that was a perfect shot, too.

This is what we play for

So I’m late to the party on the Kissing Discourse but I wanted to flail about it anyway for obvious reasons.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been into Yoneda Kou since back in the day when DF and Yorube Naki Mono were being scanalated and posted on LiveJournal’s Yaoi Daily community. I guess around 2008? And the minute Don’t Stay Gold hit I immediately wanted to know more about this Yashiro guy; sure I liked the Kuga/Kageyama pairing but Yashiro was by far the most interesting character I’d seen in awhile. So, I was More Than Pleased when she started Saezuru and have been very invested in this world ever since. As you can probably tell, that kissing scene blew me away. It is what I started this manga to see: them finally come together in this tender moment where they actually talk to each other and share real feelings. I’ve been smiling ear-to-ear all day while spending lots of time just staring at the panels; it’s surreal and I’m so very happy.

A few things:

  • I love the color pages. You can really see the age difference between Yashiro and Doumeki.
  • All. The. Parrallels. To. Tadayoedo. Especially when young Yashiro is sitting next to Doumeki; Doumeki is healing the smol Yashiro inside with his unceasing devotion; he’s taking that lonely teenager who cried on that windowsill and loving him the way that he needs to be loved.
  • The whole first scene, how Yashiro pushes up on Doumeki and straddles him? This is classic sultry Yashiro unf. *breathes heavily*
  • The shower scene was crafted so beautifully. You can see Yashiro trying to wash away his pain without realizing that’s what he’s trying to do. He just…doesn’t really know what to do, I think. Shit’s falling apart with Ryuuzaki, Nanahara got hurt, Hirata is on the loose and it’s all on Yashiro right now. Plus he just offered himself to Doumeki and it did not go as planned; in fact, it’s hitting a little too close to emotions he does not want to feel.
  • Yashiro’s expression as he tells Doumeki he won’t be able to let him go, that he’s becoming weird. It’s so heart wrenching and romantic to me. He doesn’t understand that he’s in love; I’m sorry but that’s adorable. Of course you’re attached to that man you have been since day one don’t kid yourself, Yashiro.
  • I love how Yashiro doesn’t really know how to kiss Doumeki. He’s so overwhelmed and he’s never really kissed someone he cares about so this is just New Fucking Territory and you can see how scared and curious and ajgskagsks he is as he gives in. I love how Yashiro’s hand just hovers over Doumeki’s shoulder for a second and then he gives in and grabs onto Doumeki’s shirt. I was shaking for a good 20 minutes after I first saw that kiss, it was so beautiful and unexpected. As usual, Yoneda Kou meets and exceeds our expectations.
Math Fact: All numbers are equations; 9 is a Fixed Point.

You may be wondering why we count numbers the way we do. If you’re not wondering that, well, now you are, because by subliminal suggestion, you read that first sentence and were forced to ponder it.

Wait I’m supposed to be talking about math.


Okay, so numbers. Numbers are easy to count. 1…2…3…4…and so on. You don’t even have to think about them. But we’re gonna do just that, because numbers are magical mystical beings from another realm actually an incremental series of one basic equation.

(10n0-1)(Yk0) + (10n1-1)(Yk1) + (10n2-1)(Yk2) + (10n3-1)(Yk3) + ….

Where Yk is defined as an integer digit to the left of the decimal point, and n is defined as the placement of Yk0 with respect to the decimal point.

As an example, let’s take the number 49.

Yk0 = 9
Yk1 = 4

In this case, Yk0 is located 2 spots in front of the decimal point, thus:

n = 2
n-1 = 1

Let’s put all of this together:

(100)(9) + (101)(4)
= (1)(9) + (10)(4)
= 9 + 40
= 49

Let’s try another number, say, 283.

Yk0 = 3
Yk1 = 8
Yk2 = 2
n0 = 2
n1 = 3
n0  – 1 = 1
n1 – 1 = 2

So, putting these into the equation, you get:

(100)(3) + (101)(8) + (102)(2)
= (1)(3) + (10)(8) + (100)(2)
= 3 + 80 + 200
= 83 + 200
= 283

Now, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just count numbers and be done with it. And that’s all fine and dandy. But this shows you something fundamental about the WAY we count numbers: all of our numbers can be simplified down to a base of 10. This explains WHY we use decimal points (you can use this same equation on the flipside of a decimal, but you always have to keep Yk0 on the left side. Yk0 will ALWAYS be the first digit to the left of the decimal.

