the bottom one fell out of a tree


A few of the flowers we saw walking our favorite local trail.

Dappled (Part Four)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU (Other World Chronicles)
Main Pairing: Female Reader/OC x Oh Sehun

The Other World has been at peace for many years, the Council keeping law and order between the Kinds and Lands. Even Outsiders live threat free. But in a world so vast and varied - can peace ever truly last…?

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It was at this moment that Sehun heard a scream, followed by the sound of something smashing against stone.

The shadows were around him before he knew what he was doing, the black rush of smoke-like flickers around his body in an instant. His mind whirled with her name, her eyes, her mouth.

Y/N, Y/N, his mind chanted and his heart pounded against his chest as his ears rang with the echo of her scream. Her eyes, her mouth, her fists and then…  he landed. His arms reached out and they were around her before he could even take a breath, before he could even take in his surroundings. The shadows fell away and in his arms was her body, shaking, trembling.

Sehun’s vision cleared, and he looked down at where the Lady of Light was in his arms, her back flat against his chest. Her eyes were wide, her skin paled in shock. She barely seemed to register that he was there, her eyes were fixed on the ground in front of them. Sehun tensed as he followed her gaze.

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Better Than a Dream (Requested)

Pairing:  Pre Serum Steve x reader

Request: could you please do a preserum!steve where he has been in love with you since you were little kids but he never talked to you not even at school or anything, and now your older he often sees you in the park sketching and he’s just completely and utterly in love with you & you & Bucky know each other (not to closely but on a first name basis) and Buck asks you to be his friends date tonight cause him & Steve have a double date but the girl he had planned for stevie dropped out (but Bucky doesn’t tell you the guy is Steve) & you turn up & Steve sees your the girl Bucky got as a replacement & he hyperventilates & gets so nervous cause he’s been in love with you since forever & you’re really sweet to him & at the end a kiss? ps could the reader (female pronouns) be super cute and gentle and petite and really soft spoken and just the cutest?

Warnings:  None

Words: 2,030

A/N: A lot of you were excited for this one so I hope I did it justice ^_^

E/C – Eye colour

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Nonny, I don’t have thoughts.

…I have an entire AU.

(Here’s a link to Hive, in case you haven’t already read it and don’t know what the fuss is about)

Dipper and Mabel leave without a fuss at the end of the summer. It’s best for everyone, this way. Fewer questions.

Each of the twins have been ‘the weird one’, at one point or another. They haven’t yet both been ‘the weird one’. There are whispers about flowers in the attic, about birth defects, about demons. At least they have each other, but the distance between Piedmont and Gravity Falls is excruciating, and grows more so by the day.

The forensic report, afterwards, says that the fire was started by a filmy scarf that Mabel had carelessly left draped over a lamp too long, too close to the bulb. Only the bones of the house remain, scorched black and warped with heat. Only the bones of the Pines parents remain, scorched black and fragile with ash. Nobody’s fault. 

The children’s great-uncles are already waiting at the hospital when the ambulance arrives. 

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[Coco] Down to Dust, Pt. 4

Title: Down to Dust
Summary: Months after it all came crashing down, Ernesto’s to-do list is short: stay hidden, and wait for the Final Death. Héctor’s is even shorter: enjoy being with his family again. But life - or rather, the living - will get in the way even of the simplest plans.
Characters: Hector Rivera, Imelda Rivera, Ernesto de la Cruz, the Rivera family in general, Miguel Rivera, Socorro Rivera.

[Part 1 can be found here. All parts up so far here.]

(Quick thanks to @miguelcocofangirl for helping me out with some Spanish questions I had! If I don’t fuck it up too badly throughout the fic, that’s who you’ve got to thank.)


“I’m telling you I have a bad feeling about today.”

Three tiny heads tilted on one side as his alebrijes stared at him, sitting on the mattress they all slept on, eyes following him as he paced back and forth across the shack. Of course they didn’t reply, but that changed little. It wasn’t like there was anybody else Ernesto could have a conversation with - there hadn’t been in years - and so they would have to do.

