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99 Episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I would love to see a B99 tribute vid to promote the 99th episode but I’m not sure (I don’t think) we’ll get that so… I decided to make one myself haha.

It’s inspired by Once Upon a Time’s 100th episode tribute vid.

I’m sorry it’s not the best thing, but I got the idea a little too late (only on Friday night tbh) so with all my exams coming next week and the episode already airing this Tuesday, I couldn’t work too much on this. I hope you’ll like it anyway, and don’t forget to tune in on your TV on Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on Fox to watch the 99th episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine :D

(Of course I couldn’t put everything in this video, like every important cases, funniest moments, ‘Nine-Nine!’ speeches, relationships/friendships – for one because I don’t have all the eps on my computer and I don’t remember all the scenes either, but also because this was already long enough – so I’m sorry if I forgot some of your favourites. I tried to put most of the main ones though!)

Watch it here if it gets blocked in your country on YouTube.

Also, I’ve just reached 2000 followers so I just wanted to say thank you all for following me, and also to the people who reblog/like my vids and fanfics I post here. I read (almost) all the tags and even though I can’t really reply to them, just know that it always brightens my days when someone leaves a kind word about my things. So yeah, I just wanted to dedicate this vid to you all guys, as a thank you for everything ♥

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pt1/5 y'know sometimes i think abt ym and the eras... like you've got pre-debut and you could already see yg was so fond of jm and jm looked up to yg alot and loved his attention, then into debut 2013... yg with a little crush, maybe, not that he'd admit it and so gentle w/ jm but not being able to stop himself sometimes (*cough*rookieking*cough*)... then into 2014 and jm starts realising his feelings abt yg go beyond a dongsaeng looking up to his hyung... both a little confused and excited

‘Why am i so proud?’ and ‘suga-hyung, do you want to kiss?’… also those selfies jm tweeted about yg’s teddy bear liking him and the kissing the bear looking… kinda drunk and h*rny ngl… then early 2015… i need u… both of them realising their feelings fully and that their mutual and the flirting/playfulness just goes through the roof but still they’re dancing around each other… but then later half of 2015… mint and orange… run… smth Happened cause the trepidation/slight awkwardness (rooming together in kota anyone?) disappeared and they were honestly All Over Each Other (isac, mama, end of year awards, esp the one w/ perfect man)… then into 2016… young forever… that moment in the yf bts where jm looks at yg like he’s dying… like he’s finally realising how goddamn in love he is… ntm yg’s bday and all that Happened w/ that… yk/ik… the sweater… ‘ is it smth small but twinkle’ (??? confirmed yg wants to elope w/jm)… the way jm acted throughout that entire v live tbh and the now infamous ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’… smiling like it’s hands down best thing to ever happen to him and then further into the year…wings.. Ym in the bst mv… interesting how ym were probably one of the most explicitly coded romantic/sexual pairings in the storyline yet yg and jm are famously known as the ones that can’t act…then the Revelation of jm going’s yg’s house for chuseok break… all award shows where they were, tbh, Obviously Together… all of yg’s obvious staring when jm’s speaking…. The flower vases @ yg’s mum’s restaurant… the comfortable and intimate boyfriend poses in pictures… and so concludes our trip down yoonmin memory lane thanks for being one of the best blogs/people out there and keep doing you

Literally, no joke, around the moment where the musical has Elphaba and Glinda say “We’re just two friends, two good friends, two best friends”, in the book they banged. On the way to seeing the Wizard of Oz. They had sex that night, it is literally canon in the book. That is what gay erasure feels like tbh.

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Omg, Taehyung as a five years old child is so freaking cute, I melted reading it!! Can You write more about this, pretty please? 🙏🏻☺️

Jimin is probably the one who loves baby Taehyung the most tbh. He’s so used to being cuddled and babied by Taehyung it’s just so fun for him when Taehyung turns into a five years old because finally HE can be the one babying his best friend. 

It’s late at night and Jimin is just returning from his own late night dance practice when he suddenly hears sniffling and little whimpers. His eyebrows furrow and for a moment he thinks he’s just so tired he’s hearing things until he hears the sound of tapping or knocking. 

