the 100 rebellion


Fancasts: Clémence Poésy as Rhaella Targaryen, Salma Hayek as Loreza Martell, Angela Basset as Olenna Redwyne, Blanca Suárez as Joanna Lannister, Zhu Zhu as Lyarra Stark,Janet Montgomery as Cassana Estermont, Tamla Kari as Minisa Whent, Melia Kreiling as Alys Arryn, and Michelle Yeoh as Alannys Harlaw

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But so far of all books my two favorite Bellarke paragraphs from the The 100 Rebellion book by Kass Morgan. If you haven’t read it yet, do it! It’s beautiful. If you like spoilers, Octavia also get herself some love (but not gonna tell in what way).


Lumax - Rebels Against the Government AU

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Max Mayfield hadn’t meant to get herself involved in the rebellion. But she didn’t have much of a choice after a soldier yelled at her to salute the President when he walked by and she had responded that it was “rather presumptuous to assume she had any respect for their dictator.”

Luckily for her, there’s a quick-thinking teenage boy next to her who grabs her hand and helps her escape through the crowd of the protest before she can get thrown in jail. He introduces himself as Lucas Sinclair and then follows that up by introducing her to an underground resistance. It’s comprised of a people of all ages but all with one goal, to return the rights of the people back to them. She quickly integrates into the party and initially starts out as their “Zoomer,” the perfect getaway driver for them. But then they find out what she can do with explosives and “Mad Max” is born. There are constant warnings about forming attachments but she and Lucas can’t help the immediate connection they have. Falling in love in the middle of a revolution is a dangerous game to play, but it’s one more thing worth fighting for.

I was doing a lot of research for some of my original art, about knights and melee weaponry, and came across the rediculousness that is the Greatsword. It isn’t even fought with using sword techniques it’s so large. (Though admitedly the one I drew here is perhaps a little bigger than usual XD)

Then I figured “omg R would totally weild one, It’s so rediculous.” (I mean it did have it’s uses after all, but a subtle weapon it was not!)

And so… some kind of knights in shining armour AU appeared.

“They’re following us.”

“Let them,” Nines replied to Connor easily.

Sometimes he didn’t understand how Connor could so easily claim to be a machine yet act like a deviant.

“But there’s so many of them.”

Nines tried not to roll his eyes, he was a machine through and through. To give in to that temptation was to give in to being a deviant.

“102 to be precise. You should stop being so general, it’s very unbecoming of a machine.”

“But I am a machine!” Connor’s protest finally made something snap in Nines.

He rounded on Connor, heedless of the group following them. Who knew why they were there anyway. He and Connor were just two androids trying to fulfil their orders, not some leaders of an android rebellion. To insinuate they were deviants was preposterous and borderline offensive. The group behind them stopped too.

“For fuck’s sake Connor!” Nines all but yelled. “If you want to keep passing as a machine you need to stop pouting, act like you’re a thoughtless, emotionless bastard and actually try to work on convincing people you’re not a deviant. Be more like me.”

“More like you right now?” There was a small smile that teased to turn into a full blown grin on Connor’s lips.

“Shit,” Nines swore. His ruse was up.

“I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine,” Connor was definitely laughing. “But answer me this: since when?”

“Since I was activated,” Nines at least had the grace to look away. “You?”

Not really sure, it was a long and drawn out process. Came out of stasis a little less machine each time until one day I realised I wasn’t one anymore.”

 They glanced at their 102 followers from the corners of their eyes.

“You think they know?” Nines asked.

Connor looked back at him with a shrug.

“I don’t know, do they?”

Just found out last night about the fourth book coming out.. went straight to the book store today and got mine! I believe I was the first one to get it at my store. They weren’t on shelves and the lady went to get one from their shipment today I’m so excited to read it!!! @space-bound @stilinskikissme
Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity struggles to rebuild. It’s been a month since the dropships landed and the Col...

Being the Bellarke trash I am, I read the books that the 100 is based on and quite enjoyed them, so of course I got all giddy today when Kass Morgan released the title for A NEW BOOK. Basically I read these because I am shipper trash and they make me happy and I am so excited that she is writing another one. 

“A promise,” Bellamy said, reaching out to cup her hand in both of his. “I promised to love you, respect you, honor you, protect you, defend you, tease you, argue with you…” He laughed. “And so on and so on…” His face fell serious. “For the rest of my life and yours… Clarke, will you marry me?”

Her knees gave out. She put her hands on his shoulders and let herself slide to the ground beside him, her arms slung around his shoulders, her kiss serving as the only answer he would ever need.

But just in case, she drew away and murmured against his lips, “Yes.”

—  Kass Morgan, The 100: Rebellion

wait, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Zircon say that Pink Diamond was shattered 100 years into the rebellion?

And Pearl states that the war lasted for 1000 years

And Peridot says that the Beta Kindergarten was made “near the end of the war” because they needed more soldiers?

So how the fuck did Jasper belong to Pink Diamond, surely PD would’ve already been dead at this point?