the altean royal family


Death doesn’t discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes, and we keep living anyway. We rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes. And if there’s a reason I’m still alive, when everyone who loves me has died, than I’m willing to wait for it. I’m willing to wait for it.


“Guards. Arrest Fala Morigin, for crimes of blood magic, and inhumane treatment of war prisoners and—" Her voice wavered. “For secrecy and thereby treason against the crown, under the state of law of Altea.


SO i was watching tlk - as usual - and an idea came up: what if alteans had some kinda cerimony for the royal family, an apresentation of the next ruler to the universe just like in tlk? 

i was sketching and ta-daa!! here we have allurance and their beautiful baby girl being presented for all the universe to see. all hail the princess! - and of course that the one holding her is coran coran, the gorgeous uncle

just a little soft headcanon so calm down okay guys

Royal Family AU

Thace and Keith are the main guards to the family but because they are Galra they had to prove themselves that they were not traitors to Princess Allura. Thace mainly because him once working under Galra for years even though he was a traitor to them. Keith grew up in the castle after Allura’s father found and adopted him when his father was found dead and his mother nowhere in sight. Keith grew up always around Lance and was taught to protect him. they played and fought growing up but they were always close naturally. After being a certified guardsman, he guarded Lance constantly. Prince Lance requested only Keith as his personal guard since they were around the same age and he’s a fucking hot . Keith wasn’t complaining Lance was troublesome but they liked each other so THAT caused plenty of trouble in itself because sometimes neither of them could be found. Hunk, the Family’s chef, always said that what is always known is that they are together so Allura should calm down a little. Who could blame her though? She was the older sister and had to help prepare herself as well as her little brother for the responsibilities of  royalty. She knew the two would be making out in the closets or doing other things they both knew damn well they shouldn’t.

(plz someone message me what Pidge and Shiro should be in the royal family! I want to write a fanfic of this but i want everyone included! if you think other characters to be involved let me know who and their roles I want to expand on this!)

Im drawing this so you WILL see more ;)

So why is Allura’s mom wearing pink?

We learned from Allura that pink means mourning. She says she’s wearing her armor for her father, those who are fallen, and Shiro. 

The thing is that Allura isn’t the only person wearing pink. Her mother does, in every appearance she has in the show. 

Both at the dinner with her husband

And when we see her with her daughter, 

and also when the deal between Zarkon and Alfor was made, she was in the background wearing the same pink dress. 

Who is she mourning? It’s clear that she seems some what happy. 

Unless Allura’s mom is Polluxian and this was a marriage to keep the peace. This could be mourning the dead from a war between these two planets. After all Pollux and Altea (Arus) were sister planets who were at war. Two brothers from Altea fought over the throne, ultimately the loser was removed from Altea and his followers went to Pollux. 

If Allura’s mom was the Princess from Pollux, then she may have been used with Alfor to create a peace treaty. If this is the case, then it could be that she is wearing the pink to mourn the dead from the fights between the two worlds? After all we don’t know anything about her. But they had to have put that line about the color pink earlier because they knew she would show up wearing pink in her dress. 

So why isn’t Allura talking about her, nor Coran? 

