowly, you let your blood drip into the pasty mixture of leaf and scale.

“Child of Lilith’s blood,” you explained, your voice shaking, “it-uh-it has healing properties sometimes.”


“It depends which demon fathered you.” You admitted, “Mine has healing properties, Magnus’ doesn’t.”

You stirred the potion together one last time, silently praying that you were doing the right thing. The final product was a green coloured liquid which you asked Alec to pour down Jace’s throat. You sipped some yourself, drawing on the energy of the incense and the universe around you to power your spell.

Rolling your wrists, you summoned, from deep within yourself, the magic that fuelled your existence. It sparked to life in the form of flickering gold smoke that you allowed to swirl around your hands.

“With fire and light, the spell has begun.” You heard yourself rasp in a voice very different to your own.

Without hesitation, you pressed your hands to Jace’s decimated torso, wincing as the magic drew upon your life force to give it power. The pain started as just a dull burn, but slowly increased to a raging inferno of agony which ripped screams from your throat the longer you held it. Tine ceased to exist. All that mattered was the task, and the awful pain that it brought with it. You were dying, you could feel it. You had exhausted the potion’s power, as well as that of the candles and you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold on.

Alec, sensing something was wrong, reached his hand to you, trust lighting up his deep blue eyes.

“Take my strength!” He shouted over the sound of the wind and the rain and the spell, “Take it!”

You hesitated, not wanting to cause any damage to your mentor’s lover, but gave in, knowing you couldn’t do this alone. Your blood-soaked hand gripped Alec’s tightly and you couldn’t help but sigh with relief as new strength flooded into your veins. You pushed as much as you could into your spell, hoping against hope that it was enough.

When you looked down, you shrieked with surprise. It was working! Jace’s wounds were almost closed. You looked to Alec, trying to pass on the good news with your eyes. It was going to be enough, Jace would live.

Soon after, you finally let the magic go, collapsing onto the wooden floor, sputtering and gasping for air, but relieved.

At the same time, Jace Wayland sat up, gasping as though he hadn’t breathed for days and looking around the apartment, confused.

“Jace!” Alec laughed, pulling the boy into a hug, “Welcome back buddy.”

“Thanks,” Jace replied nervously, “what uh-how am I back?”

Alec gestured to you as you forced yourself into a seated position, breathing as though you’d just run five marathons and feeling about as tired.

You gave the boy a weak smile, “Y/N Y/L/N, we met earlier.”

Jace nodded, his eyes clinging to yours, “I think I remember that.” He smiled genuinely at you, “Thank you Y/N Y/L/N, really, I know you didn’t have to do that.”

“That? Pssht,” you joked, “that was nothing, just a regular Wednesday night here at the Magnus Bane household.”

Jace laughed and you found that you liked the sound quite a bit.

“Alec, hun, can you please fetch me some more ingredients? I think your friend might need another dose, just to be safe.” You asked the boy, internally screaming at the idea of having to exert more energy on magic but nevertheless dedicated to seeing this through.

“No no no,” Jace insisted, scooting over to where you were still struggling to sit up, “You just saved my life and, by the looks of it, nearly killed yourself doing it. Let us look after you, please?”

You looked into Jace’s sincere and intriguing eyes, weighing up the options in your head. What would Magnus do?


And that’s how you ended up wrapped in a thick blanket, with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a piece of pizza in the other, snuggled up between Alec and Jace, insisting that you were fine and being continuously shushed.

“Shadowhunters are pushy.” You complained, pouting into your hot chocolate.

“Only when we meet stubborn, self-destructive warlocks.” Jace countered

Your mouth dropped open in protest, “I am not self-destructive! I’m just…helpful, that’s all.”

“Uh huh,” Jace agreed sarcastically, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “sure sweetie, whatever you say.”

You giggled, relaxing into his embrace. You liked the boy, he seemed…well, not nice exactly, but caring and genuine and fiercely loyal to his parabatai Alec. You respected that, it was how you felt about Magnus.

“Seriously though,” Jace asked, turning to look you in the eye, “why don’t you want us taking care of you?”