“Holy shit, Jungkook was right, the dorm IS haunted.” 

Jimin is ready to just nope the fuck out of there and hide back in the practice rooms when another sniffle is let out and a quiet “Yoonieeee.” is followed. Oh… Taehyung. Jimin pauses for a moment and then it hits him Taehyung is a toddler again and is crying. TAEHYUNG IS CRYING! Jimin speeds down the hall to where he can hear the sniffling and his heart nearly breaks at the sight of a small toddler Taehyung, dressed in his over sized shirt, sitting in front of Seokjin’s and Yoongi’s bedroom door with his wide eyes puffy and wet. 

He watches the way Taehyung rubs his eyes with his small little fist before his hand moves back to tap on the door and it’s just too much. Jimin squats next to his baby best friend and smiles gently. 

“Hey baby… what’s wrong?” 

Taehyung just whimpers. 

“It’s dark. Want Yoonie hyung.” 

It’s just so fucking adorable and cute because it’s so late into the night and Taehyung is clearly sleepy and falling asleep in his spot but the toddler refuses to let his eyes shut. Jimin pulls Taehyung into his arms and stands to carry him back to their own room with him. 

“Yoongi hyung is back in his studio, Tae, he’s working. How about you cuddle with Jiminnie hyung and when Yoongi comes back you can go nap with him?” 

“Can Kumamon cuddle too?”

That’s when Jimin notices Taehyung holds the stuffed bear, that Yoongi gave him, to his chest and he just looks so SOFT Jimin just grins and lays them in his bed before pulling the little boy closer to his chest. 

“Of course baby! Kumamon can cuddle as long as he wants.” 

Jungkook tries his best to avoid Taehyung when his hyung is a toddler. Not because he hates it or because he’s annoyed by it but just because he’s so afraid he’ll accidentally hurt Taehyung.  His nickname is literally “muscle pig” and Taehyung is just so SMALL when he’s a toddler, Jungkook literally is just so worried he’ll accidentally handle the toddler wrong. He just prefers to ignore Taehyung until he’s back to normal. 

Of course that is not possible though when one day Yoongi and Namjoon walk into his room carrying a small Taehyung, who sleepily plays with the piercings in Yoongi’s ear as the elder holds him protectively. He’s notices the way both his hyungs are dressed like they are about to go out and knows what they are about to ask him and he instantly shakes his head no before the elders can even talk. 

Like he expected they ignore the action.

“We have a meeting with Bang PD and Taehyung has a fever. It’s too cold to take him out so you need to watch him while we come back.”

The closer Jungkook looks at the toddler he notices that yeah Taehyung’s eyes are red and his nose is dripping something clear and ew he really thinks he won’t be able too. 

One glare from Yoongi has him quickly changing his mind. 

“It’s just for a few hours and we just gave him medicine so he should fall asleep soon. You’ll be fine.” 

Jungkook is not fine.

He’s freaking out and almost in tears as he watches the way Taehyung sits in his bed sobbing his little eyes out. Everything had been going fine at first. Yoongi was able to put Taehyung down and in bed as they left and the toddler had quickly fallen asleep like they said but that’d only lasted an hour before a hard coughing fit had woken him up again. As expected Taehyung had instantly broke into tears when the coughing had led to him vomiting on his favorite blanket. 

Now Jungkook himself was ready to just sit on the floor and cry along with Taehyung. 

 “T.. Taetae we need to get you cleaned up buddy.” 

He tries his luck in talking to the wailing toddler but it only gets him more tears from Taehyung and he figures he’s going to have to use the big excuse on him to get his little hyung into a bath.

“Taehyung if you don’t get cleaned up then Yoongi and Namjoonie hyung are going to be sad when they come back and see that you’re dirty.” 

This gets Taehyung quiet to only small whimpers and sniffles and when Taehyung lifts his arms asking to be carried Jungkook panics again. His hyung is so tiny and he’s sic, which makes him all the more fragile, what if Jungkook picks him up wrong or holds him wrong? He’s freaking out and Taehyung’s lip begins to wobble when he notices Jungkook is hesitating in picking him up. 

