the bonus one comes with sound

tokay but you know what is the truly GAYEST barbie movie ever and I, a sapphic, loved:

barbie and the diamond castle

a story of two lesbian farmers who live in a hut together in the middle of the forest, even sleep in the same bedroom

they make music. 

lesbian music.

they go out together every morning, singing about how much they love each other

there is nothing heterosexual about those looks, btw

they literally find two heart-shaped stones that they wear to symbolise their ‘friendship’ and then hold hands

their strong bond is the main theme throughout the movie, and two twin brothers fall for them but the girls leave them at first and go off together (that lesbian activity), of course they meet up again because the gayness cannot be obvious

they never end up with the boys and actually return home together after all the drama

like, this is the ending shot of their story

not to mention the soundtrack has gay classics like ‘connected’ and ‘two voices, one song’

excerpt from ‘connected’:

It’s not an accident, the time we spent apart,
But now we’re so close,
I can always find you right here in my heart.


Everytime that I breathe,
I can feel the energy,
Reachin’ out,
Flowin’ through,
You to me and me to you.
Wake or dream,
Walk or stand,
You are everywhere I am.
Seperate souls, unified,
Touching at the speed of light!

excerpt from two voices, one song

And anywhere you are you know I’ll be around
And when you call my name I’ll listen for the sound
If I could wish for one thing
I take the smile that you bring
Wherever you go in this world I’ll come along
Together we dream the same dream
Forever I’m here for you, you’re here for me




✨Dangerous Woman✨

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Song Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  (Maybe a combo of both??) Based off of Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, the reader is tired of Pan always being on top. She wants to test her limits, she doesn’t want permission. (..So basically she is top and Pan bottoms..) She is in charge of her sexual desires, not just there to fulfill Pan’s. The reader is a witch that pan is in constant competition with. She and Oan are always at ends with desire and anger ensuring,,,forced to work together and feelings ensure but neither will accept it

Warnings: Swearing | 18+ content | Long | smut 

Note: Gifs made by me. 

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits
‘Cause it’s my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished

“What am I going to do with you, love? You injured six to ten of my lost boys, stole from us, set fire to the camp…” He paced around the cage, arms behind his back as the she watched his every move with a smirk. “I just might have to kill you, darling.”

“You won’t kill me, Pan.”

“Oh? And what makes you say that?”

“You would have done it by now, instead of interrogating me. Am I correct?” She raised her eyebrow in a smug way, seeing his frustration starting to build up in his face. With a quick lick to his lips, he made his way closer to the cage, no expression on his face whatsoever. 

“You do realize where you are and who I am?”

“I’m very aware. I just don’t care.”

“Why are you so goddamn irritating?” He growled, his hands gripping the bars so tight she could see the whites of his knuckles. Y/n only smirked deeper, getting as close to him as she possibly could. 

“Because. It’s adorable when you’re angry. How you act so strong and intimidating, and shit. Like, you really expect me to be scared of you.”

"Hm. Expect? No. You should be. And if you need reminding of that, sweetheart…then so be it.” 

Don’t need no hold up
Taking control of this kind of moment
I’m locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

Y/n scoffs in his face, turning the other cheek as she pretended she didn’t know where he was going with this. Sighing deeply, she returns her gaze back to his now deep green eyes, sneering his own words right back at him.

“Let’s play.” 

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don’t ya stop, boy

Pinned to the wall of his tent, rough and passionate kisses were exchanged between then two. Clothes were scattered all over the room, soft breaths and low growls the only sounds being heard. This was how every argument ended, how every teasing moment would come to; neither one would complain, or admit that this is what both of them lived for everyday. No, not just the sex (even though it’s a bonus) but it was the intense atmosphere the both of them fed off of, the little games they played with each other. 

Pan would never admit it, but he actually had feelings for this girl. Her dominance, her arrogance, everything about her was intoxicating. The same goes for her, only deeper. She loved toying with the lost boy since day one, everything about him she wanted. She needed. But, Y/n hated being controlled, and that’s not a good thing when you live on the island of an egomaniac, sadistic bastard who loves control, fear and agony. 

“Who do you belong to, love,” He would purr in her ear, thrusting at a speed that was inhuman, his hands holding onto her thighs so tight that the bruising he left would be brutal in the morning. 

Y/n chuckles breathlessly, raking her fingers through his hair. “Not you.” 

This only made him angry, his eyes getting darker to where the green was barely visible. He hoisted her legs higher, spreading them wider to where he hit that one spot that made her beg for more. Slowing down and going deeper, he watched as her eyes closed tightly, mouth hanging open slightly, while her moans increased. Pan wrapped one hand around her throat, pulling her in closer to where their lips brushed against each other, and their groans mixed together. 

“I’ll ask again,” He growls, making sure to hit that very spot each time, grinning at every reaction he got from her. “ you..belong to?” 

Y/n opened up her eyes, staring at him with such a stare that could paralyze him right on the spot. And that’s exactly what she did. Halting his thrusts completely, Y/n had him under her hypnotic stare that she learned over the years, dark magic being another thing that drew the two of them together. 

Next thing Pan knew, he was laying down on his bed, with Y/n straddling his waist, a look of pure seduction upon her face. He didn’t move, even though he could, he just chose not to. She’s done this trick before, it’s one of his favorites; whenever he pushed her too far is when the night got even better. 

Y/n placed her hands onto his shoulders, slowly swaying her hips from side to side, grinding herself onto him. Pan bit his lip hard, holding onto her hips, trying to guide her movements, only for them to be smacked away. 

“Don’t touch me. Don’t move. Don’t do shit. Just lay there, like a good boy. You come before me, injured lost boys and setting your camp on fire will be the least of your problems.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way-fuck!” He exclaims, as they finally connected once again, riding him at a steady pace. Cursing under his breath, and clawing at the bed, Pan’s eyes were shut tight at the intense pleasure he was receiving. Y/n’s moans were groaning higher and faster, as the new angle they were in was hitting every spot and nerve deliciously; leaving long scratches down his chest only increased the burning sensation at the pit of his stomach, his member throbbing like crazy, begging for release. And if not being able to let go wasn’t frustrating enough, Y/n slowing down the pace definitely was. 

“No, love, please…” He begged, never in his life believing that it would to come to that. Y/n only smirked down at the boy, watching as his hips bucked upward, hitting her in the right way every time. Y/n leans downward to moan in his ear softly after every hip thrust he gave, practically making his head spin. 

Nothing to prove and
I’m bulletproof and
Know what I’m doing
The way we’re movin’ like introducing
Us to a new thing

“Shit, Peter, I’m close…” She whimpered, enough to push him to the brink of no control. This was the first time, in all the times they’ve messes around, that she called him by his first name. 

Unable to hold back any longer, he grabs her hips roughly before she could protest, and flips the positions. Pinning her down to the bed, his animalistic thrusts returned with Y/n wrapping her arms around him for dear life; moans and squeals spilled from her mouth like a waterfall while he chants her name like a prayer. 