You shrugged, uncomfortable with all the attention and the obvious affection he was showing you.

“When you’re a warlock, people don’t really look after you.” You tried to explain, “I mean, we’re freaks, half-breeds; we’re the universe’s big mistake. Shadowhunters don’t trust us, demons hate us, humans don’t think we exist, seelies are…seelies, and vampires aren’t known for their inclusive nature.” You shrugged again, “People use us for our magic, but other than that, we’re on our own.” You looked at the boy, “You know it’s true. Look me in the eye and tell me that, if I had bat wings or purple skin, you would still be here looking after me.” You looked forward again, breaking the connection, “I’m just lucky enough to look mostly human.”

Jace and Alec locked eyes, red hot shame seeping into their bones. You were right, they both realised; they had been treating you like a human because somehow they’d convinced themselves you were one. Or at least, that you were more human than other warlocks they’d met.

“I’m really sorry Y/N.” Jace said honestly.

“For what?” you asked sadly.

“Society I guess,” he started, “and I’m sorry that I never even bothered to think about that, about how we treat your people, before now.”

You smiled, “It’s okay, you’re thinking about it now.”

Jace looked down at you, smiling to himself with the certainty that he’d started something he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop. You were going to change him, he could just feel it.

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What are your opinions on John winchester... just my curiosity spiking?

Oh boy, that one. 

I think he was a bad, neglectful parent. But I don’t agree with the pretty wide-spread characterization of him as a total demonic, drunk asshole who hates his kids’ guts and beats them up. I don’t think John actually beat them up – not on a regular basis, at least? I could maybe see arguments getting heated and violent, but not so much of a constant smackdown for every small mistake. He might have put them down verbally, if the Impala comment to Dean in the end of s1 was anything to go by… we all know Dean would never let Baby get rust or anything :(

I think he, kinda, destroyed them emotionally and totally didn’t provide enough support. He loved Sam and Dean, I’m pretty sure – but love alone’s not enough. He was a traumatized, scared man who wasn’t in the place to raise kids. I know it turned out that this childhood was the only way Sam and Dean could save the world. If they were raised happy and safe without any training and only ever becoming close with each other in their formative years, I doubt they could foil Lucifer’s plans that were thousands of years in the making in Swan Song. But John had no way of knowing that, so, that’s no excuse!

Also, that face that Dean makes in the Dark Side of the Moon when talking about John…

Yeah, that one. Poor guy. From the looks of it, John would never let them be kids, especially not Dean with his parentification burden. I could maybe understand wanting your kids to be ready if you know monsters are coming for them. But, damn, he could’ve stayed with them. Teach them how to shoot a gun if you really gotta, but you can also play catch with them and read them bedtime stories, yanno. 

   Arranged (Alec x Reader) Imagine

  “Are we already?” Izzy asked the three people standing in front of her. They were going out on a unofficial mission for Clary and if they got caught they could be in a lot of trouble.“Yup” the three of them answers in sync. They all headed towards the exit but a unknown girl passed by them as they walked. They all stop and stare at her for moment.
“Who is that?” Clary asked to no one in particular. 
“No idea” Jace answer. The girl had her Y/C/H hair up tie up in ponytail but you could tell it was long. She also had on a blue leather jacket with tight black pants and combat boots.
“Come on guys we should get going before we get caught.“Alec said making the rest of them turn away and start to head out.

"Did you guys see the demon face when he saw we had Clary with us.” Izzy said while laughing.
“Who would of thought that I could scared something just by being there” Clay mention also laughing. The two boys walked behind the girls as they enter back into the institute. They couldn’t help but smile at the girls remembering the mission. 

   "ALEC” a voice yelled from the other side of the room. All of their head shot up. That’s it they thought we were caught . 

“Where were you? I needed you for something and couldn’t find you” The person appear in front of them showing it was Mayse. They were for sure caught now. 
“It doesn’t really matter now, Just come on Alec we need you” Mayse said turning on her heel and started to walk out of the room. Alec looked at the others and shrugged then started to follow behind his mother. 
“I thought for sure we’re caught there for a second” Jace said letting out a breath that he didn’t even realized he was holding in. 
“Don’t say anything yet. She probably bringing him into a room right now trying to get him to spell.” Izzy said looking at the spot where her mother and brother just left to. 

