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Can you write something up where the reader gets Raph stoned with edibles to make him chill and his brothers think it’s a riot how cuddly and relaxed it made him?

( (A/N) I know it’s not EXACTLY what you asked for, but I had so much fun writing it that I just kept on going. Hope you don’t mind. And if you do, please write me, I’ll try to do better :) )

It was finally Saturday night. You’ve had a long and hard week and were happy to spend the weekend with your boyfriend and his brothers. You packed your bag cause you wanted to stay overnight and just couldn’t wait for it. Your roommate went partying last night and left you some brownies, muffins and cookies in the kitchen.

“For you & the boys”, said the tag and you smiled.

She knew you had a boyfriend but she didn’t know what he was. You weren’t sure how she’d react if she found out but for now everything was good.

You heard a knock on the window and smiled. Raph always came by to pick you up. Even though you could very well protect yourself he just didn’t trust anyone.

“Hey babe”, he said with a grin on his face.

“Hello handsome”, you replied and kissed him.

“Are you ready?”

“Sure, just let me grab one more thing”

You went back to the kitchen to grab the Tupperware box full of sweets. Since you had your hands full already you decided to just carry it like this. Raph would definitely help you carrying your bag. In fact when you came back to your room he already had it over his shoulder.

“Since when are you good at cooking and baking?”, he asked, looking at the box and raising a brow.

“Haha, very funny Raph. They’re from my roommate. I think her best friend made these but I’m not sure”, you said shrugging your shoulders.

“Want some?” he wanted to know.

“Nah I’m good. In fact I ate like an hour ago, but go ahead”, you replied, smiling at Raph.

He was more than happy to do so. Ever since you started dating, he ate a bit more than just pizza and ice cream. He was slowly warming up to “real” food.

Raph was devouring in it and you just laughed. Yes, he was a tough guy but he had his soft moments too. You loved both sides of him endlessly.

“Ready princess?”

He made his way outside, sitting on your fire escape. You nodded and followed him. Of course you could have went out by the door, like normal people, but normal is boring.

“These are really good”, he said, mouth full with a cupcake.

“They’re all yours then. Hide them from Mikey”, you laughed.

You loved being alone with him so when you walked to the sewers it was like heaven. You loved his brothers very much, like they were your own, but sometimes you just needed to be alone. Without Mikey running around or Leo acting like a boss again.

Walking as slowly as you could you even held hands. Raph would never admit it but he enjoyed it. He just loved touching you, kissing you, being with you.

You were always so nervous when you went out with Raph and you could tell he was too. He was always tense in the first few minutes but that quickly went away.

Once you were at the sewer you made your way to the kitchen where Mikey was usually found. Raph wanted to have all the baked goods for himself so you had to get Mikey’s attention.

“(Y/N)”, he screamed when he saw you.

After a long hug you both smiled at each other. Mikey was like a little brother to you and you always made sure he was okay.

“How are you Mikey?”, you wanted to know.

“Good! I’m so happy we don’t have to go on patrol tonight”, he replied and laughed.

“Leo gave you guys a night off? Well that’s a first”, you laughed as well.

“I’m not a dick you know”, Leo said behind you, making you jump around.

“Not always that is”, Donnie joined, holding up his index finger.

“I’m so happy to see you guys”, you laughed.

“Where’s Raph?”, Leo wanted to know.

“In his room. He’s putting my things away”

And the chocolate, you thought to yourself.

“Talking about me?”, Raph asked and also made his way to the kitchen.

There wasn’t a lot of space ein there in the first place but with 4 mutant turtles there was almost no air left to breathe.

“Don’t worry we weren’t talking trash”, Mikey said and laughed.

To all your surprise Raph laughed as well. Not a smile, not a grin but an ACTUAL laugh. You all looked at him in shock.

“What ya looking at? It was funny”, Raph answered and made his way to the living room, “I’m gonna pick a movie.”

“That was …”, Leo started.

“Weird”, the rest of you replied.

“Maybe he’s happy to spend the night with (Y/N)”, Donnie shrugged and left the kitchen as well.

You blushed a little and followed him. There was Raph, making a little fort on and around the couch. It looked like he gathered all the pillows and blankets he could find and put them there.

“Anyone want sweets?”, he asked and smiled at you.

“Already have them! I also took your favorite Raph. Hope you don’t mind but I like them a lot too”, Mikey said and you could see he was already getting ready for a “Raph-Outburst”.

Nothing happened. He just looked at his little brother and walked up to him. Mikey was ducking a little, trying to avoid a possible fist in his face.

Instead he just pet Mikey’s head and pulled him into a hug.

“No worries little bro. If you love that candy so much, you should have it”, he said and smiled.

“For real?”, Mikey wanted to know.

“Of course”, Raph replied and then walked over to you to kiss you.

In front of everyone. It’s not like they didn’t know about you two, of course they did, but Raph has never kissed you in public. Yet alone in front of his family.

“C'mon babe, I’ve got us the best places”, he said and pulled you with him.

“He does know there’s only one couch, right?”, Donnie whispered to Leo.

Raph sat next to you of course. He even made some place for his brothers to sit.

“I’m allowed to sit on the couch?”, Leo asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re the leader bro you can sit anywhere you want”, Raphael replied.