He whispers unholy things into her ear, biting the said area roughly while keeping his pace fast and deep. Now with her scratching down his back, he had to fight to keep his release at bay, while trying to chase hers. It was as if they were both holding on, neither of them wanting to give up so easily. Putting up a fight, Y/n flips the positions back to what they were before, riding him as fast as she can with her head tilted back in pure bliss. Pan watches her in awe at how hard she’s trying to make him release first, not wanting to be the weak one in this situation. But, he could also see how badly she wanted release, tears starting to stream down her face in desperation. 

Gripping onto her hips one last time, Pan thrusts himself into her sharply, pivoting his hips in an angle that sent Y/n’s eyes to the back of her head and her toes to curl. Repeatedly doing that motion, while whispering encouragements to her breathlessly was more than enough to send Y/n beyond the edge. Arching her back and letting out a large and long scream of pleasure, Y/n finally was able to let go. Her pulsating walls had the same effect on him, as she kept thrusting to ride out her orgasm, his hips stuttered with his release coming fast and abrupt. 

“Oh, my fucking-!” He chokes on his words, his back arching off the bed as his euphoria finally hit. Pan came in long, hot spurts that painted Y/n from the inside, leaving a warm feeling deep inside her. Catching their breaths, glistening with sweat, and the smell of sex surrounding them…it was as if they were in their own little sick heaven. 

I wanna savor, save it for later
The taste of flavor, 'cause I’m a taker
'Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature
I live for danger

As they were finally calming down, sitting in silence and still connected as one, this was the time where they would just sit and…stare. Watch each other, and just memorize one another’s features. This was a time where they weren’t at each other’s throats, where everything is calm and quite…

Y/n leaned downward to the boy, an exhausted look upon her face, while his wore nothing but a content smile. Keeping the intense eye contact for a little longer, Y/n pulled off him swiftly, wincing slightly at the emptiness she felt afterwards. Sitting up on the bed, she ran a hand through her hair, calming down from earlier activities. 

“Why do we keep doing this, Pan?” She rasped, sighing heavily as he sat up as well. Looking at the back of her head in confusion, he shrugged. 

“Because it’s fun. Satisfying.”

“But, we do this all the time, and go right back to hating each other. I’m starting to grow bored…” 

“I don’t think I ever asked for your opinion, I don’t care if you’re bored.” That was a lie. Inside, he was terrified of her being ‘bored’. What did that mean? Did it mean she was bored with him? Would she move on to someone else? He wouldn’t let that happen, not if he had any say in it. Turning her head toward him, the anger was evident on her face after he said what he said. Quickly, but carefully standing from the bed, she starts to collect her things, ready to leave. 

Like always. 

“Where are you going?” He asked, slowly starting to panic at how fast she’s trying to leave. Usually she would stay a little longer…what’s different now?

“I’m a fool to think that for once you would think of me. To think that maybe instead of these childish games, you would be a man and actually move past this useless bickering and bullshit. But, who am I kidding? We can never be anything but enemies, who fuck each other after every fight.” She snapped while getting dressed, not daring to make eye contact with him. Standing as well, Pan watched her with wide eyes, and mouth hanging open for a moment. He didn’t really know how to respond.

Finally finding the words, he spoke. “Wait, love. Don’t go. I…I do think of us as more…many, many times. I hate having the only way to talk you is by yelling, screaming, and constant headaches. You’re a bitch, of course, but…you’re a bad bitch. You’re a dangerous woman. And I love that about you, so much, darling. I wouldn’t trade you for anything else in the world. I love you.” 

Y/n continued to get dressed, before turning to look at the boy one last time. That angry scowl still colored her face as she glared darkly at his naked form, suddenly disgusted. “You can’t even respond to me. Pathetic.” 

His eyes widened as he realized he didn’t actually speak those words out loud. Pan only imagined himself speaking such words to her, but didn’t dare to utter any of it. He was too cold, too proud of his dark ways, such as an emotion as ‘love’ had no room in his brain, nor his heart. He’s been hating for far too long, cursed to possibly never be loved. 

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I’m feeling inside
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

Shaking her head, Y/n looks at the ground, shame starting to fill her from the inside. “These late nights that we’ve been sharing are over. From now on, I refuse to be played with, like some cheap sex toy, Pan.”


“I’m done wasting time playing these games with you. To think you were ever a challenge is what really baffles me.” He bites his tongue, while staring back at her in shock. Hurt and offended, he verbally growls at her, that anger starting to boil up from inside him again. On the inside, Y/n was beating herself up. She couldn’t stand making him angrier with her than he already was. The only way she knows how to talk to him would to just provoke him. It’s not her fault, it’s just how she was. Maybe it was for the best…

“Fine. If that’s what you want…prepare to be hunted down by my lost boys, like the filthy animal you are.” He spoke with bared teeth, fist clenched, as his soft green eyes returned to their piercing color from before. Rolling her eyes, Y/n only scoffs at his words, taking out one of the knives from her holster and pointing it in his direction. 

“Prepare to lose more of your lost boys.”

Pan started to stride closer to her, nostrils flared as he threatened. “I will make sure that they show no mercy to you when they catch you. That pretty face of yours won’t be pretty no longer.”

“Aw, then what will you masturbate to at night?” Y/n spat right back, also getting closer and closer to the boy. The last comment left Pan speechless, but it didn’t stop him from throwing another comeback. 

“There are other girls in the world, love. You can be replaced.”

“Can I?” Her eyes flickered downward for a split second, the sight she saw bringing a delightful glint into her eyes, as her smirk grew deeper. “Good luck finding one that can excite you as much as I can, just by using sarcasm.” 

Pan blushed slightly, looking anywhere but at her. Waving his hand, his lower half was covered again by his trousers, but the tent in them was still noticeable. Chuckling slightly, Y/n took a few more steps closer to the boy, to where she close enough to wrap her arms around his neck lazily. He wanted to push her away, but they both knew he couldn’t. 

“Face it, Pan. I weaken you. And you love it.” 

“I thought you were leaving. I recall you being done with my games. So go on, then. I’m not stopping you.” This only made Y/n chuckle more, as she grabbed his jaw to turn his attention right back to her. 

“I’m not hearing you deny it.” Leaning in slightly, she brushed her lips onto his for only a moment, sighing heavily in the process. “I hate that you can make me feel conflicted, Peter Pan. I want to leave, and just throw you out of my mind…but we both know that’s far from possible now. We’re in too deep.” 

Without realizing what he was doing, he had pulled her in closely, kissing her deeply but as softly as he could. Afraid that he might not get the chance, he was going to make sure that this kiss was memorable. Pulling away slowly, Y/n couldn’t hold back the little whine that escaped passed her lips one his were no longer there. Coming back to earth, she pulls away from him fully, seeing the mischief in his eyes, but the evident scowl on his face. 

