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He wrapped his fingers around the surgeons wrist and brought the others hand against his own lips. "Aaa... What would you do if I bit one of your fingers off...?" His mouth opened only a little so he could slide one of the surgeons fingers into his mouth as his long black tongue wrapped around the flesh.


His frame had been battered and bruised to the point of exhaustion, so when he felt the firm and controlling grip around his wrist he dare not pull away. Heavy lidded optics of silver found their way to the raven haired male’s direction, a shudder rolling through his entire frame upon feeling his finger being engulfed by the mouth of the hound, along with the slithering of that creepy black tongue of his. 

What would he do? Law had no idea, the situation basically had his hands tied behind his back, any wrong actions would result in that of his first mate being further tortured or worse. The male sighed out narrowing steel gaze upon the movement of the hound’s cheeks while that ebon oral flesh wriggled about, coating his single digit with saliva. “there isn’t much I can do is there?” and out came that snarky,and stubborn tone he was so well known for. 

Twitching left brow the movement of his shoulder was attempt to guide both arm and hand back from the other’s grasp, or at least the depths of the hell hound’s mouth. The thought, and the feeling was quite nauseating– then again that could be from the smell of dried up blood within the room along with his own significant blood loss causing him to feel weak. 

Me When I Try To Bake
  • Me:"Alright, we just need one cup of sugar, but I disagree. What do you think Mr. Bear-o?"
  • Mr. Bear-o:"..."
  • Me:"...I AGREE!! More sugar it is!"
  • Me:*pours whole bag of sugar into the mix*
  • The Aftermath:*flour, sugar, batter, and other ingredients smothering the kitchen*
  • Daddy:*gets home from work*
  • Daddy:"Hey sweetie I'm ho-"
  • Daddy:*takes a long look at everything*
  • Daddy:*slowly turns to me*
  • Me:*"innocently" looks up*
  • Me:"Yes Daddy?"
  • Daddy:"What the hell happened?"
  • Me:"Umm..."
  • Me:*scurries off into another room*

Morning cuppa, pouring with rain outside… Least I’ve got my Dog! :-) Shame he’s not actually a real dog, and painted on my sightly old and battered #Dodgev3

#dinner lady ejuice
#morning people !!😊🦉🤗😴

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Dark Donald Days, or Terror Trump!

By Ann Snuggs

Andrew Shaffer‘s satirical thriller is a “what if?” book set in a future Donald Trump presidency.Trump’s regime – oops, term – has run close to eighteen months. It is the summer of 2018.Reporter Jimmie Bernwood will do all necessary to find a paying assignment. 

As we first see him, he is crawling through a tunnel that leads from the United States into Mexico. His goal to gain insight on what drives people to take the nightmarish path that will allow an escape from the U.S. into the neighboring nation to the South.Caught, he is battered to the point of hospitalization. He awakes to find standing by his bed gorgeous Emma Blythe, a representative from the White House, who makes him an offer he can’t refuse – to ghostwrite an autobiography of the president.    

No, Jimmie is not seeing things. The offer is real. Only a fool would turn it down. Bernwood arrives at his new location, still wondering if he will wake up and be back in the hospital. His former girlfriend is now part of the White House press corps and his former competition for her affection was his predecessor. 

That’s before he died under mysterious circumstances that were hushed up.

Though he was not expecting a bed of roses, Jimmie becomes enmeshed in plots that remind him that he and James Bond have the same initials.Will he be able to break the Pulitzer-winning story he has uncovered, or will someone break Bernwood first?The Day of the Donald is over the top in many ways.

Check out my new book, Dick Jones:  Where the Action Was. Available online at BearManorMedia, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Can I just….I need to vent. About that episode. Wow, guys.

OKAY, SO DISCLAIMER: THIS EPISODE HAD A GOOD MESSAGE. Never accept unhealthy relationships. It’s okay to want to go back to them. Lapis said that she missed Jasper and it was very clearly meant to be parallel to when battered women miss their abusive partners. So it’s great that Lapis was able to reject Jasper.


Let me tell you, I waited over a WEEK to see Jasper again. A WEEK!! Every day I counted down to July 28 just so I could finally see Alone at Sea. If any bad shit happened to me, I would think, “Yeah, ok, so my life is shit rn, but it won’t be on the 28th” HO HO, HOW NAIVE

Jasper literally comes in for, like, five minutes. She begs Lapis to fuse with her. Lapis refuses then literally SEA-PUNCHES HER INTO FUCK-KNOWS-WHERE. Now Jasper is gone AGAIN and I’ll probably have to wait another YEAR to see her again. DispLEASED.

Whatever. Good message. You know, the episode itself was cute, too. I still love Greg. I just hate how drawn out Jasper’s fucking arc is. Because I know she has an arc. It’s very strongly hinted at as Homeworld sent for her a few episodes ago. Only for Jasper herself to appear and disappear in the span of five minutes…what a waste of my time and energy.

Dream || Open RP

It was an unfamiliar place for Margaret. Endless trees lining wooden floor boards that creaked beneath her feet, vines overgrowing through the cracks of the wood as her bare feet pressed against the piles of dirt caked onto the wooden surface. Slowly walking down the path, Margaret’s blind scarred eyes glanced up to a massive and ancient tree in front of her, roots peeking from the ground as the wooden trunk looked gnarled and beaten and battered.

“What is this place?” she asked herself.

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Ah, sorry! I was on mobile so I couldn't see the rules. So um, could you do an aesthetic for an Elsen who liked Ghost Batter?

which ghost batter? I’m assuming C/S/R but I don’t wanna be wrong–

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Ayy I love your blog thanks

aaa you’re welcome!! tbh it’s really nice modding a blog like this cause it’s like wow there’s still a bunch of active OFFkin!! idk I’m just really happy that people enjoy this

A Knight's Missing Tale

{ ⚾ Batter to the plate ! ⚾ }

He was used to the feeling. The pounding his knees took every time he ran past a sentry, jumped onto a crate, or landed from an air blast. The full front, thankfully, was padded with what might have taken Medic three rolls of gauze to cover the interior of his prosthetics.

He was always used to the juvenile pranks that the RED Scout would pull in the midst of bullets and bombs. Not aiming for an extremity–say, an arm or even his chest–but rather, the knees. If it were a gunshot, he would have simply been killed with another taunt.

But no. Melee was his choice this time. Leather straps snapped in protest of the blunt force trauma and soon, Scout was hastily hopping back to his side once the voice announced a winner, left ‘foot’ in hand.

The concrete floor was his seating, metal clanging as he took to examining the damage. The clip-on silver buttons holding his knees–and the leather–in place had torn off. Wonderful.


the funniest thing ever is that when i get asked “what’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you” all i can think about are when there have been moments of disaster that i’ve been able to kind of patch up

and besides that….. uh one time i was playing catcher at a baseball game and the batter hit a pop up ball and i caught it in midair, which gets them out. that was pretty cool.

red-boston-batter replied to your post : [Text - Sent at 4:00]: The night went downhill…

[text - Sent at 4:05] This night still can get better, dont worry
[text - Sent at 4:07] I just got a bottle of Vodka, bring every kind of explosives you have

MESSAGE TO; batter boy

     [4:08] : oh my god
     [4:08] : this is going to be better than my last prison break
     [4:09] : can i bring fireworks as well??

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[Text - Sent at 4:00]: The night went downhill when he lit her purse on fire and tried putting it out with vodka.

{ TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT } - ( @red-boston-batter )

MESSAGE TO; batter boy

     [4:02 AM] : o shit what
     [4:02 AM] : i wish i was there when that went down
     [4:03 AM] : but id say that could only go uphill from there