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There's a lot I'd like to say,fitting into three categories.1)If my blog-trawling has been creeping you out,I'm sorry,2)a whole lot of squeaking and flailing about Toby,since I spent the first week and a half of her namesake month reading all currently published books in the series,&3)an inane,1st grade-like desire to approach you with a drawing of a frog dragon&a wide-eyed "CAN WE BE FRIENDS?"As a theoretically responsible adult,I'll keep it to the first two,with what I hope is - (con't)

Giant Ask is giant!  Here is the rest of it:

“- acceptable elaborations upon the second.  Which are as follows: thank you thank you THANK YOU,ye gods and little fishies,this is the first time since my twelve year old self got a Mercedes Lackey book for Christmas that I’ve encountered queer characters without having to specifically HUNT THEM DOWN and thus get disappointing The Tragedy of Queerness stories. I haven’t cried more than twice since getting on T a few years back, and I was close to weeping in joy over Walther in RRC (con’t,sorry!)

“-because holy SHIT he’s TRANS and he’s been in a bunch of books ALREADY and the “never, and always” line is just so PERFECT and…fuck, that means so much to me.  And BI PEOPLE.  There are never bi people!  Except there ARE and two of them are probably my favourite characters in the series aside from Toby herself - Tybalt and the Luidaeg.  Especially the Luidaeg, except maybe especially Tybalt? A cat character written by a cat person, a Snarky Nonhuman Love Interest who is (con’t)

“- a genuinely caring and responsible person and whose relationship with the main character is explicitly shown to require negotiation because it’s a RELATIONSHIP and who’s heartbroken about outliving his fandom because interests and friendships are important and…fuck I love him so much.  Suffice to say my broke ass dearly anticipates the day Rat Chaser may become available in more affordable format. Thank you, so much, for these characters, this world, and your internet presence.“

That is…a lot of words.  Wow, the words.  I can’t promise that many words, but I can sure try!

First off, if we’re ever at the same convention, please feel 1000% free to come up with a picture of a frog dragon and say hello.  I can’t promise instant friendship, because I’m just as socially awkward and weird as everybody else I know, but I can promise to be happy to meet you and to admire your frog dragon at great length, because hello, frog dragon.

Moving right along!  Walther is one of my favorite book-babies.  I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but he’s just so puzzled all the time.  Like, “wait, what?  Why is there another crisis?  It’s supposed to be one crisis a century, Toby, dammit, cut this shit out.”  And then he’s all running and flailing and having a miserable time.  Ordinary people in terrible situations are one of my secret delights.  Walther also has a life, has shit to do, and is continually vexed when Toby’s shit insists on intruding.  He makes me so happy.

Bi people are important!  We exist in the real world, in what would seem to be staggering numbers if people really believed in us (way too many people don’t, which is like, wow, really?  What do you think we’re doing, a mass, multi-generational performance art piece?), and I’ve always figured that meant we should exist in fiction.  Tybalt and the Luidaeg both lean a little more toward women, which sometimes leads me to the charming image of Tybalt making a pass at the Luidaeg’s girlfriend during the gap between Dylan and Anne, and then I need to giggle.  A lot.

Tybalt is best.  To anyone who doesn’t know what “Rat-Catcher” is, it’s a Tybalt-focused short story published in A Fantasy Medley 2, a limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press.  It’s almost sold out, and once it sells out completely, I’ll be able to reprint the story.  So if you have someone asking what you want for your winter holiday of choice, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you for writing!