“Get out. I suggest you start running. The hunt starts at dawn, which mean you have less than an hour to hide.” He crosses his arms, watching as she cracks her neck, grinning at the boy, while he fought not to grin right back. Already knowing where this was going and how it would end up, the both of them ended on the same page. 

“Let’s play.” 

somethin’ 'bout you.

History Skill

So I’m DMing my steampunk campaign when…

Me: You’re driving down the winding streets of the fabled clockwork city of New Albion. The chaotic twists don’t detract from-

Cleric, somewhat new: How old is that building?

Me, confused: It’s uh… Come again?

Cleric: That building, *physically pointing* how old is it? I want to use my history skill.

Me: *Pinching my brow* You’re not actually pointing at… Which building?

Cleric: Any of them. I just really want to use my history skill.

Me: Well you have to pick- OK. Well there’s Parliament, where you’re headed, there’s a ton of storefronts, there’s an ancient looking spire clock tower, a-

Cleric: That one! I uh, the clock tower!

Me: OK, roll.

Cleric: *rolls* I got a seven.

Me, trying not to sound exasperated: What’s your bonus?

Cleric: *ruffles through papers* It’s uh… Minus 1.

(everyone stares at each other for a while)

Me: Man it’s been there for at least… months.

Anyway we have a new running joke in the campaign.

FNAF as things my friends and I have said


Freddy: Get that rock out of your nose or so help me god.

Bonnie: I’m trying so hard but you’re just making things so difficult. I might have to kill you.

Chica: Eating is my favorite hobby. Nobody can stop me.

Foxy: Did you know that if you bite a finger with the same force of a baby carrot, it’ll snap off? Wild.

Golden Freddy: Henlo dirty children it’s time for dead.


Toy Freddy: I am a pure child, your dildo website can’t corrupt me.

Toy Bonnie: I can’t believe you’d do something like that. At least let me record it next time.

Toy Chica: I may be a slut, but I ain’t a hoe.

Mangle: I saw Death and I kissed his nose.

Puppet: Go choke on a stick, bitch.

Balloon Boy: Look at me go! Look out world, trash is on the way!

Withered Freddy: No, no, no, no, no. No.

Withered Bonnie: I can’t hear you, let me get my glasses.

Withered Chica: Oh my god, I can’t move. Actually, that’s not that bad.

Withered Foxy: Can I get a “fuck you”?

Golden Freddy: I can’t feel anything. Happy, pain, anger. I am dead.

Shadow Bonnie: Pearly whites! Om nom nom!

Shadow Freddy: Look at me. I have seen things.


Springtrap: I embrace the sweet release of death with warm, open arms.

Phantom Freddy: I may be crippled, but I still eat ass like the wind.

Phantom Chica: See this scar? I hit my head off a arcade cabinet. I’m invincible.

Phantom Foxy: I sold my soul for a bag of chips and it was honestly a bad choice.

Phantom Puppet: Your eyes are a beautiful shade of shit.

Phantom Balloon Boy: I have had it up to here with you half-assery.

Phantom Mangle: I’m home from work, and boy have I got some bullshit for you.


Nightmare Freddy: These are my kids. I named them after different parts of the vagina.

Nightmare Bonnie: Can you stop crying for a second, I need to call my mom.

Nightmare Chica: I apologize for breaking in last night.

Nightmare Foxy: Take a deep breath. Smell that? It’s the dead hookers in the basement.

Nightmare Fredbear: I’m sorry about your childhood trauma, but my sugar cookies are more important.

Nightmare: Ignore my sassiness, I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Plushtrap: I may be small, but I can kick all of the country’s ass.

Nightmare Balloon Boy: Surprise! The baddest bitch is here!

Nightmarrion: Wake up and smell the illness.

Jack-O-Bonnie: Don’t you think twelve arms is a little excessive?

Jack-O-Chica: I just realized it doesn’t have a mouth and now I’m shook.

FNAF Sister Location-

Circus Baby: I come from a long line of screw ups.

Ballora: I’ve made a huge mistake. We should leave.

Funtime Freddy: Go fast and eat ass.

Funtime Foxy: I’m a fragile mix of bipolar and bisexual.

Ennard: I’m confused but I’m proud.


Scrap Baby: I came back for revenge but I ended up emotionally distressed instead.

Molten Freddy: The voices in my head sound like a movie narrator.

Springtrap: I’m ugly on the inside and outside.

Lefty: Welcome back. You missed three murders, the plague, and sixteen lawsuits.


Henry: Am I the only one who notices the fire?

William: I can’t hear you, I’m too busy microwaving earrings.

Elizabeth: I’ll carry your body up a mountain and throw it off. You’ll be blessed.

Michael: Since when do you have a murder basement?

Crying Boy: I used to be bullied. Then I pissed myself and everyone ran away. Best defense there is.

Phone Guy: I own a minivan and I’m proud of it.

Henry’s Daughter: I don’t know what happened, but I’m bleeding.

Candy Cadet: Anyone who refuses my candy doesn’t deserve a place in my life.

Desk Fan: We live in a world where the government spies on us with microwaves and talking baby dolls.

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night (I’m not doing all 50, just ones not mentioned above previously)-

JJ: I’m not a faker! I’m just really good at copying things.

Old Man Consequences: Wait, is he pissing in the river?

Trash And The Gang: One, two, three, four. You’re a huge dick, if not more.

Helpy: I’m a slut for memes.

Happy Frog: Ew, you’re just like all the other Barbie dolls…

Mr. Hippo: See that dog over there? With the stress free, easy going life? You’ll never experience that.

Pigpatch: I’ve built my kingdom on ironic puns and badly timed one liners.

Nedd Bear: Rip-off, my ass.

Orville Elephant: If I have to listen to you ramble on about geese again, I’m going to hurt you.

Rockstar Freddy: It’s fifteen bucks for a large bag full of crushed up mints. Take it or leave it.

Rockstar Bonnie: I can’t find my motivation, can you help me look?

Rockstar Chica: I was always considered the quirky one.

Rockstar Foxy: I like being the wildcard. It means I only have to be responsible when I want to be.

Music Man: I don’t know how to play any instrument, but I’m good at pretending.

El Chip: Look at this mess. I though they said they were actually going to fix it?

Funtime Chica: My fake ID looks better than my real one…

DeeDee: Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m more important than anyone else in this room.

XOR: You should have seen the look on her face when I showed up.

Bonnet: Blue for boys and pink for girls was created by Hitler.

Minireenas: My siblings and I want to apologize for making you think you were tripping.

Lolbit: I can type so fast. See that? I typed “You’re a giant anus” and deleted it too fast for you to see.

Fredbear: That was so many years ago. Even though it was, like, yesterday.

RWQFSFASXC: For the last time, no, I don’t have the murder weapon.

okay, i’ve never posted this video on my tumblr, but right now is as good as anytime. this was back in early February i believe.