Worried Taehyung will begin sobbing again Jungkook quickly moves to the bed and gently tries to hold him the way he’s seen the others do. 

Taehyung seems to like it as he cuddles closer and hides his face into Jungkook’s neck before letting out a yawn. 

“I don’ feel good Kookie.” 

Something soft in Jungkook’s heart just clenches at how small and sleepy Taehyung sounds and he just holds the toddler closer as he leads him to a warm bath. 

“I know but you’ll get better soon okay? Jungkookie will take care of you.”

(Y’all know i’m taegi trash fam) 

Yoongi hates scolding Taehyung. Big adult Taehyung and small toddler Taehyung, no matter which one it is, he just hates having to yell at him. Normally he wouldn’t he’d let the others handle that and just stick to being the favorite hyung the kid cuddles with but this time it just happens. 

He snaps and instantly regrets it.

They’re in the dorm and he can hear the sounds of Taehyung laughing and his little feet running against the hardwood floor as Seokjin gently reminds the toddler not to run unless he gets hurt or breaks something. It brings a small smile to his face because the brat probably won’t listen and will do that thing he does where he slows down just to run around again the moment Seokjin turns around. 

He figures he can take a small break from working on music to use the bathroom and then try and help the eldest with the toddler while also maybe get some cuddles out of Taehyung for a nap. 

He rises from his chair and is literally only in the bathroom for a new moments before he hears the sound of loud banging as something falls and hits the floor followed by a very loud “TAEHYUNG!” Yoongi’s blood runs cold at thought of Taehyung being hurt. 

He rushes out of the restroom and into his bedroom and the worry quickly changes into anger when he sees his laptop on the floor along with his mixing board and a worried looking Seokjin. Taehyung stands right besides the mess looking down and playing with his fingers nervously and for some reason that just pisses Yoongi off more. 

“What happened.” 

“I….. I’m sorry Yoon-” 


Taehyung jumps at the way Yoongi yells and his eyes fill with tears. Seokjin himself furrows his eyebrows not lieking the way Yoongi yelled. 

“It was an accident Yoonie… i didn’ mean too.” 

Yoongi knows he should calm down but just the thought of any songs that weren’t saved being gone and all his hard work being wasted has him nearly shaking in anger. All those sleepless hours. He doesn’t mean to shout at the toddler but the words leave his mouth before he can even stop them. 


Yoongi feels his heart break a little bit when Taehyung jumps again at the sound and lets out a loud sob as the little boy runs past them out of the room. Seokjin just sighs and follows him out after shaking his head. 

Yoongi just slams the door and gets to fixing whatever he can while he tries to ignore the way he feels like shit for making his favorite person cry. 

It’s later that same night when he feels like even bigger shit. 

The clock on his, now fixed, laptop read “3:30 a.m” and he hears his stomach grumble asking for food. He tries to remember if he ate that day but all he can think about is the look Taehyung shot him right before running out of the room crying and he shakes his head as he stands to head to the kitchen to eat something. 

He feels his throat close up with guilt when he sees a very familiar piggy bank right in front of his bedroom door with a familiar Kumamon plushie besides it. 

“Taehyung left it there. He said he wanted to fix your laptop but he didn’t want to make you madder so i told him he could leave his piggy bank there and you would get it.” 

Seokjin gives him the “you need to fix this now” look as he walks by and Yoongi heads straight to Taehyung’s bedroom right after picking up the Kumamon plush. He expects Taehyung to be asleep when he walks in and he honestly just planned on leaving the doll with the toddler and talking to him the next day but as soon as he walks in he notices the little boy awake in his bed. 

Yoongi pretends it doesn’t hurt when Taehyung doesn’t even move an inch as he watches him enter the room. (when normally the toddler would jump up and into his arms) 

Yoongi sighs and sits on the floor next to the side of the bed where Taehyung lays and looks at the plush in his hands before looking back at Taehyung. He frowns. 

