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Wedding Date - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word Count : 1,013

Warnings : none

Requests are open!


Sitting at a round table, you were admiring the view in front of you. Your older sister, happily dancing with her newly wedded husband.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” you asked your long-timed boyfriend, Jughead Jones the third, who was sitting right next to you. The usual beanie who was normally on his head, was nowhere to be seen. His raven locks gave him the cute, boyish look that you loved. You were kind of glad that he had tried to dress formally for the celebration. He looked down and smirked before answering,

“Is that a trick question?” You playfully nudged him in his side, knowing he was messing with you.

“You’re supposed to say yes!” He chuckled at you and took your hand in his, bringing warmth and a fuzzy feeling in your stomach. Even though you guys had been dating for already a few years, he always had the same effect on you.

“She is pretty, but you’re pulchritudinous.” You raised your eyebrows, giving him a puzzled look. Jughead had that way of coming up with words you’d never heard before. He was a box full of surprises.

“English, please?” He sweetly laughed at your confused expression and replied,

“It basically means that you are a delight for my eyes.” The blood rushed to your cheeks, probably giving you a small pink tint. Your boyfriend could feel your embarrassment and tried lighting up the mood,

“Don’t be shy (y/n). You are the most alluring and divine creature I’ve ever seen.” A smile crept up your face as Jughead said those words to you.

“Well, you’re pretty foxy yourself.”

“Foxy?” Jughead said back dazed and amused by your new vocabulary.

“Yeah, foxy! It means artful, cunning, knowing- which I personally think describes you perfectly.” You explained. At this moment, something seemed to shine in his blue orbs. He leaned towards you, for only you to hear,

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” You gazed back at him.

“Only every day.”

A dorky smile appeared on him as you kissed his cheek. The next minutes had passed in a comfortable silence, both of you appreciating your surroundings. You and your sister’s friends had token hours to decorate the backyard for the wedding.

Usually you weren’t the arts and craft type but you loved your sister fondly and would do anything for her on this special day. Fairy lights we’re hanging on trees and across the dance floor. All the tables had a bouquet of sunflowers in a translucent vase. Balloons were scattered everywhere across the floor. You had also tried some diys from pinterest but didn’t really get an interesting ending. In other words, they turned out horribly. An enticing tune was playing in the background which you were quietly humming.

Seeing your sister like that made you so happy. It made you think about your future with Jughead. If you two would ever get married. As you were lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed your boyfriend getting up, and offering you his hand for you to take.

“Will you give me this dance?” Your boyfriend asked. The music had turned to a slow song. One of your favourites. You smiled and him and gladly took his hand.

“Of course.” Hand in hand, you and your boyfriend made your way to the dance floor where other couples were starting to appear. Jughead placed his hands on your waist and yours gently rested on his shoulders. The two of you were lightly moving to the rhythm of the romantic sway. You looked up, your gaze meeting his.

“Have you ever thought about us? Like, in the future us?” His eyebrows furrowed and peeked at the sky, thinking before saying,

“Sometimes.” He answered, “I like to think of us being together after school. Going to college would be fun. Maybe settling down after?” You bet your bottom lip.

“Yeah I’d like that…” You trailed off, “And what about after? What would you want? Would you want… this?” You asked motioning to the world around you.

“You mean the wedding?” You nodded, “I wouldn’t mind calling you wifey and being your hubby.” You both laughed and grinned and his comment. “Wouldn’t it bother your parents though? I know your dad isn’t very fond of me.”

“My dad isn’t the one who’s going to be deciding who I’m going to spend the rest and most of my days with. Besides, my dad’s moving to Arizona in the next month or so. It’ll only be me and my mom. You know she cares about you.” I said back.

“I’m sorry about your dad. I know you two don’t have the best of relationship right now, but just try to make the best out of the time you two have left together.” Jughead knew that your parents had separated when you were only a child. You couldn’t clearly remember how they announced it but every time you thought about it, your heart ached. Your boyfriend continued, “On the good side, since your sister is moving out, doesn’t it mean that there’s going to be more place for me?” You teasingly hit him,

“Oh shut it you oaf”

He smirked and pressed his forehead against yours. His icy blue eyes piercing into your (y/e/c) ones.

“To answer that question of yours, yes, I’d like you to be my wife someday.” He titled his head forward and his damp lips met yours. The kiss was sweet but passionate. It probably would’ve lasted longer if you two hadn’t been in public. Or to be more precise, to your sister’s wedding. Just when you two parted away, your sister came up to you with a smile bigger than ever,

“Hey love birds, looks like you two are next.” With that, she walked away and left you a giggling mess in your boyfriend’s arms. Jughead smugly smirked at you.

“Can you at least promise me one thing

“Depends what.”

“That we’ll at least have nine kids.” You chuckled and wondered how you got the chance to have such an amazing boyfriend.

Flirty Christian Yu

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! First of all, I love your account! Can I please request a Christian Yu scenario where Jay is the readers bestfriend & helps her make Christian jealous because he’s been ignoring her or spending more time with other female celebrities lately, please?! Sorry, if its really specific, I just love Jay & Christian!!

I hope you like it :D 


You were sitting at AOMG’s office waiting for your boyfriend, Christian to finish his meeting with Jay. The two of them were discussing plans for a music video. You met Christian through Jay since Jay is one of your best friends. It didn’t take you long to fall head over heels for Christian. He is very charismatic and friendly. So sometimes that part of him flirts with other girls and he doesn’t even realise it. Most of the times it doesn’t bother you, but there are days when it does. Obviously. He’s your boyfriend and seeing him doing his harmless flirting makes your blood boil. Because let’s face, there are prettier girls out there. Who’s to say he won’t find someone better than you. 

“Babe, we won’t be too long. Jay is having a little trouble understanding my concept,” Christian said as he poked his head out of the room. You simply nodded and continued scrolling through your Instagram feed not before hearing Jay’s voice, “I’m not slow. Your boyfriend doesn’t understand my VISION”. 

One hour later and Jay emerged from the room. “Ah, what do you see in him besides his big arms, tattoos and that accent. He doesn’t get what I want”. You watched Jay sat down across from you, and putting his feet on the glass table. You asked, “what were you two having trouble about?” Jay sighed and took off him cap. “I want to shoot the mv in black and white but your boy wants to it in colour”. You laughed. They always argue about the silliest things. You asked Jay, “What is my boy doing in there, Jay?” He replied, “He’s on the phone with someone. A girl. I saw the contact photo. Should I be worried, [Y/N]?” You shook your head. “If I’m not worried, why should you?” But truthfully, you were. You had noticed over the past week or so, Christian has had many phone calls and messages from his female celebrity friends.


“Is this dress too revealing, I feel like it is,” you asked Christian. The both of you were getting ready to an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. You were wearing a purple maxi dress but it had a high slit so pretty much your left leg was exposed. “Nah, it’s not. It’s a movie premier so we’ll be sitting down for most of the night anyway. You’ll be fine,” Christian reassured you. The two of you then met up with the boys and girl from AOMG. “Wow [Y/N], your dress looks incomplete. They haven’t sewn it completely. You better return it,” Simon D joked. Jay then butt in, “Are you stupid? She’s obviously wearing that dress so Christian has things to do if the movie gets boring”. You hit both of them across the head. Hoody then did the same. 

When you arrived at the premiere there were many photographers and celebrities. Everyone looked stunning. Christian got out first and helped you after. Photographers had their cameras AOMG so camera flashes were coming at every angle. All of you went inside the venue and in the corner of your eye, you saw a group of female celebrities eyeing your boyfriend. His arms were around you so doesn’t that make it obvious he’s taken, you thought. After meeting and greeting most of the people there, everyone had to wait around before the movie started. During this time you saw Christian in a corner mingling with a female celebrity. You have seen her album covers around the city but you can’t remember her name. You sat down across from where they were standing. Christian then left her so you got up thinking he was looking at you but instead, he went over to the bar and said something to the bartender. The bartender then gave two glasses of white wine? champagne? You couldn’t tell but the liquid was translucent. He then went back to his ‘new female friend’. 

You continued to stared at them and tried to read their lips but you were no good at that. As you continued, you saw Christian had got his phone out and handed to her and it looked like she put her number in. Just then, the same group of females that you saw earlier approached him. Not only that, but after a few minutes of chatting, he passed his phone around to his newly found friends. 

“I asked you before and I’ll ask again, what do you see in him?” You looked over and saw Jay sitting next to you. He had noticed you staring at your boyfriend. “Shush you. You introduced him to me remember?” “Yeah, but he wasn’t asking a million girls to put their numbers in their phone before”. “It’s probably nothing,” you say. “They are just probably asking if he’s interested in being the director for their next song or something.” Jay repeated you last two words, “or something.” You turned to Jay and he noticed your eyes are watery and your nostrils are flared open. “Let’s do something fun to get back at him instead of sitting here looking at we are about to assassinate him.” You smiled, “What do you propose we do, Park?” He got up and held out his hand. You took it and followed him to the bar. Jay choose seats that were directly in Christian’s point of view. “What are we doing, Jay?” “Follow my lead,” Jay insisted. 

Jay ordered drinks for the two of you and every now and then, Jay would pull his chair closer to you and was now only inches away from you. “Jay, what are you doing, you’re squishing me towards the wall. Move back a bit.” Jay looked at you, “let’s make your boyfriend see what he is missing out of. Put your hand on my knee, [Y/N]”. “So we are trying to make him jealous?” you asked. “Duh. C’mon put your hand on my knee.” You did just that and Jay leaned into your ears and whispered, “pretend to look over but don’t look directly at him and see if he’s looking”. Again, you did just that. Christian was definitely looking at the two of you and he didn’t look too amused. 