Okay so, apparently Diggs was in my city (Vegas) for a conference and stayed at the hotel that my dad works at - the Bellagio.
Now, my dad is a mini bar attendant there, which means he goes up to rooms and checks on alcohol, coffee, etc.
So he’s called up to this vacant room, and the person says “Come in !!”
And so he walks in, and he told the guy that he was just here to check on his alcohol and coffee. The guy goes “That’s fine, just give me a sec !” (or something like that)
And so while my dad was checking everything, the guy comes out, just buckling up his pants because he just finished taking a shower (can you IMAGINE - seeing him shirtless. IN THE FLESH. my dad said he’s still ripped. i mean. duh. when isn’t he ?¿ he better not stop being ripped tbh. oh wait, back to the stORY,,)
So my dad turns around.
Then the guy turns around.
Then gives him a smile.
Mind you, my dad’s also a fan of Diggs and Rafa, so he had to take a double take to realize that THIS was the dude.
Then my dad goes, “Hey, you’re Daveed Diggs !”
And then Daveed goes, “Yeah, man !” with THAT bright, big smile on his face (YOU KNOW THE ONE.)
Now, Daveed (and some of the obc probably) doesn’t really like to talk about Hamilton (which is understandable, I relate), so BLESS that my dad said “Yeah, my daughter’s a real big fan of you and Rafael’s music !” because then my dad told me that his eyes LIT. UP.
I would’ve died there.
And my dad told him that I’m corresponding with Rafa on some stuff and he tried to pull up my cover of his song, “Needle”, which was the first track that he emailed me so that I could cover it.
It couldn’t load, but nonetheless, now he knows I can sing (and hopefully soon, knows I rap), and that’s more than enough.
Now, at his work, whenever you come into contact with someone famous, you can’t get take a picture or a video with them, because then you could be in trouble.
But my dad also knew how much this meant to me.
So he decided ‘fuck it’ and asked Daveed if he could take a video or picture with him.
Daveed, being the sweet and nice person he is, said “Yeah, of course ! Let me just get a shirt on real quick” (oh, daveed. I’d still be happy even if you didn’t have your shirt on haha.)
((bonus ; Daveed told my dad that he told Rafa and everyone to come to Vegas but they couldn’t. My dad said “Could you imagine if I got them in the same video ?? How cool would that be ???”))
so yeah. there’s the story of how i died one day because of THE Daveed Diggs.
s/o to Diggs, and to my dad, for being the realest and taking one for the team.
i’ve always wondered what my name would sound like if Daveed said it. AND NOW I FINALLY KNOW.
i’m asking my friend to make the “Jazzy, what’s up ??” part into my ringtone.
i’m still so shook.
i’m never coming off of this high.


  • YOU GET ME?????
  • he communicates in sign language a significant amount of the movie
  • do you know
  • do you   k n o w
  • the sound design of this movie is incredible. I work in the industry. Like you know that rare few trailers for movies that come out where like, fuck, the punches line up with pops in the song, like fucking, the Kingsman Trailer, or the Atomic Blonde trailer, where you’re just like DAMN. FUCK. FUCK THIS IS GOOD. 
  • Jon Bernthal is in it, like, listen, listen, his pretty face is just a bonus at this point
  • there’s a pixar joke, I swear to god, I wasn’t expecting it

David Tennant booping his nose as an ASL sign for Target (and supplying a sound-effect to go with it) at the Dallas Fan Expo (Oct 2017) 

“Everyone is going to come up to you now and boop you on the nose!”

Video Sources [x], [x]

Bonus: Booping a Stormtrooper


Triwizard AU

At age 16 Kara is transferred from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts after Lex kills Superman. During Seventh year, Hogwarts hosts the tournament as a means to promote good will in Superman’s name. For obvious reasons, Kara is strictly forbidden from entering… she doesn’t want to anyway. She tries to avoid everything about it entirely.

Lena attends Durmstrang, the most remote institute for magic Lillian could send her off to. After Lex is sent to Azkaban, Lena jumps at the chance to study for the year at Hogwarts… even if it means entering her name in the tournament and enduring disdain for being a Luthor. Her and Lex(a Squib) shared a love of Muggle tech, and Durmstrang offers no advanced Muggle Studies classes. She wants to rebuild his company once she graduates. In the class she befriends Winn and, later on, Kara.

Lena doesn’t expect it when her name comes out of the cup. Or when Lex escapes. Kara knows what he’s after. It’s the same reason he killed Clark. Kryptonian blood unlocks magic.


I’m sure someone has already done this and if so, I apologize! It just got stuck in my head and needed out. It should also have been 10 pages longer with better dialogue but I was lazy. Hence the lack of color… or consistent shadows…

Hope you enjoyed it anyway! So as bonus, under the cut; have the Lena and Kara color studies I didn’t end up needing lol.

Side Note: Pogrebins sound terrifying: If one “manages to tail a Human for a few hours, a sense of despair and futility will wash over the Human. When the victim sits or sinks to its knees to weep, the Pogrebin attacks and attempts to devour them. Fortunately, the Pogrebin can be fought off with simple hexes, Stunning Spells, or kicking.” I imagine a dozen would probably suck to fend off.

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People talk about how Brendon refers to “Emerald City” in the song Kaleidoscope Eyes but why does no one talk about the line(s)

“I swear to God, I’d never heard a better sound coming out
Then when you’re whimpering my name from your mouth

I’ll plead the fifth on all of this”

“When I was 10 I was at my best friend, Tyler’s house. His family lived in a very nice house on a mountain in Georgia. Tyler always told me about the scary stuff happening at his house. Like how He would see eyes, his TV would turn off while watching it, you would hear drilling sounds and metal banging sounds and doors opening up, all the classic ghost stuff. I never believed him until this one time.

We were in his hot tub together for like an hour when suddenly I feel the most overwhelming feeling to get out. At that exact moment Tyler looks at me and says, ‘we need to get out now,’ and there was fear in his voice. We jump out and dry off and go inside pretty fast. as we go in, Tyler locks the door and tries to open it to be sure, it was locked. So we start going toward the big movie area that’s near the back door to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

When out of nowhere, we’re both hit by that fear again, we smell what smelled like a rotting animal, his DVD rack falls over and all the movies fly off and at the same time and the back door flies open. Needless to say we hauled ass upstairs to his OTHER movie room and made a fort out beanbags and chairs to defend ourselves from the paranormal enemy. From that moment on I believed in ghosts. And that’s not the only thing that’s happened at Tyler’s house.

EDIT: Bonus story but possible explanation for it: Tyler’s Dad was a hunter and he had a lot of really nice hunting gear. In particular he had some walkie talkies that me and Tyler loved to play with. One day Tyler and I had the walkie talkies and he was outside across the street with one, and I was looking out the window at him from inside. We’re talking about how cool they are when suddenly what sounds like glass breaking comes in over the walkie followed by a lot of static.

