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This is for @abbygriffindaily ‘s fall fest Day 3: Pumpkins

Pairing: Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane

Set in season 2. Sometime in October before Mt. Weather.

He’d found them at a tiny stall in a traveling marketplace and felt absolutely awestruck. Of all the things that had used to grow on earth, they were the most fascinating. Deep orange in color (something they almost never saw on the Ark), and giant, at least compared to most of the other produce, they seemed almost magical.

He remembered being intrigued by the stories of their use in History, everything from desserts to a fancy container for candles on All Hallows Eve. He’d loved to comb through the archives, gleaning information about long lost traditions from Earth.

So when he’d seen them resting with several types of squash, he knew he needed them. They weren’t as big or round as the ones he’d seen in their digital books on the ark, but they were just as beautiful, their rich orange skin a color Marcus still wasn’t used to seeing in person. He was amazed, and determined all at once. The people of the Ark deserved at least one nice thing on this Earth, and he now knew how to give it to them.

Luckily, he’d brought a cart from the camp, as it was his job on this particular supply run to barter for a variety of food. They’d begun to grow what they could in the new climate, and of course had some seedlings from farm station on each of the stations that fell to the ground, but they were limited by timing and knowledge. So far, he’d managed some apples, beets, brussel sprouts, cabbage, squash and berries that looked like grapes. And now, the pumpkins. He made the deal, grabbing one other special treat. He traded some of his own supplies, and headed back toward camp Jaha,

As he made his way along the road to camp, he thought about some of the traditions he’d found the most interesting. All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween as the people of Earth had commonly referred to it before the bombs, was celebrated on the last day of October, only about two weeks away. He thought maybe he could convince Raven to plan some sort of celebration. Throw in a little moonshine, the pumpkins carved into Jack-o-lanterns for decoration and it might even feel like a real holiday.

Raven immediately agreed, hurrying off while saying something about accessing the Ark’s old database of music, and the plan was in motion. Now all he had to do was figure out how to carve these things.

Cutting open the top and scooping out the insides (saving the seeds for planting and as much flesh as he could for eating of course) was the easy part, he soon discovered as he attempted to carve the first Jack-o-lantern face. He managed a couple of rough triangle shapes for eyes, and a fairly crooked mouth with his large knife, realizing he could really benefit from a some smaller carving implements. But aside from a small hunting knife, the only thing he could think of for more intricate details in the camp was a scalpel, and he wasn’t quite sure how to get this idea past Abby.

He tried to look nonchalant as he wandered into the medical tent looking for supplies, but Abby noticed him almost immediately.

“Marcus, do you need something? Is someone hurt?” She questioned quickly.

“No, no, nothing like that. I, uh…just needed to ask you if I could borrow something.” He reassured, trying to seem like he wasn’t up to anything, but Abby was at once suspicious.

“What exactly do you need from Medical?” She asked, eyebrows raised.

Well, the jig was up. He might as well come clean with her now.

“I found some pumpkins on my supply run, and I, ah…thought maybe since Halloween, you know, that Earth holiday in October was coming up, we should maybe have a celebration.” He stumbled through the words, feeling foolish, but Abby smiled.

“Are you planning on making Jack-O-Lanterns, Marcus?” She replied with a slight sparkle in her eyes, and Marcus remembered the conversation they’d had as teenagers on the Ark.


Abby had always been just as proficient in History as Marcus, although slightly less fascinated by it, favoring anatomy and biology studies. Since they were evenly matched in the subject, they often studied together. They’d once had a test where they’d had to memorize three beliefs or traditions from cultures about each Holiday, and he’d traded some old radio parts and a couple of extra rations for two pieces of chocolate and invited her to his family’s quarters to study.

When they came to the Halloween section of the test, they’d agreed that the Samhain beliefs about the veil thinning between the earthly realm and the spirit world, prompting the idea that by dressing as a spirit, humans would be passed over by any creatures released from the underworld, and the long standing tradition of carving pumpkins into faces to represent soul lights, were the most fantastical and interesting, so that left only one. He knew that the tradition of trading sweets to prevent misdeeds had mostly been adopted during the commercialization of the holiday, but he found it the most fun, and he hoped Abby would too.

“Before we decide on the last one, I have something I think you’ll like,” Marcus nervously mumbled as he and Abby sat cross-legged on his bed. “I uh, want you to close your eyes though, and open your mouth.”

She looked at him like he’d grown a third eye, her eyebrows raised. “What? Why Marcus? What are you planning on doing? This isn’t about that stupid tradition of tricks is it?”

“No, I promise, no tricks. Just, please, it’s really not anything bad.” He replied, more nervous than when she’d first walked through the door, smelling of Jasmine, smiling shyly and making his heart race.

“I don’t know.” She drawled, looking like she might be considering it.

“I would never hurt you, Abby. Never.” He replied, taking her hand in his and looking into her eyes.

“Ok, but if it’s something gross, I’m leaving.” She pronounced, narrowing her eyes slightly.

“Deal.” He nodded, a silent promise that she could trust him.

She closed her eyes, and opened her mouth, and he placed the chocolate on her tongue.

“This is my favorite tradition, I thought maybe it could be ours.” He spoke gently, feeling as though he was jumping off a cliff.

“Chocolate!” She squealed, “where did you find this?” She opened her eyes and threw her arms around him.

“Oh you know, around. Mess hall,” he joked, smiling. Her giddy excitement was contagious.

“This is perfect.” She said quietly, still smiling. “Thank you, Marcus.”

“You’re welcome Abby.” He replied, wishing they could stay in this moment forever.


“Actually, yes, Jack-O-Lanterns are exactly what I’m planning.” he replied, smiling. “I thought it might be fun. And that’s certainly something we could use around here.”

“I think it’s a great idea, Marcus.” Abby replied, on one condition. “I get to carve some too.”

“Absolutely.” He agreed readily, grinning.

Some time later, they were elbows deep in pumpkin guts, laughing like they hadn’t in years, if ever. They had both been successful with their small hunting knives, and the additional help of the scalpel. They all had very different faces, some quite intricate, and Marcus and Abby were both pleased with the results.

Raven soon came looking for Marcus, telling him that she’d planned everything for the next night, and almost immediately rushed off to gather more supplies.

“I’d better go check on Medical,” Abby said, brushing some loose hair out of her face, leaving a few strings of pumpkin on her temple.

“Yeah, we’ve been at this for a while,” Marcus replied, unconsciously reaching to pick the pumpkin from her face. She sucked in a quick breath at his touch, and he pulled his hand away.

“Sorry, you just had some pumpkin on your face,” he supplied, attempting to smooth over the tension that had surfaced.

“Oh, thanks,” she answered quietly. “And thanks for this Marcus. I haven’t laughed like this in years.”

“Yeah, me neither,” Marcus said sadly, remembering the cold, unfeeling front he’d had to construct to keep their people alive on the Ark.

“Goodnight Marcus.” Her voice sounded almost conflicted, as if she really wanted to stay.

“Goodnight Abby.” He smiled, watching her as she walked away.

The next day the camp was buzzing, excitement for the celebration that evening lifting the whole camp’s spirits. Almost everyone had pitched in, some making food from the supplies Marcus brought back, some creating makeshift tables and chairs, several collecting wood for a larger fire, and a couple helping Raven run the sound system through the speakers in the Rover.