shance prince/knight + reincarnation au
  • it takes place 10,000 years ago, when altea was still a planet full of life ruled by king alfor. the people were so happy they had festivals every month, celebrating nothing more than just being alive
  • lance is a very curious and adventurous prince. he explores the forest - no one can find him for hours, he knows every secret passage, he plays with the lions in the gardens (they have Real space lions as pets) and he’s the only one who can ride them. lance is young and so alive, he’s got the wind in his hair and a dream in his eyes and a song in his heart.
  • but zarkon started a war against the universe. lance can’t ride the lions through the fields anymore, the royal family and every altean is in danger. that doesn’t stop lance from sneaking out though, it’s a guard that does. not any guard, the king’s best soldier is put to have his eyes on lance full time.
  • shiro is a rescued prisoner that serves the king to show his eternal gratitude. his pale skin, grey eyes and dark black hair makes him stand out, not to mention the round, small ears. so of course lance has seen him before, hell he even had a small crush on the guy, he was a hero!
  • lance’s first instinct when his father break the news that he has a bodyguard is to flirt with shiro, the man was a piece of cake after all. you know the cheesiest pick up line you can think of? that’s the one he uses. shiro is unaffected by it, not even a roll of eyes like king alfor’s. nothing. nada. that really pisses lance off for some reason. two hours go by and lance ramble a lot but all shiro do is listen, no answer except a few head shakes, that just makes lance really fucking annoyed.
  • lance calling shiro a babysitter and stomping his feet around the palace and just being a little brat cause shiro’s lack of words is annoying the fuck out of him.
  • lance avoids shiro so he can sneak out, but every time he tries shiro always catches him in the act. it’s been a week since lance last left the castle and he’s starting to lose his mind, he feels like the walls are closing upon him.
  • “if you come outside with me technically we wouldn’t be disobeying my father’s orders right? you’ll be protecting me the whole time!” and with that lance gets to go out of the palace, feel the wind in his hair and the dirty under his feet again. lance thinks he might have seen shiro smile but it was too dark to tell.
  • it becomes a habit, they sneak out every night. they climb trees, race through the flower fields, shiro can even ride a lion (and that makes lance very impressed), lance’s jokes make shiro smile and this time he can see it properly under the moonlight.
  • they never hold a two way conversation, it’s always lance talking and shiro listening. the silences that were so cold have gotten warmer night by night. so have lance’s curiosity to hear shiro’s voice.
  • “why do you never talk back to me, shiro? is it some kind of rule from my father?” lance questions in the dim lights of his bedroom when they get back from another sneak out. to that, shiro lowers the collar of his uniform, revealing an ugly scar on his throat. lance just quietly gasps and shiro hides it again, looking nervous, as if he was ashamed of it. lance reaches for his collar and looks up at shiro, silently asking for permission. once he gives a quick nod, lance pulls the hard fabric down and looks at the rough patch of skin. he traces it gently with his fingers before kissing it softly. “it’s alright” is all he says to shiro, who only bows before leaving the room.  
  • neither of them get any of sleep that night. both thinking about each other and their feelings.
  • lance opens up about his insecurities to shiro, about feeling like a replacement, always being second, no one trusting him with important issues, that he could prove himself if someone would just let him try.
  • zarkon’s empire grows stronger, harder to fight against. no one could stop him from reaching altea. it’s the middle of the night when zarkon attacks.
  • lance is swept off his feet by the sound of his door bursting open and shiro picking him up from his bed. he soon realizes what is going on and holds tight onto his bodyguard, his friend.
  • the king is in his armor shouting orders to everyone, including shiro. ordering him to go into the battlefield.
  • lance sees his father push allura into a healing pod and he knows he’s next. lance can’t let go of shiro, he just can’t, not even on his father’s command.
  • “i can’t let you go” from lance is what makes shiro kiss the tear-eyed prince. it just makes their hearts heavier, it’s a goodbye kiss.
  • next thing, lance is being pushed into a healing pod, being left behind, by the man he loves so dearly. maybe in another life they would share a happier kiss.
  • lance opens his eyes like he had closed them just seconds ago, his heart still aches and his lips still tingles. he falls forward but is caught by strong arms that feel oh just so familiar, just like that time when he fell from a tree. he looks up to meet with grey, warm eyes. maybe he’s dead after all.
  • “are you alright?” shiro speaks. lance can’t seem to do the same, he’s too in shock, his eyes starting to water. something was incredibly wrong but right at the same time.
  • allura touches his shoulder and explains to him that they’ve been asleep for 10,000 years. lance looks at shiro, his shiro, reincarnated.
  • he can see the differences; the scar on his nose, the white patch of hair, the metal arm, but above all that, his voice. lance looks at shiro so heart-brokenly cause he doesn’t remember him. shiro doesn’t remember riding lions, climbing trees, kissing lance. and it hurts.
  • for the next weeks lance avoids everyone, it’s hard to get used to the idea that you’ve never existed to the man you love while you’ve been dreaming of him for thousands of years. but shiro is alive again, they’re together, sort of. he should be happy, shouldn’t he?
  • except shiro had always had dreams about a dark-skinned boy with shiny blue eyes but he didn’t know it meant anything until he saw lance falling into his arms that day. now, faint flashes of memories are coming back but shiro can’t piece them together, everything is too confusing.
  • lance is around more often, though he carries a sad look on his face and heavy shoulders. they don’t notice lance’s ears moving slightly when shiro enters the room, his eyes glimmering whenever shiro speaks (except allura).
  • the voice lance craved to hear for so long, it’s the most beautiful sound he has ever heard, nothing like he had imagined. he often tears up whenever he listens to it for too long, when shiro explains battle tactics, lance has to excuse himself.
  • lance isn’t aware of shiro’s intrigued eyes on him and shiro isn’t aware of lance’s melancholic stares.
  • they find themselves alone one night, it’s awkward, like the first time they sneaked out together. lance smiles fondly at the thought and shiro likes to see him smile. shiro tries small talk, maybe if they talk more he will know what is that feeling inside him whenever the prince is around. but this time is lance’s time to just nod, he’d break down crying if he said something.
  • shiro makes a horrible joke and lance can’t help but snort at the other. the atmosphere around them becomes a lot lighter after that.
  • they find themselves often drawn to one another, always accidentally being alone in a room, teasing, brushing hands, bumping shoulders.
  • they are falling in love all over again.
  • they dance around each other for weeks, pining for days. lance reviving his rather fresh memories and shiro trying to grasp his very old ones.
  • it’s when coran is rambling about using a memory device to reactivate old useful memories of his about crystals that lance’s mind clicks.
  • “do you trust me?” lance asks one night, hand stretched to shiro, who doesn’t need to think twice. lance takes shiro to the room where he and allura connect with their father’s memory. lance plugs the device on shiro’s temples and waits.
  • the memories come to shiro in a rush, all together but clear nonetheless. when the device is turned off his eyes are wild, manic. he has fallen on his knees, his breathing accelerated, heart racing as fast as the night he pushed lance into that healing pod. everything is suddenly so clear. it’s been so long.
  • lance is staring at shiro, big hopeful blue eyes full of melancholia, when shiro rips the plugs off his head and pulls lance down into his arms. that feeling in his chest settling down for the first time in his life.
  • shiro says the three words to lance’s ear, just for him to hear. neither of them can hold back tears when their lips meet, a welcome back kiss.