Jay pulled back and you nodded you head, then Jay showcased one of his winks directly at you. Surely Christian saw that. You then moved your hand to brush through Jay’s hair. “Aw it’s so soft and fluffy,” you laughed. “Hey, don’t mess with it, I spent hours trying to style it,” Jay told you. “You laughed again, “you know, I half expected it to be all greasy. Are you trying to pick up someone tonight?” Jay shook his head, “I’m just here for the free drinks and food. Oh and the ahem movie.” He looked at the cameras and winked into it. “Why are you doing that? You’re so lame, Park”. 

The two of you were talking about the upcoming AOMG tour and Jay’s hand was on yours. “Is this too much, Jay? Should we stop?” you asked. “We’ll stop when he comes over”. He then pulled your chair facing him so that your legs were between his. The two of you continued to talk and you lost track of time. You didn’t even notice Jay’s hand was your bare thigh. “Ok Park, that’s far enough”. Jay apologise and ordered two more drinks. When the drinks were set down, Christian came over. “Hey, what you two talking about?” he asked as he pulled another chair and put in the middle between Jay and yourself. Jay leaned back and smirked at him. You just gave Jay your ‘stop it’ look. 

“We were just talking, that’s all,” you answered Christian’s question. Just then, one of female celebrities came and stood next to Christian. Her hand rested on his shoulders. You looked at him and he glared back you. Jay noticed then he quickly took your hand and pulled you up from your seat. “Let’s get out of here, [Y/N]”. You were lost for words. Christian would just sit there and do nothing? 

You sat on the steps and Jay had given his your jacket to cover your legs. He sat down and put his arms around you and you rested your head on his shoulders. Both of you sat in silence, before you hear Christian’s voice, “[Y/N]! Come inside, the movie is about to start”. You ignored him. 

“Babe, c’mon”. Christian was now standing in front of you, just a few steps down and Jay’s arms were still around you. “I thought you were too busy for me, Christian. Why don’t you ask your newly found girl friends to keep you company?” Christian was taken aback, “What do you mean my new girl friends?” “She meant the ones surrounding you before or specifically the one with the hand on your shoulders,” Jay retorted back. “Are you being serious?”, Christian asked, “Is that why you have been playing handsy and footsy with him all night long? Are you jealous and can I not talk to other females?” You laughed, “You can talk with all the females in the whole freaking world for all I care. But you’re always flirting with them and they might get the wrong idea. And that girl who put her hand on your shoulders. Why didn’t you do anything?” Christian was now looking back and forth at you and Jay. “It’s because I saw how the two of were acting and plus his hands were on your thighs. That’s way more intimate.”

“So you’re jealous that [Y/N] is with another guy?” Jay asked. “Of course, but when the other guy is you, I’m super worried,” Christian said, “because you two have known each for so long. [Y/N] is beautiful and Jay, you’re alright so I don’t know, maybe you two might fall for each other or something. And I don’t want to lose [Y/N]”. You smiled at Christian. “I don’t want to lose you too babe, and I’m sorry for making you jealous. And don’t you worry, Jay isn’t my type so it’s never going to happen. I know too much of his bad habits that I’ve put off by him”. Christian laughed and bent down to kiss you, “And I’m sorry too”. You gave back Jay his jacket and stood up. “Shall we going inside, babe?” 

“Hey I made whatever it is you two have happen so don’t bad mouth me, [Y/N].” Jay uttered, “and Christian, I’m just ‘alright’? Surely I’m on the same level of attractiveness as [Y/N]? Both Christian and you laughed at him. “If you could rock my girlfriend’s dress then I might change my mind, Jay”. 

anonymous asked:

Hello 😊 sooooo I've JUST recently gotten into SHINee ( honestly I've been wanting to get into SHINee for a while but I've just been lazy until now) so I'm new to the fandom--whooop! - So I was wondering, is there anything I should know about SHINee? Also could you recommend me anything SHINee related?

welcome to the fandom, sweetpea!

there’s a lot of history to tell from these past ten years, so I’ll give you a condensed version of things (there was this huge masterpost/introduction on shinee I was going to link but I can’t seem to find anywhere otl; I’ll keep searching for it, though); even more so because… I believe it’s easier, in fact, to learn about them slowly and steadily as you become more and more involved with them.

so, take all the time you need! it’s really more exciting to fall in love with the boys little by little tbh.

forget about the typical roles found in kpop groups: all five are vocals (and visuals). shinee as a whole is very different from currently active/3rd generation groups - even though they’ve been on the run for longer, they are still young, they always bring in new, exciting concepts and flawless performances and tend to be compared to rookies in what concerns their energy on stage; meaning, they work as hard and with as much enthusiasm as a group that just debuted. 

taemin is very clumsy and has a habit of losing/breaking things by accident. (important: he hates bugs and I don’t say this lightly.) he’s very reserved and an introvert, but he loves his close friends and family dearly. usually more comfortable somewhere with food available. the personification of persistence and passion for what he does. also, he’s a soloist with three (Korean: Ace and Press It / Japanese: Sayonara Hitori) successful albums released. (you can find my - heavily biased - picks of favorite taem videos here.)

oh and still related to taemin - we have this thing where chanting his name brings in luck, apparently

minho is everyone’s dream boy: acts, raps, sings, writes his own lyrics, is gorgeous and charming and athletic, always working hard to become a better version of himself and the sweetest being you’ll ever hear about. he’s tall and big and all, yes, but don’t fool yourself: he’s soft, affectionate, touchy and a Real sap 24/7. his dad pretty much adopted the other four. he starred on a movie titled ‘Derailed’ recently; on KBS’s Hwarang: The Beginning and a bunch of dramas you can find on a masterlist at the end of this post.

key is a hardworking, inspirational and real example of someone who’s been through a lot and has a lot to useful advice to share based on previous experiences (also, he’s the king of aesthetics). he knows where he stands and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone - that’s why he’s the one to quickly shut down any member who’s being Too Much during an interview/show/etc; which is funny, because key himself is full of energy and will like, do the most for as long as he can get away with it. he’s been featured in a bunch of musicals and took part in a duo, Toheart, back in 2014. solo projects include a collab song with Axodus and an ost with NCT’S Doyoung.

a guide on how much of a sweetheart is kim jonghyun - he’s a complex being with a heart much too big and we’re always learning something new about him. I think the best way to get to know him is through the blue night radio; as its dj, he often shares bits of himself you’ll learn to put together little by little and love as a whole. he’s a soloist, too, with two officially promoted albums (Base and She Is) and a self-composed compilation (Story Op.1) released.

onew is their strength, their main pillar; someone who doesn’t impose his views on the boys and who, in exchange, is extremely respected and loved by each of them (despite his dad jokes and bad puns - they adore him, I’m not even joking). no wonder he won leader of the year back in 2015. ah, yes - he’s a prime example of sunshine incarnate. (he acts, too! he was a rockstar on the musical Rock of Ages and a doctor on Descendants of the Sun.)

the boys are so genuine in themselves, to each other and to everyone else those who work with them are all about compliments and admiration

and it’s not without a reason everyone says they are a family

the importance of the year 2013 to shinee and shawols 

some songs you might want to check out (p.s.: their Japanese discography is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)

they really like dogs

they’ve won a shit ton of awards since debut

they dote on their youngest like actual brothers

they are a mess™

shawolsource’s tag for masterposts of videos on each member + dl link for all their mvs (the last part compiled by me)

must watch (in my humble opinion): The Ultimate GroupSHINee’s Surprise Party for JonghyunVlive SHINee Begins and this mess of a promotional video

something I highly recommend checking on in terms of dancing and singing skills and the relationship between the members in general: their concerts. the first one I’ve ever watched was the SHINee World Concert III (which is still my favorite!) and if there’s anything that made me fall even harder for them, like… that was it. I can’t find link for all of them, sadly, but here you have the JATSWCII and SWCIV in full and playlists for the BMU TourI’m Your Boy Tour and DxDxD Tour.

some blogs that will help you out getting familiar with them are @fyjjong and @shineesubbed.

shawols wouldn’t ever miss a chance to go on and on about anything shinee, so - any questions, opinions or requests, don’t hesitate to hit one of us up. ♡

The Idea of Us (Daveed x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist


Thank you so so so much to @linmanuclmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @icanneverbesatisfied and @pixel-pisces for editing this and reassuring me that it wasn’t total crap.

Requested: yes!

“May I request 41 or 38 with Daveed Diggs?”


38) *runs into the room screaming and jumps onto someone’s back* PIGGYBACK RIDE!!

41) Okay, what the hell is an OTP, and why are we theirs?

Summary: “You know I’ve always liked the idea of us being together.” The three times people thought you were dating, and the one time you did something about it.

Warnings: swearing? (i don’t remember), drinking, insane amount of fic cliches

Words: 5603 (wow, okay)

Originally posted by mirandasdaughter

“Yo, yo, yo!!! Get ready to have your lives become infinitely better due to my presence.” Daveed smiles when he hears your familiar voice echo throughout his New York City apartment.

“Y/N!! Get your pretty ass up here. We’re in the studio,” he yells down the hall before turning back to Rafa. “So, is that going in the bridge, or did you want to add it onto the first chorus? Because I’m confused on how that would work.” You walk into the small studio Daveed built into his home. You stop in the doorway and look on with admiration, seeing their passion for the subject they are discussing so clearly etched on their faces.