I’m looking at Tyler in confusion and he’s looking back at me from across the street when over the walkie we hear in the deepest and scariest voice I can remember, ‘how’s it going, scubafire4?’ (he said my real name) followed by another sound of glass breaking then it was gone. I always thought it was somebody who found the super random walkie channel me and my friend were on, and had been listening for a while but I don’t remember ever saying my name over it. So I don’t use walkie talkies much because of that.”

[Continued in a later comment]

“Another time Tyler, his older sister, his other friend and I were in the hot tub when we heard muffled drilling start coming from his house. His friend and I are confused as hell as to what it is so we look at Tyler and his sister but they’ve gone rigid and pale and have pure fear in their eyes.

I asked what the sound was and Tyler said ‘the ghost stole our drill and he sometimes uses it to scare us. We need to wait outside ‘til my parents get home.’ Now it’s almost 8 at night in late fall. I don’t want to wait outside in a hot tub for another 2 hours, I’m a cranky 10-year-old who doesn’t want to be bossed around by a ghost!

I get out and dry off. I walk up to the door and Tyler says, ‘don’t do it, you’re gonna make him mad!’ Well, I did it anyway. I open the door and go inside. About 5 feet left of the door is one of those little toy kitchen sets and on top of it is a box with about 10 to 20 plastic forks and spoons n’ shit in it. I go in a few more feet and the drilling stops and the air goes cold.

The box of plastic forks and spoons FLIES at me and they go everywhere the drilling starts again and it was louder and faster and it sounds like it’s right next to my ears, it was deafening (The doctor said I actually have 15% hearing loss in my left ear after this event). Everyone in the hot tub sees this happen through the window wall and they start screaming. I run back outside and the door slams behind me and locks on its own. The drilling stops and Tyler just says, ‘told you.’

2 hours later, his parents get home and see us outside still and ask ‘did the ghost lock you out?’ I shit you not this was a common thing in their house.

And the last thing that happened at Tyler’s house was that when I slept over there, I ALWAYS had a nightmare of that I would see a floating orb in the hallway. It would start moving and I would follow it into his basement and the Black knight ghost from Scooby Doo 2 would fly over and attack me. One day after sleeping over he decides to show me his dad’s workshop on the side of the house. It was raining outside so the best way to get there was the other door that went through the basement. So he takes me into the basement for the first time and sitting in the corner was a suit of armor. I noped the fuck out and told him to get an umbrella because there’s no way in hell I’m going into the basement. Tyler may have had a cool house, but fuck was it scary.”

By: scubafire4 (What is the creepiest and most unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?)


(1,2,3,45) Recap of Vhope during 2016: Intimate with each other

Hoseok about Taehyung: “When I’m bored or when I’m alone at the dorm, I would think:’I wish Taehyung was here’”

Bonus: Hoseok to Taehyung: “Taehyungie, hyung likes you”

Spilled Coffee || KakaSaku

This is a bit late @do-you-even-kakashi but here is your little gift. I hope you like it. Happy birthday 😚💖


Sakura Haruno hummed quietly to herself as she waited in line for her coffee, foot tapping out a rhythm on the floor.

It was a good day, summer was coming to an end and the weather was a pleasant mix of sunny and cool. She finally was on a break from uni and being out in a crowd and seeing people was a nice change of scenery after being holed up in her apartment studying day and night for the past three months. The fact that she graduates after one more year was a bonus.

Of course, the good day couldn’t possibly last.

“Well if that isn’t Sakura!” The sound of her name made her look up, and oh boy, she wished she didn’t.

Walking her way was a couple she was all too familiar with. A dark haired man with black mysterious eyes and a lean strong build known as Sasuke Uchiha. Also known as her ex-boyfriend. He had his arm wrapped around a redhead’s waist. Karin Uzumaki, the name came to her without much struggle. The woman was a famous actress and a gorgeous one too.

She didn’t hate Karin, not really. It wasn’t her fault Sasuke was a cheating bastard. But she couldn’t help but resent her a little for ruining her perfect image of said man. Of course, that all was years ago, when they were still in high school.

Now, three years later, Sasuke was still with Karin. What was it that Sakura lacked, exactly? The rosette couldn’t help but wonder as she studied the approaching couple.

They were now within greeting distance and she steeled her nerves. It wouldn’t do to let him know he still had a small effect on her. “Oh, is that you Sasuke? Wow, it’s been so long!” Wish it’d been longer.

He smirked easily, guiding the redhead into line. “It has indeed. I haven’t seen you since graduation.”

Sakura hummed, mentally preparing herself for an emotionally exhausting conversation. She wondered iff she could somehow escape as soon as she got her coffee, and wished the workers would hurry up. “well, you know how life works. I’ve been busy.”

He nodded in agreement, with that same familiar smirk she once liked. Ugh, puke. “Hmm, I know. What are you studying?”

Sakura could help but smirk, she worked damn hard to get into a good university and she was proud of herself and her achievements, “medicine. Almost done with it… you?”

Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly, but there was a slight stiffening along his shoulder line, “finished law school and went back to playing football.”

Yikes, the last thing anyone wanted was for Sasuke to be a cop. That spoke of disaster.

“Yeah, maybe stick with football.” She agreed, moving to accept her drink with a barely concealed sigh of relief. “Well, I should get going, I have an appointment. Nice catching up with you.”

She was about to leave— scramble the hell out of there because his presence brought back really unpleasant memories of an insecure past-self she wished to banish— when Karin’s voice caught her attention, “go on. Invite her.”

Sakura reluctantly turned back to face the couple with a curious eyebrow raise, “invite me to what?”

“Our wedding. It’s next week.”

Sakura froze, and she had to make a conscious effort not to look like she walked into a solid brick wall. Wedding? …wedding!?

That little bastard— piece of fucking trash— asshole— little fucking— “oh. Oh, congratulations you guys!”

Her voice came out a little strained and she winced. Ugh, way to show him I’m over him.

“It would be lovely if you’d attend.” Karin said, smiling in that same pretty way she did on camera. Ugh…. “bring along a date too.”

“Um,” Sakura was a breath away from declining, claiming she needed to be on the other side of the country because she sure felt like it at that moment but then she caught sight of Sasuke’s challenging gaze and wow, fuck him, fuck that asshole, I’ll show him, “sure. I’ll be there. Just text me the details.”

She finally waved and hurried out of Starbucks. Once outside, she paused to take a deep breath and violently swear in her mind for agreeing. She was already regretting her decision— She didn’t even have a date! She’d rather die than show to his wedding with a dating. I’m a fuckin’ idiot.

“Hey, watch out!” She didn’t think this day could get worse but lo and behold, a man on a bicycle was hurtling towards her at insane speed and she barely had time to jump out of the way and avoid an early death.

