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sleepy morning cuddles headcanons for the main six!

Asra: Very clingy. Basically becomes an octopus when he thinks you might be getting out of bed. Often startles you awake when he wakes up from a nightmare and checks to make sure you’re okay, but after that he’s fine and is content to snooze in your arms. Will follow you downstairs when you go to open the shop and lean against you for more cuddles even though you’re not in bed anymore. Likes being the big spoon but likes even more when you sleep facing each other, so he can snuggle close enough to hear your heartbeat.

Julian: Bad at sleeping, and also bad at being awake. Restless boy who will make you tea at 4am because he accidentally woke you up with his pacing, but will settle down when you lure him back into bed by promising him kisses and then laying on him until he goes back to sleep. Peak cuddle time is always right before you have to get up to open the shop, because by that time he’s actually gotten some sleep and is content to just lay with you, soaking up your warmth and the mid-morning sunshine. Likes being either spoon, but prefers to have you laying your head on his chest so he can run his fingers through your hair and kiss the top of your head.

Nadia: Often has to be up early to deal with, you know, running a city. But she always pushes back her wake up time, staying wrapped around you for as long as possible. On mornings where she doesn’t have any such responsibilities, she’ll call for breakfast in bed and feed it to you, stealing kisses in between bites. She prefers to be the big spoon because it makes her feel like she’s taking care of you.

Portia: Even more playful when sleepy - might tickle you without warning but always makes up for it afterwards. Will tease you about being late for work when she herself is late for work. Likes to snooze with her face pressed into your neck. Prefers being the little spoon but will jetpack the hell out of you if you ask.

Muriel: Big soft. Doesn’t mind when you use him as a pillow. Sometimes prefers to just hold your hand while you rest your head on his shoulder, but makes sure to hold you close on mornings when it storms. Is often the big spoon by default because you usually end up smushed between him and Inanna at some point during the night.

Lucio: Refuses to leave the bed because you’re warm. “Morning” cuddles often last till noon because he prefers to sleep in and insists that you do too. Will never admit to wanting to be the little spoon.

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headcanon: one time during a village dance festival celebration lucio butts in uninvited but doesn't know the ways of the peasant dance so instead starts twerking to the "beat" (fiddles playing and clapping) and gets all butthurt because the villagers boo him loudly for flaunting his giant booty nuggets with his crappy delinquent dance and displaying no regard for their customs. also they weren't too crazy about him dabbing at the end of his terrible dancing either

This blog is now Lucio ass centric

I haven’t really played Asra’s route much, but I see I have been missing out. The 2nd chapter in the 10th book was really wild

1st: Lucio is actually me. I also think about and whisper chicken all the time

2nd: MC was comparing Lucio with the Devil. I hope they didn’t mean it that way

3rd: That actually reminds me of that scene from Gumball when Darwin screams at Gumball when he makes fun of him

the arcana game headcannon voices

ok I’m a sucker for voice acting so I spent the last couple of hours musing about what va would fit each character and it was tons of fun

so ok let’s start with Julian, when I think about him the only voice that comes to mind is Gabriel Basurto, something not that deep, but also somewhat teasing? anyway I picture it like when he did Sesshomaru’s voice in the latam dub of Inuyasha, but his tone when doing Yasuo’s voice from League of Legends also works!

Now Asra is the softest boy and also the youngest one if I’m not mistaken, so I think Miyu Irino’s voice would do the trick, because he nails that gentle tone so goddamn well

For Nadia something deep, commanding and mature-sounding ofc, so perhaps Sayaka Ohara when she does Erza’s (from Fairy Tail) voice? (only the first few seconds of the video have the tone I imagine)

For my girl Portia I searched for a voice that irradiates friendliness because that’s what comes to mind when I think of her, so I think Cristina Hernández would be a good fit

Muriel’s voice in my heads sound deep af, so I went through my memory banks to remember which va had a heavy-sounding voice that would work, and Victor Hugo Aguilar seems like a good candidate, maybe not the tone he takes on that demo but the pitch is there

aaand finally Lucio, I guess something young sounding yet bombastic, so Luis Fernanso Orozco when he does Rakan’s voice perhaps?

…bonus faust, don’t @ me

anyway that’s it, i sure did love doing this but these are my particular takes on them, I would love to hear what other people have in mind, especially since I know pretty much nothing about english vas, hence why most voices here are from latino actors x)

Not to be that dick, but some people in the fandom really are in denial about what Lucio has done. I keep seeing people claim we ‘don’t know that he’s evil, it’s all just rumours’ and I’m like… what? Let Lucio be evil, don’t turn him into a weepy ‘I had no choice’ villain please.

He has enslaved people.

He has blackmailed a village.

He has ripped people’s hearts out.

He did neglect his people and let them starve, let their districts flood.

He did kill his father.

He did try to kill his mother.

And those are just a few that are mentioned or shown, that I remember right now. If I go through the whole story again I’m sure I’ll find more.

Clearly I’m not saying you can’t like Lucio - hell I do - but don’t pretend like he’s some misunderstood wounded man who only looks evil because of lies.

The best argument you could make is saying he’s not malicious but rather indifferent, and that is still evil.

“Now, this specimen of a man, clad in this beautiful gold, wrapped in these beautiful, beautiful furs- HE… was somebody”

  • Anemone: forsaken, sickness, anticipation, undying love
  • Lobelia: malevolence 
  • Narcissus: unrequited love, selfishness

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