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(W)rapped Around Her Finger

Originally posted by btsleepy

A/N: I had my first request sent into my inbox. Thanks for trusting me enough to write something for you, I feel like what I write is trash. I don’t want to make this a series but I can see this being longer than one part haha. ALSO I suck at coming up with titles as you can see

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Pairing: J-hope x Reader (Ugh I love this little ball of sunshine so much I can’t stop writing about him.)

Summary: You and J-hope are both rappers and he seems to have a huge crush on you although you have always failed to see it. 

Genre: Angst,Fluff.

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Originally posted by pledisseventeen

  • The really secret about it type of fan
  • Like you wouldn’t expect him to like girl groups until you see his wallpaper
  • Lowkey but hardcore your fan
  • Likes the most random things about you
  • ‘I like the smol mole on her arm’
  • how he came to know you?
  • well, he was up at midnight you know, just staring at his phone like everyone does
  • and he’s doing the thing where you just randomly click through youtube videos because you’re bored
  • Wonwoo was scrolling through the next recommended videos when he saw this cat being weird video but when he went to go click on it, his hand slipped and he clicked on the video below it
  • and he’s just like ‘well im too lazy to go back now’
  • the video was a vlive and yes you were the one doing the live
  • Wonwoo was initially going to click on another video, but then he heard your voice
  • It was soo sweet and soothing to his ears that he just stopped and started watching
  • and he fell
  • HARD
  • Suddenly it’s 7 in the morning, the sun is starting to peek out and Wonwoo knows your birthday, your birth place, your favorite song, your pets, your favorite food and color
  • Wonwoo didn’t fall for your music, he fell for you and your personality
  • He thinks this is just a small phase, that he’ll get over it in a week
  • But now it’s six months later and his folder of photos of you has gone over 600
  • Wonwoo does finally take time to listen to your group songs, and he’s just over the moon when he hears your voice
  • Stumbles across a video of you doing a cover and he’s sitting in the dark, in the middle of the night, with his heart jumping out of his chest
  • Heard you rap once and lost it
  • bc you were so good but then you got all shy about it in the video and Wonwoo was melting
  • absolutely LOVES when you pull out them pun jokes
  • like he’s sitting there in his room, in the library, in the café, laughing his ass off like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard
  • doesn’t forget to remind people of that moment
  • ‘remember when they said…’
  • Created a Tumblr blog dedicated to you
  • Got really confused the first week on how to use the site
  • for the first two months he reblogged a lot of stuff just pertaining to you
  • got really interested in those things people call gifs
  • so he learned everything he could about it and mastered the art of gif making in a few weeks
  • started making gifs of you
  • they got really popular because at first he just did regular ones from vlives and interviews but then all of a sudden he’s making these cute and aesthetically pleasing ones of you
  • and the whole kpop world is freaking out
  • people requested him to do other idols, or at least other members but he’s like
  • ‘sorry I only do them for y/n’
  • He met Joshua on Tumblr
  • Joshua messaged Wonwoo privately, asking if he can use Wonwoo’s gifs that he made from one your interviews and translate it to english
  • (bc that particular gif was the part of the interview that you talked about Joshua’s bias)
  • Wonwoo took like 3 days to answer because he was so nervous and hesitant
  • Finally agrees to letting Joshua use it
  • Wonwoo discovers the world of crediting the gif maker when Joshua puts a little credit at the end of the post
  • Wonwoo doesn’t know how but he continues to talk to Joshua and finally one day Joshua’s like ‘bro you should join this group chat I’m in’
  • And Wonwoo’s like sure because it’s 1 in the morning and he’s dead tired and he doesn’t know what he’s saying because he knocks out dead asleep after he sends that message
  • Wakes up the next morning to 1,000 new messages and two guys names Cheol and Woozi screaming all caps about their biases
  • Wonwoo discovers he fits right in with these dorks and now he has best friends who he can talk to about you
  • Gets really emotional at like 3 in the morning about you and everyone is just
  • ‘wonwoo are you okay’
  • The guys are all talking about their past experiences with fanmeets and concerts and Wonwoo is there like ‘lol never been to one’
  • The group chat falls dead silent for 5 minutes
  • Everyone’s screaming and now everyone is determined to help Wonwoo meet you
  • Luckily, thanks to mama Jeonghan, he has connections and is able to bring Wonwoo with him to the groups next fanmeet
  • Gets really nervous the more he gets closer to the venue
  • And Jeonghan is laughing and sending pic and videos of Wonwoo being nervous to the groupchat
  • Wonwoo’s standing there in the crowd, and when you come out with your members, he’s so frozen
  • He’s SHOOK to the core bc ‘she’s real. SHE’S ACTUALLY REAL. I SEE HER’
  • Jeonghan took a video of that moment and everyone in the group chat is laughing
  • It’s at the part of the fan meet where everyone is going on stage to meet the idols and Wonwoo is next and his hands are literally shaking because you’re the first one
  • He feels his stomach churning and he’s so scared
  • Jeonghan already went up, and so Wonwoo is looking at him in the crowd who’s giving Wonwoo a thumbs up
  • And Wonwoo wants to cry because HE’S NEXT
  • Jeonghan literally stops taking pics and videos of his bias to capture Wonwoo’s moment
  • It’s Wonwoo’s turn to go and you look over at Wonwoo and everything just stops
  • All sound is drowned out, he’s staring into your eyes, taking in your features, your straight hair, the cute flower crown on your head, the way your lips curl up into a smile, and you give a small gesture for him to move forward
  • and it isn’t until a staff is pushing him that he snaps back into reality
  • he hears you giggle when he sits down, he thinks he’s going to pass out
  • your hand brushes his when he gives you a cute plush doll and suddenly he feels nauseous
  • ‘you don’t look good’ you give him this concerned look, and you touch his hand asking him if he’s sick
  • Wonwoo shakes his head and he’s cursing because HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY
  • You’re trying to get him to talk but he’s so quiet so you’re like ‘who’s your bias’ since it kinda seems he doesn’t like you
  • But he spits out the word ‘I like you’
  • And you give him the biggest grin and he’s swooning, and he’s seeing the next people start to move and now he’s rushing to get everything out
  • ‘I really really like you and your music and you’re really cute when you rap and you’re so nice when you help the other members and I find your puns and jokes really funny and I hope you win on the next music show’
  • It all came out really fast and you’re processing everything and it’s possibly the sweetest thing you’ve heard in a while, so you smile really big while grabbing his hand
  • And for the next minute Wonwoo is in heaven because you don’t let go of his hand and you’re asking him random questions as you sign the pages and answer his question
  • Almost falls to his knees when he goes back to Jeonghan
  • Jeonghan is screaming because he got the whole thing on video and he took nice pics
  • Now Wonwoo is screaming because he can relive the moment
  • Wonwoo post all the pics and videos to his blog and obviously gives credit to Jeonghan
  • Lets just say Wonwoo never misses a fanmeet after that, and he even goes with the other guys
  • For his birthday, everyone is screaming
  • The group chat fills with pictures of just you in celebration to Wonwoo’s birthday
  • His followers are sending him birthday messages
  • Jeonghan reposted those first moments of Wonwoo meeting you on his fansite
  • To Wonwoo’s luck, you did a vlive on the day of his birthday
  • And as he’s watching, he sees these messages on the chat screaming ‘IT’S WONWOO’S BIRTHDAY PLS SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
  • And it’s 12 boys screaming it at the same time so you notice it, and you’re laughing before saying ‘Happy Birthday Wonwoo, I love you!!’
  • Wonwoo died
  • Rip Wonwoo July 17th 2017
  • Puts a gif of you saying Happy birthday to him on his blog and everyone freaked
  • Made the gif his header
  • Cried for a week after
  • Fanboy Wonwoo just adores you so much, he’s seen you so much that he’s no longer nervous when he meets you at the fanmeets. And you find him really cute and nice to talk to, you’ve recognized him so much that you wave to him in the crowd and honestly Wonwoo can’t find anyone more perfect than you who smiles his way and remembers his name.
No more hiding

Request: A Christian one where he is found and tells his fans about you both xx

I can’t remember if this request was sent in anonymously or from a specific person. I can’t find the original request on my blog D: if you sent this in and would like to include your name above, please let me know! 

“How many hours do you sleep?” Christian read the comment from his Instagram Live chat, “Um I tend to only sleep for like 5 hours a night. I try to go to bed early but with shooting and editing, I can’t help but to stay up late. You know, when you’re in the zone you can’t just stop,” Christian answered. He had just started his Live feed a few minutes and already more than 2000 fans were watching him. It was about 2am and he had just got home from shooting Dabin’s latest music video. 

“When are you coming back to Australia,” Christian read another comment, “I’ll probably come back in a few months. It’s currently winter over there so I’ll be back when winter is over. I can’t stand the cold”. He continued to answer his fans’ questions and, at the same time looked at the clock. He was waiting for you to come home from work. 

You work part time as a waitress at a restaurant. It was just job that you took so that you could earn a little extra cash. The two of you have been for the past couple of months and both agreed to keep the relationship on the down low. You didn’t want fans coming up to you while you were working since your boss would not appreciate it. At the same time, Christian didn’t want fans coming up to him whilst he’s out shooting. He loves his fans but right now, he needs space to be able to shoot and produce the best of the best. 