And yes, I am very much aware that I’m losing it, thank you ever so much.

One alebrije yapped, and he sighed. “I know, I know, I always say that,” he muttered, running a hand through this hair. “I have a bad feeling every single Día de los Muertos. So sue me. This time it’s a very bad feeling.”

More head tilts, a soft whine, and Ernesto scoffed. “I don’t know! Shouldn’t you know? Some spirit guides you are!” he snapped, then he let out a sigh and let himself fall back on a chair. It creaked slightly in protest - one of those days it would just give in under his weight, he was sure of it - but held up. Ernesto reached for the bottle on the table, but he paused and let his hand fall instead. It was his last bottle and the night had barely started; if he drank now, the effects would wear off too quickly. He suspected he would want a drink or two or twenty before it was over, especially when the fireworks began.

He could no longer stand the sight, or even the sound, of those celebrations. He would stay in the shack, like he had the previous year and the one before that, trying to shut out all of the lights and noise and think of nothing.

I never understood what my old man kept looking for at the bottom of a bottle, but do I now, friends and neighbours? Yes, I believe I do. I didn’t fall as far from the tree as I thought I had.

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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Sam  x reader

Word Count: 1.6K

Warnings: just a whole pile of fluff

Written by: Mik

A/N: I was in a Sam feels mood and somehow this happened. And while I am still patiently waiting for Halloween season to be here, a girl can’t help but fall in love with Christmas if it involves a Winchester. ;)

“I hate the cold,” I said, wrapping my arms tighter around myself, glaring at the thermometer in the truck Sam was currently driving.

“That’s not what you said two months ago,” he reminded me, giving me a look before directing his eyesight back on the road. Huffing, I wiggled in the seat a little before reaching over to turn up the heat.

“Yeah well… I was born in the south. I am ready for winter when it is 45 to 60 degrees, not 25 to 30. I was meant to still be able to lounge at the beach not be bundled like a penguin,” I complained as Sam pulled into our destination. Instantly regretting my suggestion as I realized I would have to go out in the cold, I thought about convincing Sam to just go back to the bunker.

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“Hold still, jesus christ,” I said, holding Josh’s face still with one hand. He pouted, his bottom lip poking out.

“It tickles,” he whined. I rolled my eyes, but I couldn’t help but smiling at my boyfriend. 

“I’m almost done, just please cooperate for another minute,” I say. He pouts more, sighing loudly and I giggle. You finish shading in the black part of his skeleton makeup, and when you’re done, you lean back and admire your work. Being a special affects makeup artist occasionally came in handy, surprisingly. When I’d asked Josh what he wanted us to be this year, he’d only said “Skeleton,” because he wasn’t really paying attention. I couldn’t complain, we looked good. Once deciding I was done with his makeup, I nodded at Josh, who was still pouting. “Okay you’re done.” he smiles and leaps up, wrapping me in a hug. 

“How does it look?” he asks, rushing to the bathroom. I hear a gasp, and then he pokes his head out. “I look fucking dope.” I laugh and smile, placing a hand on my hip. My makeup matched his, except I was wearing a large and colorful flower crown, so I looked more like a ‘girl skeleton’.

“Glad you like it.” he comes over and hugs me tightly, then leaves a peck on my lips, smiling down at me. His red hair somehow has managed to escape his black snapback, so I reach up and tuck it back in his hat.

“Can we go now, Y/N?” he asks. I nod, and go and grab my phone and our candy bags. Even though me and Josh were in our early twenties, we’d discovered if you really tried with your costume, people would still give you candy. Josh grabbed my hand, and we exited the small apartment we shared together. 

We walked past groups of kids, seeing lots of princesses and Disney characters along the way. People were shouting messages of welcome across the apartment building, and me and Josh occasionally stopped to talk to someone we knew.