Marcus and Abby had collected enough torches to light the Jack-O-lanterns and had loaded them into a cart currently hidden from view. Now they just had to wait for nightfall.

As the sun began to sink below the trees, people began moving things into place, lighting the fire and setting out dishes of hot food. They had plenty of moonshine made up, and the engineering team was just connecting the last of the wires. Suddenly, upbeat music streamed across the camp, and a resounding cheer followed.

They danced, drank and ate well into the evening before Marcus and Abby pulled the cart out with the Jack-O-Lanterns already shining light in every direction. One person looked up from the merriment as they walked by, then shouted, “hey guys, look, it’s like Halloween!” Everyone crowded around them, marveling at the pumpkins, exchanging ideas they’d heard about the Holiday, smiling and laughing. It had worked. Marcus turned to look at Abby, and the smile on her face warmed his entire body.

Several people carefully lifted the Jack-O-Lanterns, depositing them in strategic locations so everyone could see. Groups of people moved from one to the others, smirking about the funny ones and inspecting details on the more intricate designs.

Marcus was feeling ridiculously happy. Something had actually turned out right for once, and even if tomorrow brought more heartache and pain, at least they’d remembered what it felt like to have fun. He wanted to ride the wave of contentment while it lasted, so he plucked up the courage, with a little help from the moonshine, and walked over to where Abby was talking with a few of the kids, intent on asking her to dance.

She smiled as she saw him approach, excusing herself from her previous conversation.

“Marcus, this was a wonderful idea,” she hummed, grasping his arm. “I can’t believe how relaxed everyone looks.”

“I know. It’s really something. I didn’t think about how much we all needed it. Just a little time to let go of everything else and enjoy this amazing place.” He sighed, soaking in the moment.

“Abby, will you dance with me?” He asked, his voice unsure. He held out a hand and she took it readily.

“Yes Marcus, I’d love to.” She smiled sweetly, allowing him to guide her gently toward an unoccupied corner.

He put his hands on her waist, but she pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around him, eliciting a gasp. He was certain she could feel his heart rate increase when she rested her ear against his chest. This was near perfect bliss. He never wanted to leave. They danced to the calm, romantic song, and when another one came on after, he couldn’t help but wonder if Raven might be trying to subtly tell them something. He chuckled lightly at the thought.

“I almost forgot, I have something for you,” he whispered in her ear, feeling her shudder slightly against him. He pulled back, gently taking her hand, placing the paper wrapped square of chocolate in her palm.

“Is this what I think it is Marcus?” She gasped, eyes lighting up. “Our tradition?”

“You remember that day?” He questioned, excited.

“Of course I do!” She exclaimed. “That was one of my best memories of the two of us, before…” she trailed off.

“Before I became who I was and pushed you away,” he supplied, his tone lace with bitterness.

“We were different people up there, Marcus. That’s not who you are to me now. You’re…someone new. Well, almost new.” She murmured, taking the chocolate out of the wrapper and breaking it in half.

“I have another piece,” he started, but she cut him off by placing one of the pieces between his lips, smiling.

“I know you do. This way you can surprise me another time.” She replied, wrapping her arms around him for another dance. She wanted to live in this moment as long as time would allow.

Down Below SERIES

Summary: Y/N Reyes lands on Earth with the rest of the 99 prisoners. Being one of the first people to come back “home” after 97 years of living in space, she learns what it’s like to finally live in this planet.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x reader (Later on in the series), John Murphy x reader (First few chapters), Raven Reyes x sister!reader





dating bellamy blake would include:

  • being only fifteen-year-olds when you meet for the first time
  • you and your parents moving into a dorm across the hall from the blake’s on factory station upon the ark
  • bellamy first seeing you when you’re carrying the stuff into your new home and immediately, him feeling the weird sensation of his heart racing in his chest at the sight of you
  • you and your parents coming over to introduce yourselves to the neighbours later on and when bellamy opened the door, his eyes meeting yours as you smiled so sweetly over at him and caused the blush of hot red to appear on the apples of his cheeks, he had to call for his mum to come over and provide backup because the sight of you made his young, inexperienced heart go !!!!! and he didn’t know how to handle it
  • after that, the two of you becoming inseparable
  • saving seats for each other in earth lessons
  • snaking out at night to meet up at the giant window three corridors away so the two of you could look at the stars
  • him constantly telling you about greek and roman history/mythology
  • you listening so intently because he always looked so happy and excited to share the stuff he was passionate about with you
  • “you’re such a nerd, bell”
  • meeting octavia on her 11th birthday and absolutely loving each other (sometimes bellamy would wish he hadn’t introduced you to each other because he wanted you all to himself)
  • always helping out aurora by bringing extra rations and your small, hand me down clothes for octavia
  • his mum always teasing the two of you
  • “so, (y/n), has my son confessed his feelings to you yet? bellamy, what’s taking so long?”
  • piggyback rides to anywhere and everywhere
  • being so proud of him for becoming a guardsman
  • but also always trying to get him in trouble
  • “what, being a big bad guard means that you can’t dance with me in an empty hallway to no music way past curfew anymore?”
  • and even though you’re laughing and only joking, him quickly tugging you close to his body and dancing with you anyway because he’d be an idiot to pass up on an offer like that
  • being the lovable, slow-burning trope of best friends to lovers
  • it taking literally 8 years, getting arrested, being dumped on a potentially irradiated earth with 100 other criminals, and several life-threatening events for him to be able to finally ask you out
  • “took you long enough, tinkerbell”
  • him being the leader of the delinquents and you totally getting tent privileges because of it
  • date nights behind the dropship where it’s closed off and quiet and you can look up at all of the stars together
  • winking at each other from across the camp when working
  • like constant sexual tension ???
  • jealous!bellamy
  • him not being the type to fight others when they flirt with you or get too close to you
  • instead, him being the type to tug you back to your shared tent after observing the ordeal that had made him feel jealous
  • and smirking because he knows that everyone outside can hear you moaning his name and can see the dark hickeys littered across your skin when you two finally emerge
  • the best sex (obviously)
  • wearing his shirt and him spending the entire time smug because you’re wearing his clothes so everyone knows you’re his ‘nd you look so good
  • “you’re gorgeous”
  • “not as gorgeous as you, bells”
  • you being the only one to ever manage to make him blush & flustered
  • him always being so worried about you and your safety
  • doing everything he can to protect you at all costs
  • usually, him arguing that you have to stay inside the walls where you’ll be safe and away from threat and harm and anything evil 
  • when you do leave the camp with him, him always always making sure you’re by his side or within a close distance or preferably in the comforting space between his side and his arm because it would destroy him if something happened to you
  • “i can’t lose you, (y/n). not you”
  • cuddles [!!!]
  • spooning [!!!!!!!]
  • other people thinking that bellamy’s just a cold-hearted leader
  • you feeling so amused that people believe that of your boyfriend. especially when he comes to the tent at the end of the day with a cute pout and asks if you can cuddle with him
  • you being the only one who can convince him to have fun and relax when everyone’s drinking monty’s moonshine and dancing
  • him teaching you how to throw a knife like a badass
  • “you look really hot doing that”
  • “i always look hot”
  • “well, you’re definitely not wrong”
  • kisses kisses kisses
  • sweet, little pecks throughout the day
  • neck & shoulder kisses
  • loving that the two of you and octavia can freely spend time together like you used to after so long of confinement and laws
  • him often telling you which greek goddess you remind him of on that particular day
  • his favourite being to refer to you as aphrodite’ - meaning the goddess of love and beauty
  • his second go to being ‘athena’ - the goddess of wisdom, courage, and battle strategy
  • you gently tracing and counting all of his freckles that you utterly adore
  • “they’re like stars”
  • fighting the grounders, the mountain men, any threat, together and by each other’s side
  • comforting him when he feels down and like he’s made a bad decision as a leader
  • kissing away the stressed crease between his eyebrows and mumbling sweet nothings
  • “please don’t be sad, you’re great. you always are”
  • you always being worried when he has to leave camp for whatever reason
  • “come home to me?”
  • “always”
  • that’s love, bitch

i want a bellamy blake 

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Bob Morley Imagine: Secretly