  • shiro and lance going to the last altean festival before zarkon’s attack together. shiro has never been to one so lance insists on taking him. he drags shiro everywhere and he can tell shiro is having fun. lance pulls him to dance and they spin around under the glowing stars, knowing deep down that when they stopped they would have already fallen.

A Galtean Shance au based off of this post:

When Prince Shirogane returned from the outlands, the uncharted precipice of the unknown universe, sans one arm and steel in his eyes, it was taken as an unbidden law that he would receive the throne his surrogate had dutifully kept warm the past four years. But he left Lieutenant–Regent, now–Keith in his duties, “You know the Empire better than I do,” and volunteered himself as diplomat and ambassador and far-reaching right hand to the king at the frontier of forging new connections.

He was critical of the infrastructure of Puig and spearheaded the planet stabilization there for half a year before cultivating morale among the newly sedentary Galra on planets terraformed through Altean innovation. It was a matter of time, then, until he was to meet the royal family.

The Alteans and the Galra had rough history. And though the peace treaty had been established two generations ago, rebellion existed on both sides. Princess–no, Empress Allura now, said this with a knowing look in her eyes and the gentle sidelong glance of an old friend. The last time they’d seen one another she was twelve. Now she was philanthropist of a thousand worlds.

“Within the Castle walls you will be well defended, but I request that you have Lance with you as security as contingency.”

Shiro wanted to insist that he didn’t survive the abyss for show, but he abided, if only as an act of good faith. But he doubted he disguised his skepticism well when a dinky creature with elven grace and fairy exuberance reported to him. “It’s an honor to meet you, sir! I’ve read about all your exploits! Is it true that you–!”

And he was a fanboy. 

Shiro winced. Allura beamed. Lance prattled.