Her coffee slipped out of her hold, splashing both her and nearby passerby’s pants and Sakura fell backwards, and it all seemed to happen in slow motion, much to her horror. She shut her eyes tightly, waiting for the shocking impact.

Firm arms however, caught her just in time and she and another person went crashing into the ground. Her back met something firm and warm, knocking the breath out of her and something sharp dragged across her palm causing her to she wince. She was only dimly aware of the feeling of a warm liquid trickling down her hand.

She looked down dazedly to see a piece of glass sticking out of her hand and gasped, a pained cry echoing from her throat.

“Hey— hey, are you okay?” A quiet voice rasped worriedly from behind her and she slowly turned to come face to face with…

She gasped again, and not in pain. The man holding her was Kakashi Hatake. One of her favorite authors of all time. Oh hell, apparently this day could get worse.

“I-I…” she stuttered, biting her lip to stop from letting out a pained sound. Her palm was pulsing and throbbing like there was no tomorrow and much to her displeasure, it was staining her clothes.

His dark irises slid to her palm then and they widened slightly, “damn,” he breathed reaching to carefully hold her palm up to inspect, “hey that looks pretty serious. Come on, you should go to the hospital.”

The pain had numbed her brain and she was barely aware of him lifting her up to her feet. “H-hospital?” His words suddenly registered in her mind. “W-wait, it’s fine. I'm— I’m a med student.”

He stared at her, somewhat surprised. “Med student?”

She nodded in confirmation, staggering out of his hold. She needed to get out of there, take care of her hand and hate Sasuke’s gut for the entirety of next week. And speaking of that bastard, the last thing she needed was for him to walk out and see her in her miserable state, hot coffee soaking her coat and blood dripping from her hand. “I’ll just go home.”

Kakashi eyed her disbelievingly for a few seconds before sighing in acceptance, “come on, I’ll drop you.”

She stared at him, speechless. He was even nicer than she expected, and he looked even better in reality. She’d only ever seen him on TV doing interviews about his new books. The scar running down his left eye looked even deeper face to face. She wondered how he could still use his eye… okay, she was drifting off topic here and he was now staring expectantly at her.

“Y-you don’t need to…” she stammered, embarrassed at having zoned out. “It’s a two block walk.”

He snorted and completely ignored her. He boldly wrapped and arm around her waist and began to guide her away, “don’t be silly, you’re leaking blood everywhere. I can’t leave you like this.”

Her mind was grumbling about how troublesome he was being but who was she even kidding, she definitely wanted this man’s company for a little while longer.

Kakashi walked her to his car, a shiny black thing that was rather enchantinh. She had no idea what kind it was, she really wasn’t into cars. But it looked nice, and the seats felt even nicer. She gave him the directions in a daze, her eyes roaming his side profile, mapping every detail.

His hair was darker than it looked on TV. In every interview she watched it was almost white, but looking at it now, it was a platinum shade that really complimented his pale complexion.

Faint freckles dotted his nose and cheeks and why wasn’t he a model, anyway?

Sakura stumbled her way out of the car when Kakashi parked outside her building and to her doorstep, aware of said man following her, looking ready to catch her if she fell.

They made it up the six flights of stairs and she fumbled for her keys until they unlocked her door, her fingers now shaking in pain.

She faintly remembered her manners and she turned to him as she hurried towards the kitchen, “make yourself at home!”

Once inside the familiar walls of her kitchen, she retrieved her first aid kit and got to work, grunting in pain as she extracted the glass shard from her skin.

He showed up just as she drenched her hand in antiseptic. They both winced.

The silver-haired man moved to inspect her work. “Will it need stitches?” He asked curiously, a hint of worry in his tone.

Sakura shook her head. “No, I just need to wrap it up.”

He nodded and watched her work. A few moments passed before he broke the silence, and sounded a little awed. “I didn’t imagine you were a doctor, what with the pink hair.”

She felt her cheeks flush slightly but didn’t look up from her injured hand as she wrapped it up, “it’s just pink hair, it doesn’t impair my ability to learn.”

He nodded absently. “Well it’s nice that you can take care of your injuries by yourself. I wish I could. I hate hospitals”

Her mouth quirked up and she comforted him, “I don’t do this often. I rarely get injured, but today’s just a bad day it seems.”

“Something happened?” He wondered, and when she raised her eyebrow, amended, “other than this I mean.”

Sakura sighed dejectedly and got into explaining her morning. “I ran into my cheating ex-boyfriend and his fiancé. He invited me to his wedding. And I don’t have a date. I really shouldn’t have accepted.”

“Then why did you?” Kakashi arched a questioning eyebrow and she was momentarily distracted by how attractive that simple action was.

“Because… I don’t want him to think I’m not over him or something.” She muttered embarrassedly and got up. “I’m going to change,” she announced, looking down at her coffee stained clothes. “There’s tea and coffee in the second cabinet, cups in the third, help yourself.”

As she hurried to her bedroom, it occurred to her that Kakashi was a stranger—an incredibly attractive one at that—and yjag it was unwise to have strangers go through your belongings unsupervised but somehow, she didn’t mind that much. Besides the fact that she desperately wanted to jump him, the man was a living breathing legend. His books were bestseller worldwide. She doubted anyone could call themselves a thriller fan and not know who Kakashi Hatake was.

His books were turned into movies, and he even acted in one of them. It was almost disorienting being in the presence of someone so great and successful.

She made a quick work of shedding her clothes and replacing them with a clean red dress that reached her knees.

When she made it back to the kitchen, she found him by the kettle heating some water, back facing her. The sight of his muscled shoulders was definitely distracting. She could almost see every detail, every dip and corner of his beautifully contoured body beneath his tight shirt.

He turned and smiled almost sheepishly at her when he noticed her there. Ridiculously, her stomach knotted.

He pointed at a blue book on top of her microwave as he stated. “You read my work.”

She wondered why he looked surprised. Most people read his work. “Yes. I love your work.”

He grinned in that way she was sure gave a few females a heart attack along the way. What with his sharp canines and dimple, “what’s your favorite?”

“Um,” she paused, going over her mental list of every book of his that she read. It really was hard to pick a favorite, “I really liked House of Crows… Will Of Fire too.”

“Ah,” he said, almost delighted, “my old work.”

“I like your recents too,” she assured, “especially Icha Icha, I didn’t think you’d ever write romance.”

“How badly did I fail?” He joked easily, turning to pour water in his tea cup.

“Oh hush,” she rolled her eyes. Silly man, it was a bestseller. “It’s awesome. I’m glad someone is continuing Jiraiya’s work. It was really unfortunate he quit.”

Kakashi shrugged and admitted, “he asked me to continue his work— his wife isn’t too fond of his more… lewd literature.”

Sakura snorted and moved to get herself a cup and a teabag, “too bad. But hey, you made them even better so I ain’t complaining.”