After answering a couple more questions, Christian put on a song from his laptop and when it began playing, his fans asked him what the name of the song was. “It’s called Ringx4 by Y.E. Ali”. He continued to jam to the song and didn’t realise you had come home. 

As you took off your shoes you made your way towards the living room. You threw your bag and jacket on the sofa and called out to Christian, but he didn’t hear you from the bedroom. You have had a long night so you went to take a shower first. You grabbed a new towel on the way to the bathroom. 

“Show us your tattoos?,” Christian laughed at the question, “I’m sure you all know my tattoos, but um here’s a closer look”. He then brought his phone closer to himself and showed off his tattoos to his now 3000 fans. 

You got out the shower and simply wrapped the towel around your body. You headed back to the bedroom and hope that Christian wasn’t asleep already. When you opened the bedroom door, you could see Christian’s back and he was moving his phone up and down and his arm. 

“What the hell is he doing?” you thought to yourself. You wanted to surprise him so you walked up to him slowly and silently, then once you were close enough you jumped on the bed and laid next to him.

“Hey baby,” you greeted him with kisses on his cheek.

Christian was surprise but he returned your kisses with one long kiss on your lips. 

“When did you get home?”

“Just got home but I went to take a shower first. I called your name but you didn’t hear me. What were you doing?”

“Sorry babe, I’ve put my music on a bit too loud. I was just doing a Live chat on Instagram”.

“Umm Christian, are you still on?”

Christian and you looked at his phone and both realised he was still live.

You quickly rolled out of sight. Christian looked at the recent comments and most of them were practically the same thing. Every one who was commenting was asking who you were. 

“Um sorry guys, I forgot I was on still on Live,” Christian chuckled. “But can you guys give me a minute”. He put his phone faced down on the bed and turned to you. 

“The fans are going crazy now. They know you’re my girlfriend,” he whispered.

“Well say good night to them. End the chat,” you responded. 

“I can’t babe. They know and I don’t want to keep lying to them. Should we just tell them?” he asked you. 

You weren’t sure if you wanted the relationship to become public but then a part you wanted to. You were getting tired of sneaking around, wearing face masks every time you two went out and turning down your friend’s set up blind dates. Sometimes you had to avoid your friends because they keep setting you up with guys.

“Fine..let’s tell them, but you’re doing the talking okay?”

Christian smiled and you went back to lying next to him. Christian picked up the phone and now there were even more fans who had just joined.

“Hey everyone. Um I forgot I was still Live before but I would like everyone to meet my girlfriend, [Y/N]”. Christian panned the camera more to your side but you pushed it back towards him.

A lot of questions were now coming in asking about how long you two have been together, how cute you two look and bunches of love hearts and some crying emojis.

“We’ve been together for a few months already but we decided to keep it on the down low. But [Y/N] jumped me tonight so now our relationship isn’t on the down low now. Right, babe?”

You smiled and nodded. 

“Wanna say something, babe?” he asked you.

You shook your head and looked at the comments, and one caught your eyes.

“Dammit, I’m just wearing a towel!”

You quickly jumped out of bed and went to look for your pjs. 

“Oh my god, I totally forgot you’re just wearing a towel. I hope you didn’t slip anything to my fans, babe,” Christian joked. 

You stuck your tongue at him and got into your pjs from the other side of the camera. 

“Okay, it’s getting late and my girl is finally home so I can go to bed now. Thanks for all your questions! Oh and before I go, can you please respect [Y/N] when you see her outside. Thanks again!”

Christian ended the live chat and looked at you.

“Fans are going to start noticing you. Be prepared, babe. And I hope Instagram doesn’t block my account”.

“What do you mean?” you asked as you climbed into bed.

“You were just wearing a towel and who knows, what got slipped out,” he smirked. 

You slapped him across the arm, “Good night, Christian”.

Our Song

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings:  This is so fluffy I almost threw up. 

Requested by: @ballerinafairyprincess

Can I request one where the reader sings in the shower (thinking no one hears) but Bucky listens everyday and she finds out and starts singing songs directed at him.

A/N:  The songs mentioned in the fic are Gold Digger by Kanye West, Realize by Colbie Calliat and Only Have Eye’s For You from the musical 42nd Street (which is just saw the other night :) )

You sang in the shower, no one knew or so you thought.  You happened to share a floor with Steve and Bucky, After long missions or rough nights the guys would find themselves listening to you.  You always seemed to sing the exact song they needed.  Like when Steve heard you rapping along to Gold Digger. He was dating a new girl and it hit him that maybe she was using him.  After confronting the girl, and talking to Bucky he decided that your song was what he needed to hear.  

You may not have any actual powers but your shower songs had the power to help your two favorite super soldiers all the time. There were many a time Bucky would catch Steve leaning outside the bathroom listening and vice versa.  Neither said a thing just nodded in understanding.   

Neither of them feel the need to tell you, for fear that you would stop singing.  After one particularly exhausting mission, Bucky was heading back from the kitchen only to hear you singing the lyrics to song he couldn’t identify.   As your voice flowed out of the crack that separated the door from its frame, he let your words soothe him like a lullaby.

After drying off, you pulled on your robe and open the door.  You’re greeted by the sight of Bucky sitting on the floor, his legs extended out in front of him, his back resting against the wall fast asleep.  You started to wake him, then stopped.  You just knew he had been listening to you.  Why the hell else would he be in front of the bathroom.  You step over him and walk to your room, determined to confront him tomorrow.

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vii. Why can’t the world just chill for a second?

This one was a request from a post I reblogged with a few phrases. Thank you so much for sent it this on! I hope you like it.

Harry lets out a long groan, walking with heavy steps around the living room. You can hear him from your room grumbling and cursing under his breath, and it is so different to the Harry you are used to you that you can’t come back to the book you were reading until minutes ago. Baudelaire can wait as much as you need him to.

Taking off your glasses, you get up from your bed. Harry’s words are still echoing in your head, trying desperately to have an idea of who is he talking to, or what the conversation is about. It must be something serious, as he is deeply affected by it. You know he is angry: he walks a little too fast around the room when something isn’t under his control or he feels helpless. He is so angry that you are sure he must have fire in his eyes… but then a sigh leaves his mouth, and it sounds so broken, so tired that you cannot help it, you’re already on your way to face him.

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“If I Could Tell Her” Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “Hi, can you do a fic based off “If I could tell her” from Dear Evan Hansen with a fluffy ending please 💕” ~ @actual–hobbit

Warnings: Fighting, Guilt, The death of Alex Summers :(

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Ok, @actual–hobbit! I’m a theatre kid myself, but I’ve never seen Dear Evan Hansen. Needless to say, I did some research after getting your request and I LOVE the story and this beautiful song. I may have changed some things up (Alex wasn’t really abusive, like Connor) and I don’t think I made it fluffy enough at the end, but I really hope you like it! Thanks for requesting (and introducing me to a fantastic new musical <3) ) and have a groovy day!

(P.S. It sounds just as incest-y in the song. I promise. Beautiful song, though. Give it a listen. )



Peter felt like he was begging for a distraction. He wished that he could just sit down and read like a normal person. Instead, he paced the room with his History book open and his attention snagging on everything in his line of sight. He let out an exasperated groan and stuffed the book inside his backpack. Maybe, Y/N could help. He never had trouble focusing on her. She always grabbed his attention. That was part of the reason why he was failing history.

He knocked lightly on the door, to no response.

“Y/N?” He pushed the door open and looked around the room. No one.

“Damnit.” He whispered, plopping down in her desk chair. He scanned the walls and shelves pensively. He was in her dorm all the time, but he’d never really looked around that much. He was always there to watch movies and things like that. Not to mention Y/N was typically in there with him, meaning his level of attention to things other than her was pretty limited.

It was a home-y little room, filled with little decorations and pictures of her family and friends. He stood, picking up a picture from her shelf. Jean and Y/N in front of the Statue of Liberty. He smiled and grabbed another. Him and Y/N laying out on the grass in front of the school. It had only been a few days after the battle with Apocalypse. Peter still had his cast on. It had been a long couple of days and everyone was beyond exhausted. They’d fallen asleep by the lake and Jubilee managed to capture the picture before they woke up. As he propped the photo back up against the shelf, a loose photo fell from the back of the frame.  He grabbed it just before it hit the floor. It was an older photo, dusty with bend corners. Captured in the frame was Y/N, her bothers, and an older man and woman. Her parents. He remembered seeing them at her brother’s funeral. She had written on the bottom of it. Summers’ 1975.

He studied the family, feeling a churn in his stomach. Alex Summers had died the day Peter evacuated the school during an explosion. Turns out, he had missed someone.

Alex was a friend. More importantly, he was a good person. Peter had never forgiven himself for overlooking him. Five months after his death, and Peter still felt nauseous at the thought of it. He should have gone deeper into the blast. He may have been able to get him out in time. If only he had gotten there just a little bit sooner. Alex deserved to make it out, not Peter.

He swallowed thickly. He was never fast enough. Not when it mattered.

He rested the photo up against the back of the shelf trying to erase it from his thoughts, but he couldn’t get the tightness out of his chest.

Suddenly, a distraction presented itself. A muffled door slam echoed down the hallway followed by quick footsteps. Y/N flung the door open and throw her bag down on the bed, tears in her eyes.

Peter stood, “Y/N?”

She jumped and flipped around.

“Oh, God. I’m sorry, Peter. I didn’t know you were in here.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her sleeve and sat down on the bed, trying to gather herself. Peter joined her on the bed, hesitantly.

“What happened to you?”