This also explains why the standard logarithmic base is 10, as compared to 2 in some variations (if you tried to replace the “10″ in the above equations with “2,” you would have a VERY different system of counting).

Finally, this also explains why the number “9″ is what is defined as a “fixed point” under Brouwer’s Theorem. If you add up the integers of any two-or-more digit number and subtract them from the original number, the resulting number will be divisible by 9. If you repeat this process, eventually the digits will ALWAYS add up to 9 or a multiple of 9, until you reached the number 9 itself and could no longer subtract away a value.

For example, take the number 697.

6 + 9 + 7 = 22
697 - 22 = 675
675 / 75 = 9

6 + 7 + 5 = 18
675 - 18 = 657
657 / 73 = 9

6 + 5 + 7 = 18
657 - 18 = 639
639 / 71 = 9

6 + 3 + 9 = 18
639 - 18 = 621
621 / 69 = 9

Now watch…. 6 + 2 + 1 = 9
621 - 9 = 612
6 + 1 + 2 = 9
612 - 9 = 603
6 + 0 + 3 = 9

I could go on all the way down to 9, but as you can see, the added values keep switching back and forth between 9 and 18, and every single number is wholly divisible by 9.

This property is specifically due to the fact that we count by base 10. Each time you subtract, you remove one of the integers multiplied by 10. That is to say, the number 37 isn’t 30 + 7, it’s really 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+7 (ten 3s and a 7). By removing one of the 3s, you now only have 9, and thus, 9 remains a fixed point on the number line.

Brouwer’s Theorem doesn’t just apply to numbers, but to any closed system without holes. If you stir your coffee, no matter how you stir it, there will ALWAYS be one point that NEVER leaves it’s original position. A fixed point. No matter how you translate, scale, or twist a closed system without holes, without fail, exactly one point will NEVER change.

That’s math, people. Pretty amazing, huh?

Number One

Ok, hear me out, this is only my headcanon and I know there are comics and novels that debunk this but:

What if Number One and Christine Chapel are sisters?

Maybe she was Christine inspiration and the reason why she’s aboard the Enterprise (because she also wanted to serve in the same starship as her sister and she worked really hard to make that possible).

Maybe Number One is the one that told Christine about Spock, and years later when Chapel finally met him she started falling in love with him (but then Uhura happens ¬u¬)

MAYBE they end up in the same starship when Number One is promoted to captain and Christine is her CMO.

We need a name… Catherine Chapel??? suggestions?

Chapter 23 rant

I am a cynic by nature. For the longest time I was one of those people who firmly believed there won’t be any confessions in Saezuru. Doumeki and Yashiro would just figure out each others feelings by their actions and act accordingly. I even wanted it that way. But boy was I wrong, once again sensei has given me something I didn’t know I wanted. Yashiro NEEDS and deserves to know every little cheesy romantic thought Doumeki has ever had about him.

I truly enjoyed all the parallels to Yashiro’s school days from Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo sezu. In chapter 22 when Yashiro wakes up at Doumeki’s place he asks himself “What is this? Have I traveled back in time?”. At that time I thought he is just joking about the lack of furniture compared to his posh place but now I realize Yashiro used to live in similar a run down apartment when he was in high  school (maybe even the same place he was molested by his step father). That was the place/moment Yashiro realized/decided he was not worthy of love and it’s ironic he’ll find redemption in the same place, years later.

My favorite part of this chapter is hands down the 3 panel kiss, especially the middle one where they break the kiss for a second. Doumeki breaks down crying from relief/happiness while Yashiro’s bewildered expression changes, he closes his eyes and he allows himself a glimpse at happiness for probably the first time, while holding to Doumeki’s shoulder for dear life.

So far I’ve only seen Yashiro kiss somebody only out of spite or as a joke, but now it’s like he’s getting his first real kiss.

I bet they’ll need to get out of those wet clothes in the next chapter but I have to ask myself, what is  sensei planning on doing story-wise for the next 2 years?
Real Sound LOSER / Number Nine Interview

Kenshi Yonezu did an interview with Real Sound about LOSER / Number Nine, art, deserts, dancing, and the master of balance.