Alec followed his mother until they arrived at her office. “Come on in” she said as she open the door walking in herself. There were already two people in the room when they got their. One was Alec’s father Robert standing in the back behind Mayse desk, looking out the window but turning when he hear them come in. The other person was the girl he and others saw earlier when they were leaving for the mission. She sat in the chair still wearing the same clothes she had on earlier. Blue, Alec thought bright blue in fact what a different colour for a shadowhunter. 
“Sit down Alec” Robert said as he and Mayse stood behind the desk.

“We have some news for the both you, but first Alec meet Y/N Blackthorn and Y/N meet my son Alexander Lightwood” Robert announced. Alec and Y/N both look at each but quickly looked away looking back at the parents.

“There no easy way to say this but you guys have been arranged to be married” Mayse told them as she look between the two sitting down. Alec mouth almost hit the floor from the news but Y/N look like she knew that what was coming. 

“Why?” Was all that Alec said he was still in a bit of shock. Robert took a deep breath then look at him. 
“Alec well you know that your mother and I were in the circle. As for the things that been happening since Clary came here. We need to restored our family name and this is the best way to do so.” Roberts said looking at Alec. 

“Okay I’ll do it” you said looking at your soon to be in laws. Mayse and Roberts smile at you then looked at their son. “ So Alec what do you say?” They asked him
Alec was still in shocked about the news and the fact that you said yes without knowing barley  anything about him. 
“Yes I’ll do it, I’ll marry Y/N” Alec said back to his parents. 
“Its final then you two are getting marry” Mayse announced “Alec you know what to do now” He stood up from his seat and walked over to you. He pulled you up by the arm. Damn you thought he was tall you were probably only up to his face. He took off his family ring from his finger and place it on your ring finger. He smile at you then turn to his parents holding your hand showing them it was done.
“Good” Mayse said “You will make announcement tomorrow in front of the institute to let everyone know but until then you will tell no one. We are done here now you two may leave" 

You and Alec both walked out of the room. You looked at him. Wow you thought you were going to marry this man soon. 
“I said yes because I heard about you before” Alec mentions as you two were walking.
“What types of things did you hear about me that made you say yes?” You questions. 
“People said you were the types to do anything for someone if they were in need, plus after what happen with your family they also said that you wanted to start over” Alec said looking down at you. 
“Your right you know about all of that. I love to help others and I did say yes because you need help with improving your family name. While I’m doing that it’s like I’m starting this whole new life. You told him. Marrying him would mean new people to know and a chance to start over from the life you didn’t want to remember much of. 
"So I guess I will see you tomorrow then Alec?” You asked as you guys arrived at his room. 
“Well yeah unless you want me to make the announced all alone” he said.
“I’ll see you then” you smile then started to walk away. 
“Y/N” Alec said and you turn back around.“ You know that your staying in my room right?" 
You blush ” oh I didn’t know that” you said quietly. Alec laugh 
“Don’t worry I don’t bite” he said pulling you into his room.

“Does anyone even know why we’re here?” Clary asked.
“Some sort of announcement that’s all I know” Jace answered. Everyone was gather in the main space waiting for Robert and Mayse to come out to tell them about the announcement.
Izzy came quickly running up to Jace and Clary.
“Have either of you seen Alec? I can’t find him I’ve been looking all morning” Izzy asked half out of breath. “Nope” both them replied. “Guys look” Clary said. 
There walking out was Robert and Mayse and behind them was Alec and the girl they saw yesterday. 
“Everyone listen up” Robert yelled. Making anyone that was talking in the room go completely silent.“ Me and my wife have called you all here for some news” Robert move his hand signalling for Alec and them to move up. Alec grabbed your hand and walked up by his parent.
“Good morning everyone” Alec greeted “ The news for you all is that me and this lovely girl Y/N are engaged.“ 
The room went quite for a couple of seconds but soon erupted in many cheers and congratulated for you too. You looked at Alec but he was already looking back at you. You both smile at one another happily knowing that people accepted it.
Both you guys didn’t see the three faces in back that looked hurt and upset. Wondering why they didn’t know anything about this or you. 