Y/N took a deep breath. He could tell she was trying her hardest not to cry.

“Scott…He hates me… Alex hated me to.”

Peter frowned. Y/N loved her older brothers more than anything, but she wasn’t really that close to either of them. Alex had been gone a lot with the school and the X-men while she was growing up. That, in itself, had its effects. Every time she talked to him, it was as if they barely knew each other. Presumably because, they did barley know each other. They had both wanted to be closer, but neither of them knew how to get there. Scott, on the other hand, was with her everyday, growing up. They never left each other’s side until Alex died. After the funeral, they stopped talking and started fighting.

The tightness in Peter’s stomach returned.

“Scott doesn’t hate you, Y/N. And Alex didn’t either. He thought you were awesome.”

Y/N scoffed turning away from him.

“He thought I was awesome? My brother?” She whispered, intrigued by the comment. He followed her eyes, climbing over on the bed so that she was looking at him again.


“How?” She seemed to cling to his words. Like, it was the only thing left that could prove her wrong.

“He’d talk about you all the time, Y/N. He thought it was so funny that you’d fill out those quizzes in magazines…And you know how your mom gets angry when you draw on the cuffs of your jeans when you get bored…he knew all about that.” Peter paused, seeing the tears in her eyes. She gave him a watery smile.

“He loved your smile…” Peter whispered, “He said you’d never know how great it makes people feel when you smile”.

Y/N looked down at her feet. She would’ve killed to hear Alex say those things. Any of them.

“Did he say anything else?” Peter was caught off guard.

“A-about you?”

“Never mind, I don’t really care anyways-“

Peter grabbed her shoulder, still fumbling to hold her attention, “No, no, no—just, no, no—he said—he said so many things, I’m just—I’m trying to remember the best ones.”

Y/N laughed and caught a tear that was rolling down her cheek.

“Remember in middle school? When you put indigo streaks in your hair?”

Y/N nodded, remembering. She had begged her mom to let her dye her hair over the summer. It had taken her weeks to convince her, but she was entirely too happy when she finally caved.

“He thought it was really cool, when you did that.”

“He did?”

“Yeah! And whenever you danced at Jubilee’s birthday last year, he said you danced like the rest of the world wasn’t even there!”

Y/N laughed as Peter sat up on his knees, grabbing her hands. She sighed and looked over at the family photo on her nightstand. She took it, running her fingers over the glass pane.

“Hey…” Peter tilted her chin up to look at him, “Don’t worry about Scott. He’ll come around.”

She nodded sadly.

“You’ve both had something…something terrible happen to you. Sometimes, being there for someone is the best thing you can do. “

Peter could feel the pit in his stomach begin to return. 

Y/N looked back at the picture, “It just seems like he’s so far away. It’s like I don’t know anything.”

Peter felt short of breath. If only he could tell her how much sleep he lost at night. If only he could tell her how he’d never forgive himself. If only he could tell her about how her smile seemed to make the sick feeling in his stomach go away for a while. That sort of subtle, perfect, real smile. If only he could tell her it was him who loved her blue hair and her stupid dancing and her magazine quizzes and the cuffs of her jeans. It was him who lived for her smile. It was him who loved her.

If only he could tell her.


We Once Were (1/?) | Tom Holland

Request: could i get an imagine where the reader and tom used to date back in high school and now she’s a famous singer so they broke up when their careers took off and she wrote an album about him and they meet again at a party or something and it’s full of angst? 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Famous Artist!Reader 

Summary: A stellar actor and a brilliant musician both chased dreams that led them apart. What happens when those same dreams bring them back together? (a lot of angst) 

 A/N: i think this is my favorite request so far i actually put off writing this because i did not want to mess it up oops so thank you to the amazing anon who sent it in! 

part 2 / request here / masterlist

People often underestimate the impact of art in their lives. No, not the paintings on the walls, nor the sketches on notepads, but the music on albums in the car and the films that fill cinemas. Both you and Tom dedicated your lives to this art. Both you and Tom worked blood, sweat, and tears to get to where you were. A part of you just wished it happened some other way.

You and Tom were high school sweethearts. You were everyone’s favorite couple roaming the halls with hands intertwined and smiles ever-present. You with your guitar in hand and him with a script, you took on your dreams head first and steadfast, not noticing the way it put tension on your relationship until it became too much. You could not place exactly when or how it ended but you remembered the pain like it was yesterday. You could almost hear the whispers murmuring rumors of how the iconic duo broke up. 

You wished any one of them were true, maybe it would not have hurt as much. But no one ever got it right. Two roads diverged and you fell in love. Two roads intertwined and he was on top of the world. Two roads with different destinations eventually separate, no matter how close they were at one point. You hated that it had to be you and Tom.

Tom was not any better. At the time, he disappeared from the hallways, only appearing in classes with the same black hoodie he loved too much. He never wanted to let his love for acting come in between his love for you but it reached a point where the end was inevitable and approaching fast. One conversation led to many nights of fights and tears and emotions until it came to an abrupt stop.

It was years later when you decided to rehash the scars from ages ago. Your band had been in the middle of writing your fourth album when a note hit and your words were flowing out like rainfall. You could never hate Tom, you still supported him and his career from miles away. You never talked but you knew he listened to your songs, just as he knew you watched his movies. It was an unconditional promise of support you both kept. No matter where you were, who you were with, what you were doing, you were there for each other. Even if the best you could do was see a film or listen to music.

Your words were never meant to provoke outrage or hate, in fact it was written as a pure form of storytelling. You bled lyrics into songs, you performed your heart out on stage, and you carried the weight of things you wished you said back when there was something to save. Your band’s latest album was really personal to you, thankfully your band was respectful enough to keep the details of its inspiration behind closed doors.

The first time Tom heard your new album was in a grocery store. The single was vague enough to keep outsiders quiet but specific enough for him to pinpoint the days you sang about. From holding hands to holding phone lines that never rang, from long and lonely nights coupled with even colder fights, the words we left to hang. Tom left the store immediately and drove home as fast as the law would allow it. He spent the next few days decoding every word you said, hoping somewhere it would give him the strength to pick up the phone.

Your band’s record company threw you a big party to celebrate your album climbing the charts and how it was absolutely wrecking record sales. You were so grateful for all the love but also felt so much of the weight fall off your shoulders. You would be lying if you said you were happier about the former. You did not take time to think that you felt emptier.

Tom heard of this party. A close friend of his was signed to the same label. It took a lot of convincing to get Tom to even think about going, he was not going to lie, he was being childishly stubborn. After a few–a lot–of long talks with Harrison, he finally agreed to attempt to tie up those loose ends he desperately wanted to weave again. To say he was nervous would be a flat out lie. He was ready to faint and his heart felt like it could burst at even the mention of your name.


(part two!)

Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- This is the Gospel

Here’s your finished request @abigailredgrave!!!  I really enjoyed writing this and I hope everyone else here will enjoy it, too!!!  Just a little reminder, this fic is in the Arkhamverse!! Also, this fic used Panic! At The Disco’s ‘This is the Gospel’ for some inspiration.

Warning: Mentions of torture, description of physical injuries, etc.

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Hello, guys! Today I decided to post something different… For starters, this is not a request. Second of all, it is a true story (about me and my boyfriend), but with some modifications of course.

Hope you like it!


“DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!” The small crowd around us were chanting. As soon as the 3rd shot from the night went down my throat I knew I was drunk. I’m a light weight, I get drunk very easily, sorry. I looked over to Harry and he looked a little be woozy too.

Harry’s closed a bar to make some small party to his team, the ones who worked alongside him to make the masterpiece it is his album. I worked very close to him, so the logical thing was for us to become very good friends. The type of friends who have inside jokes, who would spend all day together working, but also having the best times of our lives.

The thing is… I fell for him. Don’t blame me, have you looked the guy?! The first time I realized I loved him was when I went away for a weekend to see my family and my sister’s new daughter and when I came back, he hugged me so tight and kissed my neck. Oh boy, that’s when I knew I wanted to be with him. There’s just one small problem: He has a girlfriend. Of course he has a bloody girlfriend! The first time I actually fall for someone and the guy has a girlfriend. A beautiful one.

One that, in this moment, decided to jump in his arms and kiss him right in front of me. Truth been told, she never liked me. Not even before I realized my feelings for Harry. She was polite to me just to not cause any fights with him, but sometimes she would through some shades and whatnot. Harry was oblivious to this hate. He’s such a good heart, the poor boy, that he doesn’t even realize how much of a snake his girlfriend actually is.

Not wanting to see this kind of thing in my current state, I decided to go to dance floor and just enjoy my drunk mind. You know what is the problem of my drunk self? I instantly become someone extremely honest. If you ask me anything in this world, any secret or something like that, I will say it. I will tell you everything that is going on in my mind in that moment. And let me tell you, not the best night to be drunk…

I was dancing, minding my own business, when a friend decided it was a good idea to take me back to the bar to drink some water. And drink a margarita.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

I vaguely remember seeing Harry’s girl. I, also, vaguely remember turning to my friend, pointing is this girl’s face and saying “Someday, I’ll make out with her boyfriend. Do you hear me, Y/F/N? Mark my words!”

To say she was pissed off is an understanding, she was beyond mad. She was screaming to Harry about my not so subtle comment. I didn’t have time to think things through, my friend were already taking me away from them. A part of me knew he heard, but the major part of me just didn’t care. It was about time he realized my feelings for him. The ball was on his field right now. If, after tonight, he didn’t come after me, I was giving up on him. For good.