(If you’re confused about the “Ian and Kurt” part, it’s because the LOSER lyrics I used were unofficially transcribed, and there was no way anyone would have guessed what that line in particular actually was. I’ve updated them now.)
Kate’s numbers since marrying in

Due to you not letting me reblog you, here is my answer to this commentary 

I’m embarrassed that you can’t even be bothered to research the other royals to see what they’re numbers were when marrying in to compare when making judgement.

I’m embarrassed that you fail to complete any research and are unable to comprehend personal and situational factors.

All women that married and born in’s numbers since 2000

Please note

Katherine does not work for the RF and neither does Marie (Princess Michael)

You want to comprehend personal and situational factors, OK

Alexandra did more and she can barely move because of her arthritis

Sophie in the year she was moments away from death giving birth to Louise - literally death if she had just been 10 mins later to hospital she would have died. She has to have a full blood transfusion because lost nearly all her blood while in labour, Louise and she nearly died. Lets look at figures….Oh look still 4x more than Kate.

How about the years before that when she had suffering an ectopic pregnancy? still 4x more than Kate

How about when Sophie married in and was not a working member of the RF and running her own business? yep over 2x as much as Kate.

How about now and since 2003 when she had kids and one nanny? yep still more than Kate.

Lets look at Sophie, 9th in line, Anne 12th, Duchess of Gloucester 24th and Princess Alexandra 49th in line and all but Sophie who are past retirement age? yep still at least 4x more than Kate, bar Alexandra of course who can barely walk and move, but still 2x as much as our Kate.

So lets recap,

Alexandra, can barely move and walk worked more than Kate every year since 2011 and is about to turn 80

In fact even Kate’s highest number 111 is only one more than Alexandra who was at her worst then and actually took part of the year off for surgery

Sophie when not working for the RF and running her own business - more than Kate

Sophie in the year she had a ectopic pregnancy which is life threatening - more than Kate

Sophie the year she was mins from death and in the months after recovering while looking after her daughter than nearly died - more than Kate.

Sophie with 2 kids, less nannies and less staff even before they started school - more than Kate.

So what other excuses do you have?

No wait this is unfair, lets look at the men, Philip in his 90′s and has been in and out of the hospital the last few years, operations, months off here and there to recover and has decidedly decreased his numbers to just 250 last year which is still more than Kate despite being frail and ill these days and nearly 100.

Actually wait, lets not include the men it would just make Kate look worse and show her excuses to be laughable.

Killjoy Ask List No. 3

(Yes, another one. These are fun to make.)

1. What was their childhood like? What were their parents like?

2. What’s their favorite place in the zones?

3. What’s their favorite album to listen to?

4. Do they have any insecurities? What are they?

5. If their life was a song, what song would it be?

6. Do they have any siblings?

7. Describe a place where they would feel at home.

8. Describe a time when they’ve felt real fear.

9. Describe a time when they’ve felt real happiness.

10. Do they play an instrument? How did they learn?

12. What are their thoughts on the time before the war?

13. Do they believe in the Phoenix Witch?

14. Are they afraid to die?


Did anyone miss my ocs? probablynot-

Anyways, first we have OC 23! His name is Copy, and he’s a Grackle! (He appears in Griro.)

A member of the Duskwing Trio. He’s has a very feminine personality, and absolutely loves to dress up. He likes to be up-to-date with fashion and any product that will make him youthful. He is very attached to his boss Black, who he has feelings for. He also isn’t a big fan of bad news, and will become very dramatic over hearing it, even if it isn’t that bad. Also, he tries his best to avoid murder cases.

Next, we have OC 161! Her name is Coraline, and she’s a Clownfish! (She is yet to appear in any series.)

Coraline is very positive and friendly, and loves every creature in the sea, but she gets startled easily. She’s an excellent cook, and especially loves to work with sweets. She loves to add candy corn to every dessert dish she makes, because she thinks it’s the perfect touch of happiness. She cares for her friend Michi very much, and makes gift bags for her every day. 

Then, there is OC 66! Her name is Mana, and she’s a Manatee! (She appears in Griro! And I’m pretty sure some of you remember her right?)