“I think Kumamon got lost in the dark, i found him on the floor in the hall.” 

Yoongi holds the doll out to the boy but Taehyung just looks at it. 

“I don’ want him anymore. Kuma hates taetae like hyung does.” 

Yoongi just wants to hug the little boy and make him smile again so that is exactly what he does. He pulls Taehyung out of bed and holds him to his chest as he sighs out and runs his fingers through Taehyung’s soft hair. 

“Hyung doesn’t hate you tae. I was angry and i yelled at you when i shouldn’t have and hyung is sorry for that but i promise hyung has never hated you.” 

Taehyung sniffles again and Yoongi pinches his cheek gently to pull a smile from Taehyung. It works as a small boxed one spreads on the toddler’s face. 

“You promise? You still like Taetae?” 

“I promise. I still love Taetae and so does Kumamon.” 

Taehyung grins and presses a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek right before he lets out a very loud yawn and it’s then that Yoongi remembers how late it is. He gets Taehyung back into bed and is gonna walk out but Taehyung grabs a hold of his shirt and Yoongi knows the toddler wants him to stay so he does exactly that. He curls up on the bed and chuckles when Taehyung turns around and wraps his small hand around Yoongi’s. 

“Taetae is sorry i dropped your stuff.” 

“It’s okay, brat. Just remember to listen to Jin the next time you’re little and don’t run okay? You could have gotten hurt.” 

They fall asleep holding hands and Seokjin totally takes a picture on his phone when he comes to check on Taehyung later only to see a big Taehyung back and hugging Yoongi to his chest while a Kumamon plush lays next to them. 

Stuart Twombly - Fuck You Better

warnings ; oral (male on female x female on male), lil bit of car sex, cursing, fingering, unprotected sex, just rlly smutty tbh 

 prompt ; in which you and stuart twombly hit the strip club, and your feelings about him are thrown into the open when another girl comes at him.

a/n ; my first stuart smut!! (how exciting) just something to suffice while i write the pregnancy series & the malia smut (: 

 Neon Hitch - Fuck U Betta 

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I read an interview about the melfest lick from last night. David gave Robin a kiss on the cheek during rehearsals and when the moment came during the big night Robin decided to play a trick on David and went in for a kiss. David feeling that Robin was turning his head to kiss him decided to trick Robin back and did a lick instead of the planned cheek-kiss.

😮😮😂😂 Thanks for this info. So Robin expected a kiss 😂😂 I’m going to post again the gif here because is the best of the week tbh 😂

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soft billy smut, like he knows that he genuinely cares for them and it's not just sex but love making (that phrase gakkkk, but that's the best phrase for it)

lets get soft n sexy in this bih (also tbh this was so pure i couldn’t justify putting it under a cut??)

i mean it’s no surprise to anyone that ofc i think billy is traditionally rough and smirking and possessive when it comes to sex but sometimes there are these soft nights that you guys get to share. those quiet breathless nights in the dark where he comes over when you’re home alone and you know that he needed this moment. 

it’s full of these soft noises that he buries into your neck or against your mouth, when he swallows your noises, these soft laughs from the both of you with every touch and push, him holding your hips, your face, your hair. your room is pitch black dark and you can’t see much of anything but that’s okay because this is about the touches and the breath and the warmth


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Tbh I have this headcanon that Hanzo craves affection and touch half the time and the other half he doesn't like being touched at all. Bonus McCree being really confused the first time Hanzo gets clingy and rolls with it, but when McCree goes to hug him and he shrinks away McCree is like ??? What. But he gets the hang of it and eventually can usually tell what mood Han is in.

yeah i HC both parties have moments/nights/days when touching is THE BEST (having both been touch-starved AF after years alone on the run) or touching is a NO NO, considering their past abuses/traumas. but as they grow closer, they learn how to support each other when bad days hit. whether that’s providing psychical comfort or their presence/emotional support or even space. but there are DEFINITELY days when they can’t keep their hands off each other -like in the “i love you and i’m still here” or “i love you lets do nothing but cuddle all day” kind of ways. sorry i went off on a rant hahahaa
i love my boys and they need to be McHeld. 

