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“Friend Todoroki - Part 2″

art by @queenofliz4rds || script by @blackbarbooks

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Witchy Youtubers

Here’s a list of some of my favorite witchy/spiritual youtubers that I can’t get enough of. This is by no means a complete list, feel free to add onto it!

May the moon light your path.


Y’all should check out @/bnhaincorrect on Twitter cuz they got some great inspiration

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“Friend Todoroki - Part 3″

art by @queenofliz4rds || script by @blackbarbooks

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Some nice and good PDA!

New illustration for my friend @blackbarbooks​ fanfiction “My First One And Only”! Do I have to say anything at this point? You guys know it’s the good stuff!

Go read Chapter 8 here!

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Today I´m going to talk about the second ending from the second season of BNHA because I really liked it, welcome to my TedTalk

First of all, the ending is set in this fantasy world which could be understood as Izuku´s imagination, his own fantasy. 

In this ending we get to see the people in Midoriya´s life through his eyes. He sees himself at first like a normal person, nothing in his clothing or anything that he is carrying really gives him an identity, he doesn´t know who he will become yet.

Then we get to see Uraraka as a witch/sorcerer. It shows that to Midoriya she is very powerful, using something that feels like magic to him. Then Iida is a knight, because, to Midoriya, he is very strict, follows the rules, and comes from a family with honour. 

Then Todoroki is a prince to Midoriya. He is beautiful, mysterious, he is brave and powerful. He is the son of the number 2 hero, which to Midoriya is like royal blood. 

Bakugou is so important to Midoriya. To him he is like this ancient unstoppable forze, equal to a dragon. It is so obvious how much he admires him, how big and amazing Bakugou is in Midoriya´s eyes. 

But he is not scared of him, not at all, and he reaches for help. Because he knows him so well. 

And in this fantasy of him Bakugou fights by his side, they work together with all their power, as equals. This is Midoriya´s dream: to get Bakugou´s support.

Then finally he dreams about the day he can release his full power, the day he will be able to use the one for all to the 100%. And so the ending, well, ends.

I think this was a very clever and cute ending, especially when you understand that it is seen from Midoriya´s point of view, it is just cute and very nice. Thank you and good night.


Here’s a Height Chart of members of Class 3A in @friend-todoroki and their aged up designs! Who is your favorite?



Inspired by incorrect bnha on Twitter and motivation from @/sparkykaminarii on Instagram!

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“What do you do here ?”

I had a nightmare. * sigh * The monsters wanted to take me. can I sleep here with you?”

“All right, come here.”

“Check if the monsters arrive?”

I’ll keep my eyes open.

Yuuto has like 10 Ground Zero action figures at this point. Aya is mostly a Red Riot collector, but this one doll she wanted to have really bad when she saw it at the mall! Of course siblings are being siblings again and Yuuto wants to yank it right out of her hands cause you know, Ground Zero is HIS favorite and HIS alone!!
Kirishima is jus like…? Cause Yuuto ignores the fact that he’s climbing the ACTUAL hero right there…

More KiriBaku family cuteness with adopted babies Aya and Yuuto! Could squeeze this one in between comic work!

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