the boy who could see demons

You know those anime meta posts along the lines of “I was born with pink hair. The doctors told my parents I was a Main Character and ever since my life has not known peace from demons/spirits/sports competitions/harems who find me”

Well I see that, and I raise you this:

An anime boy whose appearance is, by absolutely anyone’s account, completely and utterly average. Mundane hair. Mundane eyes. Not even glasses to set him the tiniest bit apart. A simple, unmemorable, unrecognizable civilian among a backdrop of millions.

And he has a lot of passions, and a lot of ambitions, which he hones every chance he gets. He’s dabbled in sports and archery and cooking and just about anything you could wrap a competition around. And he’s competed in many of these. Every chance he gets. With all of his passion and all of his might.

He’s crushed by the competition every single time.

Until one day–one day something clicks for him. Something that should have seemed obvious from the start and yet never was–as though everyone, including himself, was unwittingly blind to it. It clicks, when he realizes every kid who’s beaten him in competition, every kid who’s gone on to fame and glory and acclaim, has been some candy-haired gel-spiked ridiculously-dressed fucker. 

There’s some trend there that this Main Character boy can’t explain and can’t understand but he decides, this one time, fuck it. He’ll play along too. He’s got a model train competition in four days, and he’s got nothing more to lose. He hits up the department store, buys the pinkest, noxious-est, fruitiest hair dye he can find, the spikiest hair gel available, and the gaudiest clothes on the thrift rack. He enters the model train competition looking like a bubble gum gijinka.

And he wins.

Suddenly, the other candy-haired contestants notice him. They talk to him. They pledge rivalries. Girls notice him. Judges applaud him. Acclaimed model train aficionados offer him internships across the world. He’s hit on something

The main cast expands to cover just about every candy-hair cliche in the book: from the mostly-normal-looking demure school girl with the blue hair to the Naruto-est, yelling-est boy with the red-and-green spiked hair. The cool megane senpais, the purple haired tsunderes, suddenly everyone is interested in him. They’re prodigies and upstarts and underdogs and they truly believe that this main character boy is one of them.

So the main character boy maintains his ruse. He touches up his roots at dawn every morning and carefully attends to his gelled spikes and tells absolutely no one about this great, uncanny, unfathomable secret he’s stumbled upon. He wins his competitions left and right. He racks up the acclaim. He’s hailed as a prodigy of all trades, just now bursting onto the scene, and boils to the top of all his candy-haired peers.

He’s rising up, his every dream within his grasp. Until one day he gets a note under his door, taped to an old picture of his Normal Boring self from middle school, that says “You don’t belong”

SPN Preference #1: Being an Angel and dating a ‘bad boy’

So the Idea is that you’re a super kind and gentle Angel and for some reason you’re dating one of these bad boys even though you’re polar opposites


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“hey you.” you grinned, walking into the throne room and he rose to greet you, “got you that scroll you wanted.” you handed it to him.

he looked at it then at you, smiling, “well arent you just the sweetest thing god ever created.”

“too sweet.” one of the Demons groaned. they were getting tired of the whole thing. you, a beautiful, kind angel, dating Asmodues of all people. but boy was he sweet on you. he loved you more than anything and everyone could see it, especially the demons who had to see it every day.

Asmodeus turned to the demon who spoke, “how about you say that again.” he challenged.

you grabbed his arm, “stop, its fine.” you said. his eyes met yours and you smiled, “really.”

he looked at the demon again, “you’re lucky she’s nicer than i am.” he warned, “say something like that again when she’s not around and next time you wont be so lucky.”


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the Winchesters and Castiel watched you kiss Cain on the cheek, exchange one last loving look, then grab your coat and leave. 

“so what do you want?” Cain said, finally getting to business.

“how?” Castiel stated.

“how what?”

“i’ve heard of Y/N before. the nicest angel god ever created. how is she with you?” Castiel clarified.

Cain smiled slightly, “I ask myself that question every day.” 


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“what should we do with him?” Crowley said, more to himself than you, as he looked at the demon who had messed up.

“let him go with a slap on the wrist?” you suggested from the throne you were lounging in.

Crowley narrowed his eyes at you then shrugged, “well yes pet, i suppose we could, but what sort of example would that set?”

you stood, wrapping your arms around Crowley’s neck as his hands settled on you waist, “would it help if i left the room during decisions like this?”

Crowley laughed, “what am i going to do with you? darling, you’re too nice.”

“but you love me anyways.”