The rest of the night was spent well; I don’t think I’d ever loved Josh more than tonight. He was adorable, so happy and joyful that we were out trick-or-treating. He said hi to everyone we crossed, and only took the minimal amount of candy from every house. Little kids kept coming up to us, asking if we were real skeletons, and Josh would always answer the same:

“Yes, but don’t worry. We’re good skeletons, here to protect you from all the bad monsters!” then he’d give the kid a piece of candy and send him on his way. His smile never left his face. 

One of the houses we’d stopped at was passing out hot cider and popcorn, so me and Josh got some and sat on the bottom of their driveway, where I laid my legs over his and rested my head on his shoulder as we sipped on our cider and shared a bag of popcorn.

We stayed out until about 10:00, then Josh began to complain about his feet hurting so we began the trek back home. As we were walking, Josh fell behind, then as I was walking, pulled me into the dark cover of a tree. He pushed my back against the trunk and laid his forehead against mine.

“Hey,” he said, “Just thought I’d tell you how fucking much I adore you.” I blushed.

“I love you,” I say. He smiles.

“Love you, too, y/n.” with that, he presses his soft lips against my own, moving his lips softly against mine. The kiss is sweet and loving, not hot and lust-y. It’s perfect. When he pulls away, he smiles at me. Then the bastard grabs onto my bag of candy, pecks my lips, and starts to sprint away.

“Hey! Give me back my candy, you crazy monster!” I yell, laughing and running after him. 

Broppy One-shot: NO!

OK so I saw this prompt and I HAD to write this. But I put my own twist on it. Hope it’s good ^-^


OK SO absolutely DO NOT imagine something mildly catastrophic happening to the Troll tree, like a limb getting weak and falling off, something like that. And of course no one gets hurt. But as the dust is clearing and everyone is regrouping suddenly someone calls out, “Hey, where’s Queen Poppy?”
AND CONTINUING, DO NOT imagine Branch freaking out, running to the downed limb and frantically calling for her and asking where she was seen last, and trying as hard as he can to not to imagine the worst (but who is he kidding he was always the best and imagining the worst) all while desperately hoping that she’s ok.
AND DON’T THINK about him finding her, limping out of the dust with the little troll she had run back for when the limb first started collapsing (no troll left behind, right?) and running up and holding her as tight as he can, trembling and trying to not cry. And even when she laughs and tells him that she’s fine he still won’t let go because he honestly was so scared that he would lose her.
ALSO DON’T imagine Branch checking her over for injuries and not letting her out of his sight for the rest of the day, making sure that she rests and has water and doesn’t hurt her leg more (But she’s the Queen and she has things to do so he just ends up carrying her around all day while she checks on everyone.) And at that night he just holds her super close and she just sighs and leans in because honestly she was pretty scared and she’s just so thankful to have Branch there.

Ok here we go -knuckle crack-


The whole tree shook as the limb of the Troll Tree came crashing to the ground.

After the first crack, Branch and Poppy had worked to move every troll onto a safer part of the tree. Branch was helping move everyone when a large snap sounded and the limb fell to the ground below. Thinking the worst was over, Branch ran with the other trolls out of harms way before looking around at all the trolls around him.


Poppy wasn’t in his feild of vision. He didn’t worry at first. He worked his way though the crowd helping those who needed it as he went. Still no sign of Poppy.


As he went along, he asked those he saw if they had seen her. They all said no.


He became more frantic and finally shouted out, “Has anyone seen queen Poppy?!” No one answered.


Realization hit him as he ran forward to the edge of where the limb broke off. He remembered her running in there to save a small troll but that was long before the limb actually fell. She had already made it out… hadn’t she?