Part One

After Henry…or should you say Peter? Body switching is so confusing, whatever, you’ll just call him Peter.

Anyway, after Peter was knocked out the tall blond picked up his limp body and threw it over his shoulder.

‘What do you want to do with him?’ he asked you.

‘Me? Who left me in charge?’ you asked.

‘I’ve been following orders for centuries, it’s what I do best. So take my reins and lead.’ he said dully. 

‘Fine, uh first we need to get him out of Henry Mills. We gotta take him to the Savior.’ you said.

He nodded and began walking ahead of you.

‘What’s your name, if I’m your boss now I should know your name.’ you said.


‘(Y/N).’ you reply.

‘After their bodies switch, will the bracelet stay on this body?’ he asked.

‘No it’s latched to Peter’s magic, so when he goes back to his own body it will follow him.’ you answer.

You and Felix talk very little as you walk through the woods and towards the mayor’s house.

You knocked on the door and waited.

‘Let me do the talking.’ you said.

‘No problem.’ he said as he adjusted the boy he was carrying on his shoulder.

The door opened revealing the mayor slash rehabilitated Evil Queen.

‘You! We have been looking all over for you! And what the hell are you doing with my son?’ she said accusingly.

‘Actually, I can explain all of this if you let us in.’ you said.

She stared at you two in judgement before sighing.

‘Put Henry on the couch, I’ll call the others.’

Ten minutes later all the major characters of Storybrooke were looking at you and Felix while “Henry” was on the couch.

‘We’re all here, at two in the morning, I might add. Want to tell us why?’ Mr. Gold snarked.

‘Well, for starters, that’s not Henry, its Peter.’ you said.

They all collectively gasp and stare at the boy on the couch.

‘That’s why he was so interested in the book, and seemed so different.’ Emma said.

‘He was going to cast another curse to turn Storybrooke into the new Neverland.’

‘That’s why he was spending all that time with me, getting the ingredients.’ Regina deduced.

Emma patted her on the back sympathetically.

‘I happened to be in the woods, to get a flower my dad needed for a potion he was making so I saw what was happening and I jumping in before he could rip out Felix’s heart.’ you started.

‘The one he loves most.’ Gold said, eyeing Felix.

‘Just because he loved me the most doesn’t mean he loved me that much.’ Felix said as he fiddled with his sleeves in boredom.

‘I put a magic cancelling bracelet on him, its bound to his magic, so when you switch him and Henry he will still be powerless.’ you finished.

‘Let’s get this evil pipsqueak out of my son.’ Regina said firmly.

‘Gold, get our grandson out of that box.’ Mary Margret said.

Gold conjured up a small box and you and Felix watched in awe as Gold cast a spell and a tall, dirty blonde, and kinda insanely hot boy.

Regina bent down and shook the boy awake.


You felt uncomfortable watching as everyone hugged and coddled Henry, while he explained how they got switched on the way back home.

‘After all that time in this box, I really just want to be back in my body now.’ Henry said.

‘Just lay down and I will do the rest.’ Gold said.

Henry laid on the opposite and we all watched anxiously as he preformed the spell.

What are you gonna do when Peter wakes up? He’s probably gonna try and attack you again, and Peter’s body was much larger and clearly stronger than Henry’s. Hopefully Felix will be able to knock him out again.

You were pulled from your thought’s when Henry’s body shot up, clutching his head.

‘My head, agh!’ he groaned.

‘Sorry mate, you’ll survive.’ Felix said unapologetically.

While everyone focused on Henry, you and Felix are keeping a sharp eye on Peter.

When he awakes its slower than what you were expecting, he stirs in sits up slowly. He is clearly pissed off at everything around him, when his eyes land on you his anger is multiplied a million times over.

If looks could kill you would be cut into a few thousand pieces right about now.

He looked at his wrist and see the bracelet slash tattoo that you had bound to him and his magic.

