the best first gif one can make

How to make high quality gifs

The question people ask me the most on here besides “are you dead” is how to make gifs and how to make them look good. So I finally decided to make a tutorial how to go from this:
(I know this tutorial is pretty long and I apologize for that, I just wanted to make a tutorial everyone can understand because when I was a beginner I always wished for more detailed tutorials on this topic.)

to this:

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                    Welcome to the Late Night Illéa Talk Show!

                               live episode 2 - Lady Mila Regan

Please welcome @mila-regan

Lady Mila, how are you? We’d like to ask you a couple questions!

  • First, how are you feeling as one of the Elite? (please include a gif of your initial reaction)
  • What do you think of the palace and the other Selected so far?
  • What do you think is your greatest strength? Your weakness?
  • What is one of the first major changes you would make as Queen? (e.g. abolish the castes) How about a very minor change? (e.g. change the type of strawberry jam the palace has)
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • Can you describe Haiden in 3 words?

That’s all the time we have for today, thank you so much. We wish you best of luck in the Selection, Lady Mila.

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I just saw the niylah and clarke clip (my first that was a non gif),and just yikes. Wth has been going on in the show??? They're making night blood and going to space? What. I don't necessarily have an eye for top notch acting, but that scene gave me second hand embarrassment. Lol.

Yeah that scene was bad. Jessica is just…awful. Eliza wasn’t even trying. The writing was terrible. The editing was choppy. The lighting and camera work was questionable at best. I can’t say one good thing about it besides it was some sort of wlw rep. 

P Anon

Fair enough anna I “get” your reply.Let’s say fact remains an Oscar nominee who IS a phenomenal actor can’t seem to secure a big budget film role in Hollywood (  TCW a given who again is Weinstein and is that a “big” film  ??? ) So why can’t he ??


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Ben is certainly not the first Oscar nominated (or winning) actor to not make the best of his Oscar nomination when it comes to booking future projects.  There’s a reason I chose to put the Adrien Brody gif up.

BUT, that still doesn’t answer the question that lies beneath all this and one of my guesses remains:  lack of networking.

He’s been MIA when it comes to major industry events / red carpets where he could be networking with his peers.  He seems especially reluctant to do them since his 2014-5 awards run.  I don’t blame him cause there were so many aspects of that campaign that worked against him (I’m not just talking about the albatross he was left carrying around his neck by the way), that I feel his hesitation to mingle is justified (up to a point).

And yes, I imagine trying to put himself back in the game while having to drag along a weird woman who has no chill about having her picture taken on a red carpet as she keeps sucking on her teeth in public is not helpful either.

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Thank u for those sweet gifs, u r the best!! It makes me so happy to see that Jensen's touch really does have that make-you-feel-good effect on Jared, beyond the jokes and bad cover ups. I think we get to glimpse the real thing also because Jensen touches him so rarely at cons, so sometimes Jared's caught a bit unaware, but Jensen? Can u think of any time where his mask slips because of Jared's touch? And I mean something Jared initiated -Italian Anon

Hello again, dear Italian Anon!

Thank you for your sweet words. Can I start by rectifying a terrible overlook on my part? You wanted to see Jensen touching Jared’s hair and I didn’t think to add this very significant moment on the list.

This was during JibCon16, as you probably know very well. Being Italian, perhaps you were there to see it? To recap the moment very shortly, Jared apologized for not attending the previous year (due to his breakdown), Jensen wrapped him in a protective hug and touched his hair. I’m thinking he knew exactly what his boy needed at that moment to comfort him. From another angle you can clearly see how Jared closes his eyes and just melts into Jensen’s arms.

Originally posted by jaredbottoms

Ahh, back in the day! Jensen looks absolutely giddy when his cute puppy of a boyfriend surprises him with a sweet hug and a pat on the head. These are the Heart Eyes™ we all know and love. 

I am not exactly sure where this is from. If someone knows the photographer, please let me know so I can credit. In any case, Jensen’s expression looks so soft and content that I can’t pass up the opportunity to bring this up. This is how I imagine him to react to Jared’s touches behind closed doors.