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Phichit long distance headcanons???

Omg more long distance headcanons !!!! These are so fun, and honestly long-distance friends are the best friends. And it’s so pure bc they fall in love with you and not what you look or sound like. 10/10 omg thank you for this request! :3 ((long distance series can be read here))

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Needless to say, you guys met on Instagram way back in the day
  • It all started with a photography contest on Instagram, which was being hosted by a big travel account
  • and you and phichit just so happened to both be following that account. .… interesting …… … wink wonk
  • Phichit decided to join the contest the moment he heard about it, since he knew he could use the photos he’s taken through many of his travels during the skating season
  • You saw the contest info and almost didn’t enter, but you thought it wouldn’t hurt to just touch up a photo from your latest vacation and give it a try
  • tbh it was the best decision you ever made but you just didn’t know it lmao
  • Some time passes, and it’s nearing the deadline of entry for the contest when Phichit finds himself bored out of his mind during a sleepless night
  • He picks up his phone out of habit and went to Instagram, figuring he could go through the tag for entries to the contest and see what competition he’s up against
  • He scrolls through the photos, mostly unimpressed with the photos he’s seeing; they’re all kind of the same with landscapes of sunsets and mountains and such
  • But he comes across a certain entry that isn’t really like the others, and it really jumps out at him and catches his eye
  • i bet you can guess who posted it lmao ((and if you cant guess then you must be new here))
  • Without hesitation, he leaves a like and a comment on the breathtaking photo that he can’t seem to stop staring at
  • To his surprise, you respond to his comment instantly, and he’s hooked on you without even trying
  • Phichit opens a new DM and sends it to you, initiating conversation that lasts until the sun rises
  • He finds it so easy to talk to you, and he begins falling in love before he can stop himself; you guys bond instantly and a friendship is formed
  • Long after the contest is done and over with, your friendship continues to thrive through constant communication and deep conversations
  • The DM becomes a thing of the past once you exchange phone numbers and snapchat usernames, and you become even closer
  • He loves the selfies you send him on snapchat; he screenshots nearly all of them and posts his favorites on instagram
  • you get so embarrassed at the captions he puts on them, and but he can’t stop his heart from fluttering when he sees that beautiful face of yours :’)
  • Phichit ends up taking more breaks at practice to check his phone for signs of you, but he is so much happier than he was before he met you ((if thats even possible lmao the boy beams))
  • It takes a few months, but FaceTime sessions and phone calls become a regular occurrence, and you become inseparable at that point
  • Phichit starts to notice the small things about you while you’re on FaceTime; he becomes hyperaware of the way you laugh, the shape your lips make when you smile, and he finds himself drowning in the color of your irises
  • He’s laying in bed morning when he realizes that he’s in love with you in a romantic way, and he’s pretty sure you feel the same
  • He can’t stop himself from picking up the phone and calling you, biting his lip and fidgeting under the covers while he listens to the ringing tone
  • You answer after a few rings, your voice sounding groggy and tired; he apologizes for waking you up and gets to his point
  • “(Y/N), you like me right? Because I really like you. I know we’re just friends and I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable by saying this, but I’m in love with you! I want to hear your voice every day and see your face when I wake up in the morning! I know it’s hard to be together because of the distance, but I want to make it work! You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you!”
  • “Phichit, holy fuck are you asking me to date you holy shit I love you, too”
  • From that moment on, you call yourselves a couple and make it public on social media, declaring your love for each other
  • Your first meeting will have to wait, but you’re both more than happy together where you are now :3

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Just curious but how come you don't want Nick and Judy's first night together to be smutty on Savco?

I already said this in the tags section but I guess no one pays attention to anything in that section I guess….

I honestly don’t want their first night together to be smutty mainly because I just think it’s too soon…. like they have just opened up to each other…. like should they really get it on that following night?? Like this comic had the best slow burn yet (I’ve waited a whole year for that certain moment in the comic)… like should the artist of the story really rush their relationship like that?? Like honestly… isn’t love supposed to take time?

