So roughly 30 minutes ago the sub for Isayama’s interview went live. No news about the number of episodes though  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Let's all be honest with ourselves. Lucio would be one of the muses too.

t hats actually really sweet omg??

everybody else is there because they know either hanzo or jesse personally but lúcio just wants to help make people happy :’’)))

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So has the world collapsed and freedom ended yet? No one was rounded up to camps? It's almost as if, when people create a big panic and say something catastrophic will happen, everything just continues as normal.. Also, I think it's hilarious when regressives assume that every single person who disagrees with them is white/male/straight. Like sure, let's go with that. Just keep thinking that. Thinkng in black and white and assuming that minorities are a hivemind is very grounded in reality lol

i know it’s you, jontron




Loving the visual of Regina only hugging the people she cares about most for the [technically] first time; herself, Henry, & Emma, all in the same episode. Or: in a Regina-centric episode regarding her happy ending, only Swan-Mills Family wins her affections.
Once Upon A Time 6x14 Page 23

Q: Do you still regret it? Not walking through the door of that tavern all those years ago?
R: If I had, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have Henry, or my family, or this town. I can’t imagine my life without all that.