Favorite place to kiss

Probably self explanatory but basically what part of MC they like to smooch


  • Your cheeks. He loves the way they scrunch up when you laugh or smile


  • The lips. He used to kiss like each was his last but as time went on they became less like goodbyes and more like promises of the future.


  • Your hand. It’s something she can do in public without being inappropriate. She loves looking up at you through her lashes and seeing the fond smile you wear with a blush


  • Your nose. Well specifically she loves Eskimo kisses. She loves being close to you and it just a very cute sight


  • Forehead/top of the head. When he hugs it’s an all enveloping protective hug. He loves to press soft kisses to your head as he holds you close. When he leaves and you’re not going with him, he kisses your forehead. He long, passionate kisses on the lips are for more intimate times

I won first prize of @winsbuck giveaway & I decided that the Sun tarot card suited Mae the best. She is warm and radiates positivity. My actual ray of sunshine

Marina couldn’t have done a better job and I am absolutely smitten with how ethereal she looks. Thank you so much again, you always create the most beautiful pieces!!

MC, in the cave: Is this a date?

Asra: Wh- Please! A DATE!? You are completely off your bird! I mean - doyouwantittobe?

Ok, here’s my own mask version for Rupina! Enjoy! ^^

(P.S.: That shitposting mask by @junkpilestuff aka @atomicshitpost is hilarious as well as kinda nightmarish! x’D)

Rupina is owned by @junkpilestuff/ @atomicshitpost