Kakashi smiled as he took a sip of his tea, “honestly I’m facing somewhat of a writer’s block lately. Everyone is demanding a new Icha Icha book but I’m not very inspired. I hate repetition. I want to write something different.”

Sakura poured herself tea and turned to regard the incredibly sexy man in her kitchen. How desperate is she that she almost entertained the thought of him having her on the table… “take your time. A good book is a well-thought out one.”

He hummed thoughtfully. He then started, “oh, wow, I didn’t get your name?”

Sakura couldn’t help but laugh, “right, it’s Sakura.”

“I’m Kakashi… as you already know.” He said with a slight awkwardness that was really funny coming from a man who’d written and published erotic novels.

He was slowly proving to her he wasn’t all what he showed in interviews. He always looked so self-assured and confident. And yet, here he was in her kitchen, smiling almost bashfully at her.

“Let’s make a deal.” He suddenly said, almost seeming like he’d gathered his thoughts. “If you let me… base my next character on you— forgive me but you’re just terribly intriguing— I’ll… accompany you to your ex’s wedding.”

Sakura nearly dropped her tea cup. Her mouth fell open and she stared at him in astonishment.

He hastily began to apologise, thinking he’d offended her but she quickly interrupted him, “you’d do that? You’d be my date if I just let you base your character on me?”

Kakashi paused, eyes wide in surprise, probably at her acceptance of the idea, “well, yeah… it’s a big deal to me. Just like your ex’s wedding is a big deal to you.”

“Nice.” She grinned and hopped onto the counter, excitedly, “please feel free to then. I expect a nice male protagonist.” Preferably you.

Kakashi threw his head back and laughed. “You got it.”


The next week blurred by, and Sakura saw Kakashi every day. A sudden bout of inspiration appeared to have hit him and he started spending more and more time with her, claiming that talking to her is keeping his inspiration running.

She really didn’t mind, he had a brilliant mind and she immensely enjoyed bantering with him. In that single week they seemed to have built something like a friendship with the undertones of sexual tension.

Sakura tried to convince herself that only she was aware of that tension because there was no question when it came to wanting to jump his bones but hey, you can’t blame her, he was a really attractive man. However, she could’ve sworn she’d sometimes catch him staring at her mouth like he might lunge over the table and kiss her. She surely wouldn’t have minded.

She held onto his arm as they walked into the reception. It was packed and overflowing with people dancing and drinking themselves into a stupor. Strangely, it didn’t feel as bad to be there anymore, especially with the company of someone like Kakashi.

She led him to where Sasuke and Karin were greeting people.

They both stared at the silver-haired man next to her, looking almost gobsmacked as she introduced him as her date. “Sasuke, Karin, this is Kakashi. Kakashi, these are Sasuke and Karin.”

Kakashi nodded politely, a small charming smile tilting the corner of his mouth, “congratulations. I wish you happiness in your marriage.”

They continued to stare until the silver-haired man quirked an amused eyebrow.

“A-ah, forgive me but… are you Kakashi Hatake?” Sasuke asked, eyes drifting between Sakura and the tall man holding her.

“The one and only.” Kakashi winked and Sakura had to admit he surely could charm about anyone. “I’ll see you two around, yeah? It was nice meeting you. Come on Sakura, I’ve been dying to try that strawberry tart.”

Sakura giggled, following him away. She gave him a thumbs up when out of the newly wedded couple’s view. “That was perfect. I can’t thank you enough.”

“You sure you don’t want to make out where they can see for the final touch?” He teased lightly, but something in his eyes told her he wasn’t entirely joking.

Her heart pounded. It was moments like this that convinced her the silver-haired man found her attractive, too. “That would make a terribly convenient Icha Icha scene wouldn’t it?” She raised a challenging eyebrow despite the heat pooling in her belly.

Kakashi paused and now they were at the edges of the room, next to a pillar and was it just her or was Kakashi backing her into a corner? “Hmm,” he hummed contemplatively. “It depends on whether I would have to drag you back to the car and peel this lovely dress off.”

His voice dropped to a smokey whisper and her breath hitched. She hadn’t realised how badly she wanted him until she could practically feel the heat radiating off his body. His hands landed on her hips and he gently pressed her against the wall, keeping her hidden from view.

“And then what?” Her voice wobbled slightly as she felt his hot breath on her face, electrifying her skin.

She felt his hand on the exposed skin of her thigh, where the slit of her dress extended all the way up to her hip. “And then,” he murmured, their noses almost brushing together. His thumb traced the waistband of her panties, “maybe find out if you taste as nice as you look.”

He swallowed her gasp as his mouth captured hers in a hungry kiss and she couldn’t help the embarrassingly needy moan that escaped her as his hot tongue traced her lower lip and slipped into her mouth to tangle with her own in a heated dance.

The sound of the wedding faded from her ears to be replaced by the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. His hand traced her sides, pinching her hips closer to him so that their bodies pressed together.

Sakura was about to completely lose herself to the raging fire in her body when Kakashi pulled away from her, lips kiss-swollen and eyes mischievous and dark with something that made her toes curl. “So… car?”

This man was going to be the death of her. “Definitely.”

Didn't See It Coming

This is for my secret valentine Supes @double-trouble-dc !! From @ibjessjess hope you enjoy darling!!


“Superboy look out!” you shouted as you knocked another guy out.

You heard a grunt and saw a body fly into a wall out of the corner of your eye and smirked. Being clairvoyant really had it’s perks. You quickly took care of the guy in front of you and continued fighting, occasionally shouting warnings to other teammates.

Eventually the fight died down and with it came everyone’s guards. You looked around automatically making sure Conner was ok, which he was as usual. Suddenly you got the familiar tingling that let you know someone made a decision involving Conner. You stopped and looked around, trying to find a source. The uncomfortable sensation grew, someone’s mind was made up. You gasped as the sensation cleared and you clearly saw what was going on. There was a sniper on the neighboring roof, with bullets laced in Kryptonite.


You shouted as you ran as fast as you could just as the sniper pulled the trigger. Just in the nick of time, you tackle Superboy to the ground as the bullet grazed your shoulder. Immediately the rest of the team sprung into action to apprehend the sniper while you and Conner quietly got up and processed what just happened.

“Why’d you try and block it? Bullets don’t -”

“It was laced in Kryptonite.”

“Oh…thanks,” Conner’s voice betrayed hints of confusion. Why would you, the loveliest girl he had ever laid eyes on, go out of your way to save him?

“Your welcome,” you said, turning away to hide your blush.

“You’re bleeding!” Conner said as he ripped a piece of his shirt and pressed it to your shoulder.

Your cheeks darkened when you felt his hand.

“I-I’m fine. Really it’s just a scratch,” you stammered, trying to move away.

“You’re not fine, now hold still.”

You gave up looked down, hiding your crimson cheeks.

You had acted almost on instinct. You’d had a crush on him for months but didn’t have the guts to ask him out.