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he had always had a thing for you and when he got ‘demonized’ he finally had the guts to do something about it. as a demon he was even more attracted to your light. the contrast. 

he liked taking your out of your comfort zone. teasing and making you blush. he liked to have his hands all over you, smirking at the way you’d hide your face and get shy. 

he just adored all the things that made you good and nice.

you were at the bar playing pool and his hands settled on your waist, “let me show you how to do this baby.” he grinned, breath fanning over your neck.

you got shy immediately, turning in his arms and hiding your face in his chest as he laughed. 

“stop it.” you laughed.

“nah, you get so cute when i get you flustered.” 


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“watcha doin?” you asked, leaning behind Gabriel and wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you looked at the screen he was looking at.

“the usual, wreaking some havoc.” he grinned, “how about you sugar?” he turned his head to look at you.

you sighed when you realized who was on the screen, “are you messing around with the Winchesters again?”

“yes but dont get mad, they’re just so damn fun to play with.” 

“come play with me instead.” you suggested.

“woah, slow down you naughty girl, since when were you allowed to say things like that?” Gabriel laughed, turning his chair around fully to look at you. 

“just because god made me to be super nice and sweet doesn’t mean he controls all of my vocabulary as well.” you rolled your eyes.

“tell me more.” Gabriel grinned, standing, hands going to your waist.

“first you have to stop playing around with the Winchesters.”

“ah here we go, the true motive comes out and of course its a nice one.” Gabriel laughed, “fine, i’ll let them go, but only because they were boring me anyways.”


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“okay but Ketch is the literal worst.” Dean stated.

“i agree with Dean, it does seem highly suspicious that you of all people would be interested in a man like Ketch.” Castiel said.

“i see the good in him-”

“don’t start with the whole ‘he’s an ass but not to me’ cliche.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“she doesn’t have to. its true.” 

“Ketch!” you grinned, standing and running to him.

he hugged you, glaring at the Winchesters over your shoulder. as soon as you pulled away a smile was back on his face, “now where would you like to go for dinner darling?”


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“you’re not supposed to be here.” you said, looking around to make sure Sam, Dean and Cas weren’t around. 

“i missed you.” Michael stated, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“if they see you-”

“you’re so pretty when you’re afraid.” 

this made you laugh as you looked up at the Archangel, “stop teasing me.”

“but its so easy.” his fingers brushed your cheek, “and you like it. you like being bad, even in small doses.”


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“wow kitten, look at you.” he sized you up in you new dress, the way it clung to your every curve, “are you sure daddy is cool with you wearing that?”

“i dont know. are you?” *insert gif*             fam i am so sorry, i had a weird spot

“we dont like it.” Dean stated.

“i really dont like it.” Jack said with a grimace.

“well get used to it champ.” Lucifer grinned, “say hi to your new step mom.” everyone looked at you and you shook you head at Lucifer, he grinned, “too much?”

“way too much.” you answered.

“i’m going to be sick.” Jack groaned.

you wrapped your arms around Jack, “come on, lets leave this bad man alone to think about how his words impact others.” you glared at Lucifer.

“oh come on honey, im not that bad.”

Dean rolled his eyes, “you’re literally Satan.”

“oh yeah, well, we can’t all be princes can we?”

Anon asked: Can you write a Sebastian x Vincent’s chubby female best friend who knows about demons and stuff?

I really like this request anon! A very interesting concept here! I really hope you enjoy it! 


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The ball was grand, it always was.

Of course it was, Vincent liked it this way and was always excited to plan the next big event with you by his side of course. As Vincent’s best friend, you were eager to help him in any way you could. 

Many around his circle thought you fancied him, but no, you’d never do that to Vincent nor his family, they were always so accommodating to you - letting you stay with them, helping with the boys who called you Auntie and the best thing of all; accepting you as part of their family. 

Having been kicked out of your home due to your size and all. Your parents saying that you were unfit to wed or help the family with income - being essentially useless to them. 

If only they knew your true potential. 

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A Night to Remember

a/n: It is finally here; my Stray Kids Halloween special,,,5 days too late. I’m sorry, real life got in the way, I procrastinated like mate, stop procrastinating and I underestimated the amount of work this would cost me. With that being said, I worked my ass off for this special and i hope you all like it since I put my blood, sweat and tears into this. <3

word count (all 10 parts): 13.4k

main part: 1.8k+

summary: A story in which Stray Kids take you to a Halloween-themed amusement park on the night of October 31st and there’s different kinds of attractions you can go on. This is a 10 part series with this here being the main part and one part for each member. In the end, click on the attraction you want to go on and get your date with a surprise member.


