the big hyung

We often talk about how Jimin is like the big hyung when it comes to the maknae line, but I think we don’t talk enough about Taehyung’s role in their dynamics. 

Jungkook said this:

“I used to be very introverted but V hyung helped me to break out of it“

While Jimin mentioned something similar too in the past:

“When I first joined, V took care of me a lot even in school. So I was able to get used to it soon”

It’s clear, that in the early days Taehyung played big part of their adjustment to the group. He tried his best to make them both feel at home and helped them to get closer to the others and be more outspoken, have friends and not feel left out.

Taehyung took care of them a lot, although he needed attention too :) I think this is very sweet of him <3 You can tell how Jimin and Jungkook will be forever thankful for this - that’s why they are so overprotective of Tae if you look closely.

this is my favorite jinhun moment from the whole episode, hands down. look at the way jihun’s expression changes from laughing to being serious and attentive towards youjin real quick and then he just listens to youjin speaking as if it matters a lot, as if whatever youjin’s got to say matters a lot. 

it’s one of the things that i love about their dynamics - that jihun, despite his playful self that would sometimes ~make fun~ of youjin when the older’s rambling, he also knows how to listen, and he listens well.