On the way back to the cave you couldn’t help but steal glances at the indestructible boy who had stolen your heart. Little did you know, Conner was doing the exact same thing. In fact this entire experience had been a bit of an eye opener. For awhile now he had ignored these feeling he felt about you. He liked you but in his mind, girls like you just didn’t date guys like him.

For the next few weeks Conner walked on eggshells around you. If you were in the room, he would find an excuse to leave. You began to notice these things and it troubled you. What had you done?

After many long talks with Zatanna and Artemis, you’d made up your mind just to ask him what was wrong. So after a particularly tiresome training session, you cornered Conner in the kitchen.

“Hey Conner,”


“How have you been?”

“Good, I guess,”

“That’s good,”

“I’m gonna go -”

“No. We need to talk.”

Conner grew visibly uncomfortable at that.

“Look Conner, you’ve acting really weird around me. And if I said or did something to offend you or make you mad, I’m sorry. I’d -”

“Stop (Y/N),” Conner sighed, “It’s not you, it’s me. I didn’t really know how to act around you after the last mission. I’ve never been very good with my emotions. I guess my first instinct is to run away. I uh I really like you. Would you like to go out? On a date? With me?”

You gasped, “Of course! I really like you too!”

You threw your arms around him and planted a kiss to his lips which he returned enthusiastically. Normally you hated not seeing things coming, but this was one time, you really didn’t mind.



“Hey Conner what day is it today?” You asked as you stood in a line outside a fancy restraunt.

“The 14th. Why?”

You laughed. How could you have forgotten?

“It’s Valentine’s Day. We’ll be lucky if we even get in.”

“Oh,” Conner’s cheeks reddened.

“Wanna get a pizza instead? We can watch a movie at my place,”

“That sounds great,” Conner said, clearly relieved, “I hate monkey suits,” he said as he tugged at his tie.

You simply laughed and tugged him off to the pizza parlor around the corner. Needless to say, it was the best Valentine’s Day you’d had in years.

HELLO everybody!

Over the next couple of months or years I’m going to be posting up a bunch of clips that might look something like this. I want to play with different mediums and compile them all in the end to make one great big HELLO HELLO HELLO clip! I want diversity, so that’s where you, strangers all over the internet come in!


Email it to:


  •  I want a few clean takes of “Hello” and one of “Hi”
  • Keep your clip under 10 seconds
  • Interpret this however you’d like. I will too. You can send your normal voice or a cartoony one. It can sound moody, or silly or whatever! Bonus points for kids and elders.
  • Remember to add your name! I’ll want to credit you.

I can’t wait to roll these out over the next couple of months, so do it! Do it! Do it!

Hello! May I have a scenario where Todoroki’s s/o makes him laugh for the first time and, as a result of being absolutely ecstatic and enamoured by him all over again from the sight and sound of it, they pull him into a loving kiss?

Bonus: they said something weird like ‘oh my god nothing is on fire, fire on things’ or ‘if a dog sees a police dog do they think ‘oh shit, it’s a cop’

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! =) (also, please use the ask box next time lovely, you send your request via the submission box =) )

After the first second of surprise, Todoroki kisses his partner back, one of his hands coming up to gently frame their face. He feels their hands smoothing over his sides as well, leaving pleasant warmth in their wake.

“What was that about?” He asks quietly when they separate again and his partner presses one last kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Just…” Their gaze is warm and they give him a loving, quietly happy smile. “You have such a nice laugh.”

Todoroki feels a soft smile spreading over his face, his chest swelling with affection and he hugs his partner close, feeling their arms wrap around him as well.

“Thank you.” He says and feels their grip tightening for a moment.

“I’ll make you laugh more.” His partner promises and gives him a happy grin. “As much as I can.”

Todoroki drops a kiss to their temple. “I would like that.”

anonymous asked:

Can I get a bakunawa!Michael serenading (or trying to, at least) Jeremy with chuffs, growls, purrs, and squeaks? Bonus: He actually does write private love songs, but he can never get them right. He always has to clear the trash when Jeremy comes over because it's all just crumpled up notes gushing about him because thIS BOY IS A DWE E B

mmmMMMMMM WOW okay so i cant believe that one day, christine makes a potion. it’s something she’s been working on that changes the sound of your voice for a few hours (”Imagine the uses for theatre. Imagine.”), and she’s been really careful. so far, it’s worked perfectly fine, and its only downside is that it tastes like crap, so she changes some bits and bobs to make it taste like mango instead. her potion taste tester is michael, who agrees because MANGO POTION!!! and VOICE MAGIC??? 

anyway it tastes awesome but it takes away his voice. whoops. 

christine has no idea where she went wrong with the potion, apologizes perfusely to a silent michael who just makes a lot of “it’s okay” gestures, and scrambles to find a cure. 

i cant BELIEVE that after this fiasco, jeremy is the first person michael goes to to mope via hand gestures and texts. jeremy would be a little worried at first. then jeremy would tease him that at least theyll be free from dumb puns for a little while, laughing when michael pouts. then jeremy would reassure him that christine would figure something out soon, patting michael’s head, running his fingers through his hair.

michael shuts his eyes, content and relaxed, then begins to purr.

it turns out he cant make any words or sounds. he cant whistle. but the sounds that michael can sometimes hear the dragon make in the recesses of his brain get through. something about the hierarchy of magics. you can silence the boy, but not serpent. whatever. michael is just glad he can make a little bit of sound, adding animated growling to his communicative abilities while christine works on an antidote.

what he wants to know is why his sounds are more…involuntary around jeremy. he can control when to growl, much like he could control when to talk, but with jeremy, the purrs just happen. then. then this other noise he makes near continuously when he sees jeremy. it takes some googling to figure out that it’s called chuffing. it takes some googling to figure out that all the noises he makes and cant control around jeremy are basically big glaring signs that say HELLO!!! HELLO YOU’RE SO GREAT I ENJOY BEING WITH YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!

michael very silently lays his head on his desk. hes been doing a REALLY GREAT JOB at keeping this whole pining thing under wraps, but he really has to be betrayed by the dumb bakunawa voice in his head that now has more faculties over his actual voice, now that that’s gone. 

and guess what, the dragon inside is maybe a little tired of the pining, so it sings. or, well, it sings as much as an ancient magic lizard can. a collection of purrs and chuffs and hums. an age old song that rumbled through the ocean. a longing song for the moon.

ohhhhh too bad jeremy cant understand it. hes a bit too busy being worried over michael and lending a helping hand to christine.

(and OH GOD michael totally is writing a song for jeremy. not that he’s ever gonna let jeremy see or hear it. he’s been having a little trouble though. he keeps scratching out the words, but what he cant get is a tune. he cant figure one out that gives what hes trying to say any justice.

what about this… the dragon in his head says in the midst of the silence. it sings and sings and sings.

huh, michael says, scrambling for a sheet of paper.)