=> moodboard credit to the lovely @marriael who made it specially for this series.💖

It was definitely a Halloween spent differently this year. No trick or treating, no giving out candy, no dressing up or Halloween parties since this time your friends decided to take you out on a trip to a Halloween-themed amusement park on the spooky night of October 31st. Claiming they wanted to make the first Halloween they get to spend with you special and a night to remember, whatever that was supposed to mean. Literally the only information they gave you regarding this trip was that it’s going to be at night and they had promised it to get spooky but the latter just sounded like an empty threat to you. After all, you knew your friends, and they were bigger cowards than you, yourself, especially the one whose looks resembled a squirrel.

Apart from squirrel boy there was also a sneaky one who seemed to be attached to squirrel boy in your group of friends, an overly enthusiastic yet sleep-deprived leader, a literal teddy bear turned dad, then this small bean who claimed to be dark and intimidating, though everyone could see he was actually quite the opposite of it, his freckled best friend with the voice of a demon, an innocent-looking boy who could roast you better than any BBQ ever would, and not to forget the braces-wearing baby. And now, tell me again you weren’t at least a little bit worried about what’s going to happen tonight. They could’ve at least provided you with the name of the amusement park or its location but as soon as you asked, Chan only replied to you in a suggestive whisper, saying it was a secret.

What did you get yourself into?

Woojin texted you this morning to be at their dorm at 6pm, so you still had enough time for the one-hour long drive, and now that you were standing in front of their door, you already felt the excitement bubbling inside of you. Sure, you’ve been to amusement parks before but never at night and on top of that on Halloween. You had sworn to yourself to kick the butt of whoever was going to scare you, no exceptions made.

Not long after you knocked on the door, footsteps could’ve been heard from inside the room, approaching the door. A tall boy with messy black hair revealed himself after opening the door to let you in. He looked classy and fashionable even in a simple black and white striped sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. His hair seemed to still be somewhat wet since you could see little droplets of water glistening among the mess of black strands.

“Good evening, Hyunjinnie.” You smiled, lifting your hand up to ruffle through his messy and still slightly wet hair, making the boy giggle.

He reciprocated your smile and greeted you as well, following you into the living room of their dorm, after you disposed of your shoes next to the door, where you then plopped down comfortably to wait for them to get ready.

While you made yourself comfortable and fetched your phone out of your bag, Hyunjin disappeared into the kitchen just to appear next to you seconds later again with a glass and a bottle of water, which he both placed on the coffee table right in front of you, before heading in the direction of their rooms and the bathroom, getting ready himself, or so you assumed.

“You guys are worse than girls getting ready for prom. We’re going to a Halloween-themed amusement park and not a catwalk…or wait, are you now telling me you’ve played me and we’re heading somewhere completely different?” You rambled on as they finally showed up in the living room, all styled and ready to leave.

“First of all, hey!! We’re not worse than girls,” Changbin pouted.

“Exactly. And no, don’t worry. We’re taking you to that amusement park for sure.” Though something about Minho’s smirk while saying that made you worry after all.

The drive to that ominous location where the amusement park was supposed to be located at turned out to be funnier than expected and it actually calmed your nerves down a lot, almost to a point where you laughed about yourself for thinking those nine dorks would really try to scar you for life. You were all listening to the whole I am YOU album, which they had just dropped around a week ago and jamming along to all the songs. Jeongin was a smiley baby as always and screamed the song lyrics together with Jisung while Felix sang everyone’s part in his deep voice with Changbin, Hyunjin and Seungmin trying to imitate him. Minho looked at them in amusement, though with a raised eyebrow and then gave you a look that equalled an eye-roll to what you grinned back at him. Sure, it was loud inside the van but it was also a blast and everyone seemed to get more than hyped for an unforgettable night.

Finally, the van that Woojin was driving came to halt and you looked out of the window to discover that you actually headed to an amusement park, its name already visible from afar due to the huge, ascending neon sign on top.

Scream Shadow Land, it read. What?!

‘Sounds promising,’ you thought with a hint of sarcasm.

Chan, who had already climbed out of the van from the passenger’s seat, shooed everyone out and guided you to the entrance. The big neon sign gave all your surroundings a light orange glow which made you think of pumpkin soup or maybe it was all the pumpkins standing around as decoration that made you hungry.

After Mr. Bang was so nice to pay for your entrance tickets, everyone entered the big park and came to an abrupt halt after walking through the gates. The park looked huge and there were so many attractions you didn’t even know which one to go on to first.

“It’s beautiful, right?” Chan suddenly appeared next to you.

“Yes, it’s mind-blowing. Thank you for taking me here.” You replied also nodding in a thankful manner to Woojin, who appeared to be standing next to Chan.