Summary: Reader and Bob are secretly dating. However, their characters just got together on the show and on a conference everyone teases them about it. It makes them, especially reader, feel uncomfortable. So reader confronts the cast members about it and Bob unintentionally reveals that they are dating which makes cast freak out.

Word count:1353

Originally posted by love-is-equal66

I couldn’t decide if this con was disaster or the best time of my life. It was the first con when I and Bob were a couple. The problem was that no one knew.

We had decided to keep it a secret. In fact I didn’t know why, but it was Bob’s idea. He thought that it would be better because it would prevent us from getting various kinds of reactions from fans. Because this fandom could be really harsh towards the actors and make our lives a living hell.

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Couldn’t leave her behind.

Based on Bob’s ‘Bellamy would have stayed with Clarke if he had nightblood’ 

S/o to @thedarkly-blue for beta’ing my fic again <3 Thanks girl
Read it on AO3 too!

“What?! No, Bellamy, you can’t!”

He looks at Raven, begging her not to fight him for once in her life.

“I’m sorry, Raven. But I cannot leave her behind” he tells her, hoping that she of all their friends will understand.

The mechanic looks down at him, stepping away from the rocket. “You’re going to die, Bellamy. Clarke wouldn’t want that for you…”  

For a moment it gets at his nerves that she’s using Clarke to make him change his mind. But it is difficult for him to change his mind once he makes a decision, “I have nightblood. And so does Clarke.” He gives her a sad smile, “We will make it.”

It’s a bittersweet promise, one that he’s not sure he can keep but really hopes to. Before Raven can say anything else, Bellamy pulls the rocket’s door down with a small click, single tear rolling down his cheek, “Take care of each other…” he says for them to hear, giving them a smile.

Everyone inside is crying too, knowing that Bellamy and Clarke will die so they can live on. It’s sad because they could have at least saved one of them but they also understand why he feels the need to stay back.

Raven gives him a nod as if she’s checking on him and takes a seat next to Echo. She watches Bellamy stepping outside the launch room as the doors close and separate them once and for all. It breaks her heart but now she has a job to do and that is to make sure Bellamy and Clarke don’t die in vain.

On the other side, it suddenly hits Bellamy, what exactly is about to happen next. He watches the doors closing in front of him but all he can think about is Clarke. The floor underneath his feet shakes for a few seconds but he is unable pay attention, the shock of realizing his fate paralyzing him.

He doesn’t know for how long he stands there, staring at nothing until he finally takes a deep breath, puts his hazmat suit helmet on and sprints up the stairs and outside bunker. As soon as he gets there, the door opens and the sight of Clarke rushing in and the angry red sky chasing after is one of the most terrifying things Bellamy has seen. She gives him a glance before turning around to press the button to close the door behind her.

Bellamy instinctively catches her before she hits the the floor. “Clarke?” he whispers, struggling to keep both of them upright as she keeps slipping from his grip.

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A look into the Instagram account of Lexa Woods, a multi-instrumentalist and part-time barista living in Seattle, making her way through business school and being the world’s best aunt to her nieces.

Someone needs to write a fanfiction where Lexa is rich and crushing on the cute Doctor Clarke who has either no idea Lexa has money or has never even talked to her. And when Clarke tries to raise money for a school in Thailand where she is working for a charity project, Lexa goes overboard and anonymously donates the missing amount of money for Clarke’s school after the funraiser has only been up for three days. 

Lexa is such an extra lil gay, she would totally donate all that money in an instant and then go… ‘shit… that seems kinda drastic, right?’

And of course Clarke wants to find out who helped her cause that generously.

John Murphy Imagine: Back

Not requested but inspired by @aya-fay

Summary: After Murphy ran away from grounders reader takes care of him. The next day when nearly whole camp gets sick reader does as well. Once she’s better she reassures Murphy that it’s not his fault and finally reveals how she feels about him.

Word Count: 1569

Originally posted by claracivry

“He’s back!” Harper bursted into our shared tent interrupting my peaceful moment since I was silently lying on my back starring at the ceiling.

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anonymous asked:

“So, do you wanna explain to me what the hell happened?” and "I'm supposed to believe that this was an accident" meshed together?? But with bellamy taking care of clarke? Like maybe they went on a mission together or something, and get separated and when they come back together Clarke is really hurt and Bellamy has to take care of her? I would love it if you could do this!! I love you and your writing!!

Split Lips And A Bruised Jaw.

Okay, sorry it took me some time to write this but I think you gonna love it. It’s not as fluffy as someone would guess. It’s more intense and angsty but I couldn’t shake the idea out of my mind and here we are. Thank you for the prompt and for reading!

PS. How many stupidity points do I get for the title? I was between that and leaving it untitled so I went with this because why not?

Bellamy and Madi are sitting by the cave’s walls when the guard walks in and Bellamy jumps up, standing between him and the girl, ready to do whatever it takes to protect the kid.

“Relax” the guard rolls his eyes and throws some canned food to Bellamy, “Thought you’d be hungry.”

Bellamy catches the can on air but his eyes don’t leave the man. He swallows, “Any news?”

“Still radio silence.”

Fuck, he thinks to himself and watches as the guard turns around and walks back to his position by the cave’s entrance.

“Why does it takes so long?” Madi’s small voice echoes in the cave and Bellamy closes his eyes, hating that the kid sounds so scared. “Shouldn’t they be back by now?”

Bellamy shifts to face Madi and kneels down to her lever, “Don’t worry. They are probably on their way back. Are you hungry?”

Madi shook her head, “No I’m not. I just want Clarke back.”

“I know. I’m worried too but Clarke can take care of herself” he offers a smile and takes his sit next to Madi again. “Try to eat something. When was the last time you ate?”

Madi drops her head between her folded legs, “I’m not hungry” she repeats and Bellamy sighs, opening the can for himself. He’s not hungry either but he feels weak after they drove and walked for days to get to the valley and he needs to regain his strength in case something goes wrong.

“What are they going to do with us if-” Madi starts but stops as soon as they hear people talking from the other end of the cave.

Bellamy stands up again, his body is moving forward with him realizing only to be stopped by the chain attached from his leg to the wall. “Clarke?” he calls, knowing he can’t go any further away and desperate to see her again.

He opens his mouth to call her again but her form appear from the dark and a huge weight is lifted from his shoulders. “Bellamy? Madi?”