(Credit: Marie610) This little hug from Asylum 6 looks like it’s making Jensen feel a little dizzy. No wonder, Jared undoubtedly gives great hugs!

Originally posted by darlingcap

I can’t not mention this classic. This gif is so well made! We see Jensen’s initial heart eyes before he pulls back with a small smile and turns to watch his boy go. Sometimes I truly wonder what Jared’s intentions were here - did he want to really kiss Jensen right there? He came in sporting a solemn expression, made a kissy face, gave him an out that Jensen took and took off laughing.

(Source: Fangasm) This is Jensen after he discovers Jared’s hand is hovering over his chest but before Jared pinches his nipple. I guess that was taking things a little too far. ;) This happened in Dallascon 2016.

Oh my… I think this got a little long. Italian Anon, you always have the most interesting questions! Thank you for throwing me a message. I hope your Monday was alright and Tuesday is even better!

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Hey sorry to bother! I'm just starting to make gifs and I'm having problems with the text when I add shadow or something to it, it only applies for 1 layer and I have to do it for every layer one by one. Is there a way I can make the effect apply for everything?

I’m not the best at explaining especially things like these, but I’ll try!
You have to select, before adding the text (or anything really), your FIRST frame and the FIRST LAYER. Basically, when you click on your first frame, an “eye” will appear next to the related level. Select it and add the text (or the coloring,…). This way every edit you apply to the first layer will be automatically applied to the others, same goes for the text.

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blue 💙

what do you do when you’re sad?

listen to sleeping at last or bon iver, light candles, make tea, put on a lighthearted tv show to distract myself. if i’m feeling particularly awful, i go to the beach and cry it out until i can’t anymore

what are some things you do when you can’t sleep? 

read/write fic, edit gifs/graphics, make lists, watch youtube videos (the ones that teach you random things)

what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had? 

aaah i don’t generally go out at night but a few weeks ago i went to a david duchovny concert with my friend and it was so fun, meeting them for the first time and seeing david and going to my first concert!! totally something that is out of my comfort zone but i don’t regret it one bit, it was super super fun and i loved hanging out with them 

what kind of covers do you have on your bed?

i always have one fuzzy blanket and a duvet and they’re like cream colored 

who is the last person you told a secret to?

this is sad bc i regret it but i told one of my friends abt my mental illness but she didnt rly react the way i imagined. we like dont even text anymore 

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omg can you make a tutorial on these graphics? they're so pretty post/153149331675/royalswan-you-chose-me

aw thank you so much! <3 + i’ll try to explain the best i can!

so, you can find the post here but i’ll try to show you how to make the first gif in the set; which is this one:

  • you’ll need at least knowledge of how to make a gif.
  • video timeline + frame animation timeline used.
  • like/reblog if you found this helpful.

the tutorial continues under the cut ~ (it’s quite long, sorry!)

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hi i'm sorry i dont really mean to bother but like HOW DO U MAKE THESE BECAUSE IT'S SO LOVELY I LOVE IT I'VE BEEN DYING TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR LIKE EVER. Is there like a tutorial out there for this?? btw ur edits are AMAZING!! yourqrace(.)tumblr(.)com/post/152210476982

[the post] hey, you’re not bothering me, i’m happy to explain c:

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First colored animation ever! Tried my best to make it look like the show! The walk is odd but damn I am so happy with this… I’ll be studying animation for the next 3 years, so by the end of that I hope I can make something much better than this! But hey, Max max walks walks. Made with photoshop(painfully)!! 

I want to animate/work for them one dayyy

Mori Ability Theory

CH 43 MANGA SPOILERS AT VERY END. I’ll put another warning before they come up (but you’ll miss the best part of the theory imo)

Basic Theory: Mori can utilize people’s fears/vulnerabilities to manipulate their strength and body movements

first, it’s interesting to note that Mori kinda takes a back seat to things, letting these two handle things at first   

for one, Mori is smart enough to observe before he makes any moves. but even then, it’s still possible that Mori can’t make any moves yet. he may need to uncover his opponent’s vulnerabilities to activate his ability. conveniently, Lucy does just that! she exposes her fear of being lonely: 

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Hey everyone! And congratulations on 13 million subscribers, Mark!