Shiro eventually took to Lance and acclimated to his perennial noise. He was interested and he was well-read (albeit not by choice, and he throws a dirty look in Coran’s direction), and Shiro by the end of the week had come to the conclusion that Allura put Lance as Shiro’s security in the effort to make him leave the planet.

But his opinion changed when they leave the Castle walls. Lance was silent. He stalked beside Shiro like a predator, his eyes trained on every detail. He replied to Shiro’s questions with a detached air. And on their return to the Castle he was happy again.

On the second excursion Lance interrupted Shiro’s purchase of a bracelet with a short, “Duck, Ambassador,” and when Shiro looked, Lance had caught an arrow out the air. He fired it back with what looked like a compound bow, but more complex than anything Shiro had ever seen and collapsible into jewelry, but ushered Shiro to the defenses of the Castle immediately, relaying information of the attacker all the while.

“He’s lonely,” Allura betrayed to Shiro softly over tea. “He and I are the only ones around here younger than two hundred–” Shiro splutters–“and he was so eager to meet you. Neither of us know much more than serving Altea.” With a knowing glance, “He’s quite good isn’t he?”

“An incredible archer.”

“Among the best.”

Lance was stunned silly and silent by Shiro’s praise when next they met, but his blush faded the instant they hit the streets, another part of the country known for its dense diversity. It’s Shiro’s last excursion. (If Lance is disappointed, he does not show it, and Shiro is surprised to find himself plaintive.) 

But the world explodes a tick before Lance picks up a funny looking shadow and the descends into anarchy. Lance stowed Shiro away in a safehouse after verifying they’d lost contact with the outside world. It’s here Shiro noted that Lance was injured and insisted he rest, surprised when Lance healed himself in a moment.

“A Sacred Altean trick,” Lance shrugged. “Ssh. Don’t tell anyone.”

It made sense then why Lance was assigned to the crown garrison. He was a powerhouse and a rare gem. “You should rest.”

He smiled tiredly, “I’m happy I got to live one adventure with you, sir. Sorry your experience at Altea hasn’t been the best we have to offer.”

“It was amazing, Lance,” he grinned. “And I have you to thank for that.”

As soon as they had returned to the Castle he immediately requests to hire Lance as his personal detail.

Allura blinked, “Oh. I knew he was good but I didn’t think he was that good.”

“He can replace four of my men easy.”

“He’s Sacred, you know. Sacred Alteans don’t grow on trees.”

“I’ll protect him.”

“You’ll protect your bodyguard?”



“I–wait, what?”

He learned quickly that Allura was as eccentric as Lance. Perhaps they were both driven mildly insane by the isolation of the Castle. He threw Lance over his shoulder and left the planet before Allura could change her mind.

Lance tours the universe at Shiro’s side proudly and learns diplomatic tips from his charge. Shiro has watched him befriend nearly everything and pick up languages as though he’s always known them.

On an evening he’s particularly swamped Lance has him lie down in his lap and he cures him of his headaches. Shiro found it intimate, cradled in Lance’s folded legs and peering up in his face, but Lance seemed indifferent and they fell asleep like so. Shiro woke up first, well rested and energized and Lance, at peace and childish, leaning on the bookcase above him. He allows himself a short kiss.

Lance woke up.


G-good morning, Lance.”

“Good morning, Ambassa–”


“Good morning, Shiro. What did you just do?”


“With your mouth?”

“What’s a mouth?”


Shiro failed. “It’s a kiss.”

“A what?”

“Don’t you kiss on Altea?”

They don’t. The most intimate physical reactions were isolated to family. Even married couples were rather chaste…outside.

“Do it again?”


But Lance doesn’t wait.

Shiro is then bombarded by a petite Altean jumping him at inopportune times requesting a kiss before a meeting or after a cursory lunch or in front of the other guards which sets all the Galra on edge and Shiro is a perennial marching tomato.

(It’s worse when they’re alone, when Shiro discovers that in a fair fight, Lance can overpower him and keep him down for his own devious needs. Shiro has neither heart nor desire to tell him to stop, lowkey loving being manhandled.)

anonymous asked:

ummmm altean linguistic lore? do you... happen to have that readily available? 👀

This is 100% based on my observations and headcanons and not at all rooted in how linguistics actually like, works. Anyway.