Hearing her voice again sounds like music to his ears. He pulls on the chain but soon Clarke is close enough and he opens his arms, welcoming her with a hug. “Are you okay?” he whispers in her hair, rubbing her back gently.

“I’m fine” she answers and pulls back to take a look on him. “You guys?” she asks, glancing at the kid over Bellamy’s shoulders.

“We are- what the hell?” he cups her face and turns it to the side, eyes locking on the bruise she has on her cheek. “What happened?”

Clarke grabs his hands and push them down, “It’s nothing” she steps to the side and let go of him, making her way to Madi.

“Hey” she smiles, leaning down to pull her into a hug too. The kid hugs her back tight.

“Are you okay?” Madi asks too but Clarke ignores her, wanting to enjoy their moment.

“Clarke” Bellamy says demanding from behind and folds his hands on his chest. Clarke turns and glares at him. “It’s not nothing. So, do you wanna explain to me what the hell happened?”

“She slipped” someone says from the dark and Bellamy snaps around, hating how familiar that voice sounds to him. McCreary appears from the shadows, “Face first” he adds with a smirk.

Bellamy’s fingers curl into fists by his sides, barely holding himself back from throwing himself on the men. He sends him a glare before turning to face Clarke again. “What happened, Clarke?” he presses, jaw set.

“He’s right” Clarke whispers, not able to look at Bellamy.

He takes a step closer to her, folding his arms on his chest, “I’m supposed to believe that this was an accident?” he questions again, not buying anyone’s lies. “No way. That piece of shit hit you-”

Before he can finish his sentence, McCreary is on him. He grabs his by the shoulders, turn him around and punches him hard across the face. Then, not giving Bellamy time to react, he fists the collar of his jacket and pushes him back until they hit a wall. It knocks the air out of Bellamy’s lungs but he doesn’t care because his blood is boiling with anger and he’s ready to fight.

“Stop!” Clarke cries and gets by their side in a moment. He grabs McCreary’s arm with both hands, desperately trying to pull him away from Bellamy but he’s too strong for her. “Please, let him go-” McCreary throws his elbow upwards, finding Clarke’s jaw hard and she let go, falling on her back by the force of the blow.

Bellamy sees red, “Touch her again and I will end you!” he yells and fights to get free from where he has him pinned against the wall. McCreary draw his hand back to punch him again but a gunshot echoes around them and everyone freezes. Bellamy’s eyes search for Clarke and then Madi. They are both okay and he breaths out.

“Enough!” Diyoza says and puts the gun away from where she had it pointing at the ceiling. “Let him go, McCreary” she orders, eyes cold as she looks at her soldier. McCreary shook his head but slowly let go of Bellamy. He smirks as if he’s looking forward to have a talk with him later but Bellamy ignores him, eyes locked on Clarke still on the ground.

Thankfully the chain is not too short and he gets to her side without a problem. Madi steps to the side, giving Bellamy her place and he kneels down. “You okay?” he asks, a hand goes on her back and the other to her side to help her sit up.

Clarke opens her eyes but doesn’t look at Bellamy, she just cups her jaw and stands up, denying Bellamy’s help. “Clarke-”

“Don’t” she warns, finally turning to him only to give him a pissed off look. Not giving him time to speak, she turns to Diyoza. “A deal is a deal. I did my part” she tells her, “Now, let them go.”

The woman in charge nods, “It was nice doing business with you, Clarke” she says and waves one of the guards too unlock the chains from Bellamy and Madi’s legs, “A deal is a deal” she agrees, “See you around.”

With that being her last words, Diyoza turns around and walks away, ordering everyone to do the same with last being the man who took the chains off. A few moments later, they are completely alone, a comfortable silence falls around them.

Not standing staring at Clarke’s back, Bellamy slowly makes his way around to face. Once he stops in front of her she lifts her gaze at him. She opens her mouth but a wince replace what she wants to say and Bellamy swallows with worry.

“You don’t have to say anything if it hurts talking” he suggest lowly and leans down to get a better look on her jaw. He’s sure it’s going to leave another bruise and he hates it. Clarke nods and with her eyes, she’s asking about his split lip she just noticed.

Bellamy touches his lower lip confused and tense for a moment. “It’s nothing” he smiles, “He doesn’t punch as hard as he believes” he jokes and turns his attention back to Clarke. “Does it hurt a lot? To be honest I don’t know what to do…”

Clarke shook her head the same time Madi break her silence, “Something cold to put on would be nice” she suggests and walks to the pair, “But I don’t think we have something that cold.”

“I could try and find some cold water-”

Clarke opens her mouth to argue but Madi beats her, “It’s getting dark. I don’t think she will let you out of her sight since you don’t know the area.”

Bellamy turns to Clarke for confirmation and by her look he can tell that she agrees with Madi, “I’m tired. I just need rest” she manages to say with slightly opening her mouth and Bellamy can’t bare to see her like that. The guilt is eating him alive from inside out.

He nods anyway and takes Clarke by the hand to guide her to sit down against the wall, “Okay, wait here and I-” she opens her mouth to protest but Bellamy shuts her off with a look, “Don’t worry, we will need a fire. It’s getting really cold during the night. I’m just going to search for wood before the sun is completely gone”

“Alright, I will stay with her” Madi adds to his plan and Bellamy gives her a smile.

“Good. If anything happens… just yell. I won’t go too far away.” He takes a step and before he can stop himself he kisses Clarke’s forehead. Both of them still once the realization hits them but neither pull back.

“I will be back before you know I was gone” he promises and gives her shoulder a squeeze as he slowly steps backwards. “You just rest, okay?”

Clarke sighs and nods her promise. “Careful” she whispers as she leans back and slowly sinks down.

A smile spread on Bellamy’s face and he ignores the ache from his split lip. “Be right back” he murmurs and turns around, slowly running towards the entrance of the cave.

Isla’s 2017 Bellarke Fic Recs

Hey everyone!  It’s coming to the end of 2017 and I wanted to do some fic recs for all of the amazing works I’ve read this year! 
So I’ve never actually done a fic rec before, so please forgive me if this layout is terrible.  I only watched The 100 for the first time over the summer, so this list might be short and will probably miss of loads of amazing fics but these are the ones that I’ve had chance to read.  I’ll try and keep most of them as fics that were released this year, but I can’t make any promises. 

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Okay but like I just imagined The 100 ending like the finale of Lost. And this is what I thought of:

- In the pilot, Clarke was the last to be really be “in” the dropship since she woke up on the way down. So one way or another she becomes the last of the 100 left alive. As she’s dying, the scenes are jumping from her closing her eyes on Earth and opening them as if she’s back in her seat next to Wells

- Wells gives her a soft smile, a smile she could never forget. He tells her how proud he is of her for taking care of their people, before he makes a joke about how long she’s left him and their fathers waiting

- Jasper and Monty are buckled up together smiling giddily as they are about to begin a new adventure together. And this time they know there will be peace. Jasper keeps telling Monty how excited he is to finally see Maya again, so he can tell her how much he loves her

- Miller and Harper are sat near them, making jokes with huge smiles on their faces. Miller can’t wait to see his dad again, to thank him for everything he did for him. Harper can’t contain her happiness that Monty is finally at peace, that they can all find peace together

- Raven’s there because she became a rightful member of the delinquents, of the 100. They’re her family, one she’s treasured all the time she spent on Earth. She’s sat across from Clarke with Finn at her side. But someone else is waiting on her, someone who understands her more than Finn ever could. Zeke’s been waiting on Raven for awhile, but he’s been patient. He knows how much this final space trip will mean to her

- Murphy is there with no guilt or burdens to bear. Charlotte buried their hatchet and Murphy feels a weight off his chest he never really acknowledged was there. He’s all but eger to get going, so he can finally see Emori again

- Octavia is sat near Atom, and he’s telling her not to feel sad, because for what time he spent on Earth, she was what made it worth it. But Octavia, despite all she’s done, knows who’s still waiting for her on the other side. Lincoln. Ilian. Her mom. She has a lot of things she wants to thank them for

- Then, there’s Bellamy.