So, my name is Alyssa. You can call me Lyssi to go with my url if you’d like! I’m 22 years old and an elementary school teacher! I first started watching Mark exactly one year ago today, actually! I started with his Five Night’s At Freddy’s series but quickly fell into other wonderful series’ like Outlast, Octodad, and various others. Mark has made a huge impression on my life and helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. You can learn more about that here (x) I love making edits and gifs of Mark and do my best to interact with the community when I have time outside my crazy life :)

I love you all! 

coloring tutorial

the lovelies @newtttheglue​ and @newtscarf​  wanted to know how i colored this gifset, so i thought i’d make a tutorial! it might not look ~exactly~ like the ones on the gifset ‘cause i didn’t really save them as psds, but i’ll try to recreate it as best as i can.

this is my first tutorial, therefore i might not be good at it, so i apologize in advance

alright, so we’re gonna go from this

to this

(you’ll need to know how to make gifs and have some basic coloring skills as well)

and please like or reblog if you find this useful!

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Cheating (Liam Dunabar Imagine)

Originally posted by whatafantasyy

Originally posted by mayiscadisi

Request: can i get a liam imagine when you catch liam cheating on you with hayden

 A/n:  At first i wanted to make it really sad and with a sad ending but i’m a sucker for happy endings, soo enjoy!

 I never felt this much pain before in my life. I never felt my heart break like this before. But that what happens when you find the one you love, cheated on you with your best friend.

I loved Liam very much. I love him so much that it hurts. I never thought i’d let myself get to this point, but here i am with my heart aching, aching for his love. I was very surprised when he told me that e liked me back. At the moment i was the happiest girl alive. But i knew something like this is too good to be true. 

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I can’t make you love me- A Taehyung Scenario (part 2)

Part 1     , Part 3

Leaving Taehyung was probably one of the best decisions you had ever made. It hurt, God knows it hurt, a lot, more than you cared to admit, and you spent the first few weeks alone in a room, crying your heart out. But you no longer had that horrifying feeling of living a complete and utter lie.

When your tears had run out, and your face no longer felt hot and puffy, you stood up, and straightened your clothes out, and breathed. For the very first time in a long while, you took a deep breath that filled your lungs, and though the emptiness inside you ached, you felt free, you felt alive, and that’s all that mattered.

You felt sorry for  Taehyung, you should have done things better, but you were too afraid of what could have happened if you had been upfront about it. You knew you would have caved in the moment he asked you not to go, and you also were terrified that he might not have tried to stop you, and that was worse.

You looked at your reflection in the mirror of  your new apartment, and laughed loudly, you were a mess. You were in a deplorable condition, you had purple circles under your eyes, and you looked thinner than you ever remembered, you looked exhausted, and weak, but your eyes began shining again.

You no longer had to pretend not to notice how someone was looking straight past you when they looked into your eyes, you no longer had to drag yourself across the floor, to try to please someone who didn’t love you.

You didn’t resent Taehyung, because he never meant to hurt you, you knew his heart was too good for that, but you couldn’t keep forcing him to stay in a relationship he was not happy in, just to save your own heart. It would have been selfish.

You rebuilt your life, this time, around yourself, and little by little, month by month, you began growing happier and happier. You had a new job, a new house that you had decorated how you liked it, you had a new group of friends, you had even changed your number. You were given a fresh start, and you were grateful.

Sometimes you would see his face on a picture, a poster, or an advert, and your heart would squeeze in your chest tightly, and you would have to shake your head and stop the tears from falling, but you did it, of course you did it, you were strong, and Taehyung was no longer a part of your life.

Somewhere along the line, boys started noticing you again, or maybe they also noticed you before, but you had no time for that, because the only one in your eyes was Tae. But you noticed heads turn when you walk, and men start talking among each other when you entered a room. You were often gifted with small presents, and one day, you were finally asked out on a date by a colleague.

