The Great Gatsby 2013 Film


➤ The Great Gatsby Movie Storyline
An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Long Island-set novel, where Midwesterner Nick Carraway is lured into the lavish world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby’s nouveau riche existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await.

⇉ The Great Gatsby Movie Detail
Release Date : 2013-05-10
Casts : Kahlia Greksa, Iota, Callan McAuliffe, Richard Carter, Garrett William Fountain, Charlize Skinner, Barry Otto, Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Debicki, Carey Mulligan, Danniel Gill, Steve Bisley, Vince Colosimo, Joel Edgerton, Adelaide Clemens, Amitabh Bachchan, John O'Connell, Kate Mulvany, Jason Clarke, Brendan Maclean, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mal Day, Tobey Maguire, David Furlong, Max Cullen
Duration : 143 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.1

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“Oh, I love it. I’d prefer to be doing a job where I’m dressing up and doing stuff outside myself than a role where I’m playing me. On the one hand that should be easy, but on the other it’s not, because how well do you know yourself? You could sit there and give a character appraisal of someone else, but if someone asks you to out yourself on the slab it’s so much harder.”

–  Joel Edgerton admitting his love for costume dramas


5 Fascinating Facts About the Real ‘Great Gatsby’ Mansion

F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda did indeed party like the character Jay Gatsby in his masterpiece “The Great Gatsby”. And they did so from Great Neck — which became East Egg and West Egg in the novel. The lavish home where the author enjoyed this extravagant lifestyle and wrote the first half of the book is now for sale.

Surprisingly — in spite of its grandeur — it’s not one of America’s most expensive homes for sale. The home is on the market for $3,888,888. It last sold in 2008 for $4.2 million.

Here are five interesting facts about the home.

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1) name: Nate Grossberg
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3) average hours of sleep: 2 hours, if I’m lucky
4) last thing I googled: “why me?”
5) nickname: Nate
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11) places that make me happy: still looking for those places
12) amount of blankets I sleep with: 3
13) favourite movies: perks of being a wallflower, cloud atlas.
14) what am I wearing: a dark grey v-neck, white pair of underwear with blackish shapes (looks like floral)
15) last book I read: the great Gatsby
16) most commonly used phrase: oh my gawds.
17) first word that comes to mind: broken
18) last thing I said to a family member: “ugh”
19) favourite beverage: iced coffee with hazelnut
20) favourite adult beverage: I don’t drink
21) favourite food: anything vegan
22) last movie I watched in the theatres: avengers (that new one)
23) dream holiday: going to Venice
24)dream pet: hippocampi
25) dream job: being a husband and a father.
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Name: Emily
Date and location: May 27th, 2015. New York
Last thing I googled: Harry Styles net worth… Making sure he’s making enough $$$ for us
Sexual orientation: straight (unless I’m looking at a picture of halsey bc halsey is so 😍)
One place that makes me happy: my dance studio
Favorite movie: this question is always hard for me but I guess I’ll say the great gatsby just bc it’s my fave book so I guess it could be my fave movie too
What I’m wearing: my shirt for the day and pajama shorts bc I’m laying on my bed refusing to accept that I have to go to school
Last book I read: a book about john f Kennedy (he’s an interesting guy lol)

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  • Name: Bear
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  • Favorite Movie: idk maybe The Golden Compass  
  • What I’m Wearing: A shirt w/ three drunk moose showing off their butts. It also says Quebec, Canada on it. 
  • Last Book I Read: The Great Gatsby + The Golden Compass

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FOUR MOVIES I WATCHED MORE THAN ONCE: Harry Potter (and I mean the whole saga),  The Parent Trap, Serendipity and One Day.

FOUR BOOKS I’D RECOMMEND: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, I Nostri Antenati (it’s a trilogy) by Italo Calvino and I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni.

FOUR PLACES I’VE LIVED: I’ve only lived in Pescara, a city located on the central area of Italy.

FOUR PLACES I’VE BEEN: New York, Marrakech, Paris, London.

FOUR THINGS I’M LOOKING FORWARD THIS YEAR: doing well in the university exams, spend a good summer with my friends, travel and I don’t know, just having a good time?

FOUR THINGS I SAY A LOT: “i don’t wanna do this, how boring”, “whoa”, “e bona” (is an italian expression, it’s like “i don’t give a fuck” but in a nicer way ahah) and “Taaaaay”

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4 things people call me: Mezz, Mimo, Mer, Mezzpie
4 movies I’ve watched lots: Another Cinderella Story, 10 things I hate about you, Avengers Assemble and Mulan
4 books I’s recommend: The Selection, Delirium, The Great Gatsby and Prisoner of Night and fog
4 places I’ve lived: Scotland, South England and Oman (only 3 sorry)
4 places I’ve been: Sri Lanka, New York, Australia and Seychelles
4 foods I don’t eat: Baked Beans, Chips, Sausages and Jam
4 TV shows I watch: Grey’s Anatomy, Poldark, Casualty and Orange is the new Black
4 things I’m looking forward to: 1989 tour, sailing this summer in Holland, finishing my exams and SUMMER

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