the ancient ram inn

What lurks inside of the Ancient Ram Inn?

The Ancient Ram Inn, located in Gloucester, England, is by far the creepiest place I’ve ever studied. A quote from the current owner of the property, John Humphries, states that “There are so many ghostly entities in this building that it’s impossible to count.” Below is a picture of the Ancient Ram Inn.

The building itself is over a thousand years old, built in 1145. In a building this old, there’s almost always going to be some kind of paranormal energy lurking around the walls, whether it’s residual or intelligent relies solely on the kind of past the building has. In this case, this inn has been the site of an ancient pagan burial ground (typical, I know), and is also believed to have once been witness to devil worshiping and even child sacrifices. The latter is strongly believed because of bones found that belonged to children which were unearthed during a renovation, which also led to the discovery of the pagan burial ground. Due to these circumstances, the renovations were put to a stop and the house remains how it is.

The Ancient Ram Inn is said to be the home of the Incubus and Succubus. Before I’d heard of this place, I didn’t have a clue what either of these things were, so I did some research on these, too.

Incubus:  A male demon that preys on sleeping women to have sex with them.

Succubus: A female demon that preys on sleeping men to have sex with them.

These two residual demons are very similar, and very dangerous. Of course, to those who are skeptical, this could all sound ridiculous, but how do we explain the many guests of the inn who have had first hand experiences with them? Guests have reported being pushed down onto the bed, and it is these same guests who have leaped from first-floor windows to escape the beings that torment them.

The paranormal activity that goes on in the Ancient Ram Inn, and why many of these beings have chosen to call the inn home, can be (somewhat) explained by something called ley lines. These are lines which connect three or more prehistoric sites. These lines are said to carry energy, supposedly the paranormal kind, and act as a route for the spiritual energy to travel to and from these locations. Not only this, but the inn is in the spot where two of the ley lines cross, and this is supposed to make that connection all the more powerful.

Different rooms in the Ancient Ram Inn are named after the entities that have been seen there. These include ‘The Witch’s Room’ and ‘The Bishop’s Room’. The Witch’s room is named this because of a witch who resides there. She is an angry entity who was burned at the stake on the land hundreds of years ago, and many guests of the inn will refuse to stay in her room. 

In the Bishop’s room, it is reported by the owner, Mr. Humphries, that 10 people have been possessed in that room, and have had to go to church to be exorcised. Women have also been thrown across the room and onto the bed, presumably by the Incubus, with witnesses vouching for them.

Now, while all of this just sounds like wild stories and theories, there are things which have been caught on camera which are pretty damn hard to explain. It’s up to your own beliefs and judgement to decide whether this is the real deal or not, but I guess the only way to know for sure was to experience it first hand. 

Are you brave enough?


Originally constructed as a temporary residence for slaves and workers building St. Mary’s Church, the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, England is said to be one of the world’s most haunted locations.

The numerous hauntings stem from the inn being built on top of a nearly 5000-year-old Pagan burial ground.

In 1968,John Humphries purchased the Ancient Ram Inn to save it from demolition and has lived in it ever since. Upon moving in, Humphries discovered gruesome signs of devil worship and sacrifice, including the skeletal remains of children with broken daggers within them.

The Bishop’s Room, the inn’s most notorious room, is known for it’s overwhelming paranormal activity. Eight people have reportedly had to undergo exorcisms after staying overnight. On another occasion, a psychic medium was thrown out of the doorway and across the room.