Mana enjoys playing with others, and is very kind. She lives with Makoa, a Irraddy Dolphin who treats Mana as if she is her daughter. Mana loves seeing her friends happy, and will do her best to try to make them happy if they are sad. She is extremely lucky, and uses her luck to help others in need!

Finally, there is OC 17! Her name is Lita, and she’s a Raven! (She appears in Griro.)

A member of the Duskwing Trio. She is overconfident. She has very good senses, which is helpful when it comes to murder cases, but hardly helps out because she finds it boring. She finds it exciting making friends, and will go to far by asking odd questions. Like Copy, she is attached to her boss Black, who she has feelings for. She also finds bugs to be very delicious, especially worms, which grosses out Copy, but she doesn’t care about his feelings.
BWW Interview - DWTS' Maks Chmerkovskiy Talks Season 23, Return to Broadway & More

Fan favorite champion ballroom dancer, choreographer and fitness guru Maksim Chmerkovskiy returned to ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS for the show’s 23rd Season. Chmerkovskiy partners with model and actress Amber Rose as he attempts to reclaim the coveted mirror ball trophy. In addition, Maks is expecting a son with fiancee and fellow “Dancing With The Stars” pro Peta Murgatroyd.

The talented star has appeared on Broadway in hit productions of BURN THE FLOOR and FOREVER TANGO. Today, he speaks with BWW about the show’s current season and explains why he has a “soft spot for Broadway.”

What was it that made you decide to return to DANCING WITH THE STARS after taking a break for a few years?

Well I had just come back from doing the tour with my brother over the summer. The process of doing the tour put me in good shape, I felt stronger, I felt good, I felt ready to do stuff, and I was kind of sitting and thinking, what else would keep me in shape and give me the opportunity to flex a creative muscle. And to be honest with you, the next project that I’ll be doing did not conflict with the season, so I decided that I just wanted to have fun.

It’s a different production, a different show, although some elements are still the same, some of the funny things and hearing some strange judge’s comments and having to answer questions and talk about stuff, that all hasn’t changed. But the positivity in the room is different and I feel like Tuesday night’s performance with my brother Val, for example, was exactly the reason that I came back. (check out the show-stopping number below!) I came back for opportunities like that and doing something on the big stage with people you love, and my mom’s watching and grandma’s watching, nieces and nephews. What else can you want out of life, right?

You’re obviously very close with your brother Val, but do you view each other as the competition once the season is underway?

No, we don’t look at each other as competitors. We never had that kind of relationship growing up, and we certainly don’t have one like that now. You know I tend to let things fly off the cuff, he tends to sit and think and then do, so in that way we are very different. But to be honest with you, we grew up in a household where it always comes back to family, so it’s never a competition when everyone’s working for the same goal. And I think our having been together this close certainly did not hinder or slow down our individuality. If anything it let us feel secure that while I’m figuring stuff out, he’s working, while he’s figuring stuff out, I’m working, and we are always supportive of one another and help one another rather than competing against one another.

And honestly, I would love to see people stop comparing DANCING WITH THE STARS to a competition, because we’re not competing, it’s not about us, it’s no longer win or lose. I’ve won the show, I just wanted to win it once, and anything else is a bonus. And my partner Amber Rose is a bonus. So I’m glad I came back because I got to meet her and I got to be friends with her. It’s been amazing to get to know her, and to see her transform so far and I can’t wait to see her transformation even further. And we’re not going anywhere. I don’t think we’re in jeopardy, I think we’re fine and we’re going to stick around for a long time.

Speaking of Amber, was the chemistry there immediately between the two of you?

Yeah, she’s amazing, she’s an awesome chick and has a lot of amazing things going for her. I just want to help her with this experience, and I have seen in the past that this experience has led to a lot of beautiful things for a lot of people who have been on the show. Some people walk out having re-ignited their careers, some people walk away adding a brand new experience for themselves, some people walk away with a new belief in themselves and a new-found confidence. And of course it does great things for their bodies, because of the grueling schedule and the fitness that you get.

You’ve been known to have a rocky relationship with the judges in the past. How do you think things are going so far this season?

