In which Doctor Strange wants to say goodbye to Agent Ross just before he dies in The Infinity War

Bucky watching Finding Nemo and see’s this scene

and decides that he shall call you his Squishy forever.

Just slow down for a second. . .

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You needed some adorable Tom Hiddleston in your life.

Peter: I just realized that Z is just a horizontal N.

Loki: Peter, it’s 3am. Go back to sleep!

Peter: ZO.

everything (bucky barnes)

summary: big news causes your relationship with bucky to change.

pairings: bucky barnes x fem!reader

warnings: swearing, anxiety, implications of sex, vomit

a/n: yknow when you live on a busy street and all you hear are sirens all night? not to mention i live by an airport and train tracks! no sleep for this writer.

on the quinjet, y/n had vomited. the mission they’d just finished was a bit stressful, so she felt that it was adrenaline induced. she was sure that it was nothing, but bucky insisted that she see a medic back at the tower.

she sat on the observation table, reading through a folder that held background information for a solo mission she’d signed up for. she chewed a piece of gum, turning the page. soon enough, helen entered, a tablet in hand. she scrolled through it before sitting down at the desk. “got your blood test results back,” she said.

“everything normal?” y/n closed the folder. she was a bit concerned due to how helen had said it.

“yeah,” helen responded, turning to her. “normal for someone who’s pregnant. i’d suggest you drop out of your scheduled missions.”


her hands shook as she headed back to her room. she pressed her hands against her stealth suit, each step bringing her closer to tears. when she finally reached her room, she fell against the door. she pressed the heel of her palms into her eyes, taking deep breaths. “oh fuck,” she whispered to herself.

there was only one person who could be father. bucky. they’d only been dating for six months. she didn’t know if he’d stay with her, or if he’d even want the baby in the first place. how was she supposed to tell him?

slowly, she stood up. she stripped out of her stealth suit and took a long shower. she sat on her bed for some time after, wrapped in a towel. her mind was racing a million miles a minute, yet it was blank. she couldn’t think of a single think.

someone knocked at the door. “who is it?” she called out to FRIDAY, standing up and reaching for her robe.

“it is sergeant barnes, ms. y/l/n.”

she pulled her hand vack, instead letting it rest on her chest. “let him in.”

“hey doll,” he said softly. he had a plate of food in his hand. “how’re you feeling?”

“better,” she managed a smile.

“i brought you dinner because you didn’t come down,” he held it out to her.

“thank you, bucky. you’re so sweet. i should get dressed, though,” she chuckled.

“yeah,” he mumbled back, his face growing red.

she grabbed the first comfortable looking clothes she saw, a pair of shorts and a hoodie, along with a pair of underwear and quickly headed into the bathroom. when she emerged, drying her hair with a towel, she saw that bucky had made himself comfortable. he’d kicked off his shoes and was sitting cross legged on the bed, watching bob’s burgers intently. he was looking very cuddly himself, wearing an over sized sweatshirt, soft sweatpants, and his long hair pulled in a bun.

she smiled to herself, before joining him. she kissed his forehead, and muttered, “i love you.”

“i love you,” he beamed back.

she settled next to him, eating as they both watched the show. when she finished, he took the plate and set it on the night side table. “c’mere,” he pulled her so she was flush against him.

she snuggled into his chest, letting him squeeze her tight.

“is everything okay, baby?” he asked. his hand went up her hoodie and began rubbing circles on her back.

“yeah, ‘m just tired,” she sleepily mumbled.

“you’ve had a long day,” he replied. “FRIDAY, turn the t.v. off.”

an hour later, y/n whispered, “bucky?”

“yes, sweetheart?” he tossed and turned a lot before he could fall asleep, so now he was sleeping on his stomach, an arm thrown over waist.

“did i wake you up?”

“no. i can’t sleep. you’re tense.”

she sighed, sitting up. “FRIDAY, lights to twenty percent.”

he sat up. strands of hair had fallen out of his bun and now framed his face. he looked angelic. “tell me what’s on your mind,” he said, putting his hands on her thighs and bringing her closer to him.

“i’m scared,” she exhaled.

he cupped her cheek, rubbing his thumb back and forth. “what can i do?” he questioned.

she shook her head, burying her face in her hands. his hand fell to his lap. he reached up to pull her hands away. her eyes were red and watery. “i’m sorry,” she choked out.

“no, darlin’. what’s wrong?” he cooed, brushing away an escaped tear.

“i’m pregnant,” her voice cracked.

he froze. he cocked his head, eyebrows furrowed. “there’s a baby in you?”

she nodded, “yeah.”

a smile slowly spread on his face. he looked at her warmly, “i’m gonna be a dad?” he asked in awe.

“bucky, you’re not mad at me?”

“why would i be mad at you?” his smile faltered.

“i’m pregnant,” she repeated.

“you’re having my baby, y/n,” he said. “you’re giving me a baby. why would i be mad at you for that?” he took her hand and pressed it to his cheek, kissing the inside of her wrist.