I was back to dancing and I don’t even know how long exactly I was dancing when I felt someone grab my waist. We’re dancing to the sexy beat of the song and I had no care in the world in that moment. I could feel his strong hands on my waist, I could feel how hot the dancing was becoming and, most of all, I could feel it was him.

“Your girlfriend is gonna kill me.” I giggled turning around and meeting his green eyes.

“I solved the problem. I broke things off with her.” He looked at me curiously, trying to see what would I do next.

“I’m not gonna be with you tonight, you know? You just broke up with your girlfriend of 8 months!” I told him and let go of his shirt, that only then I realized I was holding it.

‘Ok.” He said and backed away. He send me a small smile before going back to the bar.

You know, I’m very aware that being with him so soon after he broke things off with his girlfriend was wrong, but I didn’t care! I spent so many months wanting to be with him, to kiss him and feel what’s like, to finally be able to hold him, that I fucking didn’t care.

Like a girl on a mission, I went straight to the bar after him. He was slowly drinking some whisky and didn’t notice my arrival. I stopped by his side and told something that was going against all my morals.

“Do you think if we disappear people will notice?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Yes.” He smiled back, already getting up from the stall.

“Do you care?”

“Not at all.”

And before we knew it, we’re on the back of the club, kissing each other hungrily. Ok, I knew I wanted to be with him for a while, but I haven’t realized he wanted me as well. His lips molded perfectly with mine, his big hands holding my face, pressing me to the wall. We’re both quite desperate, to be honest, desperate to finally be with each other, to finally put an end to that damn sexual tension that seems to surround us all the time.

“Hello, guys!” Niall stepped in by our side, breaking us apart.

“Ok, I think we need to have a chat.” Gemma looked at us disapprovingly. They lead us to a small room, that has no one in it and the music wasn’t so loud.

“You both know this is wrong, right? Harry, you just broke things off with your girlfriend. It doesn’t really matter if you wanted Y/N or not, is still wrong!” Gemma reproved him for his actions.

“And you, little miss, you know that as soon as you go back to normal and the alcohol left your system, you are gonna regret this. That’s not you, you would wait for a while before kissing him, not an hour after his break up.” Niall handed me a glass of water.

He was right. This was wrong. This wasn’t me, this was the alcohol. If I were sober, we wouldn’t be here right now.

“We’re gonna leave you two to talk. Be responsible here, kids.” Gemma left the room followed by Niall.

A lot of things were running through my mind and all the built up emotions decided to show up. I could feel my eyes tearing up and I hated myself for wanting to cry right now.

“I don’t regret it, y’know?” He spoke slowly. He was on the opposite side of the room, watching every thought running to my mind. “I’ll understand if you do, I’m just saying I don’t.”

“We’re horrible people! Harry, you just broke up with her and an hour later we’re kissing each other?! That’s terrible! Even tho I didn’t like her and I wanted to be with you for a while, this is not something you do to someone.” I told him, trying to hold back the tears but failing miserably.

“Ok, shh, breathe…” He wiped away a few tears. “First of all, don’t feel bad for her. She didn’t like you either and she definitely doesn’t deserve your kindness. Second, I wanted to break up with her for months now. I just hadn’t had the courage to do it. Third, I actually like you. I didn’t kiss you because I wanted to fool around, I went after you because I couldn’t take not being with you anymore.”  

“I actually quite like you too, you dork.” I smiled at him. He caressed my cheeks, wiping a few more tears away before his lips were on mine again.

“Where this leaves us?” I asked, pushing him away a little bit.

“We’re gonna figure it out. You and me, right?”

“Yes.” I smiled.

“FINALLY!” Gemma and Niall screamed in excitement from outside the room.

“Seems we have an audience.” Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. “C’mon babe, let’s go back to the party and enjoy it, shall we?”

“Hell yeah.”


Soooo, what did you think? This is basically the story about how me and my boyfriend got together and I felt like sharing with you. 7 months and going strong, people! Anyway, tell me your thoughts here. And please share it if you liked it (I hope you did).


All the love,


weepdee  asked:

ahhhh okay so here we go first request. could we get rfa + v + saeran reacting to mc being a huge fan of musicals such as Hamilton, Razia's Shadow, Les Misérables, etc?? bless ur cute souls <333

Yoosung-Be More Chill

  • “Um, MC why is my name Jeremy in your phone?”
  • “Cause you’re a nerdy gamer who’s in love with a person who loves plays.”
  • It takes Yoosung one look at your phone’s music to realize that you’ve become obsessed with a new musical.
  • You were right too, almost to a scary point.
  • Yoosung is a lot like this Jeremy kid
  • He ends up listening to the soundtrack too and your house is a mess.
  • Seven walked in to hear Yoosung scream “It’s from JaPAAAAAAAANNNNNN.”
  • Seven immediately leaves the premises
  • The two of you use various quotes to answer questions
  • “MC what’s taking you so long?”
  • “I’m waiting for my porno to load.”
  • You two just become dorky, off-key messes


  • Hamilton had gone international and Zen just so happened to be cast as Aaron Burr
  • When Zen finds out that you loves Hamilton too he has you help him practice, filling in any parts that he can’t.
  • The two of you end up singing the whole musical together and Zen is the best Maria Reynolds you’ve ever heard aside of course the original
  • Whenever he messes up he screams. Not frustrated, just extremely confused.
  • You two only made it through once because after that all attempts ended up half finished
  • Of course Zen only found this another reason to love you because his angel can sing better than anyone he’s ever heard and isn’t shy to break out a verse with him
  • He finds it almost scary how attractive he finds it when you rap ‘Guns and Ships’

Jaehee-Dear Evan Hansen

  • Jaehee already loves musicals, except it took you to introduce her to musicals that didn’t involve Zen
  • The first one you showed her was Dear Evan Hansen
  • She falls in love immediately and learns all of the songs in the course of two and a half days
  • She sings it everywhere, when you visit her at work she’s humming, normally For Forever, and when she cooks she sings Waving Through a Window
  • The best times though, the ones that leave both of you laughing and yelling lyrics, are when you sing Sincerely, Me as a duet
  • You two always crack up when you sing the line ‘but not because we’re gay’ because yes. You two are VERY gay, well you’re both very Bi
  • Through this you’ve learned that Jaehee has the voice of a Goddess and you are incredibly happy that she sings all of the time now
  • She almost cries when you sing ‘If I could tell Her’ to her with things that you love about her
  • You then continue to branch out but DEH holds a special place in both of your hearts


  • “We live in Korea, why are you learning about the American revolution?”
  • He’s extremely confused as to why you know that Alexander Hamilton was causing shit in New York in 1776 but you couldn’t name more than three cities in Korea
  • “Why aren’t you learning about the American Revolution?”
  • “I’m not American, MC!”
  • That’s the gist of your conversation about Hamilton
  • He doesn’t really understand why you just want to learn about the revolution but you see him nodding his head to the beat and after a while mouthing along to some of the words to a few songs.
  • And then
  • When he hears ‘Say No To This’ for the first time while you’re showering he is livid.
  • He busts up in the bathroom and jumps in the shower to your screaming.
  • “What is he-my love it’s just me-What the hell does he think he’s doing cheating on Eliza? Eliza doesn’t deserve any of this! Eliza is too good to him!”
  • “Yes honey I know, she was a great person.”
  • He continues to stand there in his full suit complaining about Ham as you laugh mumbling ‘I told you so’

Seven-Be More Chill

  • Oh dear Lord as soon as he hears this musical when you’re in the shower he’s hooked
  • He invents a SQUIP
  • He also takes the SQUIP and you honestly can’t tell if it works or not
  • All you do know is that he’s been trying to have you take a SQUIP too, but knowing your boyfriend that is a chance you are not willing to take.
  • He likes to sing every single song like Brittney Spears and honestly, he’s a great Brooke
  • Every time you go to leave somewhere he sings the entirety of ‘Do You Wanna Ride?”
  • He’s got a whole dance routine to that damn song
  • Well….he’s got a dance routine to each of the songs
  • Not to mention after around two months, he chugs red mountain dew more than he does Dr. Pepper and you can only guess why…

~Love, Peony

dan and phil play the yasuhati singing challenge: a summary

first of all can i just say i’ve been hoping for a singing video literally since the day the gaming channel was announced and if they use this as an opportunity to take the piss i’m unstanning so fast

i can’t even say anything about the intro because… okay dan

they’d best try to sing properly

i can take this game as long as they properly try to sing

“the game that almost got our neighbours to call the police and we’re back doing it again because we don’t care anymore” because you’re moving??????????