‘Magic or no magic dearie, I’m gonna rip your heart one way or the other.’ he said as he stood up.

Felix stood as well and pushed you behind him, Felix and Peter glared for about ten seconds.

Then all Hell broke loose.

Felix threw that first punch it was on. Peter punched back, Felix tackled him to the floor, Peter flipped Felix over. They were knocking things down and breaking them with no regards.

‘Enough.’ Regina said as she used magic to put them on opposite sides of the room.

‘I’m glad they took us away from Neverland! Here I can see you clearly! You’re no God or Demon, you’re a selfish little boy trying to play big!’ Felix yelled, struggling against Regina’s magical restraint.

‘And you’re nothing but an obedient dog!’ Peter spat.

‘At least I own mine and don’t hide behind titles! Malcolm!’

‘Stop it!’ you yelled.

‘Stay out of this you little-’

Before he could finish you covered his mouth.

‘Hey listen here, the only thing keeping you alive is me right now. Because looking around I see a room full of people who want you dead.’ you point out angrily.

He glared you, but you saw him look around he see that he had no friends in this room, or in this world at all. His Lost Boys are all in the process of finding homes and families, he’s alone.

You remove your hand and turn to everyone else who had been looking, you see that Gold is gone though.

‘I’d like to suggest that Peter stay with me, Felix too.’ you said confidently.

What the hell are you doing; you thought to yourself.

‘I don’t think that is safe.’ David said.

‘He has no magic, he cant do much, and Felix will protect me from what he can do.’ you said.

‘So you want a threat and a bodyguard under one roof?’ Regina asked in amusement.

‘Any other ideas beside throwing him in that cell everyone gets out of in the sheriff station? My house is warded, no one gets in or out with out permission.’ you informed.

Your dad was very cautious to be prepared for anyone that may want to do any harm to his family.

‘Fine, but we will need updates, weekly.’

‘I can do that.’ you agreed.

‘Now that that is all settled can all of you go home, I need a full night’s sleep to process this.’ Regina said while rubbing her temples.

‘Can me and Emma stay over? I wanna spend my first night with both my moms.’ Henry says.

‘Well, guess we should get going too, come on you two butchered blondes lets go home.’ you said before leaving the Mills residence, after a minute you hear two slow sets of foot steps behind you.

‘Maybe on the way there I can come up with a way to explain to my dad why I’m bringing home not one but two boys.’  

I feel like Lucifer hates Sam because Sam disproves everything Lucifer believes about humans. Lucifer thinks humans are weak, flawed, easily tempted and corrupted. The Sam he was waiting for was supposed to be this angry, broken man, manipulated his entire life by demons, his blood poisoned by evil, being told by his own brother he’s a monster who might have to be put down like he’s some kind of rabid dog. Lucifer thought Sam would welcome him with open arms and want revenge against all the demons who messed with him throughout his life.

But Sam is the complete opposite. Sam is good, he’s selfless, he wants to help people, he has so much empathy and forgiveness for others. When he realizes he has demon blood power; unlike the other “special children” who are corrupted by it or use it for personal gain; Sam reluctantly embraces his power when he discovers he can use it to save innocent people. His entire reason for working with Ruby was stopping Lilith (which he thought would save the world) and pulling demons without killing their human hosts. Ruby manipulates Sam using his empathy as a way in. He’s willing to work with Ruby because he believes even demons can have goodness in them. We see that later when he’s able to forgive and work alongside Meg, a demon who possessed his body and killed his friends.

I think the fact that Sam was poisoned by demons only made him more empathetic. It made him realize that our choices define who we are, not our circumstances. He struggled with his identity as a “monster” but it made him fight harder to do good in the world, because if he could save people maybe it meant he wasn’t evil. Everything that was supposed to turn Sam into this Boy King and perfect, accepting vessel for Lucifer backfired and made him into a kinder, more understanding human being.


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chocobros & s/o got together only for a week. s/o accidentally walks in on them dressing after showering. it gets awkward. s/o freezes. they can't look away cus of shock & embarrassment. s/o tries to ease the awkwardness "Umm... Nice? ...No wait it's not-that's not... uhh.." s/o runs out of the room & forgets to close the door. s/o goes to the living room to try to distract themselves by watching tv but they're not watchin cus they're covering their blushing face with their hands.