It’s not because I’m uncomfortable with smut art (I actually really enjoy that kind of stuff) I just don’t think it’s the right moment for this comic/story yet tbh like I’d honestly rather see them have an ACTUAL romantic night tbh (romantic dinner, expressing their feelings to each other, cuddle each other to sleep, etc.)

Im sorry yo but I just think if you truly love someone, you shouldn’t rush them to the bed like that like… I just don’t see that as romantic… I see that more as lust tbh…

But it’s not my story and whatever the artist decides to do I’ll be fine with whatever road that moment in the story will go to… I just felt like I had to get this out of my chest because I just don’t think the story should go that way honestly. 😕🙁

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I’m truly sorry to anyone who disagrees with me on this or has anything to state me anything :/

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headcanon about Hotch and SO and their baby/ toddler daughter? thank you :D

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Ahh I wrote an imagine like this!! It’s here, but I’ll do this anyway b/c I LOVE HOTCH DANG IT. HE DESERVES MORE. 

  • TBH, Hotch would be the best dad ever. FIGHT ME.
  • He would not want to miss a moment of his child’s life, even when he knew he would have to. 
  • He would definitely take a paternity leave, even though he’d feel bad about leaving the team in the lurch, he would know it’s necessary. 
  • He would wake up in the night to check on her, or just even to stare at her. His and your own perfect little miracle. 
  • He would treat her just like his little princess. 
  • When he does go back to work, you would send him pictures and videos of her, especially when the case got particularly hard for him. 
  • He would smile and laugh at the pictures, often because she was doing something silly or smiling or laughing. 
  • He would definitely call on video call and talk to her all the time, she would love her dad. 
  • When he’d leave when she’s a bit older, it would have to be in secret, since if she saw him leaving, she’d cry bloody murder and latch on. 
  • There was one case he stayed behind on just simply because he couldn’t bear to leave her. 
  • Her and Jack would become fast friends and close siblings. He’d be so protective of his little half-sister. 
  • He would fall asleep with her during her naps, and Hotch almost died from cuteness when he saw the picture you took of the two of them.
  • He has that picture framed on his desk now. 
  • He would make Morgan and J.J. the godparents, because even though Morgan and him don’t get along sometimes, he still respects him highly, and J.J. because it’s J.J. duh. 
  • His favorite thing to do after a case would be to just watch his angel sleep, and he would remember why he does what he does, and that she (and you and Jack) make it all worth it. 
night terrors and sweet dreams, chp. 5

chp. 4

on ao3

Chloé wasn’t the best at talking to people about their feelings, but she was great at reading them, especially when she knew the person well. But anyone could have realized something was off with Adrien that morning.

He was lying facedown at his desk, with his head buried in his arms. Alix walked by, and he picked up his head for a moment; when he registered who it was, he groaned and laid his head back down. She gave him a sidelong glance and sent him a text.

From: Chloé

Everything ok Adrikins?

Nino’s at the dentist

How does he live like this when I’m not here

I’m so lonely

Bitch you still have me!!

Yeah thats true

Shit actually

Can I ask you something?

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I'm helping my team as mercy push on point A at Horizon. One epic battle later my team is dead in that hallway with the big health pack and I'm cowering in a small room with my rez on cool down. I think I've lucked out for a moment but symetra sees me. I cant win so I spam hello. She waves back but says "I will put you in your place." And "setting up the car wash". So now I'm alive but trapped in a hall/helI can't escape and my team can easily die cause of how she placed the turrents. fml


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Hey, have you done hcs on getting married to Sodapop? Or two-bit?

I haven’t but I am more than happy to do so!!! If there are any specifics you want me to add just let me know!