The park was lit up by all the attractions and all the streetlamps, there were even glowing pumpkins standing around. It wasn’t packed but there were definitely quite some people who wanted to spend their Halloween night the same way as you.

“You need to keep an eye open, y/n, sometimes they try to scare you and suddenly jump out from a dark corner in a creepy costume.” Woojin advised you with a grin.

“Yes, and if you’re not careful they’ll kidnap you and bring you to their dungeons.” Minho chimed in from the other side next to you.

“Guys, are you trying to scare me now because you realized this amusement park is rather beautiful than scary?”

“We might,” Seungmin whispered into your ear, making you turn around in a hurry and be slightly startled at him standing behind you all of a sudden.

“Jesus, don’t give me a heart-attack, Minnie.” You exclaimed while dramatically clutching your chest.

“I want to ride the roller coaster,” Jeongin whined from a few feet away from you.

“I’ll pass,” Jisung gulped, getting reminded of that time they went to an amusement park during their reality show.

“C'mon guys, let’s get going!” Chan announced, signalling the rest of you to finally get away from the entrance and start the adventure.

“Since we came here to surprise y/n, they can choose what ride they want to go on first and then we’ll just see who’ll go with them, okay?” Woojin suggested, giving you the opportunity to choose freely.

Now that made you nervous. Not the part that you could choose, that was awesome, but the part when he said that someone would join you then. Of course you silently hoped for a special someone but how big was the chance to pick exactly the one ride he wanted to go on, too? 1 in 9, so you had to choose wisely.

You were here with nine dorky but wonderful guys and you would’ve been lying if you said the didn’t make your heart beat faster. After all this time you had spent over at their dorms as their friend, you felt so close to each and everyone of them though there was this one member you always felt a bit different around. You didn’t want to admit it at first but over time you had to be true to yourself and give in to your growing crush on him. Whenever it was the two of you alone, you felt your heartbeat sped up and your hands getting shaky. When he touched you casually or brushed his hand against yours, a wave of electricity shot through your whole body and someday all these signs became so painfully obvious that you had to admit it to yourself.

“Look at all those attractions! What do you want to go on first?” Chan asked you, inspecting your profile from the side and unknowingly shaking you out of your reverie.

You did look at them. But how on earth would you be able to choose. There were at least nine different attractions that piqued your interest.

There was a dark and huge building if you took the path to the far left, it was clad in spider webs and looked really spooky. In front stood a person dressed in a skeleton costume with a scythe and there was a pool with blood red water right next to the entrance from which green light and a lot of smoke came out. Next to it was a similar building but instead of an actual haunted house it looked more like a dark ride. It had drawn ghosts all over the façade and seemed inviting for a little spook. You weren’t really sure which scared you more though. If you took the path right in front of you there was an innocent-looking shooting gallery first and right behind it you could see two tall towers, one being a gyro tower and the other one a drop tower. On the other side of the path, opposite to the shooting gallery was a huge carousel with three different floors. Those attractions seemed more or less harmless and fun. Last but not least there was also a path to the right which led you to a roller coaster and a swing ride. If you followed the path even further it would lead you more into the middle of the whole park where the giant and cliché Ferris wheel was located from which you could see all over the whole park and even more. You were beyond amazed by all these attractions.

“Which one do you choose?” Felix beamed his contagious smile at you, tearing you out of your thoughts.

“Uhh… I think, I choose…”

Roller Coaster | Shooting Gallery | Haunted House | Drop Tower | Gyro Tower | Dark Ride | Ferris Wheel | Swing Ride | Carousel

“Oh really? I want to go there too!!” A familiar voice sounded from next to you.

“Alright, let’s pair up and meet here again in two hours!” And with that, everyone went their own ways in pairs.

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Tell me more about why would Marin x Damian be your jam 0w0

Just- aaaah!

Imagine Marin geeking out about some fashion show whilst designing in his sketchbook and Damian watching with just the most adorable smile in the background like-

And then imagine the BatFam spying on Damian to see why he’s randomly been smiling around the Manor and them witnessing Damian like kiss Marin on the cheek or something and then him blushing whilst Damian is smirking.

AND!! Marin has Tom’s genes so he’s buff and tall with a heart of gold, and then you have short grumpy demon boi who he’s in a relationship with.

You could have Marin x Damian x Luka (like that awesome Bio!Dad AU @virgil-is-a-cutie wrote) or with x Adrien OR!! x Jon if you want.

All in all, I can’t stop imagining it.

Stalker/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Leave me alone!” I screamed slamming the door to my Treehouse.

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How would Muzan react if his male s/o was always sickly, like their boy is really weak and they get sick at the drop of a dime, but they aren't ready to stop being human anytime soon?

