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Hello! I absolutely love your Mchanzo Mpreg drawings ^^ I was wondering if we could get Hanzo trying to nurse his baby girl for the first time, and being very bashful about it?

Well…I had to put Jesse being the flirt he is with his bf, even if there is a baby girl in the room! Also *whisper* I love Hanzo blushing


Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word Count: Approx. 4K

Genre: Smut, and a touch of angst and humor; Omegaverse!

Notes: A kind-of-companion to Sun & Moon, because I suck at writing what I’m supposed to. And just writing in general. Blergh.

Warning(s): i mean, they basically fuck. mention of switching. mention of ‘sex toys’, and there are threats of orgasm denial. mostly, this is soft. i hope.

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“You’re joking, right?” Are the first words that leave Yoongi’s lips as he stands in the doorway of your bedroom. The cute wrinkle of his nose – and it is cute, no matter what he says – is testament to exactly what he thinks of your idea.

“Nope.” You grin at him from the bed, finding the way he rolls his eyes to be positively adorable. “It’s just a couple of weeks for your heat, right?”

“Yes,” He says, patiently, “Which is why you don’t have to do all of… this.”

He waves his hand at where you sit in the bed with barely disguised disgruntlement. Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much – but god, your boyfriend’s cute. Adorable. Every synonym you can think of, really, even if your vocabulary doesn’t extend very far.

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Bento Boxes and Pepero Sticks

Hello Everyone! 

The wait is finally over and Bento Boxes and Pepper Sticks is finally finished! Reminder, there is art included within the fic that will not be posted elsewhere, so please go check it out. It’s exclusive! If ratings are high, there will be a sequel and the art will be doubled (Hint: There may be some really fluffy scenes)! If you would love to see more yoonmin action, please please please support her work by leaving comments and kudos!

Note: I also wrote a bit of it, so I’m pretty nervous myself, haha. I’ve never written part of a fic in a my life!


Author: agustmiin

Length: one-shot

Rating: general audiences

Read on: Ao3


Alpha!Bakugou x Omega!Reader

You and Bakugou had a rocky relationship. It mostly consisted of him glaring holes into your head or surprise scenting, since he never really wanted to acknowledge that both of you were fated to be together. 

It was all too romanticized for him, and thus, you’d taken to pretending the smell of him didn’t threaten to make you explode. It had made you explode on some people, but those were classmates and he was always there to soothe you if things got exceptionally rough.

Right now, though, he wasn’t. Shindou and you were circling one another, you glaring and him smirking. He’d already rubbed his disgusting scent all over you when he’d pinned you before, and you felt like you were suffocating because of it. Alphas like him were always so domineering and rude — taking what they wanted without offering anything in return — and that was enough incentive for you to want to beat his head in.

He lurched forward and you stumbled, tripping over some of the rubble he’d created with his quirk earlier. He’d already hit two of your lights, meaning one more would be a surefire failure for you; the idea of not passing this exam made you sick to your stomach, even as you blocked the ball flying at you with a shield. Throwing one of your own over the top of it, you were surprised to actually hit him, leaving the two of you equally impaired.

It was about that time that Shindou took a few steps backwards, and you wouldn’t realize why until strong arms curled around your waist and hauled you up. The smell of your mate surrounded you and you took a deep breath, finally feeling like you could breathe when he nuzzled gently at your neck. Wisely, Shindou bolted before Bakugou finished, leaving the two of you — plus Kaminari and Kirishima, both looking equally amused — to bask in each others presence.

“I can’t believe you let that fuckin’ loser scent you up like that.” Despite the harshness of his words, he smirked at you affectionately, still holding your back to his front.

“Well you smell like Kirishima, so…” You trailed off with a smirk of your own, slipping from his grasp as explosions went off in his palms and he began his irritable shouting. All you did was laugh before heading over to join your other two classmates, waiting for him to cool off enough to join you.

So so sweet! - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

You sniffled and tried to hold back tears as you placed your hands on your peacefully asleep alphas on either side of you.

“Nat? Buck? Wake up.” You sniffled out softly.

The two of them were immediately alerted, owing to their assassin training. They saw you sitting up with tears in your eyes. 

You felt both of them shoot up, Natasha placing a hand on your shoulder and Bucky touching his forehead to yours. They were both trying to use their Alpha scent to calm down their distressed Omega. 

“What’s wrong, babe?” Natasha asked gently, reaching for your hand which was resting on your barely swollen belly.

“I-I, I, uh, I need…..” You started but couldn’t seem to find the words.

“It’s okay, darling, it’s just us, you can say it, you’re safe, love” Bucky encouraged, nuzzling his nose in your neck.

He was just being so nice and you just couldn’t hold in ….there you go…you started crying again. 

Natasha rubbed her hand up and down your back, whispering comforting things.

Finally, you found the words. Sort of

“I don’t know! I’m just-released I just wanna cry so much. I don’t even know why! I just can’t stop crying!” You choked out another sob.

“Oh babe, it’s okay, we got you, it’s alright, we’re here” Bucky said pulling you into his chest.

Nat rest her head on your shoulders and kissed your cheek.

“Let it out, love, we’re here.” She said.

If anyone saw these two assassins cuddling their pregnant wife at 3 in the morning, whispering to and coddling a hormonal mess, they would lose their shit.

But that’s what Nat and Bucky were. Two giant softies who loved their Omega and their child……or children, who knows?

Omegaverse Headcanons: Dynamic Aesthetics

Alphas: Exploring the thick woods not caring about getting lost, the smell of smoke near a campfire, fresh leather jackets, and old ripped jeans, motorcycles on a canyon road, bold and saturated colors, standing at the top floor of a skyscraper looking down at all the people walking by, 

Betas: crisp spring air, lively bars full of good times, rooms where the morning sun gently warms whoever is sitting closest to the window, freshly cleaned laundry still warm from the dryer, sipping on chamomile tea  

Omegas: Nights staying in with some tea and a good book, fluffy pillows, pastel color schemes, starry winter nights, quiet cafes that smell of coffee and old books, baking during Christmas where everything comes out right, pleated skirts and oversized sweaters, 

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Congratulations Professor!!! I have a question for you. What can cause an omega to not go through heat? Any type of injury? Something that will last like a lifetime? Thank you! 😊

Hey Hi Hello!


Note: Asks closed, open soon!


  • They’re pregnant, I don’t like to think they’d go through a heat while pregnant. If they didn’t know they were pregnant and had intercourse I guess this could be a surprising sign lol
  • Injury that is related to the areas that are used in a Heat. 
  • Sickness. They’re body isn’t strong enough to carry out a heat. 
  • Perhaps something traumatized the Omega and thus they subconsciously never think it’s safe enough for a heat.  
  • Age. The older they get, the fewer and farther between their heats will be. 

I think the closest one for the Lifetime one would be the traumatized one. But this is a small list. I’m sure there are more options! 

Signs as sins

Aries: suggestive comments

Taurus: anime

Gemini: game OST as a ringtone

Cancer: monologuing

Leo: (=`ω’=) these (^・o・^) little (=xェx=) fuckersヾ(=°-°=)ノ

Virgo: ridiculously colored sweaters as presents


Scorpio: dressing up as a pirate

Sagittarius: shitting on people’s accents

Capricorn: communicating entirely through gifs

Aquarius: taking selfies with a cigarette

Peixes: puns