- Clarke doesn’t remember Bellamy sitting next to her on their first rocket down, but she’s not complaining. He’s looking at her with a smile that melts her heart. It’s like looking at the sun, and the green grass around her is fading into the grey metal of the ship. The burden she’s felt since day 1 on the ground is no longer on her shoulders. Her chest no longer feels heavy. The painful cold she’s feeling in her entire body is disappearing, but Bellamy’s smile is warming her. She decides that’s peace enough. It solidifies her choice to board the ship. Clarke would follow him anywhere

- Then, with a final look around the ship, at their people, their family, as Clarke takes her last breath on Earth, she grabs Bellamy’s hand and they say

- Together


After traveling from the East Coast to the West, visiting some of her late father’s favorite American cities, and trying lots of new food per her friend Monty’s recommendation, Clarke Griffin has finally reached her final destination. From Seattle, Clarke will catch a plane back home and resume her normal life. But not before a certain Instagram of a “cute barista” raises a few red flags.

nightmares off (bellamy blake au)

Plot: Bellamy Blake’s been having nightmares nonstop since his mother died and his sister was taken away from him. You’re both a good friend of his and, as he liked to call you, “his favorite shrink”. There came a point in your practice when you realized that the only way to help Bellamy would be to find his sister. So you set out to do just that.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Lincoln x Octavia

Warnings: language maybe but probably not, mentions of anxiety and sleeplessness and self doubt (no smut yet, but there will be some in the next part sorry!!)

A/N: WHAT UP WHAT UP???!!!! okay just to clear things up, Y/N is a psychiatrist, but she’s seeing Bellamy as a friend, not a patient. Octavia got taken away when she was 16 and Bellamy was 18, right after their mother died. Octavia removed herself from the Foster Care System and became harder to track down. (unless you know a Penelope Garcia, everything is hard to track down and you’re a friend psychiatrist) I know that things probably aren’t 100% accurate (at all) but pls be nice and tell me what you think!!! much love to y’all! (gifs don’t belong to me!!)

“They won’t go away, Doc,” Bellamy looks up at you, eyes bloodshot as he recounts the nightmare he’s had every night for the past five years.

“I know, Bellamy, I’m so sorry,” you whisper and lean forward, studying him as he tries to get this weight off his chest.

Originally posted by theartofwriting-imagines

“And the worst thing is that the damn nightmare isn’t the worst thing. The worst part of all this is waking up everyday knowing that the stupid nightmare isn’t just a nightmare, it actually happened. The worst part is knowing that Octavia is somewhere out there and god knows how she’s being treated. I know that teenagers are a lot less likely to get adopted. Where the hell is she? What is going on with her? Why can’t I find her? Why the hell did I not help her? Why–? Why?” He takes his head in his hands and it kills you to see him like this.

“Bellamy,” you whisper and walk over to him, wrapping your arms around him as he sobs silently. “I don’t know where Octavia is, okay? But I do know that wherever she is, she loves you. She will always love you.”

“A lot of good that is,” Bellamy brushes you off, looking away as he realizes you can’t help him anymore. “She’s gone because of me. My mom died because of me. I know I have to live with that. The fact that Octavia loves me doesn’t help anything. I love her, and I feel like shit. This has nothing to do with love, Y/N.”

“No, Bellamy, I know that. It’s just–”

“It’s just nothing. I have to go,” he wipes his tears and stands, face hardened as he puts his coat on. “I won’t be coming back here.”

“What?” You whisper, brows furrowed as Bellamy glances at you.

“You’re a good friend, but I can’t be around a shrink right now.” And with that, he walks out.

You really want to call out to Bellamy, tell him that you’ve been looking for his sister these past few months, but you know you can’t say anything yet. You can’t tell him that you’ve been looking only to come up with no leads. You wanted to give him something concrete. Bellamy couldn’t build himself up only to be torn down again. So you stay silent. You let Bellamy walk out.

A couple weeks go by and you hear nothing from him. You’d gotten closer to finding Octavia, and today you’d find out where she was, how she was. You’re sitting anxiously by the phone, pen in your mouth as you look over your patient files. You hear a knock and before you can respond, the person speaks.

“Y/N?” Bellamy whispers and you look up at him, pen dropping out of your mouth.

“B-Bellamy. H-hi,” you clear your throat and stand, walking out from behind your desk. “What’re you doing here?”

“I, well I–” he huffs and looks up at you. “I came here to apologize. My outburst was uncalled for.”

“Oh, well, it’s okay, Bellamy. It happens,” you shrug and give him a small smile.

“It’s not okay, it’s mean. All you’re trying to do is help and I burst out for no reason,” he sighs and shrugs.

“Bell, you’re fine. Seriously. But if you feel that bad, you can invite me over to your place for dinner tomorrow night?” You raise a brow at him, keeping the mood light as Bellamy’s eyes widen a little.

“O-oh, sure. Yeah, I can do that,” he smiles at you and your phone rings.

“Hey, I need to get that, Bellamy. I’ll call you later, okay?” You walk him out the door as the phone rings again.

“Okay, see you!” he laughs as you all but push him out the door, locking it as you run to your phone and pick it up.


“This is Raven Reyes. I’m the analyst for the Foster Care system.” The voice on the other end speaks as you catch your breath. “Is this Dr. Y/L/N?”

“Yes, it’s me. I contacted you in hopes of finding Octavia Blake?”

“Well we tracked her for you… and we found her!”

“Oh my god!” You squeal on this end as Raven chuckles lightly on the other end. “Thank you so much! Where is she?”

“You’re very welcome! She’s been very close to home this entire time, actually. She’s about three hours away. She left Foster Care after she turned 18. She now lives with her boyfriend Lincoln. She’s 21 years old, has a job as a self-defense instructor for women.”

“Wow,” you whisper, almost surprised at how grown up she sounds. “I’ve always pictured her as a little 16 year old girl.” You chuckle softly, elated. “Could I get her phone number by chance? I’m a good friend of her brother’s and he’s been going crazy trying to find her!”

“We’re normally not allowed to give information out, but seeing as she’s an adult and no longer part of the system, yes I can send you her information.” You can hear Raven type away as the smile on your face grows wider. “Okay there. The information is in your email. Can I help you with anything else?”

“No, thank you. You’ve helped more than you know, Raven,” you exchange goodbyes and hang up the phone, the smile on your face now hurting your cheeks but you don’t care. You found Octavia.