Yo! Anon! This gonna be the first time I write for Muzan with a male s/o. Thank you so much for the request! I hope this is what you wanted! Enjoy! 


Kibutsuji Muzan x Sick Male Reader HEADCANONS

♡ If anyone gets both the mental pain and physical pain would be Muzan. 

♡ I mean he had been sick since he was the tiny child so like the demon lord is really understanding when his fragile boy fell sick from time to time. 

♡ Dare I say, Muzan would be the one you should be with if you are chronically ill because no one could understand you better than he does. 

♡ He knows how frustratingly painful being ill could be so Muzan would make sure you will not get sick under any circumstance. 

♡ Muzan would make sure you get the best by spending way too much money on supplements, medicine, and rare nutrients so that you could maintain a healthy body. 

♡ Nothing is too expensive for Muzan if it would ensure the overall well being of your body.

♡ If something unfortunate happens and you get under weather and fall ill, Muzan would go full-on “Father Duck” mood on you. 

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suffocating love.

yandere! lio fotia.
suicidal ideation / broken darling, confinement, implied physical and verbal abuse.
series: part 1 / part 2 (here).
do not re-upload or use my writing without permission.


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Hiya Micheala 💕 in one of your recent asks, someone asked about poly marriages and you said that the demon lord was the only exception and that incubi/succubi don’t have poly marriages, with that being said would the boys be open to being in a polyamorous relationship with a person? I’m asking as a poly girl who has a deep love for Sam AND James and it would be amazing if I could have both of them at the same time 😛

I mean if you talk to them and really try and work it out, I don’t see why not.

I mean, there’s a Harem Ending Episode coming out sometime soon sooo…

A Supernaturally Stucky Halloween - Part 3

Pairing: Stucky X Reader (Eventual)

Summary: Hunters, their lives are never easy. What happens when you literally stumble into the world of the supernatural?

Word Count: 1401

Warnings: Switching POV’s, protective Bucky. Some mild angsty themes.

PartsOne / two / three / four / five /

Bucky drove, Steve sat in the passenger seat trying to see if he could find out anything more about who could be doing the haunting or what kind of demon was mucking about. You were in the backseat, just being generally annoying. Or so you were told.

“This car is normally much quieter, you know?” Bucky asks in a teasing tone. With subtle hints that he doesn’t actually want you to stop talking.

“Shut up, you know you love the sound of my voice. You’ve been starved of it for, what’s it been, 6 years?” You tease, and Bucky chuckles.

“Well, you don’t need to make up for all 6 years in the remaining hour of this drive.” Bucky teases, and you smack his shoulder.

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The Vanishing Key

I’ve been thinking about this one moment from chapter 109 when Rin’s so distraught with his own birth that he can’t keep his demonic half in check. Mephisto puts a stop to it – doing something I still don’t think I truly understand. It might be a weird translation mishap, together with the fact that English is my second language, but I think Mephy locked Rin’s Demon Heart in a pocket dimension as to keep it from interfering yet somehow Rin’s demon self was powerful enough to break the barrier between dimensions and bring himself whole.

Anyways, then we see Mephy turn Rin into a barely-conscious rag doll. And with the little consciousness the boy has left, he takes a key and prompts Rin’s limp hand to open a door – or doors, since we all know Mephy can’t do anything without making it incredibly dramatic.


Mephisto: “Oh dear… in the middle of all this chaos, no one can take care of you.”

I wonder, who else did Mephy think could help him care for the emotional mess that is Rin? Clearly the only reason why he’s letting him go is because he’s a full on demon who only understand human emotions on an intellectual level – and recognizes that that won’t help Rin’s case at all.

I’m pretty sure that by ‘chaos’ he doesn’t mean the bunch of exorcists trying to ‘exorcise’ a new-born whilst a small team tries to save Yuri’s (and Yukio’s?) life. No, he’s talking about what’s going on in ‘present time’. With Bon and Izumo in Romania, Konekomaru in Kyoto, Yukio and Renzou in the Illuminati, and Shura still recovering from a Demon-King-Level blast right to the face… It only leaves one person who truly cares for Rin, someone emotionally intelligent that can tap back into Rin’s humanity effortlessly.


Mephisto: “So, go… off to a place where you can cool your head.”

Mephisto knows Rin better than Rin might know himself. He takes the barely-conscious boy’s limp hand and wraps it around the one key that has seen it all. The key we’ve all been waiting for since it’s introduction in chapter 1. The Key Of Vanishment.


Shiro: “This is the ‘Key of Vanishment’. It can be used to hide anything in any given location.”

