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honestly katie u should publish exile just like 50 shades of gray it’d be a hit

i uhhhh may have considered that,,,,,,(with changed names ofc)

i know nothing about marketing though i’d probs just like put it on amazon and hope for the best lmao

if y’all wanna read it for free ;) (x) lmao

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soapster you can’t just mention a list of 7 must read books and then not give it to us

Sophie’s List Of Must-Reads!

1. A Separate Peace by John Knowles 

can i just express my undying LOVE for this book. it’s not at all plot-heavy; it focuses more on character development and morals. also!!!!!!!!!!! i had to set my book down and laugh for about ten minutes straight because of a certain line within the novel!!!!!! (you’ll know which one once you reach it)

2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

hands down, this is one of the best books i’ve ever read. it’s written in an extremely strange POV—Death itself. i just. my blurb won’t give it any justice, so please, do yourself a favour and read this book. it will, quite literally, change your life. 

3. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

as a fellow fat girl, this is the only book i’ve ever read that accurately portrays what it feels like to be chubby. it’s also the only book that has a main protagonist who’s chubby—and it isn’t the main conflict. reading this book literally made me feel like i didn’t have to obsess over my weight or feel as though my weight was the only thing that people saw about me. 

4. The 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey 

holy. fucking. shit. just. this book, it opened my eyes. if you’ve ever watched Black Mirror on Netflix or The X-Files, this book is exactly like those shows, but with consistant characters and plot. but seriously. yancey makes you feel the cold that the characters feel, feel the adrenaline rushing through the characters’ veins, feel every thought that each person thinks. reading his works is like opening your body and exfoliating each organ. it’s raw, and heartfelt, and so horribly real

5. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld 

so basically it’s two novels in one. it’s a creepy read, def not for the faint-hearted (i was a bit scared reading this in my room at night). there’re two developed(ing?) relationships within it, and one of them caught me COMPLETELY off-guard. 

6.  Mosquitoland by David Arnold

david arnold is an exceptional writer. the entire plot of this book isn’t heavy, but it’s full of analogies, and that’s what i thrive on. also??? it’s so well thought out!!! everything in this book relates to something else!!!! it all builds!!!! reading this book is like reading a math problem but like,,,,,,,in literature form. 

7. Divergent by Veronica Roth. 

look. this book is extremely person to me. so many people had harry potter to be taught about bravery and resilience and what relationships mean—i had Divergent. it’s the first and only book to make me sob—literally sob—at the ending. reading that book, i was tris. i was her friend. i walked with her as she developed as a person. i watched her and her relationships form and crumble right beneath her feet. i read this book as a child, and even now, as a teenager, it’s still one of the only books that has impacted my entire being. 


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That pen is going to break if you grip it any tighter.” He throws the comment out there and then shrugs. A hand reaches out to grab his soda and take a sip from it, amethyst eyes watching the other curiously, waiting for a reaction to that really. Then he sets the soda back down and tilts his head. “I mean, chill out, the poor pen never did anything to you.

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She’s not the most confusing girl in the universe, she’s just flirting with you and you don’t even realize!!!!!

Or maybe she’s just confused because you kinda invited her to prom first and then didn’t!

New information from The book of Spells

(New edition due to a revision of the information oh, god I’m SO EMBARRASED HOW COULD I MISTAKE WHICH PICTURE WAS A FANART?! insert ugly sobs with face-desk here)

There has come out lots of new information with that new Book of Spells, which have granted us with new information about Toffee, the first legit villain in Svtfoe, who has the most mysterious past, untill now only watched throught Moon’s past. But now there are new information: 

He was a freaking prince. But how could that be? We clearly saw a dude who was defined as the leader of monsters and called Toffee just a general, so, what title did exactly Toffee had? He was the leader of a faction of the monsters? And where were the kings a.k.a. his parents?

Looks like Toffee is, matching to my theory, hundreds of years old, since he is fighting no less than Solaria the Monster Carver, whose chapter in the book is freaking creepy, if you allow me to say it, and could be the one who made the famous Great Monster Massacre. Remember how  reacted Toffee to the mention of that?

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He was there. He actually watched all those monsters die by Solaria’s wand, who is also…

…Eclipsa’s Mom! Well, look at that, the greatest monster killer gave birth to the Monster Lover. Ironic. Or maybe not that much, since Eclipsa joined just one part of the monsters and joined their fight against the other faction of them, and Septarsis were part of it. And Eclipsa made the Darkest Spell, and according to her chapter, just to kill Septarsis, and she ACTUALLY USED IT. Toffee mustn’t be very fond of Eclipsa; she gave Toffee more suffering than her mother.

Toffee hated Eclipsa because of what she did to his kind and is most likely the reason why her cheekmarks were on his skull-shoulder-pad. But Moon’s also are there. Well, my theory is that Toffee spend all those years looking foward to end the Butterfly family (and if he knew that it was a new dynasty it probably didn’t make any difference for him), and his quest started with Eclipsa and should have ended when he killed Moon, but he was stoped.  Also, I believe that he could be the one who made the High Commision get Eclipsa and new family. They probably didn’t gave anything in return, which coincide with a theory of another person, which says Toffee was betrayed.

This fanart (insert here cries and sobs) explores the idea of Toffee being a prince, but even with this being fanart, could be pretty accurate. It also says that Toffee is a made-up name, maybe by her enemies or Eclipsa, which is the same, but since is not official I can’t really say anything; what a plain shame.

So, what does this all say?

  1. Toffee has indeed story with Eclipsa. It could explain why he knows about her chapter, but we need more information to contrast if he has seen it or not.
  2. He is from royalty. It explains his impeccable manners, but we still don’t know why no other monster treated him as such a big deal. Eclipsa could have wiped out what was his kingdom. 
  3. There is another theory which says Toffee killed Eclipsa’s mom, a theory supported by the fact Eclipsa joined the monsters who fought against the Septarsis, or maybe the one who did it was the Septarsis king and Toffee avoided being killed by Eclipsa by being a kid, but he appears as an adult on the picture with Solaria but it can always be his father or something.
  4. Toffee has PLENTY of reasons to hate the Butterly Royal family. Just with what Solaria and Ecplipsa did, he can have resentment for a thousand of years.
  5. Star vs The Forces of Evil story is turning into how to end a war that has been fought for ages, and ages-worthy resentment, or to be more precise, how Star is going to do it.

But one thing I’d like to point out is that they are still giving more information about Toffee, showing up more and more details everytime, like his story IS NOT OVER. 


I’d like to be able to talk to someone. Like really talk to them. I want to be able to open up to someone and tell them everything, but I can’t meet new people. I can’t talk to people I barely know. It takes me months to relax around people. Months of me sitting quietly, feeling awkward, wondering if I should say or anything or if I should just stay silent. I’m almost content to just blur into the background if it means staying out of the limelight. But you don’t meet new people in the background and it gets lonely. And that’s what I was trying to avoid.