  • Every single “pure” (meaning, was born and raised on Altea) female Altean has a name ending in the letter “a”
    • Allura, Hira, Honerva
    • Romelle is the sole exception, but you could explain this as her being a descendant of refugee Alteans. Which makes sense, because culture can easily be lost during a 10,000 year diaspora.
  • Additionally, all of the ladies mentioned above also have an “r” in their names (Allura, Hira, Honerva). 
  • For male names, the letters “r” and “o” are also common. 
    • Alfor, Coran, and Lotor (I like to think that Lotor’s name is a mix of Altean and Galran naming traditions lol).
  • Coincidence? Probably. But I’m going to milk this for all it’s worth.
  • And then I got to thinking- Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the number of syllables in a name represented a person’s class/status?
    • A-llur-a and Hon-er-va are three syllable names. Allura is the princess of Altea, while Honerva must have been a high-ranking scientist considering she was put in charge of a highly classified research station dedicated to studying an unknown source of power located on the planet of one of Altea’s closest allies.
    • I headcanon Al-for as having married into royalty, and was actually born to middle to lower class scientists/diplomats. Hir-a, meanwhile, is a general, and therefore holds slightly more prestige than the average Altean citizen. And Cor-an was the advisor to the Royal Family, which is a pretty high-level gig.
  • The only slight plot-hole is why would Allura and Honerva have the same number of syllables? 
    • But that could be explained by Allura having multiple names by virtue of being royalty (Allura Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez), or perhaps Alteans are born with one syllable names (based on the first or last name of their parents) and “earn” additional syllables as they grow older/more accomplished. The possibilities are endless!!!

… Actually, I really like what I just said above. Okay lemme finalize that shit and condense it all into one definitive thing.


  • The letters “a”, “o”, and “r” are considered lucky in Altean culture, and children are named with those letters in mind. It’s thought to be extra lucky if at least two of those letters are next to each other (Allura, Coran, Hira, Alfor).
    • As it so happened, in Voltron canon “a” and “r” appear in the names of female characters while “o” and “r” are for male names, and maybe on Earth you’d have that kind of gender binary split but this is My City and also space so forget THAT noise! Alteans do and present however the hell they want! Anyway.
  • Alteans are born with one-syllable names. This first syllable is usually derived from the names of one of their parents, and is used to trace back family history (the Altean equivalent of the name Jackson deriving from “son of Jack”).
    • Allura was named after her father Alfor, Coran was named after his mother Carlin, so on and so forth.
  • One-syllable names are of course fairly short, so to get that extra-luck and tradition in the first-syllable of every Altean’s name contains a/o/r (Al, Cor, Hir, Hon, etc)
    • This obviously leads to a lot of similar-named kids lmao.
  • Names work in four tiers.
    • As mentioned above, everyone is given a one-syllable name when they’re born. Prior to Altea’s destruction, only around 15% of the population had a one-syllable name (the majority of course were children/young).
    • The second syllable of their name is earned when an Altean has completed their education/trade school. Around 80% of the population had a two-syllable long name.
    • The third syllable is reserved for the best of the best: the war heroes, the greatest minds of their generation, etc. and are usually awarded later in life. Only 5% of Alteans had a three-syllable name.
      • Honerva was an incredibly rare exception, having earned her third syllable when she was the Earth equivalent of twenty-five years old. (That’s like a fifteen-year-old earning a PhD in astrophysics.)
    • Only the Queen of Altea may have a four-syllable long name.


  • Coran’s name is incredibly lucky by Altean standards.
  • Those of royal blood are automatically born with three-syllable long names, which explains why Allura and Honerva occupy the same class despite the age and experience difference. 
    • The fourth-syllable is traditionally earned upon ascension to the throne.
  • Technically speaking, Alfor should have earned his third-syllable after he literally created Voltron (and honestly even before that, since he married the crown princess of Altea), but he never got around to it lmao
    • While parents obviously choose the first-syllable of their child’s name, all subsequent syllables thereafter are decided by the person in question,as they are the ones who’ve earned it.
    • Alfor literally couldn’t decide what his name should be, which is why it didn’t happen LOL
  • Last names were only a recent invention in Altean culture, and one borne more of necessity than anything because over 90% of the population had similar sounding names and it was becoming a problem.
    • Hence why Coran has such a long and ridiculous number of last names.