Essentially, Mephisto is purposely hiding Rin in the one place the boy feels truly safe, with the one person he knows wouldn’t turn their back on him – as sad as that sounds.

Conveniently enough, Shiemi is in need of some emotional reassurance herself: being thrown into a whole new world that seems to remember her even though she can’t remember herself…


Shiemi: “I feel better already! Rin’s incredible!”

I really like the way they hold each other up, even without knowing it. I’m very hopeful in how their beautiful story will continue, even if I don’t really ship them that much – but that’s another story for another time.

Anyways, I’m happy that the The Vanishing Key is being used after so long! I’m eager to see what else he’s gonna use it for – because you can’t tell me this’ll be its only time to shine. There’s so much potential in a key that can hide you wherever you want, it’s too awesome to be overlooked. After all:


Yukio: “You should take care of the keys you obtain. They are a very valuable thing to possess.”

Title: For Want of a Butterfly Effect
: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas (very minor Dean/Anna)
Wordcount: 115155
Warnings/Tags: Graphic depictions of violence, temporary MCD, smut, slow build, torture, angst and fluff, time travel, spoilers up to S13, emotional Dean Winchester, annoying father-in-law Chuck
Posting: 10/15/2018


Naturally, with the death of Cas at Lucifer’s hands, things have gone to hell in a handbasket yet again. Chuck’s solution? To cram Dean’s 2017 soul back into his 2008 body and give Dean a shot at Apocalypse take two. Catch is, Dean can’t tell anyone about this as he meddles with fate and tries to avoid annoying the wrong people…too much. And trying to get through to the douchey love of his life a second time isn’t helping matters, especially when he’s trying to avoid boning said douchey love of his life. But hey, he never was any good at keeping secrets anyway…

“Yes.” Cas regarded Sam with that familiar head-tilt. Dean had the sudden, near-uncontrollable urge to burst into loud (and definitely manly) tears as the realisation that his friend was back sank in…and yet, this wasn’t really Cas. Not the Cas he knew, anyway. “Sam Winchester. The boy with the demon blood.”

It was almost surreal to see the evolution of Sam’s face from cautious to stricken to pissed. Dean might have been angry if not for the knowledge that Cas could and did grow out of this. No thanks to Dean’s shit, though.

“Who the hell are you?” Sam snarled.

“You just said my name.” Cas looked straight at Dean and said those fateful words that had defined their tumultuous relationship over nearly a decade. “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition, Dean.”

Dean’s mouth was suddenly drier than the Mojave Desert. Letting his tongue dart out to moisten his lips, he managed to croak out the same words he’d said in response to that the first time around. “Thanks for that.”

Cas stared at Dean for another moment, then reached out for Sam and said, “We need to talk. Alone.”

“Hey, whoa, whoa!” Dean jumped forward and grabbed Cas’ arm. The look on Cas’ face was rather akin to the look a rich elite might give a homeless person, and Dean had to fight down the sudden strong urge to punch Cas in the face. Yeah, okay, Cas was alive again, but this wasn’t his Cas. The sooner he realised that, the less heartache he’d face later on. What was the guarantee that Cas would fall again with Dean messing up the timeline? Hell, did Dean even want to fuck up his life like that? Cas deserved better than slumming it with a couple of fucked-up mud monkeys, especially considering all the shit that had happened to him as a result of choosing them over Heaven.

“Dean.” Cas’ voice sliced through Dean’s brain fog. “Let go of my arm.”

Dean mentally shook himself and looked Cas right in the eye. His stomach churned at the bright blue, both hauntingly familiar and yet painfully unfamiliar. “You’re not doing shit to Sam and Bobby,” he said hoarsely. “Whatever you got to say, you can say it in front of them.”

Cas regarded him for a long moment. Was he going to smite Dean for being insolent? Unbidden, Cas’ face swam into clear view in Dean’s mind – but it wasn’t this Cas’ face. It was Dean’s Cas, a small, rare smile crossing his lips as he regarded Dean with a fondness that Dean had no business receiving from anyone, let alone an angel of the Lord. Before his mind’s eye, Cas’ smiling face then melted into the dead one that had been plaguing Dean ever since arriving back in 2008, and Dean gasped and staggered away from Cas.


weeeellll this is some art that i made for the chorus of a BATIM song by itowngameplay and how you see is in spanish haha mm… well if you can´t speak spanish i will try to tell you want i wrote… mmm…A ritual brought us to life, that life that now … without mercy you take us, you know to deceive, to manipulate, but in this world dreams come true, revenge heals my wounds, this black ink will be your farewell, today we You will fear, you will see, that even if you created us, you could never erase us. i think that it will be how it say in english haha also i drew it before i got sick but i forgot to post it and also sorry for the terribles draws and scketches there, you know that i´m just begining with that digital draw :)

Where Angels Cry, Demons Dance (One Shot)

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A/N: Hellooooo, how’s everybody doing on Halloween??? I hope you are having fun and getting all the good stuff, if you celebrate it of course :D Don’t get to crazy with the candies. Unfortunatelly, for me no hay trico tri, no kendy…but it does’t mean I cannot give u a little treat of my own…So here it is, my take on the demon reader, inspired by that last promo and this wicked night. I hope you like it!

