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helloo how do you make your gifsets? :) do you have the video and just edit it on photoshop? or? thanks in advance!

hey there, lovely anon :) yes, i have the video but first i need screen captures (frames) of it, so they can be edited later in photoshop. for that i use kmplayer or potplayer (both are great, so it doesn’t matter which one you use but most prefer kmplayer). i look for the scene i want to gif, then let the player do its job. you can make as many frames as you’d like. after that i choose the best ones and load them into ps. here you have think about the tumblr limits for gif sizes. big gifs are usually made of less frames than small ones. then comes the editing (aka the hardest) part. you can find many tutorials on tumblr about literally everything ps :) hope this was somewhat helpful and have fun making gifs! :)

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Salut! I was wondering if you use the iOS system? If yes, what app/software do you use to make all those gifs? I used to take consecutive screen-caps with KMPlayer and make them into gifs with another software, but I haven't found any app with the same function yet since I switched from Windows to iOS. It would be really nice if you could help, but if you don't use iOS in the first place I'd also completely understand. Merci d'avance!

Hello! Actually, I only use Photoshop CS6 for make them. I download the videos in mp4 format, I capture the frames with the PS6 for my edits. It’s hard to find good videos n HD/HQ, so I always try to find the best ones. I recommend you a lot the PS6 for make gifs, you can select the scene in the same program. The only problem is with long videos (more than 10 minutes because you have to be very careful to catch the scene that you want)  The PS6 only allow you to catch an scene with 500 frames. That’s the only little problem that you could have with PS6. For me, is the best because it helps a lot with the edition of the colors/lights/saturation, and more things so they look better and their quality improves a lot. 

Like for example, this is the gif without the effect, really opaque.

And this is the gif with the help of the multiple things that PS6 have, a total change!

That’s why I love to do my edits/gifs with PS6, is like a little magic. I hope that this can help you, any question that you have, just let me know!

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*Summons almighty admins* I need advice on who to use as an older!Dave Karofsky :c Like, I thought first in Kevin James and Jack Black, but apparently gifs/icons are pretty few D: I've thought in maybe just reduce Dave's size a little and say he got thinner over the years but I'm so lost in which FC to use halp DDDD:

We both agree that Jack Black and Kevin James would probably be your best bet if you’re looking to change the FC, but Max Adler is actually 29 already, so you can always just use his GIFs (especially the ones with facial hair that make him look a bit older). And don’t forget, if there is anything specific that you would like GIFs from, you’re more than welcome to send in a request!

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ravensbite  we’re soulmates basically and you’re the best person ever and we talk every day so you know already

commanderanya  super cool and makes the best dichen/anya edits and who should definitely tag me in all of them so i can reblog them hint hint

castielscrusade  one of my fave writers who also wrote the first minty i ever read so we’re basically bonded for life how’s that

tassafarmiga  all your gifs are always so beautiful and you’re super lovely and i remember i was sooo happy when you followed me back then forever ago

liightwood  we haven’t talked in a while but ahh i still love your url and we had like the longest talk about cohf once and i just noticed you sent me this same message like forever ago but it got lost in my inbox so this is an answer to that

+ s/o to you m0ntymiller you’re the cutest thank you


To Embroider Your Waist With Corals by smittenwithlouis

Main Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Chapters: 1/3 (13k for chapter one)

Summary: The first thing he notices is the light cyan wings and the humanoid body with bird like feet, clearly a harpy, a child one at that. Harry thinks the best thing to do is to grab him and pull him above water as quickly as possible, so air can make it into its struggling lungs. That was his plan, until he made eye contact with it for a split second and that’s all it took for a flood of emotions to hit him like a sailfish.

Or: All harpy Louis has known is the sky, all merprince Harry has known is the sea, except when they’re together.

Inspired by pass-the-pencil‘s harpy Louis and merman Harry art series.


It’s about time we have a Davina Claire Appreciation Week. We’ll be tracking the davina appreciation week tag so if you want your work reblogged simply make sure that’s one of the first 5 tags! This appreciation week will be taking place June 1st - 7th. These can be anything from screencaps, gifs, or an edit! 

  • Day 1: Favorite quote(s)/lines  - This one is pretty self explanatory. Tell us your favorite quote or multiple quotes/lines!
  • Day 2: Favorite outfits and/or hair styles  - Again, pretty easy! Just show us your favorite outfits and/or hair styles!
  • Day 3: TV Tropes  - Head on over here and pick the tv tropes you like the best. It can be one or multiple! You can also sort through the list here and find any you think fit. If you have any questions about this one, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Day 4: Favorite heart breaking moment  - What Davina moment brought you to tears? It can be a happy moment with happy tears or a sad moment.
  • Day 5: Favorite friendship  - Simple, what’s your favorite Davina friendship?
  • Day 6: Favorite Episode  - Easy peasy, favorite Davina episode?
  • Day 7: Free For All - On day 7 feel free to pick anything you want! You can do favorite scene, make a play list, an au, a fic - anything you want!



Happy Mother’s Day mam #iloveyoumami~From Larry’s Instagram (x)

That first gif! My heart. Such a loving video.

Can’t have too much of this on my blog!! Oh my heart. See what happens when you post personal shit Larry?

And I PERSONALLY WANT TO THANK MOMMA B FOR NOT QUITTING AFTER KID # 7. You gave the world SUCH amazing gifts even though I’m sure they were double-trouble-pains-in-the-asses of epic proportions.

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*sigh*  Windows is getting progressively more obnoxious to use, in a million different little ways.

First it was animated gifs not playing in Windows Photo Viewer.  When I looked that one up, it turned out that the dev team had deliberately removed that feature as it was not “the intended use of the program.”  Because that makes so much fucking sense.

Now I try to align my desktop icons to the right of the screen instead of the left, and I can’t figure out how to do it.  Again, I look online, and the best advice I get is a third-party program for docking my icons.  Okay, but… I used to be able to do that without third-party software in about ten seconds, from the desktop menu.

How the fuck does stripping out features that used to be in earlier versions of your software make any sense?  Particularly small but useful features like these?