• literally he is such a romantic omg
• his proposal would be super personal and sweet ughhh
• he would’ve probably tried to write something down and memorize it but then gave up bc it was really hard
• he would totes tear up a little while he was proposing
• it would probs be at like a very sentimental spot to y'all’s relationship
• first date, first kiss, etc
• the wedding planning would probably kick in maybe a weekish after the proposal
• he would be pretty involved in the planning
• like you would mostly control everything but he would always have a little input at the least
• he would be very interested in the way the ceremony was going to happen
• he LIVED for the wedding rehearsal
• but he knew he was gonna have to wait awhile
• there would be so many nights where it was just you two cuddling and lying in bed just taking in each other, both knowing how excited y'all are to be married
• he was lowkey excited about getting a ring
• like just the fact of having jewelry excited him
• bc he wasn’t really a jewelry guy normally but he was sO excited to get this ring
• he would be so excited to see you in your dress
• he would never ask though since he knew it was better to be surprised
• he would def ask Steve to be his best man
• he would probably stay up at night deciphering between Darry, ponyboy, and Steve
• but he knew that he really wanted steve to be next to him on the big day
• “guys… I don’t mean to be soft but you guys mean a lot to me and I just really want you to be my groomsmen…”
• they would go WILD
• literally the bACHELOR PARTYYY
• they would all get so drunk
• it would be the funniest thing
• they would all pass out for sure
• they would all have the worst hangovers in the morning but they did not regret a single thing
• when the big day arrived, soda was gonna pee his pants
• he was so nervous
• he would probably start getting insecure about everything
• like he was worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for you or give you the life deserved or longed for
• but he sucked it up and stood up at that alter and awaited your arrival
• literally EVERY worry and doubt he had washed away when he saw you
• (I know that’s the cheesiest thing bUT HES IN LOVE YALL)
• he was so awestruck seeing you and remembering he was about to marry you like it was too much for him omg
• y'all wrote your own vows and surprisingly he had a pretty easy time writing out his feelings for you, since he knew you’d marry him anyway lol
• but he really did try and all of his efforts were rewarded
• his vows were so romantic and meaningful
• literally started crying in the middle of them
• not sobbing, but a few tears def slipped out
• the reception was wild
• it was a rendition of the bachelor party but it was crazier
• literally steve and soda had a choreographed dance for sure
• but soda learned how to ballroom dance for your dance with him
• you were ecstatic
• he definitely whispered sweet nothings into your ear the whole time
• the honeymoon was probably to a beach or somewhere tropical
• tbh the trip there was half the fun
• I bet soda is so fun to be on a long car ride with
• basically the whole wedding was romantic, beautiful, and stayed true to you and soda’s relationship

Two Bit:
• the proposal probably wouldn’t be too terribly romantic
• he would definitely say a few sweet and things personal between you and him, but that was it
• but tbh everything he said was soooo special
• “ok, ok, but seriously, y/n, you are the most special person to me. Will you please marry me?”
• you oc said yes
• you two are both pretty lazy so the wedding plans would probably start a month or two after the proposal
• he would be interested but only secretly
• he would watch you write down plans and ask you genuine questions he was curious about
• “baby, why do we need to pick a color for the ribbons on the bouquet?”
• he would want you to have the wedding of your dreams
• “no, baby, it ok, just do it.”
• literally the playful nights and moments together y'all had talking about the wedding we’re precious
• he would probably ask ponyboy to be his best man tbh like I feel like they’re pretty close
• literally asking the rest to be the groomsmen would be sO FUNNY
• but also the cutest thing
• you know the bachelor party was reckless
• like two bit would have SO MANY SHOTS
• tbh all of them would probably get buzzed but two bit would be wasted
• literally when the wedding day finally arrived he was actually really nervous
• like he prayed all of the little details turned out ok and like got there and the whole ceremony was jut how you wanted it
• he was also suuuuuper excited to read his vows
• he probably put a lot of heart into it and wanted you to hear him them asap
• the ceremony went off so smoothly and he looooved your dress
• he got just a tad teary eyed when reading his vows
• literally when the minister said “you may now kiss the bride” two bit WENT OFF
• he yelled a little “WOO” and dipped you and was ABOUT TO BURST TO KISS YOU
• the reception was definitely outside and definitely had a full fledged bar that served little alcohol-free shots for the little kids aww :)
• two got DRUNK
• but you knew that ;)
• literally everyone got drunk tbh
• there was too much alcohol not to
• y'all def honeymooned to disney lol