You know Tuesday night the comment we got was that our salsa was uncomfortable to watch. What exactly do I take out of that? ‘Hey Amber, today we’re going to start our next dance that’s Argentine Tango, and based on the judge’s comments last week, let’s make this one comfortable for them to watch!’ [laughing] It’s funny because the show wanted me to be back in this position and now that I’m back, they’re sort of like, 'is he going to be the same Maks as before?’ Well absolutely I am! I’m the same person. And am I going to say the same things that I’ve said in the past? Not really, because I know there’s no point. Now, I conserve my energy so to speak, not everything needs to be said. You gotta know your audience.

Congratulations on you and Peta expecting your first child. How do you anticipate that is going to change things in your life?

It’s going to be a life-changing situation because what I understand from everything being said by people who have kids is that you no longer belong to yourself anymore. As a parent you always have to worry about somebody else. But I was always brought up to always look out for the next person, you know we weren’t brought up in selfish terms, so for me this is probably more than anything what I was supposed to do, to be a parent. I’m going to try to do my best. You know I’ve been teaching things to people all of my life, whether it’s dance or whether it’s life lessons, so I can’t wait to have a person who I can influence to be better than me, to be anything they want to be, to achieve greatness in their own way. My parents didn’t have too much to give, but they gave us everything they could. I am lucky enough to have a lot to give, and I’m a testament to how well my parents did, so I want to give this child everything that I got, so they can to be even better than I was. I think that’s the simple formula by which we were created. We were made to parent, to nurture, to raise and then to see them go and do their own thing .

I know that you are very passionate about fitness, health and nutrition and recently became a brand ambassador for LivOn Labs.

Well a couple of years ago I met a doctor, he was very smart and he had alternative ways of thinking, not based on some cosmic theories of what’s right or wrong, but he specialized in the molecule and how we are constructed. And I learned from him that you must follow the very simple ideas of what not to eat, what not to put in your mouth and how to supplement things that you miss out on. For example, almost everyone is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. So I start each morning with three supplements that I believe are the foundation for good health. And I’ve learned that most supplements aren’t absorbed well by the body, but the LivOn supplements have a special delivery system that lets them reach the cells more quickly and efficiently. You know I would never endorse any product if I didn’t 100 percent believe in it. That’s just not who I am. But these supplements make a difference. And I believe so strongly in them that I have introduced them to my entire family and those close to me.

Well with this renewed energy, do you think you would like to return to Broadway one day?

Yes, we have plans for sure. Broadway’s my soft spot, I’m in love with that place! Coming from far and not having grown up in New York City, Broadway was a pinnacle, and it still is. And my hat’s off to people who preserve theater and live productions.

In many ways I think DANCING WITH THE STARS is probably one of the main reasons why dancing has become so much more relevant today than it was ten years ago. We started the movement that then turned into many other TV shows and then helped catapult that into other things like motion pictures. You have movies coming out with massive stars, like LA LA LAND with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for example. It’s a musical, and choreographed by the way by Mandy Moore, who choreographs all of our group opening numbers, but it’s amazing to see the transformation and how far dance has come and is now more relevant than ever before.

And we can make dance sexy, we can make it cool. Look at what HAMILTON is doing for the planet. Look how it completely transformed the idea of Broadway and musicals. We tried to do that with the Maks and Val tour this summer , we wanted to be for ballroom what HAMILTON was for Broadway and for Shakespeare. And I think that we live in an amazing time where we have all this innovation, all this ability to entertain on a much larger scale, and we need to start doing that on television as well. So I’ll do my best, as one of the people whose job it is to entertain in that medium, I want to perfect it.

So yes, I love Broadway and I’ve been fortunate to start my Broadway career with BURN THE FLOOR back in the day, then I did FOREVER TANGO a couple of times, so I’ve been very fortunate. I look forward to expanding my career a little bit. I want to see what else there is. So we’re going to be creative and we’re going to be smart and we’re going to do our best to keep dance on television. I promise you that!

cannot-kill-the-sun  asked:

"He was armless, he didn’t even have proper shoulders left" There's a joke here about Naruto time traveling and limbs and Visionary Verse Naoka but I can't quite get it right. In the mean time though: on a scale of Holding On Naruto to Visionary Naoka, how many limbs to you wake up with post time travel?