Leo smiled, finally being able to sit on the couch and not as usual on the ground. Raph put his arm around his brother.

“Are you okay, Raph?”, Donnie wanted to know.

“Why would I not be? I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend”, he started and kissed your head, “and my family. What more could I wish for?”

He smiled again and placed his head on Leonardo’s shoulder.

“Jesus Christ Raph!”, he said, pushing him off.

Leo was not liking this. At all. His reaction just caused Raph to giggle.

“Babe are you sure you’re okay?”, you asked.

You knew how cuddly Raph could be. But this wasn’t like him.

“WOW that has some amazing colors”, he answered, totally ignoring what you said.

He was examining your t-shirt. Yes it was colorful but nothing he hadn’t seen before.

“This is not normal”, Donnie said.

“Donatelloooooo, bro, come here”, Raph answered him, opening his arms like he’s waiting for a hug.

“Totally not”, even Mikey realized.

“Do you think he’s getting sick?”, Leo wanted to know.

“Let me see”, Donnie replied, getting up and touching Raph’s forehead.

You started to get worried.

“I’m fine Donnie, in fact I’m super duper fine”, your boyfriend chuckled.

“Super?”, Mikey started.

“Duper?”, you ended.

“Has he eaten anything strange?”, Leo asked you, worry in his voice.

“Nothing that I know of. He had a cupcake but that’s it”, you finally admitted.

“A cupcake? Without me? Pffft”, Mikey said, not being aware how intense the situation was.

“Did you make that cupcake?”, Donnie asked.

“No, my roommate did. Why?”, you wanted to know.

You were petting Raph’s hand which made him smile at you and blow you a kiss.

“His pupils are dilated”, Donnie asked.

“What does that -”, you started but soon realized what that meant.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”, you screamed.

Donnie seemed like the only one realizing what happened because the other three looked as confused as before.

“Drugs. Probably marijuana”, Donnie explained.

“I only have tree fingers. Cool”, Raph said as if it needed any more proof.

“I’m so sorry guys. I honestly didn’t know. I’ll kill her once I get home I promise”, you said, feeling guilty and mad at the same time.

“Don’t worry (Y/N). We know it’s not your fault”, Leo assured you.

“What do we do?”, Mikey, the poor, innocent turtle asked.

“He needs to sleep. And someone needs to be with him. Just in case he wants to do something stupid”, Donnie explained.

“I’ll do it”, you volunteered.

“Are you telling me you’re taking care of me baby girl?”, Raph whispered in your ear.

You didn’t know whether you should be aroused or mad.

“Yes. Come on, off to your room”, you demanded.

“You’re mine tonight”, he said in an amused tone.

He threw you over his shoulder and made his way to the bedroom. You just knew it would be a long night.

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Hii can you do how the turtles would react to their s/o sucking on or biting their bottom lip during a make out session?

Leo: Leo would be totally surprised by it. He was completely in the zone, focusing on kissing you, making you feel good. He wanted to enjoy the moment, you’re his first girlfriend and he wants to know exactly what you like and what not. So when you bit his lips he looked at you surprised. “Do that one more time and I bite your tongue off”, he whispered in your ear. You wanted to tease him and did exactly what he said. He then grinned at you and continued to kiss, being a bit more harsh and occasionally bite you back.

Raph: This turtle would love it. Normally he’s the dominate one and likes to get things started but when you bit his lip in a steamy make out session he let out a big, loud growl. He’d press himself even harder into you, holding your hands above your head and bite your lip back. He never thought it would be a turn on to have you more dominate than him but oh Lord he LOVED it.

Donnie: I feel like lip sucking would be one of Donnie’s kinks. He always looks innocent or with his heads in the computers but he’d like lip sucking. When you did it for the first time he moaned and this the same thing right back. It was in the heat of the moment and surely won’t happen every single time you two kissed but when it did, you enjoyed it.

Mikey: We all know Mikey is always completely fun in bed, in life, while kissing. He’d kiss you everywhere: the lips, your nose, your cheeks, your forehead. You wanted to get a reaction out of him so bit sucked on his lips - hard. He moaned a little and laid on top of you. Mikey would cup your face with his hands and look you deeply in the eyes. “Do that again Angel Cakes”, he’d say. You do as told and he kissed you back, hard. Ready to take it to the next level.

“Clearing his throat, Lance drops into a graceful and practiced bow. ‘Welcome to The Altean Kitchen. Keith and I will be your waiters this evening. Hunk has already prepared a lovely meal for you both, which we’ll be serving shortly.’ He straightens and smoothly steps up behind Allura, pulling out her chair and gesturing to it. ‘We invite you to sit, and we hope you enjoy your evening.’” 

Shut Up and Dance With Me, Chapter 9 by @wittyy-name​ (and @wolfpainters​)

So I heard it was Witty’s birthday (It’s a week late I’m sorry). So here’s a little gift?

Witty and Sora, thank you so much for Shut Up and Dance With Me. It gives me so much life and I can’t count the many times The Marks We Make has revived me from college stress. Your collabs are amazing and a gift to this fandom. Witty’s writing fills me up with warm gooey feels and Sora’s art makes me want to just drool and stare at it all day. Thank you so much and happy (very belated) birthday witty :>