Hey, Anon! :3

YAS just YAS! This is awesome, thank you! 

This sounded like it’d be worth some scenarios. I kind of adjusted it for Iggy and Gladio but it’s still the same setup. 

I hope you enjoy it! :3

Noctis: (Mr. Awkward-But-Trying™)

Aah shit, I forgot my phone in his bedroom..” Noctis’ S/O thought to themselves as they rose from the couch in his luxurious living room. 

Although they had only been dating for a week, they were already having sleepovers. Innocent sleepovers - cuddly sleepovers with lots of adorable moments. Not too much touching as of yet and definitely nothing going further than that.
The second they carelessly strode into his room, their eyes luckily focused on their hands for a moment, Noctis blushed furiously and his eyes widened. He grabbed the first object he could find to hide Noctis Jr. It so happened to be the towel he clutched onto.
His S/O lifted their eyes from their hands and were greeted by an embarrassed, tomato red and completely naked prince. They also blushed right away and an awkward silence filled the room. They couldn’t move, he couldn’t move. The whole situation was embarrassing and an absolute shock to both. Noctis didn’t expect to be disturbed and his S/O didn’t expect to see him naked. They both stood still, only stared at each other. 

Don’t look down.. Don’t let your eyes wander,” his S/O thought, biting their lip hard. 

And then their eyes slowly traveled down his body, their cheeks becoming crimson red. He was hot, they couldn’t tear their eyes away from him.
Minutes passed by in which they only stared at each other, then his S/O finally broke the silence. 

Um.. Nice..!.. Uh.. Wait. No. I mean.. It’s’re..- that’s not.. Uh.. I.. I’ll..“ they stuttered, attempting to say some words but their eyes were fixated on his six pack. 

After shaking their head really quick, forcing their thoughts to wander off into a different direction, they stormed out of the room. In their rush, they almost stumbled over their feet and even forgot to close the door but they somehow found their way back to the couch.

Oh my god he’s so hot.. He’s SO hot,“ they thought, their blush not decreasing a tiny bit.

They switched on the TV, tried to focus on watching the cartoon that was playing but it didn’t work, it was to no avail. He. Was. Too. Hot.

I can’t even..“ they whispered as they covered their face to hide their blush. 

Are you okay?“ Noctis asked, sneaking up to them and plumping down beside them. 

S-sur-.. Sure,“ they stammered, peeping through their hands to check if he was still naked.

Noctis ran a hand through his hand and chuckled, the embarrassment still very obvious, written all over his face. Regardless of that, he gently pulled on his S/O’s hands in an attempt to remove them. 

It’s okay.. I .. I mean. I.. I assume.. You’ll eventually see me.. That way.. Anyway, right? It’s.. Normal,“ he tried to make them feel better by just furiously blushing all over again. 

Noctis, stooop,“ they shook their head rapidly, trying to get the images out of their head. 

Once he saw their red face, he couldn’t help but smile. Both of them were endlessly embarrassed. At least he was dressed now, so it was easier to speak to him. In order to help them calm down, he placed a chaste kiss on their cheek.

You’re adorable,“ he mumbled, squeezing their hand gently. 

And you’re ho-” they almost blurted out, immediately covering their mouth as their eyes widen.

Noctis laughed from embarrassment, running a hand along his neck to help ease his tensed up muscles.

Well.. Uh.. I’m glad you think that way. You’re pretty hot, too,” he tried to be smooth but he really only made it worse.

Graaah Noctis, noo,” they groaned, sliding their hand up to cover their eye and cheek area again. 

Don’t hide your blush, it’s cute,” he stated, removing that hand as well. 

This is embarrassing.. I’m sorry I walked in on you,” they apologized, avoiding eye contact.

“It’s fine, don’t worry,” he assured them, placing a gentle kiss on their forehead.

