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1. Favorite Fictional Character? - gou matsuoka from Free!
2. Favorite Actor/Actress? - Matthew gray gubler 
3. Do you believe in aliens? - nah
4. Favorite Brad Pitt movie? - who? lol 
5. Young Leonardo DiCaprio or Young Johnny Depp? - Johnny depp
6. Which character on a tv show best relates to you? - uh idk tbh 
7. Which Taylor Swift song best describes your latest crush/relationship/break up? - jump then fall / you are in love / bad blood 
8. Cats or dogs? - cats 
9. If everybody lost their memory today, what’s one thing you would want to remember? - my tumblr password
10. What twenty one pilots song best describes how your feeling right now? - fake you out
11. Drake and Josh or Zoey 101? - drake and josh
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1; a song to describe your mood?
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5; danisnotonfire or amazingphil? (if you can choose)
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11; recent Google search?
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  • BEST NEW SHOW Winner: Outlander
  • BEST DRAMA Winner: Outlander
  • BEST ACTOR, DRAMA Winner: Sam Heughan, Outlander
  • BEST ACTRESS, DRAMA Winner: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
  • BEST FIGHT Winner: Jamie and Claire at the river, Outlander
  • BIGGEST TEARJERKER Winner: Jamie’s torture, Outlander
  • MOMENT THAT MADE YOU WANT TO THROW YOUR TV Winner: Jamie’s rape, Outlander
  • BREAKOUT STAR, MALE Winner: Sam Heughan, Outlander 
  • BREAKOUT STAR, FEMALE Winner: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
  • BEST BINGE-WATCH Winner: Outlander
  • BEST CAST ON SOCIAL MEDIA Winner: Outlander
  • BEST COUPLE Runner-up: Jamie and Claire, Outlander
  • LOVE TRIANGLE YOU’RE SO OVER Runner-up: Frank, Claire and Jamie, Outlander
  • BEST KISS Runner-up: Jamie and Claire’s wedding kiss, Outlander
  • STEAMIEST MOMENT Runner-up: Jamie and Claire’s wedding sex, Outlander
  • BEST FANDOM Runner-up: Outlander

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why was hannibal cancelled? it has canonically queer characters and the show is pure art? it won best network television show AFTER it was cancelled and hugh dancy won best actor at the saturn awards? he tied with andrew lincoln, the main actor on one of the most popular television shows in america and the cinematography is amazing and mads mikkelsen and caroline dhavernas are treasures? and the show’s writing is amazing as well as the crew especially bryan fuller and i mean i know the show is violent but have you SEEN the walking dead or game of thrones like why was hannibal cancelled?

I don’t understand you, SU fandom. Usually you’re doing everything in your power to prove characters are gay on a shoestring of evidence. But when you finally have some of the very gayest content ever aired on television, and several episodes devoted entirely to a character’s infatuation with another, you say “yup definitely straight”


Emmy Screening Room: Outlander's Sam Heughan Has an Empty Pistol
June 26 — the cutoff date for the 2015 Emmy Awards nomination voting — is just days away. And that's a source of both great anticipation and nameless dread for those of us obsessed with quality tel...
By Team TVLine

Team TVLine has already brought you our Dream Emmy Ballots in 10 key Emmy races — click here to see our picks! — but we wanted to make one last push on behalf of a few favorites whose work was so outstanding this year that the possibility of a snub makes us want to channel Cookie on Empire and wallop some fools with a broom.

With that said, we present the sixth of our Emmy Screening Room submissions:Outlander‘s Sam Heughan, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. We defy you to watch from start to finish and tell us he shouldn’t hear his name called when nominees are announced on July 16.

The setup: After the adrenaline has worn off following his daring rescue of wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) — and the subsequent heated argument between the two about her refusal to follow his orders — Heughan’s Jamie has a near-breakdown as he realizes how close he came to losing her.

LoK Astrology- Aries

One of the things I did when I started studying Astrology was to try to relate characters from the shows I watched to sign archetypes. Although some of my opinions might be arguable, I ended up with so much material I decided to do a series of posts about that.

I will try to find a character for each sign in several shows, and I will upload texts discussing why I think they are a perfect example for this specific sign.

I decided to start doing this with my favorite show of all time: “The Legend of Korra”. (Spoilers ahead)

So, we will start with the beginning of the zodiac, and discuss my favorite Aries character in the show: Korra herself.

It seems that many main characters from anime or more serious western cartoons are Aries, because this sign has a very interesting personality to develop through a story. Korra is one of the best examples of an Aries character on television because not only is she honest, tough, brave and impulsive, but also because most of her story line (unlike Aang’s in TLA) is centered on defining her identity.