haggar vs allura | science vs magic

what i love about this reboot is how characters are taken from the original and given a whole new sense of badassery. anyone who knows me knows that haggar and allura my absolute favorite characters in v:ld. so here’s a post about how their otherworldly abilities differ, and what this could mean for future seasons ☆

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I loved the smell of the mountain juniberries in the early morning breeze. As did I, Allura. Remember the summer berry festival? People would come from all over Altea for the harvest. I remember how the berry juice stained your favourite dress. You were so upset. It took forever for Mother to calm me. I miss Altea so much. I miss you, Father. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.

“You can’t ship the Paladins/Allura with the Galra! It’s imperialist, colonialist, oppressive & racist! All the Galra are evil, they’re adults, they should know better than to genocide!”

- Keith is a mixed Galra. Are you saying that it’s x-ist for a person to be in a relationship with someone with the same ethnicity as they are? Does he only count as Galra when being shipped with Allura, but not with Lance or other Galra?

Why the hell are all these “Altean Lance x Galra Keith” AUs perfectly fine but Kallura is “EVIL OPPRESSIVE GARBAGE”?

- You heard it from the antis, folks. If you’re at war with another race, you can’t marry one of the people from that race. Guess that means that all American/North Korean & American/Middle Eastern marriages are no longer legit. They are OPPRESSIVE & ABUSIVE & RACIST.

(Does this mean that Lord Pastel Lance’s mere existence is oppression??? ^ Half Chinese & Half Taiwanese)

- Also all mixed race people are now considered oppressors. (Except when they’re not.)

- The Galra were clearly shown to have a caste system & a monarchy which lasted for many years even BEFORE the 10,000 years that Emperor Zombie Zarkon ruled. Blaytz could not even chat with a Galra servant without being criticized for being “inappropriate”. Why would the Galra “know any better”?

-> The Original Paladins were even shown to be fighting each other for GENERATIONS before they came to a diplomatic agreement & became friends, so politics were NOT at all stable back then either. Without Voltron, their bonds would have been gradually weakened by their responsibilities to their own planets/systems/people & old generation-long conflicts that were never fully resolved, thus leading to more clashing politics, internal conflicts & the Other Reality “Altea-Galra-Names of the races of the other Paladins that we never got” War.

File name is literally “And_in_some_cases,_had_been_warring_for_generations” Blaytz is clearly shown using Altean weaponry here, so the Alteans were DEFINITELY involved in this war in some way. They weren’t peace-loving monks like the Air Nomads. (Did everyone forget in s1 when Allura said that even Altean CHILDREN were trained to fight gladiators drones?)

-> As mentioned above, ALL the races had been at war, some for GENERATIONS. They all grew up hearing & seeing their parents & their grandparents & their great-grandparents trying to kill off the other races for their entire lives up until recently! Rulers being best friends does not suddenly erase years of political tensions & war between people! Why would the Galra or even the Other Reality Alteans “know any better”? They would not have seen each other as people, just as enemies.

^They had literally less than even HALF of a generation (Allura’s lifespan + the years before she was born, even if it’s an alien generation & not a human one, that’s still like what? Less than 50 years?) to get used to peace & even then, their “peace” was degrading to something more like “non-hostile low-contact” tensions near the end.

You know that your diplomacy is turning into shit when it’s been years since your leaders last visited each other. (Especially when they both have warping tech).

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i need Allura bonding with Shiro's family like i need air, Allura needs older supportive women in her life

oh same!! and allura’s bonds with other women, both in her own family, and in shiro’s too, alongside other characters we meet along the way. allura “my father” of altea??? like no the altean royal family is women and alfor married into it, vld can fight me!!

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So, Allura can manipulate Quintessence because she's Altean, is it because she's a girl, of the royal family, be- you know what, I'mma cut to the chase: Season 3, please give us glowy, quintessence-using Coran. Even if it's just one scene. Even if it's just a joke. Please. I need to see the beautiful man using space magic.