So you wait until the clock strikes sic before you call her, after the work day is over. The call rings once, twice, three times–

“Hello?” IT’S HER???!!!!

“Hello, i-is this Octavia?”

“Yes, this is Octavia. And who are you?”

“My name is Y/N. I’m a good friend of your brother’s, of Bellamy’s,” you whisper and you can hear her breathing stop for a second.


“Yeah, Bellamy. He’s been looking for you for the past few years with no luck. He’s-he’s had a hard few years. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it’s been for you,” you whisper, hoping that you hadn’t lost her. “Octavia?”

“I-I’m here,” she lets out, voice cracking. “All these years I thought Bellamy forgot about me, I thought he didn’t care.”

“Oh no! That’s not the case at all! He loves you. He’s been looking all over for you, darling,” you reassure her as she sniffles. “I know this is too soon, but would you like to come over to his place for dinner?”


“It’ll be a surprise for him. I’ll reserve a hotel room for you. It’ll be paid for for an entire week. You can come stay in the city and whenever you’re comfortable, you can come see your brother.”

“Wait, he doesn’t know you found me?”

“No. I didn’t want him to know anything until I got a solid answer. I wanted to know more about you before I told him anything. I don’t think Bellamy could take any more loose ends,” you whisper, biting your lip as you thought about Bellamy.

“So he doesn’t know that you’re inviting me to his place?”

“No. I want you to come. I know he’d want you to come. But on the chance that you don’t come, I don’t want Bellamy to be heartbroken, O.” You don’t even realize you’ve used her childhood nickname until after the fact.

“O, huh?” She sniffles, chuckling on the other end. “Bellamy would always call me that.”

“Yeah, I know,” you chuckle, a smile on your face as you remember all of Bellamy’s animated stories. “He told–”

“Lincoln and I will come see Bellamy tomorrow,” Octavia blurts out, interrupting you.


“Yeah, Lincoln and I will come see Bellamy tomorrow!”

“Oh my god! That’s-that’s perfect. Of course! I’ll text you his address and the information about your hotel room!!”

“Are you going to be there, too?”

“Y-yeah, I was going to be there, but I can skip–”

“No. I want to meet you,” Octavia lets out, grateful. “I want to meet the woman who’s bringing my brother and I together.”

“I can’t wait to meet you, darling,” you smile as Olivia says goodbye. You hang up, finally letting out a breath. “Now to convince Bellamy to make food for four.”

You end up just shooting him a text telling him you’re bringing a couple friends with you, with which he seems okay with. Okay time to relax and prepare.

Of course, you can’t sleep at all. You manage to rest your eyes for an hour and a half before your alarm wakes you. You turn off the incessant noise, grumbling about how much you hate clocks and how time is a manmade construct.

You go through the rest of day as you normally would, only with an overwhelming amount of anxiety under your chipper tone. Normally, the crippling anxiety waits until you get home. But today, you couldn’t help it: all you could think about was how the Blakes would react towards each other. So by the time your work day is over, you’re more exhausted and excited than you’ve ever been.

You’re just glad you brought a change of clothes to work. You slip on your dress and drive over to Bell’s. You get to Bellamy’s place and just stay outside for a few minutes, composing yourself before you get inside. The few minutes outside don’t do much help when you’re face to face with the man who’s brought you countless sleepless nights.

“Y/N, hey!” Bellamy smiles, wrapping his arms around you and it takes all your willpower not to melt into his hug.

“Hey, Bell,” you smile tiredly up at him as he pulls away.

“Someone keep you up last night?” He smirks playfully and you chuckle in response.

“You have no idea,” his face falters for a quick second at your little inside joke with yourself. Before you can comment, his face breaks out into a smile and he grabs your coat from you.

“When will your guests arrive?”

“They’re your guests, Bellamy,” you chuckle, nudging him as the bell rings. “I-I guess that’s them, Bell. I’ll get the door.”

“Perfect, I’ll crack open a bottle of wine!”

You shoot him a smile as you make your way to the door, heart practically pounding out of your chest as you try to picture Octavia and Lincoln. GOD why didn’t you ask Raven for a picture? You reach out and open the door and you have your breath knocked out of you as the woman on the other side of the door gives you a small smile.


“Octavia?” You smile widely as she goes in for a hug, holding you close as her boyfriend Lincoln smiles at the two of you. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

She pulls away and you hold her at arms length, studying her with a smile on your face.

“You’re such a beautiful woman! Wow,” you smile and she blushes. “Every time Bellamy spoke of you, I kept picturing you as a small little teenager and you’ve grown so much.”

You all laugh lightly as you greet Lincoln, hugging him lightly as well.

“So, Bellamy’s home?” Octavia looks at you hopefully and you nod, leading them both inside.

Bellamy’s back is to you all, so he doesn’t see who you’ve brought the guests in. He’s looking through the cabinets, looking for something.

“B-Bellamy?” Octavia whispers and you see Bellamy stiffen, you can almost feel his breathing shallow as he hears his sister’s voice after five years.

Bellamy doesn’t respond, probably thought his mind was playing tricks on him. So you urge Octavia to say his name one more time.

“Bellamy? I-it’s me, Octavia. It’s O,” she breathes out as Bellamy turns to face us, tears in his eyes.

“O?” His eyes twinkle, a happiness even in the tears. “It’s really you!”

Octavia nods excitedly, tears running down her cheeks as Bellamy runs over and picks up his little sister in his arms. Your hours spent awake, tossing and turning were all worth it. Seeing Bellamy and Octavia this happy was worth it all.

Bellamy and Octavia spent the rest of the evening catching up and crying and hugging and laughing and reminiscing. You and Lincoln spent part of the evening watch the siblings and the rest of it getting to know one another. He was a great man and he loved Octavia immensely.

“We’re gonna head out, Bell,” Octavia smiles at her brother and grabs a hold of Lincoln.

“But you guys live three hours away! Why don’t you–”

“Actually, Y/N got us a hotel in the area. It’s only 15 minutes away,” Octavia interrupts, turning her smiling face towards me.

“She what?” Bellamy furrows his brows, realizing that he didn’t ask Octavia how she found him.

“Y/N’s been looking for me for a while. She contacted me yesterday and asked me to come see you. She knew that we lived further away, so she booked us a hotel room,” Octavia watches Bellamy who’s now watching you. “She really hadn’t said anything, huh?

“No,” Bellamy shakes his head, eyes not leaving your face. “I had no idea.”

“Surprise?” You whisper, raising your brows at Bellamy as Octavia and Lincoln chuckle.

“I guess we’re going to have to leave you two with that,” Lincoln clears his throat, winking at me as Bellamy finally pulls out of his daze.

“I guess so,” Bellamy looks over at Lincoln and hugs him. “Thanks for keeping an eye out for O.”

“Thanks for loving her,” you smile at Lincoln who in turn smiles at Octavia. “Go home, lovebirds.”

And that’s what they do, leaving you and Bellamy standing in the hallway in an awkward silence.

“I can’t believe you,” Bellamy whispers and suddenly there it is: the crippling self-doubt and mind-numbing anxiety. “I can’t believe you found O.”

Bob Morley Imagine: My Bellamy

Requested by @jazminblake (I know it’s a little late but happy birthday 🎉😘)

Summary: Reader witnessed something terrible during her visit at home. Now she tells Bob about it and breaks down because no one loves her. But Bob tells her otherwise.