“after watching the footage i didn’t know i could physically make those noises”

they went through the comments to look for songs,,,, you all best not have let me down

i already have firm ideas about the most popular requests

“this is going to be a disaster, i hope you’re ready for the best and worst video you may ever see in your life.”

phil sings my heart will go on in the shower

dan’s face suggests he is well aware of that fact

“do i have to sing it in key?” // “you have to try”

i’m going to be mad if he doesn’t try

after the first note i am already mad and dan is already traumatised

“i could never open the door, celine dion is dead”

“if i was on the titanic and someone was singing that, i’d push you off” i’m with dan on this one sorry phil

the top comment is to sing dan’s diss track

is this actually happening

oh my god it is

okay people let’s all sit back and enjoy this

phil mouths along with him that’s so cute

i am also mouthing along with him as i assume you are too but phil is cuter than all of us

freakishly tool

you look like a noodle, you’ve got hair that was cool in 2007 and wet you just look like a noodle

he’s just in a noodle state of mind it seems

i’m sad phil didn’t do his wink at the shipping with friend line

he fails the game during the reasons why dans a fail rap,,, honestly i relate that’s the one part i can never do either

subtle boaster dan is back

oh god danger men at work

people,,,, thank you but also why

“tatinof isn’t over yet!” dan pls

dan is mouthing the words along with phil this time

whilst also doing little shovey forward hand movements

dan struggles to contain his laughter and phil shushes him truly iconic

phil goes wrong and dan can’t help but correct him

dan’s doing his exaggerated crying face that he does in main channel videos i think he’s physically cringing

dan’s hair is particularly fluffy and i am living for it

why has phil’s voice suddenly gone squeaky

“phil you need to work on your subtlety. you go straight full loudness”

stop talking over each other please i’m begging you it’s incredibly hard to summarise when you do this

“the phil without a chill”

“i’m so sick of dan watching remixes of this song, it’s all i hear in this apartment” maybe you shouldn’t spend every waking moment in the same room then pal

their collab attempt ends just as soon as ig begins

the ‘help me’ dan says in the middle of his 'singing’ accurately represents me right now trying to summarise the damn thing

there are no words for this

“i feel like the police are on their way” honey you’ve made worse noises on a louder scale trust me you’re fine

shout out to the shaved sides though hello

they don’t know the neighbour who’s on the other side of the office wall

“it could be a bedroom…” // “rip that person’s marriage”

aaand now we’re into the requests i knew would come up

“gerard isn’t dead. his dream is” there are going to be some pissed off people in the comments section of this video aren’t there

is phil’s voice breaking already or is the microphone just not knowing how to handle it

“in tune!” dan represents me screaming at the laptop screen every time they open their mouths during this video

phil keeps switching between philippa and back to himself again and it’s lowkey fic inspo

“this is the worst experience of my life” you’re telling me dan, you’re telling me

we’ve all seen you both singing toxic whilst drunk don’t hide from your past

“i regret ever listening to my chemical romance because of that one experience just now, you have just ruined my life”

phil is choosing one for dan

there’s another request i saw coming

“let’s keep with this theme” what theme are you referring to there danny boy

honestly just take a second to imagine dan singing shout out to my ex

now that would be quality content


“make it more tuneful than my welcome to the black parade” // “is that hard”

this is not what we had in mind when we write singer/band aus

“you spat everywhere, so much saliva”

“you sound like a cow” phil the savage

“oh my god what am i witnessing” phil honestly same

try summarising it it’s more difficult than you think

“i can’t produce the breath” i’m sure i’ve written that line of dialogue before dan thank you for bringing my work to life

“it’s over” phil says as he places a sad hand on dan’s back

how many of you are freaking out over that contact

“i wish this was the dan and phil actually trying to sing beautiful songs that you care about experience that you crave. this is the opposite of that” YOU’RE TELLING ME DANIEL YOU’RE TELLING ME

i feel hurt

“some people in the future might enjoy this music” // “that future shouldn’t exist”

one more

a duet to finish off

aaaand here we go with toxic

will it be better than that infamous drunk karaoke video

probably not but let’s see

“we’ve been building up to this moment for our entire lives, dan. we can do it”

“your breast britney” says dan and phil is right there to drag him for it like the absolute savage he keeps proving himself to be

this is definitely going to be someone’s ringtone

i can’t wait for the new and updated dan and phil singing compilation

'with the taste of your lips i’m on a hide’ okay dan

phil is not into this at all

until it gets to the bits between verses he’s all about those parts

phil chooses to go high and dan chooses to go low


do what you will with that information, smut writers, interpret that any way you like

they nearly beat the high score

no you definitely didn’t sing the lyrics correctly dan but you did well

“i went into my own little universe then” was it a universe of not giving a tiny rats ass, phil, because it seemed like it

“i think i’m gonna lose my voice for about a month now” // “i feel like i’ve eaten a horse”

“i’d be surprised if we’ve got any subscribers left after that” i’m just sad you let me down with having singing in the title and not giving me what i’ve been craving for years

dan tries to push the video and blame onto us nice how responsible

“i feel like we should never do this again” i agree

“that’s the end of this channel, maybe” well you brought it upon yourselves if it is

“give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed our beautiful tones” how dare you mock me

“less screamy content”

“hope you’re having a good day and your ears aren’t broken” no but my heart and trust is



Theatre Kids : Headcanons

Anon: could i request headcanons of tsukishima, yamaguchi, tanaka, kageyama, ushijima & oikawa having a musical theater loving gf - like it’s the thing she’s really passionate about so she always has vocal & dance recitals, & always has a musical that she’s apart of?

OH BOY IF THIS AIN’T ME! I’ll be giving a musical to each boy (and probably my personal favourites to tanaka and ushijima and tsukishima but shhh) so I can write head canons on that :3



  • tsukishima laughed when you told him you were playing glinda, as you and the character are nothing alike
  • he hasn’t heard you sing before, so to hear you sing about how much you loathed someone was pretty funny and he totally has it on his phone
  • your vocal range is superb and tsukishima is jealous
  • last time you were in the theatre, you were miss hannigan in annie, and you loved your song “little girls” just because you got to act drunk in it
  • during stage rehearsal, you loved the bubble thingy you got to go on and off stage on bc it was the grandest entrance ever, the first time you used it in costume you yelled “WASSUP BITCHES” and rehearsal had to be postponed ten minutes bc everyone was laughing too hard
  • rehearsals are always a lot of fun
  • also, you and the other gal who plays elphaba making everything low-key gay bc no way were those two ‘just friends’


The Sound of Music

  • he finds it funny that you’re a nun in training and won’t stop calling you Sister Y/N for at least a week and a half after telling him
  • you play maria, and he also thinks it’s very in character for you to adopt seven children and then marry their father (you didn’t know what to think of that but you did find it hilarious)
  • he loves the song “maria” and your “do-rei-me” and “my favourite things”
  • his favourite part of rehearsals is seeing you dance and prance around the stage with seven other people following after you
  • your vocal range makes him fall in love with you even more
  • he loves your voice, and bonus points if he rests his head on your lap and you run your fingers through his hair as you sing to him
  • he isn’t really jealous of the guy playing georg von trapp?? like, sure, you two have to kiss, but it didn’t really bother him?? it was just ‘oh that happened then’ and gave you a kiss after telling you how good you were
  • rehearsal lunch dates!!



  • okay, but hip-hop is his genre man, he’s gonna help you sing them lines (work girl!)
  • he adores the period dresses, and during dress rehearsals when you’re not on, he will dance with you backstage just to make the dress swish around
  • he is astounded when he sees you execute the choreography perfectly not only without the costume but in costume  as well
  • if you play eliza he’s the tiniest bit jealous of the guy who plays hamilton
  • and you tease him relentlessly for it
  • he cries when he hears burn, not gonna lie, your vocal range is perfect and beautiful and it tugged at his heart man
  • he’s sad whenever he doesn’t get to see you bc rehearsals, but he understands and avoids planning anything massively big around broadway season
  • tanaka went to all our plays, bc you always got to put a request down for how many tickets you wanted; some for your family and one for tanaka
  • he loved your donna from mamma mia tbh, it was a rollercoaster
  • post-opening night cuddles!!


Les Mis

  • if you play ephonine there is a 98.9% chance he will cry during rehearsals. every. time
  • he also loves your solo and affectionately calls it you “angsting over a dude who’s not me”. you are not impressed
  • watching the movie Les Mis one night and crying over hugh jackman and how beautiful everyone in the movie is bc, hot damn everyone in that movie is gorgeous
  • swanky-ass period clothes amiright, kageyama finds the new fashion trend by letting you put clothes on him
  • he loves every song and he becomes best buddies with your cast mates and friends
  • brings you flowers on the opening night 
  • when you come home stressed from rehearsals he kisses you and you talk about it a lot, and he always offers to help you with whatever you’re stressed about
  • him humming your latest solo as he makes you breakfast


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • okay, but you in Truly Scrumptious’ dress?? sign him the fuck up
  • also, you totally get him to practice the duet you have with the guy who plays Caractacus Potts and it turns into a make-out session
  • ushijima has a good singing voice himself, so it’s like a plus
  • his favourite song is toot sweets just because of how crazy it is in reality, like, he thinks it’s spectacular
  • he loves the original movie as well
  • he wants two kids like jemima and jeremy, and low key he wants you to be his truly
  • he’s cheesy that way
  • he also attends all of your rehearsals and brings you food on the opening night



  • oikawa relates deeply to heather chandler and you don’t have the heart to tell him that she dies
  • you, on the other hand, play veronica sawyer, and he’s got a flaming, burning dislike for the guy who plays JD, even if it does please him that the guy dies in the end
  • oops, guess you’re singing seventeen to each other in the kitchen
  • he likes heathers because it’s black comedy satire, meant to make you think beneath the layers of jokes and references to the original 1989 film
  • also you watched the original film together and cried
  • there were real tears
  • he loves the knee highs (noted) and the skirt (also noted)
Alive and Unchanged

Request: Can you please do one where the reader meets Bucky in the forties and they date then he goes to the army and she thinks he died and is all sad but it turns out the reader is immortal and she meets Bucky in the present time while she rides the train in New York


You had always known there was something wrong with you. Of course you knew, your parents encouraged you to keep it to yourself. When you fell down and scraped your knees on the cement and they watched the wound heal before their eyes. They were just as scared as you. You closed your eyes and you could still see your mother’s face.