Aries is the sign that corresponds to the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It has therefore been associated with the burst of life we witness in Spring. It has also been associated with birth and with the moment when the child leaves the universal waters of the mother’s womb (Pisces) and becomes a discrete entity  themselves.

Because of this symbology, Aries has been associated to the search for the self and the need some people need to identify themselves as an individual. The struggle of Aries is the struggle of the person who wants to know who they are.

During the show Korra bases most of her identity on being  the Avatar. This brings her several problems, including at the end of Book 1 when she thinks she has lost her Avatar powers for good. We all know that the creators of the series were hinting at the fact she had suicidal thoughts because she found herself in a place where she couldn’t understand who she was.

Later on, when Vaatu destroys her connection to her past lives, she finds herself in another tough place. After losing her memory she became whole again through reconnecting to her first past life and now she has lost every connection to every previous lives she’s had. She is alone in her identity and she is afraid she will not get the guidance she needs. She probably is afraid that Tenzin will not like her anymore after knowing she won’t be a connection to his deceased father anymore. The circumstances seem to force Korra to rebuild her identity over and over again making it the biggest theme of her life.

Even after all this she has to go through a similar ordeal when she almost dies at the hands of Zaheer and starts suffering from PTSD. After losing her past lives she has now lost her power and she blames Zaheer. Only when Zaheer makes her understand in a very intense moment that, in her case, what really needs to change is her perception of herself can she rebuild her personality.

Other than this, she also struggles with her sexuality even if it’s a bit more subtle than the other struggles. Her relationship with Mako is awkward to say the least and she is really good at concealing her feelings for Asami (I think that if you weren’t looking for the signs, you probably didn’t catch them). This shows that she probably feels afraid of expressing her feelings and feels closeted. It’s another part of her identity that she has to work through in order to feel fulfilled with herself.

Apart from the identity struggles, Korra has other Arian traits. She is so fiery that I forgot several times during the show that she was originally a waterbender. She is brave and honest to the point of being naive sometimes. She often talks without thinking and she gets into fights she probably can’t handle (even in book 4, after an amazing amount of character development, she does this with Kuvira).

Nevertheless she is able to solve her Arian traits that could bring her problems and at the end of the show she is confident fierce Avatar, who has learned to channel her fire to fulfil her purposes and has found her identity in many aspects.

All of this makes Korra a perfect example of an Arian person, and also one who can learn from her insecurities to become a great human being.
The 100 Has Some of the Best Female Characters on TV. Yes, Really.
When you go looking through the television landscape for nuanced, multi-layered female characters, your first stop might not be The CW. Yet the network is

If I can suggest one new series to binge watch this summer, it is The 100. Yes, it can be a it YA-y at times but it has been a long time since I found a show that is able to make you hope for a character’s death only to cheer for their survival 2 episodes later.

And Clexa is a f-king hot ship.

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Spencer Reid or Derek Morgan?

REID IS THE BEST, my favourite tv character by far omg


Most Russians can’t stand seeing Russian characters in foreign films. For me it’s one of my favourite thigs. Well, that’s because the others mostly watch modern action films or something of a sort (as normal people do. Why? I’ve no idea, never been one) and I love mainly old British stuff. And here I give you my favourite cinematic Russians from not-Russian films.

1. Oh you guess who it is. Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Would he be of any other nationality I’d love him as much as I do now. But he’s Russian and it makes him even more precious. He’s not based on any fictional or historical character as almost all the others from the list, he’s solid and alive. One of the best TV-characters I’ve encountered along with Napoleon Solo.

2. Doctor Zhivago and Lara from Doctor Zhivago. I’m a fan of the ALL-MIGHTY David Lean and I watched this film a day after I finished reading the book by Boris Pasternak. And it made me understand the book better. Omar Sharif is amazing. And Julie Christie is wonderful.

3. The doctor from A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Based on a book by Mikhail Bulgakov (the author of Master and Margarita) in which he retold some real stories that happened to him when he worked in a village. I didn’t read the book, but the TV-series is gorgeous. And the humour appeals to me. And this awesome relationship between the doctor’s younger and older selves. Brilliant. Made me love and respect Daniel Radcliffe. And Jon Hamm is terrific.

4. Rasputin from Rasputin: The Mad Monk. Christopher Lee as an infernal monk who changed the Russia’s history. The film is a classical Hammer horror (I love them) and is not historically accurate. But the portrayal is still considered to be the best and the closest. Should I even talk about Sir Christopher?