“POPPY!” he shouted out as he used his hair to whip his way down to the rubble left at the bottom of the tree. He despritally scrapped at the debry under him calling her name over and over again. Tears threatened to fall as he screamed out her name one more time before diving into the rubble even more furiously than before. The color started to drain from his hair tips and worked it’s way down as he screwed his palms into his eyes and wept. He fell onto his knees as he curled around him. His sunshine was gone. The color was almost completely gone when he heard a groan from a few feet away. His head snapped up and the color drain stopped.


Another groan of pain was heard and he bolted over to the spot. Dropping on his knees he dug, throwing rubble and splintered wood left and right. Finally a small tuff of pink shown through the rubble.


He clawed at the remaining rubble covering her and finally saw her face. He laughed a sigh of relief and let the tears fall as he carefully pulled her out of the rubble and into his arms and onto his lap burrying his head in her neck and nuzzling close. Only then did she finally open her eyes.

“B-branch?” hearing her say his name just made him cry more. She brought one hand up to cup his cheek. His head snapped up and he just looked at her still crying happy tears. He stood up with her in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist so he could carry her properly. He just held her close, slightly shaking from how scared he was.

He almost lost her.

His light.
His color. His love. His queen. His happiness.

She just held him close, still not fully understanding what had happened and why most of his color was gone-wait a minute!

“Branch!” he looked into her eyes, a small bit of his color coming back. “Where’s your color? Why are you grey again?” He smiled and nuzzled her as the rest of his color came back.

“You’re okay… you’re okay…” She just smiled nuzzling close to him again. He grabbed on of the higher limbs of the tree and slowly climbed the tree with her still securly in his arms. After they reached the rest of the trolls they all cheer as they emerge from the dust below. They touched the ground but Branch refuses to let Poppy down. He insists on carrying her as she folds down her hair to reveal the small troll she saved sitting there protectivly wrapped in her hair.

She gives the troll to her parents and snuggles back into Branch’s arms, secretly loving being so close to him. But she needed to check on her people. “Branch you have to let me down. I have to-”

“No” he said plain and simple.

She looked at him. “Branch I have to.”

“No you don’t.” After waving to the other trolls he walked Poppy and him to a secluded area of the Troll Tree.

“Branch yes I do. You can’t carry my forever.” She tried to get down but his arms just tightned around her holding her to him”

“Fine you could. But right now I can’t let you go. Not after that.” he swallowed avoided her gaze. “Not after almost losing you…”

Poppy’s gaze softened and held his cheek again. He sat down on a flat part of the tree and nuzzled into her hand closing his eyes.

“I love you Poppy… so much…”

She smiled and kissed his nose. He opened his eyes and looked into her’s, once again with tears in them. She started to tear up as well. She laughed as she pressed her forehead to his crying now as well.

“I love you too Branch.”

The Gray in Girl

I found a girl while I was out driving my truck. She was lying on the side of a dirt road with her sundress hiked up. I screeched to a halt and pulled over. Her breath was shallow. I tried calling 911 but there was no cell service this far away from town. She wheezed something - maybe a word. I put my ear down by her mouth and heard her choke out, “in me.” Her mouth opened again, but her breathing stopped. She didn’t say anything else.

I ran back to the truck to grab the emergency medical kit, like I had any idea what the hell I was doing. When I turned back around, she was standing. Her yellow sundress was on the ground around her feet and she was naked. Her mouth gaped open like she was screaming and her eyes were closed. Not even closed tight; closed like she was sleeping. Her mouth opened wider and wider and I heard some pops and crackles. Like her jaw was breaking. Her eyes were still closed so peacefully. I stared and thought about approaching her until gray vomit starting pouring out of her mouth. The whole area was dead quiet aside from the splashing when it hit the ground. No bird sounds; no insects. Her eyelids didn’t move.