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Winchester Brothers X Reader!Sister  Spencer Reid X Reader 

Word Count: 784

Requested: Wattpad

Request: Can you do a Spencer Reid x reader? reader is the twin sister of Dean Winchester and gets a job working for the FBI,  when a case comes up that she knows how to handle. Reader’s brothers the Winchesters come to interfere. Spencer finds out about who Reader really is,  but still is in love with her. The type of entity is a demon and it possesses agent Morgan. Reader then exercises the demon,  well tries and gets injured so Sam and Dean finishes it off.

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You had been working with BAU for a while now most of the time you were dealing with normal cases, your brothers were actually a lot happier with you having a normal job, friends and a boyfriend, even if he was a little bit strange. You were called out on a case you were looking over the crime scene, you noticed a yellow powder on the floor and frowned “What that?” JJ asked.

“Sulphur.” You frowned.
“How’d you know that?” she asked.
“Oh, I don’t it’s a guess.” You smiled.
“Spending too much time with Spencer.” You laughed as she gestured for one of the forensic team to come over and take a sample.
“Were there any witnesses?” You asked.
“The caller was the neighbours she heard the crashing and then saw the dad leave the house covered in blood,” JJ explained.
“So he’s not trying to hide then?” You asked.
“Not by the looks of it,” JJ answered, you looked outside to see a commotion by the police tap, you looked at JJ and who was looking at you. You both walked towards the tape and soon you both recognised your brothers. You sighed and glared at them. “Are those-”
“Yup.” You answered. “What are you doing!?” Sam and Dean both looked up at you and their eyes widened.
“(Y/N)!?” Dean asked.
“Yes.” You nodded and he looked over at JJ who he tried hitting on before he was informed that she was married and with a child. “What are you doing?” You asked again.
“Oh um, we were um coming to see you at work.” Sam lied.
“I’ll be right back.” You said JJ who was on the verge of laughing. “Don’t encourage them.” You walked over to them ducking under the tape and leading them away from the crime scene.
“This isn’t a normal case,” Dean said immediately.
“I know there’s sulphur in the house and the Dad walked out covered in blood.” You explained.
“So let us handle it,” Dean said.
“This is my case.” You glared.
“I’ll find the Dad exercise the demon.” You said.
“No, I’ll do it.” You assured them.

You managed to find the Dad pretty quickly you walked into the interrogation room while the others were tying up loose ends. “I know what you are.” You glared.
“And I know who you are, Winchester.” the demon mocked. “You can’t get me here, you never even told them.”
“You know what you wrong about that-”
“Detective we’ve got to close up.” One of the officers said. They were moving him tomorrow so you were planning on coming back later to get rid of the demon.

You were sitting in the Hotel room with Spencer when you heard his phone he reach over for it as you sat up and looked over at him “everything okay?” You asked.
“Yeah, Derek wants us to meet him.” Spencer and answered.
“Where?” You asked.
“His room,” Spencer answered. You got up and stretched before pushing your hand out to Spencer who took it after he stood up. You walked into the room to see Sam and Dean had Derek tied to a chair. “What are you doing!?” Spencer glared.
“Oh look it’s to boy genius, he holds you in high regard,” the demon said through Derek.
“Okay Spencer I know what this looks like but I need you to trust me, that’s not Derek okay?” You asked pulling his attention to you, but you flung across the room before you could say anything more.
“She’s right I’m what they call a demon.” he sneered.
“Okay time to go.” You glared.
“I’m not finished yet.” the demon again flung you against the wall this time, however, there was a loud enough crack that everyone else in the room flinched, Sam then launched into the exorcism and the demon was gone in second, Dean then called on Cas to help heal you once you came around. As soon as you were aware of your surrounding you kicked Dean’s feet out from underneath him.
“I was handling it.” You glared at your twin.
“Does someone want to tell me what ‘it’ is?” Spencer asked and you looked at him and sighed. You then explained everything that your family did and everything that had happened before coming to work with him at the BAU. Spencer didn’t say anything for a long time, Derek was back to normal and didn’t remember anything. You were on the jet back when he decided to talk to you, you were looking out the window and he cleared his throat, you looked over and he leant towards you “I still love you.”
You smiled “I love you too.”

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