5. Alla Nazimova, Natasha Rambova and Rudolph Valentino from Valentino. I included the last one because he was played by Rudolf Nureyev, a famous Russian ballet-dancer. A Ken Russell’s film. Mad, bad and dangerous to know. This one is more or less ok though, not like the others that I love. Aestetics, sex, violence and odd symbolism. You’re welcome.

6. Tanya, Polo and Andre from I Was an Adventuress. Wonderful trio of con artists. All three of them were absolutely brilliant: astonishing Vera Zorina (a ballet-dancer married to Balanchine at the time, she was really Norwegian), unforgettable Peter Lorre and awesome Erich von Stroheim.

7. Diaghilev and Nijinsky from Riot at the Rite. It’s about the premier of a ballet (yes, I’m a fan of ballet as well) The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. I just love Alex Jennings as Sergei Diaghilev. And Adam Garcia as Vaslaw Nijinsky is gorgeous. And oh, their twisted affair!

8. Shostakovich from Testimony. A good yet unknown film about troubled life of a great Soviet composer played brilliantly by Ben Kingsley. I’m sorry I’ve lost my copy of it.

9. Tchaikovsky from The Music Lovers. Yes, I’m a massive fan of Ken Russell. And yes, I have a thing about composers’ biopics. It’s not a film that I particularly love, but it’s worth it. They openly spoke about the composer’s homosexuality and Richard Chamberlain is good to look at. This film made a Soviet biopic that was released almost at the same time, starred brilliant Innokenty Smoktunovsky and was nominated for two Oscars, dull and forgettable.

10. Leo and Sofya Tolstoy from The Last Station. I don’t like Tolstoy, that’s why the list has none of his adaptations because I don’t watch them if they’re not interesting for other reasons. But I watched this film that was trying to discover his personality. It stars Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren and James McAvoy. It’s well worth watching.

Clarke is not a woman in need of rescuing by a prince or princess on a white horse. Frankly, it makes no difference who Clarke winds up with in the short or long term; all that really matters is that Clarke Griffin remains alive and has the opportunity to thrive.

That being said, my greatest hope for The 100 is that Clarke Griffin will be remembered for her legacy of leadership rather than who she loved or who loved her in return. Life may be about more than just surviving, but thankfully Clarke’s ultimate happiness does not appear to be contingent upon being in a romantic relationship.


Shameless reposting of my article. Because I feel quite strongly about continuing to spread the word about #The100 and sharing exactly why I think Clarke Griffin is the best character on television right now.
The 100 Has Some of the Best Female Characters on TV. Yes, Really.
When you go looking through the television landscape for nuanced, multi-layered female characters, your first stop might not be The CW. Yet the network is

“…We all zero in on Black Widow and wonder why she can’t be the perfect representation of everything we want a female superhero to be, because we see so few female superheroes on screen. She has to be everything to everyone, because the scarcity of cinematic resources means we don’t have other characters to pick up the slack and represent women in other ways.

The 100 doesn’t suffer from this scarcity of representation. The 100 is playing baseball, not football. There are women who are warriors and women who are leaders and women who are tech wizes. There are women who are villainous scientists and women who fight for what they believe in. There are women who are straight, and women who are queer, and women who are bisexual.

The 100 has created a world where women can hold different roles and occupy different narrative functions and also be three-dimensional human beings. You know, like men are in every story ever.”

OMG YESSSSSSS *screams and flails on the ground because i love this show so much i want to explode*


So this is try two for THE FINAL DAY OF #JemmaSimmonsWeek (WOOTWOOT).
And that means it’s Elizabeth Henstridge appreciation day!! She plays the best character on TV and is the most awesome member of a OTP, and the most likable character on agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she just gives her character so much depth. She shows Jemma’s transformation from a mousy, scared scientist to a totally kick ass go getter. But in the process, Jemma is changed. And it’s amazing how well her part is acted and. Ya.
Let’s not have her be evil or be a weapon or lose her memory. Let’s have her comeback and have dinner with Fitz. Please. Please.
Anyway, Elizabeth Henstridge is perfectly awesome. And I look forward to more fandom appreciation week.

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which show is Tim Riggins in?



it’s on Netflix. Friday night lights. It isn’t about FOOTBALL, okay, I hate football. It’s about football as a TOOL for talking about LIFE and TRUTH and GOODNESS ad EMPATHY and JUSTICE

and yeah it’s pretty white for three seasons but just… Tami Taylor’s hair, Tim Riggin’s MOUTH, Vince’s MOUTH…
I guess matty saracen’s quiet dependability idk…

Oh AND it has the best strippers dance wise and character wise on tv. They are legit.