Lena Luthor x  Demon!Reader//Word Count: 745

People use to say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s not only a well-known fact of life but the undeniable fate of those who think themselves saviors and good Samaritans. They should listen to the tale of dear ol’ boy Lucifer more carefully. Those who want to do better are the first ones to fall from grace. It’s tragic and soul shattering to see it happen but it is the way of the world. Where angels cry, demons dance.

After you emerged from the pits of the endless abyss, it was your gift and duty to compose the most tragic fates for the kindest souls. You prided yourself on the fact that you could made mortals turn away from paradise. The arrangements and symphonies of words you created were the downfall of good men. From heroes to villains, from saints to sinners, from innocents to corrupted souls. When they listened to your words, they fell from grace and you danced with delight.

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Don’t give me ‘Harry Potter the boy who lived’ 'Hermione Granger the girl who knew’ 'Ron Weasley the boy who doubted’ 'Neville Longbottom the boy who could have been’ 'Ginny Weasley the girl who waited’ They are so much more than that. Give me 'Harry Potter the boy who sacrificed everything for those he loved’ 'Hermione Granger the girl whose loyalty never wavered’ 'Ron Weasley the boy who cared more about everyone else’s well being than his own’ 'Neville Longbottom the boy who finally fought his demons after years of self doubt’ 'Ginny Weasley the girl who chose to see the best in people’

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (Ch. 26)

“Demons?” Hades questioned slowly, he caught the eyes of everyone at the table except for his son’s.

Hades watched as his son’s frown deepened and him start to fiddle with the ring on his right hand. It was a nervous habit of his. He would twirl it if he was scared, of if he was uncertain. Hades was having a hard time distinguishing which reason it was this time.  But he was willing to bet it was both. His son never scared easily, but it was always easy to tell when he was scared, at least for him it was. He would squint his eyes and his left eye would twitch, it was the same way Hades himself acted when he was scared. He would put on a brave face but on the inside, he would be shaking.

Nico bit his lip before he sighed and slowly raised his head to make eye contact with his father. “Demons.” He confirmed before continuing. “I had first brought up demons with Reyna when I was explaining poltergeists and well, that got me thinking. What if this is actually a demon we’re dealing with? Poltergeists and demons have a lot of similarities so it’s easy to confuse their energy. Both are really malevolent.”

Hades watched as his son’s now boyfriend placed a hand over his on the table. Nico turned to look at him and it was as though they were having a conversation by simply looking into each other’s eyes. Nico turned over his hand so that they were holding hands and squeezed the blond’s hand. They continued their conversation and finally Nico look back at his family. “Demons are complicated. They can’t just appear like a poltergeist, they have to be summoned. If this is a demon, someone summoned it.”

“Why would someone summon a demon?” Bianca asked as she cradled her face in one hand that was leaning on the table.

“Who knows. The reasons vary. Teens think it makes them edgy. Some witches are known to summon demons for personal gain and revenge, but that is only some witches. It could have been a dare. There are just too much options to choose from.” Nico grumbled. He was frustrated, that was to be expected, but he also seemed overwhelmed. Hades hated to see his son overwhelmed, it always ended up with Nico getting sent to the hospital. He never wanted to see his son like that again. Anorexic, pale, weak, and hooked up to monitors and an IV. It was awful. Bianca had been inconsolable at that time, she never left Nico’s side, neither did Hazel. Those two waited till he woke up and took care of them, they were wary of the nurses.

A soft hand on his knee brought him out of his thoughts and he turned to see Persephone giving him a reassuring smile. She always could tell what he was thinking. It was strange.

“That is true. One time, your father,” Hades began as he nodded toward Will, “decided it would be a great idea to bring an Ouija board to camp and he managed to convince Poseidon and Zeus to try and talk to a demon with it, I called him an idiot and left the cabin.”

“That…certainly sounds like my father.” Will mused in monotone.

Hades had no doubt that this boy has had to deal with his father’s ridiculousness for far too long.

“So, you think this could be a poltergeist or a demon?” Hazel asked in a small voice.