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I said to the the sun, “tell me about the big bang”
The sun said, “it hurts to become”

I carry that hurt on the tip of my tongue
And whisper bless your heart every chance I get
So my family tree can be sure I have not left
You do not have to leave to arrive
I am learning this slowly

So sometimes when I look in the mirror
My eyes look like the holes in the shoe of the shoe shine man
My hands are busy on the wrong things
Some days, I call my arms wings
While my head is in the clouds

It will take me a few more years to learn
Flying is not pushing away the ground
Safety is not always safe
You can find one on every gun
I am aiming to do better

This is my body
My exhaustion pipe will never pass inspection
And still my lungs know how to breathe
Like a burning map
Everytime I get lost behind the curtain of her hair
You can find me by the window
Following my past to a trail of blood
In the snow

The night I opened my veins
The doctor who stitched me up asked me if I did it for attention
For the record, if you have ever done anything for attention,
This poem is attention
Title it with your name
It will scour the city bridge every night
You stand kicking at your shadow
Staring at the river
It does not want to find your body
Doing anything but loving what it loves
So love what you love

Say, “this is my body
It is no ones but mine
This is my nervous system
My wanting blood
My half tamed addictions
My tongue, tied up like a ball of Christmas lights”

If you put a star on the top of my tree,
Make sure it’s a star that fell
Make sure it hit bottom like a tambourine
Cause all these words are stories

—  Andrea Gibson - I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out

Unimpressed as always, Maki flicks one of Rin’s bruises, purposely aiming for one that looks particularly purple and fresh. Not too hard, but still hard enough.


“So what really happened?”

Rin pouts. She’s still got twigs and bits of grass in her hair, like a half-assed bird nest left in the early stages of construction. As much as Maki would like to pick them out, she keeps her arms folded for now.

“Me and Honoka-chan were racing down this big hill! Then we fell. Hard!”

“And then?”

“What else…? Nope, that’s it.” Ridiculous. But plausible, considering the two morons involved. Rin swings one bruised arm to point at Honoka, who’s sniffling and dripping water everywhere in the corner with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. “Honoka-chan even rolled right into the creek at the bottom of the hill!”

“You crashed into a tree, Rin-chan!”

“I know! It was really cool, right?!”

“Yeah, the coolest!!”

Maki whacks Rin’s shoulder and shoots a glare at Honoka. “Stop enabling each other!”

“O-owww, Maki-chan, it really hurts! Really!”

She keeps her hand on Rin, absentmindedly squeezing as she looks over her scuffs and scratches and bruises. Rin continues to squirm and pointlessly whine about how it hurts in between boasting with Honoka about how awesome they looked, and how fast they were going, and arguing over who really won the race. Honoka sneezes. Rin meows. Maki sighs and roughly turns Rin around to face her, eyeing the damage done to her face. As much as Rin’s whining came off as excessive, the scuffs and bruises do look like they hurt.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break anything.”

“That’s okay! Maki-chan’s gonna be a doctor, so she’ll take care of me!”

“I’m not your personal insurance, idiot.” Nonetheless, Maki leans in to carefully, gently kiss a particularly nasty bruise above Rin’s eyebrow. She flinches but giggles, squeezing her eyes shut. It’s always a good day when Maki doesn’t mind being affectionate when they aren’t alone together.

“Heeeey, what about me?” Honoka finally pipes up after an unnecessarily long stretch of silence.

Maki dismissively shrugs, already moving onto Rin’s next bruise. “Go ask Umi.”


Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader, Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1152

“Come with me.” When Ben said this, you were probably facing the hardest decision of your life. Go with Ben? Run away from the temple and everything you two worked hard for? “Please, Y/N. I really don’t want to leave without you.”

“Ben, all of the hardwork we put into this. All of our training-”

“We’ll get better training. I promise you that.”

“From who?”

“You’ll see. Y/N, we both have incredible potential to become very powerful.”


“Please. I love you.” Ben leaned his forehead onto yours, “If we run away, we can finally be together. The Jedi Order can’t stop us. I want you to be by my side. Always.”

Your heart clenched. You nodded, “Okay. I’ll go with you.”

Ben smiled and kissed you.

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