“Baby, what you got is a gift from God,” she spoke to you, “but not everybody gon’ see it that way so you gotta keep it secret. They don’t like negroes as it is and a special one ain’t gon’ make them no happier.”

“Yes ma’am,” you’d uttered back, not understanding the gravity of who you were, and when you were. You were a little black girl in 1928, this country didn’t want anything to do with you, and yet you never felt bad for that occurrence. As you grew into your body and matured into a woman you stopped seeing changes in the mirror. At 18 you’d dived head first into the world of music, breathing life into clubs with jazz and blues. When your singing took you to Brooklyn you met the love of your life. He was sitting in the front tables with a scrawny blonde kid. Your mother told you about making eyes at white folks, and you knew it was dangerous business. Hell, that was part of the attraction. People in his world didn’t want you, they didn’t want to see you, but to you what they wanted was irrelevant. You were here, and that was just the truth of it. You chose a sultry song and let the weight of your hips sway side to side in a way you knew he’d never seen before. His eyes stayed on you, a smirk playing on his lips. You welcomed his gaze as you belted out notes you knew his ears had never heard and would never hear if you weren’t there. At the end of your set you headed home.

“Hey!” a voice called out and you stopped cold in your tracks. You turned, planting your feet, ready to fight if you had to. It was the man from the bar, that didn’t soothe you in the least.

“You sing like an angel,” he complimented.

“Thank you, sir,” you responded with a polite smile, though all of your muscles were tense.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, just wanted to pay my compliments to the best singer I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m there every night. Don’t be a stranger.”

“I won’t,” he grinned, “you get home safely.”

“Same to you, sir,” you nodded and turned back around but you strained your ears listening for any sound of pursuit. There was no pursuit. You made it back home without upset. The next night the man was there and he smiled up at you from the front tables. You shook your hips and belted out your notes, sneaking glances and winks at him when you could. He always stopped you after your show, told you how good it was. In a few weeks he got your name out of you, and he gave you his. In a few more weeks he complimented your smile, and the way you swung your hips. After three months he’d meet you behind the club away from prying eyes and he’d kiss you until your knees were weak.

The last time you saw him it was the day before he was off to war.

“Bucky,” you murmured as his lips left yours. He looked down at you in concern.

“What’s that face about, doll?”

“You’re leaving,” you felt yourself about to cry and you bit your lip trying to hold back the tears.

“Don’t you cry over me, darling. Look at me,” he lifted your head with a finger under your chin, “I’ll be back before you know it. Until then keep an eye on Steve when you can spare it.”

You nodded slowly, not at all placated by his words. You had no reason to be, because he never came back, and eventually his friend Steve disappeared too. Time wore on and things changed, but you didn’t. You remained physically unchanged. You made a name for yourself with a line of clubs. You stayed in New York, it was home. Maybe part of you was hoping Bucky would come back, you’d never found love after him. You’d never found anyone who made you feel the way Bucky did, especially when you were up on stage. You stopped singing when he didn’t come back. It hurt too much being up there and knowing he’d never see you singing again.

Your clubs got popular, popular enough for Tony Stark to pop in. He’d heard about good food, atmosphere, and music. He made his team go with him, as a “team building exercise.” You still worked in your clubs despite not really needing to. It gave you something to do, and it was nice to talk to the regulars. Therefore when one of your servers came in hyperventilating about some celebrity you took it upon yourself to go out and do her job. You recognized the man, of course, and you greeted him and his friends.

“Hello, Mr. Stark, I-”

“Y/N?” a familiar voice interrupted and your blood went cold. You looked over at the owner of the voice.

“Steve?” it couldn’t be Steve, the muscular man sitting in the booth in front of you couldn’t be sweet little Steven Rogers. He had died in the war.

“You… you haven’t aged a day. How?”

“You’re supposed to be dead. You died in the war… with… with Bucky. You can’t-”

“Whoa, I am obviously missing something. Steve you know her?” Tony interrupted.  

“She’s a friend, a really old friend.”

“How old?” Tony asked looking back at you.

“You have to be what 97?” Steve looked at you confusion etched into all of his features. You just stared at him trying to comprehend that Steve, the little punk from Brooklyn was right in front of you. The punk you had to patch up after he tried to fight two guys twice his size.

“That’s impossible, she doesn’t look a day over 23.” Tony responded.

“I know, but it’s you, isn’t it?” Steve spoke to you and looking into his eyes told you this was real.

“You punk,” you were suddenly crying and you threw yourself at Steve who caught you in a hug. You sat down with them and let the rest of the employees handle the restaurant while you and Steve caught up, and you explained how you were still alive.

“Bucky… Bucky died didn’t he?” you had to confirm.

Steve slowly shook his head, “Some people got a hold of him for a while… and they made him a super assassin. I got him back though…he’s back at the compound.”

You looked up at him and felt a new wave of tears well up in your eyes, “Can I see him?”

“… He might not remember you.”


“They brainwashed him. He didn’t remember me at first.”

“Steve I have to see him.”

Steve looked to Tony as if he was waiting for some response from him. Tony looked at the rest of the team. Within a few hours you were being escorted into Stark Tower. Steve came in with you to the room where Bucky was. You held his hand for support. As you walked in Steve pulled you slightly behind himself.

“Bucky, I brought someone to see you,” he announced. You peered underneath Steve’s arm and saw your Bucky. Only his hair was unkempt and he had a metal arm, but you looked into his eyes and you saw an echo of the boy who you’d sing for at night in that club. Steve moved out of the way to reveal you, and you watched confusion take over Bucky’s face, then recognition, finally settling on sadness.

“Y/N,” he spoke finally, “I remember you.”

Your only response was to sob and hold on to Steve to keep yourself from falling to your knees. He got up slowly and walked over to you as if you were a skiddish animal. When he was close enough you latched on to him in a bone crushing hug.

“Oh damn you,” you sobbed.

“I’m sorry, doll,” he murmured in your ear.

“I never stopped loving you,” you whispered back. At that he withdrew from you with a resolute look on his face.

“You can’t stay.” he spoke.

“What? No, why?”

“I’m not the same. I’m not good anymore.”

“Oh stop that. Steve told me, and I know what happened, but Bucky I don’t belong with anyone else. And if you think you’ll hurt me, you won’t, you can’t. I look exactly like I did back then because  I can’t change.”

“Doll,” he spoke and his voice cracked, “I’m no good for you, now.”

“Do you want me?” you asked.

“Of course I do, but I’m-”

“Then you have me. I don’t care about anything else. I’m here and you have me. I spent nearly 70 years thinking you were dead and that I’d never love again, don’t say you can’t have me. I won’t let you tell me who I can and can’t belong to.”

“You’re just the same,” he laughed a little, “you’re still as stubborn as ever, just like Steve.”

You closed the distance between the two of you and pressed your lips against his and you were back in home you had missed like no other.

prettyboydean  asked:

HELLO I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST ONE (1) FIC PLEASE, IT GOES LIKE THIS: Your window was open and you live across from me so I saw and heard you in your underwear, singing and dancing ridiculously and I really wanna get to know you cause you’re pretty hot and I might have a crush on you. - with Destiel obvs 💙

I hope you like Moana, I’m a huge fan of Disney-enthusiast!dean okay… this turned out pretty random and weird I maybe need more sleep

When finals are close, Castiel likes to spend his free weekends in his room, studying. There’s nothing else he does except for the necessary things like groceries and dinner, and trying to get Gabriel out of his room. He uses all the silence he can get to concentrate, and his family lets him.

He is in one of his study sessions, books and notes spread out all over his desk when a sudden sound makes him jump up. At first, he thinks it’s Gabriel listening to music again, but he soon realizes that can’t be. First of all, it’s coming from outside Castiel’s window and not from the hallway. Secondly, Gabriel doesn’t listen to Disney songs.

Castiel puts his pen down. It doesn’t make sense, but he’s sure it’s a song from that movie his little sister Anna likes to watch. That new one, Moana.

He pushes himself away from his desk and gets over to his window.

Across from him is Dean Winchester’s room- Castiel can’t say he doesn’t know. He’s been trying to sneak a glimpse of the guy for as long as he can remember. Now his curtains are wide open and so is his window. Castiel looks again and almost dives away when Dean suddenly appears, but he doesn’t see Cas. He’s dancing through his room, arms widely spread and jumping onto his bed and down to the floor, singing along to the lyrics Castiel only vaguely knows.

The worst (or best) part is that he’s only wearing boxers.

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Helpless [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: @kaijasimagines “Okay so I’ve got an idea for a request 🌈💫 So the reader is playing Elizabeth, and while with everyday he just falls in love with her more and more and more 💕. Because I think we all need more Lin Manuel fluff ✨”

Summary: Your Broadway and love life journey.


Shoutout: @sunshinemiranda for helping me get on the right track. LOVE YOU!

Word Count: 1,918


Request Here!

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Movie Premiere Gone Wrong

Pairing: Chris Pratt x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2565

Request:  Hey I was wondering could you write something for Chris where he takes the reader to a premiere and when he introduces her to one of his costars, then he gets really jealous when the costar starts flirting with the reader, he’s really salty for the rest of the night and they have a really fluffy moment when they get home or back to the hotel xx I love your writing and your the first person I followed on tumblr ❤️💖 by @nitro-girl

Author’s Note: So, I absolutely loved this request and I loved to write it, it’s absolutely adorable! Thanks to my babe @writing-obrien for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by chrispratt

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