Here comes dat vamp

*slams the table* Just give this boy slavic accent so I can die in peace !!!

So,yeah,it’s a piece for an art challenge in Arcana Amino. Tbh,I kinda like it and a bonus with my apprentice,dressed up as a vampire hunter.

I was blessed today–I got back 2 different big commissions, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! <3_<3

This one is by the amazing @kyotemeru-arts, who did such a fantastic job!! The background is stunning–like, I’m just astounded by people who can create stuff like this. UvU;; Plus there’s Julian back there, looking like the awkward angelic Greek-tragedy God he is, and Celeste is TOO ADORABLE?! 

Seriously sassy there but like, get it girl! xD <3

Thank you thank you thank you!!! @ 3@

kansama  asked:

Hey shitpost request incoming: worst to best at twerking? Main 3 or 6

this is great i love this

Muriel, Julian, Portia, Nadia, Lucio, Asra

I feel like Muriel wouldn’t do it enough to be good at it, Julian would try, but can’t figure out how to move his hips right XD Lucio is slightly better than Nadia because when he gets drunk he does it a lot, but Asra is the best, well Asra’s Asra.

anonymous asked:

Main 6 with a MC that reads a lot of books?


  • Borrows a few of your books to read himself
  • Ends up writing in them
  • Take turns reading to each other


  • As you’re reading, he’ll look over your shoulders to get a glimpse
  • May use them to help with spells, cooking, etc
  • Loves putting his head in your lap as you read aloud to him


  • Depending on what you read, she’ll ask you how to improve Vesuvia 
  • Appreciates your love for books
  • Sits in bed with you reading books before sleeping 


  • Leaves little notes in between the pages 
  • Stares lovingly at you when you’re not looking 
  • Listens to you as you go through the plot 


  • Makes shelves for you to place them 
  • You sit in his lap when you read 
  • Keeps an arm around your stomach; enjoys the peace 


  • Doesn’t understand why you own so many; hates it
  • Tries to burn them
  • Fahrenheit 451 who