“you’re not gonna leave me?” she whispered.

“i would never, baby,” he shook his head frantically. “hey, i love you, you know that right?”

“yeah, i do,” she murmured.

“hey,” his voice was gentle, asking for her to look at him. “you’re pregnant,” he stated. “and i love you.”

“you’re staying with me?” her voice shook.

“of course. we’re gonna raise our child together, in this fucked up world.”

“yeah,” she nodded her head, her lips turning up in the first geniune smile of the night.

“i’ll stay with you in a thousand lifetimes. you’re my life, now. you’re my everything.”


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[Steve, Rhodey and Sam have to stay at Tony and Bucky’s apartment]

Bucky: I mean it’s up to you where you want to sleep but I’m telling you you’re going to hear Tones and I have sex no matter what room you’re in.

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Being Loki and Thor’s sister headcanons, please?

We are having a sleepover! Send anything in my loves!


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Prompt lists

  • what even is dating lmao
  • u don’t know
  • And don’t think about sneaking around behind their backs and doing it
  • Loki is the literal god of mischief you won’t make it
  • Nice try tho
  • The one guy who didn’t flee bc Loki threatened him went rUNNING bc he realized that your other brother was literally Thor
  • It just wasn’t an easy dating life okay
  • But they made up for it by being super cool brothers :’)
  • Like you had a midnight craving for some ice cream
  • You are escorted to the store and you get to choose like 497528975487254 flavors
  • Bc why not
  • This one time
  • You were meeting a friend for lunch
  • And this guy kept hanging around your table
  • And he got a little too close
  • He was escorted out by two vERY angry brothers :’)
  • And beat up shhhhhh
  • You were taken home and a Disney movie night commenced
  • Both of them secretly cried during Lion King shhh
  • You are never allowed to fight with the rest of them
  • And you always get upset when the rest are mad at Loki
  • “He’s really not evil, please guys!”
  • “Y/N, this is beyond our control, we have to do something”
  • You try to stop them from fighting among themselves as much as possible
  • But it’s hard
  • “Sorry Y/N!”
  • “Oh god Y/N, I didn’t know you were there”
  • SMH
  • Thor and Loki use you a lot to watch sappy movies
  • “She’s making us watch the notebook again.”
  • “She’s not even here?”
  • “She’s here in spirit.”
  • “God, titanic again Y/N?”
  • “You’re the one choosing the dvd?”
  • “Titanic again?!?!”
  • “I don’t even like titanic!!!”
  • “Hush Y/N, the movie is starting.”
  • sMhHhHhHhHhH
  • Anyways
  • Everyone loves you tbh
  • Whenever you get to visit the tower
  • Everyone always fights over who gets to have you first
  • “dIBS”
  • “You have sLOTS FOR ME?!?!?!”
  • “We have an entire schedule, it’s laminated on the fridge next to Peter’s grades.”
  • “I’m important enough to be laminated?”
  • “Absolutely Y/N.”
  • ^awh
  • Thor is the big brother who offers love advice when you don’t need it but then threatens the boy behind your back
  • “So that spider kid…”
  • “nO”
  • “NO STOP”
  • And then
  • “Stg I’ll kill you if you hurt her”
  • “We’re not dating???”
  • “Shhhhh”
  • And Loki is the one who threatens the guy in front of everyone and makes everyone hella uncomfortable and ruins the entire night
  • He also grills him
  • “And you do good in school? Got a job?”
  • “He’s a year younger than me and I don’t have a job!”
  • “Yeah, but you’re different.”
  • “You’re not good enough for her”
  • “Why the kitchen? The laundry room is closer.”
  • “The kitchen is where all the kNIVES ARE”
  • The guy is usually half way home by then
  • I’m so sorry you have so many people into you but no love life
  • “You can’t hate everyone I go out with..”
  • “Watch us”
  • You are so freaking spoiled like it’s not even funny anymore
  • Not even just material wise either, like, emotionally as well
  • You always feel so loved and supported
  • Abfkbeajfknfbakjfd
  • Lowkey need this woop

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Toothache | steve rogers

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Teen!Reader

Requested: Anonymous

Request: I would love me some Steve Rogers x Teen!Reader right about now. Mind writing an imagine where the reader is terrified to go to the dentist but she has a killing toothache. She tries to hide it from Steve because she knew if he found out, he would take her to the dentist. Dinner time comes and the dinner is hard shell tacos. If you want, you can add Peter Parker finding out about the readers toothache and the reader fighting with him to not tell Steve. End it how you want. You’re perfect ilysm♥♥            

Warning(s): Fluff

A/N: hon, you’re the perfect one here. I love you <3 | i hope you enjoy♥


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Odin: How is the biggest self absorbed, egotistical @sshole in the nine realms doing?

Loki, without looking up from his book: I don’t know, how are you doing?

Frigga from Valhalla: OOOOOOOH BUUUUURN!!