Inspired by a song: Never gonna leave you by US the duo

Word Count: 1326

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

The sound of my doorbell buzzing trough my appartement filled my ears pulling me back to the reality. 

Pushing away the thoughts of an incident that had happened during my visit to my home, I hesitantly stood up from my comfortable spot on the couch and made my way to the door.

I had no idea who it could be and I wasn’t happy at all that someone disturbed my peaceful moment of feeling miserable.

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anonymous asked:

If you’re taking prompts, I’d love to see “That was really close this time. Too close. Please, promise me you’re gonna listen to me and be more careful in the future.”

Too Close.

I’m so sorry it took me so long but I had a hella busy week and then for a few days I was too tired to write. But I’m back now and hopefully I will post more soon! Enjoy some hurt Bellamy and Bellarke angst and fluff (?)

Clarke tugs Bellamy inside their tent, letting go of his arm only when he’s sitting on his cot so that she can reach under it and fish the med-kit out. “Does it hurt?” she asks, not meeting his eyes as she clicks opens the small box with the red cross on it.

Bellamy lowers his hand from the back on his head and tries not to show worry when he sees his palm covered with his blood. “I mean…” he doesn’t finish his sentence because he catches Clarke’s eyes for the first time since the incident and the way she’s looking at his blooded hand breaks his heart. “Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

Clarke sends him a glare and takes a sit next to him, turning him from the shoulder so that she has a look on the wound herself. “Stay still” she orders and carefully starts searching through his hair for the source of blood, Bellamy stays quiet.

“Here” she breaths out once she touches a spot and Bellamy’s jerks away. “I told you to stay still.”

Bellamy rolls his eyes even though Clarke won’t see it. “I’m trying.”

“Like you promised you will try to stay calm around Octavia?” Clarke says back way quicker than she meant to.

From behind, she notices Bellamy roll his shoulder before turning around to face her. He doesn’t speak immediately after, he takes a moment to stare at her with a bit of anger before he opens his mouth again. “That’s the best I could do” he tell her, not caring that he sounds a bit upset towards her.

“Well, it’s not good enough!” Clarke says loud and probably most of the camp hears her. She swallows and drops her head, pretending she’s looking for something in the med-kit.

Bellamy takes a deep breath and holds Clarke’s hands in his. “Clarke…” he whispers her name, a code for her to look at him. “Hey, I’m fine.”

She shakes her head, “Yes. Now you are” she agrees and shifts to face him, “But… that was really close this time. Too close” she sighs, rubbing her face to control herself and her thoughts. She’s thankful Bellamy doesn’t interrupt her until she finishes. She meets his eyes again, “Please, promise me you’re gonna listen to me and be more careful in the future.”

Bellamy takes her hands in his again, giving them a squeeze. “I can’t promise you that-”

“Bellamy, please, I just-”

“I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry for bringing you into this but it’s my sister we’re talking about…”

Clarke shook her head again, “No, it’s not your sister Bellamy… If you haven’t noticed, these people were ready to kill you just for yelling at this woman you call your sister. And she took her take to stop them which is why you have a head wound now and I-”

“I’m fine.”

“Stop saying that!” she shouts, standing up away from him. She rubs her face again frustrated and faces away from him.

“Clarke…” Bellamy whispers, pushing himself up but suddenly he gets dizzy and sits back down before Clarke notices. “I know how it looks but you still trust, don’t you?”

Clarke swallows at his words, wishing she didn’t have to answer that question but she knows she has. He needs to hear her say it. “It’s been six years, Bellamy…” she tells him lowly, still not able to look at him, “And we’ve both changed. It only makes sense, I didn’t expect anything different” she turns to face him because she needs to be looking at him when she says these words. “But yes. I do trust you. I still do but-”

A smile spread on Bellamy’s face and before he can stop himself he stands up, bring the nausea back. His eyes snap closed before he can say anything and his hand reach out to grab on something to stop him from falling down. Unfortunately for his, that something is Clarke’s hands. Now she knows.

“Bellamy?” she asks when he can’t form words. “I got you” she promises and helps him back to the cot. Sitting down helps but it’s not enough to stop his pain and dizziness. As if Clarke reads his mind, she pushes him down. “Lay down, it’s from the wound. Head wounds are not a joke.”

Bellamy mentally rolls his eyes. “Tell me about it” he says between his teeth and as the pain fades away he manages to opens his eyes. Clarke is looking at him with the saddest face she’d even looked at him ever. He fakes a smile, “Don’t worry. I’m-” he stops at her glare, “I’m going to be fine” he correct himself, “After a get some rest tonight.”

Clarke nods proudly but not knowing what else to say, she leans down and presses a kiss on his forehead. “Try to get some sleep” she whispers and stands up, “It will help.”

Bellamy nods and watches as Clarke makes her way across the tent and sits down on her own bed. She stares back at him, gives him a smile and then takes off her jacket. “I’ll go bring some water so that you can take some painkillers, okay?”

Bellamy’s heart jumps inside his chest, “No” he pushes himself up on his elbows, knowing better than stand up and upset Clarke all over again. “You’re not going out there alone.”

“I can protect myself.” Clarke argues.

“I know. Us being here and having this conversation after six years is proof of that” he points out, “But that doesn’t mean my overprotective ass won’t be worried as soon as you leave this tent.”

Clarke can’t do anything but stare at him. He’s been so open towards her since they got back. It feels unreal that he’s finally home, by her side, making sure she doesn’t get killed just like he did all these years ago.

“Come on, Clarke. Please. I’m a big boy. I can swallow the pill without water” he jokes, trying to make her feel better.

God, even his stupid jokes are back, she thinks to herself and reaches for her backpack where she keeps the painkillers. Without thinking twice, the throws the small white bottle across the room and Bellamy catches it, holding her eyes as he swallows one pill down. He smiles as if he’s saying I told you and the throws the bottle back to Clarke.

“Good. Now sleep. I might wake you up during the night to check on you. Don’t freak out” she puts the pills back inside her backpack and grabs on her shirt. She nods, “Turn around. I want to change into something more comfortable”

Bellamy smirks and obeys, turning to lay on his side with his back on Clarke while she undresses. He’s so tired that he doesn’t even realize when he falls asleep.

Next time he opens his eyes is because Clarke is waking him. He keeps rolling his eyes at every stupid question she asks to check on him and once she’s done, his hand reaches for her and before she knows it, she’s laying next to him.

“Bellamy… are you sure you’re feeling okay?” She whispers as he pulls her closer to his side, surprising her with his behavior.

“I‘m fine. Sleep here so you don’t have to cross the whole tent every time you wake me up.”

“I don’t know how short you think I am but it’s only like three steps for me too…”

“Whatever. Go to sleep, Clarke” he murmurs and buries his face into her hair, eyes already closed.

Clarke sighs, her eyes suddenly feeling heavy too and he’s so warm, it won’t hurt anyone if I sleep here. “Just this time…” she whispers as sleep take over.


Clarke and Echo have an uncomfortable conversation.  Canonverse.

A/N: Fair warning: this is going to feature canonverse be.cho, a bit of jealous-but-fighting-it!Clarke, and jealous-but-fighting-it!Echo. If you find any of those things upsetting that’s totally fine, but then this ficlet maybe isn’t for you. (No judgment if it isn’t, I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page before we start).