I think we kinda did with the Balmera crystals (smallish scale)

though I think I know what you mean, I wanna see Coran light up like a star~

So its like Allura has a high capacity of manipulate Quintessence and storing it it, also is connected to the Castleships Quintessence. Prob whats going on is that some Alteans had higher capacity of Quintessence than others, more likely if you’re part of the Royal line I imagine (sup Alfor) and so other alteans have different amounts, high, average, low. Coran may be in the average/low area. Like get a couple of Balmera crystals ‘I can do that’. give power to entire Balemra planet ‘dude that would kill me’.

 oh but what if Allura has unusual higher capacity than usual (like she eventually kicked Haggars ass who pretty high in control) maybe a cause of it was being in cyropod for 10,000 years while still connected to the castleships quintessence, cause I don’t think that stuff can be turned off, so just been buzzing around, developing (like wine). 

This might also explain why Coran so afraid for Allura using lots of amounts of Quintessence. maybe because she’s still a young adult and that high amount is unusually to develop at that age. and maybe Coran has seen past Alteans with high levels of quintessence overuse their powers and die as a result (Allura you got very ill the first time. I’m so worried for your health’. then in the latest use, she got up after 10 mins and went to whoop Haggars ass). 

then this got me thinkin of ideas I had fo some more scar/injuries hcs for Coran. that can you get injured from using high amounts you’re not usually capable of, like high amounts of electricity storage. Like what if Coran tried to open a wormhole with the castle ship using his capacity of Quintessence with the castleships, would that kill him? or knock him out for awhile and cause burns and scars from the high levels? (which I now added to my Coran scar/injuries hc list. dude’s always wearing gloves)

ok you know what actually is a good example ‘chakra’ from Naruto (believe it).

THE SPACE BETWEEN STARS:  the altean royal family

ILURA: Deceased, firstborn daughter of the royal family of Altea, older sister to Amara. She died in the attack of an enemy planet. Her sole niece and goddaughter, Allura, was named in honour for her.

AMARA: Deceased, second born daughter of the royal family of Altea, younger sister to Ilura, wife of Alfor, mother of Allura, and the Red Paladin of Voltron. She was one of the first paladins to fall when Zarkon turned on them. Her sole daughter and heir, Allura, became the crown princess of Altea, and inherited her royal golden circlet.

ALFOR: Status unknown, firstborn of his noble family, coherent to the tradition of always having names begin with an ‘A’. Brother-in-law to Ilura, husband of Amara, father of Allura, and eventual King of Altea, Alfor was the creator and the Yellow Paladin of Voltron. He sealed his best friend and advisor, Coran, as well as his daughter, in cryosleep for ten thousand years.

ALLURA: Alive, firstborn daughter of the late Queen Amara and King Alfor, niece to Ilura, for whom she’s named. One of the last two known living Alteans left, Allura is the commander of Voltron and of the Castleship, as well as one of the last hopes the galaxy has for freedom, fighting against the evil Emperor Zarkon.


Princess Allura is the last surviving member of the Altean royal family and the teenage daughter of King Alfor. Presently, Princess Allura leads the charge against the Galra Empire.


I WILL DO WHAT I MUST  Otherwise known as the Warrior Queen of Altea, Queen Melenor Morigin, House of the Evening Star, ruled during the time of war between her people and the Galra, and the creation of Voltron. Disciplined and self-sacrificial, Melenor was never the same following the banishment of her sister for crimes of blood magic by her own hand. However, she was sympathetic enough to hammer out a peace treaty with the Galra that lasted thousands of years. She died a very old, if sad, queen, succeeded by the eldest of her six daughters, Noramel Morigin.

lovelyplantbirb  asked:

if loki is a jotun that can look asgardian in canon, does that mean altean him is also in disguise? (and does that mean he's actually galran??)

I’m just gonna nonchalantly slip me asgardian’s altean designs into my kotp au cause they are wizard sick. 

so they gonna be set pre zarkons-betrayal. def gonna have the odinsons drama in there, just need to be tweaked around a bit. Loki (or who shall be called Toki (originally character, do not steal >;p)) gonna mixed Altean and a species based on the Jotuns.