You hesitated at first, you weren’t  sure if you were prepared for it, and you didn’t want to give the boy hopes if you weren’t going to be able to go forward with a date or a relationship, but he was so kind, so cute, and so undeniably attractive, you couldn’t bring yourself to say no.

So eventually the weekend came, and your work colleague picked you up at your house promptly on time. You smiled when you heard the doorbell, surprised that he was actually on time, and hadn’t texted you with an excuse about running late due to work or anything. It hit you then, there would be no more excuses about practice, there would be no more “late because of the boys”, Taehyung was gone, and this new gentleman was the light at the end of the tunnel.

You were looking forward to this date. You got yourself ready eagerly but carefully, doing your make-up and getting dressed so it would look good but it wouldn’t seem like you tried too  hard.

Taehyung was a mess. Ever since you left, it was like his world had become upside down. While you were there, he hadn’t treated you how you deserved, he had ignored you, and taken you for granted. He never thought there would be a day where you wouldn’t be there anymore, and now you were gone, and he didn’t know what to do with himself.

His friends found him one day, face down on the floor, surrounded by dirty clothes, and food, and random assortments of broken objects, crying his eyes out, with his phone in his hand as he tried to once again call your old number, which he could no longer reach to.

They didn’t know what to do, they had all seen it coming, and had tried to warn him one way or another, they had all seen the pain and worry that flashed across your eyes whenever you looked at Taehyung, until it eventually became just emptiness and acceptance.

They just picked him up, and shoved him in the shower, while Jin cooked an actual homemade meal. They looked at each other awkwardly. They knew if they wanted to ease his pain, they needed to get back to you and convince you to come back to V, but they also knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. You had left, and rightly so, and they had grown to love you all this time you had been V’s girlfriend, and were saddened to see you go, but they understood the pain you had been through.

So they didn’t do anything, they didn’t help him look for you, they didn’t try to contact your friends, they didn’t stop by the places you used to go to when you felt alone. And when they saw you in the street, if you hadn’t seen them, they would keep walking, because they knew it would just resurface old emotions.

Taehyung left his house that day, for the first time in a very long time, wearing some skinny jeans and a loose white shirt, but there was nothing he could do about the purple under his eyes, and the way his skin seemed sickly and pale, and it no longer seemed like him anymore. He had promised the boys he would meet them at an ice cream parlor somewhere down a street he didn’t quite know.

He walked, with his head down, and his feet kicking the dirt with every step, when he heard Jimin’s voice call at him. He looked up to see  his friend running straight at him, embracing him when he reached him, and start pulling him away from that spot nervously, standing between Taehyung and the coffee shop he was walking past.

Taehyung noticed whenever he moved, his friend seemed to move too, and although his smile seemed perfectly normal, there was something about his eyes, that made him realize Jimin was hiding something. So he struggled to look past Jimin, into the coffee shop.

His eyes widened, as tears began to fall. His heart clenched into a fist and squeezed all joy away from him, as he saw you, right there, sitting at a table with some other guy, smiling at him, and brushing your hair away from your face the same you used to do when you first started dating Taehyung.

V felt dizzy, he felt the air leave his lungs, but he never felt it return. Jimin gripped his shoulders tightly, as the taller boy began crying inconsolably. Taehyung had realized then, he had pushed you away, and you were no longer his, you would never smile at him again, you would never punch his shoulder playfully when he teased you, you would never blush at him again when he kissed you out of the blue, or complimented you. You would no longer be there to hold at night. He wished he had enjoyed that last night at least, he wished he had known you would abandon him, so he would know how to counter argue, to make you stay, or at least to be able to value the way your chest lifted and fell with every breath, or how your bottom lashes tickled your skin, or the way you cuddled into him when you got cold.

Now he would never had any of those things again, now he had nothing.


Julie Johnston has played soccer for as long as she can remember, and fueled by competition with her sister, she became one of the best young players in the country, and then the world, when she captained the USA to the 2012 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup title. Still, she struggled with self-confidence trying to make the huge jump to the full National Team, and without the constant support of her friends and family, she says she might not have made it to her first Women’s World Cup.