Inspired by this (maybe spoilery?) bts photo from Jroth.

It was hard not to eavesdrop.  Clarke had spent six years with only one other person for company and she’d gotten out of practice at letting other conversations fuzz out, so when Echo hissed angrily at Bellamy she couldn’t help but overhear.

“Echo, please,” he whispered.  Clarke busied herself with recounting their rations, but every word arrowed straight to her eardrums.

“Don’t,” Echo replied coldly.  “Don’t bother.” They were on the opposite side of the fire, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Bellamy touch Echo’s shoulder.

She jerked away and a note of annoyance crept into Bellamy’s voice.  “Could you at least talk to me?”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Echo retorted.  Clarke darted her gaze back to the pile of dried meat in front of her, but it was too late.  She caught Echo’s cold look and watched her stalk off into the dark like a panther seeking out its prey.  Bellamy watched her go and turned away, shoulders set in anger. Clarke’s stomach roiled.

No one had said so directly, but Clarke knew she was the cause of their tension.  It was written on everyone’s faces every time she so much as spoke to Bellamy. It was in the concerned looks flicked towards Echo, the general tightening of mouths whenever Bellamy stood just a little too close to her to discuss the plan.  She wanted to say something, promise everyone that she understood and wouldn’t get in the way, but broaching it felt massively narcissistic and she couldn’t quite find the words.

And then there was the fact that every time she saw him gently touch the small of Echo’s back or watched them share a private smile, her chest erupted with jealousy.  She hated feeling this way, furious with herself that she couldn’t just be happy that her friends were back.  But no matter how hard she tried, the feelings refused to fade.

Belatedly, Clarke realized she’d completely lost count and would have to start again.  She turned on her heel and walked towards the church, less for a specific reason and more to put distance between herself and the thick, billowing clouds of anger now rolling off Bellamy.  Her instinct was to try and comfort him except that would probably only make things worse.

But the church was already occupied.  Echo must have entered through the back, and Clarke realized yet again how much she’d forgotten in her six years with Madi— it had been so long since she needed to keep track of the whereabouts of more than one person.

Echo had her back to her, sorting through the pile of knives Clarke had scavenged from the Dead Zone.  She stiffened when Clarke let the door swing shut behind her. “Sorry, I’ll go,” Clarke said, and Echo blew out an angry breath.

“Don’t bother.  This is all yours anyway,” Echo muttered.  She stalked past Clarke with her chin high, and against Clarke’s better judgment she reached out and grabbed Echo’s wrist.

Echo shook her off.  “Don’t,” she said warningly, but the years alone with Madi had dulled Clarke’s ability to be tactful.

“Whatever it is, I’m sorry,” Clarke said.  Echo glared at her but she refused to back down, meeting the taller woman’s gaze evenly.

“Are you?” Echo asked.

“I don’t want to see any of you upset,” Clarke said, and that much was the truth.  But ever since they returned, Clarke had realized that while she had been sure to tell Madi as many stories as she knew about her friends, she knew precious little about Echo.  Most of what she’d told Madi about Echo was really about Roan, with Echo lingering on the periphery even of her own stories. But now she was back and Clarke had to reckon with the fact that she hadn’t given Echo much thought one way or another.  She felt arrogant for thinking that way, and more than a little stupid.

“Any of us? Or him?” Echo snarled.

“Any of you.”

Echo glowered at her fiercely and then slumped back against the table, all of the tension in her long limbs releasing at once.  “You just don’t stop, do you?” She shook her head and let her hair fall between them as a shield. “Out of everything, I never thought it would be you.”

“Echo, whatever it is— it’s in the past,” she tried.

That had Echo’s head snapping back up.  “That’s just the thing. It’s all in the past.  Everything here, you— you’re his past, and now you’re inescapable.  Up there I thought I could make peace with it, let you have that part of him because you were gone.  But you’re not and I can’t compete with a dead woman,” she spat, but tears were glimmering at the corners of her eyes.

“It’s not a competition,” Clarke said softly, because it wasn’t.  Bellamy might have been something to her before, back when she wasn’t sure she could love anyone anymore, but now he wasn’t and Clarke was doing her best to face that fact.  She wondered if this was what Raven felt like when she landed on the ground, expecting to pick up where she’d left off with Finn and discovering that a stranger had taken her place.  She was determined not to come between them, but even that wasn’t enough.

“You’re right, it’s not,” Echo said bitterly.  “I lived with your ghost for years. Not just with him; with all of them.  Everyone had a story about you, a memory, something. Everyone but me, because to me, you were only ever Wanheda.”  Clarke flinched at that old title but let Echo continue, hoping she could draw some of her poison out. “And I was fine with it.  Not because I disliked you or thought you were a threat, but because they needed that. They needed you, all of them did, but Bellamy— Bellamy especially.  I watched him grieve for you and it took years before he could say your name, but I understood.  Not because I was in love with him then, but because up there we only had each other.”  

Echo straightened and looked down at her, a single tear tracking down her cheek.  “He loved you, you know,” she said, and Clarke’s heart curled inward. “I don’t know if he ever admitted it to anyone else, but he told me.  And I understood, had known for probably longer than he did, and it didn’t bother me. I let him keep part of himself tucked away behind glass for you, because that’s what he needed.  And now—” she broke off and looked away, shaking her head. “Now he won’t admit it.”

Clarke was surprised she was even able to find her voice.  “Admit what?”

“That he has unfinished business with you.  That he can’t be with me and feel whatever he feels for you.”

“I won’t— I won’t get in your way,” Clarke promised.

Echo scoffed.  “Of course you wouldn’t.  I know what happened with Raven and Finn, I know— I know so much about you, Clarke.  And I also know that every single one of them would have thrown me out into Praimfaya for you without hesitation, and now— now I have to live with that.”

“I’m sorry,” Clarke said miserably.  Tears flowed down both their cheeks as their hearts cracked open but neither of them looked away.  Clarke had wanted her friends back but not like this— not if her presence was causing them pain. She didn’t know how to fix it, but she knew she wanted to try.

Echo was the one who broke their gaze.  “I know you are. But those people out there— I would die for them, Clarke.  I would. In a second. It’s been a long time, but I’m still a warrior of Azgeda and if that’s what it takes to keep them safe, I’ll die.”  Echo started towards the door and paused at the opening, flickering candlelight throwing her cheekbones into sharp relief against the darkness beyond. “I’d die for them.  But you? You already did.”

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Borders and Horizon Lines

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Carke Griffin


It’s been six years, and while circumstance could push them into supporting each other, reassuring each other, forgiving each other and even loving each other, it wasn’t going to exact this from them. This they had to choose to do.

He feels like a kid again, and that’s stupid as shit, because he’s a long way from where he was when he first bullshit and blustered his way through sex. But this is with Clarke. And they don’t quite know what they’re doing, or what they’re trying prove, but Clarke is right there, head cocked in something that’s at once confident and shy, and she’s looking at him as she shrugs her jacket down her arms.

Effectively I got two prompts that I smooshed together and came out with: Sweet first time canon bellarke, where they don’t quite know what they are to each other, but Bellamy’s really into getting Clarke off, and also an emphasis on hands.

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