“It seems like it.” Nico answered as he rubbed a hand up and down his arm, occasionally scratching. Hades could already see the worry in Bianca’s and Hazel’s eyes, as well as Persephone’s. He was not the only one who caught it, Will did as well, he instead was confused.

“Nico. Go to your room. Lay down. You should take your medicine. I’ll send Will up in a couple of minutes. Okay?”

Nico did nothing but nod and stand up. He kept spinning and spinning and spinning his ring, his finger was turning red from the friction. He walked past the table and out the kitchen, Hades couldn’t see him but he could hear him heading upstairs. When Hades turned back to talk to Will, the boy was half way out of his seat and looking at the arc way of the kitchen entrance still even though Nico was probably almost to his room. He continued to do so till Hades cleared his throat.

Will lowered himself back into his seat and swiftly stared at Hades. “What…What’s wrong with him? I mean…Is he okay?”

“Nico was getting overwhelmed. He doesn’t do well when overwhelmed.”


“It plays a part in it. But doctors aren’t sure what is wrong. They have theories, but that is all they have. He needs a distraction right now before he makes himself sick. I ask you to be that distraction.”

“Of course.”

Hades waved at him then the door and Will nodded immediately and ran up the stairs to Nico’s room.

“This isn’t good Dad.” Bianca breathed as she shook her head and placed it in her hands.

Hazel remained quiet but she moved closer to her big sister and began to rub slow circles onto her back. Hades got out of his chair and over to his daughters. He placed one hand on Hazel’s unruly curls and the other on Bianca’s inherited straight, smooth hair and gave each of them a kiss on the top of their heads.

“He’ll be okay girls. We’ll make sure of it I promise.” Persephone stood as well and hugged her husband from behind and rested her head on his back. “He’ll be okay.”


The boy held his head in his hands.

Why wouldn’t this thing just leave?

‘BeCAusE yOu WAnt mE HeRE. YoU cRAvE MY pOwEr.’ The voice growled

“I asked for power. Not. Yours.” He whispered defeatedly in reply.

‘YoU ASkeD foR MY hELp.’

The voice shook his dressers, his mirror, his bookcase, his TV, everything. Everything seemed out of focus. He did ask for its help, he wanted its help, he needed its help. So maybe he did deserve this, but he was. So. Angry. What gives them the right? What gives anyone the right honestly. No…not everyone. Adults. Parents. They acted all high and mighty, but not as high and mighty as rich parents. They feel entitled to everything, even their child’s forgiveness. They feel like they don’t have to work for their relationships, that they can be bought.

He wanted to teach those parents a lesson, but he needed power.

He needed it.

He began to sob. Sob and hiccup. Over and over again.

‘YOu aRe weAK. JUst SaY thE WoRds AnD yoU wILl haVe MY PoWEr AT yOUr dISpoSaL.’

He was desperate, he had no other choice, if he did he couldn’t think of one, so he did what he thought was the best solution.

“I give you my consent. I give you my body. Kronos.”

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Ghost 101

Pairing: Ghost!Reader x Dean 

Summary: The reader comes to find herself standing over her own dead body. Despite the obvious problem of her death she has to find a way to communicate with the brothers. 

Warnings: Death, mentions of past torture (nothing graphic), lots of sarcasm, angst, language, mild season 12 spoilers. 

Word Count: 1,053 

A/N: Ah yes the author’s note. This is the part where I write a bunch of stuff that nobody reads but it always makes me feel better. Everybody watch out snarky me has entered the building. Which explains this piece. I don’t know where it came from I was just sitting there staring off into space then bam! Twenty minutes later I had this. It’s full of terrible sarcasm and doesn’t really have an end or a beginning but hey I tried. Anyways I hope y'all sort of like it and feedback is always appreciated. 


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“Well this is different.” You found yourself looking down at your empty sightless eyes.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice and spun around.

“I’m over here.” You yelled back.

“Shit! Y/N!” Dean turned the corner and started running towards you.

“Its about damn time. Look I know this looks weird but let me-” As you were speaking Dean ran right through you. “Woah, dude what the fuck?” You spun around only to find that Dean had collapsed to his knees. He was shaking your body. “Man this ghost shit sucks.” You muttered.  

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Fukigen na Mononokean Ch. 59

A chapter equal parts light-hearted and tense (especially that ending)! I wonder what Ashiya’s decision will lead to next month…

Please remember to check out the official English release when it comes out, preferably on Crunchyroll if you’re able to!

The newest chapter can be read on the official website by clicking the yellow button labeled 読む!

Fukigen na Mononokean Chapter 59 - Confession

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